Why did the monthly period begin again without having time to end?


Causes of brown discharge after menstruation can be quite a lot. Some are absolute norm and are not associated with the development of dangerous gynecological diseases. Others may be indicative of certain diseases that must be diagnosed and treated promptly.

Talking about this phenomenon is conditionally not worth it, because it does not save you from the risk that is present with brown secretions. It is better to consult a gynecologist to set all the priorities. Moreover, you have a rather alarming phenomenon - intermittent periods, because there is no cause for concern only when the menstrual cycle is constant, and the periods themselves pass without any deviations or irregularities.

Why and because of what monthly become intermittent?

Gynecologists always advise women to pay attention to the nature of menstruation. If something in this process changes, it’s better to tell the doctor so that the specialist can prevent the problem at the very initial stage of its development. In the absolute majority of cases, a slight delay or interruption in menstruation occurs when, on the eve of her onset, the woman experienced severe stress or shock. Moreover, this stress can be both emotional and physical, and the cold suffered is just such a stress for the body.

Violation of the hormonal background, of course, affects the nature of menstruation. By the way, the causes of changes in hormonal levels as much as the causes of violation of menstruation. They can be a variant of the norm or point to certain pathologies. From the production of hormones depends on the nature of menstruation, and the production of hormones, in turn, largely depends on the lifestyle that leads a woman. Stress, diet, alcohol abuse, etc. - All this leads to hormonal imbalance and intermittent menstruation.

Uterine fibroids, which are diagnosed in about 30% of the fair sex, leads to a violation of the integrity of the cycle of discharge, interrupting them for a day or two and resuming again.

With ovarian dysfunction, just such periods are absolutely common. Cyst is almost always characterized by the appearance of breaks between the days of menstruation. A benign or malignant tumor on the ovaries leads to a number of disorders that ultimately affect the nature of menstruation.

The delay in menstruation for 1 day is often associated with a disease such as endometriosis. Daily breaks in menstruation are also normal for endometriosis, as is an increase in the amount of blood secreted.

Breaks in menstruation may occur due to polyps on the endometrium. They lead to the fact that the started allocation is temporarily suspended, and then resumed. With polyps on the endometrium, bleeding often appears after sexual intercourse or physical exertion.

If you have the addiction to torture yourself with debilitating strict diets, then the problems with the monthly you just can not avoid. Disruption of nutrition and lack of nutrients entering the woman’s body with food are also detrimental to her reproductive health, just like any other pathology listed above.

Monthly on the same day after graduation

In the absence of pain, the situation is quite normal under certain circumstances. In a woman's body, not one, but 2 eggs at once can mature. But with a break of several days. One of them completes its cycle - menstruation begins. The second continues to develop. A week later, menstruation comes again, but this is due to the fault of the second egg cell. The situation is extremely rare. At the same time, the second menstruation is not so abundant. It will be less than usual. If there are other disturbing symptoms, menstruation does not stop - the disease occurs. A woman should be examined to determine the causes of a violation of the cycle.

Monthly after 3 days

The situation happens due to the maturation of several eggs, due to diseases of the reproductive system.

Chronic endometritis. It is characterized by the penetration of the infection, as a result of which the menstrual cycle is disturbed, menstruation is initially scanty, then extremely abundant, lasting longer than usual. The cause of chronic endometritis is undertreated diseases of polyps, diseases of the SPT. Repeated menstruation occurs on any day of the cycle.

Hypothyroidism. The disease is associated with pathology of the thyroid gland. Disruption of the hormonal background leads to changes in the reproductive system. Menstruation does not come on time, it happens several times in one cycle. A woman will be tested for hormones, to be examined.

Ectopic pregnancy. The embryo does not develop in the uterus, but in the tubes. Practically does not interfere with the normal course of the menstrual cycle. Monthly come with a slight delay, go fully or with a small deviation. After a few days, the embryo begins to reject, bleeding appears, which the woman again takes for menstruation. In the case when the monthly ended and started again, it is recommended to immediately seek help from specialists.

Uterine fibroids. In the initial stages of the disease, its only symptom is a violation of the menstrual cycle. A benign tumor occurs due to hormonal imbalance. Menstruation changes beyond recognition. Discharge scarce, abundant, long, short. The situation is completely different. Ointments are present throughout the month. There is an impression - monthly ended, began again.

Endometriosis. It is characterized by excessive growth of the endometrial layer. Menstruation is profuse. The cells infect the uterine lining. She starts to bleed constantly. Including 3 days after the end of menstruation.

Monthly in a week

The cause of this phenomenon can be diseases of the reproductive system, endocrine. Repeated periods can cause severe stress. Brown secretions are present in the process of taking birth control pills. They are a symptom of inflammation in the presence of an intrauterine device. Deal with the cause will help the doctor. Independently to make it problematic.

In women who are preparing to go through the period of menopause, the situation is quite normal. Some months there are no allocations, then appear, smear in a week or in other term. Hormonal failure is constantly present. Depending on which hormone prevails, menstruation either lingers or comes very often.

Monthly mid cycle

Small bleeding may be present in the middle of the cycle due to ovulation. Usually for a woman the process goes unnoticed. Only the most attentive ladies notice a change in discharge, a slight pain in the lower abdomen. The presence of blood indicates that fertilization has occurred. Then the egg cell, the sperm cell, is mixed with a small amount of blood that protrudes to the surface.

In addition, after 7-10 days the egg has to be introduced into the uterine cavity. The process is very traumatic, but completely invisible. Since the size of the egg is extremely small. Despite this, the woman in the discharge appear particles of blood. The situation is observed for 1-2 days. In severe bleeding does not go.

Menstruation in a teenager

When the monthly ended, again began in adolescents - nothing to worry about. Unstable hormones can cause a deviation in any direction. Normal is their absence for 3 months, as well as their arrival ahead of time. However, if the situation is repeated several times, the girl should be shown to a specialist.

Began copious periods with clots

If after the next menstruation began abundant periods, and even with clots - you need to be wary. First of all, it can mean a failure of pregnancy. Secondly, gynecological disease such as uterine fibroids, polycystic ovaries, the presence of cancer cells. Search for the cause of the incomprehensible phenomenon is necessary in conjunction with a doctor.

What to do if the monthly

It is necessary to assess your well-being, to analyze the events of the past month. Temporary hormonal disorders cause nervous feelings, stress, diseases not related to the reproductive system, moving to a new place of residence, a sharp weight loss, obesity. If there are additional disturbing symptoms, you need to be examined. To determine the presence of the disease only for one month is impossible. There must be a complete picture of the analyzes.