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09/27/2013, Lana
Hello! I accept 3 years of Femoston1 / 5 as HRT during menopause, therefore I studied the pros and cons. I share information. So, the advantages are excellent state of health, skin, hair, sex life does not suffer, protection of the heart and blood vessels, prevention of osteoparosis, prevention of colon cancer, weight is normal. Minuses are the risk of strokes, the risk of cholecystitis, asthma, thrombus, breast cancer (slightly higher - Do not be scared). You cannot take accordingly if you have or may have hereditary liver disease, blood clots, breast cancer, uterine fibroids, gallstones, migraines, and convulsions. In general, we go to the doctor, we pass the tests, we do an ultrasound and if everything is normal, we drink Femoston and prolong our youth. In any case, the doctor will leave the decision for you.

10.27.2013, Lyudmila
I have been taking FEMOSTON 15 for 10 years. I am 51 now. I was put on this drug on the fifth day after the operation (extirpation). Feel great. No "charms" climax has not experienced at all! Weight has not increased, the skin looks young. I observe women who have gone through the same operation, but without replacement therapy, they noticeably age after 2-3 years. But I know that Femoston is not suitable for everyone. In any case, do not be afraid of hormone replacement therapy.

10/21/2013, Irina
I am 52 years old. I also took femoston 1.10. I started menopause and during the year I suffered sweating and flushes, sleepless nights and nervous disorders. I went to the doctor and gave me a full examination. I decided to read reviews about femoston I feel fine, I sleep well, let the monthly cycle go the same as before menopause. The skin has become firmer, it really prolongs youth. I advise you to consult a doctor and if you can take femoston.

09/22/2013, Vika
Everyone in the topic of good health!
I am 45 years old. I have fibrocystic mastopathy, uterine fibroids, problems with the ovaries (no ovulation, they don’t work at all, on strike), on examination they found polyps and a lot of other small sores. No babies, infertility. Month they go not regularly, for a long time, then it still smears almost until the next months. Since spring I have been at the gynecologist and endocrinologist. the doctor prescribed me urozhestan, which I clearly took three months. the result is not bad, the doctor also appointed femoston to take three months, today I started M. and in theory I should drink the first pill. I was reading contraindications and side effects and fear bound my whole body. It says so much about onclogia that there is a risk, etc. And now I sit and do not know whether to risk or not (((And from specialists and from those patients who have similar problems.

07/17/2013, Julia
Dear women!
Do not be afraid to take hormones. I am 44 years old. Half a year ago, the joint began to break, the mood began to fall, the heart began to breathe, the skin began to wilt sharply, the cycle got off and the tides suddenly began. I am feet in hands and run to the gynecologist! She passed all tests, (mammogram, hormones, ultrasound) woman doctor prescribed femoston 1 10. After two weeks of admission, lo and behold, I am a man! A month later came monthly. Skin is toned, hair is unmatched, pain in joints disappeared. Life energy is in full swing. Eyes shine. Sleep is great, I sleep like a baby for 10 hours. Acceptance of hormones in this transitional period is a completely different quality of life. Not recovered and not lost weight 51 kg. The main thing is to give yourself a magic Pendel and quickly run to a gynecologist and even better to a gynecologist - an endocrinologist. Good luck to you dear women. Life is Beautiful!

07.23.2013, Zhenya
. I am 46. for the last year all dried up. Has passed the tests, the ovaries do not work. monthly do not go regularly. I would like to understand how Femoston acts on the skin ..

07/10/2013, Nastya
Hello, I'm 22 years old. After the abortion there are no periods for the 9th month, Femoston was prescribed 2/10. I drank the last pill, but there is nothing yet, the progesterone was not given too. Can something else be necessary? ((

07/17/2013, Anastasia
I am 24 years old and I had the same problem. Femoston really helped. I started drinking femoston 2 10 + from the 16th to the 25th day dufaston. Monthly went the same month and go fully and regularly. Take the drug until she stopped

01/16/2014, Ksenia
Hello! My appeal, first of all, to girls under 30 years old - I am 29, because in the absence of menstruations we are prescribed a drug, primarily intended to mitigate negative moments during menopause (in general, also the absence of menstruation).
I started a second attempt to receive Femoston 2 weeks ago. The first time I took 2 packs, I safely gained 5 kg, I lost my mind from it (I follow the figure very much, and this “side effect” is the worst thing for me). The menstruals, prada, came, but as soon as they stopped taking, they also stopped. Now here is the second run - at the insistence of the mother - the story is the same ... an incredible belly has already swelled, the appetite has increased. Should I see a doctor to change the drug?

06/21/2014, Olga
Hello, I'm 28, of course, consult a doctor.

Femoston with early menopause

Early menopause is a pathological abnormality, which is characterized by the onset of premenopause earlier than 40 years. There are many reasons for early menopause, and each of them requires a special approach to treatment. Premature menopause is most often accompanied by extremely severe symptoms, in which a woman simply cannot lead a normal life. For such patients, the drug Femoston can be a real salvation, because it compensates for the lack of sex hormones, and thus removes unpleasant symptoms and prolongs youth.

In Europe, hormone replacement therapy during menopause, including the early one, has long become the norm. Acceptance of hormones helps to avoid not only the unpleasant symptoms of menopause, but also to prevent the development of more serious diseases that occur against the background of a lack of estrogen. However, in our country, patients are still afraid of hormonal treatment, considering that the drugs in this group can significantly harm the body.

According to doctors, well-chosen HRT can not harm, and all the rumors about cancer and other terrible complications of hormone therapy come from the past. Modern means, are composed of a negligible concentration of hormones, which guarantees the safety of treatment. Moreover, with early menopause, it is simply necessary to take HRT, because with premature ovarian extinction, the risk of developing diseases such as osteoporosis, cardiac and vascular pathologies, diabetes, hypertension and even oncology increases several times.

Important! Femoston is allowed to be taken exclusively by appointment of an endocrinologist or gynecologist. There are contraindications and side effects!

Indications for use

Femoston preparation It is a biphasic two-component remedy for the treatment of menopausal symptoms and hormonal changes associated with reducing the amount of female hormones. Components are analogs of estrogen and progesterone. Indications for treatment with menopause:

  • Emotional disorders,
  • Heat waves
  • Heavy sweating
  • Insomnia,
  • Strong nervous irritability,
  • Sudden dizziness,
  • Migraine,
  • Skin aging
  • Depletion of vaginal mucosa,
  • Demineralization of bone tissue
  • Increased body weight without changing the diet.

The drug Femoston is used as hormone replacement therapy for menopausal syndrome, resulting from natural or surgical menopause. Also, the drug has been successfully used to prevent the development of osteoparosis in postmenopausal women.

Attention! While taking the drug, it is imperative that you come to the specialist for an examination in accordance with the established schedule. In the absence of control, you can miss the moment of occurrence of dangerous complications!

Instructions for use

Femoston should take 1 capsule per day at one time. Pills are taken regardless of the meal. It is important not to miss taking the pills, but you did not forget to take the capsule, you need to drink it in the next 12 hours after the missed time. If the pill was not taken in this period of time, it is no longer necessary to drink it, and it should be continued at the appropriate time. You should know that skipping pills significantly increases the risk of sudden bleeding.

For women who still have menstruation, Femoston should be taken on the first day of the menstrual cycle, if menstruation is already irregular, tablets are prescribed after 2 weeks of monotherapy with progesterone. If there is already no menstruation, and the woman has entered the post-climax phase, you can start taking the medication at any time.


Taking femoston for treatment of menopausal syndrome is not for all women, since this remedy is strictly contraindicated in the following conditions:

  • Pregnancy or suspicion of her,
  • Lactation,
  • Mammary cancer,
  • Oncology in the past
  • Endometrial growth,
  • Bleeding of unknown origin,
  • Deep vein blockage,
  • Pathology of the liver.

Before prescribing hormonal treatment, a woman should undergo a full examination of the body, in order to exclude possible contraindications.

