Bath during menstruation, is it allowed to soar feet


The question of whether bathing is allowed during critical days is controversial. It depends on the individual characteristics of the female body: in some cases, a bath or sauna can be allowed in certain periods, in others it is strictly prohibited.

What happens to the body during menstruation?

The menstrual cycle is based on the preparation of epithelial layers for the adoption of a fertilized egg. If at the expiration of the allotted time conception did not take place, the uterus gradually rejects the epithelium, thereby triggering the natural self-purification of the body.

The bath is also known for its cleansing properties: staying in a steam room improves blood circulation, starts metabolism and removes harmful substances through the skin.

Logically, the combination of two cleansing processes - menstruation and bath visits - should double the positive effect on the health of the woman, but in practice it is not.

A woman in this period is experiencing such changes:

  • The process of removing the egg is painful. For several days (usually up to 5) there is a strong deterioration of health. In addition to constant aching pain and spasms, fatigue is felt (even with minor loads), working ability is reduced, sleep problems are possible,
  • Woman becomes irritable. Hormonal changes, pain and a constant feeling of discomfort often lead to neurosis and breakdown,
  • To repel epithelium layers, the cervix opens and becomes similar to an open wound with non-stopping bleeding. In this position, the internal organs are highly susceptible to infection.

Bath, despite all its positive functions, even under normal conditions is a strong burden on the body.

Exhausted by menstruation, the female body needs careful treatment, and the steam room is a test of strength for it, and can cause dangerous consequences.

The consequences of the bath during menstruation

During this period, the body will perform a number of tasks aimed at balancing the physical health of the woman and bringing the hormonal balance back to normal.

Being in a steam room is an extra dose of stress, and not always tired organism has the strength to cope with it.

A visit to the bath during menstruation can cause dangerous effects:

  • From high temperatures in the steam room vessels expand blood circulation increases. On critical days, it is fraught with strong and prolonged vaginal bleeding. In the most dangerous cases, it requires medical intervention to stop it.
  • For some women, there is a backlash - after visiting a steam room with a very high temperature, menstruation can do stop. This phenomenon is considered a pathology and requires the advice of a doctor,
  • Due to the expansion of the cervix and high temperatures, the bath is likely to catch fungus or another pathogen. This applies even to private saunas, because it is almost impossible to maintain absolute sterility in them. Some infectious diseases can lead to infertility.
Often, women mistakenly believe that the use of a tampon allows you to visit the steam room without damage to health.

This measure only partially reduces the likelihood of infection; it cannot protect the hygienic tampon from other consequences.

The consequences listed above are a weighty explanation of why you cannot go to the sauna or bath during critical days. It is necessary to take care of health and not risk it.

What is allowed during menstruation

When the intensity of discharge is minimal, and the cervix is ​​practically narrowed to the normal diameter, the risk of infection and the formation of heavy bleeding is reduced.

If a visit to the bath on the first day of menstruation is unavoidable - it is better not to bathe, but to spend time in the dressing room with a cup of herbal relaxing tea.

Depending on a woman's state of health and individual characteristics of her body, during critical days You can allow some procedures:

  • If, due to the physiological characteristics of the woman, her period is not intense, painless and takes place with good health, you can try to enter the steam room. It is not advisable to be inside for more than a couple of minutes, all the time you need to carefully monitor the sensations - with the slightest deterioration in well-being, you should go out,
  • Steam need less time intervals than usual. It is allowed to increase the number of visits. Adhering to this principle, you can gently reduce the load on the heart,
  • It is better to wash after a steam room under a slightly warm stream of water - this will bring relief and also will not increase the load.

Steam Precautions

Being in the bath, a woman should adhere to such recommendations:

  • Hygiene products must be tested and reliable. For additional protection, you can use both a tampon and a gasket,
  • Avoid drinking alcohol of any strength before the bath, during and after leaving it. It gives an extra load on the heart, which is undesirable.
  • Do not give in to overheating. The temperature of the steam room should not exceed 80 degrees - this reduces the risk of heavy bleeding,
  • Sharp temperature drops are contraindicated. You should not jump into the pool - it is better to get out of the steam room in the dressing room or shower with warm water, and give the body gradually normalize the temperature.
There is a certain category of women for whom the sauna is even recommended by a doctor for the purpose of treatment: when there are problems with irregular menstruation and their scarcity.

One of the methods of treatment of such cases is to conduct certain procedures in the bath, for example, poultices of the lower abdomen of flaxseed, oats, salt.

If there are any doubts as to whether it is possible to bathe in a bath for menstruation or it is better to abstain - you should consult your gynecologist. Share your symptoms with your doctor during critical days and make a rational decision together.

