Qing Gong tampons - application


Reviews on Chinese tampons can be found on every forum where nontraditional treatment of female diseases is discussed. A universal remedy treats inflammation, cystitis, infertility, venereal diseases, thrush, vaginitis and much more. As part of a large number of herbal extracts, extracts, oils. The drugs have practically no contraindications, the therapeutic effect is noticeable after 1-4 weeks.

Clean Point Point

Means for therapy, prevention of gynecological diseases.


  • cystitis,
  • colpit,
  • cervical erosion,
  • dysbacteriosis,
  • polyps
  • thrush,
  • vaginitis
  • cyst,
  • venereal diseases,
  • infertility,
  • violation of the menstrual cycle,
  • endometriosis,
  • myoma,
  • crayfish.

Externally, the tampon is presented in the form of a tulip - a round ball with a string. Inside is a healing potion. Each is placed in individual vacuum packaging.

In the composition of the funds:

  • camphor,
  • lilac,
  • ginseng,
  • strut
  • acacia,
  • dragon tree resin
  • myrrh.

The action of the tampon is aimed at removing dead cells, toxins that have accumulated on the vaginal mucosa. Due to this, the vaginal microflora is normalized, inflammatory processes stop. Wedge Point herbal tampons strengthen local immunity, contribute to the normalization of the monthly cycle.

The instruction is extremely simple. Insert a tampon, leave inside for 3 days. Remove, douche chamomile, injected new every other day. So 6 times. For the prevention of diseases it is recommended to use only 1 tampon per month. Contraindication is the presence of individual intolerance to the components, do not apply during pregnancy, feeding, during menstruation.

It is possible to order Wedge Point tampons on websites via the Internet from intermediaries, as well as directly from China. The cost of one on average 60 rubles.

Beautiful life

Chinese medical tampons Beauty Life are used for the treatment and prevention of gynecological diseases. Represent a small ball, inside which are medicinal ingredients. Indications for use are identical to previous products. It is prohibited during pregnancy, feeding, menstruation, in the presence of an allergic reaction to the components. You can not insert 7 days before menstruation, within 3 days after their completion.

Healing tampons Beautiful Life for women have anti-inflammatory properties, antiseptic, antifungal, antibacterial, regenerating, cleansing. Means normalizes microflora, removes toxins, harmful microorganisms.

Composed of:

  • Sophora root,
  • angels or angelica,
  • lilac,
  • camphor,
  • acacia,
  • incense,
  • core,
  • pomegranate bark,
  • myrrh,
  • safflower.

The course of treatment with herbal tampons depends on the disease. Minimum - 6 pieces, maximum - 36. Instructions for use - insert a tampon for 3 days, remove, carry out douching with chamomile decoction, after 24 hours insert a new one.

Order via the Internet. The cost of packaging of 15 pieces is 1190 rubles. on the stock. Without it, 2300 rubles. Delivery in any convenient way.

Guifei Bao

Tampons for women are used for prophylactic purposes, the treatment of various pathologies. The indication is:

  • cystitis,
  • colpit,
  • myoma,
  • endometriosis,
  • crayfish,
  • polyps
  • cyst,
  • cervical erosion,
  • venereal diseases,
  • vaginitis
  • premenstrual syndrome,
  • thrush,
  • infertility,
  • cycle violation
  • urinary incontinence.

The action of the vaginal balls is aimed at cleansing the mucous membranes, eliminating bacteria and toxins. After this, the microflora, secretions, menstrual cycle normalizes, the probability of conception increases.

Active composition:

  • rhubarb root
  • Japanese gircha,
  • alum,
  • borneol
  • acacia,
  • thistle,
  • sophora
  • borax
  • dragon tree extract.

Application instructions are similar. A full course of treatment is 6 tampons, for prevention use 1 per month. The main contraindication is individual intolerance to the components. Order Chinese vaginal balls Guyfei Bao via the Internet on the site. Package price with 6 pcs. 2099 rub.

Tampons qing gong

Produced by Hepines based on natural ingredients. Indications for use are similar to the previous tool. It consists of Chinese medicinal herbs with anti-inflammatory, disinfecting, stimulating, regenerating, rejuvenating, antipruritic effect. Herbs normalize microcirculation of blood, vaginal microflora, menstrual cycle.


