Chinese medicinal tampons: the pros and cons of using them


Such a drug is only herbal phytocomplect, they uniquely affect the woman's body. In the modern world, where the female sex is constantly in motion, stress often occurs, and also because of a shortage of time to see a doctor, women are faced with problems of the genitourinary system.

Chinese tampons can be used in the treatment of bleeding, menopause, ovarian cysts and other diseases. This drug reduces the number of pathogenic bacteria and viruses that are found in the female genital tract. With regard to the process of menopause, such candles clearly show significant changes in their use, because the process is almost painless.

The work of tampons is to “podstayvanii” under the hormones of a woman. In addition, there is a big advantage in their use due to the fact that they normalize the vaginal microflora, this also contributes to the intensive process of rejuvenation and self-cleaning of the mucous membrane. If a woman regularly uses Chinese candles for prevention, menopause will come much later than the time set by the biological clock.

In addition, in the body of a woman there is often a struggle with pathogenic bacteria, this is a good factor, which speaks in favor of this drug. For example, chlamydia, which are in the body, they have a destructive effect on the inert system of the hip area. Often, many women do not even realize their presence in their body. The preventive effect of medical swabs minimizes such risks. Also, these tampons are often used for infertility, this drug has helped in this problem several thousand women.

Advantages of medical tampons

These tampons are made in China. The process of making special tampons is based on the ingredients of Chinese medicine and their knowledge of treatment, which has existed for centuries. The ingredients used to prepare tampons were obtained from homeopathic recipes for Tibetan medicines and are a combination of Chinese healers and modern technology.

The ingredients that make up the tampons, normalize the work of the endocrine glands, change the color of the skin, struggle with the manifestations of old age on the skin and pigmentation of any area of ​​the body. They successfully treat diseases of the reproductive system.

The most popular and high-quality are considered tampons Beautiful Life. Numerous studies in laboratories have proven the safety and effectiveness of ingredients used in the process of making tampons.

Manufacturers create therapeutic tampons in sterile conditions, they do not have chemical elements and additives in their composition, they have been the subject of many tests in clinical conditions, with which they were confirmed the safety and non-toxicity of tampons.

Beautiful Life Chinese healing tampons: mechanism of action

It is generally accepted that the dead cells that collect inside the uterus, cervix and vagina, in the presence of warm temperatures and humidity create favorable conditions for the reproduction of several viruses and bacteria. These types of viruses and bacteria can colonize and cause numerous pelvic diseases, such as inflammation of the uterus, cervix, cervical erosion, inflammatory diseases in the pelvic region.

Tampons from the series "Beautiful Life" are used for the prevention and treatment of many diseases. Treatments include diseases such as inflammation of the uterus, cervix and endometrium, cervical erosion and dysplasia, pelvic inflammatory disease, yeast infection and hemorrhoids. Also tampons can treat such diseases as urinary incontinence and cystitis, genital itching.

How to use Chinese medicinal tampons

When buying tampons you need to adhere to all the rules for their use, which writes instructions for use. In principle, all actions are similar to the way girls use ordinary tampons, but there are still some differences. So, first you need to get a tampon with clean hands and unwind the cord. After that, the tampon is inserted into the vagina, and the cord remains outside, while you need to be as relaxed as possible so that the tampon is inserted well. After the correct injection, the tampon will not be felt and should be removed only after three days.

For a better effect, the vagina needs to be doused with a large amount of herbal solution, and the second tampon can be used a day after douching. Sexual intercourse is possible in a few hours (3-4) after removing the tampon and douching.

Reviews of tampons from China

After the fifth tampon, all pains passed, and the analysis again had a good result, almost all infectious diseases passed. After 10 tampons, the examination was good, the cysts disappeared, and the genitals were again healthy. To my initial question about what will be in priority, harm or benefit from tampons, I can say with accuracy that the benefits of them are much greater. "

As it turned out, I was right, the gynecologist at a paid hospital said that it was a waste of time and money, and after using them, only complications could appear. "

What it is

Chinese tampons are a completely natural product, which includes many different medicinal plants. Their action helps women get rid of the mass of urogenital diseases. In addition, such tools are used to prevent a variety of gynecological disorders.

Women's tampons are made according to the recipes of ancient Chinese medicine, because before there was no abundance of drugs, which can now be found in pharmacies. Women enjoyed what nature gave, improving their health. Chinese manufacturers have not forgotten about ancient recipes and still make medicines for them.

Phytotamps - the name that fully reflects the properties of this medicine.

