The drug Duphaston with the delay of menstruation and other problems with women's health


Delay of menstruation - a common phenomenon in women of reproductive age. Violation often has a non-permanent nature. The delay in 3-5 days gynecologists do not consider a violation. However, the absence of menstruation for 7 days or longer - supply for referral to a doctor.

Why do not begin monthly?

The reasons explaining the situation, why do not come monthly in time, maybe a lot. Often, even doctors have difficulty in diagnosis. It often happens that the delay in menstrual flow is caused simultaneously by several factors. Among the frequent provoking factors it is necessary to highlight:

  1. Stress. This condition is characterized by increased synthesis of adrenaline - a hormone that affects the reproductive system.
  2. Diseases of the reproductive system. Pathologies affecting the sex glands disrupt estrogen synthesis, causing an imbalance.
  3. Change the mode of the day. Often, delays occur in women working on night shifts who have a non-regular daily routine.
  4. Acceptance of hormonal drugs. Treatment with such drugs at the initial stages is often accompanied by a failure of the menstrual cycle, which is observed by women using contraceptive pills.
  5. Insufficient or overweight. Such changes in the female body are reflected in metabolic processes that entail a change in hormonal levels.
  6. Menopause. The extinction of the reproductive system is always accompanied by a violation of the cycle due to the lack of synthesis of sex hormones by the ovaries.
  7. Pregnancy. In this case, the delay of the menstrual flow is physiological and regular.

Is it possible to cause monthly duphaston?

Women who experience problems with regularity of menstruation, often hear about a drug like Duphaston. This drug, on a synthetic basis, is a complete structural analogue of female progesterone. It is able to stimulate the processes in the reproductive and hormonal system, regulating their work. Given this feature, Duphaston for calling monthly is often appointed by doctors to restore the menstrual function of the reproductive system. In such cases, therapy is always carried out in a comprehensive manner: estrogens are prescribed together with Duphaston.

Duphaston - what is this medicine?

When prescribing the drug Duphaston by gynecologists, not all patients know what the drug is. This is a synthetic analogue of progesterone - didrogesterone. In its structure, chemical properties, it is similar to the above hormone and has an effect similar to the body. Didrogesterone does not belong to testosterone derivatives, therefore it is devoid of many side effects that have synthetic progestogens.

Duphaston during the delay of menstruation is often used in gynecological practice. It helps to cope with such diseases of the reproductive system as:

Duphaston to call monthly - how to take?

It is worth remembering that this drug has a hormonal basis. Before drinking Duphaston to call menstruation, a woman must make sure that the reason for their absence is precisely a hormonal disorder. To do this, you need to consult a doctor and undergo appropriate treatment. In addition, you must make sure that you are not pregnant before taking the drug, because taking the drug may affect its course.

More often, women use Duphaston for delaying menstruation, but it can also be used to call for menstruation earlier than expected. At the same time there are differences in the pattern of use of the drug and the duration of treatment. Doctors do not recommend using the medicine on their own, as this will affect the state of the reproductive system. Duphaston can cause:

  • violation of the regularity of menstruation,
  • change in the volume of menstrual blood,
  • increase or decrease in the duration of menstruation.

Djufaston for a call monthly during a delay

Duphaston with the delay of the next menstruation can be used if there are no monthly periods for a week or more. At the same time, it is necessary to exclude the option that untimely menstruation is not caused by a stress factor, physical exhaustion, pregnancy. Girls who are actively involved in sports often experience a cycle violation for this very reason.

But even with a periodic delay, doctors advise not to rush to take hormonal drugs. Changes in the frequency, frequency of menstrual flow, occurring no more than 3 times a year, is considered to be a variant of the norm. If the cycle violations are permanent after the examination, the woman is prescribed a course of therapy. To eliminate the delay caused by the lack of progesterone, Duphaston can be administered, which takes no more than 10 days.

Duphaston for calling prematurely

Often in the life of a woman face a situation when you need to bring the day of menstruation. An important trip, rest, sometimes, falls on the time of menstruation. In order not to change their plans, women use Duphaston to stimulate menstruation. The drug accelerates the growth of uterine myometrium, which is achieved the required thickness and begins to reject, causing menstruation.

Doctors have a negative attitude towards measures aimed at accelerating the arrival of the next menstruation. Even once using Duphaston tablets to call menstruation, a woman influences the endocrine system in this way. Periodic, independent use of these drugs can lead to negative consequences in the form of:

  • cycle violations
  • changes in the volume of monthly
  • lack of menstruation.