  • kushen,
  • calamus draco
  • bin pien,
  • Kontis Chinese,
  • acacia,
  • shi chuan tzu.

Application instructions are similar. Order Qing Gong tampons via the Internet. Packing cost from 6 pieces. 700 rub.

Tampons Fubaoning (Fubaoning)

The action is aimed at eliminating inflammatory processes in the vagina, uterus. Phyto-tampons have a soothing, disinfecting, antipruritic, anti-edematous, antipyretic, regenerating, rejuvenating property. Indications for use are gynecological diseases, menstrual disorders, infertility, vaginitis, candidiasis, myoma, endometriosis.


  • sophora
  • Monier root,
  • Scolopendra hood,
  • borneol
  • evkommiya.

A full course of therapy consists of 6 tampons, if necessary, prolong. For prophylaxis, insert 1 for 3 days, then douching chamomile decoction. Contraindicated in pregnancy, feeding, menstruation. Do not use virgins. The main contraindication is individual intolerance.

There are healing tampons on sites of 1400 rubles. per pack of 6 pieces.

Instructions for use of Chinese tampons

Before use, remove the vaginal ball from the packaging. Wash hands, perform a wash procedure. Insert the tampon to a depth of 7 cm. Straighten the thread. Leave for 3 days. During therapy, it is forbidden to have sex. At the expiration of time, remove the tool by pulling the thread. Syringed chamomile decoction. After 24 hours, insert a new ball. A full course of treatment consists of 6 tampons. With the preventive purpose use only 1.

A photo of what comes out after using medical tampons is presented below.

Recommendations for use

In order not to harm health, to obtain the desired result, it is necessary to follow certain rules.

  • It is forbidden to use the tool for 7 days before menstruation. Otherwise, bleeding may begin.
  • Do not use 3 days after completion of menstruation.
  • You should not put a tampon in the second half of the cycle if pregnancy is planned. Otherwise, it may break.
  • Direct contraindication is an allergic reaction to the components. It is manifested by local irritation, itching, burning, swelling, rashes.
  • Do not appoint virgins, pregnant, nursing.
  • In the presence of gynecological diseases, Chinese products are used together with medicines. Before active use, you need to consult with a specialist.

After the introduction of the tampon painful symptoms may increase, itching, burning. This is as it should be, since the active components fight against the pathological microflora. If all this is not, then everything is in order. After using the vaginal ball can go mucus, lumps, pieces, bloody discharge. This indicates that there is a pathology, a means all the muck pulls on itself. It is necessary to continue therapy until all this happens. Get information with reviews of Chinese tampons, you can get on the forums, sites where products are sold.

Opinion of medical specialists

Reviews of gynecologists regarding Chinese products diverge. In fairness, it should be noted that much more negative. Doubt is caused not so much by the composition of the unconventional drug, as by the instructions for use. Some experts recommend the use of tampons for those who want to get pregnant, as well as get rid of chronic diseases, making some amendments to the instructions.

Elena Dmitrieva: “Women resort to the help of Chinese medicine if they do not get the desired effect from medicines, folk remedies. The only hope remains for Tibetan healers. However, you need to consider the following. In the composition of balls crushed herbs, oils. Once inside the vagina, the tool begins to act. But it is puzzling why one tampon should be kept in the vagina for 3 days, which contradicts any rules of personal hygiene. During this time, mucus accumulates on the surface of the tampon, discharge that women see after removing the funds. Naturally, inside the vagina creates a favorable environment for the reproduction of pathogens, itching, burning, other unpleasant symptoms, no miracle occurs. "

Anton Savchenko: “Chinese tampons have been used for centuries in Asian countries to treat gynecological diseases. For our locality, this is still a novelty. Gynecologists often recommend the use of tampons for the treatment of fibroids, endometritis, cystitis, vaginitis, thrush and other diseases. In the healing composition of plant extracts, oils, extracts. In Chinese vaginal balls, all this is there, no need to invent anything. The only thing I would like to draw attention to is not to insert for 3 days, but for 1, as required by medicine. The course of therapy should last from 6 to 14 days. Every 3 days take a break for 24 hours. Nothing, in principle, does not change. Besides that the tampon is always fresh. ”