The use of tampons due to their unique composition. For a short time, the useful microflora is restored in the woman's vagina, hormones are normalized. These tampons absorb pathogenic bacteria, dead cells, and also remove harmful toxins. The vegetable components that make up Chinese tampons not only suppress the negative impact of pathogens, but also restore the mucous membrane, heal microcracks and deeper wounds. In addition, they significantly improve blood microcirculation, which contributes to the proper functioning of the reproductive organs.

As a result of the above complex action, the external result from the use of Chinese tampons may also be noticeable. The fair sex normalizes the complexion and skin in general, weakness and fatigue disappear.

Tampons for women are very convenient to use, so they deserved such wide popularity among women of different age categories.

At various women's sites you can find questions: “How long have you been using Chinese tampons and is there any effect”. Among the variety of reviews on this product, the eloquent words of consumers often flash: “I have only been using Chinese tampons for six months. The effect is amazing! ”.

Chinese miracle beautiful life

One of the most popular Chinese tampons are Beautiful Life. They are 100% percent of herbs that grow in ecologically clean areas. Chinese phyto-tampons are therapeutic and prophylactic agents.

The use of a beautiful life recovers various disorders of the menstrual cycle, stops even heavy uterine bleeding, inhibits the growth of polyps and other benign tumors in the uterus. In addition, beautiful life tampons make it possible to cope with small cystic formations of the ovaries, various inflammatory processes of the reproductive organs without systemic drug treatment.

Gynecological tampons are a very effective drug for local use in vaginitis and fungal infections of the vagina.

Method of application and composition

Chinese phyto-tampons Beautiful Life contain the following components:

  • angelica,
  • Clove buds,
  • rhizome of ginseng,
  • turmeric,
  • tanning acacia,
  • camphor,
  • meadow core,
  • lilac,
  • dracaena resin
  • pomegranate bark,
  • myrrh,
  • yellow sophora,
  • incense,
  • safflower.

To prevent various kinds of inflammatory and hormonal diseases, one tampon per month is sufficient. For therapeutic purposes, the therapy is carried out according to a specific scheme. In order for the use to give the desired result, it is important to know how to use Chinese tampons and to act strictly the recommendations enclosed in each package. Of course, the instruction is in Chinese, but the pictures will tell you how to install the tampon inside correctly - there is nothing complicated about it.

So what to do.

  1. Wash hands thoroughly, towel dry.
  2. Open the tampon package.
  3. Straighten the lace that is attached to the tampon.
  4. Take a comfortable posture, relax.
  5. Insert the tampon into the vagina.

Women with vaginal dryness are advised to dip a Chinese tampon literally for 15 seconds in warm, clean water.

Inside the vagina you need to keep a tampon for 3 days. After removing the phyto-tampon, it is imperative to syringe the chamomile decoction. It is better to refrain from soap and other intimate hygiene chemicals.

The antiseptic solution is easy to prepare at home, for this you need 1 liter of water, 1 tablespoon of chamomile and 2 tablespoons of common salt without iodine and other additives. The temperature of the decoction should be 20-35 degrees.

The beautiful life Chinese tampons are reintroduced only a day after the previous one has been removed.

Chinese clean point tampons

Clean Point has similar properties to Beautiful Life's Chinese tampons. Chinese medical tampons of this brand have anti-inflammatory and anti-tumor properties. They reduce pain, have a rejuvenating effect, and also restore the mucous membrane of the genital tract. The possibilities of medicinal herbs in the Chinese tool exceed all expectations and help to cope with many diseases.

Clean point tampons are used for inflammations of appendages, cervical erosion, endometriosis, candidiasis, certain types of infertility, and various neoplasms in the uterus. They are also used to suppress discomfort and pain during menstruation. Regular use of this Chinese remedy has a positive effect on reproductive function and contributes to conception.

Composition and method of application

The beneficial effect of tampons on the female genital organs is due to the rich plant composition:

  • sophora
  • turmeric,
  • ginseng extract
  • myrrh resin
  • carnation
  • Kostis,
  • angelica,
  • roqueburgia
  • incense,
  • acacia.

Before using tampons, you should be familiar with the features of the application and strictly follow the generally accepted rules of personal hygiene.

We can not allow the bacteria to enter the vagina along with the drug.

First you need to thoroughly wash your hands with soap and water. The manufacturer claims that at the factory, when equipped, all units undergo a special laser treatment and come to the consumer exceptionally clean. Only if the package is opened or its integrity is damaged, the safety of the product becomes doubtful.

Before use, it is important to check whether the packaging is not broken, and only then use the product for medicinal purposes.

