Can I drink nimesil during menstruation


Painful sensations during menstruation are familiar to most women. This is a natural process of physiology, which is explained by the fact that at this time there is a contraction of the uterus. You can quickly normalize the condition with the help of various painkillers. On the recommendation of gynecologists in this situation, it is best to take Nimesil.

Drug release form and dosage

"Nimesil" is available in two forms - in the form of powder and tablets. If the drug is prescribed to get rid of pain during menstruation, the woman should strictly adhere to the rules of use. One tablet or bag of powder is diluted in 100 ml of warmed water and taken orally half an hour before meals.

The drug is rapidly absorbed into the walls of the alimentary canal and in a couple of hours it reaches the maximum concentration in the body. At the same time, Nimesil does not irritate the mucous membranes as anesthetics of the early period.

If the pain during menstruation is very strong, then you can increase the dose of the drug by 2 times. But this decision needs to be coordinated with the doctor, since in large portions Nimesil can provoke the appearance of side effects.

For adolescents, the dose of Nimesil per day should not exceed 200 mg in order to prevent poisoning of the body. It is also not recommended to take the remedy for more than 12-14 days. Girls whose menstruation began at an early age should replace the drug with other medications.


Before taking Nimesil, a woman should definitely seek expert advice. The drug has a lot of contraindications and is forbidden to use for some chronic diseases.

Categorically it is impossible to apply "Nimesil":

  • with diabetes,
  • with addiction to alcohol or drugs
  • with kidney or liver failure in any form,
  • with bronchial asthma,
  • with polyps in the nose,
  • with gastritis, ulcers and other diseases of the gastrointestinal tract,
  • if a woman has poor blood clotting,
  • for any irregularities in the cardiovascular system.

There is also a risk of developing an allergy to the drug. If a woman previously had problems after taking Acetylsalicylic acid or other anti-inflammatory drugs, then it is worth replacing Nimesil with another remedy.

Side effects

"Nimesil" copes well with pain during menstruation, but when you receive it there is a likelihood of various adverse reactions, especially if the woman took an increased dosage of the drug.

Possible side effects:

  • changes in the central nervous system: dizziness, feeling of weakness, irritability, insomnia, migraine,
  • decrease in blood pressure, as well as increased heart rate,
  • manifestations on the skin - itching, sweating, irritation,
  • disorders of the digestive system, such as nausea, stomach pain, vomiting, in difficult situations - bleeding,
  • in rare cases, the analysis of blood after taking Nimesil has seen a decrease in the level of red blood cells and hemoglobin and an increase in eosinophils, which indicates an acute allergic reaction.

If after taking the medication similar problems occur, you need to flush the stomach, then take "Activated carbon" or another sorbent. It is imperative to undergo an examination by a specialist, and if a severe adverse reaction develops, call an ambulance.

In the pharmacy, you can buy different analogues of the drug "Nimesil", which are almost no different from him. For example, the medicines Nimesulide and Nise contain the same active ingredient in the same amount. This means that the same effect will be exerted on the organism.

The difference between the compositions of Nemulex and Nimesil is only in the auxiliary substance, the dose of nimesulide is identical. Medications work equally well with menstrual pain, differing only in taste.

Equally effective drugs analogues:

It is important to consider that the unauthorized prescription of another medicine can cause a negative reaction of the body. Therefore, before taking a drug similar to “Nimesilu”, you should consult with your doctor.


"Nimesil" will help to quickly relieve pain during menstruation. But it must be remembered that this is a serious and in some cases dangerous medicine, therefore, its use should be given only with the permission of a specialist. It is easier to apply for the prescription of a drug to a doctor, than to restore health after the negative effects of taking pain medication.

Drug properties

Nimesil is an analgesic drug that belongs to the group of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, the family of sulfonamides. It has a fairly pronounced therapeutic effect, because of this it is popular among the female population. Thanks to the ability to quickly suppress prostaglandins, the pain disappears in minutes.

