Gels Lactacid from thrush: treatment regimen


For many years, unsuccessfully struggling with the dairy?

The head of the Institute: “You will be amazed how easy it is to cure a thrush by taking each day.

Urogenital candidiasis or thrush, as it is called by the people, is the leader in the list of gynecological diseases. The fungus is difficult to treat, often returning again as a result of stress or poor body hygiene.

For the treatment of thrush, our readers successfully use Candiston. Seeing the popularity of this tool, we decided to offer it to your attention.
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Literacy hygiene for thrush accelerates the healing process and reduces the likelihood of relapse.

  • General care guidelines
  • Home cleaners
  • Gels with lactic acid

General care guidelines

Careful care of the genitals plays a crucial role in the treatment of candidiasis in women. Haste or elementary laziness slows down the process of recovery. Intimate zone hygiene rules must be strictly observed:

  • before the next washing of the genital organs, you must first wash your hands, otherwise the bacteria from the skin of the hands will fall on the vaginal mucosa,

  • need to be washed at least twice a day: after sleep, at night and after sexual contact,
  • in order not to transfer bacteria from the intestine into the vagina, it is necessary to wash it properly: from the pubis to the tailbone,
  • it is not recommended to take a hot bath often,
  • in order to avoid infection, it is necessary to have an individual towel for each family member,
  • when choosing pharmacy products for intimate care, you should pay attention to the composition: dyes, flavors, fragrances can cause itching and irritation, which already cause a lot of discomfort during thrush,
  • Lactic acid should be included in the intimate hygiene product: it regulates the state of microflora in the internal genital organs,

  • it is forbidden to wash with ordinary or antibacterial soap: its composition dries out the mucous membrane and destroys the beneficial microflora in women,
  • toilet paper should be soft and white, it is better not to use colored products during treatment;
  • underwear changes daily (however, this rule applies to even healthy women).

During menstruation, it is desirable to change the gasket after 3 hours.

Important! Tampons for thrush cannot be used, because in such a "closed space" optimal conditions are created for the reproduction of a fungal infection.

Do not welcome the use of gynecologists daily pads. Wet and warm environment is an ideal place for the reproduction of pathogenic microorganisms.

Women with thrush need to forget about thongs, synthetic underwear, and in the summer - no walks on the beach in a wet bathing suit. Poor ventilation in tight lingerie and friction against the skin provokes cystitis and thrush.

In the period of acute candidiasis, it is advisable to iron the panties with a hot iron without steam, change the towel for the intimate zone daily. Doctors strongly recommend giving up sexual contacts for the period of treatment, otherwise thrush will pursue both partners for a long time.

Douching, washing away with soda solution and other procedures should be coordinated with the doctor to prevent disruption of the acid-base balance of the vaginal microflora.

Home cleaners

Comprehensive treatment of thrush includes systemic drugs (pills) and local remedies (baths, douching, medical tampons). So, what to wash with thrush:

  1. Soda. A solution of baking soda neutralizes the acidic environment in which the fungus multiplies. Proportions: for 1 liter of boiled water a tablespoon of soda is diluted. Rinse no more than 2 times a day, otherwise alkali together with the fungus can wash out the useful flora and provoke bacterial vaginosis.
  2. Oak bark and a mixture of medicinal herbs. Another popular remedy for thrush in women. For infusion mixed: 3 tbsp. l oak bark, 1 tbsp. l lavender, succession and nettle. Herbal medicine pour 170 ml of boiling water and leave to infuse for two hours. The infusion is diluted with boiled water to the volume of a glass. Used for scrubbing 2 times a day.

  3. Boric acid. A teaspoon of boric acid in the powder is dissolved in a glass of boiled water (hot). Cool to room temperature and apply for scrubbing.
  4. Decoction of medicinal plants. It is necessary to mix 2 tbsp. l marigold, chamomile, celandine, sage and brew a glass of boiling water. Strain the broth after half an hour and add another 200 ml. water.
  5. Potassium permanganate The water in the solution should be pale pink. Too concentrated solution can cause burns to mucous membranes.
  6. Burdock root. Often used in inflammatory processes in women. Infusion is recommended not only for washing away, but also for the use inside. For treatment will require 5 tbsp. l chopped fresh burdock root. The plant must be boiled for about 10 minutes on low heat.

  7. Eucalyptus. 1 tbsp. l dry grass eucalyptus need to brew 0.5 liters of boiling water, let it brew for 30 minutes. Strain and use for washing and rubbing genitals.
  8. Honey water. The ratio of medicinal solution: 1 part honey to 10 parts water. Honey solution effectively relieves irritation, itching, swelling, it is allowed to use the future moms and nursing women.

The main rule when using folk recipes - the exact dosage of products and pure boiled water.

Solutions based on soda, boric acid and potassium permanganate are allowed to use only 7 days. Do not forget that washing away will not replace the systemic drugs prescribed by the doctor.

Gels with lactic acid

The use of funds with lactic acid relieves the unpleasant manifestations of candidiasis: burning, itching, redness of the mucous membrane. Acids increase the number of lactobacilli in the microflora in women, which speeds up the healing process from a fungal infection.

So, what can be washed with thrush? Below is a list of pharmacy tools for intimate hygiene:

  • Lactacyd Femina is the most popular care product for women, there is a wide range of drugs in the form of a liquid, mousse, gel.

  • Epigen Intim - the gel contains glycyrrhizic acid, which fights against pathogens. The gel is used strictly for its intended purpose, that is, in the treatment of inflammatory processes. Prolonged use of Epigenes intima can cause irritation or allergic reactions of the mucous membranes,
  • Gel for intimate hygiene Nivea — gel contains bisabolol - this substance soothes irritated skin and prevents inflammation in the intimate area. Chamomile extract and lactic acid help to normalize the pH level,
  • Carefree Sensitive - instead of lactic acid, manufacturers added an analogue: citric acid. Cosmetic gel does not contain harmful additives, gently cleanses the delicate zone, does not contribute to the recurrence of thrush. Judging by the reviews, girls prefer this gel for price-quality ratio,
  • Vagisil - contains lactoprebiotics that are designed to preserve the natural balance of microflora. Hypoallergenic, allowed during pregnancy, suitable for owners of sensitive skin,

  • Ginokomfort - except lactic acid, the gel contains tea tree oil and chamomile extract. These components effectively eliminate inflammation on the mucous membrane.

Before using intimate hygiene gels, it is advisable to consult a gynecologist.

The most difficult to treat chronic candidiasis. The success of treatment of thrush depends on the patience of the woman, strict adherence to the course of treatment prescribed by the doctor, it is important to observe the rules of personal hygiene. With an integrated approach, the thrush will disappear and will not be felt for a long time.

How to bring order to "their planet": the restoration of microflora after thrush

Every woman knows what a thrush is, because somehow she came across her. Candidiasis could cause discomfort to her herself with mycotic vulvovaginitis, her child diagnosed with candidal stomatitis, or her husband with intestinal dysbacteriosis. Even the causative agent of this disease is widely known.