After the release of the product from the packaging material, it is necessary to separate the thread, which serves to remove the tampon from the vagina. It should be left outside, so that later there are no problems with the removal of the tampon from the vaginal cavity.

Chinese clean point tampons are inserted no deeper to 6-7 cm and kept inside for three days. The staging procedure should take place in a clean place, and it is important for the woman to relax as much as possible so as not to damage the tissues of the genitals. If, due to the dryness of the tampon, it is painful to introduce it or not at all, you can dip the grass ball in warm, not hot water for literally 10 seconds.

If a tampon absorbs too many toxic substances, then after 2 days it can come out by itself. After that, to remove the remains from a tampon, it is necessary to carry out vaginal douching. To do this, usually used broth medicinal chamomile.


Herbal tampons of any brand for medicinal purposes are not used for menstrual flow. Every woman knows about the approach of these days. Approximately 3 days before menstruation, Chinese herbs should be stopped. It is also necessary to begin a course of therapy 3-4 days after the cessation of discharge.

Contraindication to use is also a period of gestation (pregnancy). The medical tampon in its composition contains potent herbs that can be toxic to the fetus. By the way, in the homeland of this drug it is used to interrupt unwanted pregnancy.

Herbal components are able to overcome not only the placental barrier, but also get into the mother's milk, so during lactation, treatment should also be avoided.

Unlike hygiene devices, medicated tampons cannot be used for virgins. Despite the ability of an agent to stop vaginal or uterine bleeding and heal wounds, they are not treated in the period after surgical interventions. Only six months later, you can return to the treatment methods of Chinese medicine.

Contraindications include simultaneous treatment with alcohol. Herbal collection is incompatible with the decay products of alcoholic beverages and can cause significant harm to the health of women.

Some components may cause an allergic reaction.

Any signs of intoxication is a reason to stop treatment. If you experience side effects, you should immediately remove the tampon and contact your doctor.

Wearing a herbal ball intravaginally means giving up sex, sex is possible only after extraction of the agent and careful treatment of the vagina, not earlier than in 3-4 hours.

Popular Chinese tampons, their composition

Everyone knows Chinese traditional medicine and how much progress she has. Moreover, the methods used are different from those that are familiar to us. Chinese tampons - not the official drug, but something like dietary supplements. Buy them at the pharmacy will not work - drugs are available only on the Internet, where they can be ordered on separate sites. The most popular are Chinese tampons Beautiful life and Clean Point.

Beautiful life

The description of Beautiful life tampons provided has the following composition of plants (many of them grow only in China and are unknown to residents of the post-Soviet space):

  • Kushen - normalizes body temperature, is useful in inflammatory processes with fever,

  • calamus draco - improves blood supply and tissue repair locally,
  • Bornei camphor - relieves pain, which is caused by inflammation and swelling of tissues,
  • Kontis Chinese - prevents the reproduction of pathogenic microbes,
  • s-shu - improves blood circulation in tissues, stimulates microcirculation,
  • Cnidium - relieves inflammation and also has a slight diuretic effect,
  • Prutnya paniculata - relieves itching, burning, inflammation, has an antimicrobial effect,
  • Chinese Angelica - normalizes hormones, has an antispasmodic effect and reduces inflammation,
  • spermatichema - part of thanks to a pronounced antimicrobial effect,
  • Aralia Manchu - improves immunity, has anti-inflammatory effect, relieves swelling and tissue spasm,
  • Smilax smooth - has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory action.

The tampons on the packaging indicate that they comply with the parameters for safe use of “GMP”, do not contain chemical additives, are packaged under sterile conditions, and therefore are completely harmless and do not have unpleasant effects from the use, except for individual intolerance.

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Clean point

They have a similar composition, so the indications for use and schemes are also similar. Chinese Clean Point tampons include:

  • pygillic - relieves inflammation, has antimicrobial effect, as well as a slight diuretic, is involved in the normalization of the level of female sex hormones,
  • Sophora - has an analgesic effect, lytic (lowers body temperature), regulates the work of internal endocrine organs,
  • dragon tree resin - has a wound-healing effect, stops bleeding, is indicated for purulent inflammations,
  • contis - has antimicrobial action, antitumor,
  • core - improves blood properties, prevents the formation of blood clots, oxidizes anticonvulsant action, is indicated for fever,
  • Camphor - is known for its anti-inflammatory action, relieves pain and spasms, warms tissues,
  • acacia - affects the site of inflammation, accelerating the healing of tissues, removing swelling,
  • ладан — уничтожает специфических возбудителей половых инфекций, а также условно-патогенных,
  • Myrrh - has antiviral effect, improves blood circulation at the level of the capillary bed,
  • pomegranate - has astringent and tannic properties, which is necessary for wound healing,
  • turmeric - has a bactericidal effect, accelerates epithelization of wounds,
  • Ginseng - improves metabolism, thermoregulation, tissue repair,
  • Clove - has antispasmodic and analgesic effect.

