Delayed menses after the first time?


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Irregular menstrual cycle after childbirth

The menstrual cycle is associated with the course of complex biological processes in the body of a woman, providing the ability to bear children. Irregular menstrual cycle after childbirth is a fairly common phenomenon. Renewal and restoration of regularity of menstruation after childbirth is one of the signs indicating that the female body has recovered. And this process does not always happen easily.

Colpitis is a common gynecological disease among women of child-bearing age, in which the mucous membrane of the vagina is covered by the inflammatory process. The causative agent of obesity is most often sexually transmitted infections, or opportunistic bacteria and viruses that are constantly present in the human body.

April 25, 2006 | 00:04

The entire menstrual cycle, including the actual menstruation, depends on the hormonal system of the woman, which is controlled by the hypothalamus. It is located in the brain and from there "gives commands" that through the special gland of the pituitary gland actuate the ovaries.

May 23, 2008 | 08:05

Developing in the process of age-related restructuring of the body, the clinical manifestations of the climacteric syndrome are often subjected to spontaneous reverse development, and therefore not every woman needs this special treatment with this pathology.

June 15, 2009 | 16:06

How to take "Pulsatilla" with the delay of menstruation?

When you have monthly delays, you should immediately consult a doctor to determine the true cause of the delay. When you come to the doctor and find out that the menstrual failure in your body is caused by a minor hormonal failure, you can breathe a sigh of relief, as some hormonal preparations will be included in the course of treatment. However, do not be afraid to take them, they do not bear harm, but only bring the functioning of the reproductive system in order. So, one of the drugs that the doctor can prescribe you is called "Pulsatilla." “Pulsatilla” with the delay of the monthly very effectively and effectively helps to accelerate the critical days and to establish the menstrual cycle.

This drug is prescribed in the form of granules. In order for Pulsatilla to help with the delay of menstruation, it is necessary to take six or seven granules at once. It is necessary to lay them under the tongue. Pulsatilla is so effective that it can help after the first use. Therefore, after applying them once, wait a while. Re-appointment of the drug should be discussed with a doctor.

Side effects of "Pulsatilla" with the delay of menstruation

This drug does not have any side effects. It was created to improve the functioning of the female genital organs, and in no case does not disrupt the general condition of the body. It does not lead to fullness and does not act on the nervous system.

"Postinor" - a drug for delayed menstruation.

One of the most common drugs that cause menstruation with a delay is Postinor. However, remember that it should be taken only in the case of unprotected sexual intercourse and only in the first three days. Another drug that causes menstruation is called "Progesterone." Unfortunately, women prefer to use this drug independently and without a prescription. But it is best to let your doctor know about your choice.

If it happens that your period is delayed, do not rush to sound the alarm and buy various drugs. To begin with, consult a doctor and find out the reason for the delay, and then take up the treatment.

Another common cause is the unsteady menstrual cycle. If the first sexual contact occurred shortly after the appearance of the first menstrual periods, a small delay is possible. This is due to hormonal changes. It is not worth worrying about it, the cycle will gradually become regular.

I had unprotected sexual intercourse on the day when menstruation arrived, is pregnancy possible in my case.

My boyfriend ended up in a condom, but when he pulled out, he tears. On the same day they went monthly. Is pregnancy possible in this case.

Hello. Can you please tell me what to do? On May 9, an unprotected PA occurred. After that, my periods were less abundant, which I associated with stress. Literally 4 days ago, the weight appeared.

I have 4 weeks of pregnancy from the DPO, I breastfeed the child, I passed on 19dpo analysis for hgch and progesterone, HCG-1101.0 a norm of 2-3 weeks (101-4870), progesterone-44.5, at a rate of 1 trimester.

Delay-week, on 4 tests not a bright band. I drank a cup of decoction of laurel leaf and 4 tab. Norkoluta Will it cause menstruation.

