Treatment of chronic endometritis at home


Endometritis is a female gynecological disease, the main symptom of which is inflammation of the mucous tissue of the inner surface of the uterus. If the pathology is not eliminated in a timely manner, it will begin to spread, and affect nearby muscle tissue.

Treatment of endometritis with folk remedies will be quite effective if combined with traditional therapy. Before using any self-made medication, it is necessary to undergo an examination and consult a doctor.

The uterus is internally covered with a layer of the endometrium. Such a fabric at different stages of the cycle changes its structure, gradually ripening and tearing away (if conception did not occur). When infection gets into the uterus, inflammation begins and a pathology called endometritis develops. The disease may be acute or chronic. It is very important to start the treatment of such a disease in a timely manner, as it can cause the development of infertility.

The danger of endometritis is that such a pathology sometimes does not manifest itself. A woman may not even realize that the tissues of the uterine mucosa are inflamed. That is why it is so important to regularly visit a gynecologist for a routine examination.

The main symptoms of endometritis can be considered:

  • Vaginal discharge with blood,
  • Pain and discomfort in the lower abdomen (discomfort can go to the sacral spine),
  • Temperature increase to 38-39 degrees.

If the endometritis has become chronic, it will be much more difficult to cure it. Often in patients with such a disease, ovulation is impaired, the ovaries work inappropriately, the probability of conceiving a child decreases, and the risk of spontaneous abortion significantly increases.

Folk remedies

Want to know how to cure endometritis at home? There are many proven folk recipes based on herbs, decoctions and other natural ingredients that will help to quickly deal with inflammation and the spread of infection.

However, each organism has its own individual characteristics. Therefore, before using this or that remedy, you should consult with your doctor.

Endometritis treatment with folk remedies is performed with the help of local or general therapy. If doctors diagnosed an acute form of pathology, it is necessary to additionally take potent medicines, antibiotics, etc. Perhaps you will need hospitalization and hospital treatment.

Traditional methods of treatment of endometritis are effective in:

  • Chronic type of disease and sustained remission,
  • Minor exacerbation of inflammation, which is almost asymptomatic,
  • Relapse of the disease and the simultaneous reduction of symptoms,
  • Focal form of pathology,
  • Asymptomatic endometritis.

In any case, you must first pass a professional medical examination, and, if possible, determine the exact causes of the inflammatory process. Only by removing provocative factors can one achieve excellent results in the treatment of endometritis.

Before you treat endometritis of the uterus folk remedies with the use of herbal decoctions, be sure to make sure that these drugs are combined with taking medication. You also need to remember that some people may have an allergic reaction to herbs for the treatment of endometritis.

Herbal treatment of endometritis has many advantages. This is not surprising, because medicinal plants have many useful properties, namely:

  • Helps relieve inflammation and destroy harmful bacteria.
  • They help strengthen the immune system.
  • They have a calming effect, help to relax, relieve stress.
  • Normalize hormonal balance in the body.

Below we consider the effective prescriptions of medicines for endometritis based on herbal decoctions. Buy all the necessary ingredients for the preparation of such funds can be in any pharmacy, they are not expensive.

Sage and linden

The herb called sage is considered the best way to relieve inflammation and treat endometritis in women. Sage is ideally combined with linden, because these plants contain phytohormones, almost completely identical to the female. Regular intake of decoction of sage with linden allows you to speed up the process of restoring the mucous layer of the uterus, relieve inflammation and stop the bleeding.

You can prepare a simple but effective medicine at home. To do this, in a small container, mix in equal proportions of 1 tbsp. linden and sage flowers. Fill the grass 1 l. boiling water and let it brew for 40-60 minutes.

Once the tool is well brewed and cooled, it must be filtered through a fine sieve or cheesecloth. Take a decoction of 1 tbsp. before meals 3-4 times a day. Experts recommend starting a course of treatment with sage decoction on the 5th day of the cycle. The duration of treatment is 10-12 days. Sage should not be taken during menstruation, because it increases bleeding.

Drug based on sage and linden decoction is effective even with acute endometritis. If doctors diagnosed a chronic form of pathology, the course can be repeated several times with an interval of 1 cycle.

Broth based on celandine - another effective tool that is often used in traditional medicine for the treatment of endometritis of the uterus in women. Dried plants can be purchased at the pharmacy, but it is better to prepare it yourself. Collect and dry celandine need in the process of active flowering. For a medicine, not only flowers are suitable, but also the stems and leaves of the plant.

To prepare medicinal decoction, mix 1 tbsp. dry herbs and 2 tbsp fresh chopped greens. Fill celandine 1 tbsp. boiling water, and send to the steam bath. Cook the medicine for 10 minutes, stirring constantly. When the decoction has cooled, it must be drained.

Take your own homemade medicine from celandine 3 times daily before meals, 50 ml. The course of treatment is 12-14 days. Celandine contributes to the rapid elimination of acute inflammation and the restoration of the endometrium.

Uterus borova

One of the best medicinal plants for the treatment of gynecological diseases is the uterus uterus. It can be used in different forms - as a decoction, tincture of alcohol or water. The active substances contained in this plant, contribute not only to the rapid elimination of inflammation, but also the full restoration of the menstrual cycle.

To prepare a spirit tincture of boron uterus, pour 50 grams into a glass bottle. crushed dry plant, and top up with vodka. Capacity cover with a lid, and send in a dark cool place for 2-3 weeks.

Take the tincture you need in small doses - 40 drops 3 times a day. The course of treatment is 3 weeks. If you are not satisfied with the result of treatment, the course can be repeated by taking a break of 4 weeks. As a rule, 2 full courses are enough to eliminate the acute form of pathology. For faster absorption of the drug, you can drink milk. This contributes to the complete neutralization of alcohol, significantly reduces the negative impact on the liver.

To eliminate the symptoms of acute endometritis, you can use a broth boron uterus. You can prepare it quickly and easily, just pour 1 tbsp. herbs 1 tbsp. boiling water, boil on a steam bath for 15 minutes, and cool. Take the medicine you need 4-5 times a day and 1 tbsp.

Red brush

Often in the home therapy in the treatment of endometritis use a medicinal plant called "Red Brush". At the root of this plant contains beneficial substances for the body that help strengthen the immune system and quickly reduce inflammation.

To prepare the medicine, you will need 1 small root of a red brush. You can buy such an ingredient in a shredded form at any pharmacy. To grind in a meat grinder root add 0.5 liters. boiling water, cook on low heat for 15 minutes. When the decoction is ready, you need to give it a little cool and brew, and then strain. The course of treatment of endometritis with a red brush is 3-4 weeks. Experts recommend taking a decoction 2-3 times a day before meals for 2 tablespoons.

Douching and tampons

One of the most effective methods of treating endometritis of the uterus is the douching and the use of tampons soaked in medicinal decoction. Consider some of the most effective recipes that can be used to treat the inflammatory process at home.

  • Make a small cotton swab wrapped in a bandage, and thoroughly soak it with sea buckthorn oil. Enter into a vagina for the night, and in the morning get. For convenience, leave the tail of gauze, it will simplify the extraction of the tampon. Perform this procedure daily for a week.
  • Prepare a decoction of horsetail, nut leaves and knotweed. All ingredients are mixed in equal proportions. 1 tbsp. the mixture is poured 400 ml. boiling water, and languishes in a water bath for 30 minutes. Cooled and filtered decoction used for daily leaching.
  • Prepare a mixture of herbs - pine buds, meadowsweet flowers, eucalyptus, sweet clover and blueberry leaves. 1 tsp herbs fill up 400 ml. boiling water. Cook over very low heat for 60 minutes. Cooled and filtered decoction used for douching in the evening.
  • From the leaves of aloe squeeze juice, soak it with a cotton swab. Insert into the vagina for 4-5 hours. The course of treatment is 1 week.
  • Also for the impregnation of medical tampons, you can use a mixture of St. John's wort oil and sea buckthorn. Ingredients are combined in equal proportions.
  • A portion of mummy diluted in milk, and then mix with 1 tsp. honey In the finished fluid we soak a cotton swab, and insert it into the vagina. The procedure is recommended to be repeated within 8-10 days until full recovery.
  • Broth for douching with endometritis is prepared from oak bark, immortelle and elderberry flowers. All ingredients are mixed in equal proportions. You will need 5 tbsp. mix and 1 l. boiling water. The liquid should infuse in a thermos for 40 minutes. It is possible to use such medicine no more than 5 days in a row.