The concept of monthly

Menstruation is the most common in terms of physiology. During this period, the upper layer of the uterine mucosa is rejected, which causes the appearance of blood from the vagina.
The absence of menstruation occurs in such cases as:

  • pregnancy,
  • lactation period
  • menopause,
  • young age in girls,
  • hormonal disorders.

The above conditions require consultation of a competent gynecologist, if they are not associated with normal physiological processes.

Menstruation is often accompanied by pain in the lower abdomen, decreased vitality and apathy, and sometimes flashes of aggression. In order to improve well-being, doctors recommend reducing physical activity and taking painkillers.

There is a decrease in local immunity, because the uterus is a kind of open bleeding wounds. The rejection of the mucosal epithelium is due to the mechanism of self-purification of the body when the conception of a child did not occur. Of course, this is a serious load on the genitals, cardiovascular and hormonal systems.

Negative points

Any indisposition is a contraindication for visiting the bath. Menstruation is no exception. And because the bath during menstruation is rejected by many experts for a number of the following reasons.

In the bath, it is difficult to ensure sterility, so there is a high risk of contracting urogenital disease. Public baths are not for nothing called a breeding ground for infections. Dangerous microbes can easily enter the bleeding uterus. It is not recommended to wash in public baths or swim in the pool in the absence of confidence in the cleanliness of this establishment.

In addition, due to the hot air in the bath, the blood flow to all organs increases, which can cause severe bleeding, which will not be easy to stop. A similar effect can be achieved if a woman decides to soar her legs during menstruation. The consequences can be very sad. For the same reason, you can not bathe in the bathroom (including hot) and steam in the sauna during menstruation.

A visit to the bath has a number of indisputable advantages. It is worth going to the bath, as this procedure:

  • relaxes muscles and relieves cramps, including lower abdomen during menstruation,
  • stimulates metabolic processes
  • tones the vessels and the heart,
  • improves blood circulation
  • normalizes the menstrual cycle
  • improves mood and gives a charge of cheerfulness.

The question of the feasibility of a visit to the bath during the menstruation period should be decided taking into account the state of health of the woman, which is evaluated by a gynecologist. In some cases it is better to abandon this event on dangerous days, despite the above positive effects on the body.

Rules of stay in the bath

It is allowed to go to the bath after the onset of the 3 day cycle, when the volume of discharge decreases significantly. During this period, the possible risks are minimal.

  • When visiting the bath, it is advisable to use a hygienic tampon and gasket at the same time to avoid uncomfortable situations. Disposable bedding in the steam room also does not interfere.
  • Steam during menstruation can be with great caution. The optimum temperature in the steam room is 80 degrees. It is better to go to the steam room several times, but for two minutes.
  • You should closely monitor the time spent in the steam room. Prolonged warming up of the body during menstruation can seriously harm women's health. It is better to conduct fascinating conversations with friends in the dressing room for a cup of tea or herbal decoction.
  • Do not subject the body to sudden temperature changes. It is not necessary to plunge into the ice hole or pool immediately after the bath. Such procedures are more suitable for men. It is better to cool the body gradually under a warm or moderately cool shower.
  • The rule of gradual habituation to heat is appropriate in the room of a bath or sauna. First, choose a shelf on the lower tier or near the door, and as you get used to it, you can move higher. Bask in the steam should be no more than 5 minutes.
  • It is definitely necessary to eliminate the use of alcohol during and after the procedure, as it has a vasodilating effect.
  • Herbal teas, by contrast, will only benefit. You can safely brew green tea with the addition of chamomile, thyme, nettle. It is noteworthy that many herbs have a hemostatic effect, which will help to avoid an increase in the volume of secretions after the bath.
  • Alternatively, you can use a fairly safe infrared sauna.
  • It is necessary to carry out SPA procedures only at good state of health.

Bath to solve gynecological problems

Sometimes the bath helps to get rid of gynecological diseases, for example, restores the regular menstrual cycle.

Some women have menstruation on different days of the month or they are very scarce, which often leads to severe lower abdominal pain, dizziness, migraines, unstable blood pressure. A visit to the bath at the beginning of the intended menstrual cycle improves health and stimulates the normal course of menstruation in the future.

It is useful to poultice and warm the area below the navel with oats, wheat, flax, or heated food salt.

Recommendations for visiting the bath should give your doctor after the examination and control tests. You can safely go to the bath in the absence of comments from the doctor.

The answer to the question of whether it is possible to go to the bath during menstruation, each woman should receive independently based on personal preferences and the state of her health. If you do decide to visit the bath on critical days, then subject to a number of rules, this visit will not cause discomfort.