Inna Dyagleva: “Chinese healing tampons recommend to my patients for the treatment of endometriosis, fibroids, inflammation. Initially, a woman undergoes a qualified drug therapy, then prescribe a course of tampons to secure the result. ”

Andrey Miroshnichenko: “In my practice there were cases when a woman could not get pregnant, despite the fact that all tests were normal. When everyone has already tried, they decided to try their luck with Tibetan means. After 3-6 tampons, they came to me to register. It’s hard to say how it all works, but there’s a result. ”

Igor Nechaev: “It is quite difficult to fight with manifestations of chronic thrush. Medications eliminate the symptoms, but do not cure the cause. After a course of Chinese vaginal balls, relapses are much less common, and if you regularly use for prevention each month, you can completely forget about the troubles. Moreover, the means normalize the menstrual cycle. ”

The opinion of doctors about Chinese medical tampons coincides with women who have experienced products for themselves. In some cases, negative reviews leave those who have not tried the drug, but logically trying to imagine how everything happens.

Negative reviews about Chinese tampons

The situation around Tibetan treatment is shrouded in darkness. Distributors of products do their best to sell the goods, claiming that the effect will be. When it comes to negative feedback, they try to turn things around so that the buyer misunderstands everything. Chinese tampons, first of all, are prophylactic agents, and it is necessary to treat them with medicines.

In most cases, the products are used without consultation with a specialist, is defined as self-treatment, therefore, all responsibility lies with the patient. However, negative reviews of Chinese tampons do not stop other women who are trying to improve their health. Perhaps the problem is that no one can properly explain how to use these products.

Irina: “Diagnosed cervical erosion. Since I was then 22 years old, they did not cauterize, they prescribed therapy with oils, herbs, in general, folk remedies. They didn’t help much, decided to buy new products - Chinese vaginal balls. Began treatment. A couple of weeks went to the reception. Erosion did not grow, but was covered with a new film. She continued therapy, hoping for a miracle. Put in total 8 tampons. When once again went for a visit, they diagnosed the development of fibroids. That was the end of the product innovation. ”

Anna: “I bought female wedge point tampons for the treatment of fibroids. As a result, it not only did not decrease, but began to increase. Not particularly consult anyone. What a gynecologist, the sellers of wonder drugs accuse me of such a result. Somewhat later, I found information that in China, Wedge Point is used exclusively after an abortion to prevent inflammation and cleanse the uterus. We have all inflated to incredible opportunities. "

Veronica: “Treated thrush. As a result, the condition only worsened. She put 4 tampons, everything was hoping for healing. If I had treated a little more, chronic cystitis would work, as the gynecologist told me. ”

In what cases are used medical tampons Qing Gong

Chinese healing tampons Qing Gong have a wide range of actions. Drug treatment is prescribed by doctors for uterine myoma and many gynecological pathologies. In addition to the main treatment, Qing Gong agents are prescribed if necessary. They are produced in the form of small balls, inside of which there is a special medical composition.

What diseases can use Qing Gong tampons:

  • with inflammation of the ovaries,
  • for the treatment of uterine fibroids,
  • with an irregular menstrual cycle,
  • in violation or absence of menstruation,
  • for the treatment of inflammatory processes in the vagina or uterus,
  • for treating cysts,
  • cervical erosion,
  • after gynecological surgery or if you have scraped,
  • with candidiasis,
  • for the treatment of cystitis,
  • for the treatment of various pathologies of the cervix,
  • with polyps,
  • with endometriosis,
  • with enuresis,
  • as a restorative procedure after delivery,
  • if you have problems conceiving,
  • with obstruction of the fallopian tubes.

Many women do not see the difference between the remedies of similar action and specialized drugs. Gynecological remedy Qing Gong can help to conceive a child only in cases where there is an imbalance of the vaginal microflora or obstruction of the fallopian tubes. The main action of the tool is aimed at treating the female reproductive system.

Preventive and hygienic effect on the body

The use of Qing Gong is aimed at complex therapy and is most often used as a prophylactic therapeutic agent for maintaining women's health. Due to the special composition of the Chinese product company Happiness has a hygienic effect on the body.