The active ingredient contained in the present preparation is nimesulide. Together with other additives, it quickly penetrates the gastrointestinal tract, and has the desired effect. If we consider the pathogenesis of the action of this drug, we can say that it affects the synthesis of arachidonic acid. As a result, the release of prostaglandins in the female body is reduced, and pain is reduced. That is why Nimesil is used for severe pain during the menstrual cycle.

Indications for use

  • The drug is prescribed in the case of headache, toothache, and after surgery for the female reproductive system,
  • Diseases of the osteo-articular system requiring the use of this drug,
  • Menstrual pain, gynecological diseases also need to take Nimesil,
  • Urological diseases and conditions accompanying the rise in temperature to high numbers.

Adverse reactions

In the case of using the drug to relieve pain during menstruation, some adverse reactions are possible:

  • Dyspeptic reactions from the gastrointestinal tract, such as nausea, vomiting, pain, possible bleeding,
  • On the part of the heart, such changes as an increase in the pulse, a decrease in pressure,
  • The central nervous system also undergoes some changes. Headache, dizziness and asthenic syndrome characteristic when taking the above drug,
  • If you perform blood tests, you can notice a decrease in the level of hemoglobin, erythrocytes, increased eosinophils and a change in liver samples.

It should be noted that women in order to enhance the pharmacological effect, resort to receiving a dose of the drug that exceeds the norm. This leads to an overdose of the body, in response, it responds with changes in the gastrointestinal tract and heart. To prevent the development of complications, it is necessary to wash the stomach, take activated charcoal and consult a specialist.

Use for painful menstruation

Presented drug is quite a strong analgesic, so among many women, the choice falls on him. With menstrual pain, if you drink this medicine, you can get rid of it after 15 minutes. The duration of the drug is 5-8 hours. This property attracts women and makes them buy this drug, because not every analgesic can quickly and quickly get rid of pain.

It should be noted that the medicine can be drunk 2 days before the onset of menstruation. In this situation, a woman will transfer the estimated period much easier.

Despite the many positive qualities and reviews of this drug, doctors recommend using it in combination with other drugs. They may be no-spa and baralgin. This combination will give a quick, reliable effect and will relieve from many side reactions and complications.

Nimesil is a powder. The amount of this drug is 30 bags in one pack. The cost of this drug is 220-250 hryvnia, in Russia its price is 500-800 rubles. The difference depends on the region in which it is sold. Nimesil is produced by Spanish and German pharmaceutical companies.

Nimesil is a fairly strong and high-quality drug. However, before using it, it is necessary to consult a doctor, since its effect may be negative.

The composition of the drug

The preparation contains the active substance nimesulide, as well as auxiliary ones:

  • ketomacrogol,
  • citric and orange acid,
  • sucrose
  • maltodextrin.

These substances were selected on the basis of their interaction with each other. The drug has the ability to relieve pain, inflammation and high fever. One of the main advantages of Nimesil during menstruation can be considered its rapid absorption into the bloodstream. Due to this speed, the therapeutic effect of taking the medicine comes as quickly as possible. After a few minutes you can feel a significant relief. This feature of the drug is very important for women who suffer from severe pain and cramps during menstruation.

Indications for use

In addition to alleviating the condition during menstruation, Nimesil is actively used in many other pathological conditions. Among them are the following:

  • Sinusitis, gingivitis or otitis media.
  • Headache, high blood pressure.
  • Various viral diseases.
  • Inflammation in the body, accompanied by high body temperature.
  • Diseases of the genitourinary system.
  • Gynecological, urological and vascular diseases.
  • Diseases of the musculoskeletal system, including fractures and bruises of varying severity.
  • Toothache.

A wide list of possible applications of Nimesil makes it an indispensable tool in the first-aid kit. Therefore, in the presence of painful menstruation, you can safely buy this medicine. Despite the effectiveness of the drug, they need to treat a cold or flu only in combination with other drugs. It is also necessary to remember that the use of any medication must be approved by a doctor.

Instructions for use

For cramps and pain in the lower abdomen during menstruation, you should take one Nimesil sachet twice a day. Usually, this dosage is enough to relieve all the unpleasant symptoms in women in these difficult days. If after drinking one sachet the pain is gone, it is better to confine only to it. Only with the resumption of ailments can you take another dose of medication.