Side effects

The use of hormonal tablets in some cases may be complicated by the occurrence of side effects, namely:

  • Soreness and tension of the chest,
  • Sudden uterine bleeding,
  • Pain in the pelvic area,
  • Progression of cervical erosion,
  • Increased nervousness
  • Migraines and dizziness,
  • Violation of the gastrointestinal tract,
  • Depressive states
  • Urticaria and skin rashes,
  • Thromboembolism
  • Heart attack, stroke,
  • Erythema, purpura, chloasma, melasma, etc.

The list of possible undesirable effects is quite wide, and therefore, in case of any deterioration in well-being while taking the medication, it is necessary to consult a gynecologist. In case of serious conditions, you should immediately stop taking the medication and consult a doctor.

Important! If the side effects of taking the drug develop, then an urgent need to consult a doctor. Self-adjustment of treatment may aggravate the situation!

special instructions

Before prescribing hormone replacement therapy, the doctor must send the patient to a full examination of the body, study the medical history and family history to identify possible contraindications and to assess the risks of side effects.

Throughout the hormone replacement treatment, the patient should undergo regular medical examinations to avoid the development of pathological conditions. A gynecologist should come to the examination at least once every 6 months. Also during HRT it is necessary to do mammography regularly. The frequency of examinations is determined individually and depends on the magnitude of the risk of possible complications.

Particular attention in the use of hormones should be given to patients who have high risks of thromboembolism. The development of this pathology is possible against the background of similar conditions in history, as well as with overweight. Also, with caution, hormones are prescribed to patients with lupus erythematosus. There is no consensus regarding the safety of HRT with varicose veins among doctors. If the development of thrombosis was noted during the treatment with Fenoston, the medication should be stopped and a safer treatment should be selected.

In the first months of therapy, patients may experience side effects such as uterine bleeding of varying intensity. If the problem is not corrected by adjusting the dosage, the medication should be stopped, and the patient should be examined to identify the causes of bleeding.

The tool has no contraceptive action. Against the background of Femoston's intake, only non-hormonal means can be protected. Patients should notify the gynecologist about all medications taken during HRT.

Femoston when planning pregnancy

Most often, problems with pregnancy occur in women amid hormonal imbalance. With a shortage of sex hormones, the endometrium cannot mature to receive a fertilized egg. It is in such cases that doctors may order the patient to take Femoston to equalize the hormones and ensure the onset of pregnancy and healthy childbearing. When hormonal treatment increases the secretion of uterine mucus and forms the thickness of the endometrium necessary for attachment of the ovum.

The dosage is determined by the treating gynecologist. Typically, therapy lasts for several months, and pregnancy occurs when the drug is discontinued. However, a woman may become pregnant in individual cases with continued therapy. When pregnancy occurs on the background of Femoston, the therapy is stopped, and the woman should be monitored by the doctor for the entire period of the child's bearing.

Interaction with other drugs

Simultaneous use with barbiturates, rifobutin, phenytoin, carbamazepine and other inducers of microsomal liver enzymes reduces the effect of estrogen.

Joint reception with derivatives of Hypericum have a stimulating effect on the exchange of progesterone and estrogen.

Nelfinavir as well as ritonavir may act as inducers while taking hormones.

The price of tablets depends on the region and type of drug. The average price in Moscow is:

  • Dosage 1/5 - 980 rubles.
  • Dosage 1/10 - 1005 rub.
  • Dosage 2/10 - 1015 rubles.

Structural analogues of this drug has not. Among the drugs similar in action are:

  • Divitren. The composition of estradiol, medroxyprogesterone. The price is 1350 rubles.
  • Indivina. The composition of estradiol, medroxyprogesterone. Price 1600 rub.

Also on sale you can find many tools for treating menopausal syndrome, the most famous of them are:

Important! The choice of means to relieve unpleasant menopausal symptoms is better to trust a doctor. Taking the drug yourself is strictly prohibited!

How do hormonal drugs work?

The main objective of HRT is to compensate for the shortage of sex hormones in the extinction of the ovaries. In this case, the pills do not stimulate the female internal genital organs to increase the synthesis of hormones, but only imitate their production, entering the body in microscopic doses. Thus, doctors manage to reduce the negative factors of a sharp decrease in estrogen, which prevents the development of many age-related diseases.

A distinctive feature of this tool is the release in various dosages. This allows you to adjust the treatment schedule throughout menopause and timely eliminate possible side effects of HRT. In the early stages, gynecologists recommend patients a minimum dosage of 1/5, gradually increasing the dose to 2/10 in the later stages of menopause.

Also, the advantage of taking Femoston is the content of didrogesterone in it, which ensures a uniform ratio of sex hormones in the body. This balance significantly reduces the risk of tumor diseases of the uterus and ovaries, which is the prevention of certain types of cancer in menopause.

Myths about hormonal therapy

The fear of using hormones among women in our country has been rooted for a long time, but not everyone thinks about where various horror stories and horrible stories come from. According to the gynecologists, the majority of unsuccessful attempts to use the drugs in this group are connected with uncontrolled self-treatment. Many women, on the advice of girlfriends, relatives or acquaintances, buy hormonal drugs without even suspecting that they have contraindications to these drugs. The result of such treatment is aggravation of existing pathologies, deterioration of health and the occurrence of side effects. Consider the most ingrained myths about HRT among patients:

  1. Hormonal tablets with menopause provoke weight gain. Excess weight in the menopause can be gained independently of HRT. When hormone therapy extra pounds appear as a result of disruption of the secretion glands, and not from pills. Also, obesity can occur from uncontrolled treatment with estrogen, but during therapy under the supervision of a specialist HRT, on the contrary, contributes to the normalization of body weight.
  2. HRT is required only when removing the ovaries. This is a completely wrong opinion. Surgical menopause undoubtedly needs hormone therapy, but during natural menopause there are situations when it is impossible to do without HRT.
  3. Having started taking hormones, it is already impossible to cancel them. This is a paradoxical opinion. HRT is canceled the same way it starts. But if at first the dosage gradually increases, then to cancel therapy, the dosage gradually decreases.
  4. With HRT women feel constant fatigue and general deterioration. Such cases occur during the reception of Femoston, but this is not the norm, and when such signs appear, you should immediately consult a doctor. When adjusting the dosage, these symptoms should disappear.
  5. With HRT do not want sex. This phenomenon is also associated with incorrect dosage. After correction of therapy, the libido is fully restored, and sex life again brings pleasure.
  6. HRT is a catalyst for cervical cancer and also pills cause breast cancer. This is not entirely true statement. Действительно, если у женщины уже имелась опухоль, она может начать расти на фоне приема Фемостона, но при отсутствии патологии, а также рисков генетического характера ЗГТ сама по себе не вызывает рак.It has been proven that two-component drugs (estrogen + progesterone) are not forming it.

Who is hormone therapy?

HRT is primarily shown to women in menopause, while it does not matter, artificial is menopause or natural. Also, drugs of this group are prescribed as preparatory therapy before surgery to remove the ovary and other hormonal shocks. But still, the main indications for HRT remain premature and surgical menopause. Under these conditions, drugs can be selected for quite a long time. The entire period of therapy the patient must be under the supervision of a specialist. The purpose of hormone replacement therapy for premature menopause is to prevent the development of diseases caused by a sharp decrease in sex hormones.

Reviews of women and doctors during menopause

Both patients and doctors have already noted the high effectiveness of this drug in the treatment of menopausal syndrome. In the absence of contraindications, the drug can be taken for quite a long time, which helps women feel good at all stages of menopause. Reviews of those who took femoston 1 5 and 1 10 during menopause indicate that the effectiveness of the drug is high, and the results of a survey of these women showed that the drug can really prevent the development of serious age-related diseases associated with a decrease in estrogen concentration.

Reviews for menopause about the drug Femoston 2 10 states that this dosage effectively cope with the most severe manifestations of menopause. Also positive are the reviews in case of early climax, when the therapy is able to prolong the woman's fertility function, as well as save from premature aging. In general, reviews of 2 to 10 during menopause are positive, but only when the therapy is carried out under the strict supervision of a specialist.