Qing Gong tampons are used to solve the following problems:

  • helps to normalize the menstrual cycle
  • helps get rid of skin pigmentation,
  • normalizes the vaginal microflora and uterus,
  • helps to delay the onset of menopause,
  • normalizes the condition of the vaginal walls,
  • struggling with age-related enuresis,
  • improves the general condition of the genitourinary system
  • is an effective prophylactic agent for various gynecological diseases,
  • reduces pain and discomfort during critical days,
  • fights fungal vaginal infections,
  • improves the quality of sex life
  • moisturizes the vaginal walls,
  • launches the metabolic process in a woman’s body,
  • improves ovarian function
  • supports female attractiveness and beauty
  • improves skin condition, gives the face a lively and fresh look.

The composition of herbal balls

The company Happiness is engaged in the production of goods of Chinese traditional medicine with a special composition, which includes only natural ingredients. Similar products similar in composition and therapeutic effect are produced by Hao Gang. It is worth noting that in Qing Gong tampons there are about 9 medicinal herbs that have a beneficial effect on the body.

The composition of the gynecological agent includes the following medicinal herbs:

  1. Kalamus Draco (Xue-jo). It has an analgesic, regenerating effect. Promotes healing of minor tissue damage.
  2. Chinese Contis (Huan Lien). Promotes cleansing of the body, has a calming effect on the body.
  3. Kushen. Antiseptic, antipyretic. Reduces the risk of various neoplasms.
  4. Acacia (Y-Shu). It normalizes blood circulation, has an analgesic effect, relieves pain.
  5. Shi Chuan Zi. Helps increase libido, treats itching on the genitals.
  6. Bean Pien. Treats inflammatory processes in the body of a woman. It contributes to improving performance, improves well-being.

Chinese traditional medicine has gained worldwide recognition. Make yourself such tools impossible. They consist of unique medicinal herbs that are grown only in China. Due to its healing properties, Chinese Qing Gong tampons have become very popular. They can be purchased in many regions of our country.

Benefits of the tampon

Qing Gong has many advantages. Satisfied reviews of patients and gynecologists talk about the effectiveness of this gynecological tool.

The main advantages of the product:

  • Deep cleansing of the uterus and vagina. They have an antimicrobial effect on the uterus and the surface of the vagina. The effect of purification applies to all viruses and bacteria, including chlamydia. It is used to treat erosion.For a complete therapy of gynecological diseases, it is necessary to use additional drugs. Especially for the treatment of chronic diseases.
  • Help to detect gynecological diseases. Any woman with the help of several tampons can independently determine the presence of pathologies. If you find gynecological problems, you should definitely visit a doctor and pass the necessary tests.
  • Skin condition and overall appearance are improved. Effective treatment of internal problems contributes to the flowering of youth and maintaining an attractive appearance. Using tampons helps eliminate dry skin.
  • Improving the overall condition of the body. Immediately after the first course, the female body becomes more resistant to various harmful factors. The tool has a beneficial effect on the work of the ovaries, the state of the uterus and vagina. It helps to improve blood circulation in the pelvis.
  • Prevention of gynecological diseases. It is enough to use one tampon per month to protect yourself from various diseases of the organs of the reproductive system.

It should carefully approach the choice of means, because now comes out a lot more low-quality fakes that can be harmful to health. First of all, pay attention to the composition of the product. It should not contain chemical additives.

How to use Qing Gong tampon

Qing Gong balls should be used only according to the instructions. On this depends the safety and effectiveness of the product.

Brief description of the instruction:

  1. Before using the product it is necessary to unwind the control rope.
  2. Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water before opening. Sterile gloves can be worn.
  3. To make it easier, you can tie a knot on the rope.
  4. Wash the vagina thoroughly before inserting the tampon.
  5. The swab must be inserted in a comfortable position.
  6. For easy removal, a rope is left outside.
  7. If the procedure was carried out correctly, the woman will not feel discomfort.
  8. The remedy is left in the vagina for three days.
  9. After the extraction of the ball, it is necessary to douch with physiological saline or herbal decoction.
  10. The following procedure can be carried out in a day.
  11. With a dry vagina for easy insertion of the tampon can be dipped in warm water.
  12. You can not use balls during menstruation.