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What is the probability of pregnancy if sexual intercourse was on the fourth day (last) of menstruation? The guy finished in me and after that was in me for a long time. A cycle of 25 days.

The last periods were from 4 to 8 January, 12 January was unprotected sex, is pregnancy possible? cycle 28 days.

The last months were from September 6 to September 13, they were not in October or in November. I always want to sleep become nervous and so on. did a pregnancy test one showed a bright top strip.

I had PPA on the first of August. On the third day I took the postinor according to the instructions. Months arrived on time, and in September and October were delayed, but as usual. Two weeks have passed since the last.

How to know if I'm pregnant or not? after intercourse, 13 days have passed, I have already done 3 tests; 2 clearly showed one strip and the second was barely visible, the third showed one strip. everyone talks to me

three tests are positive, but many say they should not be relied upon. Is this true? Tests: 1. "EVITEST" 2-3. Gravity "IND Diagnostic Inc Canada".

I do not have months for 10 days, donated blood for pregnancy on the 5th day, I was told there is no pregnancy, they will come soon, but I have no diseases, the doctor said everything is fine, my breasts do not hurt.

I have a delay of 15 months. The test is negative. Can there be a pregnancy, even if the test is negative.

Menstruation began earlier than eight days, with scanty discharge and a shorter period. Can i be pregnant

Is it possible to get pregnant when there is almost 5 days left before ovulation? .

The delay was 7 days. Menstruation was painful and strong, not as usual. What is the probability that there was a miscarriage? .

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Improper diet, insufficient amount of vitamins in organisms, metabolic disorders also belong to quite frequent causes of delayed menstruation. One of the reasons for the delay of monthly gynecologists tend to consider the lack of vitamin E in the body, but such a diagnosis can only be made by a doctor. Excess vitamin E is not less harmful than its deficiency.

The usual menstrual cycle begins at 10–15 years for a young woman, after which it is believed that the body has entered a phase when it can perform a full conception. This system works every month up to 46-52 years, but this is an average figure! (There are cases of later termination of menstruation.) Then comes the reduction in the duration of time of menstruation, and the amount of blood released during this. In the end, menstruation stops completely.

Delay of menstruation after first sex: is it possible?

Some girls experience delayed menstruation after the first sexual contact. Many of the reasons for such changes are physiological, but some can be a disease. Therefore, before engaging in sexual intercourse, one should know whether there is a delay in menstruation after the first time and on what grounds to recognize the norm and pathology.

First intercourse and menstruation

After sex, accompanied by rupture of the hymen, there are changes in the menstrual cycle. They relate to the nature, the date of occurrence of menstruation after the first time.

There are a number of physiological processes that cause a delay in menstruation after the first sexual intercourse. These include stress, hormonal changes. With moderate experiences, menstruation can be delayed for 7 days, and with strong ones, a cycle can be lost, and it will take an average of one month to normalize.

Also changes the nature of menstruation after the 1st time. It is proved that women who have regular sex life, feel less discomfort in the first day of the cycle. Monthly become plentiful, flow longer.

All of these changes are reflected in the level of sensitivity, excitability.

But the representative of the weaker sex should not dive into the experience, because for several months after the first intercourse, all changes stabilize, and menstruation will become normal, regular.

In more detail about a delay of periods because of a stress we recommend to read in separate article on our website.

In addition to hormonal, there are other causes of menstrual delays. If the loss of the hymen occurred at the age of 16-17 years, the lateness of the menstruation is caused by the incomplete maturity of the body.

The establishment of the menstrual cycle begins in adolescence, while the process stretches over several years. The beginning of a new cycle may regularly shift or arrive at different time intervals. Under such conditions, the very fact of defloration affects the lateness of menstruation.

Active mechanical effect on the cervix in the first days or in the middle of the cycle helps to slow down the formation of the functional layer of the endometrium. It is mainly because of this that critical days linger.