If you have sinusitis, otitis, cold or any other serious illness, you should consult your doctor about the dosage and regimen of medication. Instructions for use states that the use of Nimesil powder for more than two weeks is prohibited. Otherwise, the drug can cause a huge number of side effects that will lead to other pathologies and disruptions in the body.

To the drug is well absorbed in the stomach, the contents of the package is dissolved in warm water. Due to this, the powder begins to act almost immediately after entering the human body.

Use with caution

Especially careful to take this drug should be the elderly, pregnant women, as well as those who suffer from chronic diseases. They can take Nimesil only after obtaining approval from a doctor. Pregnant women can be prescribed medication only in the 2nd trimester and only when there is an urgent need, if the benefits of taking exceed the harm that can be done to the development of the fetus.

The effectiveness of the drug for menstruation

When a drug enters the blood, blocking of all pain impulses that are transmitted to the brain occurs. That is why the pain of menstruation passes instantly, and a woman can again go about her daily activities. Nimesil powder for menstruation is very effective due to the following factors:

  • It lowers the amount of prostaglandins.
  • Decreases the level of histamine in the blood.
  • Blocks the development of free radicals.
  • It interacts well with glucocorticoid receptors.

Substances prostaglandins are a kind of hormone analogues. They regulate many processes in the human body. These include uterine contractions, which provoke severe pain and cramps during menstruation. Due to the ability of the drug to reduce their number, there is a noticeable relief of the condition.

Side effects of medication

When following the instructions for use, side effects are quite rare. They are expressed in the form of: small rash all over the body, headache, increased sweating, heavy breathing, blurred vision, as well as severe anxiety. In addition, you may experience vomiting, the first signs of stomatitis, nausea, bitterness in the mouth, weakness and body aches, increased nervousness.

The list of side effects does not end there. But patients noted in the reviews: with the monthly "Nimesil" can cause such complications only with the abuse of the drug. But in case of non-compliance with instructions and overdose of the drug, hepatic and renal failure, disorder of the digestive system, as well as hypertension can develop.

Before taking "Nimesil" for menstruation, you need to make sure that the pain and spasms in the lower abdomen and in the lower back appeared due to painful menstruation, and not any diseases. Then taking the drug in the dosage of one to two bags per day will not lead to the development of complications.

Application features

Based on the instructions, it can be concluded that "Nimesil" during menstruation will be an excellent painkiller. The development of side effects will be minimized if you follow all the rules for applying the powder. Among them it is important to highlight the following:

  • The medicine should be drunk only after a meal in order to prevent possible diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.
  • When treating, do not drink alcohol.
  • Always try to use the minimum dosage of the drug.
  • After reducing pain and relieving spasms, it is necessary to stop taking Nimesil during menstruation.
  • If during the application of the powder the temperature starts to rise, then the medicine does not fit the body.

“Nimesil” with menstruation can be drunk even for female drivers. The drug does not affect the concentration of attention and the ability to control vehicles. But in the presence of drowsiness, fatigue, as well as headaches and menstrual pain, it is better not to get behind the wheel until you feel better.

Drug reviews

Women speak positively of Nimesil as a drug that can reduce menstrual cramps. Many of them note that already 15 minutes after taking the powder, pain in the lower abdomen and in the lumbar region disappears. An important advantage of this medication is its long therapeutic effect.

According to the patients, Nimesil helps with menstruation even after consuming one packet, while other medicines may not bring the desired relief for a long time. Many women have to take handfuls of pills to relieve the symptoms of painful menstruation. "Nimesil" also eliminates pain in 20 minutes.

Based on the numerous reviews of this medicine, we can conclude that it is highly effective. Although, those who took the painkiller "Nimesil" too often and for a long time, assure him of the danger to health. Despite such isolated cases, if you follow the instructions for use, no side effects to the body are not terrible.

Pharmacological properties

Nimesil is considered a pronounced representative of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. It belongs to the family of sulfonamides, and due to the blockade of the release of prostaglandins in the female body effectively relieves pain.