It is caused by Candida albicans. This is a yeast fungus that belongs to conditionally pathogenic flora, which means that this microorganism is also present on the surfaces of the skin and mucous membranes of the mouth, intestines, and vagina. B

The reason for the enhanced growth of mycelium colonies is the same for all conditions - this is an imbalance of microflora, when the system for controlling the conditional pathogenic flora is disturbed.

Factors contributing to this:

  1. Chronic diseases of organs and systems (pyelonephritis, gastroduodenitis, cholecystitis, cystitis, etc.), chronic infections (STIs, HIV)
  2. Hormonal changes (pregnancy, dysmenorrhea, thyroid diseases, adrenal gland diseases, genetic diseases, etc.).
  3. Metabolic disorders (diabetes, obesity, metabolic disorders in pregnant women)
  4. Bad habits: alcohol, smoking, taking drugs. Neglecting a healthy lifestyle.
  5. Daily wearing of synthetic pads, incorrect use of tampons during menstruation.

In the diagnosis of candidiasis does not arise difficulties, as they often use the cheap, but accurate method of microscopy. After taking a smear, the technician examines the material under a microscope. If there is a large amount of fungus, the diagnosis is made as vulvovaginal candidiasis.

Therapy of thrush is reduced to the fact that first of all it is necessary to exclude the causes of the disease. It is very important to pay attention to the factors that influenced Candida’s uncontrolled growth.

Therefore, after visiting a gynecologist, it will not be superfluous to think about why this has arisen with you. A visit to a therapist, like a gynecologist, should be carried out once a year.

Treatment of thrush is aimed at reducing the concentration of the fungus. To do this, prescribe drugs or homeopathic remedies.

Of the drugs, it is important to know their main active ingredient in order to choose a drug that is comfortable for them, since different pharmacological companies offer different prices for their drugs.

There are many names of drugs - they are united by the same active ingredients: Clotrimazole, Isoconazole, Natamycin, Nystatin, Miconazole.

From alternative medicine often use solutions of potassium permanganate, chlorhexidine, decoctions of herbs (chamomile, sage, oak bark), sea buckthorn oil, honey, kefir. These funds are used in the form of tampons, lubrication and infusions inside.

There are also drugs, prescribing which, the doctor expects to achieve the goal, increasing immunity and restoring the microbiocenosis of the vagina, thereby destroying the fungus.


Any treatment should appoint a doctor in the dosage and in the timing of the reception, suitable for you. If treatment is started at the wrong time, not started at all, or stopped arbitrarily, the likelihood of serious complications is high.

The most frequent consequences of the acute stage of thrush include its chronic course, when the thrush is repeated once every 3-4 months, lasts more than two months. Treatment of this form of candidiasis involves a complex and aggressive approach.

In addition to the transition to the chronic stage, the disease can go to neighboring organs and there already cause more severe conditions. So, being in the vagina for a long time, an excessive amount of the fungus can cause erosive changes in the cervix.

Penetrating into the uterus, Candida causes inflammatory processes that, as a result of adhesions and a chronic condition, can lead to infertility. In addition, such complications as cystitis, urethritis and even pyelonephritis are frequent.

Of course, the degree of fungal infection depends on the level of protection of the immune system. The lower it is, the more dangerous the consequences will be, including fungal meningitis or sepsis.

Many people know that mycotic vulvovaginitis is easily treated with 1 tablet of fluconazole or the introduction of 3 candles of pimafucin, but few people pay attention to the disturbed microflora.

Meanwhile, it is a healthy microflora that is the key to our health and good mood. In addition, restoring the microbiocenosis of the vagina, we prevent thrush for a long time.

How to restore the microflora after thrush?

As already described above, the fungus begins to grow uncontrollably with a decrease in the number of microorganisms that restrain its growth.

It is necessary to create conditions under which these “beneficial” microorganisms begin to multiply and achieve the necessary quantity for us.

It is known that the microflora consists of lactobacilli (90%), bifidobacteria (9%) and conditionally pathogenic flora (1%).

So, if you, all the same, are thinking about how to restore the flora after thrush, then first of all you need to turn to the doctor, who should state a complete recovery from candidiasis.

The fact is that during inflammatory processes and thrush the superficial epithelium is exfoliated. No "useful" bacteria can linger on this epithelium, so it is so important that there are no pathological processes in the vagina.

For the treatment of thrush, our readers successfully use Candiston. Seeing the popularity of this tool, we decided to offer it to your attention.
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Restoration of the flora can only begin after treatment of thrush and possible associated inflammatory processes.

Reducing drugs create favorable conditions for the growth of microorganisms, so there should not be an excess of conditionally pathogenic flora. In the worst case, the effect will be the opposite — thrush and inflammation will return.

Such a pH creates ideal conditions for “beneficial” bacteria, and therefore preparations should slightly acidify the flora. In addition, the composition of candles includes bifidobacteria and lactobacilli, those microorganisms that remain in short supply after treatment.

Such drugs include Vaginorm-S, Femileks, Vagilak, Normoflrin - B, Normoflorin-L.

The basis of all these tools is acid, which is necessary for the development of normal microflora and the bacteria themselves, necessary for a comfortable existence of the vagina. They are produced in the form of candles and inserted into the vagina 1-2 times a day for 10 days, if necessary, repeat courses are prescribed up to 2-3 times.


Despite the seemingly positive aspects of such remedies, some suppositories have a contraindication - intolerance or allergy to the components of the drug.

For example, Vaginorm – C, the main component of which is ascorbic acid, is not recommended for people who are allergic to citrus fruits. They should choose a different drug.

In addition, it is also contraindicated for pregnant women to restore the flora or, if they take measures, then with caution. To heal the flora of the future mother's vagina in this way is extremely difficult.

After all, in their state a great role is played by homronal imbalance, that is, an increase in those hormones that positively affect the growth of fungi. In this case, the effect of treatment will be almost no.

In addition, the doctor sometimes prescribed drugs for oral administration - Linex, Bifidumabakterin, Atsilak, Rio flora balance, etc. Of course, an integrated approach in the treatment of thrush and in the restoration of flora has a greater effect.

The tampon is moistened with kefir and injected overnight, the procedure is carried out for up to 10 days. Kefir contains many bifidobacteria and lactobacilli, besides, its medium is slightly acidic, that is, an ideal product for restoring vaginal flora.

It is also useful in the complex therapy to take kefir inside. It is ideal for restoring balance in the intestines and will enhance immunity, due to improved absorption of vitamins and minerals.

Herbal decoctions can be used both in the form of douching, and as a solution for wetting a tampon. This method is best used in conjunction with the reception of candles. The decoction will neutralize the microflora and remove inflammatory processes, if you suddenly stayed, and the candles will be colonized by beneficial bacteria.

The cost of drugs is different, from 250 rubles to 750 rubles, which allows any buyer to choose for themselves a means of restoring microflora.

The influence of drugs is different - the reaction to them in each person is individual. But mostly users are satisfied with the effect.

What foods will speed recovery?