Contraindications when using

The only serious contraindication is the individual intolerance of the medicinal herbs that make up the product. It is also not recommended to use tampons for women with poor blood clotting, diabetes and high blood pressure.

In addition to the main contraindications, there are a number of recommendations that must be considered when using the tool:

  • before putting the tampons, it is necessary to make a diagnosis and visit the doctor of the mammologist, gynecologist, it is also recommended to donate blood and make an ultrasound before use,
  • do not insert health balls during menstruation, virgins and pregnant women,
  • the tool can only be used by persons who are not allergic to the main components of the drug,
  • Qing Gong tampons can only be used vaginally,
  • during treatment, in no case should you have sex, in order to have sex, you must first remove the tampon, and then make a douching, only after all procedures, after 3 hours, you can have sex,
  • cannot be used 3 days before the critical days and 3 days after their end,
  • if after the introduction of the ball came out a white film or a discharge appeared in the form of white clots, but there is no burning and discomfort, do not worry, as this is the result of the tampon,
  • After gynecological operations, a tampon can be used, six months later,
  • you can not use Chinese balls at the same time with other traditional medicine, which are based on sea buckthorn, aloe, onions, honey,
  • do not use one swab several times.

Opinion gynecologists

The opinion of most gynecologists divided into two camps. Gynecologists are ambiguous about the means of this kind. Many experts are categorically against the use of oriental medicine. Explaining their attitude of distrust of herbs, and the effect of the use of tampons is attributed to self-hypnosis.

Other experts do not deny the health effect that was obtained after using tampons and do not prohibit their patients to use the means of Chinese traditional medicine. In any case, using tampons is necessary only under the supervision of the attending physician.

Qing Gong tampons are not a drug, but are used only as a prophylactic or complementary to essential drugs. Due to the large number of medicinal herbs after the first use, a woman may experience an allergic reaction or a burning sensation in the vaginal area. If you experience unpleasant symptoms, discontinue treatment. If side effects are not observed, you can safely use the wellness gynecological tool.

The composition of the tool

All products of this company are distinguished by an exceptional composition containing only natural ingredients. It is important to note that this product has an analogue from the Hao Gan brand, which almost repeats it in terms of the composition, health and preventive effects. In tampons "Qing Gong" contains more than ten names of various useful herbs. Among them it is necessary to highlight:

  • Ingredient Kushan, which has antipyretic and antiseptic properties, as well as it can very effectively prevent the appearance of cancer formations in the body.
  • The Xue-jie component perfectly relieves pain, promoting healing of injuries inside the body.
  • The substance "bin pien" improves the well-being of women, increasing efficiency and struggling with any inflammatory processes.
  • The “huan lion” element can cleanse the body, and, in addition, has a calming effect.
  • Acacia, which is part, reduces pain, normalizing blood circulation.
  • The ingredient "chuan zi" increases libido, removing the unpleasant itching that occurs in the genitals.

Can you make them yourself?

Traditional medicine in China is very well developed, but it is impossible to make such a tool on your own at home, especially in Russia, due to the lack of the required components. But now these Chinese tampons for women can be purchased in almost any region of the country. Analogous to this product are the tampons called “Fubaonin”, and, in addition, “Beauty Life”.

Impact on the body

The use of this product from the company Happiness can be carried out with a preventive purpose or as an element of complex treatment. When using Chinese tampons for women, the following effects are achieved:

  • Menopause is removed and the menstrual cycle is stabilized.
  • Reduced pain during menstruation.
  • The condition of walls of a vagina and a uterus improves.
  • The amount of pigmentation on the skin is reduced.
  • The state of the reproductive system is improved and age-related urinary incontinence is eliminated.
  • The vaginal microflora improves.
  • Improved quality of sexual life.
  • Stabilized metabolic processes in the female body.
  • The dryness of the vagina is eliminated, and, in addition, female beauty and attractiveness are maintained.
  • Maintains a fresh and vibrant complexion.
  • Work of the ovaries improves, and gynecological pathologies are prevented.