It is possible to use medicinal tampons and douching only in the middle of the cycle. Treatment at the time of menstruation should be stopped, or use other methods of therapy.


For the treatment of acute or chronic endometritis at home, you can use medical wraps. For the preparation of the healing composition you need 2 kg. mud, 2 tbsp. Calendula flowers and 1 tbsp. water. We boil the medicinal herb in boiling water, cook on a steam bath for 10-15 minutes, let cool, and then filter.

Mix healing mud with a decoction, and apply on the lower abdomen. Top wrapped with cling film, wrapped with a warm blanket. The procedure lasts 30 minutes. Then the dirt should be washed off with warm water. For a noticeable effect, you need to perform at least 10 procedures.


One of the methods of non-traditional treatment of endometritis of the uterus is hirudotiotherapy. Therapy with leeches can be an excellent addition to the main course. Leech saliva contains a substance that has a strong anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial effect. Already after several procedures, the patient has a significant decrease in inflammation, improves blood flow to the genital area, eliminates blood stasis.

Hirudotherapy has contraindications. It is not recommended to use this method of treatment if you suffer from anemia, hemophilia, low pressure or malignant neoplasms.

Some patients with endometritis have an allergic reaction to leech bites. If after the first procedure you feel a strong itch, noticed redness or swelling of the soft tissues, it is better to choose another method of treatment.

The leeches are located on the lower abdomen and the inner walls of the vagina. When they get drunk with blood, they will disappear on their own. The procedure lasts no more than 30 minutes. After the end of hirudotherapy, the bite site must be bandaged to prevent the infection from penetrating through the wound.

Leeches are used only once, for re-use will need new individuals. It is better to entrust the conduct of such a procedure to qualified doctors, since improper handling of blood-sucking can harm the patient.


Endometritis, like any other gynecological disease, is easier to prevent than to treat. The risk of developing such a pathology increases significantly after childbirth, cesarean section, abortion, curettage. During the recovery period, it is recommended to take a course of antibiotics prescribed by a doctor.

It is also very important to follow the rules of personal hygiene. Visit your gynecologist regularly, even if you feel completely healthy. This will help to identify the disease at an early stage, and quickly eliminate it. Any folk remedies are best used in combination with traditional medicine.

What is endometritis

The inflammatory process that occurs on the mucous membrane of the female uterus is called endometritis. Inflammation covers a specific area or spreads to the muscle layer, affecting almost the entire area of ​​the reproductive organ.

Endometritis occurs acute or chronic form. The severity of the disease depends on how effective this or that treatment will be. It is customary to eliminate dangerous forms of endometritis by traditional methods of treatment - physiotherapy, drug therapy based on the use of strong antibiotics.

Mild forms of pathology are successfully treated with traditional medicine, although many experienced doctors have successfully combined these methods with medical treatment. Lack of treatment of uterine endometritis is unacceptable.

Causes of chronic uterine endometritis

The mucous membrane of the female uterus is often inflamed due to:

  • difficult childbirth,
  • irregular or frequent abortions,
  • due to an improperly mounted helix, or the placement of an infected intrauterine contraceptive,
  • development of infectious, fungal, bacterial diseases,
  • intercourse during the menstrual cycle,
  • lack of hygiene,
  • frequent douching
  • using tampons,
  • weakened immunity.

The inflammatory process develops due to the attack of pathogenic microflora (fungi, bacteria, infections, protozoa parasites).


Methods of treating uterine endometritis with folk remedies imply many techniques, for example, herbal treatment and treatment with the use of preparations made on the basis of medicinal herbs.

High efficiency has:

However, despite the effectiveness of herbal medicine, any treatment must be coordinated with your doctor. Each herb has its own unique effect on the body and often its use is prohibited during complex drug treatment.

Borovaya uterus

Ortilia is one-sided in the common people "pine forest" reduces inflammation of the mucous membrane. Rich biochemical composition has antimicrobial, hemostatic, hormonal, antitumor effects on the body. In the acute form of chronic endometritis boric uterus is ineffective.

Use option - insist about a month on 200 ml of alcohol dry grass in the amount of two tablespoons. Strain, take 21 days, three times inside to food, spreading 30 drops of tincture on the floor of a glass of water.

Attention! The use of any medicinal plant has a lot of contraindications, therefore, a preliminary consultation with a specialist is necessary.

The herb has healing properties of celandine. When treating uterine endometritis, decoction of the following method is considered the most popular: two tablespoons of a dry plant are poured with two cups of boiling water. Two hours later, "celandine tea" is considered ready. Drink daily before meals for a quarter cup. The course of treatment should not exceed two weeks.

Syringing is widespread, contributing to the removal of inflammation, wound healing, and the destruction of pathogenic microflora. Specialists in traditional medicine in the fight against uterine endometritis recommend inserting candles, cooked at home or ready-made pharmacy, made on the basis of husks of celandine.

Sage has a high efficacy in removing inflammation of the uterine lining. Strengthens the properties of sage lime color, so often the grass is used in combination. Under the influence of a large number of phytohormones contained in these plants, a rapid recovery of the endometrium occurs, the inflammation process is blocked, the bleeding decreases.

Traditionally, sage and lime blossom are combined in equal parts, take a tablespoon of the dry mixture and pour 0.5 liters of boiling water. After an hour of infusion take orally for ½ not more than 4 times a day before meals. Treatment is performed for no more than 12 days.

Ivy leaves

High efficacy in endometritis have tinctures from any parts of the plant ivy. Crushed root, leaves, stalks, dried. Берут пару ложек смеси, заливают кипятком (1 стаканом) и принимают внутрь до еды каждый день, две недели.

Such a composition will help relieve inflammation of the mucous membrane, stop bleeding, have an antibacterial effect, resolving, analgesic, wound healing, and immunostimulating.

Hirudotherapy for endometritis

When removing inflammation of the uterine lining, hirudotherapy is widespread. Leech saliva contains certain substances that can relieve blood stasis, inflammation, have an antibacterial effect.

Perform the procedure yourself is prohibited, this should be trusted only to specialists. Place the search for annelids on the lower abdomen area, additionally put leeches on the inner walls of the vagina itself. The course of treatment is strictly individual. After half an hour after the leech is established, the leech spontaneously disappears, the external area of ​​the body is bandaged at the bite sites and sterilely processed. Clean tampons are inserted into the vagina.

Worth remembering that hirudotherapy has some contraindications: low blood clotting, low blood pressure, cancer, anemia, individual intolerance to leech bite.

Broths for douching on the basis of oils and herbs

Douching with herbs decoctions and solutions from oils normalizes the vaginal microflora, reduces inflammation:

  • To prepare such a solution from a red brush, boil the crushed plant root in a glass of water (boil for at least 15 minutes), and after cooling down, dissolve a teaspoonful of broth to half a liter of cold water. Syringe a week after menstruation, at night,
  • combine in equal parts a red brush and oak bark, take three tablespoons, pour boiling water, boil for 20 minutes, cool. Bred a teaspoon of decoction in a glass of water,
  • dry grass purity in the volume of a tablespoon pour ¾ cup of boiling water, insist. The course of treatment is up to 2 months, daily in the morning,
  • Sea buckthorn oil in a volume of a tablespoon diluted in a glass of water, the treatment is daily for up to 10 days,
  • dry herb celandine combined with chamomile in the ratio of 1: 3, pour a glass of boiling water after 30 minutes, use. Procedures performed daily for about a month.

