Life after menopause in women


And immediately - a short and clear, and most importantly, the correct answer: "Of course!" And after - a counter question: "Why wait?"

As you know, "The fastest life passes when you build plans on it." Life is, it "can not be." And in the future, and in the present.

Yes, without a doubt, the menopause period is not the most “comfortable”. As for the woman herself, so often for her “inner circle”. However, for the “retouching” of the brightest “smears” in the picture of the climacteric syndrome, there are proven drugs, for example, the homeopathic drug Climaxan. But at the same time, the most important help and support for a woman is to render herself.

The main thing that needs to be understood is that climax is not a disease, although it is rightly said about “treating menopause”, and certainly not some “retribution for the sins of youth”. Menopause is a natural process in the body. And it is precisely “natural” in the literal sense of the word that actions must be carried out with its correct “living”.

First of all - “take a course” to the correct lifestyle. Now it is especially important.

Mode of operation and "household chores." It is clear that the modern woman is accustomed to “spin like a squirrel in a wheel,” but the rotational speed of the “wheel” should be reduced. Now a lot of effort goes to the "internal restructuring", and they should be kept safe.

Rest and sleep mode. The tides are particularly troubling at night, which means that it is also insomnia, and headache, and bad mood. "Teach" your body "fit" and wake up "by the clock." "Practice" his morning douche, and the "tides" will be transported noticeably easier. And before going to bed, “calm” the body with a warm bath with aromatic oils and herbs - and the night will really be calm.

Adjust your menu in favor of "healthy" food and methods of its heat treatment. Try to walk in the fresh air every day, and not to make "jogs" between the shops - and the brain will be saturated with oxygen, which will "drive out" unnecessary thoughts. Take time for your favorite hobbies and physical education, and maybe yoga or gymnastics. And very quickly you will feel that no additional search for the “meaning of life” is needed. Because he. will appear himself!

In general, the answer to the question asked was found. A “extra tip” in a good sense of the word will give you Climaxan. The drug can be used as a symptomatic agent in the treatment of manifestations of menopausal syndrome. Such as "hot flashes", sleep disturbances, headache and dizziness, irritability and emotional instability.

What is dangerous female climax?

Of course, in the first place, the dangers of the “external property” are “striking”. "Bad memory" tides, that is, attacks of heat and sweating, can literally "collapse" many times a day, and very often at night.

What is dangerous female climax?

Of course, in the first place, the dangers of the “external property” are “striking”. "Bad memory" tides, that is, attacks of heat and sweating, can literally "collapse" many times a day, and very often at night.

Only our questions are answered by a professional psychologist Elonia Lavrenova. Ask a Question

Sex before and after menopause

Climax is a natural age process that many women fear, however, because it brings with it certain changes in the body. Very often during this period women change their habitual way of life, their interests change, the first signs of aging appear - the need to feel needed and desired increases. Therefore, many women are concerned about the question whether the quality of sex will change when menopause occurs.

Fears associated with the fact that menopause will affect sex negatively, most often are in vain. Medical practice confirms that sexual desire with the onset of menopause decreases only in a few women (according to some estimates - in 20%), and in some people only increases libido.

But it is important to understand that the nature of sexual desire is psychological, the internal attitude is very seriously influencing the libido. Very often, the reason for a decrease in sexual desire is not physiological causes, but psychological, in particular, complexes caused by age-related changes in appearance and loss of childbearing function.

Sex life after menopause may be richer

On the other hand, with the onset of menopause, the risk of unwanted pregnancy is reduced. In addition, during this period, children most often begin an independent life, with the result that women have more time to pay attention to themselves and their partner.

Many couples say that in the period of menopause, sex life is revived. Of course, it’s not worth waiting for the same fervor as in youth: sexual relations, as well as emotional ones, take on a different character over time. In place of the frequent and passionate sex that took place before menopause, more restrained and calm caress comes.