The drug Femoston with menopause: reviews of doctors

In general, reviews of experts about the drug positive. However, they advise taking Femoston only after a thorough examination. In this case, gynecologists emphasize that to avoid side effects and long-term complications of HRT is possible only if the therapy is carried out under the full supervision of a physician.

According to the statements of doctors, the drug may not be suitable for all patients, even without the presence of contraindications. It all depends on the individual characteristics of the organism. Sometimes it takes a long time to select a medicine, and this work must be carried out necessarily in a pair of doctor + patient.

Doctors reviews about Femoston 1 5

Release form 1/5 has the lowest concentration of hormones. This allows you to align hormonal levels with minimal risk for patients. According to doctors, this dosage rarely causes the development of side effects. The drug has contraindications, before treatment, it is necessary to consult a gynecologist and an endocrinologist.


“I was advised by the gynecologist to take natural remedies. They chose the Klimistille - he helped me with the tides. then the internal energy reappeared. And I even wanted to have sexual relations with my husband again, but it was all without any particular desire. "

Doctors reviews about Femoston 1 10

The release form 1/10 is used to treat manifestations of menopause of moderate severity. The drug is effective for the normalization of hormonal levels, both in natural and surgical menopause. According to reviews of doctors, tablets rarely give side effects, but they can only be taken after a full examination and the exclusion of possible contraindications.

Doctors reviews about Femoston 2 10

According to most doctors, the concentration of 2/10 is advisable to apply with an aggravated course of menopause. The drug should be taken strictly at the same time, skipping pills is highly undesirable. This form may cause side effects, so it may not be suitable for everyone.

Reviews of women with menopause

My gynecologist first appointed Femoston Conti to me, but after a week of intake I did not feel any effect. The doctor adjusted the dosage and told me to finish this month, and then take Femoston 1/10. I do not know how the body will react, but I really want to get rid of the tides.

In the premenopausal period, when the flushing and sweating went, the gynecologist appointed Femoston for me. I felt good at first, but then breakthrough bleeding began, I had to replace it with hormones of plant origin, the effect from them was completely different.

Femoston has been drinking for 7 years. Now dosage is 2/10. I can not stop therapy. After cancellation, I start to hurt, I feel bad. My doctor does not say how much more you need to drink, and I, knowing that it is already dangerous to take hormones, still drink. My sister-in-law advised me to go to a paid gynecologist, maybe she could help me refuse to take Femoston without any serious consequences.

Mary, you really need to contact another specialist. My gynecologist also prescribed Femoston to me, but immediately said how and for how long the drug would be taken. Then, in order to avoid the effect of cancellation, it is necessary to gradually reduce the dosage, and only then exit HRT.

I am 48 years old. Started taking Femoston 3 months ago. Girls, the joy of life has returned to me! 3 years suffered, drank tea different, weed all uselessly. I am very glad that I came to see a gynecologist and now I am drinking Femoston. Week of surveys and I live again! Do not be afraid to go to the clinic with your problems, and do not have to wait like I am 3 years old!

At the age of 30, she had an operation to remove the ovaries. A month after the operation, she felt all the “charms” of menopause. Now I drink the drug Femoston, I feel great.

Drink Femoston for 2 years. Doctors diagnosed early menopause (35 years). There were no side effects, I feel great. The main thing is that sex life with her husband has improved, desire has reappeared.

Already 4 years I drink Femoston. Compared to my friends, I feel good, I cannot envy those who have not been allowed to take HRT, I see how they are tormented. I was lucky, at the beginning of the therapy there were small side effects, but after adjusting the dosage everything went away.

My menopause is relatively easy, there were no frequent hot flashes and other unpleasant symptoms. But at the age of 50, the doctor prescribed Femoston for me, said to prevent the development of osteoporosis. I drink, everything is fine like.

About the drug

The drug Femoston is a representative of hormone replacement therapy. It is used for menopause and as a therapy after surgery. The main therapeutic effect is aimed at eliminating the negative manifestations of menopause: cardiovascular disorders, psycho-emotional disruptions, osteoporosis, varicose veins, decreased libido, pain, etc.

Form release - tablets containing two types of hormone - estradiol and didrogesteron.

Therapeutic effect

Replenishing hormones secreted by the ovaries of women, reducing the risk of endometriosis, endometrial cancer.


1 tablet per day, regardless of the meal. It is recommended to take at the same time. After the end of one package, immediately you need to start another. There is no need to take a break between courses of hormones (as it happens when using oral contraceptives).

If a woman is planning a pregnancy during menopause, then Femoston should be taken in combination with Duphaston.

Doctors reviews

Irina, a gynecologist: “If a woman comes to me at the reception during her menopause, then the first thing she needs to do is take a blood test for the hormone estrogen. If it is at the bottom mark, then the patient must take hormone replacement therapy.

With an acute deficiency of the hormone estrogen, women do not have menstruation for half a year.

Femoston has a positive effect on the woman's body, helps to fight painful flushes, increased irritability. Some women prescribe this drug themselves, without first consulting with a doctor. Of course, such cases can not be avoided. But the only thing I recommend is to take a blood test for the hormone estrogen before you take Femoston. If according to test results it is below normal, then start taking the medicine. ”

Oleg, obstetrician-gynecologist: “Femoston's active ingredients are didrogesterone and estrodiol. That is, hormones, replacing the natural female. That is why Femoston seems to prolong female youth, keeps the body in good shape, “makes” the ovaries work (as a result, a woman can become pregnant in the first few years since the beginning of menopause).

The effect of the drug appears during the first week of daily use. Side effects - a minimum. Some women complain about weight gain, but it is worth noting that overweight is one of the symptoms of menopause, therefore, this effect should not be attributed to Femoston. ”

Olga, endocrinologist: “I think Femoston is wrong to prescribe to women before menopause. This is the tool that will help to normalize the hormones and all the processes in the body to cardinal irreversible changes. In particular, the reproductive function of a woman begins to fade long before menopause, as early as 40 years of age, ovulation may stop, but menstruation is still occurring. Therefore, in order to avoid painful hot flashes, start taking Femoston at 40 years old. ”

Dmitry, Traumatologist: “During the period of menopause, the bone mass due to hormonal changes in the body becomes loose, porous. As a result, I, as a traumatologist, face permanent injuries - fractures, sprains, damage to joints, muscles. To avoid this, I consider it the responsibility of gynecologists to inform women aged 45 years and older about the possibility of receiving hormone replacement therapy. The most effective therapy is compensating for the deficiency of the hormone estrogen. In particular, the drug Femoston has proven itself. ”

Catherine, a gynecologist: “Femoston is a two-component hormonal drug aimed at combating the manifestations of menopause: the extinction of sexual function, the reduction of female hormones to low levels, sweating, headache, weakness, depression. But, it is worth noting that this is not an ordinary homeopathic remedy, but a hormonal one. And it is impossible to interfere with the hormonal background without previously passed tests, ultrasound diagnostics and assessment of general health. Consult with your doctor beforehand. ”

Summarize the reviews of doctors: Femoston is a truly effective drug for hormone replacement therapy. It contains synthetic estrogen and progesterone hormones. It is recommended to apply for manifestations of menopause and osteoporosis. Before you begin therapy, you need to pass a blood test for hormones. Doctors-gynecologists recommend starting therapy Femoston long before the menopause comes in about 2-3 years.

Femoston in menopause - doctors reviews

The onset of menopause is associated for women with big problems. There are many drugs that make it easier to survive the period, but doubts remain about their effectiveness. It is useful to get acquainted with the opinion of the doctors before applying to the reception of a certain means. Especially often in recent times talking about Femoston. What is special about it?

About the effectiveness of the product speak first of all good reviews of doctors. There are also reservations regarding the use of the drug. It is more reasonable to find out the recommendations of the doctors themselves from the first person.

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Femostone Reviews

Irina Britanchuk (gynecologist, experience of 11 years)

Femoston is well known to gynecologists and those engaged in related fields. For example, endocrinologists, consultation of which during the period of menopause is no less useful. Indications for the use of drugs set. With regard specifically to menopause, during it, the main reason for the reception becomes a deficiency of estrogen. Prescribed tablets had more than once. The basis for the beginning of the application is the absence of menstruation for six months.