It is important that the diet should include fruits and vegetables, vegetable fiber is very useful for the proper functioning of the intestines, which in turn promotes the absorption of essential trace elements and vitamins.

Strengthened immunity and compotes made from natural (frozen) berries - wild rose, currant, sea buckthorn, cranberry and others.

It will not be superfluous to add cloves, cinnamon bark, grated ginger root (no more than 2 cm) to the teapot, in addition to a pleasant taste, these additives are natural antibiotics. It is useful to use a teaspoon of honey in the morning on an empty stomach and in the evening.


  1. During the treatment and restoration of microflora, limit yourself to sweets (sweets, bakery products, cakes, juices). Также следует исключить жаренное, солёное, копчёное и консервы.All this reduces the immune response and does not allow “beneficial” microorganisms to recover.
  2. Refuse to wear synthetic underwear and pads. In view of the fact that these materials are mainly airtight, they are capable of creating a greenhouse effect in the vagina. As a result, conditions will not be conducive to recovery.
  3. Sex should be only with a condom. During the period until the flora is completely restored, it is easy to damage and disrupt the introduction of "alien" microflora.
  4. When antibiotic therapy should take probiotics. Do not self-medicate.
  5. Adhere to the rules of intimate hygiene: use only individual means - soap, towel, shaving razor, should be washed 1-2 times a day.
  6. At the time of treatment and restoration of microflora, it is necessary to abandon ordinary soap and give preference to special gels for intimate hygiene: “lactacid”, mousse for intimate hygiene “9 months” and others.

The main purpose of Lactacid

The tools are designed to meet the basic requirements for the most sensitive part of the body of the female body. Lactacid refers to parapharmaceutical products, which is designed to prevent, alleviate the human condition and are used in combination with medicines for thrush.

Lactacid is used as a means of intimate hygiene and for the prevention of thrush in cases of:

  1. after active exercise sports or physical work,
  2. after visiting public places (swimming pool or sauna),
  3. when taking antibiotics, in the side effects of which there is a change in the microflora of the vagina when using this drug,
  4. as a complex therapy in the treatment of gynecological diseases,
  5. after therapeutic or prophylactic gynecological procedures,
  6. from the first day of the onset of menstruation and 3-4 days after
  7. right after intimacy
  8. when taking hormonal contraceptives,
  9. with vaginal dryness,
  10. during pregnancy
  11. when breastfeeding,
  12. when identifying the first signs of menopause.

Types of line Lactacid

Means of the Lactacid series differ from other intimate hygiene products by their unique properties:

  • The balanced pH of each product favors the elimination of itching and burning, because of the neutral environment they do not cause a feeling of dryness, which is typical when using ordinary soap.
  • Lactic acid, which is included in each composition, supports the natural processes of the environment in the vagina, enhancing protection against unwanted microflora.
  • All funds Lactacid hypoallergenic, do not cause allergies and addiction.
  • The cleansing product line is easily washed off with warm water.

Gels for girls and women

The gels of the Lactacid series are designed to maintain the natural microflora of the intimate zone of women and eliminate unpleasant odors and discomfort after wearing synthetic underwear. They differ in the composition of the extracts of natural products.

  1. Gel Lactacid SENSITIVE contains cotton extract, which enhances the protective functions of the skin, regenerates cells, improves firmness and elasticity.
  2. Gel Lactacid FRESH contains a deodorizing active complex and menthol. These ingredients have long been proven to have a refreshing effect. The gel is popular especially in the summer months, when during menstruation a feeling of freshness is simply necessary.
  3. PHARMA Lactacid contains special antibacterial components with thyme extract, which provides an antiseptic effect and prevents the appearance of bacterial infections. Natural lactic acid and a pH of 3.5 means prevent the spread of pathogenic microflora and reduces the risk of developing thrush. The tool is recommended for frequent recurrences of candidal infection and after a course of antibiotic therapy.
  4. SOOTHING lactacid with arnica and rice protein extracts helps to eliminate inflammation and skin irritation. Arnica reduces swelling at the site of irritation, and rice protein activates the process of restoring skin cells. Relevant during the treatment of infections of the urogenital system (as an adjuvant).
  5. PHARMA SOOTHING Gel Lactacid contains blue daisy extract and bisabolol to help get rid of the symptoms of bacterial vaginitis such as redness, itching and burning. They gently soothe irritated skin and promote its regeneration. This tool can be used in combination with the treatment of vaginal infections.
  6. One of the components of the gel Lactacide MOISTURIZING - lotus flower extract, which has been used for a long time due to its moisturizing and softening effect on the skin. Lotus extract contains vitamin C and mineral compounds that restore skin cells and increase its elasticity. The best choice for women of reproductive age.
  7. PHARMA Lactacid with antifungal ingredients has been developed as an additional product for the treatment of thrush. The composition includes extracts of calendula and bisabolol. In the developed medium pH 8.0, these components prevent the Candida fungus, which causes thrush, from spreading. The gel is approved by the Russian Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists for use during pregnancy.

Napkins Laktotsid

The series of products for intimate hygiene includes wet wipes Laktotsid. These are irreplaceable assistants on a long journey and during the day when there is no possibility to wash under menstruation. They are made of natural vegetable fiber, impregnated with the same compositions that are used in the manufacture of gels. They produce napkins in packs of 10 and 15 pieces, each napkin is in individual packaging, which makes them very convenient to use. It is possible to hide the used napkin in the same packaging, especially when there is no nearby tank for recycling.

How to use Lactacid products

All gels have a concentrated thick consistency in the form of an emulsion, so before using it is necessary to vigorously shake the bottle with the contents several times. Then a small amount of gel with one click on the dispenser is squeezed into the palm and mixed with water. This is done so that the emulsion can be uniformly applied to the treated surface. The gel is well distributed in the water, and does not lose its effectiveness. The manufacturer recommends diluting the gels with water: one part of the gel into two parts of water. To do this, use special bottles for dilution.

Since these are all means for external use, it is not necessary to push your fingers deep into the vagina when leaching. An allergic reaction when using Lactacid is completely excluded.

Are there any restrictions when using Lactacid products?

Negative effects after the use of Laktakid means at the moment have not been identified. Only individual intolerance to the main components of which the base is made for gels and emulsions is noted. If itching and burning, use of the product should be discontinued.

There was no interaction when combined with other means of intimate hygiene and treatment with any drugs.

There is no data when interacting with products that contain ethyl alcohol.

Every woman should know this.

It is important to remember that the Lactacid series products are not intended for the treatment of gynecological diseases. If, when the first symptoms of thrush or other bacterial infections occur, do not use appropriate medications, but use only a means for washing, even if it is antibacterial, there will be no effect.

Observance of simple rules of washing, the use of individual accessories for intimate hygiene and the choice of the ideal means for yourself - this is what will provide comfort and freshness in the intimate zone.

Forms of release

The tool is available in several forms:

Mousse is distinguished by its ease of use, as it is produced in a bottle equipped with a dispenser, which makes the texture of the foam as airy as possible. In the process of using this tool there is not even the need to hold the container in your hands.