Scheme of reception Duphaston to call monthly

Before using Duphaston to call menstruation, a woman should consult a doctor. Only after an examination, diagnostic procedures, during which the cause of the delay is established, do the doctors prescribe the drug. In this case, the dosage, frequency and frequency of administration is determined individually, and depends on the factor that provoked the violation.

More often Duphaston with the delay of menstruation is used as follows:

  • with a long absence of regular menstruation, in the morning and in the evening, 1 tablet in the interval from 11 to 25 days of the cycle,
  • if necessary, call monthly before the prescribed period - 1 tablet per day, starting from day 11 and up to and including 25.

Djufaston for a call monthly - whether it is necessary to continue?

Admission Duphaston to call monthly stop after they start. However, in some cases, when the delay is triggered by strong hormonal changes, when the cycle is violated, the drug may be prescribed for a longer time. In such a situation, the doctor establishes individually the dosage, the frequency of taking the medicine. Depending on the severity of the violation, the duration of Duphaston use can be 3-6 months.

At the same time, doctors take into account the fact of reduction of progesterone synthesis in the body against the background of continuous intake of its synthetic counterpart. To prevent this, during therapy Duphaston take a break after using the medication for 2-3 months in a row. A woman must strictly follow the doctor’s prescriptions. This will reduce the risk of complications, will quickly achieve the goal.

Duphaston - side effects

Any drug has side effects. Not an exception and Duphaston, the side effects of the use of which may be as follows:

  • headache,
  • drowsiness,
  • nausea,
  • swelling,
  • increase in monthly
  • arrhythmia,
  • fatigue, weakness,
  • stomach ache,
  • skin rashes,
  • impaired stool
  • allergic reaction.

Duphaston - contraindications

Even with the indications for use Duphaston with a long delay of menstruation can not be used by all women. In order to protect herself, she must consult a doctor before using. Only for its intended purpose can Duphaston be drunk, the contraindications for use of which are the following:

  • lactation period
  • individual intolerance,
  • liver failure,
  • epilepsy,
  • diabetes,
  • enzymatic deficiency.

Monthly after Duphaston

Many women notice that menstruation after a call to Duphaston changes its character. So, often with long-term drug treatment, they have a brown tint, reduced in volume. This is due to insufficient restoration of the endometrium after cancellation. However, the opposite option is also possible - an increase in the volume of menstrual blood and the duration of menstruation. If the cycle is not normalized within 3 months after the cancellation, it is necessary to consult a gynecologist.

The influence of Duphaston on the female body

Despite the fact that the drug belongs to a synthetically produced hormone, according to its physicochemical properties, it is a complete analog of didrogesterone and has the same effect on the work of the main organs of the reproductive system.

The main function of Duphaston is to increase the level of progesterone in the female body, the lack of which causes the following unpleasant effects:

  • frequent headaches
  • unreasonable change of mood and emotional state,
  • tenderness and swelling of the mammary glands,
  • abdominal discomfort,
  • feeling of apathy and fatigue.

Especially pronounced discomfort delivers low levels of progesterone in the period before the start of critical days, because its lack provokes uncontrolled weight gain and severe pain in the lower abdomen.

The concentration of this hormone varies significantly during the menstrual cycle, since its main supplier in the female body is the corpus luteum. It is formed after the release of the egg from the ovary at the site of the ruptured follicle, that is, after the completion of the ovulation process. This phase of the cycle is called luteal.

At this time, the uterus is prepared for possible pregnancy. In the event of its occurrence, the corpus luteum continues to produce progesterone until this function passes to the placenta. If conception did not occur, it is reborn into scar tissue, and the level of progesterone decreases again.

If this physiological process is disturbed, Duphaston is appointed to correct it. This can occur as a result of various diseases of the ovaries, since they are the main glands that produce female sex hormones.

The drug is indicated not only in violation of the physiological process of ovulation, but also in case of problems during the period of gestation, as this hormone helps the fetal egg to firmly attach to the uterine endometrium, and also reduces the risk of abortion, as it does not allow the uterus to contract and reject the embryo.

