When do menstruation begin in girls?


Description: The first monthly in girls is an important and very significant event. It is difficult to describe the feelings that you will experience with it. During the first menstruation, the teenager will be faced with strange and new sensations. Perhaps thousands of thoughts can spin in your head at the same time, but you have nothing to fear. On the contrary, it will be reasonable to consider: “When my monthly period goes, I will become a truly adult.” Take this test and find out when this unpredictable event will happen!

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When should menstruation begin in girls?

Usually, menstruation in adolescent girls begins at 12-14 years of age. However, all children have a different physiology, and someone may have menstruation earlier, and someone else may begin later. A variant of the beginning rate of the first menstrual discharge is the age range from 10 to 16 years. If your daughter's periods started too early, or they are still not at the age of 17-18, this is a reason to visit a gynecologist.

The first menstruation usually lasts about 3-5 days. In some cases, critical days may be slightly delayed, but the discharge should not last more than a week. Most often, the first menstrual periods are not abundant, but they still give the girl a lot of discomfort.

The following periods can begin after 28-30 days. However, in most cases in young girls the cycle remains irregular for a long time, and the interval between bleeding can be up to 6 months. Gradually, the girl's menstrual cycle should be reduced, approaching the ideal "lunar" value - 28 days. If after two years after the start of the first menstrual period, the cycle has not yet returned to normal, the girl should consult with a doctor.

How to understand when the girl begins to have her period?

Determine the time when girls begin their periods, you can on the following grounds:

  1. The very first signs of puberty daughter, you will be able to notice a few years before the onset of the first menstruation. The girl’s figure becomes more feminine and rounded, and the sebaceous and sweat glands begin to work in full force. Most teenagers have acne at this age.
  2. A few months before the onset of the first menstrual period, the nature of the vaginal discharge changes in girls. Most often, mothers notice abundant whites on their panties, who have no foreign smell. Also, the discharge can be viscous and transparent. If you notice a yellowish discharge on the baby’s underwear with an unpleasant smell, this is a reason to consult a doctor. Perhaps they indicate the presence of any infectious diseases of the genitourinary system.
  3. Finally, one or two weeks before the menstruation is approaching, the girl may feel such changes in her condition as frequent mood changes, discomfort in the abdomen, weakness and indisposition, headache and dizziness, vomiting and nausea.

Test for girls "When will the first menstruation begin?"

Today, on popular Internet sites, as well as in various women's magazines, you can find a test for determining the time when girls start their period. The result of such tests is most often based on the girl's answers to questions such as:

  1. How old are you full years?
  2. At what age did your mom start your period?
  3. What is your weight and height?
  4. How long have you started to increase chest?
  5. Do you have pubic and armpit hair?
  6. Did you notice white discharge on your panties?

Such tests are fairly accurate, but do not forget that each person is different, and the time when a girl begins her first menstrual periods depends on many factors.

Get ready

Monthly you go very soon carry a gasket.

"When will I have my first periods?" This is a sore point for most girls. The answer is as individual as every girl. Menstruation changes a lot in your life, so we understand that you want to get as much information about them as possible.

Maybe you are excited to get your period, because you feel that this is a rite of passage - in other words, it makes you see yourself as a woman, and you are more than ready for it. Or maybe it seems scary to you, and you are a little worried about what will happen to your body.

Maybe you see your periods as one more thing that you have to deal with in your daily life, and you want to know all the details. Or, maybe, you have not thought about menstruation, but as the inevitable event of the first month approaches, you want to know what to expect and be ready.

When will my first periods go

The process of growing up of girls is closely related to puberty, in particular, with the onset of the first menstruation. This event is of great importance not only in terms of changes in physiology, but also in terms of influence on the inner world of the future woman. Having passed the test for girls, when the first periods begin, you will be able to understand whether you should expect them in the near future or your body has not formed enough yet and you need to wait a bit.