Wet wipes are used in cases where there is no opportunity to regularly wash. Lactacid in the form of napkins becomes the best tool for intimate hygiene on the road. Each of the napkins is packaged separately and impregnated with the very composition that is used for the manufacture of gels.

Several types of gels are also available:

  • Gel Lactacid is designed for girls aged 12 years and older who have not had sexual partners,
  • Lactacid SENSITIVE. The composition of this tool is an extract of cotton, which helps to increase the protective functions of the epithelium, cell regeneration, increase elasticity and elasticity,
  • Lactacid FRESH. Menthol and a special deodorizing complex, which are included in the basic composition, have a refreshing effect. The use of the gel is important in the summer,
  • Gel for intimate hygiene SOOTHING. The drug helps to eliminate the inflammatory process, relieve irritation, reduce swelling and restore skin cells of the skin,
  • PHARMA SOOTHING. Helps to eliminate the clinical manifestations of bacterial vaginitis and thrush. Used in combination with other drugs in the treatment of vaginal infections,
  • Lacticide MOISTURIZING. Hydrates and softens the skin, promotes cell regeneration,
  • PHARMA lactacid with antimycotic ingredients. Prevents the development and spread of fungal infections that cause candidiasis.

Among the components of this tool are antibacterial substances that have an antiseptic effect and prevent the development of bacterial infections. Due to the presence in the gel composition of lactic acid pH 3.5, it is possible to prevent the spread of fungal infection and reduce the risk of candidiasis.

Prescribes a remedy in cases where thrush is characterized by frequent relapses, and at the end of the course of antibacterial drugs.

Maintaining microflora with Lactacid

In maintaining the normal microflora of the mucous membranes of the vagina, lactobacilli are important, creating a barrier to the development of a fungal infection. If you do not follow the rules of intimate hygiene, there is a violation of the pH environment, and against this background, candidiasis can develop. It is for this reason that Lactacid from thrush is recommended as an additional drug in the treatment process.

This cosmetic preparation is developed taking into account the natural composition of the microflora of the genitals and vagina. Ordinary soap, especially antibacterial, leads to activation of pathogenic microflora due to pH disturbance.

Frequent washing and douching can lead to dry mucous membranes, alkaline imbalance and the destruction of lactobacilli. In the process of caring for the intimate area, special tools are used. Increasingly, experts recommend using Lactacid for this purpose. It contains lacto serum, lactic acid, peanut oil, and many other components that contribute to the normalization of microflora. Such drugs are not prohibited even during pregnancy.

Mode of application

Gel for intimate hygiene is used as follows:

  1. Squeeze a small amount of the substance into the palm and mix with water.
  2. Gently apply a lot on the mucous membranes, immediately wash off. The flow of water should be directed from the top down. Due to this, in the process of washing the bacteria will not spread to other areas.
  3. After the procedure, wipe the treated areas with a clean and very soft towel.

Among the main indications for use are the following:

  • normalization of acid-base balance in the process of complex treatment of candidiasis, bacterial vaginosis,
  • after intimacy, sports, swimming pool or sauna,
  • during the period of menstruation and immediately after its completion,
  • for prophylactic purposes after taking antibiotics or gynecological interventions,
  • in the period of hormonal drugs and menopause in women.

Composition and mechanism of action

Lactacyd is a line of hygiene products for the genitals, and the trademark belongs to Omega Pharma from the Netherlands. In addition to the gel, it includes oil, wet wipes and mousse for delicate care.

The choice of a moderately flowing texture here is explained by a dense adhesion to the skin - so that the cleaning qualities remain high in any “configuration” of hair growth in the intimate area. As expected, the entire series contains components to maintain normal acid-base balance and microflora composition:

  • lactic acid (as indicated in the title), nutrient medium for lacto-and bifidobacteria,
  • lactose - milk sugar, with the assimilation of which in adults often there are “misunderstandings” (depending on heredity, over the years, the synthesis of the lactase enzyme necessary for its cleavage in the intestine may or may not go away),
  • milk proteins are a nourishing ingredient for the skin, its microflora and hair follicles.

“Lactacid” gel from thrush is “strengthened” by antiseptic agent bisabolol and calendula extract. In fact, we are talking about synonyms, as bisabolol is an active substance in its extracts.

  1. "Classic". An option suitable for everyone and helping to maintain a sour balance in the average rate of 5.2.
  2. "Sensitive". Simply “Sensitive” maintains an average normal balance, softened with cotton extract and is suitable for sensitive skin. It is sold in stores of linear and key retail. A “Pharma Sensitive” is more acidic (3.5), does not contain fragrances (provocateurs of redness, peeling and allergies), was created for cases of increased irritability and is supplied only to pharmacies.
  3. "Fresh" and "Oxygen Fresh". Designed to mask the odor. The first one contains a deo-active complex and menthol, it maintains average acidity and is available on store shelves. The second is shifted to the alkaline side (4.7), contains arctic berries and oxygen bubbles. Presented in linear retail and pharmacies.
  4. "Soothing" and "Pharma Soothing". For use from irritation after sex, depilation, with itching and scuffing. The first has a balance of 5.2, is supplied to stores, enriched with extracts of arnica and rice proteins. The second is much more acidic (3,5), contains the antibacterial component bisabolol and a blue daisy, there is in pharmacies.
  5. "Moisturizing" and "Pharma Moisturizing". Eliminate dry skin of the genitals. The principle of distinction is again the same: in the “Moisturizing” variant, lactic acid, lotus and a balance suitable for the majority act. Sold everywhere. And Pharma Moisturizing is sold in pharmacies. With an acidic balance (3.5), it is “diluted” by a certain L2G complex (the composition is unclear) - a registered Omega Pharma brand.

And the actual sexually transmitted infections and dysbacteriosis help to overcome the following types of "Lactacyd Pharma":

  • antibacterial (greenish-blue color of the package) - with a pH of 3.5, antibacterial components (citric acid and usnic acid copper salt, which in folk medicine is considered bacteriostatic, but in fact just poisonous for non-plant forms of life) and thyme,
  • antifungal (color of the package is red) - strongly alkaline (8.0), with calendula and bisabolol (its active ingredient) plus vitamin E.

Both options are designed for pharmacies, like the entire Pharma series (the one that is sold in retail is the Femina series). Other ingredients in these gels are typical for the mass of other means of foaming and detergent surfactants, moisturizers and softeners masking their dryness (mainly starting from the “glyceryl-” root), flavoring agents.

Which "Lactacid" is better with thrush?

Selection of optimal care solutions is an individual matter. But according to the manufacturer, it is worth starting with an antifungal red gel. Its unfavorable for candidates and an acidic alkaline medium that is suitable for most bacteria, plus at least a nominal (vegetable, with a cumulative effect) antiseptic, will help eliminate discomfort more quickly than mint or lotus.

Instructions for use

This series is not a medicine and does not have a pronounced therapeutic effect. “Lactacid” against thrush (or another, to choose from, if it suits better) is used every time you take a bath or shower.