Sex after menopause can become even brighter and more enjoyable, because during this period partners have more time for each other. Moreover, regular sex life helps to reduce the discomfort caused by age-related changes in the body of a woman.

Problems often arise from the partner

The problem of sexual relations after the age of 50 is more likely to arise not due to changes occurring in the woman’s body, but due to a decrease in the sexual capabilities of the man. This is especially pronounced in couples where the husband is older than the wife for more than five years: with the onset of menopause, the woman's desire increases, and the man in this period, on the contrary, decreases potency and libido. In this case, a woman should be prepared for the fact that during intimacy it will be the main initiative that lies with her.

Despite all this, after the onset of menopause, one should not neglect sexual life. It is just necessary to understand that her character will be somewhat different, but this does not mean that love in old age will be less beautiful. It is proved: the preservation of sexual activity prolongs not only the biological, but also the social activity of the individual.

Healthy lifestyle - minimal discomfort after menopause

A very important role in reducing libido in women is played by the presence of diseases that invariably occur with age. It is important to understand that normally all these diseases can be avoided if you are young and active and healthy. But, unfortunately, very often we think about the correction of lifestyle only when faced with disease.

Frequent after age 50 diseases of the cardiovascular system, the musculoskeletal system, the gastrointestinal tract, hyperthyroidism, increased blood sugar levels and other disorders indirectly affect sexual function. These diseases do not directly affect the libido, but have a significant impact on the psychological state of the woman, with the result that many are forced to abandon sexual activity.

Refusal to have sex due to illness only aggravates the state of health.

I would like to note that the rejection of sex life due to disease does not give positive results. Sexual need persists even in the presence of diseases of the genital organs and in connection with this surgical intervention. Suppressing this need lowers self-esteem, increases the risk of depression, accelerates aging processes and increases the likelihood of psychosomatic diseases, that is, those diseases that are caused by a negative emotional state and suppression of emotions.

Regular sex before menopause = high quality intimate relationships after it.

Also not to mention that the duration of sex life depends on the regularity of intimacy. The more often sexual intercourses occur, the longer the desire and the ability to satisfy sexual desire remain. Moreover, sexual experience gained over the years can make intimate relationships unique and deep. The feeling of sexual pleasure during this period can increase many times over that experienced in adolescence.

How not to give sexual desire to fade away

The main assistant of a woman in menopause is not so much a specialist (although his help is certainly necessary), as much willpower. You can stop the process of extinction of sexuality by yourself, if you do not neglect simple recommendations and do not be lazy to carry them out regularly.

For example, a well-organized physical activity is extremely favorable for improving the state of the female’s sexual system. Moreover, one should not ignore both the popular Kegel exercises for the pelvic floor muscles, and traditional fitness and various relaxation techniques, such as yoga and other types of oriental gymnastics. Massages, acupuncture, herbal extracts and herbal remedies (after consulting a doctor) will also help to cope with the negative manifestations of menopause.

  • Frankly discuss your own feelings with a partner. He does not know what is happening in your head and how the changed body reacts to intimate intimacy.
  • Keep intimacy in relationships, do not let life destroy the atmosphere of intimacy. Right now - it's time to pay attention to each other, because there are no more concerns related to studies, careers, and child care.
  • Give preference not to the number of sexual acts, but to their quality, without forgetting about regularity.

Among the physiological problems affecting the quality of the sexual life of women and caused by menopause, it is possible to note a decrease in the moisture level of the vagina, due to which sexual intercourse may not be too pleasant or even painful. However, special creams and suppositories successfully cope with this problem, which should be selected together with the gynecologist, as well as lubricants sold in pharmacies and dispensed over-the-counter.

Regular sex can significantly reduce such unpleasant symptoms during menopause, such as hot flashes, blood pressure surges, and mood swings.

Remember, menopause and sex life are not mutually exclusive concepts. Regular sex will help maintain health and youth even after menopause.