A woman's body can develop at different speeds, so someone has a reguly in 10-11 years old, and someone in 14-15 and more at an older age. How many years this happens to you is influenced by the following factors:

  • heredity (if your mom, sister, and aunts have red calendar days for the first time at 11-12 years old, then you are most likely to expect the same),
  • diet and weight,
  • hormones and general well-being,
  • psycho-emotional state
  • physical exertion - as a rule, in female athletes puberty comes later.

Who should pass the test, when will the first menstruation?

Changes in the body and mind that occur during the hormonal adjustment period are often scary, and menstruation, if its beginning becomes a surprise, can be very scary. To avoid this, answer a few simple questions to find out right now the approximate time of its occurrence.

A quick test, when your first periods start, should also be passed if:

  • there are suspicions that this will happen very soon,
  • I want to know in advance, not to be in an awkward situation,
  • I wonder how long to wait for the transition to the next stage of maturation,
  • you think they should have started already, but this is not happening.

The easiest way to find out when your monthly period will be for the first time.

Any young lady is interested in what month a significant event will take place, especially if someone has already had 1 regulator. There are different ways to get the necessary information, for example, you can go with your mother to the doctor or read articles on the Internet, but it is much easier and more fun to go through a virtual check on our site. To complete tasks and find out how soon “X” will come, you do not need to register or spend money - our service is absolutely free and available around the clock.

Naturally, not a single online test for girls, when the first menstruations begin, will not give an absolute result and will not say that, let's say, everything happens on such a day. But even knowing the approximate time will allow you to mentally prepare and stock up, just in case, with personal hygiene products. Our testing is compiled by professionals, therefore it gives the most accurate answer to your question as far as possible. To learn it, just click the "Start" button!


It is believed that menstruation is normal, which can last from 3 to 10 days, which also depends on the characteristics of the girl's body. For the first time, excretions may be scanty and last only 1-2 days. Do not be upset, because in the next cycle, menstrual bleeding will be full.

Very often, the first few months, the menstrual cycle is quite unstable and it can take a whole year to form, and the interval between bleeding can be from 21 days to 12 weeks. It is believed that at the beginning of stabilization this is the norm.

In the first few months it is very difficult to determine the duration of the girl's menstrual cycle. Its formation occurs over 24 months. Also the duration of bleeding and the break between them can be different.

For a more accurate record of the cycle, you need to have a calendar and mark the beginning and end of menstruation in it. This will help the doctor, if necessary, correct the patient's hormonal state and determine whether to use any medications. Also, an inexperienced young lady with a calendar will help to stock up on time with all the necessary hygiene products that will protect her from unforeseen situations.

To date, the Internet can find a sufficient amount of information about possible tests for girls, which will help to slightly lift the veil of the time when the first menstruation begins.

The basis of different tests include special questions that describe the state preceding menstruation. This is what is basically asked:

  • Age of the girl.
  • When menstruation started at mom and grandmother.
  • Grew and weight.
  • When the active growth of the breast began.
  • Do hair growth in the area under the mouse and pubis.
  • Does any kind of vaginal discharge occur?

The gynecologist analyzes the girl's responses and can make a forecast about the possible period of the onset of menstruation.

It is important to understand that each person is special and the beginning of the menstrual cycle can not be all at the same age. Mom should also be involved in the life of her daughter and talk with her about the formation of her as a woman. This will allow the young lady to be mentally prepared for new changes and not afraid of them. A girl should understand that menstruation is a necessary and inevitable process, which indicates that she can have children.

Mom is also obliged to explain the basic rules of hygiene during this period and tell about the possible occurrence of pregnancy and methods of contraception.

Test for girls on the appearance of the first menstrual period.

Experts have developed simple tests for girls that help determine when the first menstruations begin. If a girl asks when I should start my first period, you should start by answering the following:

  • How old are you?
  • Does your chest grow?
  • Have hair appeared in armpits and pubic hair?
  • Have you noticed transparent or whitish vaginal discharge?
  • Do you feel frequent mood swings?