Hormonal and emotional shock

The reason for the delay in menstruation after deprivation of virginity is often stressful situations. There are several factors causing this state of the body:

  • hormonal changes observed during sexual intercourse,
  • emotional experiences associated with the appearance of pain in the loss of virginity,
  • worries about the possibility of pregnancy.

These factors directly affect the cyclical nature of menstruation after the first time and can provoke their delay. Most often, this phenomenon is a physiological process that is of a short-term nature, and after the girl has lost her virginity, the delay of the monthly period lasts no more than one week.

Also, the cycle is able to break due to changes in hormonal levels, which is due to the ability to experience orgasm. Despite the fact that these are positive emotions, this process affects the production of hormones.

Therefore, for any stress (positive or negative), the onset of menstruation may be delayed for a longer period.

Most often, the late menstruation after the first time, caused by hormonal changes, is eliminated independently and does not need treatment. But if cycling is not normalized within the 1st month, it is necessary to go for a gynecological examination.

Most representatives of the weaker sex are convinced that it is impossible to conceive a child at the first sexual connection. But this is an absolutely wrong assumption. The presence of menstruation indicates the possibility of a woman's body to the implementation of reproductive function.

If a girl does not have a period after the first time, she needs to take a pregnancy test, especially if the sex was without using contraception.

It is impractical to diagnose conception before the planned date of the onset of menstruation, since the test may show an unreliable result. This should be done on the day when the delay period is 7 days, since it is precisely at the indicated time that the necessary level of hCG is established in the female body to determine fertilization.

After unprotected first sex, infections can be the cause of delayed menstruation. Most often, a similar symptom is caused by:

  • chlamydia
  • syphilis,
  • genital herpes,
  • thrush,
  • gonorrhea.

To recognize the presence of one of these pathologies, it is necessary to pay attention to the occurrence or absence of the characteristic symptoms:

  • the appearance of vaginal discharge, having a whitish, yellowish, greenish tint,
  • the presence of cheesy discharge,
  • sour, fishy, ​​repellent smell of discharge,
  • painful, itchy, burning sensations in the genital area,
  • the formation of a bubble rash with watery content, whitish plaque, sores,
  • temperature rise above 37.5–37.6 ºC.

Also, diseases transmitted through sexual contact can cause general malaise. When the symptoms described, the weaker sex is required to urgently go to an appointment with a gynecologist, to undergo appropriate treatment.

If the duration of the delay of menstruation due to sex exceeds 7 days, it is necessary to determine the cause of this phenomenon. It is not recommended to do this on your own, as a lack of knowledge and diagnostic results can lead to incorrect conclusion and incorrect treatment. And the result is a general aggravation of health.

Diagnosis of delayed menstrual flow is carried out with the help of a gynecological examination, taking swabs, cytology, ultrasound. Also for these purposes, use a test for pregnancy, blood test for hCG.

To find out what is causing the delay in menstruation, you first need to purchase a pregnancy test.

From the seventh day of delay, most tests will show a reliable result. But many doctors recommend repeating the study after 2–3 days if a negative result was obtained.

This is due to the fact that with the onset of an ectopic pregnancy or the presence of individual characteristics of the organism, the level of hCG increases more slowly and is detected by pharmacy tests a little later.

If a woman could not get pregnant, and the test shows a negative result, she is assigned an ultrasound. This procedure is necessary to diagnose the functionality of the female genital organs. In this case, the doctor evaluates the size and shape of the ovaries, the thickness of the endometrium. If inflammation is diagnosed, the patient is prescribed the appropriate treatment.

With a delay of 7 months after intercourse, it is necessary to see a gynecologist. This is required to eliminate the risk of infection in the reproductive organs. On examination, a specialist will assess the condition of the cervix, take the necessary smears and tests. On the basis of the data obtained, the correct diagnosis will be made and treatment prescribed. In addition, a visit to the doctor during the onset of sexual relations is recommended to learn more about the means of protection against STDs, as well as unwanted conception of the child.