The biologically active substance of the medication in question is nemusulide, and to improve the taste and increase the absorption rate of the drug in the gastrointestinal tract, pharmacological companies add a number of specific additives to the final product.

Experts believe that the main pharmacological action of nimesil is a negative and blocking effect on the synthesis of arachidonic acid. This leads to a decrease in the release of prostaglandins and a reduction in pain. A similar effect of the drug on the body is used when it is recommended that women use nimesil for painful periods.

In addition, the mechanism of the anti-inflammatory action of the drug is described, which is facilitated by the ability of the drug to prevent the formation of free radicals.

When and how doctors recommend using nimesil

The considered drug is widely used to reduce pain in various pathologies. Most often this drug is recommended:

  • If the patient has undergone surgical or gynecological surgery, then nimesil include in the course of postoperative therapy.
  • Various traumatic pathology also requires the use of this drug. When bursitis, arthritis and other diseases of the joints use not only the anesthetic effect of the drug, but also its high anti-inflammatory activity.
  • There is a wide field of activity for nimesil in patients with otorhinolaryngological and dental problems.
  • Ну и, разумеется, дисменорея. Pronounced pain during menstruation, modern medicine offers to treat only non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, of which nimesil is considered one of the most effective and safe.

But this drug cannot be said to be a panacea for women with menstrual problems. Like most nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, nimesil has its own contraindications and side effects.

Possible adverse reactions

Most often, if you use nimesil with monthly pain, the following adverse pathological manifestations are possible:

  • On the part of the gastrointestinal tract, women often report nausea, vomiting, and abdominal pain. Sometimes the situation may be aggravated by the development of gastric or intestinal bleeding.
  • The cardiovascular system on the use of this medication may respond to lower blood pressure, tachycardia, in rare cases, heart rhythm disturbances.
  • Quite often suffers and the central nervous system. With a similar pathology, women may complain of dizziness, headache, drowsiness, and apathy.
  • Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory substances can cause changes in blood tests. Experts note the possibility of anemia, eosinophilia, marked increase in liver function tests.

In addition to various side effects, an overdose of the drug often occurs by patients, as the woman seeks to maximize pain relief and exceeds the allowed dose. In this case, the main symptoms will be observed from the gastrointestinal tract, since, due to its pharmaceutical characteristics, the drug primarily affects the walls of the stomach and intestines.

In most cases, the matter does not reach the bleeding, and the symptoms are limited to vomiting, pain in the stomach, drowsiness and a drop in blood pressure. Nimesil has no special antidotes, and first aid consists in washing the stomach, taking activated carbon and immediately seeking qualified medical help.

We recommend reading the article on the MIG medication during menstruation. From it you will learn about the effect of the drug and the indications for its use, contraindications and possible side effects, effectiveness with painful menstruation.

Short list of contraindications

When a woman begins to take nimesil during menstruation, she should first consult a doctor. There she will be told that this drug is contraindicated for use for a large number of patients with various chronic diseases. This list includes:

  • Diseases of the digestive tract. If a patient has chronic gastritis or has a history of gastric ulcer, then this drug is contraindicated to reduce pain.
  • It is strictly forbidden to use nimesil to people suffering from hepatic or renal insufficiency in any form.
  • The drug is banned in patients with impaired blood coagulation system. Any bleeding is a direct contraindication to the use of nimesil.
  • As noted above, this drug adversely affects the work of the cardiovascular system, therefore, for women suffering from similar disorders, it is contraindicated.

And, of course, you should remember about the possibility of serious allergic reactions to the use of this medication. If the patient already had problems with taking nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or acetylsalicylic acid, then it is better to refrain from nimesil.

Drug cost

In the modern pharmacy network, this medicine is mainly represented by German and Spanish manufacturers. The retail price in the Russian Federation ranges from 500 to 800 rubles, depending on the region. In Ukraine, the cost of nimesil in most pharmacies is 220-250 hryvnia per pack of 30 bags.