Indications for use

Duphaston is prescribed for various deviations in the functioning of the female body, caused by a lack of progesterone. There are several main situations where the correction of the hormonal balance with this drug is necessary:

  • Hormonal disordersidentified by the results of tests at the planning stage of pregnancy. Lack of progesterone can be the cause of infertility, the appointment of Dufotan will help to overcome problems with conception and minimize the risks of complications in the first trimester of the child's gestation period.
  • Multiple abortions at its initial stage. The cause of this pathology is most often dysfunction of the corpus luteum, in which progesterone synthesis occurs. As a result, the uterine endometrium does not develop normally; it loses its ability to retain the attached fertilized egg.
  • Endometrial proliferationresulting from lack of progesterone in the body. This condition threatens him with detachment and massive bleeding. Duphaston acts on the receptors of the uterine lining, preventing the pathological process. The danger of the disease lies in the possibility of degeneration of the cells of the enlarged endometrium into cancer cells.

  • In pregnancy Duphaston may be appointed in case of a miscarriage threat due to the increased muscle tone of the uterus. In addition, progesterone provides the preparation of the female body for the period of lactation and improves the condition of the uterine lining, thereby preparing it for the upcoming birth.
  • Disruption of the regularity of the menstrual cycle and severe pain in the lower abdomen a few days before the onset of critical days and at the beginning of menstruation. This condition is often associated with changes in hormonal balance, and the appointment of these pills helps in solving these problems.
  • Polycystic ovary. The cause of this pathology in most cases is also an imbalance of the hormonal background, in particular, insufficient production of progesterone. When pregnancy occurs on the background of polycystic ovary, there is a high probability of interruption in the early stages or premature delivery in the late periods.

Cycle of woman with PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome)

To prevent such conditions in the first trimester, Duphaston can be prescribed, in later periods progesterone synthesis occurs in the placenta, which to a certain extent normalizes the hormonal balance.

  • In some cases, this tool may be included in the complex treatment with menopause. In this case, it is prescribed to correct hormonal background and alleviate unpleasant symptoms during the onset of menopause.

About the appointment of progesterone during pregnancy, see in this video:

Routes of administration and basic regimens

The drug is available in the form of tablets, which include 10 mg of didrogesterone and various additional components, such as lactose monohydrate. The drug is taken orally, and the therapeutic scheme and duration of the course is determined only by the attending physician based on the results of blood tests and ultrasound.

The dosage depends on the pathology to be treated with this drug, as well as on the severity of the disease. In general cases, the regimen is as follows:

  • For problems with irregular menstruation, tablets are prescribed from 11 to 25 days of the cycle, 2 tablets per day. Sometimes with serious violations Duphaston is taken from the first day of the cycle, critical days must begin a few days after the end of the course.

On the background of treatment, conception may occur, in this case, to confirm pregnancy in the absence of menstruation, tests should be done or a pharmacy test should be used.

  • With endometriosis and to prevent the formation of cysts, the drug is taken from the 5th to the 25th day of the menstrual cycle, 2 to 3 tablets per day. The course of treatment is quite long, the therapeutic effect comes after six months of continuous administration.
  • When diagnosed with infertility due to luteal insufficiency, one tablet is prescribed per day from day 14 to day 25 of the menstrual cycle. To normalize the process of ovulation tablets are taken within six months.

If a woman suffers from spontaneous abortion, treatment should be administered at the stage of preparation for conception. The drug is prescribed only if the test results confirmed the lack of progesterone as the root cause of habitual miscarriages. The therapeutic dose in this case is 20 mg in two doses per day.

When pregnancy occurs, tablets are taken up to 20 weeks, after which the dose should be gradually reduced to complete abolition. With the threat of miscarriage, you must take 4 tablets at once, and then switch to a dosage of 1 tablet 3 times a day at regular intervals.

For how to take Duphaston, see this video:

Duphaston and monthly

Any hormonal drug should be taken only as prescribed by a doctor and according to a certain scheme, but sometimes women, in the absence of menstruation, begin to drink it themselves in the hope of adjusting the cycle and triggering onset of critical days.

Such an uncontrolled intervention in the work of the endocrine system can lead to even more serious violations in its work, which subsequently will require long-term treatment to normalize hormonal balance.

Duphaston can affect the menstrual cycle in different ways, but usually, with strict adherence to the regimen and prescribed dosage, the menstrual periods arrive on time, only a few days can be delayed occasionally.

If critical days after taking have not occurred, the reasons may be as follows:

  • significant decrease in blood estrogen concentration,
  • endocrine dysfunction, such as thyroid disease or ovarian problems,
  • delayed ovulation with late endometrial renewal.

In some cases, menstruation may begin earlier than expected, this may be due to the following factors:

  • violation of the regimen of the drug, for example, the patient begins to drink pills in the first phase of the cycle,
  • individual response to therapy,
  • wrong dosage.

Sometimes women in treatment complain of severe bleeding during critical days, which is often caused by endometriosis. In such cases, the doctor selects other drugs for the treatment of pathology.