Indications for use

The presented Qing Gong tampons are suitable for complex treatment of the following diseases:

  • In the presence of uterine fibroids or inflammation of the ovaries.
  • Against the background of various cysts and failures of the menstrual cycle.
  • Against the background of the absence of menstruation and inflammation of the vagina and uterus.
  • As part of recovery after surgery or after childbirth.
  • With various pathologies of the cervix.
  • Against obstruction of the uterine tube and cystitis.
  • If patients have endometriosis, candidiasis and polyps.
  • If you have problems with conception and against the background of incontinence.

More information about the treatment of endometritis in women will tell below.

Often, women confuse medicines with similar wellness tampons to clean the uterus. The fact is that these products help to conceive a child only if problems are associated with obstruction of the fallopian tube or imbalance in the vaginal microflora. Their impact, in the first place, is aimed at improving the general condition of the reproductive system, after which the female body will be easier to cope with gynecological pathologies.

Advantages of tampons according to customer reviews

Reviews of gynecologists, exactly as patients, often indicate the following advantages of this tool for the prevention of gynecological diseases:

  • Effective self-test method. Using several tampons, each woman can independently establish the presence of a gynecological problem, but for reliability, you should visit the hospital or undergo a medical examination.
  • The effect of deep cleansing. The treatment and purification process applies absolutely to all bacteria with viruses, including chlamydia. But a complete treatment requires additional medications, especially in very neglected situations.
  • The effect of general recovery. Passing one course already makes a woman's body resistant to harmful effects. The tool is extremely positive effect on the state of the vagina, ovaries and uterus. In addition, blood circulation in the pelvis is improved.
  • Improved appearance. By eliminating internal problems with these tampons, women maintain their youth along with attractiveness. The use of this tool improves the overall condition of the skin and their color, eliminating dryness with wrinkles due to the normalization of blood flow and the functioning of internal secretions.
  • Conduct effective prevention. The monthly use of one tampon serves as effective prevention against a multitude of various gynecological pathologies.

When a woman buys the Qing Gong product, it should be remembered that the effectiveness, along with the safety of these tampons, directly depends not only on the healing properties, but also on a number of the following advantages:

  • Absolute compliance with international quality standards.
  • Availability of sterile manufacturing conditions.
  • The complete absence of any chemical additives.
  • A lot of research has been done on product safety testing.

Treatment of endometritis in women with this remedy

Manifestations of endometrial disease:

  • Age delay menstruation.
  • Pain during menstruation.
  • Pathologies and menstrual disorders (violation of duration and cyclicity, scanty or abundant discharge).
  • Undeveloped hair of external genital organs.
  • Weakly expressed secondary sexual characteristics.
  • Lack of orgasm.
  • Miscarriages
  • Not getting pregnant for a long time.

For the treatment of endometritis and other gynecological pathologies, doctors often now need to prescribe medication for women. The Qing Gong tampons from Happiness are also prescribed by gynecologists, but only for additional treatment.

In particular, this therapeutic product is a good adjuvant, and, moreover, a method of preventing such diseases as endometritis. Thus, in the presence of endometritis in patients, many specialists consider it expedient to administer tampons as part of a complex treatment for this disease.

Contraindications to the use of tampons

According to the instructions for use for “Qing Gong” tampons, the only absolute contraindication is individual intolerance to the ingredients of the product. Also, it is not recommended for women who suffer from the following pathologies:

  • High pressure.
  • The presence of diabetes.
  • Poor blood clotting.

It is best to start applying this course immediately after the diagnosis within the hospital. It is recommended to donate blood and make an ultrasound examination of the genital organs, after which it is mandatory to visit the breast specialist.

Instructions for use of these products

In order to use effectively and competently, the instruction requires compliance with the following rules:

  • Opening the purple packaging should be done only with clean hands, preferably using sterile gloves.
  • Before use, you must unwind the rope.
  • For convenience, you should tie a knot on the rope.
  • Rinse the vagina before inserting the tampon.
  • The procedure is carried out in a comfortable and, moreover, in a relaxed position.
  • The swab is required to enter smoothly and leave the test thread outside.
  • In the framework of the correct introduction of the tampon is usually not felt.
  • The tool is left in the vagina for three days.
  • After the procedure, douching with a herbal decoction is required, or saline is also suitable.
  • The following procedure is carried out after a day.
  • In the presence of increased dryness in the vagina, you can dip a tampon into warm water for a few seconds.