From myself I will say that the tool allows in practice to cope with various climacteric manifestations. With it, it is possible to eliminate hot flashes and irritability. I have no serious complaints about the product.

Maxim Demidov (gynecologist, 6 years experience)

Medicine Femoston often prescribed to women during menopause. Appointed a small dosage, it is enough for a good effect. The composition contains didrogesterone and estrodiol. Thanks to them, not only reduce the intensity of the manifestations of menopause, but also prolong the period of youth. Femoston makes it possible to prevent the development of age-related changes.

Practice shows: the effect of taking pills is noticeable after 3 days. Almost immediately, women who have entered the menopause, insomnia, flushing and dizziness disappear. Of the minuses I would mention the danger of gaining weight, but this happens infrequently. I consider the product as effective and relatively safe.

Yuri Kalugin (orthopedist, experience of 8 years)

Attitude to gynecology, I have not too close. Nevertheless, I know about Femoston. It is excellent for the prevention of osteoporosis. This is rarely paid attention, concentrating on the characteristic symptoms of menopause. But during menopause, the risk of osteoporosis increases. And in the absence of osteoporosis symptoms for preventive purposes, the medicine must be taken.

Olga Rodyukova (endocrinologist, experience of 14 years)

Femoston refers to hormonal drugs prescribed to women during menopause. I know, it is usually prescribed by gynecologists during menopause. A better option would be an appointment before menopause. Then it will be possible to provide conditions that prevent bone loss.

Due to the hormonal action, it is desirable not to delay with the start of the drug. The earlier the tablets are prescribed, the better. The effectiveness of the components will be maximized. In the recall, I note, the tool is suitable for use by all women suffering from estrogen deficiency.

Ekaterina Shevyakova (gynecologist, 9 years experience)

A two-component drug, the main purpose - reducing the negative manifestations of menopause. Tablets, indeed, effectively eliminate the symptoms. Referring to the use of Femoston, according to the assurances of doctors and manufacturers, should be in order to eliminate the following negative phenomena: decreased libido, irritability, increased sweating, weight gain. The description also indicates such an action as slowing the formation of wrinkles, which becomes a useful effect during menopause. I warn you that taking any hormonal medication is necessary under the constant supervision of a physician.

With climax, Femoston is effective, which is confirmed by doctors in every possible way. But the drug is hormonal, it is necessary to take it with the participation of the doctor in the process. Otherwise, there is a danger of causing serious damage to health, completely incomparable with positive effects.

Femoston for menopause in women: instructions and reviews

Replacement hormone therapy with the onset of menopause has long become the norm in Europe, because the preservation of hormonal background prolongs the period of active life, improves health, avoids many serious diseases. Russian gynecologists and endocrinologists also believe that the use of replacement drugs is of great benefit to the woman, but the patients themselves are in no hurry to consult a doctor when menopause occurs for fear of “harming the hormones”. This attitude is caused by rumors and speculation due to lack of information. After all, the percentage of women who know that very small dosages and the safest means are used for substitution therapy is very low.

Why is replacement therapy needed?

Hormones that are produced by the ovaries are responsible for a lot of important functions, and the possibility of conception is only one of them. Estrogens, which are produced by the inner layer of the follicle, are necessary for the normal functioning of the reproductive system, they affect carbohydrate metabolism, stimulate the synthesis of fatty acids, reduce the content of phospholipids and cholesterol in the liver.

The normal amount of estrogen reduces the excretion of calcium from the body, so the lack of a hormone that occurs during menopause, quite quickly leads to a deficiency of calcium and destruction of bone tissue. Alas, excessive estrogen is also dangerous - calcium may be deposited on cartilage, delayed in the body of extracellular water and sodium. That is why the dosages of hormonal drugs are calculated individually by a doctor, and a woman undergoing replacement therapy is obliged to undergo an examination in time and be tested.

With insufficient estrogen secretion, osteoporosis and atherosclerosis develop, problems with arterial pressure appear, vessels become fragile, and metabolic disorders develop. Someone has wrinkles or excess weight, almost all experience a decrease in sexual desire, most complain of dryness in the vagina, which impedes intimate relationships.

How do hormonal drugs work?

Drugs for hormone replacement therapy supply the body with small doses of missing hormones, mimicking natural secretion. Таким образом, функции яичников постепенно угасают, а количество эстрогена в организме снижается незначительно и позволяет остановить запуск «разрушительной лавины» болезней.

Некоторые гормональные препараты даже учитывают процесс постепенного уменьшения природных гормонов и подразделяют терапию на 2 или 3 этапа, когда требуются разные дозировки лекарства. For example, Femoston is available in three dosages to soften the gradual transition from unstable hormonal premenopausal hormone to a steady flow of estrogen into the body. With early menopause, the drug is prescribed in minimal dosages, gradually compensating for the problem.

In addition to estrogen, Femostone contains didrogesterone, which has an anti-carcinogenic effect, reducing the risk of developing tumors of the uterus and ovaries. The inclusion of a substance in a drug containing estrogens ensures hormonal balance and prevents endometrial hyperplasia.

Properly chosen replacement therapy drugs create hormones that are most appropriate for normal use. With the appointment of hormone therapy in many women over 50, the antennae and tough hairs on the body stop growing, the balance of androgens is balanced, so when searching for “Femoston reviews” you can find a lot of happy comments.

Appointment, reception, instructions

How to take hormones correctly, explains the endocrinologist or gynecologist: each patient receives a large list of recommendations necessary for her body. And it is these doctors who are responsible for the health of the woman, so it is undesirable to skip regular check-ups. Also, the doctor determines how many years you can take the drug to avoid any side effects and reverse bias hormonal levels.

The official instruction says that during menopause, you can start taking Femoston 1/10 in six months after the end of menstruation, in some cases you need to start right away with Femoston 2/10. You can take Femoston Conti no earlier than one year after the onset of menopause. By decision of the doctor, you can move away from this time frame, but you need to take a similar measure only in stalemate.

Femoston 1/10 take 1 tab. / Day (preferably at the same time of day) without a break, regardless of the meal.

In the first 14 days of the 28-day cycle, take 1 tablet daily. white (from half of the package with an arrow marked with the number "1") containing 1 mg of estradiol, and in the remaining 14 days - daily 1 tab. gray (from half of the package with an arrow marked “2”) containing 1 mg of estradiol and 10 mg of didrogesterone.

Femoston 2/10 is taken on 1 tab. / Day (preferably at the same time of day) without interruption, regardless of the meal.

In the first 14 days of the 28-day cycle, take 1 tablet daily. pink (from half of the package with an arrow marked “1”) containing 2 mg of estradiol, and in the remaining 14 days daily 1 tab. a light yellow color (from half of the package with an arrow marked “2”) containing 2 mg of estradiol and 10 mg of didrogesterone.

Patients whose menstruation has not stopped are recommended to begin treatment on the first day of the menstrual cycle. Patients with irregular menstrual cycle, it is advisable to begin treatment after 10-14 days of monotherapy with progestogen ("chemical curettage").

For the purpose of hormone replacement therapy and prevention of osteoporosis, femoston conti is taken orally in a continuous mode, 1 tablet per day, preferably at the same time, regardless of the meal.

Prevention of postmenopausal osteoporosis should be carried out taking into account the individual tolerance of the drug and the possible effect on bone mass, since some effects depend on the dosage.

In addition to visiting the doctors, the patient should control her own weight and nutrition, lead an active lifestyle, undergo treatment of all existing diseases as needed. By the way, the presence of chronic diseases should be indicated on the first admission of the gynecologist - some drugs are incompatible with hormonal therapy.

Femoston's price is quite democratic: about 800 rubles per pack. Since there are not so many hormonal preparations divided into several stages of administration, the prices of analogs can vary from 500 to 2,000 rubles. Femoston needs to be purchased at a pharmacy, and, although the drug is dispensed without a prescription, you should not buy it without a doctor's prescription.