Can there be a delay in menses after the first time

One of the most memorable events in the life of every girl is the first sexual experience, since it provokes not only new bright emotions and impressions, but also causes changes in the nervous system, physiology and functioning of the genitals. Most often there is a delay of menstruation after the first time and a change in their nature. The reasons for such changes may be different, therefore, they require careful observation in order to prevent possible complications.

From a physiological point of view, deprivation of virginity is not much different from all subsequent acts, so it is always possible to get pregnant or become infected with various infections due to failure to follow basic hygiene rules. Feelings during sex are completely dependent on the individual characteristics of the female body.

The reasons for the delay after the first act

Untimely start of the next menstruation contributes to the violation of the menstrual cycle. If there is no menstruation after the first time, this means that for some reason there is no detachment of the functional layer of the uterine mucosa and the discharge itself is delayed.

The main reason for this violation is a failure in the hormone production process, which can be associated with severe stress, severe climate change, severe fatigue or prolonged lack of sleep, compliance with extremely limited diets, and increased physical exertion without the necessary training.

The list of the main reasons for the late start of menstruation after the first sexual intercourse should include:

  1. Practically uncontrollable psychological experiences.
  2. Physiological features of the adolescent body.
  3. Infection of the genital organs with infectious diseases.
  4. The onset of pregnancy.

Psychological experiences, as a rule, are based on anxiety, excessive anxiety and emotional instability associated with the feeling of love. As a result of all this, the body experiences stress, which provokes an excessive production of sex hormones and thereby causes a delay in menstruation. This also applies to the feeling of fear and insecurity in the act itself. A rather dangerous role in this case can be played by self-suggestion about the beginning of pregnancy, especially if sexual intercourse was not protected. In this case, the transferred stress affects the violation of many functions of the body, and not only on the duration of the menstrual cycle.

From a physiological point of view, the first sexual intercourse, which took place during the first year after the first monthly appearances, is not the cause of the delay as such. In such cases, the cycle itself can continue to form, so the irregularity of the onset of menstruation is the norm.

Infectious infection is possible if the basic rules of hygiene are not followed, regardless of what sexual experience a girl has. Diseases of this type can be very different, but they all require timely diagnosis and complete treatment, because they are dangerous by the further development of complications. The use of any oral contraceptives to prevent pregnancy does not save at risk of infection from a partner, so you should choose safe sex. It is better if it is a reliable condom.

Infection of the body with infectious diseases that are sexually transmitted may include trichomoniasis, gonorrhea, chlamydia, syphilis, as well as genital herpes and candidiasis. Among the main symptoms of infection is to highlight the appearance of an unpleasant smell from uncharacteristic secretions, which may be white, yellow or even green. According to their structure, they can be watery, slimy or cheesy. In the genital area, itching, feeling of pain and burning, which are aggravated by urination, can be observed.

Often, the unprotected first sexual experience ends exactly with pregnancy. In such cases, it is not necessary to observe the appearance of any symptoms. The only thing that needs to be done is to consult a doctor who will refute or, on the contrary, confirm the fact of pregnancy.

Changes in the nature of menstruation primarily relate to their abundance. Since in the period of virginity, the genitals are protected by a special plei, and the menstrual flow came out through a small hole in the center of it, then after the first sexual intercourse it collapses and the discharge becomes more abundant.

The second important point concerns changes in the functioning of the uterus, which, by contraction, provokes rejection of the functional layer of the mucous membrane and its release with blood. As a rule, the whole process is accompanied by severe pain and cramps. Since the loss of virginity, the cycle changes and menstruation may occur earlier, but they will be less painful and long. Changes in the hormonal background in the body and disruptions in the central nervous system also have a role in the formation of the menstrual cycle after the first sexual intercourse.

In any case, the observed violations of the menstrual cycle require the consultation of a physician and the timely treatment of detected pathologies. If the delay is associated with physiological or emotional behavioral patterns, then it suffices to eliminate the cause of the experience itself.