Douching is desirable to combine with medical treatment or taking decoctions based on medicinal plants.

Note! A malaise that appears during the treatment process may indicate that this method is not suitable for you.

Treatment of endometritis according to Bolotov

Often, doctors recommend performing treatment of uterine endometritis according to the method of Bolotov. This is a kind of douching, but according to a certain rule:

  • on the basis of the rhizomes of the marsh cinquefoil (250 g) and 4 glasses of 6% apple cider vinegar prepare the tincture. The plant is poured with vinegar, tightly cover the container and store for about 14 days in a cool dark place. After take a tablespoon of the resulting liquid, diluted in two glasses of warm water and use,
  • douche for the night, and 10 minutes after douching, the procedure is repeated, only use absolutely clean water.

Usually a course of five days is enough to eliminate the mild form of pathology. Reduce the unpleasant symptoms of chronic and severe inflammation.

The concept of endometritis

Endometritis is an inflammatory process that develops in the mucous membrane of the uterus. The cause of the disease can be fungi, protozoan parasites and bacteria. Pathology can be a consequence of severe childbirth, abortion. The lack of qualified, timely treatment causes the development of chronic endometritis.

Chronic pathology can develop for a number of other reasons:

  • violation of the rules of intimate hygiene,
  • use of tampons during menstruation,
  • sex during menstruation,
  • the presence of infections in the external genital tract,
  • violation of the rules of douching,
  • dysbacteriosis developing in the vagina
  • complications after childbirth.

After the diagnosis is made by a specialist, he prescribes the necessary therapy.

Traditional treatment

Treatment of women with endometritis occurs in a complex. At the first stage, there is a struggle against viral pathogens of the disease. For therapy prescribed a course of antibiotics. For the second course of therapy, a specialist will prescribe drugs that will restore the endometrium. These include:

  • hormonal drugs
  • vitamins
  • drugs that improve blood circulation.

Additionally, physiotherapy can be prescribed. There are several ways to cure endometritis in women. Mud therapy, ozone therapy, and hirudotherapy may be prescribed as an additional therapy.

Home Treatment

Treatment of chronic endometritis with folk remedies is successful when all the recommendations of the doctor are fulfilled. Herbal baths, candles and tampons, douching can be prescribed. Healing herbs will facilitate the general condition, speed up the healing process.

Sage is deservedly considered one of the most effective herbs to eliminate pathology. Experts recommend using grass in conjunction with lime color. These plants are rich in phytohormones, which are similar to the hormones of the female body. Thanks to them, the endometrium begins to grow. The plant also acts as an effective anti-inflammatory agent. In the course of treatment, its hemostatic effect may be useful.

Infusion of sage is prepared according to the following recipe:

  • sage leaves - 1 tbsp. l.,
  • lime color - 1 tbsp. l.,
  • boiling water - 1 l.

Dry components pour boiling water, close the container, insist for 40 minutes, strain. Infusion is taken 20 minutes before meals 3-4 times a day. The course of treatment is 10-12 days and begins the day after the end of menstruation.

For the treatment of chronic endometritis, it is necessary to undergo several courses of infusion of sage, between which there should be a break for 1 menstrual cycle.

Sessile baths with sage decoction are effective for home therapy. For its preparation should pour a glass of boiling water 1 tsp. Sage and send to a water bath, holding it for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, remove the broth, insist half an hour, strain, add to the water and take a sedentary bath. The duration of treatment is determined by the doctor.

Celandine decoction is an effective means of traditional medicine used to treat this pathology. For cooking broth need:

  • dry stems, leaves, flowers of celandine - 1 tbsp. l.,
  • boiling water - 200 ml.

For decoction, you can use not only dry celandine, but also fresh raw materials. In this case, you need 2 tbsp. l harvest celandine is necessary only during the period of active flowering plants. Raw materials need to pour boiling water, send to a water bath, bringing to a boil. Boil for 10 minutes, remove from the water bath, insist 2 hours, strain. The course of therapy lasts 10-12 days. It is necessary to take 1⁄4 glasses 3 times a day 30 minutes before meals. Already after the first course comes a noticeable relief.

Repeat treatment may appoint only a specialist.

Broths for syringing and tampons

At home, pathology can also be treated with decoctions for douching and tampons. A good remedy is plantain-based tampons. For this you need:

  • fresh plantain leaves wash,
  • Scald with boiling water
  • add some butter,
  • Stir until smooth.

The resulting mixture wrap in a bandage, form a tampon, enter into the vagina before bedtime, leaving until morning.

Medical oak leaf decoction can be used for douching. To make it you need:

  • dry oak leaves - 1 handful,
  • water - 1 l.

water pour the leaves, send to a slow fire, boil for 60 minutes. Remove from heat, cool to 40 degrees, drain. Ready decoction can douche. To be effective, repeat the procedure 2-3 times a day. The course of therapy is 1-2 weeks.

Sea buckthorn oil

Vegetable oil with endometritis is an effective adjuvant therapy. Sea buckthorn oil quickly reduces the intensity of the inflammatory process, has a beneficial effect on the blood circulation process. Experts recommend for 10 days to use tampons soaked in sea buckthorn oil. Tampons should be inserted into the vagina before bedtime, leaving until morning.

Leech therapy

Hirudotherapy is often an addition to traditional methods of treatment. Leech saliva contains antibacterial substances. The process of hirudotherapy reduces the inflammatory process, dissolves fibrin, a protein that provokes the occurrence of blood stasis in the pelvis and the occurrence of blood clots.

Hirudotherapy is carried out only by a specialist, self-treatment is prohibited.

Leeches are placed on the inner walls of the vagina, lower abdomen. The procedure lasts up to 60 minutes. After the end of the process, the leeches themselves disappear. The course of therapy is prescribed individually.

Recipe No 1

  • wormwood - 4 tsp,
  • inflorescence of yarrow - 1 tsp,
  • boiling water - 1 cup.

Dry ingredients mix. Take 1 tbsp. l the resulting mixture, pour boiling water, send for 15 minutes to a steam bath, remove, wait for cooling, drain. Take 3 times a day for 1⁄4 cup.

When treatment with folk remedies is unacceptable?

In some cases, traditional medicine is completely contraindicated for the treatment of pathology. The main contraindication is pregnancy. Traditional medicine is prohibited during lactation, in the presence of cancer.

In the presence of an allergic reaction to any component of the decoction, infusion - treatment is prohibited. It is also necessary to observe the indicated dosages in the recipes in order not to provoke possible side reactions.

Treatment reviews

Treatment of endometritis folk remedies, according to women, gives the result if it was combined with traditional methods of treatment. An important role is played by timely diagnosis of pathology, careful implementation of the recommendations of a specialist.

Natalia, 35 l. Omsk

The disease was discovered late, the therapy was intensified and complex, and, together with antibiotics, underwent a course of hirudotherapy. She took herbal baths prescribed by the doctor. Already a year no complaints.

Catherine 27 l Voronezh

She faced pathology when she could not get pregnant with her husband. The fruit was not fixed. They treated the disease with antibiotics and hormonal preparations, and at the same time at home she put tampons soaked in sea buckthorn oil for the night. At the moment, there is improvement in the condition, pregnancy has not yet come.