Femoston in menopause: reviews of doctors, application

In the period of menopause (the age of a woman is from 45 to 55 years old) a complete hormonal adjustment takes place in the body. The production of female hormones, estrogen and progesterone, decreases, the reproductive function of the woman fades away, menstruation stops, ovulation disappears, therefore, pregnancy during menopause becomes impossible.

Hormone replacement therapy - why is it needed?

Hormonal insufficiency affects all internal organs, vital systems. Wrinkles appear on the skin, the functioning of the cardiovascular system is disturbed, varicose veins appear, weakness in the whole body, fatigue, reduced sexual desire for a partner. The mucous membranes of the vagina change, the woman is worried about itching and burning in the intimate area. And that's not all the unpleasant symptoms of menopause. The reason that - age-related changes that are irreversible, that is, to avoid them will not work. The only thing that is possible is to keep the woman’s hormones at an optimal level. And thus - to avoid pathological changes in the body.

Hormone replacement therapy is needed for women who suffer from menopause pain: they suffer from pain in the lower abdomen, headaches, joint, muscle, worried about bad mood, depression, poor skin condition, as well as the fact that reproductive function is rapidly fading.

Themiston Varieties

Femoston is a combination drug that includes the estrogenic element and didrogesteron. Today, there are three types of drugs: femoston 1:10, 2: 10 and 1: 5. All types are made in the form of tablets and differ from each other by the activity of the elements. Consider the difference:

  • The drug 1: 5 has a pack of 28 pills and contains 1 mg of estradiol and 5 mg of didrogesterone. The form of tablets is rounded, orange-pink color.
  • The drug 1: 10 has in the package 28 pills, fourteen of which are white, the remaining half gray. White tablets contain 1 mg of estradiol, in gray 1 mg of estradiol and 10 mg of didrosterone.
  • The preparation 2: 10 has in packing as well as the predecessors of 28 pills, two different colors: pink and yellow.

Femoston 2: 10 contains multi-colored pills

Therapeutic effects of the drug

All types of drugs have the same therapeutic effect on the female body. The activity of hormones and different doses are selected for each patient individually. This drug is a combined, modern means, which includes estradiol and didrogesteron. These components are identical to the natural elements produced by the female ovaries in a normal rhythm.

Therefore, when there is insufficient hormone production during early menopause, the pills will be able to fill their deficit.

How does femoston act on a woman's body during an early menopause?

With regular intake of femoston, hormonal background is normalized. Replenishing estrogen helps to cope with unpleasant symptoms and manifestations in menopause. What are the therapeutic properties of tablets, what are they capable of?

  • slow down skin aging and hair loss
  • eliminate dryness during intercourse,
  • prevent atherosclerosis,
  • make it easier to transfer hot flashes,
  • excessive sweating
  • struggling with bad moods, depression and headaches.

In addition, femoston reduces the risk of the formation of malignant tumors of the endometrium.

The main indications for the use of the drug is natural or artificial menopause, also tablets are used for prophylactic purposes, with the destruction of bone tissue. It is worth noting that in addition to the above actions of the drug, it actively normalizes the level of cholesterol in the circulatory system, has the ability to increase or decrease lipoproteins in the blood.

Femoston helps slow skin aging

Is it possible to combine femoston with pregnancy

Recently, doctors very often prescribe femoston for women in combination with duphaston in case of problematic issues with conception. This drug does not cure infertility, but it perfectly normalizes hormones and increases the thickness of the endometrium, which greatly increases the possibility of becoming pregnant. How does the drug contribute to pregnancy?

The composition of femoston contains a large amount of estrogen and progesterone hormones, which will compensate for the lack of natural estrogen. This compensation contributes to the resumption of ovulation, and additional doses of progesterone improve the growth of the endometrium, making it shot down and filled. Therefore, the fertilized egg can attach to the endometrium quickly and reliably.

Especially the use of femoston will help conceive women who have thin endometria and there is a shortage of estrogen.

However, the opinion of gynecologists diverge. Many doctors believe that femoston does not treat infertility, since there is no ovulation when taking the drug. In addition, the drug causes a number of side effects that are bad and poorly tolerated. Experts believe that femoston can be used only in the second half of the cycle.

In some cases, Femoston can help get pregnant

Are there analogues Femostona

In frequent cases in the period of early menopause, other drugs are prescribed in addition to the hormone-containing medication. The main groups can be considered homeopathic estrogens: remens and estrovel, also prescribe antidepressants and antiepileptic drugs. The doctor examines each patient individually, guided by analyzes and general health indicators, may prescribe a number of drugs symptomatic therapy. All of them have separately positive and negative features that in one way or another affect the female body by replenishing estrogens.

Femoston is a drug that is prescribed during the early menopause. Opinions and reviews of doctors diverge. Some consider femoston one of the most effective drugs that effectively fights menopausal syndrome. Other doctors are wary of hormone therapy. Every woman before using this group of products should undergo a thorough examination and weigh the advantages and disadvantages of the therapy.

How to take femoston during menopause, women reviews

The climacteric period is hard for women to perceive, since it indicates the extinction of reproductive function, loss of attractiveness, and also active aging of the body. The greatest discomfort is delivered by the early menopause, since it limits the young woman in many ways. To reduce the symptoms of symptoms using hormone replacement therapy. One of these drugs is femoston with menopause. This drug has many positive reviews, which are due to the high efficiency of its use, but there are also negative opinions about its use. Before using this drug, you should be familiar with the principle of its action and composition.

Drug action

Femoston is considered a modern hormonal drug, the positive effect of which is due to its composition. The first component is estradiol, whose composition is very similar to the natural hormone produced by the female ovaries. This substance increases the level of estrogen in the body, thereby eliminating climacteric manifestations - headaches, hot flashes, insomnia, excessive sweating. The skin becomes smooth and elastic, the hair stops falling out, the mood rises. Positive changes affect the genital system: the drug eliminates discomfort in the vagina by producing a natural lubricant. Thus, a woman resumes sex with her partner.

Didrogesterone is also very necessary for women, because it ensures the growth of the mucous layer of the uterus and acts as a prophylactic against the formation of a tumor. The action of this component is aimed at reducing the likelihood of the development of severe consequences triggered by the use of estradiol.

The medicine consists of two main components: estradiol and didrogesterone. In addition, the composition contains additional ingredients in the form of talc, magnesium, hypromellose. Yellow iron oxide is used as a dye.

Indications and contraindications

The drug is prescribed in the following cases:

  1. The effects of hormone replacement therapy in menopause, during which the woman suffers from intense hot flashes, heart palpitations, frequent dizziness and psycho-emotional disorders.
  2. Quite often, menopause causes bone weakness. In this case, Femoston is used to increase the level of minerals and calcium in the bones.

Taking the medication is categorically contraindicated in such situations:

  1. Improper circulation of blood in the brain - the cause of this pathology is a heart attack and stroke, cancer, porphyria.
  2. The growth of endometrial tissue.
  3. Pregnancy and lactation period.
  4. Suspected endometrial cancer.
  5. Groundless heavy bleeding.
  6. The presence of excessive sensitivity in relation to the composition of femoston.
  7. The development of acute pathological processes in the liver.
  8. High probability of blockage of blood vessels.

The drug is prohibited to take patients who have not reached the age of majority. There are relative contraindications for use:

  1. The presence of diabetes.
  2. Related predisposition to cancer.
  3. The presence of epilepsy.
  4. The presence of bronchial asthma.
  5. Improper kidney function.
  6. Unstable blood pressure, which is characterized by sharp jumps.
  7. Frequent headaches and migraine attacks.

Drug therapy is stopped in case of a sharp increase in pressure, deterioration of the functioning of the liver, as well as pregnancy.

Drug interactions

The use of Femoston and inductors at the same time negatively affects the effectiveness of treatment, since inducers reduce the effect of estrogens. Ritovinar when combined with hormones acts as an inducer. The most successful combination is the addition of Femostan with medicinal preparations, which include St. John's wort, as a healing herb increases the effectiveness of estrogen and progestogen.