If the test is passed by a girl of about 12 years old, and all questions are answered positively, then, most likely, the first periods will not take long to wait. You need to prepare for this event, carry a sanitary pad with you, so as not to get lost at the crucial moment.

Usually a couple of years before the onset of menstruation, the hormone estrogen begins to activate. Under his influence, the uterus grows, the mammary glands, the pelvis expands, and the waist appears. The girl’s figure begins to take on a feminine shape. Already from this time should prepare for the onset of menstruation.

Signs of the first monthly

As a rule, menstruation is accompanied by certain discomfort. The first periods in girls are no exception, so it is very important to warn about possible symptoms:

  1. In the lower abdomen there is a nagging pain and a feeling of fullness.
  2. Frequent change of mood is a harbinger of the first menstruation.
  3. The stomach may swell.
  4. Increased sensitivity of swollen mammary glands.
  5. A sign of approaching menstruation may be headache and weakness.
  6. Spotting from the vagina.

The first menstruation is a very crucial moment in the life of every girl. Moms should prepare them for this event, explain why this is happening, tell about the features of personal hygiene these days and how to properly use sanitary pads.

What should look like first monthly

Menstruation is manifested by bloody vaginal discharge, which should be dark red or brown. The first periods are not characterized by increased intensity, but there are exceptions. Girls who first encounter a similar phenomenon may be frightened, but this is a normal manifestation of the first menstrual periods. The volume of discharge sometimes reaches 150 ml, which is not dangerous if the girl's state of health remains within the normal range. But if at the plentiful bleeding the head is turned, the face turns pale, there is a fainting state, it is necessary to see a doctor immediately.

What to do if the first menstrual periods began

If the girl already knows that she will soon expect significant changes in her life and some of the inconveniences associated with this, she should look after her well-being. Before the onset of the first menstrual period, there is a pulling pain in the lower abdomen, a change of mood, swelling of the chest, the appearance of a whiter on underwear.

All these signs indicate that you need to be ready for menstruation at any time, to carry a pad and a change of underwear. What to do if the monthly went for the first time?

  1. No need to panic, this is completely normal.
  2. First of all, it is necessary to leave the toilet, change the underwear and attach the pad to clean panties.
  3. If suddenly there was no padding at hand, you can put toilet paper folded several times into the panties. In the school in the nurse's office there will most certainly be hygiene products, so you should contact her for help.
  4. During the first menses, you may experience discomfort in the lower abdomen, which is difficult to tolerate. In this case, there should always be means to eliminate the pain symptoms.
  5. You can attach a heating pad to the stomach with cold water. This will soothe the pain and reduce the intensity of menstruation. You need to be very careful not to overcool the internal organs.
  6. If suddenly critical days overtook you suddenly, and a brown stain appeared on your clothes, you can tie a sweater on your belt to hide the trouble, and at home take traces of blood with cold water.

How long does menstruation last?

As a rule, the first periods go from 3 to 5 days. But due to the unstable initial cycle this period may be different. However, exceeding the weekly period can speak about pathology or hormonal disorders, so you should consult a doctor. The next menstruation should ideally begin in 28–30 days, but in the early stages of the formation of the cycle it is rare that such accuracy occurs.

Regardless of the age at which the first menstruation began, the cycle may be unstable for another year: menstruations either linger or arrive earlier than the expected time. Such hormonal behavior is considered normal at first, since the normal cycle setting occurs. But if after 2 years the menstrual cycle has not stabilized, you should consult a doctor and get tested for sex hormones.

Hygiene products for girls with monthly

There are various hygiene products that women use during their periods. But not all of them are suitable for girls during their first critical days.

Sanitary pads are the best for girls. They have a special adhesive surface that should be glued to the underwear. Soft smooth surface in contact with the body and absorbs all secretions. Gaskets come in different sizes, depending on how much liquid they can absorb. Usually the number of droplets shown on the package indicates how much discharge they are able to absorb.

The gasket must be changed at least every 3-4 hours, even if it has not yet been completely soaked. Blood is a breeding ground for pathogens that can cause inflammation.