Endometritis is a serious pathology that causes a lot of complications. Timely treatment to the doctor, careful attention to your health is a guarantee of quick recovery without repeated relapses.

Main symptoms

Before looking for folk remedies for the treatment of uterus affected by endometritis, it is necessary to understand how this disease manifests itself. In acute form, treatment should begin immediately. The main signs of the beginning of the inflammatory process caused by infection:

  • unpleasant smell from the vagina,
  • uncharacteristic bloody or serous discharge,
  • a sharp rise in temperature to 38-39 oC,
  • pain in the lower abdomen, giving to the sacral region.

For acute endometritis, antibiotic therapy is necessary. Normalize condition with herbs will not work. It is necessary to start treating the disease as soon as possible. After the elimination of the infection during the recovery period, folk remedies are actively used.

Chronic endometritis may occur unnoticed. The main manifestation of the pathology is the occurrence of prolonged, painful menstruation and intermenstrual bleeding.

Causes of disease

After the diagnosis is established, it is necessary to understand the cause of endometritis of the uterus. Tactics of treatment are selected after identifying the factors that provoked the disease. Inflammation may develop:

  • against the background of tuberculosis, vaginosis, chlamydia,
  • after diagnostic procedures in which various fluids or instruments are injected into the uterine cavity (checking the condition of the fallopian tubes, probing the uterine cavity),
  • because of sex during menstruation,
  • when infected with ureaplasma, gardnerellosis,
  • in the postpartum period, cesarean section.

To clarify the diagnosis of a gynecological examination is not enough. It is necessary:

  • do an ultrasound,
  • take a vaginal smear,
  • check for infections by PCR diagnostics.

The doctor must prescribe medication. But at the same time a woman can learn how to treat pathology with folk remedies.

Principles of therapy

Before the treatment of endometritis with folk remedies is started, it is necessary to consult with the attending gynecologist. After all, using only alternative medicine methods can lead to the fact that the condition worsens significantly. With the help of herbs, it is impossible to get rid of the bacterial lesion of the uterine cavity or infections transmitted by sexual contact.

To treat endometritis of the uterus folk remedies, you should first understand how they affect the body. Some herbs are:

  • have antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effects,
  • strengthen the immune forces
  • normalize hormone levels
  • act soothingly.

Best of all, traditional methods of treatment have proven to be in stable remission against the background of chronic endometritis. Also, the effect of herbs is with asymptomatic focal lesions.

Infusions and decoctions

Before going to the pharmacy for herbs you need to find out how uterine endometritis can be treated at home. There are many recipes, the effectiveness of which is time-tested.

The composition of sage includes phytohormones, which are similar to the sex hormones of women. The use of this plant contributes to the growth of the endometrium, so sage is actively used in the period after the end of treatment of acute endometritis or in the treatment of chronic forms of pathology.

For ingestion is made infusion of sage and linden flowers. It is drunk between the end of menstruation and the onset of ovulation. You must take 1 tbsp. limes and sage for 1 liter of boiling water. Infused mixture for 40 minutes, then the liquid should be drained. Consume healing infusion on an empty stomach, 15 ml three times a day.

An effective means by which many supporters of folk methods recommend to treat endometritis, is an infusion of ivy leaves. To create a drink of ivy 1 tbsp. plants are filled with boiling water (1 cup is needed). Fluid infused overnight. In the morning, the infusion is brought to a boil over the fire and infused for 10 minutes.

Drink the prepared liquid should be three times a day after filtering 1/3 cup. To improve taste, it is recommended to add honey or sugar to the drink.

Endometritis can be treated with decoction of Hypericum. For the preparation of a remedy 1 tbsp. Hypericum is poured into a glass of boiling water, the liquid is boiled for a quarter of an hour over low heat, then it is filtered. Drink a cooked broth is necessary for the day, a single dose - ¼ cup.

Among the popular methods of treatment of endometritis herbs popular recipe using celandine. To prepare the most effective means you will need 1 tbsp. dried and 2 tbsp. fresh celandine. They are stirred, poured boiling water (need 250 ml) and boil on a steam bath for 10 minutes, stirring regularly. Broth will need another 2 hours to insist.

For the treatment of endometritis of the uterus, the filtered decoction of celandine should be drunk three times a day on an empty stomach. The course of treatment with such a folk remedy is 12 days.

Healing fees

To treat uterine endometritis, many use various combinations of herbs. Well established charges, prepared from:

  • Althea root,
  • Levzei root,
  • lavender
  • tributary
  • wormwood
  • pine buds,
  • blueberry sheets
  • nettle.

The crushed components are mixed in equal proportions. To prepare the infusion of 0.5 liters of liquid take 2 tbsp. mixes. The healing drink is prepared in a thermos for 12 hours. Drink it is recommended for a third cup four times.

This is not the only method of treatment of endometritis folk remedies, in which various herbal mixtures are used. You can treat this method. Equal quantities of dried plants are mixed:

  • Badana root,
  • dandelion,
  • strut
  • calendula,
  • bearberry,
  • coltsfoot,
  • thyme,
  • chicory,
  • Pomeranian Highlander.

For the preparation of therapeutic infusion, a mixture of herbs is poured into a thermos (4 tbsp). Vegetable components should be poured boiling water (1 liter) and leave overnight. Take a healing drink four times a day for a third cup.

It is possible to treat uterine endometritis with the help of other folk remedies. Every woman can cook a decoction of:

  • buckthorn bark,
  • blackberry leaves, mint and birch,
  • valerian root,
  • yarrow,
  • heather flowers.

All plants are taken in equal quantities and thoroughly mixed. For the preparation of therapeutic fluid 2 tbsp. the mixture is poured with 1 liter of boiling water and boiled for 10 minutes. The prepared liquid should be infused for at least a quarter of an hour. Drink it twice a day at 200 ml. Regular intake allows you to minimize the manifestations of chronic endometritis.


To treat uterine endometritis, it is not enough to drink infusions or decoctions. Well established local procedures. For inflammatory lesions, it is recommended to use oak leaves. A handful of leaves boil for ½ hour in a liter of water and cool. Broth women can douche for 2 weeks up to 4 times a day.

Also for the treatment of uterus douche use infusion of:

  • flowers of black elderberry,
  • immortelle
  • oak bark.

Take 5 tbsp. specified vegetable components, pour boiling water over them (this amount will require 1 liter). Infusion is prepared for 40 minutes. You can squirt twice a day. The recommended course of treatment with douches is 5 days.

Having decided to treat endometritis with folk remedies, it is necessary to consult with a gynecologist. He will tell you how to combine the methods of traditional and traditional medicine, and selects the optimal treatment regimen. Refusal of medication may cause deterioration. In a running form, it will be more difficult to treat endometritis.

Endometritis characteristic

The lesion of the inner mucous membrane of the uterus has an acute and chronic form. The acute form is characterized by a sudden rise in temperature, chills and aches, intense pains in the lower body, monthly cycle disorder, defecation, vaginal secretion with pus, insomnia, headache and body intoxication are possible.

Launched ailment becomes chronic, the symptoms of which are not so clearly expressed. From the vagina mucopurulent or serous content is secreted. At times, painful sensation arises in the back. Sometimes the disease is asymptomatic.

Pathology is localized in one area of ​​the affected organ or goes to the muscle layer of the uterus. When choosing a treatment for inflamed endometrium, the doctor takes into account the severity of the manifestation of the disease. It is dangerous in that the affected uterine mucosa becomes unable to attach or hold a fertilized egg.

The most dangerous form is purulent. Occurs as a result of difficult labor or the decomposition of a tumor in the uterus. For her, a sense of gravity, an increase in body temperature, yellow vaginal discharge, having an unpleasant odor. A neglected disease leads to the loss of the opportunity to become a mother.