Cases when monthly become too scant are noted also. This occurs as a result of irregular use of pills or against the background of the onset of pregnancy.

For any deviations from the normal nature of the flow of menstruation, consultation with your doctor is mandatory.

How to stimulate menstruation with drug delay

Before taking it is necessary to pass a full examination to determine the cause of the absence of menstruation First you need to make sure that there is no pregnancy.

If the results of the analysis of hormonal background indicate an insufficient level of progesterone in the blood, the doctor may prescribe 1 tablet for a delay of critical days for five days. Monthly can begin immediately after the start of the drug or immediately after the course.

If the regularity of the cycle could not be established by one course, then it should be carried out for several months, taking the drug one tablet daily from the 11th to the 25th day of the cycle. After such a course of therapy, the menstrual cycle is usually fully restored.

Contraindications and side effects

Contraindication is only individual sensitivity to the components of the drug, but in some cases it should not be taken in patients with a history of liver diseases of a non-inflammatory nature.

Duphaston can not be combined with the reception of any alcoholic beverages, since this greatly reduces the therapeutic effect and gives an additional load on the liver.

Despite the fact that Duphaston, compared with other means of hormone replacement therapy, has a minimal list of side effects, in some cases, patients complain about some of the unpleasant effects of taking it:

  • painful menstruation, headache, dizziness and other similar sensations,
  • severe bleeding during critical days, due to an individual endometrial response,
  • chest pain during menstruation caused by fluid retention while taking progesterone,
  • allergic reaction to the components.

Drug price

The cost is an average of 500 rubles per pack of 20 tablets, over-the-counter medicine is released.

And here more about anovulatory menstrual cycle.

No hormonal drug can be taken without a doctor's prescription, as this can lead to serious disruptions in the endocrine system and cause hormonal imbalance. In addition, the effectiveness of treatment depends on the regularity of the drug and strictly adhere to the prescribed scheme.

Quite a serious problem is considered a violation of hormonal levels. The main reasons for all are different: in adolescents - the restructuring of the body, in women it can be menopause, during pregnancy and after childbirth it is laid by nature. Symptoms are also different, treatment is individually selected.

Under a number of internal factors, hyperestrogenism may develop in women. The reasons lie in the violation of hormonal levels. Symptoms - obesity, hair loss, menstruation and other. Treatment includes taking oral contraceptives, long-term.

To take drugs with abundant menstruation alone is highly undesirable. First you should consult a doctor, identify the problem, and try herbs.

Ovarian dysfunction occurs at absolutely any age - in adolescents, in the reproductive, it can be menopausal. Causes can be either natural, internal, external. Treatment is long, success depends on the timeliness of treatment to the doctor.

The composition and effects of the drug

Tablets "Duphaston" to call monthly are intended for oral use. The package contains 2 blisters, each of which is 10 tablets. The main active substance is didrogesterone. Additional components include:

  • corn starch,
  • titanium dioxide,
  • lactose monohydrate,
  • polyethylene glycol,
  • magnesium stearate,
  • colloidal silicon dioxide.

Tablets are designed to be taken in the luteal phase. They replenish the supply of progesterone, reducing the level of estrogen. Canceling the drug provokes the onset of menstruation. In pregnancy, "Duphaston" supports the functioning of the corpus luteum, preventing miscarriage. With amenorrhea, it restores the menstrual cycle, preventing delays.

Indications and dosage

Most often, "Duphaston" is prescribed for the normalization of menstruation in the framework of complex therapy. One pill contains 10 mg of the active ingredient. This dosage is sufficient to restore endometrial secretion. Before taking the medication should be tested for hormones. The indications for their use are as follows:

  • infertility,
  • premenstrual syndrome,
  • amenorrhea,
  • polycystic ovary syndrome,
  • oligomenorrhea,
  • hyperplasia of the endometrial layer,
  • dysmenorrhea.

Contraindications and side effects

Duphaston is considered a potent drug. It has many side effects and contraindications. You need to take them into account before starting treatment. You can not take the drug in the following cases:

  • Dabin-Johnson syndrome
  • lactation period
  • allergic reaction to compound ingredients.

Some women have side effects when using the drug. Sometimes doctors connect Duphaston and brown discharge in the middle of the cycle. Not always they appear due to hormonal treatment. The reason may be hiding in endometriosis. The side effects of the drug include:

  • migraine attacks
  • breast enlargement and tenderness,
  • anemia,
  • pain in the appendages,
  • allergic reaction,
  • bloody vaginal discharge,
  • liver failure,
  • lowering blood pressure.