The use of the drug should not be without the supervision of a physician. Nimesil has an excellent effect on pain relief during menstruation. At the same time it is quite a serious and dangerous drug. It is better to consult a specialist than to treat the consequences of unauthorized use of a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug.

Etiology of menstrual pain

Menstruation is a monthly process of cleansing the female body, during which girls have bleeding from the vagina. The first day of menstruation (regul) is considered the beginning of the menstrual cycle. During menstruation, the uterine myocytes begin to chaotically contract, the vessels spasm, resulting in disruption of normal tissue trophism. All these factors provoke the development of pain.

Within a month, the genital organ prepares for fertilization of the egg, the endometrium is covered with capillaries, which at conception should provide the embryonic trophism.

Intense pain during menstruation often occur on the background of the following pathologies:

  • ectopic pregnancy,
  • hormonal imbalance
  • impaired progesterone synthesis,
  • myoma,
  • endometritis,
  • oophoritis,
  • endometrial polyps,
  • adenomyosis,
  • ovarian cyst.

Types of ailments

Severe pain during menstruation often indicates the presence of health problems.

It can manifest itself in different ways:

  • insomnia,
  • depression,
  • mood swings
  • severe fatigue
  • headache,
  • discomfort in the heart,
  • nervousness,
  • puffiness
  • painful stomach
  • lower back pain
  • breast hypersensitivity,
  • dysfunction of the digestive system (diarrhea, flatulence, constipation, etc.).

Most often, severe pain during menstruation is observed in patients aged 13 to 35 years.

The mechanism of action of the drug and its effectiveness

Nimesil has an analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antipyretic and antirheumatic effect. The main active ingredient of the drug is nimesulide. Nimesil affects different systems of the body. It blocks pain receptors and inhibits the transmission of impulses to the brain.

The effectiveness of Nimesil during menstruation is explained by the following factors:

  • a decrease in the concentration of histamine and prostaglandins in the blood,
  • optimization of glucocorticoid receptors,
  • blocking the formation of reactive oxygen species in cells of different tissues.

With monthly pain, Nimesil is a fairly effective remedy that regulates the level of prostaglandins in the body. The chemical structure and biological effect of these compounds is very similar to the hormones of the adenohypophysis. These bioactive substances activate the contraction of smooth muscles, therefore, spasmodic pains occur in women.

Often, on the background of monthly observed abdominal pain. This is due to the accumulation of excess fluid in the body. With painful menstruation, Nimesil helps get rid of these symptoms.. It stimulates the removal of excess water from the body.

When painful menstruation, Nimesil actively neutralizes free radicals (hydrogen peroxide, lipoperoxide, hydroxide, superoxide anion radical), which provoke the destruction of cell membranes and the development of intoxication.

Nimesil interacting with glucocorticoid receptors in combination with inhibition of prostaglandin production, has a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect. For this reason, Nimesil is often used in gynecology, in particular for the relief of pain during menstruation.

Dosage and dosage form

Nimesil is available in the form of powder and tablets. For menstruation, drink Nimesil if the patient adheres to the instructions for use and the recommendations of the doctor. Take Nimesil from pain during menstruation should be 20-30 minutes before a meal. For menstruation, Nimesil's pack should be diluted in half a cup of warm water and drunk. The medicament is pleasant to the taste and has a citrus scent. When menstruation, Nimesus relieves pain well and reduces temperature.

The drug is rapidly absorbed in the digestive canal, the maximum concentration in the blood is reached 2-3 hours after administration. Reaction with plasma proteins is 97%. Nimesil easily overcomes histohematogenous barriers. The half-life of Nimesil is about 4-5 hours. All early-stage NIP preparations had a negative effect on the gastric mucosa. Nimesil does not disturb the work of the mucous membranes.

With severe pain, it is allowed to double the dosage of the drug. However, it must be coordinated with the doctor, since Nimesil in maximum doses may exhibit side effects. If there is no therapeutic result during Nimesil treatment, then it is better to refuse it.