The beginning of the next menstruation in each individual case occurs differently, but it is extremely rare for the menstrual cycle to be broken at all. As a rule, menstruation can begin much earlier or, on the contrary, later. At the same time, there are cases when bleeding is observed immediately after the first sexual intercourse has occurred.

The continuation of the menstrual cycle without changes indicates the full readiness of the body to active sexual life, as well as the onset of pregnancy without excessive nervous shocks. The delay in menstruation is caused by stressful situations, excessive experiences, too early onset of sexual activity (when the cycle itself is not formed), and also the onset of pregnancy itself. Of the more serious reasons for the delay of the next menstruation is to highlight the disease, requiring timely treatment. This concerns the development of tumors, polycystic ovaries and pathological abnormalities in the development of the uterus. The early onset of menstruation is caused by changes in the hormonal background, as well as new physiological features of the body.

A full recovery of the menstrual cycle may take no more than 2 to 3 months, after which you should consult your doctor to check your health.

When observing violations, consultation with a gynecologist is a mandatory precaution and prevention of dangerous diseases. As diagnostic methods, pregnancy tests (in several copies) can be used, as well as a blood test, an ultrasound examination of the pelvic organs, and a medical examination. Depending on the results obtained, the specialist prescribes treatment, in most cases symptomatic.

Delay of menstruation after deprivation of virginity

The moment of deprivation of virginity is one of the most significant in the life of a young woman. In addition to pleasant sensations, deprivation of virginity can cause stress not only psychologically, but also physically. Delayed menstruation after the first act is a physiological process. Critical days may be delayed for several days, and may not come in 3-4 weeks.

In order to further the intimate life was full, it is necessary to prepare for the first sexual act morally. Do not rush, if there is no complete certainty that the right moment has arrived.

Physiologically determined that the delay of menstruation after the first coitus is normal. But in most cases, the first, most common cause of delay is pregnancy. There are many preconceptions that it is impossible to get pregnant after the first sexual intercourse. Medical statistics says that the delay of the monthly in a virgin during the first sex occurs precisely because of pregnancy.

But there are a number of reasons why menstruation is delayed. If pregnancy is not the cause of delayed menstruation, and there are no characteristic symptoms of the presence of diseases, you should wait a bit. At adolescence, the monthly cycle is not yet established and may be absent for several months.

The main reasons for the delay in menstruation in a virgin can be diseases of the female genital and not only. Delay of menstruation can happen due to:

  • hormonal imbalance,
  • infectious diseases
  • experiences of a psychological nature
  • cystitis.

Delay after first intercourse

The delay of menstruation after the first time, which is not related to pregnancy, occurs due to anxiety, excitement and a lot of emotional experiences. Depending on how long the delay lasts, you can make certain conclusions. Disruptions in the menstrual cycle also occur due to sexually transmitted infections. Often in the process of surging passion, sexual partners forget about the methods of protection. Perhaps the girl uses OK (oral contraceptives), being protected from unwanted pregnancy, but this is not an obstacle for genital infectious diseases. The main illnesses that can manifest themselves after the first sexual contact are:

  • gonorrhea,
  • syphilis,
  • chlamydia
  • genital herpes,
  • thrush.

If the girl after the first sexual contact had a failure in the monthly cycle, and the characteristic symptoms described below manifest themselves, it is necessary to consult a gynecologist as soon as possible.

The characteristic symptoms of infection of the genital tract and genital area are:

  • vaginal discharge of white, yellow sometimes green,
  • discharge, having a cheesy or watery nature,
  • the smell in the genital area is sharp and unpleasant,
  • sensation of burning, burning in the genital area,
  • the appearance of vesicular rash, ulceration, whitish plaque,
  • general malaise,
  • raising the temperature of the body to 37.5 °.