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Should I be afraid of menopause?

Oksana Ledoschuk: “For smokers, menopause occurs several years earlier than their peers. The same can be said about women with elevated sugar

and blood cholesterol. "

- In 80 percent of healthy women, menopausal syndrome is mild. In general, it is necessary to prepare for the climacteric period in advance. Because some diseases in the period of menopause sharpen and flow very hard. For example, in women with overweight, already in young years there is a violation of ovarian function, there are prerequisites for the development of diabetes and diseases of the cardiovascular system. And when menopause declares itself, these problems are exacerbated, they begin to progress. Menopause is severe in 80 percent of women with thyroid disease, as well as in those who have developed a severe form of premenstrual syndrome in their youth and have not received proper treatment. From youth it is necessary to engage in the prevention of such diseases as osteoporosis. Sufficiently low bone mineral density is typical for women who constantly diet, have low weight, smoke, drink a lot of coffee, get little sunlight, have thyroid disease - hypothyroidism.

- When should women go to a specialist to prevent the worst development of events?

- Best of all, when a woman comes to the consultation at the first signs of menopausal disorders. They can manifest in the form of menstrual dysfunction: rare or, on the contrary, very frequent menstruation, uterine bleeding, hot flushes, excessive sweating, fatigue, irritability. Many patients of perimenopausal age note that along with ovarian dysfunction, they start unmotivated depression. Usually, women go to a psychotherapist or psychiatrist, where they are prescribed antidepressants, without in any way linking severe psycho-emotional discomfort with age-related hormonal changes in the body. Some patients have so severe depression during menopause that for 3-4 years they spend several months a year in mental hospitals - families collapse, women lose their jobs, they lose interest in life, in some cases they have suicidal thoughts or attempts . Quite often, after several years of treatment with antidepressants, such patients come to us for an appointment and only here they receive information about how closely their problems are related to the cessation of ovarian function.

- Is it true that if a woman wants to know how she will have menopause, she can ask how he went with her mother and grandmother, since in many ways the menopause scenario has a hereditary nature?

- Not certainly in that way. How will menopause, in the first place depends, I repeat, on the state of health of the woman. But the timing of its occurrence is indeed often "inherited". If the mother started menopause at 40, then the daughter should prepare for an early menopause. Although sometimes early menopause occurs as a result of surgical operations - for example, as a result of removal of a woman's ovaries.

- Is it true that menopause is “younger”?

- Among our patients there are enough women born in 1969-1972, that is, there are not even 40. Not least, this is due to smoking. Nicotine causes a massive loss of follicles in the ovaries, which are responsible for the menstrual cycle. Therefore, smokers menopause occurs a few years earlier than their peers. The same can be said about women with a tendency to elevated levels of sugar and cholesterol in the blood: a combination of these factors leads to an earlier “turn off” of the ovaries. Risk factor are late childbirth. - Why do women grow stout during menopause? - With age, metabolic processes slow down. And we are not used to rebuilding our food, counting calories, physically loading ourselves. High-calorie food, along with a sedentary lifestyle and poor thyroid function, create conditions for weight gain. And the worst is when fat is deposited on the anterior abdominal wall. This fat has hormonal properties - it produces a lot of biologically active substances. It is he who raises cholesterol, contributes to diabetes, etc. and constantly "wants to eat." As soon as the body mass index exceeds 30, and the waist volume is 88 centimeters, women stop feeling satiety, they are haunted by the desire to eat. Worth the waist to lose less than 88 centimeters, as a feeling of fullness is restored.

- What do you recommend to patients in order for them to lose weight and reduce the volume of their waist?