Causes and symptoms

An additional method of treating endometritis is with the help of folk remedies. Natural components should be used in combination with medications and after the mandatory medical consultation, so that there is no incompatibility from the simultaneous medication.

The disease is detected only after a gynecological examination, so it is impossible to self-medicate, even if there are characteristic symptoms.

Signs of infection in the uterus:

  • in mild form - an increase in temperature up to 38 degrees, in severe form - 40 and higher,
  • varying degrees of severity in the lower abdomen,
  • pathological discharge brownish-brown shade from the vagina, having an unpleasant odor,
  • copious or scanty periods
  • weak contraction of the reproductive organ.

Women at risk of having abortions, having a violent sex life, undergoing hysteroscopy or curettage, as well as using the intrauterine device, infected with sexually transmitted diseases, having benign tumors (cysts, fibroids).

How is the disease diagnosed

For complaints about the characteristic signs of endometritis, the doctor examines and gives direction to additional examinations, which include smear collection, ultrasound, blood and urine tests. Then (according to the testimony) appropriate treatment is prescribed, including the use of folk remedies at home.

One of the plant-healers is called the uterus of the uterus, which helps with diseases of the female urogenital system: bleeding, obstruction of the tubes, erosion, endometritis. It activates the processes necessary for the renewal of the child-bearing function and safely eliminates infertility.

Whether it is possible to continue to take funds with a boletus during pregnancy is of interest to many who have felt her healing power. Some experts believe that it is useful because it helps to overcome toxicosis and prevent miscarriage, while others tend to believe that because of the high concentration of hormones, ortilia can harm both mother and baby. Thus, without a doctor's recommendation, it is undesirable to take a pine womb.

Standard methods for the diagnosis of chronic endometritis are:

  1. Comprehensive microbiological research.
  2. Transvaginal ultrasound of the pelvis.
  3. Biochemical analysis of menstrual blood on the 2-3rd day of the cycle.

In the chronic course of the disease there are the following signs: the uterine mucosa thickens, serous plaque, pathological hemorrhages, fibrous adhesions appear, affecting the normal development of the endometrium.

Endometritis is confirmed by microscopy of a vaginal smear, which determines the causative agent of the disease. Most often it is gonococci and chlamydia.

The composition of the discharge from the urethra, vagina and cervical canal concludes that there is a lesion. If pain and burning are felt when taking a smear, it means that the wall of the urethra is damaged.

Bacteriological smear can be used to give a precise definition of the "culprit" of the infection, its quantitative composition and level of concentration. It will also help identify sensitivity to antibiotics.

If inflammation in the uterus progresses, it increases by an order of magnitude. To make sure of this, ultrasound is performed, which will show the size of the organ, the presence of fibrous plaque, nodules and calcifications.

The internal cavity of the uterus is examined with a hysteroscope. When catarrhal endometritis mucous bright red. When fibrous on its walls there is a whitish plaque. If the endometrium is colored black, there are a lot of scars on it, this indicates necrosis of the tissues.

In the process of hysteroscopic examination, the doctor may do a biopsy - take a piece of tissue for analysis.

Ultrasound examination is recommended one week after the end of the critical days and is carried out in two ways: internal (the sensor is inserted into the vagina) and external (the sensor is guided through the abdomen). Thanks to ultrasound, it is possible to diagnose the types of the disease:

  • endometrial hyperplasia, when the inner layer grows excessively in the uterus (often it goes into cancer),
  • a polyp is a neoplasm with a large number of blood vessels located on the inner lining of the uterus,
  • endometriosis - tissue proliferation that extends beyond the uterus, affecting the tubes and abdominal organs (the threat to women's health is infertility).

The presence of purulent endometritis is diagnosed by echography. If a cancer is suspected, a scraping from the uterus is taken.

Home treatment

When treating folk remedies, various herbs are used, most of them contain phytohormones that regulate the menstrual cycle and can eliminate malfunctions in the functioning of the ovaries.

In folk medicine, water infusions are used, which are prepared according to the principle of tea brewing, alcohol tinctures (more time is needed for their preparation), decoctions (the raw material is poured with water and brought to a boil).

There are so-called female medicines: red brush, boron uterus, sage, which are very popular among women because of their tangible results.

The essence of pathology

Many women are interested in: endometritis - what is it and how to treat? Under this term is commonly understood inflammation of the inner mucous layer of the uterus - the endometrium.

Often this condition is accompanied by damage to the muscle layer. The code for ICD-10 is N71. Inflammatory disease of the uterus, except the cervix.

Endometrium is the inner functional membrane of the uterus, which changes its structure during a cycle. Each time it grows and ripens again, which is a kind of preparation for pregnancy. If conception does not occur, this layer is rejected.

In a normal state, the uterus, covered with endometrium, is protected from infection. However, sometimes pathogens easily get into the body, provoking its inflammation. As a result, endometritis develops, which can be acute or chronic.

Many are interested in whether you can get pregnant with such a diagnosis.. It all depends on the severity of the disease. Acute endometritis has pronounced symptoms - fever, pain, discharge, bleeding.

If therapy is started on time, the disease can be completely cured.. After that, obstacles to pregnancy should not be.

If the treatment is not started, the pathology becomes chronic. Is it possible to cure chronic endometritis, the doctor must answer. This is a rather complicated process.


The main cause of the development of the disease is damage to the uterine mucosa. However, injury itself does not lead to negative consequences. The provoking factor is usually infection with viruses or pathogenic bacteria.

Damage to the mucous membrane can lead such procedures:

  • probing of the uterus,
  • hysteroscopy
  • hysterosalpingography,
  • curettage of the uterus,
  • improper douching.

Various pathogens can cause endometritis - chlamydia, klebsiella, streptococci, mycoplasmas, etc. Also the cause can be viruses and protozoa.

Quite often, endometritis has no obvious symptoms, so women can disregard the disease.. Subsequently, the course of the pathology may be aggravated, which entails inflammation of the muscular layer of the uterus. Therefore, for any symptoms of anomaly, you should consult a doctor.

Acute endometritis in most cases develops as a result of performing artificial abortions.. At the initial stage, the body temperature increases - it can be 38-39 degrees.

This condition is accompanied by discharge - serous or bloody. Also often there are pains in the abdomen, which give to the area of ​​the sacrum.

Chronic endometritis is accompanied by a more erased clinical picture.. At the same time a long time, an increase in temperature. Irregular bleeding is also possible, which is associated with increased vascular permeability.

In addition, the chronic form of the pathology is accompanied by persistent discharge of putrefactive nature and pain when emptying the bowel.

If with this pathology ovulation is preserved, conception may well occur. If the pathological process is accompanied by disruption of the ovaries, there is a risk of miscarriages or the development of infertility.

Features home therapy

Many women are interested in how to cure endometritis at home. For this you can use effective folk methods..

In this case, the choice of herbs is better to entrust a specialist who will diagnose and recommend recipes, depending on the characteristics of the organism.

Before treating a disease with home remedies, it is necessary to analyze the beneficial properties of medicinal plants:

  • have anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effects,
  • strengthen the body's defenses
  • correct the immune system,
  • provide a calming effect
  • normalize the balance of hormones.

How to treat endometritis? Therapy may be general or local. It is best to develop a treatment regimen with a doctor who will diagnose and diagnose.

It is important to bear in mind that any acute inflammation needs treatment in a hospital setting. It is necessary to use antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs.

Herbs can be used in such cases:

  • chronic endometritis at the stage of sustained remission,
  • exacerbation of the inflammatory process with a minimum number of symptoms,
  • recurrent form of endometritis at the stage of subsidence of symptoms,
  • focal endometritis, which has a minimum of manifestations,
  • asymptomatic course of the disease on the background of infertility.