Instructions for use Duphaston with monthly delay

In case of violation of the menstruation cycle, Duphaston is taken according to the scheme prescribed by the doctor. Dosage and duration of therapy depends on the nature of the violation. There are several regimens of "Duphaston" to start menstruation, depending on the specifics of the disease:

  • amenorrhea, delayed menstruation, premenstrual syndrome: from 11 to 25 days of the cycle, 1 capsule twice a day,
  • infertility: after ovulation for 10 days on 1 pill,
  • dysfunctional bleeding: 10 mg not more than 2 times a day,
  • threat of termination of pregnancy: 40 mg one-time, after which - 1 tablet every 8 hours,
  • in case of dysmenorrhea “Duphaston” it is recommended to drink from the 5th to the 25th day of the cycle.

Terms of use

"Duphaston" to call the monthly is applied strictly according to the scheme chosen by the gynecologist. Tablets should be drunk always at the same time, without reference to food intake. In the implementation of hormone replacement therapy, the drug is used only in the second half of the cycle. In the follicular phase are taken drugs with an estrogen content. When planning a pregnancy, Duphaston is prescribed strictly after ovulation. The fact of its accomplishment is confirmed by ultrasound.

Duration of treatment

The course of “Duphaston” in the absence of menstruation varies from 3 to 6 months, depending on the degree of violations. In some cases, it increases. After taking the medication for three months, a biochemical blood test is required to evaluate the liver's response to the treatment.

On which day after Duphaston come monthly

When menstruation is delayed, Duphaston is taken from day 16-25 of the cycle. Menstruation should come no later than 10 days after discontinuation of the drug. Most often they start on the 3rd day. Scanty periods when taking "Duphaston" deviation is not considered.

When you call a month earlier

The arrival of menstruation with the reception of "Duphaston" ahead of time is not considered pathology. In this case, the treatment must be stopped. In the next cycle, the drug is applied according to the previous scheme. If you purposefully take the drug before the time required, monthly move. But in this case, there is a risk of hormonal disorders.

With a delay of menstruation

Against the background of a long delay, abundant and painful periods after “Duphaston” are possible. As a rule, they come in the first 5 days of treatment. Not only the quantity but also the color of the menstrual flow can change. To determine the cause of the pathology, it is advisable to go through an extended study. Normally, the volume of blood released per day is 60 ml. Excess indicates gynecological diseases.

What to do if there are no menstruations after Duphaston

Critical days begin within 7-10 days after discontinuation of the drug. The first thing you need to do if you do not go monthly after "Duphaston" - to exclude the presence of pregnancy. In cases where the test against the background of the delayed menstrual period after “Duphaston” is negative, it is recommended to additionally donate blood for hCG. The study will show a reliable result even in the early stages of the situation.

If there is no pregnancy, the doctor prescribes a comprehensive examination of the body. It allows you to determine the causes of deviations and choose the best method of treatment. It includes the following manipulations:

  • gynecological examination,
  • visit to the endocrinologist,
  • detecting hormone levels
  • ultrasound monitoring.

How often can Duphaston be treated

"Duphaston" to call menstruation with delayed menstruation is accepted in cases of urgent need. If the therapeutic course did not cope with the delay, it is repeated after a short break. It is not recommended to use the medication for a long time. This will have a negative effect on liver function. As an alternative to the drug act vaginal plugs "Utrozhestan." They do not have a systemic effect on the body.

How to take Duphaston for postponement of menstruation

To delay the onset of menstruation, you do not need to cancel the medication. In this case, the critical days will come later than usual. In rare cases, this method of lengthening the cycle does not work. In addition, it entails undesirable complications.

Precautionary measures

"Duphaston" is strictly forbidden to throw in the case of a high probability of having a pregnancy. His cancellation will lead to miscarriage. During treatment therapy, it is recommended to periodically take a mammogram. This will allow time to detect benign tumors in the female breast. If breakthrough bleeding occurs, endometrial biopsy should be done.

When to drink the remedy is not necessary

"Duphaston" and monthly are in close relationship. If the woman’s cycle is regular, there is no need to use the drug. Also, it is not required to take the drug if the absence of menstruation is caused by pregnancy. When delaying critical days for a period of less than 5 days, taking any hormonal drugs is contraindicated. In some cases, a slight delay in menstruation may be triggered by:

  • by stress
  • physical exertion
  • lack of balanced nutrition.