Release form

The form of femoston is tablets in various dosages, as indicated by the inscription in the form of a fraction: 1/5, 1/10, 2/10. The numerator of the fraction indicates the estradiol content in one tablet of the drug in milligrams, and the denominator indicates the content of didrogesterone. In addition, the manufacture of femoston uses such auxiliary components as colloidal silicon dioxide, corn starch, lactose monohydrate, magnesium stearate, a substance for the shell, etc. Femoston is packaged in a blister of 28 tablets of two colors with the days of the week stamped on them. The side of the package with tablets for the first two weeks of administration is marked with the number 1, the rest - 2.


Estradiol, which is the active substance of femoston, is similar to its chemical and biological characteristics of the hormone produced by the body in a natural way. Therefore, the pharmacodynamics of the drug is to fill the lack of sex hormones caused by the extinction of ovarian function during menopause. This ensures the treatment of hot flashes, hyperhidrosis, states of anxiety, dizziness, insomnia, headaches, atrophy of the mucous genital organs and the urinary system.

Also, the drug increases the elasticity and muscle tone of the genital organs, sphincter of the bladder. Didrogesterone, as a component of femoston, provides the normal structure of the endometrium, prevents its pathological growth. It is an effective prophylactic for osteoporosis and bone fractures, inhibits bone mass reduction.


The pharmacokinetics of femoston suggests that, as a drug of low-dose hormone replacement therapy, the drug, once inside, is rapidly absorbed. As a result of metabolic processes, estradiol, which is a component of femoston, is converted in the liver into estrone sulfate and estrone (a natural estrogen produced by cholesterol). At the same time, the level of total cholesterol and “bad” (low density) decreases, while “useful” (high density) increases. Estradiol is eliminated from the body mainly by the kidneys. Didrogesterone is the second component, it is quickly absorbed by the gastrointestinal tract, concentrating in the body as much as possible in 0.5-2.5 hours after ingestion. Completely excreted by the kidneys after three days.

Side effects of femostone during menopause

Possible side effects of femostone with menopause. In 1% to 10% of women participating in the testing of the drug, the occurrence of headaches, flatulence, nausea, abdominal pain, pelvis and mammary glands, leg cramps. Менее 1% - испытывали депрессию, раздражительность, аллергию, отёки конечностей, увеличение размеров существующей миомы, обострение холецистита.

Небольшая часть женщин (менее 0,1%) наблюдала набухание молочных желез, недомогание, астению, желтуху. И у совсем незначительной группы (0,01%) возникли такие проявления, как надпечёночная желтуха, рвота, поражения кожи, инфаркт миокарда, инсульт. Therefore, while conducting treatment with femoston, the patient should be under constant medical supervision, undergoing periodic examinations, making mammography, examining the liver, thyroid gland, and monitoring blood sugar levels. If any abnormalities are detected, the patient's attention should be focused on this and sent to a specialized physician, if necessary, interrupt treatment.

Dosage and administration

The method of administration and doses of femostone in menopause depend on the phase of menopause, the patient's condition and are determined by the attending physician. Femoston 1/10 is appointed in perimenopause, its reception is designed for a cycle of 28 days. In the first 14 days, one white tablet (estradiol content - 1 mg) is taken daily at the same time. In the next 2 weeks of the cycle, you should drink a gray pill (estradiol - 1 mg and didrogesterone - 10 mg) according to the same scheme.

Femoston 2/10 must be drunk for two weeks on a pink tablet (2 mg of estradiol), on the following days - one yellow-orange (2 mg of estradiol and 10 mg of didrogesterone). Women who still have menstruation should start treatment with the drug on the first day of their period. If the monthly go irregularly, then at first it is necessary to be treated with a progestogen for 2 weeks, and then move on to femoston. Femoston 1/5 prescribed to women in postmenopausal lasting a year or more, a pill is taken a day at the same time.

Femoston 2/10 with menopause

Femoston 2/10 is indicated for early menopause as hormone replacement therapy. The active ingredient of the drug is estradiol, very close to the hormone produced by the ovary. The pharmacological properties of the drug include the regulation of the functions of the genital organs, the stabilization of metabolic processes in the bone and the autonomic nervous system. Dydrogesterone contained in the preparation provides for detachment of the endometrium, which significantly reduces the possibility of endometriosis and uterine cancer. The drug is contraindicated in breast cancer, endometriosis and other tumors. Not prescribed for liver diseases, uterine bleeding and, of course, pregnant women and nursing mothers. Femoston treatment 2/10 may be accompanied by chest pain, rarely dizziness, nausea.

Femoston 1/10 with menopause

Usually, hormone replacement therapy begins with one gram of estradiol, therefore femoston is initially prescribed 1/10. According to the characteristics it is similar to femoston 2/10, it differs only in the dose of estrodiol. As the treatment progresses, the doctor may adjust the dose of the dose by increasing it. Drink pills, regardless of the meal, once a day, sticking to the same time. If for some reason the drug is missed, then a double dose with the aim of catching up should not be taken.

What can replace femoston 1/10 with climax?

Standard hormone replacement therapy lasts 5-7 years. After 2-3 years of taking femoston, 1/10 dose can be reduced by going to 1/5. One tablet blister is designed for one cycle of administration. Breaks between cycles do not need. Throughout the treatment, it is necessary to monitor the condition of the genital organs, mammary glands, thyroid, and other organs. Therapy may continue until the risk of complications exceeds the therapeutic effect of the treatment. The effect of the drug on women after 65 years has not been studied.

Interactions with other drugs

Studying interactions with other drugs, it was noticed that the simultaneous administration of femoston with drugs that activate liver enzymes reduces the concentration of the drug, thereby weakening the effect of estrogens. These include carbamazepine, phenytoin, rifabutin, barbiturates, rifampicin. Phytopreparations containing St. John's wort, on the contrary, enhance the effect of femoston. In turn, femoston can affect such drugs as theophylline, fentanyl, tacrolimus, cyclosporine. Combined their reception can increase the concentration of the latter to toxic, so it is advisable to lower their dose of reception.

Negative reviews

I didn’t cope with my tides, but I felt the side effects in the form of extra pounds. When there was no such thing as the pineamine and the tides are gone. Now I will decide on the question of the reverse replacement, I do not like this effect.

I was prescribed the drug "Femoston", since my endometrium grew poorly. Because of this, a history of 6 miscarriages. After 3 months of taking Femoston, the endometrium grew by 4 mm. But what confuses me is that as soon as you stop taking the drug, the thickness of the endometrium becomes the same again. Maybe it's all individually, but personally this drug did not help me.

This drug did not fit me initially, took it for the first time, gained weight, lower abdominal pain, aching back, feeling that I was all water. I stopped taking, the doctor said that the drug was good, decided that the first time she took it acted acted against the background illness, as soon as she stopped taking the swelling, the weight went away, the back stopped hurting, After a month I decided to try again. I also get weight again, I gain weight again, even though I eat the same amount. I did not get the drug.

Advantages: they are not

Disadvantages: many side effects

Once again I came to the gynecologist, having examined me on the chair, she began to ask what other doctors had prescribed for me before. She listened carefully, assigned me duphaston + femoston (when she appointed it, she learned from me that femoston wasn’t prescribed to me before, said that like: "you drink it, but suddenly something happens, but no, I’m on the alert, but I bought a femoston for 1,000 rubles and a duphaston for 600, drank a dufaston, the monsters went, drank a femoston pill on the first day of the monsters, immediately sprinkled my lips with white dots, my lips tightened that I didn’t smile, it became so burn lips, then acne went on the face, the monsters are just like bleeding, just standing and under kicking puddle for 3 days,

I drank another pill on the second day, it became even worse, I threw out a femoston and no longer went to this gynecologist.

I want to get pregnant, it does not work for 5 years, but I cannot force myself, and so you don’t look without tears, now I don’t know how to treat lips from these sores. In short, doctors put experiments on us, maybe they are lucky, and they can’t pass all tests to find out the reason, pass all tests, and then prescribe. I'm angry at them scary. although it may come out all the flaws that I have from the inside. I don’t know what to think, but I’m afraid to drink another pill, but it will get worse. so I threw 1,000 rubles into the garbage can.