First of all, it is necessary to exclude the possibility of pregnancy and infectious diseases. To do this, it is important to consult a specialist in a timely manner. The gynecologist will be able to find out the cause of the delay in menstruation. In the overwhelming majority of cases of going to a doctor, it turns out that the delay in menstruation is a normal reaction of the body to changes in hormonal levels. Physiological delay after the first time is possible from a couple of days to one month.

Another unpleasant symptom that makes girls panic is pain immediately after coitus. If the pain is not very strong and quickly pass, it is part of the physiological norm.

During the first intercourse, the muscle fibers of the vagina are stretched, and in order to return to normal, they need several days. In addition, there is a change in the microflora of the vagina and the tightening of microcracks on the pleive. This can also cause a slight itch and pain.

You should not panic, if the monthly came in a timely manner, but have become more tangible and painful. It is also the body’s normal response to change. If menstrual bleeding continues for 11–15 days, you should consult a gynecologist.

Doctors advise to come to the consultation after the first sexual contact to identify possible pathologies and infectious diseases. The opportunity to get pregnant with unprotected sex for the first time is, but it is reduced due to the fact that pregnancy may not come in a stressful situation for the body.

Gynecologists say that the delay of menstruation after deprivation of virginity is normal, if it is not associated with pregnancy, severe hormonal disruptions and infectious diseases. It is worth remembering that, in addition to discomfort, after the first sexual contact due to damage to the tissue structures of the vagina, pain may occur due to the lack of natural lubrication. Unpleasant sensations may accompany and 3-5 days after coitus.

If the menstrual cycle has not recovered, you need to listen to your feelings in the genital area. Perhaps the first signs of an upcoming pregnancy. Typical, but not significant symptoms are:

  • nausea,
  • eruption of gastric contents,
  • increased drowsiness,
  • changes in taste preferences
  • breast augmentation.

To confirm the intended pregnancy, you must:

  • use a pregnancy test,
  • pass a blood test in the clinic,
  • perform ultrasound diagnostics
  • visit the gynecologist.

If a girl is afraid that they can call home from the clinic, you can be examined in private clinics. In this case, the confidentiality of the visit to the doctor will be maintained.

In order for the first experience in sex to bring only positive emotions and feelings, it is necessary to adhere to some rules of prevention:

  1. The first experience should be exclusively with a proven partner. This will avoid stressful situations and fear.
  2. It is important to use methods of contraception, which will not only avoid unwanted pregnancy, but also sexually transmitted infections. This can be achieved only with the use of condoms.
  3. After the girl lost her virginity, you need to visit a gynecologist for further consultations. After the examination, the doctor will be able to give an objective assessment of the girl's health.

Do not be shy and ask your questions to the obstetrician-gynecologist. It is an expert who can give advice and solve possible problems that are embarrassing to talk with your loved ones. And do not panic if the menstrual cycle is delayed. We need to act according to the situation and with maximum calm. You should not listen to the advice of girlfriends and use popular methods to call monthly. This may not help, and even harm, becoming the cause of complications in the female genital area.

Natalia Evgenievna Pokhodilova

Psychologist, Kinesiologist Online consultant. Specialist from the website

I was so. After the first PA, the menstruation started right away. And the next ones lingered for about 10-15 days, I thought everything was kabzdets, then I realized that it was all about harmonies

For some, it happens. Hormones naughty. Everything will be alright.

I went after the first time in 3 days.
the following lingered.
it's okay

after deprivation of virginity, the cycle is lost a little, for everyone))
Do not be afraid of anything and always protect yourself))))

My cycle has gone astray for 3 weeks. then I was very frightened, although everything was also normal in terms of protection.
but after that, everything became like a clock (before that, the cycle was inconsistent).
do not panic, I think if the cycle gets knocked down for a month - nothing will be terrible, but if the monthly does not appear in a month - it is better to go to the gynecologist.
and in general, since you have begun a sexual life, it is better just to go to the gynecologist just for the treatment - she will be able to see everything “normally” there.