More attention should be paid to personal hygiene. It is advisable to clean the external genitals from menstrual blood after each change of the gasket. This should be done very carefully so as not to damage the mucous membrane.

There are special pads for night time. They are characterized by large size and ability to absorb a lot of liquid. They can be used in order to avoid night flow.

Theoretically, from the first menstrual period you can allow the use of tampons. But for a girl, it is better to first learn how to use simpler means, such as pads. It is possible to use tampons during the first menstruation only the smallest sizes, change at least every 3-4 hours. If prolonged wearing of a panty liner can lead to the multiplication of pathogenic microbes, then a tampon, while in a warm, moist environment, contributes to the development of bacterial diseases even more.

Opinion gynecologists

Doctors claim that the tests that determine the beginning of the first menstruation are conditional. It all depends on the individual characteristics. Наследственные факторы, питание, образ жизни, перенесенные гинекологические заболевания – все это может существенно повлиять на формирование цикла девочки.Often, the first critical days occur earlier for those who play sports or are overweight, at the same time as girls of asthenic physique have been waiting for their periods longer.

The cause of premature menstruation, when they come at age 8, may be hormonal disruption, thyroid disease, disruption of the ovaries, adrenal glands, pituitary. At the same time, if by the age of 15 the girl did not yet have “these days”, this is a cause for anxiety, since such a phenomenon may indicate pathologies and delayed sexual development. In both cases, the predisposing factor may be a genetic predisposition, so in order to know for sure, you should consult a gynecologist who can help identify the problem and tell you how to solve it.

It is very important that there be support during this period. Mom should warn her growing up daughter about what should happen to her and what should be done. You should also teach the girl to monitor hygiene and monitor well-being. As for special hygiene products, doctors recommend using gaskets to start. Although many experts do not see obstacles to the use of tampons at such a young age, the gaskets will still be more reliable. For confidence, you can use pads with a greater ability to absorb, while tampons should be the smallest.

Growing up girls - responsible process. It is important to properly prepare her for this event, because when confronted with menstruation for the first time, the girl may be afraid of bleeding. It is necessary to explain to her that this process is connected with the main female ability - to bear and give birth to a child. Do not be shy to ask advice from your mother or older girlfriends, because menstruation is a natural process and every woman is going through it. Tests to determine the first menstruation may suggest an approximate beginning, but much depends on individual factors. You should learn to listen to your body, which gives clear clues, and in case of any deviations, immediately consult a doctor.

When girls start their periods and how they look

The beginning of menstruation indicates the maturation of the body of the girl and the possibility of conceiving a child. In most adolescents, menarche occurs at 11–14 years. Too early or late menstruation can be caused by impaired physical development, congenital abnormalities, concomitant chronic diseases.

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Physiological processes

Menarche - what is it when girls start first menstruation, what precedes this? 2-3 years before the onset of menstruation, the uterus begins to grow under the influence of the estrogen hormone, the mammary glands, the pelvis becomes wider, and the waist appears. The secondary sexual characteristics also include hair growth in the pubic and axillary areas, white vaginal discharge. The sebaceous glands begin to work more actively, which causes acne, seborrhea. These are harbingers of menarche in girls.

Gradually, the uterus increases, blood supply to its inner surface (endometrium) improves. Hormonal effects cause monthly cyclic transformations of the mucous membrane. There is a rejection of functional cells that go along with the blood, in their place new ones are formed. After this, the restoration and growth of a new layer of the endometrium begins.

Start of menstruation

When the monthly period of girls begins, at what age does this occur? Menarche appears after the development of secondary sexual characteristics, most often it occurs in 12-14 years, but there may be deviations up or down.

When the monthly period starts, it depends on the hereditary predisposition, comorbidities, hormonal background, degree of physical development, nutrition, mass of body fat. In adolescents with asthenic physique, with a delay in development, suffering from congenital diseases, menstruation comes in 14-16 years.