- The first is to reduce caloric intake. If a woman consumes 5,000 kilocalories per day, then in the first week she should try to reduce this figure by 500 kilocalories, the next one - by another 500 and reach 2,000, and better - 1,500 kilocalories per day. You should also add motor activity. To begin with, let's say, walk one stop on foot, and then try to walk at least 4 kilometers per day at a speed of 120 steps per minute. Good to visit the pool, to practice oriental dance. If we see that this is not enough, then we prescribe special medicines to reduce the level of sugar, cholesterol, etc., which also help to stabilize weight and appetite. And as soon as the weight becomes less by 15 percent, the woman’s well-being improves markedly. - In America and Europe, about 70 percent of women use hormone replacement therapy (HRT), and in Belarus - no more than 2-3 percent. What explains this difference? - We have conservative medicine and population. A number of myths about HRT are very firmly entrenched in the mass consciousness. One of them is that HRT causes breast cancer. In fact, breast cancer occurs, as a rule, in women with a genetic predisposition. Before prescribing HRT, any doctor will get acquainted with the patient's mammogram, which must be done after 35-40 years. Only on it are seen the tiniest changes in the mammary gland that threaten cancer. In my personal practice, there was not a single case of HRT causing cancer. Another myth about HRT is that it allegedly causes weight gain. In fact, the drugs we prescribe stabilize weight and metabolism, preventing cholesterol and diabetes from developing. This myth dates back to the 60s of the 20th century, when menopausal women were recommended to take drugs with very large doses of hormones, which, moreover, compared to the present, were of a completely different quality. Сегодня у женщин, принимающих ЗГТ, качество жизни заметно повышается, неприятные проявления климактерического периода минимизируются. Если показанием для ЗГТ является только тяжелая степень климактерического периода, то мы назначаем непрерывное лечение на 3-4 года. Если есть опасность развития остеопороза, ЗГТ предлагается принимать в течение 5-8 лет. После 60 лет применять ЗГТ не рекомендуют.

– Верно ли, что если у женщины в 47-50 лет сохраняются менструации, то она может забеременеть?

– Да. Despite the menopausal changes, the eggs can still mature in women, and therefore it is necessary to protect themselves during this period. Moreover, contraception must be taken care of for another two years after the last menstruation. In my practice, there was a patient who, after 25 years of infertility, became pregnant at 48 years old. This woman thought that she started menopause and went to the doctors when she was already 9 months pregnant. Unfortunately, she suffered from a whole bunch of diseases, and the child could not be saved during childbirth. - How true is the statement that during the period of menopause and after it a woman loses the ability to experience an orgasm? - Everything is very individual. Of course, intimate relationships during menopause are quite problematic. The mucous membrane of the vagina loses its elasticity, becomes easily vulnerable, sexual intercourse becomes painful and brings a lot of discomfort. The general well-being of women at this age - pressure, sweating, depression - also interfere with experiencing the pleasure of intimacy. But if it is possible to correct well-being with the help of hormone replacement therapy or other methods, the ability to orgasm remains with the woman for many years. There are ladies who have an orgasm in 60-70 years, and their need for men remains rather high.

- And yet, objectively, climax is the sadness of any woman. Not only does the state of health deteriorate, it’s also impossible to look at yourself in a mirror without tears. But after all, some ladies after menopause live for more than a dozen years. What, in your opinion, should support a woman during this period, not give up her hands, not put a cross on herself and her life?

- There is life after menopause, and women should live these years with dignity. If you competently, taking into account the recommendations of a specialist to behave during this period, you can still get a lot of positive emotions from life: from education and communication with grandchildren, and from work, and from various hobbies, and from love. A woman should be well aware that her relatives and relatives do not always run around the clinics and complaining about their sores, but wholesome and cheerful. Because men after 40 also begin their menopause and character changes. In children, especially in transitional age, the mass of their problems. So you need to hope only for yourself. On the wisdom which should come in the stead of youth and beauty.

Interviewed Olga Poklonskaya, photo courtesy of the interlocutor

What is postmenopause?

The postmenopausal period (postmenopausal) is fixed 12 months after the last menstruation, and it lasts about a decade. There is no clear time frame, as well as a strict norm of woman’s age. Individual characteristics and genetics largely determine these indicators.