What should I look for when using these tampons?

It is important to pay attention to the following points:

  • Improving and prophylactic tampon "Qing Gong" is not a drug.
  • Before use, it is recommended to visit a gynecologist, after which pass an ultrasound examination.
  • It is forbidden to use these tampons during menstruation.
  • The use of tampons stops five days before the menstruation, and, in addition, they do not apply for three days after the end of the month.
  • Enter into an intimate act, you can three hours after the extraction of this tool.
  • After the surgical intervention, the use of tampons is possible only six months later.
  • You can not use the same tampon more than once.
  • It is undesirable to combine these tampons with other recipes of traditional medicine based on aloe, onion, honey or sea buckthorn.

Duration of the course of therapy

The standard course of use includes six procedures. In the presence of chronic diseases, three courses are allowed. To normalize the vaginal flora enough to use a couple of tampons per month. In an unprotected intimate act, one tampon can be used to prevent an infectious disease. After swimming in an open pond or pool, just one procedure will suffice.

The use of tampons in the complex treatment and for the prevention

Opinions of doctors about the product "Qing Gong" indicate that the use of Chinese tampons is allowed as part of a comprehensive treatment or as part of prevention. The considered agent is sold in individual packages, and the average cost of one course (that is, six procedures) ranges from five hundred to seven hundred rubles. But doctors believe that it should be remembered that treating gynecological pathologies only with folk techniques can be not only inconclusive, but sometimes dangerous. Now find out if there are any side effects with the use of these tampons.

The main effect on the body

Application of the product from the company Happiness can be carried out as a preventive measure or as an element of complex therapy.

Using Qing Gong:

  • removes menopause,
  • stabilizes the menstrual cycle
  • reduces pain during menstruation,
  • improves the condition of the uterus and vaginal walls,
  • reduces the amount of pigmentation on the skin,
  • improves the genitourinary system,
  • removes age incontinence,
  • improves the vaginal microflora,
  • improves the quality of sex life
  • stabilizes metabolic processes in the body,
  • eliminates vaginal dryness,
  • supports feminine beauty and attractiveness
  • maintains a vibrant and fresh complexion
  • improves ovarian function
  • prevents gynecological diseases.

Benefits means

Reviews of gynecologists and patients testify to the following advantages of this health-improving means:

  1. Effective self-test methods. Using only a few tampons, a woman can independently determine the presence of gynecological problems, but for reliability, it does not hurt to visit the hospital and be examined.
  2. Deep cleansing. As for the vagina and uterus, treatment and cleansing applies to all bacteria and viruses, including chlamydia. But full therapy will require additional medications, especially in very advanced cases.
  3. General recovery. The passage of a single course can make a woman's body more resistant to various harmful effects. The tool has a positive effect on the state of the vagina, uterus, ovaries. Also improves blood circulation in the pelvis.
  4. Improved appearance. By eliminating internal problems with Qing Gong Wan tampons, a woman maintains her youth and attractiveness. The use of the product improves the condition of the skin, its color, eliminates dryness and wrinkles due to the normalization of blood flow and the functioning of the internal secretion.
  5. Effective prevention. Ежемесячное использование одного тампона является результативной профилактикой множества гинекологических патологий.

When you buy Qing Gong, remember that the effectiveness and safety of these tampons depend not only on the healing properties, but also on the following advantages:

  • full compliance with international quality standards,
  • sterile manufacturing conditions
  • lack of chemical additives
  • a lot of research to verify product safety.

By clicking on this link you can read reviews about all Chinese tampons, including Qing Gong balls.

What you should pay attention to?

  • Tampon-ball is not a drug.
  • Before use, it is recommended to visit a gynecologist and undergo an ultrasound.
  • Cannot be used during menstruation.
  • Use is stopped 5 days before menstruation, and also not used for three days after menstruation.
  • You can engage in sexual intercourse three hours after the extraction of funds.
  • After surgery, application is possible only six months later.
  • You can not use the same tampon more than once.
  • It is undesirable to combine with other recipes of traditional medicine based on onions, aloe, honey, sea buckthorn, etc.

