Can I have sex during PMS


Quite often, women wonder if sex during PMS is safe, or can it worsen? To answer this question, the girl needs to know the peculiarities of the ICP. Doctors claim that sex promotes relaxation, reduces the risk of developing a depressive state. Improved mood will help to normalize the general condition and improve the overall tone of the body.

ICP concept

Premenstrual syndrome may manifest itself in the form of depression, irritability, tearfulness, fatigue, pain in the chest, abdomen. It is considered that hormonal fluctuations become the main cause of PMS, in addition there are some factors that increase the likelihood of its development. The second phase of the menstrual cycle is accompanied by changes in the level of estrogen, progesterone. Such fluctuations cause PMS symptoms, which are divided into two types:

  • physiological - weakening of the body, sleep disturbance, pain,
  • psychological - aggression, hot temper, unstable mood.

Usually, premenstrual syndrome appears 2-10 days before the start of menstruation. At this time, it is extremely difficult for a woman to control her psycho-emotional state, and to overcome some of the symptoms, you have to take painkillers, sedatives.

Sex and PMS

Can I have sex during PMS? Doctors do not just answer you can, but also recommend intimate intimacy. Sexual intercourse during PMS will help to release negative emotions, which contributes to the maximum calm. Sex is one of the best antidepressants, so it is even indicated for PMS.


In most women, the second phase of the cycle is accompanied by an increased level of libido. Hormonal fluctuations cause an overwhelming desire for sex. During this period, it is the woman who more often takes the initiative, demonstrating her supremacy. It is not recommended to refuse a woman, because during PMS she will throw such a strong scandal that a man will regret what he has done. A man needs to be remembered - in a good way a woman asks once.

The overwhelming desire for intimacy can drastically change a woman’s behavior. During PMS, a girl can become extremely aggressive, touchy. She wants the man himself to guess her desires and show care, sensitivity.


During PMS, a man should show maximum care, be sure to listen to the needs of his beloved. During this period, in addition to mood swings, a girl may experience severe pain. Therefore, during intercourse, you need to adhere to a moderate pace, observe a comfortable depth of penetration, choose the most comfortable position for a woman.

It must be remembered - in the period of premenstrual syndrome, sexual contact should be gentle, soft, any negligence can cause an increase in pain. Sex is the best painkiller and sedative. Intimacy will eliminate any bouts of anger, irritability and feeling sick. The main thing is to find the right approach and show tenderness, love for the girl.

Mood Swings

During the period of PMS, the hormonal background is quite changeable and the condition of the woman is extremely unstable. A sharp decrease in testosterone negatively affect the mood of the girl. During such periods, the woman's libido decreases, and she refuses intimacy, pushing the man away during the period when he wants sex. Usually in such situations, the man is offended. Therefore, a woman needs to calmly explain to a man the peculiarities of her condition.

What a man needs to remember

Premenstrual syndrome is accompanied by severe irritability, the woman becomes extremely picky, constantly quarreling with loved ones. There are unpredictable outbursts of anger, girls can beat dishes or throw objects that fall under the arm. During this period, they believe that everyone around them intentionally offend.

It is quite difficult for men to survive the period of manifestation of such states, since they also need love and caress. However, in an unpredictable, irritable state, a woman cannot understand a man. Therefore, you need to show patience, learn to live with the manifestations of PMS his beloved. At this time, it is important to reassure the beloved in every way, not to provoke outbursts of anger. The right approach will ensure a harmonious life together with the ICP. It is better to do something for a girl, or at least make a promise, but not refuse her.

A man needs to organize morning joint sports activities, which will be a serious support for his beloved. Help her enroll in yoga, which greatly contributes to the flow of premenstrual syndrome.

Special attention should be paid to the diet. The girl will need to increase the amount of foods rich in vitamin B6, C and magnesium. Proper nutrition helps to strengthen the immune system, eliminates disorders of the nervous system.

Buy more fruits for a girl, pay special attention to her in the second phase of the menstrual cycle. During this period, you need to provide good nutrition. Particularly useful will be:

  • eggs,
  • seafood,
  • liver,
  • lean meats,
  • whole grains,
  • legumes,
  • dairy products,
  • nuts.

It is necessary to minimize foods with a high content of caffeine and chocolate, because they increase tachycardia, cause migraines, increased anxiety. You also need to abandon the use of alcohol with tobacco products.

Most women experience PMS. For some, the symptoms are painless, for others, they feel much worse. All symptoms can appear or disappear, so a man needs to endure the unpredictability of his beloved and remember, sex helps to ease the course of most of the symptoms of PMS. Therefore, doctors recommend regular sex.