Monthly Pill Pills: List of Effective Means


The female reproductive system works like a clock. Every month, after a certain number of days, menstruation occurs. The menstrual cycle is present only in women of childbearing age. The spotting indicates that in the previous month the woman was unable to extend her family, the body is renewed and gives her the opportunity to get pregnant in the new month.

Delayed menstrual flow can be for two reasons:

  1. Onset of pregnancy
  2. Failures in the menstrual cycle
  3. Gynecological pathologies and infections

It is believed that the normal delay, which is caused by various stress factors, should not be exceeded 7 days. In the case when the probability of pregnancy cannot be excluded, one should not wait until the end of the delay rate. It is better to use a special pharmacy test, which determines the presence or absence of fertilization. In those cases where pregnancy is undesired, it is important to make a timely decision about the future fate of the fetus.
But in the case when the delay test is negative, you need to start worrying. This should serve as a reason for an urgent visit to the gynecologist. The reasons for the delay can be serious gynecological diseases that threaten to worsen the health of a woman. The most common diseases include ovarian cyst, fibroids and uterine fibroids, infectious diseases of different etiologies. Late treatment of abnormalities in the urogenital system can cause infertility.

What pills cause monthly

In medicine, there are many drugs to trigger menstruation. As part of almost all drugs that cause menstruation, there is a hormone levonorgestrel. You need to be aware that levonorgestrel adversely affects the ovaries.
Menstruating pills, act as emergency contraception or medical abortion. It is important to understand that each drug intake makes a big blow to the hormonal system of the female body and leads to failures, which do not always return to normal.

Monthly Drugs

Duphaston tablets can gently cause menstruation, while the damage to health will be minimized. It consists of an analogue of the hormone progesterone, which is called dydrogesterone. The use of pills and an increase in the level of the hormone in the body signals the endometrium about a quick change of the cycle. Thus, it is possible to cause monthly it is fraudulent for an organism in the way. Take the drug up to 5 days, 2 tablets. The drug begins to act on the 2nd or third day after the end of the course. Monthly with a delay occurs in the form of normal discharge without profusion a little brown.
But it is important to understand that Duphaston is taken only to normalize the menstrual cycle. For example, when the timely maturation of the egg does not occur. Pregnancy can not be interrupted by this drug, in some cases, on the contrary, doctors try to save the desired pregnancy with the help of Duphaston. Prescribes the drug only the attending gynecologist, he also calculates the dosage based on the problems of the reproductive system.

Norkolut is part of Norkolut. Very often, its lack of a female body causes menstrual failures. Take the drug 2 tablets for 5 days. After the end of the course begin monthly. But, as in the case of Duphaston, can not be taken during pregnancy.

Norkolut will provoke miscarriage and heavy bleeding, but the side effects are so serious that it is extremely dangerous to risk:

  1. Neoplasms in the mammary glands and organs of the reproductive system,
  2. Bleeding of unknown etiology,
  3. Epileptic seizures,
  4. Hypertension,
  5. Diabetes,
  6. Kidney and liver problems.

Therefore, before taking it is necessary to exclude pregnancy with factors affecting the delay of menstruation.
With the help of Norkolut, they sometimes delay the onset of menstruation, but you should definitely check in with the attending gynecologist.

  • Utrozhestan

Utrogestan suppresses the production of estrogen and catalyzes the production of progesterone. Prescribe the drug from the 16th day of the cycle and up to 24-26. Utrozhestan is produced both in tablets and in the form of vaginal suppositories. Candles are prescribed for women with liver problems. Monthly begin immediately after discontinuation of the drug.

This kind of medicine belongs to the homeopathic group. Assign it in the case when the cause of the delay are stressful situations. The drug acts calming. Take it one time, putting 7 capsules under the tongue. Menstruation occurs the next day after ingestion. For the appointment of Pulsatil should consult a doctor, because the pills can cause an allergic reaction.

It is very important that the attending physician selects the contraceptive drugs. They can not only protect women from unwanted pregnancy, but also normalize the menstrual cycle. Monthly with a delay occurs after the end of reception of contraceptives. But the independent use of contraceptives can aggravate the condition of the female body and provoke failures in the hormonal background.

Drugs that cause menstruation with a delay can act as emergency contraception, and these drugs are Postinor and Escapel. They should be used only in cases of unprotected intercourse to prevent fertilization. It is necessary to drink these drugs with great care, since they have a strong impact on the hormonal system of the woman. Side effects can be irreversible, ranging from tumors in the reproductive organs to infertility and the inability to bear the fruit.
The effect of drugs is similar to early medical abortion. But the prevention of pregnancy is likely only in the case when the pills were taken no later than 12 hours after intercourse.

What pills can be taken to call menstruation must often be decided by a doctor. Only after the survey can determine the cause of failures and delays. Pills to call monthly should be properly selected, only then they will be of benefit, and not harm for the woman.

To do this, use the procedures and drugs:

  1. Elecampane
    The roots of elecampus are brewed with boiling water and taken inside. It is possible to cause monthly if to drink broth on 50 grams one-time. The menstrual cycle caused by the bladder is normalized on the same day. But with an overdose, a woman can get poisoned, nausea and dizziness will appear. With such signs, taking the decoction should be stopped and as soon as possible seek the help of specialists.
  2. Tansy
    Tansy flowers cause uterine contraction and endometrial detachment. 25 grams of dried flowers brew a liter of boiling water and wrap for tincture. Take 2-3 tablespoons three times a day.
  3. Hot bath
    Reception of a hot bath promotes expansion of vessels. After the bath, it is desirable to have sexual intercourse to activate the contractions of the uterus. Menstruation comes quickly.

What ways to use only the woman decides. Tablets, infusions, procedures that cause menstruation and have negative effects. Therefore, it is necessary to resort to such only with urgent need. Calling menstruation in order to go to the sea without menstruation or for a restless vacation is not a reason for the failure of the body's hormonal background. It is necessary to properly prioritize and health should be in the first place than rest and entertainment. After all, neglect of the reproductive system may further lead to serious illness and frustration.