Effective folk recipes

For therapy to give good results, you need to use a combination of traditional medicines and effective home-made recipes.

With the infectious nature of endometritis, it is imperative to use antibiotics to avoid a recurrent course of the disease.

One of the most effective remedies for endometritis is sage.. Especially successful is the combination of this plant with linden.

These substances contain phytohormones, which resemble female sex hormones in structure. Thanks to this, it is possible to achieve an extension of the endometrium. In addition, sage has an anti-inflammatory effect and helps stop bleeding.

To make a remedy, you need to take sage and linden flowers in equal parts - 1 tablespoon. Pour the dry composition 1 liter of boiling water and leave for 40 minutes to infuse.

Take the filtered means 3-4 times a day for 1 tablespoon. This should be done in 20 minutes of food.

It is recommended to begin treatment the next day after the end of menstruation and continue to apply for another 10-12 days.

This tool is especially effective in the acute form of pathology. In chronic endometritis, you can spend several courses of therapy, taking breaks for 1 menstrual cycle.

Also sage can be used to make decoctions for sedentary baths.. To do this, take a small spoonful of herbs and mix with 250 ml of boiling water.

The composition should be put on a steam bath for 10 minutes, removed from the stove and left for another half hour. The filtered agent is added to the finished bath.

In the treatment of endometritis is very useful to apply the decoction of celandine.. At the same time it is better to stock up raw materials independently. The collection is carried out during flowering.

In the manufacture of decoction, it is permissible to use both fresh and dried raw materials - leaves, flowers, and stems.

So, for the preparation of the composition you need to take 1 tablespoon of dry mixture or 2 spoons fresh, add 200 ml of boiling water and put in a steam bath. Cook for 10 minutes, stirring all the time. Remove from the stove and insist a couple more hours.

The filtered means to accept 3 times a day in 30 minutes prior to food. For 1 time you need to drink a quarter of a glass. The duration of the course of therapy is 12 days. This is usually enough to cope with acute endometritis.

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Effective recipes for traditional medicine for endometritis

Having decided to treat endometritis of the uterus at home, you need to choose the right range of effective means. Alternative medicine recipes include various ingredients, many of which are allergens.

In order for therapy to be truly effective, it is necessary to take an integrated approach by choosing:

  • antiseptics and antimicrobial agents,
  • immunomodulatory combinations
  • soothing ingredients
  • phytohormone complexes,
  • anti-inflammatory systemic and local medications.

For many years, alternative medicine has been developing, selecting, supplementing and adjusting the formulation of drugs, so that as a result they become highly effective.

Treatment of endometritis with folk remedies can show good results, especially in the chronic form of the pathology. In order to increase the effectiveness of therapy and increase the chances of a favorable prognosis, one should not abandon classical medicines.

Practice shows that when the endometrium is inflamed in the acute stage, folk remedies can significantly alleviate the condition, but they are usually not able to eliminate the pathology as a whole.

Important! Improper treatment, selected independently, increases the risk of transformation from acute to chronic. It will be more difficult to get rid of such pathology, and the chances of a favorable outcome will be several times lower.

Honey and propolis

Bee products have long been considered a storehouse of nutrients. They are used in all branches of alternative medicine and are included in numerous recipes. Use honey with propolis should be very careful, since these products are the strongest allergen.

To treat chronic endometritis can be one of the recipes:

  • propolis must be mixed with vodka and infused for 10 days and add honey, the mixture is applied to swabs that are inserted into the vagina 10-day course,
  • alcoholic honey tincture is diluted with warm water in a ratio of 1:10 and daily douching at bedtime is carried out every week,
  • Fresh propolis must be mixed with any vaginal cream and used for the intended purpose for 14 days.

Methods for preparing tampons and vaginal suppositories based on propolis and honey may involve the use of additional ingredients: vegetable or butter, petroleum jelly, egg.

In any combination, the beekeeping product falling on the vaginal mucosa has a positive effect on endometritis.

Clay compress

Clay, like propolis, is a natural healer of many diseases. For endometritis, it is recommended to use red, gray or blue clay. It is important that the raw materials do not have impurities of dirt and sand.

The deeper the clay lay, the more effective will be the result of its use. Она оказывает противовоспалительное, антиоксидантное, восстанавливающее действие, а также ускоряет кровоток и лимфоток.

Чтобы приготовить народное лекарство, необходимо развести сухой порошок в тазу с водой и оставить на ночь. In the morning, the clay will settle to the bottom, and excess liquid will collect on top - it must be drained. The remaining substance is mixed.

The consistency of the clay should resemble thin sour cream. Heat 3-5 tablespoons of raw material in a water bath. It is important to monitor the temperature, because when overheating the medicine loses its healing properties. Put warm clay on a layer of plastic wrap or a plastic bag.

Compress is applied to the stomach in the pubic area for 2 hours.

Important! After 2 hours, the clay that has collected harmful substances begins to give them back. You should not leave the compress for more time in the hope of getting a better result.

Medical tampons with increased endometrium of the uterus

Signs of chronic endometritis suggest treatment with folk remedies in the form of tampons according to the following recipes:

  • onion-garlic mixture in chopped form wrap in cheesecloth and enter into the vagina at night,
  • moisten a sterile sea buckthorn tampon and insert into the vagina for 2-3 hours,
  • process aloe with a tampon and insert into the vagina for 4 hours or wrap the crushed leaf of the plant in a sterile bandage,
  • moisten a swab with a strong decoction of celandine, insert for 2-3 hours.

The standard course of using vaginal tampons is 10 days. With chronic endometritis, this period may be longer.

Cyprus in the treatment of uterine endometrium

Ivan-tea, or willow-herb, is applied locally and systemically in gynecology. The average duration of using recipes is 1 month. With endometritis, this plant is expected to have an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effect.

When used inside the drink speeds up the metabolism, removes toxins from the body and treats the urinary system. Kippra can be used in combination with a boron uterus and bergenia root. If desired, the three ingredients can be combined in one broth or tincture.

Infusion of ivy leaves

On the recommendation of the attending physician, women use an infusion of ivy leaves, but before you treat the pathology in this way, you must make sure that you are not allergic. To prepare the tincture, you can use all the components of the plant: leaves, twigs, stem and rhizome.

Pre-raw materials should be dried and crushed. An important quality of this plant is the presence of saponosides in it - thinning, expectorant and antispasmodic substances.

Infusion of ivy leaves has an immunomodulatory, antibacterial, analgesic, absorbable and wound-healing effect.

Hirudotherapy for the treatment of endometritis

The condition of the endometrium of the uterus can be restored to normal with the help of folk remedies, in particular, leeches. Creeping creatures contain a lot of nutrients, among which are antibacterial components.

By sticking to human skin, they release components necessary for relieving inflammation, taking away harmful substances.

The use of folk remedies contributes to the dissolution of fibrin, the destruction of colonies of harmful microorganisms and the removal of pain. Also leeches improve blood circulation in the tissues.

Where to put leeches

To use such a folk remedy, unlike the rest, should be in a medical institution. Two areas are selected for setting leeches: the lower part of the peritoneum to the pubis and the vaginal mucosa.

The duration of the manipulation is approximately 30 minutes, after which the leech will separate itself from the human body.

Important! When conducting hirudotherapy, temporary reactions in the form of pruritus and rash may occur. They pass within several days and do not demand additional measures.

Healing wraps for endometritis

Treatment of inflammation of the uterus mucous folk remedies involves carrying out wraps. Inflamed area can not be heated, but the mud will benefit. Folk remedy is made from calendula, water and mud.

It is necessary to boil calendula in water for 15 minutes, then add therapeutic mud to the broth. Ingredients should be thoroughly mixed until a homogeneous substance is obtained, then applied to the lower abdomen and wrapped with a film.