The main signs of menopause begin to manifest changes in the body associated with a decrease in ovarian function:

  • bouts of fever with increased sweating,
  • mood swings, unstable emotional state,
  • hypertension, headaches and others.

Climacteric syndrome of the initial and final stages are different. In postmenopausal hormonal adjustment ends, and the amount of estrogen in the body becomes fixed small, which affects the work of literally all systems. In rare cases, when a woman’s health is poor, the premenopausal manifestations of menopause remain in the post menopausal period.

Postmenopausal female problems

The postmenapausal period is, first of all, aging. The body at this stage is tired, worn out, the range of its abilities is significantly narrowed, the general state of health worsens. Such female hormones as estradiol, pop and estriol, by the end of menopause becomes less than the male.

Bone, cardiovascular, nervous and excretory systems function normally with a sufficient number of them, respectively, during the postmenopause in their work failures are observed.

Typical problems that await women in post-menopausal period:

  1. The risk of osteoporosis. Due to a decrease in estrogen, bone tissue becomes more fragile. This also explains the frequent bone fractures in women over 60.
  2. The condition of hair, nails and teeth worsens.
  3. Problems of the cardiovascular system. The walls of blood vessels become thin and inelastic, which affects the blood circulation and high blood pressure. Significantly slower metabolism affects the increase in cholesterol, which forms blood clots. The latter in turn can lead to ischemic diseases, angina, arrhythmias of the heart.
  4. Vision falls, hearing gets worse.
  5. Thought processes are slowed down, memory deteriorates.
  6. Unstable emotional state, nervousness, hysteria.
  7. Dry skin. May disturb itching. Warts appear and hairiness on the face and body increases.
  8. A reduced amount of secreted secretions affects their microflora. In conditions of insufficient protective mucus, it is easier to get sexually transmitted infections or inflammatory diseases. Colpitis (vaginitis, inflammation of the mucous membrane of the vagina) and cystitis are frequent companions of women at this time.
  9. The presence of bleeding during menopause at the final stage is a very alarming sign. They indicate a high level of estrogen in the body, which is considered an anomaly at this age. The most common cause of this phenomenon is the development of breast, cervical or ovarian cancer. Any opaque discharge with odor is also dangerous.
  10. Incontinence of urine, which occurs for two reasons: the omission of the pelvic organs and the rapid weight gain.

Post-menopausal syndrome develops in all different ways. It is most pronounced in women who are too thin or too full, who smoke or abuse alcohol, who are physically or emotionally hard working, are experiencing frequent stress.

Recommendations to alleviate the condition

The most important thing a woman can do for herself in the postmenopausal period is to comprehensively improve her lifestyle. To facilitate your condition you need:

  1. Follow age-appropriate diet. This is a kind of healthy balanced diet, the diet of which must include products containing beneficial Omega-acids: red fish, nuts, healthy vegetable oils, flax seeds, sesame, chia. Milk and dairy products, which are indispensable for maintaining the state of bone tissue, are also necessary. To speed up the metabolism, you need to eat fresh fruits and vegetables according to the season, and for the formation of muscle tissue - lean meats, all kinds of sea fish, seafood. Diet includes cereals and whole-grain flour products in limited quantities.
  2. Use an additional source of essential micronutrients. Usually, these are vitamin complexes with calcium and vitamin D. It is recommended that it be used on prescription after a blood test.
  3. Avoid nervous strain, hard work.
  4. Ensure a healthy sleep and full of positive impressions of leisure.
  5. Introduce regular physical activity. Long walking walks, yoga, meditation, breathing exercises, aerobic exercise, if you feel well, will be ideal.
  6. If necessary, use the treatment of hormonal drugs. Gynecologists often prescribe them during menopause. These are estrogen substitutes that can be applied internally or topically. Oral administration of these drugs helps to normalize hormones. External application is effective for eliminating itching in the genital area.