The main signs of the first menstrual period in girls:

  • aching pain in the lower abdomen,
  • frequent mood swings, tearfulness, irritability,
  • poor appetite
  • slight swelling of the abdomen
  • swelling of the mammary glands,
  • headache,
  • bleeding from the vagina.

Before the menstruation should begin, the mother tells the girl about the first symptoms, and what should happen, learns to use the pads, and explains the features of personal hygiene during this period. Watching the story of my first menses on YouTube can help you.

Features of menstruation in girls

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How are the first periods in girls, how long do they last? Menarche often go 3-5 days, but blood loss is allowed up to 7 days. For the first time, menstruation is usually abundant, there may be delays or premature discharge next month, this is normal. The menstrual cycle is normalized a year or two after the menarche, puberty is completely over by 15-17 years. On the first and second day, the monthly ones are most intense, then the intensity of discharge gradually decreases.

What do monthly periods look like, how do you know about their beginning? A characteristic symptom is the appearance of blood in underwear. The color of the discharge may be dark red or brownish. Monthly for the first time come abundant, but in adolescents, this process can proceed individually. On average, it is allocated up to 150 ml of blood for the entire period of critical days.

If the symptoms of menstruation in girls appear too intense pain, general deterioration of health, there are delays of more than 3 months, blood loss lasts longer than 7 days or less than three, there is an unpleasant smell, you should consult a doctor. Such symptoms indicate a disruption of the ovaries, hormones, the presence of inflammatory diseases of the reproductive organs.

Early Menarche

What time do menstruation begin in girls, why do menarche come at age ten? In some cases, bleeding appears much earlier than expected and can go to 8-10 years. Such girls have an early development of secondary sexual characteristics, they are significantly ahead of their peers.

Monthly in 10 years and earlier can be caused by the following reasons:

  • thyroid disease,
  • excessive estrogen production
  • dysfunction of adrenal glands, ovaries,
  • diseases of the pituitary gland: tumor, trauma, infection,
  • obesity,
  • heat in summer months
  • adverse social conditions of life.

If the first menstrual periods in girls begin at 10 years of age or earlier, you should contact a pediatric gynecologist. In some cases, the cause may be a genetic predisposition, and this does not apply to pathology. But for an accurate diagnosis, it is necessary to conduct an examination by a doctor.

Late menstruation

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When do menstruations begin, why do girls over 14 have no menstruation? Delay menarche cause illness, chronic illnesses, hormonal imbalance, insufficient amount of fatty tissue, ovarian dysfunction. Adolescents who do not have menstruation at the age of 14 usually lag behind their peers in development, have a thin build, secondary sexual signs are absent or appear with a lag. The girl is similar in stature to the boy, the chest does not grow, the pelvis does not expand.

Often, adolescents ask the question: why I do not have monthly? Reasons why the first menstruation in girls may be too late:

  • heart defects,
  • diabetes,
  • hypothyroidism, thyrotoxicosis,
  • congenital pathologies of the thyroid gland,
  • genetic predisposition

  • chronic diseases of the lungs, liver,
  • Schweer syndrome,
  • Ulrich Turner syndrome
  • gonadotropin deficiency,
  • congenital anomalies of the genital organs,
  • treatment with hormonal drugs.

The late periods of the girl can be provoked by stress, climate change, unbalanced nutrition. The main signs of delayed maturation include the absence of secondary sexual characteristics up to 12 years and menstruation up to 15 years.

Monthly Test

When will the first menstruation begin, how can this be determined? To find out at what time menarche should appear, you need to pass a monthly test.

Answer questions:

  • How many years?
  • Is there hair in the armpits and in the pubic area?
  • When did the mammary glands begin to grow?
  • How tall is a girl?
  • How much does a teenager weigh?
  • Is there white discharge from the vagina?

If the majority of answers are positive, the girl’s age is eleven - fourteen years old, the body weight is 40–45 kg, then in the near future menstruation should come. If the breast began to grow more than 2 years ago, the hair on the genitals has long appeared and menstruation does not begin, it is necessary to consult a doctor. Monthly at 11 years is a normal indicator of the development of the girl.