“Duphaston” in case of delayed menstruation effectively restores the cycle from the first month of administration. It increases the level of progesterone and transforms the endometrium into the secretion phase. If a positive trend is not observed, a detailed examination of the female organs should be carried out. It will help to find the cause of the pathological process.

Indications for use

For a delay caused by a shortage of progesterone, gynecologists recommend taking duphaston to cause menses. It is prescribed in violation of menstruation, if the delay of menstruation is more than 10 days and with the confirmation of the lack of progesterone.

The reason for the delay in menstrual bleeding can be such states:

  • pregnancy,
  • postpartum period
  • poor nutrition
  • obesity,
  • puberty,
  • abortion or miscarriage
  • gynecological or hormonal pathologies.

It is possible to call monthly duphaston only in the absence of pregnancy. If a woman is diagnosed with adenomyosis, which leads to repeated miscarriages, the drug is prescribed in the planning phase of pregnancy for the prevention of miscarriage. Since duphaston does not affect the fetus, it is prescribed to remove the increased tone of the uterus and prevent preterm labor. Drink the drug as in the initial stages of pregnancy, and throughout the entire period of gestation.

In the process of treatment, you need to remember the rule: you can not drastically reduce the dose or cancel the drug completely - it can provoke heavy bleeding caused by a drop in progesterone level.

You can not drink duphaston yourself. If the dose prescribed by the doctor is not observed, the hormonal agent can cause uterine bleeding.

Mechanism of action and dosage

The drug contains didrogesterone in a dose of 10 mg, which is similar in its effect to progesterone. If there is amenorrhea associated with an insufficient hormone level, then duphaston must be taken - the drug will cause a thickening of the endometrium and its subsequent rejection (as in a normal cycle). With this violation, the medicine must be taken on a pill twice a day from the 11th to the 25th day of the cycle, it is prescribed together with estrogen preparations. It should be noted that such treatment cannot be prescribed for oneself. Only a doctor can determine how much and how to drink the drug for this disorder.

If a woman's menstruation is delayed and she wants to call them, then it is necessary to contact a gynecologist. Before prescribing hormonal treatment, it is necessary to exclude factors contributing to the development of a delay: stresses, taking other medications that affect the cycle. If the causes are resolved, and there is no menstruation for more than 10 days and there is no pregnancy, the doctor prescribes a hormonal agent. In this case, drink the drug twice a day, and the course lasts 5 days. Normally, menstruation occurs within a week after the end of therapy, but they may come early, there are cases when menstruation occurred even during treatment.

To treat the failure of the menstrual cycle, they also use dufaston. To take it you need from 11 to 25 day of the cycle. If a hormonal drug is prescribed and there is no menstruation after the treatment, then under the control of an ultrasound (they look at the thickness of the endometrium) the dose is doubled. If treatment within one month is ineffective, a woman may be recommended to extend therapy up to 6 months, during which time the cycle is restored.

Side effects

Duphaston is a hormonal drug, therefore, during therapy with this drug, a woman may experience unwanted reactions to an increase in progesterone levels. They manifest themselves in the form of such symptoms:

  • headaches
  • dizziness
  • flatulence,
  • disruption of the liver,
  • nausea
  • weight gain,
  • allergies.

Due to a change in the hormonal background, enhanced growth of the endometrium of the uterus and the appearance of bleeding outside the cycle are possible. When receiving duphaston marked breast tenderness and the occurrence of pain in the lower abdomen and lower back. This means that hormonal adjustment has begun in the body - when these symptoms are identified, it is necessary to notify the attending physician. On the recommendation of the gynecologist, you should periodically undergo an ultrasound of the mammary glands.

A very serious complication from taking this hormonal drug is the appearance of breakthrough uterine bleeding, which are adjusted by increasing the dose of duphaston. If, after changing the dosage, the nature of the discharge does not change, then an additional examination (biopsy) is necessary to exclude the presence of a malignant neoplasm.

In addition to the side effects of the drug, there are diseases in which the intake of this drug is undesirable or completely excluded:

  • heart disease,
  • disruption of the liver,
  • endocrine diseases (diabetes),
  • nervous and mental disorders.

There are cases where such treatment is necessary. If you can not do without the drug, therapy is carried out under the strict supervision of the attending physician. The gynecologist develops an individual regimen of the drug, as well as selects medical products for adjuvant therapy.