Drinking Nimesil during menstruation during adolescence is necessary at the rate of 200 mg per day.. Exceed the specified dosage is not worth it, because the body may be intoxicated. Specialists also do not recommend using Nimesil for more than two weeks, but for patients with painful periods this is not very relevant. Girls who are faced with early menstruation should abandon Nimesil and replace it with other medications. To prevent the emergence of strong pain, some doctors recommend drinking Nimesil a couple of days before the start of menstruation.

Dosage and administration

In most cases, Nimesil is taken as a soluble powder. For use, the medicine from the bag is poured and poured with warm water. The recommended daily dose is 200 mg, a single dose of 100 mg. One bag contains a daily dose, which means that it will be enough for two doses per day.

Due to the fact that this tool is absorbed through the gastrointestinal tract, it begins to act fairly quickly and just as quickly excreted from the body. This also affects the relatively short duration of action of the drug - about 6 hours. Start drinking Nimesil recommended a couple of days before the onset of menstruation.

Nimesil for menstrual pain

Due to its composition and mode of action, with monthly pain, Nimesil is quite an effective means to get rid of discomfort in a short time. In addition to restoring the balance of prostaglandins in the body, it also performs the function of diuretics, which also has a positive effect on the well-being during menstruation.

A rather mild anti-inflammatory effect and the ability to stop pain also leads to the fact that it is used not only in gynecology:

  • It is used in postoperative therapy in surgery and traumatology.
  • The analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects of drugs are used in the treatment of traumatic pathologies.
  • Dentistry and otolaryngology also use this drug.

Opinion of doctors

If you drink Nimesil on the recommendation of a doctor or at least after consulting with him, then, most likely, he will have the necessary effect without causing side effects. But since the drug is quite toxic, it can not be called innocuous, so do not exceed the dosage and continue taking it after 14 days of use.

During the use of Nimesil with menstrual pain, you can notice its advantages, which are high efficiency and quick results. But his thoughtless and uncontrolled reception can lead to problems and complications, so you should consult with your doctor before use.


Anti-inflammatory nonsteroid drug from the group sulfonamides. It has anti-inflammatory, antipyretic and analgesic effect.

Wikipedia indicates that the active substance acts as a blocker. second type cyclooxygenaseresponsible for biosynthesis prostaglandins.


After ingestion is well absorbed in the intestine, reaching the highest concentration in of blood after 2-3 hours. Reaction with plasma proteins is 97.5%. The half-life is 4-5 hours. Quickly penetrates histohematogenous barriers.

Transformed in the liver by cytochrome P450. Main active a metabolite is an hydroxynecilsulidewhich is excreted with the bile in a glucuronized form. Excreted mainly by the kidneys (approximately half of the dose taken).

Instructions on how to breed Nimesil

The drug in powder (granules) is placed in a glass and diluted with about 100 ml of water. Ready solution is not subject to storage, it needs to be accepted as soon as possible. There is a common question: “in which water to dissolve the powder?”. The instruction recommends to dissolve the drug in warm, boiled water.

Nimesil powder, instructions for use

The medicine (after preparation) is taken orally, twice a day, 1 sachet, after a meal. The maximum duration of treatment is two weeks.

To reduce the risk of side effects, it is recommended to use the smallest effective dosage for the shortest period of time.


Signs of overdose: vomiting, sleepiness,apathy, nausea, epigastric pain. Development of gastrointestinal bleeding is not excluded. In extremely rare cases, there is the likelihood of increased blood pressure, the appearance of acute insufficiency of the kidneys, respiratory depression, anaphylactoid reactions, coma.

Overdose treatment is symptomatic. Electoral antidote not. If no more than 4 hours have passed since the overdose, it is necessary to flush the stomach and ensure that it is taken enterosorbenwhat is it used for Activated carbon or osmotic laxative. Showing control of the kidneys and liver.


When applied simultaneously with glucocorticosteroids increases the risk of ulcers or bleeding from the stomach and intestines.

When used with antiplatelet drugsand selective serotonin reuptake inhibitorsalso increases the likelihood of bleeding from the stomach or intestines.