Real stories of the first menses

On the Internet there is a YouTube-channel “The History of My First Months” On this portal, girls of different ages tell how their periods began, share their experiences and give advice to those who are faced with a problem and do not know what to do.

The teenage channel “The History of My First Months” has many subscribers and millions of views. It discusses possible menstrual irregularities in girls, the causes of early or late menstrual periods, possible delays, etc. On the channel “The Story of My First Months” the real life events are told.

What is menarche, how much should they begin, and what symptoms should appear? Such questions arise for every girl in her teens. To start the menstrual cycle did not come as a surprise and did not cause fear in the child, mothers should explain in advance what happens during menstruation and how to perform hygienic procedures.

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When do menstruation begin in girls?

Each mother of a young princess is concerned about the question of when her daughter will begin the first periods. Usually it is on my mother's shoulders that it is necessary to tell her daughter about the physiological features of the female sex, and also to explain what is menstruation and how it proceeds.

In this article we will tell you about when menstruation begins most often in girls, and on what grounds you can suspect their imminent onset.

How to know when the first menstruation begins

The waiting period of the first menses is rather strange. On the one hand, you can worry and look forward to the onset of "these days", but on the other hand, you can be terribly nervous or even afraid, not knowing what to prepare for. The best way to relieve stress and allay your doubts is to find out what to expect from menstruation and how to behave. But above all, it will help you figure out the approximate time of the onset of critical days. If you want to learn more about the signs of approaching menstruation, this article is for you.


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When and how do menstruation begin

Statistics show that modern girls have menstrual periods much earlier than previous generations. Now it is considered the norm, if the first menstrual discharge in girls appears from 11 to 15 years. When menstruation begins earlier than 10 years, we can talk about the early development and maturation of the girl. If the delay in menstruation lasts up to 16 years, this means that the teenager is lagging behind in sexual development.

The arrival of the first menstruation depends on how physically developed the girl is, on hereditary predisposition, balanced nutrition, region of residence, as well as illnesses suffered in childhood. The appearance of early menarche can be triggered by hormonal disruption, excessive physical exertion for the children's body, as well as a lack of nutrients. There are cases when the first menstruation in girls appears in 18-19 years. Of course, this situation should be discussed with the gynecologist. Sometimes the doctor recommends hormone therapy, since the reasons for this long-term delay are the following factors:

  • insufficient development of the ovaries,
  • failure of the pituitary gland,
  • hormonal disorders,
  • emotional and mental disorders
  • other reasons of an individual nature.

There are some signs that allow you to recognize the approximation of the first menstruation. The physical condition and emotional mood of the girl changes noticeably. The most visible signs of this process are the following:

  • physical changes occurring in the girl's body. The figure becomes more feminine and rounded,
  • lower abdominal pain
  • thickening of the pubic hair and armpit hair,
  • slightly increased external genitalia,
  • activation of sweat and sebaceous glands. It leads to excessive sweating of the child, to the appearance of acne on the face, chest and back,
  • the appearance of dandruff, which the child did not have before. Hair roots quickly become more dirty and greasy,
  • headaches,
  • mood swings, touchiness and tearfulness,
  • constant feeling of tiredness and indifference, aggressive behavior without a reason.

And although information about what critical days can be obtained from the Internet, the main role in familiarizing the girl with the upcoming changes in the body should belong to her mother.Therefore, it is important to maintain a trusting relationship so that a teenage girl can always turn to her native person on issues of interest to her.