Indications for use

Most often they are recommended for the following diseases:

  • Inflammatory processes in the genitals - cervicitis, colpitis, endometritis, adnexitis. Components of the tool affect both specific and non-specific infectious agents. They will help relieve pain and discomfort associated with inflammation.

  • Erosive lesions of the cervix. Components of tampons enhance tissue regeneration, healing, improve blood flow. All this will help to cure, according to the manufacturers, any ulcerative lesions on the cervix.
  • Violation of the menstrual cycle. Providing a normalizing effect on the hormonal system of women, Chinese tampons are able to regulate menstruation, improve ovulation, and even contribute to the onset of pregnancy.
  • Violation of the vaginal microflora. Also useful tampons for women suffering from vaginosis, candidal colpitis. They will help restore the microflora balance and prevent relapses.
  • Abundant menstruation. Components of tampons have a hemostatic effect, so they will help get rid of long and heavy periods.
  • Polyps of the cervix and body of the uterus. Manufacturers claim that the use of tampons helps self-removal of such tumors.
  • Endometriosis. Chinese tampons can stop the progression of the disease and the occurrence of complications.

Attention to packaging

The instruction to tampons is written in Chinese, the best case - in English, therefore the correct application is an actual topic.

The sequence of actions is as follows:

  1. you need to wash your hands
  2. put a tampon in warm boiled water for a minute, so its introduction will be more comfortable,
  3. choose a comfortable position - squatting, lying down or others,
  4. lay a tampon on the length of a finger (5-7 cm), the wick remains outside,
  5. when properly installed, the woman does not feel it in the vagina, it does not prevent her from leading a normal life,
  6. after extraction it is recommended to wash the vagina with a syringe.

How much to put per day

One swab should not be removed for three days. Two prophylaxis of diseases is usually enough two - in this case, the next must be entered a day after the first is extracted. One pack contains five pieces, but you can order them one by one. In acute conditions, you may need up to 3-5 courses of five tampons.

About indications and rules for the use of phytoamponsBeautiful life, see this video:


Chinese tampons should not be laid in the following cases:

  • three days before critical days and three days after them,
  • not used during pregnancy in virgins,
  • with caution with allergies,
  • with diabetes and hypertension.

The effect of the application

The manufacturer claims that Chinese tampons will help not only improve women's health, but also cure serious diseases. The possible effects of the remedy are as follows:

  • Recuperation. Tampons will help relieve the symptoms of many diseases - pain, discharge, heavy periods, normalize the cycle, help you get pregnant.
  • Preventive effect. It is recommended to use one or two tampons every month to prevent the development of gynecological diseases.
  • Cleansing. For this purpose, three or four tampons are used to restore the vaginal flora in a woman.
  • Cosmetic effect. Pigmented spots, acne and other skin defects may appear due to violations of the female genital organs. Regular use of tampons will help to get beauty.

Is it possible harm

Before using the product, the manufacturer recommends undergoing ultrasound of the pelvic organs and an examination by a gynecologist. If all conditions of use are met, the harm from the product is excluded. However, it is necessary to comply with all contraindications and be approached with common sense to the use of Chinese traditional medicine.

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Herbal tampons have many controversial reviews. It should also be borne in mind that they can only be purchased on the Internet, but not in a regular retail pharmacy chain. If there are complaints, it is better to undergo a comprehensive examination and establish the true causes of complaints.

Useful video

About the effectiveness of the use of phytoampons Beautiful life and Clean Point, see in this video:

Apply honey tampons in gynecology a long time ago. Their effect is positive in many diseases, inflammation. There are several basic recipes depending on the pathology.

If salpingo-oophoritis is diagnosed, antibiotic treatment is the only correct one. However, most often the scheme includes the use of several antibiotics, immunotherapy. In some cases, only surgery will help.

There is acute vaginitis, even in young girls. Symptoms of specific or non-specific bacterial vaginitis manifest discomfort, itching, and discharge. Treatment involves the use of suppositories, antibiotics.

Cystoscopy is performed in women with suspected inflammation of the bladder, its walls and other problems. The survey also shows the size of the lesion in a tumor, its structure. Training is conducted by both women and medical personnel. Does it hurt to do it? Rather unpleasant. The consequences are usually minimal.