Overall impression: femoston is a horror.

A femoston was prescribed to me by a gynecologist. After drinking for 9 months the drug, I had a stroke at 39 years old. The MRI did not reveal any cerebral vascular findings. Now I will be treated all my life. I am observed by a neurologist, a hemostasiologist. (I myself am currently working in a medical center, BUT I AM NOT A MEDIC) I have never smoked or consumed alcohol. And as the doctors said, the case of stroke and heart attack after taking femoston in Russia is far from an isolated one. So draw your own conclusions.

I am now 43 years old. The diagnosis was set at 39 years old. They assigned Femoston. Femoston is my nightmare, I drank it for 3.5 years, I understood hormones, it’s not mine. It became terrible to have a headache and a lot of side effects stuck to me and help one doctor cannot, I mean with pains in the head, who do not have hormones in any case of migraine, or if in contraindications .. I stopped to drink it. I switched to Menoryl-Not a bad drug, the only negative, it is more expensive a little bit The gynecologist said that I would be deprived of hormones for half a year approximately. As long as I save myself with pills, and blockades.

Acne on the face, skin eczema, liver problems, +13 kg for 6 months, irritability

43 years old, removed the uterus. There were weak tides after the operation, 10 days after the intake the tides stopped, the head began to ache, became irritable, problems with the liver. For 6 months, she added 13 kg, on the 4th month of administration, itchy red spots appeared on her hands, which developed into a crust, the skin on her hands became like sandpaper, and her face was in acne. I stopped drinking the drug, after 14 days the skin rash stopped, but the tides started again. It would be better not to start this medication, you can't get away from menopause — it's nature, I will take non-hormonal drugs to reduce hot flashes.

Overall impression: Weight gain and skin rash

Dangerous to life

One of my friends, after successfully removing an endometrial polyp with a surgical method, 1.5 months later, a hormonal drug Femoston prescribed a hormonal preparation to prevent the formation of new polyps at a follow-up clinic (which gave instructions for an operation to remove a polyp). However, she had no complaints about the cycle or anything else. Before that, she had never taken hormones. A few days after receiving her strange tingling in her legs began, from the fourth day of taking strange dizziness and nausea in the morning and by the 9th day of taking she found herself to have recovered by 5 kg. She went to the doctor, said she wanted to stop taking this drug. But the doctor warned that you can not throw the drug in the middle of the package. Hormones are a serious thing. But she quit drinking this medicine, after drinking 9 pills in the middle of the cycle. There was no bleeding,

Then for several months the cycle duration was 21 days instead of 28-29. Now everything is fine. 6 months after surgery, no polyps were detected. Weight lose failed. Now she is very sorry that she trusted the doctor so much and began to drink a hormonal drug, the reception and interruption of which resulted in a hormonal failure in the body.

The instructions have a lot of side effects, including liver dysfunction, the development of breast cancer. Be careful. Now many doctors prescribe this drug without taking a blood test for hormones. In her case, no blood tests for hormones did not give up. It seems to me that this drug can be taken only if there is no other way out (only in an emergency critical case), when side effects will be justified by the benefits it brings, And so, it is better to look for other alternative therapies (traditional medicine). For example, when there is not enough progesterone hormone, you can take a decoction of raspberry leaves in the second phase of the cycle. And doctors do not warn that if you start drinking hormones, it is very difficult and dangerous to get out. And the longer you drink, the more difficult it is to go the distance without any problems.

Doctors prescribe this drug with closed eyes when they are interested in monetary profit (since they receive interest on sales) and if they don’t want to search for the true cause of the disease, which means: “got rid of the patient’s problems with pills” or, in our case, write out medication so that the patient comes every three months for follow-up. We will prescribe a medicine so that a new polyp does not grow. All this is wonderful! And no one even sees that a breast tumor can grow from the use of this drug. So, read the instructions in the preparations before use and be careful that the benefits were more than harm.

Overall impression: One continuous harm

convenient reception

- price (too expensive)

the cycle does not regulate

I have already shared my experience with the use of hormonal drugs, which I have been trying to treat a cycle disorder for several years. Attempts were unsuccessful, the treatment had only a temporary effect.

As another experiment, the doctor prescribed me the hormonal drug Femoston 2/10, which was supposed to compensate for the lack of hormones, which, according to the analysis, I did not have enough for the normal functioning of the body.

The doctor ordered to take the drug according to the instructions, and since it contains half the tablets of the same color and the other half of the other, there were no difficulties.

The packaging of 28 tablets, which is equivalent to the length of the normal cycle.

I took the pill every day for 3 months, like the previous ones, then I was prescribed an ultrasound scan and either I continued taking the pills or I was prescribed something new.

When Femoston was used, there were no positive results, except that once I had waited for those same days and the endometrium layer became a little thicker. Minus - my weight increased and swelling appeared.

The pills were canceled and others were prescribed, but then they did not bring any benefit either. So for a few years my cycle has been jumping, and I don’t want to conduct such experiments anymore.

Neutral reviews

The gynecologist prescribed Femoston for me because of irregular menstruation after an artificial termination of pregnancy. The drug helped me to restore the cycle, after a 3-month break, my period came. And then they began to come regularly, right by day. The medicine is packaged very conveniently, each tablet is numbered, which excludes the intake of the wrong tablet. Of the shortcomings of "Femoston" - this is its price. Almost seven hundred rubles. for one package. And menstruation with him became painful, severe abdominal cramps. Had to take painkillers. And strong blood loss increased, did not have time to change the gaskets.

Pass a course of hormone replacement therapy with femoston. I can say that the drug gives a lot of adverse reactions that change all the time. I already had headaches and joint pains, breast hypersensitivity, apathy, dizziness, nausea and lack of appetite. That is, my body literally goes through the list. But the doctor says that the rest of the drugs are even worse, so I suffer. But the condition is very unpleasant.

I'm 50. For 2.5 years I have been taking femoston 1-10. Here are some small observations. while taking cholesterol, said from the norm to 8.3. Doctors advise drinking statins. Before the monthly crawling short-term thrush. Frequent headaches. like a migraine. The gallbladder refuses to work at all, constipation, the blood has become thick. And why that brutally hurt spine. And now the pros. All symptoms of KLM disappeared. monthly resumed, the mood is positive, I look young. Not recovered, rather the opposite. I decided to jump off the pills. But it was not there that, literally in a week, all the symptoms returned. All the Internet rummaged seeking expert advice on the abolition of the program. Not found.

I would like to share my observations, maybe someone will be interested. In 43 years, the monthly periods stopped, I started drinking klimonorm, I drank a year and a half. The doctor decided to replace femoston 1/5. Saw year, there was a feeling of youth, the letter of flax and strength were added, ala years. But there were pains in the liver, headaches, in the legs. I decided to stop. I did not drink a year, I could not stand it. Again began to take. She looked younger again, but the body tolerates these breaks: there were pains in the breasts, in the lower abdomen. But, I think, after some time should stop. And what is interesting. I am not at all inclined to be overweight, and then, having stopped taking femoston, I recovered a little. Now I am back to my 50 kg. But to decide only for yourself: what is more important for you: to endure the difficulties of menopause or to prolong youth for some time (I, of course, am still afraid of osteoporosis because of my weight, I have a tendency to this).

I am 52 years old. I stopped my menstrual period a year ago. I tried to fight hot flashes, heart palpitations, heart pain, anxiety, irritability. They didn’t disappear, I can even say it for C grade. I made a decision to harmonize. I was examined by a doctor, femoston was prescribed 1/5. As for the state of health, it is good, the tides disappeared, palpitation not bespokoit.Muchaet another matter when to stop krovenistye allocation, and is it ok? Zavriev begin to take a second package.

Used this drug only one cycle. No side effects in the form of nausea, chest pain, dizziness, etc., which is usually observed when taking hormonal drugs, I did not have. However, it was not possible to adjust the cycle to the length that was necessary, the menstruation began on the 25th day of the drug intake, but was supposed to start after taking the last pill, that is, on the 28-30th day of the cycle. In addition, after taking this drug, my stomach and pancreas began to hurt a lot and switched to another drug.