The presence of postmenopausal women's problems should not affect the attitude to life. It continues, and there is a sense to enjoy it, taking up affairs for which previously did not have enough time.

After menopause, life stops?

The most important myth during menopause can be called the fact that, allegedly, after its onset, life stops. In fact, this is not the case, and there are even women 45-54 years old who look better than some ladies at 35. Everything is clear: hormonal changes, pain in many organs and persistent depressions can knock anyone out of a rut. But you need to find the strength in yourself and you should not drive it into your head that when menopause comes, old age comes to the woman.

Many ladies put bans on their own lives: they think that they are old, and therefore they cannot rest as before, they change before our eyes and insist that they can no longer satisfy men in the literal sense.

Women mistakenly believe that after menopause they will no longer be able to have sex. In fact - this is a major misconception, which depends primarily on the lady herself. It is one thing when a woman decides for herself that she does not need intimacy with a man (and this is also a self-affirmation that can quickly pass). It is worth knowing that those women who have sex during menopause endure this stage of their lives more calmly and painlessly.

How to keep healthy?

In order to stay healthy and cheerful after menopause, you need to carefully monitor your body. Many women consider menopause to be a disease, but in reality this is not the case, because menopause is a woman’s hormonal change, but not a diagnosis. The first thing to start with during menopause is to stick to hormone replacement therapy. But before you start it, you need to pass these examinations:

  • Ultrasound of the pelvic organs,
  • oncocytology of the cervix,
  • breast mammography.

In order to avoid many health problems you need to control your weight. Women over 40 should stick to proper nutrition and regularly count calories. In the food should be a lot of products with protein content. During breakfast and dinner you need to eat about the same amount of food. Most need to focus on lunch, as this is the most nutritious meal. In the diet of any woman should be foods with calcium: dairy food. But you should prefer food with only a minimum sugar content.

When you are overweight, you need to lose kilograms gradually. If you quickly "sit down" on a diet, then your body will experience severe stress, and it will be even harder to transfer menopause. It is necessary to remove (gradually) harmful products from the diet, replacing them with healthy food.

After the aging of the skin, metabolic processes are reduced, from which a woman becomes overweight. In order to lose weight, you need to exercise a few minutes a day, eat right and walk in the fresh air.

In connection with frequent illnesses and obvious signs of aging, women often ask their girlfriends in their 50s: is there life after the onset of menopause? Yes, it is, after 50 it is just beginning, so many doctors call this period the second youth.

How to care for your hair?

Hair during menopause undergo major changes and in order to prevent their loss, you need to take good care of them. To preserve the beauty of your hair you need to adhere to the following recommendations:

  • wash your hair no more than 2-3 times a week,
  • use natural devices for combing,
  • make hair masks and use soft care products,
  • Do not comb wet hair,
  • the temperature of the wash water must match the body temperature,
  • eat right,
  • comb your hair only when necessary
  • make masks with homemade ingredients.

What to do with your curls - it is better to ask an experienced trichologist, so as not to harm them completely. After all, not all preparations for the care of the scalp and hair are safe, and some even have a toxic composition.

How to stay beautiful and attractive?

During menopause, every woman's appearance changes. Hormonal spikes cause skin aging and wrinkles appear. But this is not a reason for experiences - you need to continue to take care of yourself, and then youth will be able to extend. The main thing: everything depends on the desire of the woman and the condition of her skin. It is necessary to come to the cosmetologist at this age as often as possible, and regularly take care of the skin of the face.

Many women after menopause do not know what to do to save the old life. In fact, you need to calm down and not worry, and to reduce the painful symptoms you need to be treated with drugs. Attractiveness depends on the desire of women to care for themselves.