Wrap should be kept for half an hour, then rinse. Treatment involves 10 treatments to achieve improvement.

Acute endometritis

Acute endometritis is an inflammatory process in the mucous membrane of the uterus that occurs under the influence of infectious diseases or specific factors. If you start the disease, it can cause infertility.

  1. Regular use of intrauterine contraceptives
  2. Frequent abortions or childbirth with complications
  3. Bacterial infection of the mucous membrane,
  4. Non-compliance with hygiene rules.

The more neglected the disease, the less chance of conceiving a child. Therefore, treatment is necessary to engage in the initial stages.

Treatment of folk remedies

In order for folk remedies to bring a positive result, they must be combined with traditional medicine. If the nature of the disease is infectious, then only antibiotics should be treated, in all other cases, traditional medicine can be used.

Sage - This is the best way to fight endometritis. More effectively the grass will act in combination with a linden tree. Herbs contain phytohormoneswhich are similar in structure to the female sex hormones. Thanks to their presence, it is possible to restore the endometrial layer.

Sage in the treatment of Endometritis

To prepare a healing tincture, you need to take 1 spoon linden trees and sage and pour 1 liter of boiling water. After that, the tool should be infused for an hour, and then use it on 1 sec. spoon 3 times a day.

You can also treat with broth celandine. The plant must be collected independently during its flowering. During cooking broth, you can use both fresh and dried raw materials. In order to prepare the broth, you need to take 2 tablespoons of crushed fresh plants and pour 200 ml of boiling water, put this mixture on the steam bath. It is necessary to cook the broth for 10 minutes, stirring regularly. After that, you need to let it stand for 30 minutes. It should be applied 3 times a day before meals.

Treatment with broth from celandine

Can apply boron womb in any form. The best means is decoctions made from it, alcoholic and aqueous tinctures. In order to prepare a healing tincture, you need to take a dark glass bottle of 0.5 liters and place 50 mg of dried crushed grass in it, fill it up with vodka to the top. After that, close the bottle with a cap and put it in a dark place for several weeks. After that, take 40 drops three times daily before meals.

Endometritis can be treated using red brush. This plant has strong anti-inflammatory properties. To recover from the disease, you need to take 1 root of a medium-sized plant and grind it in a meat grinder. After that, pour it with 0.5 liters of boiling water and put the mixture on medium heat. Periodically it needs to be stirred. After 20 minutes, remove from heat, cover and allow to infuse for an hour. This decoction should be applied 2 times a day before meals.

Red Brush with Endometritis Treatment

Leeches will help improve the condition of the disease. In the saliva of these animals contain enzymes that will help to cope with any infection. With the help of these enzymes, the blood circulation is normalized and the inflammatory process passes. Leech should be applied to the lower abdomen.

The development of the endometrium is also affected by the state of the nervous and immune systems.

Symptoms of acute endometritis:

  • Pronounced pain in the lower abdomen,
  • Bleeding between menstrual cycles
  • General weakening of the body
  • Foul smelling
  • Painful urination.

With timely diagnosis and treatment, you can prevent the occurrence of a chronic condition.

Treatment of the acute form of the disease

The course of therapy is carried out only in stationary conditions. The patient passes the prescribed medication and follows the pastel regimen. The treatment is made using such means:

  • Infusion therapy. Conducted with the help of glucose-saline solutions to detoxify the body.
  • After that, the patient must undergo a course of antibiotic therapy.
  • Further appointed antimycotic substances
  • To strengthen the body, doctors prescribe vitamins for women, which will have a beneficial effect on the entire body.

When the acute symptoms subside, the patient will be prescribed physiotherapy.

Chronic endometritis

This form of the disease occurs only when not timely treatment of the acute form.

  1. Diagnostic procedures related to penetration into the uterus,
  2. Frequent abortions performed by scraping
  3. Various injuries of the uterine mucosa,
  4. Diseases of the urinary tract,
  5. Violations on the hormonal background,
  6. Non-compliance with the rules of hygiene,
  7. Constant change of sexual partners,
  8. Inflammatory processes in the genitals.

Chronic is diagnosed in the same way as the acute form of the disease.

Symptoms of chronic endometritis:

  • Irregular menstrual cycle
  • Before menstruation, poor bleeding may occur,
  • The occurrence of pain in the lower abdomen,
  • Reduced performance and lethargy of the body.

Treatment of chronic disease

Specialists approach the treatment of chronic forms in a comprehensive manner. Produced in 4 stages:

  1. Antimicrobial
  2. Immunomodulatory,
  3. Fortifying,
  4. Physiotherapy.

A high therapeutic effect is achieved by injecting drugs directly into the uterine cavity. With the help of physiotherapy procedures, inflammation can be removed from the endometrial surface.

Purulent endometritis

Purulent endometritis - This is the most dangerous form of the disease. If it is diagnosed and treated in a timely manner, infertility can be avoided.


Due to the penetration of infection, a large amount of pus accumulates in the uterus, which leads to the occurrence of purulent endometritis. Very often, childbirth with complications affects its onset. Another cause of the disease is the breakdown of an intrauterine tumor.

Symptoms of the disease

  • There are nagging pains in the lower abdomen,
  • The overall body temperature rises,
  • Yellowish discharge with an unpleasant odor appears from the vagina,
  • During the medical examination revealed an enlarged uterus.

The reasons. Symptoms Diagnostics

A painful process is provoked by harmful bacteria and microorganisms. In connection with a weakened immune system, a woman can become infected with a virus. Active, promiscuous sex life entails the appearance of fungal colonization and the acquisition of parasites.

Without good reason, inflammation never arises. There are several culprits of the disease:

  1. Gynecological interventions - childbirth, scraping, abortions, other operations on the uterus,
  2. Sexually transmitted infections,
  3. Non-compliance with intimate hygiene rules
  4. Use a long period of time intrauterine contraceptive devices.

Medicine identifies two types of disease progression described in the table.

Poor sheath detachment with partial abortion

Untreated first stage provokes a spilling over to a chronic disease. In the last stage, the disease is difficult to treat and provokes serious complications.

If there are primary signs, you should immediately contact a gynecologist. The doctor interviews the patient, collecting a full history of the patient's complaints and the identified symptoms. Conducts gynecological examination on the chair with the help of mirrors.

For a complete diagnosis, it is recommended to undergo a series of laboratory examinations:

  • clinical blood test,

  • bacterioscopic examination of smears,
  • curettage of the uterine mucosa,
  • histological examination,
  • Ultrasound,
  • hysteroscopy.

Patients with an acute stage of the disease undergo inpatient therapy. Such methods are due to the likelihood of severe complications (peritonitis, parametritis, pelvioperitonitis).

Is it always possible to treat endometritis folk remedies

The popularity of folk remedies in the treatment of any disease is so high that many people, in principle, reject traditional medicine, preferring to use medicinal herbs and other alternative means.

Science does not deny the particular benefits of popular recipes, but warns that such therapy can only be used as an adjunct to medical methods. First of all it refers to diseases of infectious etiology, which include endometritis.

In the course of treatment, the main role is assigned to antibiotics, which are drugs of aggressive influence. Taking antibacterial drugs is always fraught with the risk of side effects and various complications, and the woman's body after the course of treatment requires additional therapy to raise immunity and restore normal liver function. At this stage, traditional medicine can be invaluable.

The advantage of popular recipes is that they do not exert such a large load on the body, as antibiotics and hormonal drugs, besides, they are much cheaper.

Consider the use of alternative medicine in the course of treatment of endometritis is possible only with chronic course of the disease, since the acute form of therapy is carried out only in the hospital with the use of broad-spectrum antibiotics and other drugs.

