How to explain to the child what is monthly? How do menstruation begin


  • How to tell your daughter about menstruation
  • How to talk to your daughter about menstruation
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A conversation with a teenage girl about the changes occurring in her body should take place without fail. Doctors believe that it is better to talk about menstruation earlier than being late with a conversation.

Modern girls grow up faster than their mothers and grandmothers used to grow up. This is due to nutrition and the rhythm of modern life. The girl's body begins to change intensively from the age of 8.

The girl is growing rapidly, by the age of 9-10, the teenage girl has hair in the armpits, and the breast begins to grow. 2-3 years remain until the “women's days”, and it is important to have time to explain how the girl will become a girl.

It’s easiest to talk about female girls with moms or older sisters. You can ask an aunt or grandmother to hold such a conversation. However, it is best if mom explains everything to her daughter.

The conversation should be started in confidence, calmly, but at the same time it should be serious, the girl should feel its importance. The age when the conversation takes place can be determined by the mother herself, but from 10 years “early” will not be anymore.

You can tell your daughter that in the next few years, she can start menstruating and tell her in detail about what it means. Do not be afraid to call a spade a spade, the main thing is the tone to which you speak.

It is necessary to explain that bleeding will go out of the uterus every month, and at the same time be happy to announce that this is the only way the girl can become a mother in the future. You can tell that menstruation is a little painful, and in front of them she can be capricious for several days.

It is important to emphasize that “women’s days” happen to all women, and to you too, and only for this reason your daughter was born. We need to talk very seriously about hygiene on special days, tell the girl how to use the pads correctly, how many days the discharge goes.

It is necessary to emphasize the importance of water procedures and explain that it is correct to wash and take a shower during menstruation twice a day. Tell your daughter that cleanliness is the key to women's health. The girl will remember your words, even if she is embarrassed.

Whether you can talk about pregnancy with your daughter can be resolved in the course of the conversation. If the girl is determined to listen to you, you can tell her about how the pregnancy comes. But psychologists advise not to rush things and postpone this conversation for another occasion.

In normal menstruation in adolescent girls begin at 12-15 years. If your daughter is ripe for 10 years, or there is no menstruation after 15 years, you need to consult a doctor. The problem may be caused by hormonal imbalance, or simply your child is special.

Heart-to-heart talk

Before starting a conversation with her daughter, any mother should understand that what is clear to her can turn out to be a real mystery to her child. Therefore, it is important to submit the information correctly. Many girls do not know how their periods begin, and this “incident” sometimes plunges them into real shock. Start a conversation with your own story, describe in detail how it happened to you. Explain to the baby that this is a natural process that will testify to her growing up. Tell that when menstruation begins, the girl's body changes, she becomes more attractive and feminine.

Emphasize that such a process is not a disease, but, on the contrary, confirmation of its female health. If the child is embarrassed to talk about it, do not push it, serve the information in small portions. Try to interest the girl by helping to understand how she will change, and later on she will be able to become a mother. And how to explain to the child, what is monthly if he flatly refuses to talk about it? In this case, the best solution would be to talk with someone your daughter trusts the most. Grandmother, sister or godmother can explain to her all the nuances.

Age framework

And when to start a difficult conversation? As a rule, menstruation in girls begins from 9 to 15 years. However, this is not the law. It is best to tell the child all the subtleties before puberty, at 8 years old the daughter can already understand you. Even if she does not learn everything, at the onset of menstruation, the child is not at least afraid. Convince your baby that absolutely nothing to be ashamed of, and you should definitely tell your mom about this event. Tell that such a process occurs absolutely in all girls and women in a certain period of life. In this case, it is not necessary to focus attention on when the menstruation should occur, because the child may consider that the absence of menstruation to a definite age is a disease. But the mother herself must control when the discharge begins. If they are too early (up to 8 years) or, on the contrary, stayed until 17 years, you should consult a doctor for advice. After all, such changes may indicate a hormonal failure in the body.

Information for parents

Keep in mind that if your daughter has a weight deficit or an excess of it, her period may not occur for a long time. In this case, you must show the child to the doctor. As a rule, it takes about two years from the moment of breast formation to the onset of menstruation. You should not worry if the girl has already started her period, but they are irregular, while the shift is from 10 to 14 days. The normal cycle will be established within 1.5-2 years. But you should pay attention if the delay is more than 3 months.

PMS - tell the girl about him

Tell your daughter what menstruation means, how it happens. Emphasize that this is a natural process. As soon as the child understands what awaits him, he may ask a question about the painful sensations. And in this matter it is necessary to prepare a girl very delicately. Do not say that it is very painful, and so will be every month. Try to clarify that all processes occurring in the body are individual. Perhaps it is she who will have no pain at all. It is better to tell more about the premenstrual period. Weakness, irritability, increased appetite, fatigue - these are the symptoms that she can feel before menstruation. Explain that this will soon pass. Focus on the fact that during menstruation it is forbidden to overstrain both physically and emotionally, otherwise the cycle may be lost.

How to explain to the child, what is monthly, what are the rules of hygiene? First of all, tell us that these days come once a month and do not last long - from about 3 to 7 days. During this period, it is very important to maintain cleanliness and regularly wash to avoid the risk of infection. Teach your baby that hot water increases blood flow, so it’s better not to take a bath during such a period, but to use a shower. Water procedures must be carried out in the morning and evening. But in the first days it is necessary to wash every 3-5 hours, depending on the intensity of discharge. At the same time hygiene products must be replaced with new ones.

What to use

During menstruation, the girl should know what hygiene products to use. You can buy gaskets in advance and tell how to use them, how they will help her to maintain freshness and cleanliness throughout the day. Explain that during this period they should be kept in reserve. But to use tampons young ladies are not recommended. Tell us what is preferable to wear in such a period: it is necessary to abandon light-colored clothes and dresses that fit the body very tightly.

Health care

Tell the girl that normal menstruation is very important for her health, so she must follow some rules on critical days:

  • Avoid stress and overwork.
  • Stop playing sports.
  • You can not diet and starve - such an event can cause menstruation failure and lead to hormonal imbalance.
  • Do not swim in open ponds. High risk of catching infection.

Changes in the body

Now you know how to explain to a child what a period is. But such a conversation would be an excellent opportunity to tell the girl that she is now able to get pregnant and give birth. Even if your daughter is not yet having sex, let her have the necessary information. Pay her attention to the fact that now the egg matures in the body, which can be fertilized during sexual intercourse, after which comes the pregnancy. You shouldn’t, of course, intimidate a child, it’s better to tell you how to protect yourself properly, what means to use. Note that early pregnancies are undesirable and can negatively affect the body of a young mother.

Do not forget to talk about the risk of sexually transmitted diseases with unprotected sex, especially during menstruation. You can prepare special literature with the help of which the child will become familiar with the information he is interested in, or find a website with actual problems for adolescents.

Dear parents, remember: despite the fact that your girl is growing up, many things frighten her and remain incomprehensible. Therefore, it is important to correctly tell the child about the processes that occur in his body. Try to win the trust of the girl, and then you can support her in a difficult moment.