In order to start a hormonal corrective therapy, you need to consult a doctor for advice about the correctness of the decision. Before starting treatment, you need to be tested for hormones and make sure that progesterone is deficient. While taking the drug, you must follow the doctor's instructions, monitor your condition and inform him about all abnormalities and undesirable manifestations. Only if these rules are followed, treatment will be effective. Independent use of the drug or changing its dosage provokes deterioration and ineffectiveness of the therapy.

Hormonal background and progesterone

The hormone progesterone is normally produced by the pituitary and adrenal glands. However, often in the female body failures occur. Treat this pathology is necessary. Otherwise, the hormonal imbalance may adversely affect the health of the reproductive system.

Most often, the delay of regular menstruation can be caused by stressful situations, unhealthy diet, failure to comply with the regimen, hormonal diseases, disregard for taking certain medications and pregnancy.In all cases, the use of the drug should be different.

With endometriosis

If the reason for the delay is a hormonal disease, then the menstrual period can be called "Duphaston" only after prolonged administration. Endometriosis is often accompanied by profuse and prolonged bleeding, which are followed by a long delay. Treatment usually has the following scheme.

To start taking the drug should be on the fifth day of the cycle. At the same time, it doesn’t matter whether your menstruation is over. You need to take the medicine three times a day for 10 milligrams. This suggests that you should take three capsules per day. The course of treatment is 20 days. When the 25th day of the cycle comes, you need to cancel the medication and wait for the bleeding. It usually occurs within a few days.

This treatment regimen should be repeated. In this case, the correction may be only three months. In some cases, a longer reception is required. Only then “Duphaston” you can call monthly, which will be regular.

Delay of unclear etiology

Most often, women seek medical help with complaints of delay for unknown reasons. After the examination, it turns out that the hormonal background of the patients is normal. However, menstruation for some reason does not occur. In this case, you can call the monthly “Duphaston”. The treatment regimen should be as follows.

The first dose of the drug should fall on the 11th day of the cycle. In this case, a single dose can be from 10 to 20 milligrams (1-2 tablets). When choosing a double intake is to divide the portion into equal parts and drink after the same period of time. This treatment regimen should continue until the 25th day of the menstrual cycle. After that, it is necessary to cancel the drug and wait for the bleeding. It usually occurs within three days.

With prolonged infertility and failures in the menstrual cycle

This tool can cause monthly with regular failures in the cycle. Often such complaints are accompanied by a prolonged inability to conceive a child. In order to simultaneously establish the regularity of menstruation and get pregnant, the drug is prescribed in the following scheme.

The first day of reception should fall on the third week after the next menstruation. Remember that you can take the drug only after ovulation. Otherwise, you can just put it down. The treatment lasts up to the 25th day of the cycle using from one to three tablets per day. If within three days after the cancellation has not come a new cycle, it is worth making sure that there is no pregnancy.

With amenorrhea or functional neoplasm

This tool can cause menstruation with their long absence and establish a cycle. In this case, therapy should be comprehensive. In the first half of the cycle, estrogens should be taken in the dosage prescribed by the doctor. It is only after two weeks that treatment with Duphaston begins.

Per day you need to take two capsules with an equal period of time. It is recommended to use this scheme for two weeks. Only after that the drug is discontinued and bleeding occurs.

Is it possible to move away from the regimen?

What to do if the delay of a new cycle is already 2-3 weeks? How much to drink "Duphaston" to cause monthly in this case? To get started is to consult a doctor and eliminate the onset of pregnancy. Only after that the physician will select the correct correction scheme for you.

Most often, it is recommended to take one tablet every 12 hours. In this case, menstruation may occur within three days. At the beginning of a new cycle, the drug is canceled and an alternative method of correction is selected.


Many women believe that the greater the dose of the drug, the faster the menstruation. That is why such women often get to the doctor with a shaky hormonal background. With the wrong use of the drug, you can not only get the effect of treatment, but also significantly aggravate the situation.

Without the permission of a physician, it is prohibited to use more than three tablets of this agent per day. Of course, sometimes a large dose is prescribed. However, most often this happens during pregnancy and the threat of miscarriage.

Drug reviews

This tool has positive reviews of physicians and patients. Doctors say that this method of correction is one of the safest and most benign for the female body. It does not destroy its own hormonal background, but only gently corrects it. Also, gynecologists say that often the cause of delayed menstruation is early pregnancy. In this case, research and analysis may still not show this fact. The use of the drug "Duphaston" in this case is absolutely harmless to the fetus, which is not the case with other methods of calling menstruation.

Women also note that the drug can gently correct the cycle without any side effects, while other means strongly affect body weight and skin condition. That is why the ladies choose the tool "Duphaston" to call menstruation.