Of the negative points, the price of the drug can be noted, it costs us almost 700 rubles, and if it is prescribed to drink for a long time (5-6 months), the treatment will cost a lot of money, although for my health, I don’t regret money.

My friend has been taking this drug for 5 years, she was prescribed by a doctor for hormone replacement therapy during menopause, all the unpleasant symptoms in the form of hot flashes, fatigue, dizziness have disappeared and now they live as they say full life.

Take only as prescribed by a doctor.

Overall impression: Ambiguous

I accept 3 years of Femoston1 / 5 as HRT during menopause, therefore I studied the pros and cons. I share information. So, the advantages are excellent state of health, skin, hair, sex life does not suffer, protection of the heart and blood vessels, prevention of osteoparosis, prevention of colon cancer, weight is normal.

Minuses- риск инсультов,риск холецистита,астма,тробмы,рак груди(чуть выше-не пугайтесь).Соответсвенно принимать нельзя если у вас есть или возможно наследственное заболевание печени, тромбы,рак груди,миома матки,камни в желочном,мигрень,судорги. Вообщем,идем ко врачу,сдаем анализы,делаем УЗИ и если все в норме пьем Фемостон и продлеваем себе молодость. В любом случае врач оставит решение за вами

Positive reviews

I am 53 years old. Femoston has been drinking for 4 years. Immediately I experienced great relief, good sleep, a calm nervous system, no hot flashes, but after a few months of taking pains in my back that cannot be treated just a simple pain of the spine and all the bones. A cyst appeared. breast pain in the region. liver. tried to stop taking with the consent of the doctor, not vykhlovs returned and it became difficult to live began to drink again, there is still cramps

Girls, I drink femoston 3rd packaging. It seems everything is as before. I do not get better, acne does not bother. After the 2nd package there was a delay, I suspect that there was ovulation on the 26th day of administration. One obvious plus-very much increased libido, in the middle of the cycle I always want sex! In general, I am from him no worse! Even in something better!

And, in one day that was not quite a beautiful day for me, I felt bad. My head was awfully dizzy, the noise in my ears and in my head became unbearably hot, suffocation, pain in the lower abdomen and so on.

What to do?! I call my gynecologist and in the evening I go to her for a consultation. When she found out that I ignored hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and did not buy Femoston 1/5, I was not just surprised, but shocked that I was afraid that I would gain weight did not buy this drug. She explained to me that this is not only a vital hormone for postmenopausal women, but also prevention of postmenopausal osteoporosis. Which is very dangerous due to the fact that the density of a person decreases and the structure of the bone tissue is disturbed. This leads to fractures, the first signals are a disease of the joints that I already have. I had a shock! She left the gynecologist's office with a heavy heart, went to the pharmacy on the way, and bought Femoston 1/5. I paid 943 rubles for the package, there are 28 tablets in a blister, they are in the cells that the manufacturer (by the way, is made in the Netherlands) is prudently labeled on the days of the week. Therefore, taking femoston 1/5 is convenient, it is impossible to make a mistake. But the instructions indicate that it is necessary to take preferably at the same time every day, I set the alarm and accept, according to the instructions.

I did not observe side effects from taking Femoston 1/5, although the fear was huge. After reading a lot of reviews, I listen to the body again and again, except for the pain in my legs, or rather, I don’t feel anything in the veins. The manual says that thrombosis can develop, which also scares me. But after a month of taking Femoston 1/5, I can say that I didn’t put on weight, only my chest increased in size (this has a plus).

My health has improved, the pain in my lower abdomen has stopped, my tinnitus has disappeared, and the heat and hot flashes have also left me alone. Thanks to Femoston 1/5, I got rid of the symptoms of menopause, which frankly scared me. The minus is the cost of the drug, but if it acts so well on my body, then I agree to pay that amount. Next, I will observe and listen to the body and add your own review.

I accept Femoston1 / 5 for more than 4 years. During this time, insomnia, excessive sweating and flushing have stopped. The psychological state has improved - depression has passed, there is no psychosis and constant tearfulness. During the period of application of Femoston, I strongly recovered and my legs began to swell. But this, compared to what was happening to me, is complete nonsense. So I'm happy with Femoston 1/5

4 years ago there was a hysterectomy (uterus removed) with preservation of appendages. Last year there were still follicles, there was no manifestation of menopause. This year, the ultrasound showed that the follicles are gone. And for about a year they are worried about hot flashes, sweating, and poor sleep (I wake up at night, not sleeping, or wake up at 4-5 o'clock, as if I slept well.). She came to the sanatorium for an appointment with a somnologist - a doctor, a specialist in sleep disorders. She found complaints about sleep naturally at my age, but she advised FEMOSTON 1/5 to drink. Literally in the first week, all the above-mentioned symptoms disappeared: no hot flashes and no tides, no sweats, no sleep waking until morning, the mood is very vigorous, even, high, no blues. I drink one pill in the evening, the second month.

True, since I am taking femoston for a purpose other than the gynecologist's appointment, I signed up for an appointment with him in order to consult on the further intake of the drug, to pass tests and to check some of the indicators of the body.

But FEMOSTON significantly improved the quality of my life!

Good day. at about 42, irregular menopause began. Then worse. in 44 there were none for half a year. I am generally opposed to hormone therapy. I always thought the body should cope on its own, or it should. But by 45 they began to torment the tides and mood swings with depressions, dryness, constant knocking down of microflora. In addition, fibroids are multiple and fibroadenoma of the mammary gland and beginning endometriosis. In general, I was fed up with everything and went to the doctor. They assigned femoston15. Accept for six months without a break. Not immediately, but without any negative symptoms normalized. Especially tormented before the tides. Feels like in his youth, nothing bothers and life goes on normally. Since I am a skeptic, I am pleasantly surprised by the therapy. I hope the dosage does not have to increase. Everything suits me. It is only necessary 1-2 times a year to be tested for hormones, ultrasound of the mammary glands and urinary system. While I recommend this drug. If something changes I will write.

Femoston is a drug that can be used by women of any age. My daughter and I drank it to restore the menstrual cycle. There were no side effects. My period started as it should be on day 28, my daughter did not have much earlier - 25 days. My mother drinks femoston tablets during menopause. She also carries it well. Disappeared unpleasant symptoms of menopause - attacks of fatigue, irritation, headaches. Grandma has blossomed! We did not reveal any flaws!

Hormones are hormones, but it happens that without them it does not work. Women's health should be protected at any age. The price of the drug is several heights, but quite corresponds to the result. You need to drink the drug for several months. All health!

An effective drug without weight gain

The recall is not for advice to drink pills. Only prescribed by a doctor! Hormones are not a joke. I am writing because I shoveled the Internet myself in search of efficacy and possible side effects.

My acquaintance with this drug began after a strong weight loss. Against this background, the menstrual cycle has disappeared for more than a year. This state of the body is extremely dangerous! It begins the destruction of bones and in general all the functions. I went to the doctor with this problem. The gynecologist first appointed Duphaston, if they didn’t go on it, then Femoston should be drunk in a row for at least six months + to gain weight and to eat well. Expensive, of course, 1 pack costs 800 rubles, but health is worth it. There was no result on the first medicine, I immediately began to drink it. There are 14 pink and 14 yellow pills in the blister. Convenient to drink them all once a day.

Steadily saw 28 days. About 3-4 days before the end went weak discharge. But, most importantly, they were. How glad I was that the cycle began to recover. After completing the course in 6 months cd come regularly in the normal amount.

Of course, I was very worried that I would grow fat, I had read so much about hormone therapy. horror. But these are weak hormones that do not harm the body. And the only thing I added was the water on the yellow pills, and on the pink everything returned to normal. No more sideways found. Only appetite increased, within reasonable limits.

There are no pills to taste, although it makes no sense to crush them in general, but all of a sudden someone is interested.

If you have appointed Femoston 210, do not be afraid to drink it!