Hair should be washed with shampoo, the whole body - with the usual shower gel, and rinse - with the selected intimate detergent. One bottle (200-250 ml) lasts for 15-30 days. In the absence of a positive effect, it is worth looking for an alternative.

Side effects and contraindications

Means "Laktatsid" with any "profile" in theory has a universally "smooth" tolerance, suitable for the absolute majority of healthy and imbalanced microflora of buyers. It is a commercial, not a medical product, and many do not even notice the difference between it and other mild detergents.

Particular care when choosing it should be allergic, especially for surfactants - choose the option "Sensitive". Milk intolerance to ingestion is not a contraindication to the use of this series.

Но при кожной аутоиммунной реакции на лактозу или его специфические белки (показатель – раздражение от масок для лица на молочной основе) применять их не следует. Самым распространенным побочным результатом злоупотребления специальными препаратами для ухода за интимной зоной становится хронический дисбаланс микрофлоры.

Молочница после использования

As mentioned above, the constant use of any (not just this) line for special care of the skin of the perineum creates a threat of local dysbacteriosis. This is strange only at first glance.

Its main purpose is detergent, and the surfactant in any shampoo / gel / mousse / soap itself serves as a good disinfectant (wash everything from the surface of the skin at the application sites, including microorganisms, fungal mycelium and fat).

But at the same time, such preparations contain a nutrient medium for pathogens of one type, they create an unfavorable pH for others. They “format” proportions between different groups of the remaining microorganisms within the colony to their “taste”, regardless of its current individuality and “normality” for the skin of a given individual.

The imbalance provoked by them is often less organic than before their use, albeit more “healthy” from the point of view of the doctor. They can also cause candidiasis - especially “acidic” varieties with a pH of 3-4.5. Thrush after Lactacid is not common - 1 case per several thousand. But it is impossible to exclude such a scenario, and all the prerequisites for it are available.

Price and where to buy "Lactacid" for intimate hygiene?

As already indicated, the positions marked “Pharma” in the title are intended for distribution through pharmacy chains. A series of "Femina" available in any supermarket, including those specializing in household chemicals and universal, with an "emphasis" on food. Regarding the cost of products of the “Lactacid” series gel, the price for different positions is different:

  • "Classic" - about 280 rubles.,
  • "Sensitive" - ​​about 350 rubles,
  • "Pharma Sensitive" with a volume of 50 ml is estimated at 98-120 rubles.
  • “Oxygen Fresh” - within 300 rubles,
  • “Fresh” - 240-250 rubles,
  • "Soothing" - 240-260 rubles,
  • "Pharma Soothing" - 345-350 rub.,
  • "Moisturizing" - 310-340 rubles,
  • "Pharma Moisturizing" - 345-370 rubles.

Buy "Lactacid" with antibacterial action is possible for 340-350 rubles, and antifungal - 386-390 rubles.

In terms of how effective it is for intimate hygiene in the case of the “Lactacid” thrush, the reviews used it agree that there is little help from it, but in general the sensations from its use are more pleasant than regular shower gel.

Mirra, 20 years old: “I generally prefer the Classic - it is the most universal, it does not add anything and does not diminish. But as I had candidiasis on the background of a sore throat, I decided to try a novelty from a fungus. Itching has become less of him, although I still had to take Pimafucine. ”

Valeria, 33 years old: “Girls, do not listen to these advertising nonsense! Bisabolol is a local antiseptic, and what are you, will you be syringing with washing gel ?! And if not, then how to treat Candida in the vagina. My impression is the most common "washbasin", neither good nor harm from it. "

Rostislav, 37 years old: “Why does this cute gel so intensely“ privatize ”women? In men, the microflora in "these" places is about the same. And I suppose, as a sensitive, Sensitive is very suitable for the whole body. And herbs cannot be the other way around, and immunostimulants too. ”


Reviews of the means for delicate care tell that in the process of its use itching, discomfort, irritation of the delicate skin and mucous membrane disappeared. The intimate remedy was especially effective in the case of the multiplication of yeast-like fungi, which usually cause candidiasis. Apply the gel must be at least once a day. If necessary, more often. Purification of the intimate area is carried out only superficially. Do not apply to the vagina.

Lactic acid, which is part of Lactacid, usually does not cause adverse reactions and is available for use even during pregnancy. Skin irritation and allergies can occur in women who have intolerance to herbal ingredients. In this case, other types of Lactacid gels should be considered.

General information

Manufacturers LACTACYD claim that this cosmetic restores and maintains the vaginal microflora in a normal state, by stimulating the growth of beneficial lactic acid bacteria. "Lactacid" contains the following substances:

  • nut oil,
  • casein,
  • milk sugar.

The main component of the cosmetic product is lacto serum. The emulsion contains lactic acid, which strengthens the protective barrier of the skin and mucous genital organs. Interacting with each other, the components of Lactacid eliminate the peculiar smell, itching, pain and other discomfort in the intimate area.

In the pharmacy, you can choose "Lactacid" to combat fungal infection. Antifungal drug line LACTACYD is available in a 250 ml bottle, equipped with a dispenser for convenient use. "Lactacid" with antifungal effect contains in its composition such additional components as an extract of medicinal marigold and bisabolol. The emulsion with lactic acid in the composition prevents the development of foci of inflammation in the female genital organs and inhibits the reproduction of pathogenic microorganisms.

How does it affect thrush?

"Lactacid" can be used against thrush. However, not for treatment, but to prevent the development of this disease. "Lactacid" is not intended for the treatment of mycotic infections, its purpose is to prevent the development of various inflammatory processes in the vagina. It is recommended to use "Lactacid" with long-term use of antibiotics, against which the vaginal and intestinal microflora suffer. It is recommended to wash with LACTACYD gel and to eliminate the symptoms of thrush. After the first application, itching, burning and pain will subside.

Danger of Soap

It has long been proven that ordinary soap cannot be used for intimate hygiene. It contains substances that dry out the skin and wash out not only pathogenic bacteria from the vaginal mucosa, but also beneficial lactobacilli. As a result, an environment is created in which all kinds of microbes can develop without problems. Soap can also cause irritation of the genital organ. With regular use of soap, people notice burning, dry skin, there is a risk of developing symptoms of thrush or vulvovaginitis.

Is it possible during pregnancy?

The instruction on the use of "Lactacid" does not prohibit the use of gel for intimate hygiene by women during the child bearing period. However, not all doctors agree with this and claim that “Lactacid” is undesirable for pregnant women. The intimate gel contains lactobacilli and lactic acid, which lower the acidity of the already acidic vaginal environment of the woman. As a result, ideal conditions are created for the reproduction of fungal infection and the development of thrush.

Similar means

Replace "Laktatsid" can other cosmetics designed to care for the genital organs. Eva Moist is considered an effective gel for cleansing intimate areas. This tool is intended for long-term use in order to maintain vaginal moisture. For women older than 45 years, a special cosmetic product for the care of the delicate area called “Bion Comfort” is produced. When thrush effective means providing therapeutic and preventive complex, is considered "Kandinorm." It will relieve itching, remove redness in the genital area and eliminate the pathological discharge characteristic of thrush.