So we answered the question whether the drug Duphaston can cause menstruation. Reviews tool has only positive. However, do not apply it yourself. If you encounter a problem, you should first consult a gynecologist and establish the true cause of the pathology. Only after that you can choose the method of correction. Be healthy!

Lack of periods is a cause for concern

Violation or termination of the menstrual cycle indicates either health problems or a woman’s age.

Both of these symptoms are sad for the fair sex.

Usually, a failure occurs for the following reasons:

  • the woman became pregnant or entered the postpartum period
  • menopause or menopause
  • insufficient or excessive nutrition
  • had an abortion or miscarriage
  • infectious diseases of female organs (appendages, uterus, etc.),
  • oncology,
  • hormones,
  • adolescence,
  • impact of external factors: climate change, stressful situations.

To understand why the monthly became irregular, you can only visit the gynecologist. Without analysis and examination of a specialist, there is a risk of making wrong conclusions and harming the body by self-treatment.

Experienced doctors are aware of various drugs that help solve women's problems. And increasingly, gynecologists, in order to restore menstruation, suggest that patients purchase Duphaston.

When prescribing this drug, the doctor will tell:

  • how and in what quantity Duphaston should be taken to ensure that the menstruation is called,
  • about possible side effects
  • in what cases it can not be used.

These professional advice will be given taking into account the individual characteristics of the organism and the health of the woman. However, there is general information about the drug, which is available now.

How to take "Duphaston" to cause monthly, tell the gynecologist.

"Duphaston" - a modern drug: how to take to cause monthly

Doctors make the choice in favor of “Duphaston” by chance.

It is important to know! The main advantage of the drug is that its doctors consider its medicinal properties, due to which it not only restores the regular cycle, but also eliminates many pathologies that caused its delay.

The absence of menstruation is a reason to evaluate the unique opportunities of Djufaston and to improve women's health with its help.

The composition includes a synthetic analogue of progesterone - didrogesterone. Due to the lack of progesterone, the menstrual cycle is disturbed, as this hormone promotes ovulation.

His substitute contained in "Duphaston" normalizes hormonal levels. Replacing the shortage of progesterone, the drug restores menstruation.

Interesting fact! Thanks to a substance such as didrogesterone, it is more safe to take Duphaston than other drugs recommended to induce menstruation.

This artificial element does not stimulate the production of male hormones in women., as a result of which the voice often grows rough and the vegetation on the body increases.

Before you take "Duphaston" to cause menstruation, you need to know in which cases this remedy is shown, and when it is strictly prohibited for them to be treated.

Indications for use of the drug

"Duphaston" effectively helps get rid of many gynecological pathologies:

  • prolonged absence or delayed menstruation,
  • irregularity of the menstrual cycle
  • inability to bear fruit
  • endometriosis,
  • polycystic ovaries,
  • uterine fibroids,
  • PMS (premenstrual syndrome),
  • infertility caused by NLF (luteal phase deficiency),
  • amenorrhea (as an adjunct).

Eliminating progesterone deficiency, the drug gently affects the reproductive female organs. Restoring a cycle, it reduces the dangerous level of estrogen that can cause cancer.

Possible side effects

"Duphaston" asany other drug prescribed to cause menses should be taken with caution.

Despite the fact that he has not many side effects, they still exist.

Among the negative impacts may be:

  • anemia,
  • headache,
  • pain in the liver, jaundice,
  • allergic reactions: itching, angioedema,
  • swelling of the lower and upper extremities,
  • breakthrough bleeding,
  • hypersensitivity of the mammary glands.

If you find any of these symptoms, you should definitely tell the doctor who prescribed the drug.


In the instructions for use of the drug contraindications contain very little. There are only 2 of them: it is the individual intolerance of didrogesterone and the itching of the skin that was felt by the woman during pregnancy.

but Doctors do not recommend Duphaston in some other cases:

  • during pregnancy (if it was she who caused the cycle violation),
  • patients with diabetes mellitus grade 1,
  • breastfeeding mothers
  • patients suffering from Rotor or Dabin-Johnson syndrome,
  • women with kidney failure,
  • in the presence of cardiovascular pathologies and a tendency to the formation of blood clots,
  • in combination with alcoholic beverages.


"Duphaston" is made in the form of tablets. Each of them contains 10 mg of didrogesterone. Dosage and periods of administration of the funds depends on the indications for which he was appointed.

  • Irregular "critical days",
  • PMS,
  • Amenorrhea.

With amenorrhea, Duphaston is combined with drugs containing estrogen.