But chronic endometritis cannot be completely cured with herbs alone. This the doctor must necessarily warn the patient in case she rejects the methods of official medicine.

The main disadvantage of traditional medicine in the treatment of chronic endometritis is their low efficiency. The disease refers to serious gynecological pathologies, a frequent consequence of which is female infertility. If therapeutic techniques are used for a long time that do not give the desired therapeutic effect, the inflammatory process can affect other organs and lead to serious problems.

Spread of the inflammatory process from the endometrium to the fallopian tubes and ovaries

Another problem with the use of folk remedies is their high probability of provoking allergic reactions, especially with regard to various medicinal plants and bee products. It is especially dangerous if a woman has not previously resorted to herbal medicine and did not do allergy tests, in this case, such therapy can lead to angioedema and anaphylactic shock.

Contraindications to such methods are determined individually, but in general terms they can be represented as follows:

  • idiosyncrasy or allergic reaction to any component of the drug collection,
  • if the agent is an alcoholic tincture, it cannot be used by people who are prone to alcoholism, since even a minimal dose can provoke a breakdown,
  • If the inflammatory process has affected the mucous membrane of the vagina and cervix, you should not use tampons soaked with an infusion of medicinal herbs or other folk remedies, as they can injure the inflamed tissue.

At the same time, doctors recognize a certain effectiveness of non-traditional methods, noting that medicinal plants can have the following therapeutic effects:

  • they can, to a certain extent, relieve the symptoms of inflammation and relieve pain,
  • help strengthen the immune system
  • have a tonic effect on the female body,
  • have a soothing effect.

Indications for the use of traditional methods for chronic endometritis are:

  • stage of stable remission
  • focal mucosal lesions with mild symptoms,
  • infertility on the background of pathological processes in the endometrium, occurring without signs of inflammation.

Apply any recipe of traditional medicine is possible only after consulting a doctor.

And here more about autoimmune endometritis.

Broths for douching and medicated tampons

In the complex therapy of chronic endometritis, an effective additional remedy for the removal of the effects of the inflammatory process is syringing decoctions from medicinal herbs and tampons soaked in various therapeutic compositions:

  • Sea buckthorn oil. They are soaked with a cotton swab and injected overnight into the vagina, the procedure is repeated during the week.

  • Broth from vegetable raw materials for washing. For the preparation of used leaves of walnut, field horsetail, leaves of blueberry and knotweed grass. A tablespoon of the mixture is brewed with half a liter of boiling water and left in a water bath.

Strained broth should be washed twice a day.

  • In the same way is preparing a solution for vaginal douching. Brew a mixture of pine buds, eucalyptus, blueberry leaves and meadowsweet inflorescences. Douching should be done once a day before bedtime.
  • Vaginal tampons can be soaked with aloe leaf juice, they can be left in the vagina for 4 hours. The procedure should be carried out during the week.
  • Tampons soaked with a mixture of hypericum and sea buckthorn oil are also effective, they can be left in the vagina overnight.
  • You can mix in equal proportions aloe juice and olive oil, this mixture can be used to soak tampons after a five-day soak in the refrigerator.
  • Broth celandine. One teaspoon pour 50 ml of boiling water and boil for five minutes. Soak the broth with a decoction and leave overnight.
  • Tampons can be impregnated with mummy dissolved in milk with the addition of honey, this means can be applied for 10 days, leaving the tampon in the vagina for three hours.
  • Decoction of immortelle, elderberry and oak bark. On a liter of boiling water, take five tablespoons of vegetable mixture and brewed in a thermos for 40 minutes. Broth is used for douching vagina.
  • Infusion of the fruits of strawberries, cornflower flowers, herb wintergreen and lemon balm. The drug mixture is brewed with boiling water and infused for an hour. The resulting tincture is taken orally several times a day, 100 ml.
  • In the same way, you can prepare and consume inside the infusion of chamomile, wild rose and black currant.
  • You can take a sedentary bath with a decoction of bay leaf.

It must be borne in mind that vaginal swabs and sessile baths should not be used during menstrual bleeding.

Among the recipes of traditional medicine for the treatment of chronic endometritis are wraps in the lower abdomen. You can use this recipe: Brew 2 tablespoons of calendula with a glass of boiling water, let the broth stand, then strain.

Take 3 kg of mud, pour into it the resulting broth and mix well. Then the mixture should be applied to the lower abdomen, wrap with plastic wrap, and close with a warm scarf on top. Wrap is recommended to keep about half an hour, then rinse with plenty of water. To obtain a therapeutic effect, it is necessary to do 10 procedures.

For how to make a gynecological swab, see this video:

Mud therapy

Recently, many studies have been conducted on the analysis of the usefulness of therapeutic mud in the course of treatment of chronic endometritis. Particularly high therapeutic effect of the Dead Sea mud. This effect is due to the action of the active elements contained in these muds in a high concentration: vitamins, organic compounds, beneficial microelements.

According to scientists, the use of curative mud reduces the risk of infertility in chronic endometritis by 2.5 times, and the probability of spontaneous abortion - by 3.3 times. Also, after the course of procedures, all patients showed an improvement in the hormonal function of the ovaries, the normalization of the ovulation process and the restoration of the secretory adjustment of the uterine endometrium due to increased concentrations of progesterone and estradiol in the body.

Treatment of chronic endometritis with magnets

This technique is widely used during the rehabilitation period after many

inflammatory infectious gynecological diseases. Magnetic therapy helps due to the action of the magnetic field to improve the permeability of blood vessels, enhancing the therapeutic effect of the drugs taken.

In addition, this physiotherapeutic technique has an immunomodulatory effect.

The procedure lasts an average of half an hour, the magnetic field is directed to the area of ​​the infectious lesion. Despite the wide scope of this method, it has a fairly wide list of contraindications:

  • poor blood clotting,
  • problems with the cardiovascular system, ischemia, a heart attack, the presence of a pacemaker,
  • anemia,
  • active tuberculosis,
  • pregnancy.

Other methods of physiotherapy are used to treat chronic endometritis, which can be prescribed only by the attending physician.

And here more about the causes and treatment of acute endometritis.

Despite the high popularity of traditional methods of treatment of various diseases, including endometritis, they can only be recommended as an aid in the general course of therapy. You can not rely on herbal medicine in the acute form of the disease, in addition, such methods in this phase of the pathology should be completely excluded.

It is necessary to consult the attending physician to minimize the possible complications and side effects about the expediency of using one or another popular prescription for the treatment of the chronic form of the disease.

Useful video

About hirudotherapy in gynecology, see this video:

Different endometritis treatment also requires different. Methods of treatment, schemes for the treatment of chronic and acute, postpartum and autoimmune, purulent will be slightly different. Although the drugs may be the same.

As a result of the long-term effect of infection on the endometrium of the uterus, autoimmune endometritis can occur. Causes - it is a chronic process. Symptoms may be blurry. Treatment should begin as soon as possible, since chronic endometritis with an autoimmune component can put an end to pregnancy.

In combination with medications, physiotherapy for endometritis helps to get rid of the problem as soon as possible. Treatment may include both a set of procedures (especially important for the chronic form), and certain effects.

Acute endometritis develops due to infections. It may be purulent, catarrhal. The reasons may lie in the abortion, procedures for examination, and sometimes postpartum. Symptoms - fever, chills, pain. The treatment is long, antibacterial.

Treatment of this form of the disease

Treatment prescribed, based on the causes of the disease. Due to the disturbed outflow of contents in the uterus, an accumulation of blood clots is formed, they are removed by surgical intervention, and the uterus is disinfected with antiseptics. After that, a woman is prescribed a course of antibiotics. During the treatment of this form of the disease it is necessary to completely abandon sex.