Factors provoking thrush

It is known that thrush is a disease that develops as a result of increased activity and reproduction of Candida fungi, which are constantly present in our body, and “make themselves felt” only if their active reproduction is provoked.

Why do symptoms of thrush appear? As a rule, even a slight overcooling or a draft in the house can provoke ailment.

Thrush can also occur as a result of any (even minor) weakening of the immune system, in the presence of a chronic infection in the body, sexually transmitted diseases, antibiotics, etc.

Taking antibiotics, many women do not even suspect that in addition to the presence of harmful bacteria, they also destroy useful ones, namely, lactic acid sticks that live in the vagina and intestines, whose main task is to control the growth of fungi. In the absence of natural protection, yeast begins to actively develop.

Among experts, there is a perception that frequent recurrent thrush in itself undermines the body's immune system, thereby reducing its ability to independently combat developing infection.

Also known are the facts that thrush often occurs as a result of any hormonal changes - this may be a hormonal failure in the body, the result of taking hormonal pills or contraceptives, pregnancy (in the absence of menstruation), lactation, menopause, etc.

This happens due to an increase in the level of certain hormones (usually progesterone), changes in the natural level of which affect the environment of the vagina of women and from moderately acidic, it becomes alkaline, which leads to the development of yeast-like fungi. Increased progesterone "feeds" Candida mushrooms, thereby provoking their active growth.

It should be noted that most often thrush occurs as a result of improper care of the area of ​​intimate places.

But what needs to be done to avoid this disease?

Proper hygiene is the key to women's health.

If after a smear test for bacterial seeding, Candida mushrooms were found in women, there are no clearly expressed symptoms of the disease (whitish discharge or a cheesy character, increased dryness, itching), then this is not evidence that you have thrush. In this case, you can prevent the possibility of the disease, if you ensure proper care and hygiene of intimate places.

So how to prevent thrush? Proper hygiene is, above all, regular washing away of intimate places. It is necessary to wash yourself twice a day - in the morning and in the evening, as well as after intimacy. It should be noted that the important point in this procedure is not only warm, flowing water, but also the correctness of the jet - it should be directed from front to back.

It is strictly forbidden to use ordinary soap for washing away intimate places. This is because as a result of soaping the intimate area, you wash away not only harmful bacteria, but also beneficial lactic acid bacteria. Lactobacilli are responsible for the normal, natural balance of the vaginal environment in women. By washing them out, we create an artificial pathogenic environment in which various microbes develop.

It is also impossible to use antibacterial intimate gels, both during the period of treatment and during the period of prophylaxis, since such “care” washes away the lactobacilli and kills other, necessary, beneficial microbes.

But then what to wash? Choosing a gel or soap in the store, be sure to pay attention to its composition. Instead of the usual sulfates, in the first place should be lactic acid, the main component of which is lactobacilli. It should also be noted that a good, high-quality gel should not contain any dyes.

You can opt for products such as femin lactacid, femin lactacid plus, lactogel, etc.

The need for lactic acid is explained by the fact that the microflora of the vagina of women is 90% of the lactobacilli that produce lactic acid.

Do not rinse too often using gels. Normally, the gel should not be used more than twice a day. It is also strictly prohibited without the need or in the "preventive" purposes to perform the procedure for douching the vagina.

Frequently occurring thrush can be a consequence of the fact that your family member still uses your towel. Remember that it must be individual. After washing away just blot the intimate area. The towel should be washed regularly and rinsed thoroughly. After drying, you can iron it (if possible).

On television often talk about the "positive" qualities of the use of sanitary pads. The fact is that they create a greenhouse effect, which is an ideal environment for the development of fungi. Gaskets must be changed every two hours, regardless of the amount of discharge.

In the event of thrush, it is better to abstain from sexual intercourse for the period of treatment.

When thrush is better to choose linen from natural materials, since synthetic - creates the ideal conditions for the further development of fungi.

When thrush help gels with lactic acid

As already mentioned, with thrush, the number of natural lactobacilli that produce lactic acid decreases, which leads to a weakening of the protective properties of the intimate places of the vagina in women and, naturally, to an increase in the symptoms of thrush. How to be in this case?

Often, gynecologists against thrush symptoms (and as a means of everyday hygiene) recommend using special gels that contain lactic acid (this can be lactogel, femina lactacid, lactacid plus, etc.). Does their application help, cope with the symptoms of thrush and reduce their manifestation? Regular washing with the use of such agents allows to increase the level of protective properties of lactobacilli due to the action of lactic acid, which is contained in the gel.

Already after the first use, soreness, itching, dryness gradually disappear, the amount of white discharge decreases. It cannot be said that lactacid or lactogel (or any other lactic acid-based gels) will help to completely get rid of thrush. With it, you can reduce the symptoms of this disease.

Thrush can be completely cured if you use any medication. Lactacid or lactogel are also used as a means of preventing the development of yeast-like fungi.

Gel Lactacid: composition and instructions for use

For many years trying to cure MUSHROOM?

The head of the Institute: “You will be amazed how easy it is to cure a fungus by taking every day a remedy for 147 rubles.

Often, after the first successful treatment of thrush, the disease often recurs. The reason for this lies in the fact that the infection that caused the disease was eliminated, but not the causes and provoking factors of the disease. The fact is that fungal microorganisms and opportunistic bacteria live on the mucous membranes and the skin of healthy people, but under favorable conditions they actively proliferate. The change in the acidity of the vagina is such a favorable factor for the recurrence of thrush. Maintain a normal vaginal environment, you can use the right means for intimate hygiene, which is Lactacid. In our article we will tell everything about Lactacid: what it is, how to use it, about contraindications and adverse reactions.

Release form and composition

For the treatment of nail fungus, our readers successfully use Tinedol. Seeing the popularity of this tool, we decided to offer it to your attention.
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Lactic acid is available in different forms. Especially popular is the gel for intimate hygiene. Also LACTACYD is made in the form of mousse, liquid lotion and napkins for intimate hygiene. As for the gel itself, there are several types of it:

  • antibacterial gel,
  • moisturizing,
  • for sensitive skin
  • softening balm.

Important! The effectiveness of all means of the line Lactacid confirmed by clinical trials and laboratory studies.

With regard to the composition Lactacid, instructions for use for each form of this tool contains detailed information about the components used and their action. The main ingredients of any form of Lactacid is lactic acid, which is present in a volume of 0.07%, as well as lacto serum in a volume of 1 percent.

The drug is sold in bottles with a capacity of 150, 200 and 250 ml. As for napkins, in a package of 15 pieces. LACTACYD is a special line of care products for the intimate area. All products have low acidity (not more than 3.5). Due to the use of lactic acid in the composition, the growth of beneficial lactobacilli, which are the normal microflora of the healthy woman’s vaginal environment, is stimulated. Also in the composition there are active natural ingredients that have a local anti-inflammatory and soothing effect.