What you need to know and what you need to take care

For the first menstruation to pass for the girl most safely, the mother must be prepared for the event as much as possible. What needs to be done:

  1. Purchase special sanitary pads for teens. They are more convenient and comfortable for use at this age. Tampons that can be used without harm to the hymen from the very first menstruation are also available. However, the opinion of gynecologists at the expense of using tampons at such an early age is ambiguous.
  2. Have in the first-aid kit spare painkillers that can be used to eliminate the painful sensations in a child.
  3. Have a little conversation with the girl about the importance of maintaining hygiene. When the monthly period should begin with 100% probability no one can predict, but by explaining to the girl in advance about the possible negative consequences of poor hygiene, reproduction of pathogenic microorganisms and the development of the inflammatory process can be avoided.
  4. Buy a special women's calendar or install an application in your phone that records the beginning and end of critical days. And although the installation of the cycle takes about a year or even more, it is necessary to learn to celebrate the days of the beginning and end of menstruation now.

During the first monthly use of gaskets is more preferable than tampons, since in this case it is possible to observe the first discharge of blood, their color, texture and smell.

A test to determine the age at which menstruation begins

For a teenage girl, before the onset of menstruation, blood was a sign of injury or injury. Therefore, you should prepare a child in advance and explain approximately the mechanism of the occurrence of bleeding.

A small test, when the first menstrual periods begin in girls, will help determine how much the child’s body is ready for further maturation. So, it is necessary to answer the following questions:

  1. How old are a girl? In most cases, menstruation starts at 11-14 years. If the girl has reached the specified age, you should talk to the child and explain what changes occur in her body.
  2. At what age were the first menstruation discharge from her mother? As a rule, the period of the onset of menstruation at the mother and daughter coincide.
  3. Are there hairs in the pubic area and armpits? These signs of approaching menstruation may occur several years before the onset of menstruation.
  4. When did the chest begin to grow and form? A slight swelling or an increase in the size of the mammary glands also occurs 1-2 years before the first menstruation.
  5. Are there white highlights? Approximately six months before the first menstruation, leucorrhoea (special physiological secretions) begin to stand out from the vagina. The color of the discharge is yellowish or almost transparent with a sour smell.

Alternately, answering the above questions, you can roughly understand when the menses should begin. This process depends on the characteristics of the girl's body. Therefore, if there is a slight delay in the first menstruation, do not worry and worry. Perhaps the child’s body needs time, and then everything will happen naturally.

Contraception after the onset of menstruation

It is impossible to predict the age of the girls for how many years, but talking about contraceptive methods should not be postponed. The onset of menstruation does not mean that the body is ready to bear the child. This process suggests that conception can now occur. Despite the fact that a conversation on such a sensitive topic may cause some discomfort and embarrassment to the mother, it should take place.

With the onset of menstruation, if a teenage girl has intercourse without contraceptives, she can become pregnant. But it is impossible to endure a healthy child without harming your own body at such a young age. Therefore, it is necessary to take care of the safety of the girl by visiting a gynecologist's consultation, which will help you choose the most appropriate contraceptive devices (condoms, hormones).

Discussion of issues relating to sexual contacts does not mean at all that a girl or girl can have an intimate relationship from now on. The choice of partners should be treated very responsibly, which should also be explained to a maturing girl.

Folk remedies to eliminate pain

When menstruation occurs in very young girls, the question arises how to reduce pain without the use of potent analgesics and antispasmodics (tempalgin, no-spa, solpadein). If you ask for help to popular methods, then the most effective painkillers are:

  1. Root devyasila. One teaspoon of the root is brewed with boiling water and left to infuse for 1 hour. It is recommended to drink 1 tablespoon 3 times a day.
  2. Infusion of horsetail. Take 3 times a day until the pain disappears.
  3. Celery root. 2 tablespoons of the root pour a glass of clean and cold water. Insist two hours, after which it is necessary to strain the mixture and drink 1/3 cup 3 times a day.
  4. One tablespoon of grass knotweed, centaury, Potentilla goose, horsetail enough to insist 1 hour. The resulting infusion is taken to eliminate the pain by one small sip throughout the day.
  5. An infusion of strawberry leaves or raspberries. Wild berries are known for their healing properties, so they will make an excellent painkiller.

At what age girls start menstruation and how strong the pain will be, depends largely on the genetic predisposition. For example, if the mother had severe pain during the first menstruation, nausea and fatigue, most likely, the maturing daughter is also waiting.