Duration of treatment

  1. The standard course includes 6 procedures.
  2. In chronic diseases 2-3 courses are allowed.
  3. To normalize the vaginal microflora, it is sufficient to use two swabs per month.
  4. In unprotected intercourse, one swab can be used to prevent infectious diseases.
  5. After swimming in the pool or open water one procedure is enough.

Opinion of doctors about the product Qing Gong suggests that the use of Chinese ball tampons as part of complex therapy or as a preventive measure is allowed. The tool is sold in individual packages, and the average price of the course (6 procedures) is 500-700 rubles.

Remember that treating gynecological diseases with exclusively folk methods can be not only inconclusive, but also dangerous.

Improving and preventive tampon Qing Gong

Buy " Tampon Qing Gong "you can order this product from Happiness on our website. Free shipping Moscow (within the Moscow Ring Road). Terms of delivery and payment. Company Happiness Moscow, Russia.

Tampons are effective for gynecological problems such as inflammation of the inner lining of the uterus, inflammatory processes in the pelvic region, inflammation of the ovaries, cystitis, urinary incontinence, cervical pathology (erosion, leukoplasia, dysplasia), endometriosis, polycystic, polyposis, fibroma, sterility, mastopathy, thrush, etc. Tampons qing gong one of the company's products Happiness.

Tampons Qing Gong - recreational and preventive products made in Hong Kong. The recipe is taken from ancient sources of Chinese medicine, more than 5000 years old. Improving and prophylactic tampons contain several dozen types of natural traditional Chinese ingredients. Many laboratory studies have confirmed that this tool is effective and safe for human health.

When using tampons, there is also a pronounced cosmetic effect: pigment spots disappear, the complexion improves, the number and depth of wrinkles are reduced, the shape of the breast improves (the breast becomes more toned).

Comply with GMP standard (international quality standard):

  • manufactured under strictly sterile conditions
  • does not contain chemical additives
  • More than 1,000 clinical trials have been completed, which confirmed that the tampons are safe, non-toxic and do not have any side effects.


  1. Tampons are recreational and preventive products and are used to prevent gynecological diseases.
  2. Their use is prohibited during the menstrual cycle, as well as pregnant women and virgins.
  3. Do not take people who are allergic to any component of the phytocomposition.
  4. During the use of tampons can not be sexually active. In case you want to have sexual intercourse, you must remove the tampon and make syringing, after 3 hours you can have sexual intercourse.
  5. Do not use tampons for 3 days before the menstrual cycle and 3 days after the menstrual cycle.

Regular use

  1. With a normal menstrual cycle, it is recommended to use 2 tampons for a month for prophylaxis in order to effectively normalize the microbial landscape.
  2. After unprotected sexual intercourse, it is sufficient to use for the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases, 1 tampon.
  3. When you visit the pool, sauna, bath, after swimming in open water (river, lake, sea) 1st tampon is enough to preserve the normal microbial landscape of the genital organs.
  4. When traveling, it is recommended to use 2 tampons for prophylactic purposes.

Storage conditions: Store in a dry, dark place.
Shelf life - 2 years.
Weight - 1.0 grams.

* Free shipping (within the Moscow Ring Road) when ordering products worth more than 45 SV.

Consultation and diagnosis of the body

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Side Effects of Qing Gong Tampons

The following side effects are noted against the use of this therapeutic agent:

  • Some women may experience discomfort in the abdomen.
  • When using this drug, some patients have itching in the vagina.
  • Against the background of the use of the considered drug, there is a possibility of eczema.

Reviews of Qing Gong tampons confirm this.

Next, we find out the opinions of experts and find out what gynecologists think about the use of this tool for the integrated treatment of female pathologies.

Doctors reviews

The opinion of most gynecologists about Qing Gong tampons on the Internet was divided into two positions. Many gynecologists express an ambiguous attitude to the means of this kind. Such experts are categorically opposed to the use of Oriental medicine, while explaining their attitude of distrust of the benefits of medicinal herbs. The effectiveness of the use of these tampons in this case is attributed to self-hypnosis.

What other reviews about the Qing Gong tampons are available?

Other doctors do not deny the presence of a healing effect, which is achieved after using these tampons, so these doctors do not prohibit them to their patients. But be that as it may, in any case, such tampons should be used only under the supervision of the attending doctor.