Anti-inflammatory nonsteroidal agents may enhance the effects anticoagulantstherefore, this combination is not recommended for people with severe disorders. coagulation. If this combination still can not be avoided, it is necessary to carefully monitor blood clotting indicators.

Anti-inflammatory nonsteroidal agents able to weaken the effects diuretics.

Nimesulide able to temporarily lower evacuation sodium and potassium under influence Furosemide and thereby weaken the diuretic effect of the latter. You also need to remember that such a joint prescription of drugs requires caution in persons with impaired kidney and heart function.

Anti-inflammatory nonsteroidal agents can weaken the action antihypertensive drugs. In persons with compensated renal failure with simultaneous appointment ACE blockers,angiotensin receptor antagonists of the second type or suppressantscycloxygenaseperhaps the progression of renal impairment and the development of reversible renal failure on the acute type.

Anti-inflammatory nonsteroidal agentsreduces clearance lithiumthat causes an increase in the level of the latter in the blood.

When prescribing Nimesil less than a day before or after use Methotrexate care must be taken, as in such cases the content Methotrexate in blood and its toxic effects may increase.

Nimesulideable to stimulate nephrotoxicity cyclosporin.

special instructions

Side effects can be minimized by using the lowest effective dosage of the drug in the shortest possible course.

The drug in Nimesil powder should be used with caution in patients with gastrointestinal diseases in history, as it is possible exacerbation of these diseases.

Since the drug is partially evacuated by the kidneys, its dosage for persons with impaired renal function should be reduced depending on the volume of the urine.

When the first symptoms of liver damage appear (itching, yellowing of the skin, nausea, abdominal pain, vomiting, dark urine, an increase in liver transaminases), stop taking the medicine and consult a doctor.

If any signs of visual impairment appear during drug therapy, the patient should be examined by an optometrist.

Nimesil is capable of causing fluid retention in the body, so for people with high blood pressure and heart disease, the drug should be used with extreme caution.

If symptoms of an acute respiratory infection of a viral nature occur in the course of drug therapy, Nimesil should be stopped.

Do not use Nimesil with others. anti-inflammatory nonsteroidal drugs.

Nimesulide can change characteristics platelet counttherefore, care must be taken when using the drug in patients with hemorrhagic diathesis. It is worth remembering that the drug does not replace the prophylactic effect. acetylsalicylic acid in diseases of the circulatory system.

Analogs Nimesila

The price of Nimesil analogues is usually lower than that of the described agent. The following are medicines with identical composition, which can replace Nimesil: Ameolin (pills), Aponil(pills), Affidah Fort (granules for suspension), Mesulide(pills), Nise (tablets, suspension), Nigan (pills), Nmegezik (tablets, suspension), Nimesin (tablets), Nimesulide (tablets, gel), Nimid (tablets, granules), Nimujet (injection solution) Nimulid (tablets, suspension, injection, gel), Nimuspaz (pills), Pansulid (pills), Remesulid (pills),Sulidin (gel), Taro Sanovel (pills).

Nise or Nimesil - which is better?

Nise and Nimesil are analogues. The main difference between the drugs is that the first is produced in the form of a gel for topical use and tablets, and the cost Nize much lower. The choice is made on the basis of the recommendations of the doctor, the type of evidence and economic considerations.

Nimesil to children

Nimesil (like tablets or ointment based on nimesulide) it is forbidden to use for the treatment of children under 12 years old. Instructions on the drug for children indicates that the method of using Nimesil (how to apply and how to dilute the powder) does not differ in other age groups. How to use powder, how to dilute Nimesil in powder, and also how to drink Nimesil in powder is described in the section “Instructions for use of Nimesil (Method and Dosage)”

Reviews Nimesile

With toothache and other types of pain (related to injuries, algomenorrhea) Nimesil powder is widely used. Reviews of its use among patients have a positive color and a small amount of evidence of the development of undesirable effects.

Reviews of doctors about Nimesil also well characterize the drug as a tool that effectively relieves traumatic pains and pains localized in the locomotor system. However, it is worth remembering that in some countries drugs nimesulide completely banned due to increased hepatotoxic ability.