The use of lactic acid for intimate hygiene and its mild effect is due to the fact that the medical preparation contains no soap and other detergents that can irritate and dry the mucous membrane and skin of the genital organs. Despite the absence of detergent components, Lacticide must be used for the toilet of the external genital organs. It does not cause irritation and maintains the normal acidity of the vagina due to the content of lactic acid.

The use guide contains the following information on the use of Lactacid:

  1. Shake the bottle before use.
  2. You need to squeeze a small amount of mousse, gel or lotion on a sponge or hand and dilute it with a minimum amount of water,
  3. Next, the resulting foam is applied to the genitals, and then rinsed thoroughly with water,
  4. The drug is not recommended to be used in conjunction with soap.

Use for thrush

Immediately it should be said that gel or mousse cannot cure you of thrush in the acute stage. Но их применение на фоне заболевания создаст благоприятные условия для скорейшего выздоровления. Однако основное лечение болезни проводится с использованием антимикотической мази, крема или свечей.The use of this hygiene product during the illness will help to smooth the symptoms of the disease and eliminate the discomfort from burning and itching.

Those who are prone to frequent recurrences of thrush use this drug for prophylactic purposes. Especially shown is its use during menstruation, when the acidity of the vagina changes. It is also useful to apply in the process of carrying a baby and in the postpartum period. No less effective will Lactacid after sports or visiting the pool.

It should be added that there should be no adverse reactions from the use of an intimate gel, mousse or lotion. If you have discomfort, itching, irritation, then this indicates individual intolerance to any ingredient of hygiene products and is a direct and only contraindication to its use.

Treatment of the fungus "Clotrimazole": ointment, suppositories, tablets. Instructions and reviews

Clotrimazole is a universal remedy for the treatment of all types of fungus, which is sold in the form of vaginal capsules, suppositories, topical preparations (ointments, creams, gels). It is very popular among dermatologists and with its help they successfully cure urogenital mycosis in women and men, fungus in children, various varieties of herpes and other dermatitis caused by pathogenic fungal microorganisms.

Composition, pharmacodynamics, pharmacokinetics

The preparation contains the main active ingredient - clotrimazole. As auxiliary components, the manufacturer uses:

  • benzyl alcohol,
  • ethoxylated sorbitan,
  • pyrogen-free water,
  • octyldodecanol,
  • spermaceti (synthetics).


The drug is a synthetic antimycotic, anti-trichomonas drug belonging to the imidazole group. The action of Clotrimazole is to stop the production of ergosterol, which is required for the development of the cytoplasmic membrane of microorganisms. This provokes its destruction, resulting in cell lysis.

Clotrimazole also accelerates vacuole degeneration, increases the level of lipos throughput by the phospholipid membrane, and also lowers the number of non-membrane organoids - ribosomes. In addition, the drug inhibits the activity of peroxidases, which accelerates the accumulation of hydrogen peroxide at the cellular level.

The medicine helps in the fight against various fungal infections, including dermatophytes, staphylococci, trichomonads, yeast microorganisms.

Clotrimazole from skin fungus

For curing fungal infections that have struck the skin, local preparations are used:

These funds are quickly absorbed into the epidermal layers, after which they destroy fungal growths in a short period of time.

Medicines for external use have a wide spectrum of action. They can fight with almost all types of mycoses and bacteria, which are provocateurs for the development of various infectious skin diseases. Clotrimazole is mainly used for the treatment of:

  • mycosis of the feet, fingers and other parts of the body,
  • onychomycosis (nail plate fungus),
  • microsporia,
  • diaper rash,
  • depriving of all types (ringing, shingles, multicolored).

To fight a fungal infection, it is necessary to smear Clotrimazole at the site of disease localization at least twice a day. The duration of treatment depends on the stage of development of the disease and the size of the affected area of ​​the epidermis. Usually, it takes about 10 days to cure lichen or foot fungus. In some particularly severe cases, therapy is delayed for more than 30 days.

To speed up the healing process, you should follow the advice of dermatologists:

  • Before each application of Clotrimazole, the skin should be thoroughly washed with clean water and soap, and also treated with an antiseptic, such as hydrogen peroxide or simple alcohol,
  • you need to maintain your immunity by using the right diet, which should include fruits and vegetables,
  • it is required to keep the room clean, wash the floors regularly, ventilate the dwelling,
  • do not forget about personal hygiene and often take a shower and wash things.

Clotrimazole substitutes (for external use) are:

  • Bifosin cream,
  • Exoderil
  • Mycozon,
  • Salicylic acid,
  • Candide,
  • Amyclone,
  • Akrikhin "Akriderm".

They all have the same effect, the difference lies in the set of contraindications, side effects and the cost of medication at the pharmacy.

Vaginal candles for women

Clotrimazole suppositories and suppositories are used in the treatment of many vaginal infections and fungal diseases:

  • candidiasis,
  • trichomoniasis
  • bacterial, viral vaginitis,
  • chlamydia

The drug is introduced into the vagina at a depth of half of the index finger 1-2 times a day. The active ingredient of the drug quickly penetrates the mucous membrane and adversely affects the fungal infection, as a result of which it loses its ability to exist and is destroyed. The result is visible after the first use of Clotrimazole, and full recovery occurs after 6 days.

To enhance the effect of the use of intravaginal suppositories, the doctor must prescribe a complex therapy, which is supplemented by:

  • vitamins
  • medicines to restore the intestinal microflora,
  • immunomodulating, antifungal pills (Levorin, Nystatin, Pimafucin),
  • intravenous injections.

Treatment recommendations:

  • before each introduction of vaginal suppositories, it is necessary to wash the area of ​​the inguinal zone,
  • should avoid cramped synthetic underwear and give preference to loose cotton panties,
  • it is forbidden to douche, as this procedure can kill bacteria that regulate the development of the fungus,
  • it is necessary to start eating properly and consume vitamin complexes.

The following drugs have similar properties of vaginal capsules of Clotrimazole:

Treatment of urogenital candidiasis in men

Although thrush is a female disease, it also affects the male genitalia. It appears due to a decrease in the protective functions of the body and neglect of the rules of intimate hygiene. It is also possible to get sick with this disease during unprotected sexual intercourse with an infected partner.

To get rid of thrush in men, Clotrimazole ointment is used, which should be applied to the penis head and foreskin at least 2 times a day. The duration of therapy is about one week.

Together with the use of drugs of local action, probiotics, antifungal, immunomodulating drugs are prescribed to the patient. Comprehensive treatment speeds up the healing process and prevents the recurrence of a fungal infection.

Reviews of patients and doctors

For a long time I suffered from a curd discharge from the vagina, which was complemented by an unpleasant smell. I tried a lot of drugs, starting with cheap drugs and ending with medicines at a high price, but they did not bring a positive result. In the end, I started to heal myself and went to an appointment with a gynecologist. After testing, I was diagnosed with vaginal candidiasis. The doctor prescribed the use of clotrimazole suppositories. A week later, all the symptoms of this unpleasant disease disappeared. The only thing that scared me was the copious discharge that appeared after the first use of the drug, but as it turned out, it was quite normal.