Cognitive video on the topic:

Natalia Andrushko

Psychologist, Ecophacilitator, Supervisor Mediator. Specialist from the website

You lived like before menopause, with disease, longing and aging - you didn’t change anything for 30-40 years, so now it’s something. Go to the gynecologist-endocrinologist pick up hormone replacement therapy and live as before, but that is better - without complaining about life

I am 52 years old. The climax was early, at 43 years old, the work of the nerves was nervous, the genetics were so weed, I don’t know. There was a short period of feeling sick - sometimes it was hot. But I didn’t see big changes in my body or in my health. All my life I run and do exercises in the mornings, in the evening I try not to dine, as I have been slim all my life and remain now. I also see no big changes with my face.

And what, without children and grandchildren, is melancholy, disease and aging. O_O.

I have a female friend of 56 years old. She raised her daughter, sent her to study abroad, finally divorced her unfaithful husband and went to her daughter to start a new life. I started to learn the language, registered on a dating site and met the man of my dreams (he is a couple of years older). Now she is married to him and both regret only one thing: why haven't they met before? A woman, by the way, looks great, at 40-45 years old, and this is not only my opinion, many so mistakenly determine her age.

There is life after menopause. Just need to pick up the medication so as not to suffer from it.

. Those who have children and grandchildren Totonypony.

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Of course there is life! First, you can no longer protect yourself :) Children and grandchildren are an amateur; I personally work and travel high in distant countries, because with age there are less momentary spending (a la I want a 157 blouse :)) and salary above due to a lot of work experience. In general, I live and enjoy :)

The mother-in-law accepts hormones, works, goes to have a rest. Her son is one, already grown up, lives for 500 km. In the summer, she is engaged in dacha, repairs are made, and so on. With men she somehow does not add up, she divorced her husband 15 years ago.
The author, life with menopause does not change. All the sores that you had will remain with you. And if you used to waste your life, what will change then?

Life is even after death

Life is even after death

Nonsense! Of course there is! So many opportunities, you do not die in the end) Of course, a terrible state, but when it passes, you feel in yourself some kind of new energy. I want to love my loved ones with double force!
But of course, now self-care is another, you need to take more care of yourself and your internal well-being. I was in these terrible months my husband plagued. In general, and she tormented him. So, closer to the end of the “period”, Neogin's cream acquired itself, and now I can definitely say that I am experiencing a second youth! I have been using the cream for about six months and have completely forgotten how I was embarrassed or finished my own husband. It is well absorbed, smells good and easy to apply. You can live fully and after 50, girls!) And even better)

Climax postoperative was 38 years old. Now 44. Life is in full swing. I mean sexy. with my husband everything is super. No fear of getting pregnant. At first, she also thought that everything, life had stopped. and now it's over. And no pills to drink is not necessary. The main thing is good sex with her husband. This will cure all the tides and different bjaki.

When I learned all the “charms” of menopause, I thought that this was the end of my personal life! Because most of all I was tired of feeling "in shorts". I thought the “entrance” to the man was closed there, sorry for the details, everything was dry and “pulled together”, so that there - it was painful to wear underwear! Then she found out about the miracle in a pink tube - cream "Neogin". He returned me to normal sensations. Fabrics seemed to be saturated with healthy moisture; there is no trace of the former tension. I think personal life begins a new round))

When I learned all the “charms” of menopause, I thought that this was the end of my personal life! Because most of all I was tired of feeling "in shorts". I thought the “entrance” to the man was closed there, sorry for the details, everything was dry and “pulled together”, so that there - it was painful to wear underwear! Then she found out about the miracle in a pink tube - cream "Neogin". He returned me to normal sensations. Fabrics seemed to be saturated with healthy moisture; there is no trace of the former tension. I think personal life begins a new round))

The only thing all this requires is money. You need to take care of yourself with double power. Do not put off sport, appearance care and monthly spending on creams and pills. For two years I let it go. As a result, during these two years I grew old in such a way that I did not recognize myself both mentally and morally. Of course, I get upset, because there are still only 49. But life goes on.

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