I also came next in time, and then stayed for several days. Looks like a frequent occurrence. For your peace of mind, make a test should already show the idea.

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If after the PA monthly were about what zalely generally talking about? What then - it is only hormonal failure, restructuring of the body, and even the elementary cold. What pregnancy tests are we talking about? Kindergarten. Ches word.

If after the PA monthly were about what zalely generally talking about? What then - it is only hormonal failure, restructuring of the body, and even the elementary cold. What pregnancy tests are we talking about? Kindergarten. Ches word.

All will be well, if protected, it means not pregnant)

forever fly from your fingers or grease on your hands! . WHY YOU MADAM MEMBER. YOU HAVE FINGERS !! A GOING CYCLE WALKS AS LIVE.

Noticed on the site that many girls can not start a sex life, don `t know what it is connected with, probably all have their own reasons. And if you are really ready for this step, but do not know how and with whom to do it - I will be glad to help you :) After all, your further attitude towards sex and health in general depends on the first experience! I do not claim the title of guru-love, but experience abound))) I promise that everything will be romantic, cute, positive and with minimal negative feelings!
Briefly about yourself: 29 years old, handsome, tall (185), black hair, higher honey. education (doctor), adequate and pleasant guy, I live in Moscow.
Why do I need it?! No, I am not a maniac and not a pervert, it will just be my pleasure to help, to share my experience, to make it pleasant both for you and yourself. What's bad about it?!
Do not judge strictly)), I do not commit anyone to anything, I do not insist, I just offer what I offer))) I will be glad to talk! Write, do not hesitate, I do not bite))) [email protected]

Hi girls! I have generally been delayed for 2 months on all tests (at 9) along the bottom bar, what to do, tell me)))

damn me all the same. I am afraid but they do not start but the chest hurts (

Girls the first time was a month ago anal sex on the last day of menstruation, protected and pas was interrupted !! Monthly had to go 22 but still not what to do !?

Girls the first time was a month ago anal sex on the last day of menstruation, protected and pas was interrupted !! Monthly had to go 22 but still not what to do !?

Girls the first time was a month ago anal sex on the last day of menstruation, protected and pas was interrupted !! Monthly had to go 22 but still not what to do !?

Girls, the first time was 3 weeks ago, there are no menstruations for a little more than a week, the test shows a negative result, the breasts swelled up, periodically ache at the bottom, protected by condoms, since when did the test show the exact result?

Hello, my name is Olga, I lost my virginity for the first time. I didn’t eat anything, and it didn’t work out the next time. 27 tell me it could be that just change the cycle?

I was so. After the first PA, the menstruation started right away. And the next ones lingered for about 10-15 days, I thought everything was kabzdets, then I realized that it was all about harmonies

Hello! I decided virginity November 23, 2017. The PMS should have started the 26-29 number, there is no exact start day. Made 3 tests, all negative. Дело в том, что мы не предохранялись презервативами, молодой человек кончал в рот. Бывало, что через минут 10 снова начинали половой акт, при этом молодой человек в душ не ходил, возможно ли, что сперма осталась на половом члене и попала во влагалище?

Help the council lost virginity 03/24/18 were to go monthly on the next day, already 26 the number of them all didn’t check the pregnancy test negatively everything .. it’s normal that the delay? after the first sexual intercourse? I am now 17 years old

Help the council lost virginity 03/24/18 were to go monthly on the next day, already 26 the number of them all didn’t check the pregnancy test negatively everything .. it’s normal that the delay? after the first sexual intercourse? I am now 17 years old

Hello, recently was the first time, we were protected, but during sex, prezik broke, but the guy managed to pull out and finish on the towel, but said that he got a little bit on me, somewhere on the inside of my leg
After 2 days they went monthly, on time
Very afraid to fly. Tell me please

Girls, I'm 17 years old, lost my virginity, the guy was protected, but the delay is already 7 days. Tell me what to do?
Does anyone have any real interest ?!

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