Alexander, 29 years old.

For the treatment of nail fungus, our readers successfully use Tinedol. Seeing the popularity of this tool, we decided to offer it to your attention.
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I love animals and often contact them on the street. After another feeding of homeless cats, I found on my fingers and toes scaly specks of oval shape, which quickly grew in diameter, and also itched terribly. It was deprive. I have long known about the effectiveness of clotrimazole ointment for fungi, but there was no reason to use it. And this time has come. I began to regularly lubricate the lichen structures with ointment, and after 5 days they disappeared. I did not even expect such a quick result!

Valery Tokhtiyarov, dermatologist.

I have long been engaged in the treatment of skin diseases, among which fungal infections account for almost 70%. Clotrimazole is the most effective tool today that can fight a wide range of fungi. Despite the presence of a huge number of analogues of this drug, only the original medicine can in a short time save the patient from all types of herpes, nail, feet and other types of mycosis. Due to the small number of side effects, I admit the use of Clotrimazole without prior consultation with a specialist, but I strongly recommend that you familiarize yourself with the instructions for the preparation.

Selection rules

In maintaining the balance of the vaginal microflora a large role is played by lactobacilli, which prevent excessive activity of candidates. Improper hygiene of the intimate area, the choice of means of violating the pH of the environment, can provoke the occurrence of thrush. Therefore, it is important to use the gel for intimate hygiene, developed with consideration of the composition of the microflora of the vagina and the external genital organs of a woman, both during the period of pathology treatment and for the prevention of the disease. A simple soap, and even more so antibacterial, shifts the pH of the medium in the alkaline direction, which causes the activation of conditionally pathogenic microflora and the appearance of thrush.

Too frequent washing, douching of the vagina leads to dryness of the mucous membrane, disrupt the alkaline balance and destroy the lactobacilli. Special care products have been created for the proper care of the intimate area. Many well-known European companies produce various hygiene products for thrush. One of the well-known product lines for intimate hygiene is Lacticide is a series of various care products based on natural products - lactic acid, vegetable lactose, peanut butter and other components.

Lactacid comes in the form of soap, emulsion, gel, sanitary napkins. There is so much money that often women cannot decide which gel to choose? To make the right choice, you need to familiarize yourself with the products offered by Lactacid. It should be noted that for intimate hygiene developed tools of two series Lactacid - LACTACYD and LACTACYD PHARMA.

The wrong choice of hygiene products can cause thrush.


This series includes 5 gels of different composition. When choosing a gel from this series, you can navigate by the color of the bottle. All hygiene products have a pH = 5.2 and are recommended for daily use:

  1. Lacticide basic care - recommended for daily use for the hygiene of the intimate area of ​​women. The structure includes whey, restoring the balance of lactic acid bacteria. It has a light texture that does not leave the sensation of a film, a gentle powdery smell. It has a peach color bottle.
  2. For sensitive skin care, you can choose SENSITIVE. This gel contains cotton extract, soothing, regenerating and protecting the skin of the intimate zone from irritants. Designed for daily use, does not contain fragrances, has an air consistency. Lactacid-gel for sensitive skin has a pink marking.
  3. Lacticide, which eliminates mild irritation, is LACTACYD SOOTHING. In addition to lactic acid and whey, it contains rice protein and arnica extract. The choice of purple Lactacid will help to cope with redness, irritation - these properties are due to the effect on the problem area of ​​the extract of arnica. It contains the substance helenalin, which soothes the skin and restores its structure. Arnica components relieve effects on receptors in tissues, eliminating pain, itching, burning. The use of rice protein nourishes the tissues with essential trace elements and moisturizes the skin, stimulates cell regeneration.
  4. When choosing from dry skin should pay attention to Lactacid with blue markings on the bottle - LACTACYD MOISTURIZING. The use of this gel from the sensation of dryness is due to the lotus extract. In addition to mineral substances, it contains ascorbic acid, which can have a regenerating, protective and moisturizing effect in daily intimate hygiene. With regular use it provides skin elasticity, elasticity, relieves the feeling of tightness and dryness, which often occur during menopause or with improper care of the genital area.
  5. When choosing for a long feeling of freshness and coolness you should pay attention to the gel LACTACYD FRESH. The use of such Lactacid will ensure not only the restoration of microflora balance, but also a menthol freshness and pleasant smell due to the use of a special De-complex in the gel composition. Peppermint oil soothes and relieves irritation. The application is especially shown in the summer.

Before using the drug, you need to choose the right product from the series.


This series of Lactacid is intended for the prevention of thrush and as a preparation for the complex treatment of pathology. Gels of this series have a mild alkaline pH = 8, and the ingredients that have a therapeutic effect are included in the composition. The alkaline reaction of the environment has a detrimental effect on Candida fungi, which cause thrush:

  • LACTACYD PHARMA with antifungal ingredients is intended for hygiene of the intimate area of ​​thrush. The composition contains calendula extract, vitamin E and bisabolol. The use of bisabolol as an antifungal component, which is a product of distillation of the Candea tree essential oil, provides sedative, healing, vasoconstrictive, antibacterial and antifungal properties. Calendula extract softens and disinfects the skin, has a regenerating effect. Vitamin E restores the epidermis, softens, soothes and eliminates inflammation.
  • LACTACYD PHARMA SOOTHING - intended for the prevention and treatment of thrush in women. Application for hygiene in thrush due to low pH = 3.5, the antifungal properties of bisabolol and blue daisy extract. Lacticide emollient relieves irritation, redness, stimulates the growth of lactobacilli. Recommended for use in certain vaginal infections, including thrush, as well as for daily use.
  • LACTACYD PHARMA SENSITIVE - lactacid for thrush is used for high sensitivity of the epidermis. When choosing this tool for intimate hygiene take into account the absence of fragrances, the minimum number of components. Lactic acid for hypersensitive skin is recommended for use during puberty.
  • LACTACYD PHARMA MOISTURIZING - recommended when choosing a hygiene product for the period of menopause. The unique L2G-complexTM guarantees hydration of the intimate zone, restoration of the lipid layer, regeneration and getting rid of discomfort.
  • Thyme lactacid is an excellent choice during pregnancy and after childbirth. Designed for the prevention of thrush due to the antibacterial and antimycotic properties of thyme. Lacticide provides 24 hours of freshness and a sense of cleanliness when choosing it in a hot period of time.

All of the above gels of the Lacticide line were originally claimed to be a pharmaceutical preparation for the treatment of thrush, therefore the Laktacid Pharma gels are sold in the pharmacy chain.

The presented assortment allows you to make a choice of exactly the means that will suit a woman at any age. Often there are reviews that Lactacid and thrush are mutually exclusive things. But this is due either to errors in the choice of means, or the purchase of counterfeit goods.

The choice of Lactacid in thrush is justified only if the gel is used as a hygienic, and not a therapeutic agent.