Signs for the new year


Monthly New Year - signs according to which life in the coming year will go according to certain scenarios. Noticed the nuances of the fair sex of many generations. Now it remains only to study them, to prepare for the coming events.

Mystical nuances

Menstruation is considered one of the most mysterious phenomena, despite the fact that from a physiological point of view, it was examined along and across. Especially attentive girls noticed that significant events in the coming month can be determined by menstruation. According to folk signs, the time of the onset of menstruation, the day of the week, the time of day, even the number is important.

The New Year is one of the most magical, long-awaited, joyful holidays. They end past failures, begin new achievements. Absolutely everyone believes in the best, hoping that all the bad things are left behind. On the New Year, every girl dreams to look like a princess, and a woman is a queen. Beautiful outfits, bright make-up, good mood, intoxicating drinks. But all this can prevent one significant event - monthly. They always come at the wrong time, especially on New Year's Eve. Mood swings, restrictions on pleasure, taboos on alcohol, painful sensations. It's a shame when everyone is happy, but you don’t care. In order to somehow alleviate their fate, women came up with folk signs. Like, not so bad. New Year's destroyed plans. But

then all will be rendered with interest.

Truth or lie

As far as true signs, magic experts are silent. But the share of mysticism in this. During menstruation, the female body is cleared of negativity - in the physical, emotional aspect. This means that in the New Year, women are given the opportunity to enter a new era of their lives with bright beginnings. Immediately after the end of menstruation, a surge of energy, strength, and good mood awaits.

However, there is another well-known expression - “How to celebrate the New Year, so spend it!” We can assume that next year there will be troubles with menstruation, perhaps frequent bleeding. But no! According to individual observations, the whole year there will be no problems with monthly.

Folk omens

Menstruation on New Year's Eve is analyzed in several directions, several factors are taken into account.

  1. Monthly that ends December 31 - the best option. Next year promises to please pleasant events, good health, sexual activity. Last year's "ideas" will be realized next year. Happiness in personal life, family, financial, professional.
  2. Monthly in full swing - Abundant blood discharge. Next year will have to endure many difficulties. As a result, the result will be positive, but the paths to success will be thorny. There may be problems with conception, pregnancy. Implementation of ambitious plans is better to postpone for the next year. Too many unpleasant surprises can be.
  3. Monthly that begin December 31. Next year will be full of pleasant surprises. Everything will go like clockwork, without much effort. Possible pregnancy and childbirth by the end of the year. Particularly happy are those who had a delay, and blood appeared on New Year's Eve.

As for the popular wisdom about the New Year, it is necessary to remain joyful, extract the best, try not to lose heart. To the coming year was not "sad."

The New Year holiday is celebrated on the night of December 31 and the day of January 1. Signs on the time of day for the New Year:

  • From 23.00 to 24.00. Will be rich personal life. Sexual activity will be on top. A lot of fun, secrets, secrets. There are secret romance novels on the side.
  • From 24.00 to 3.00. Next year there will be many pleasant surprises. Single girls will meet pure, mutual love. Relationships are likely to end with a wedding.
  • From 3.00 to 8.00. Calm year, measured life. Everything is well balanced, thoughtful. No unexpected events. How to plan, so be it!
  • From 8.00 to 18.00. Next year everything will go smoothly. Health will be strong, it does not provide for a job change, the direction of professional activity. Stability, strength, well-being are the main characteristics of all aspects of life.
  • From 18.00 to 24.00. Next year will have to face minor troubles. Swindle behind your back, gossip, hypocritical friends, comrades. But the advantage is that, finally, the true face of each will be revealed. A crucial year, followed by well-being.

If New Year's Eve is destined to spend with menstrual blood, do not despair. Mages say that this is the way of cleansing from past sins, magical influences, various negatives. This means that next year will start from scratch.

Signs for the New Year

The new year marks the beginning of a new calendar year. Many folk signs and beliefs are connected with this holiday. This is a magical time when cherished wishes are fulfilled. New Year signs allow us to find out how fruitful the coming year will be. They help bring good luck, happiness and well-being into your life. New Year has certain prohibitions. You can not break them, so as not to frighten luck away.

  • On New Year's Eve there are many stars in the sky - to a good harvest of berries and mushrooms.
  • In the New Year, severe frost and light snow - to the harvest of bread.
  • On the morning of January 1 there will be thick frost on the trees - the year will be grain-bearing, otherwise it will be hungry.
  • If you make a wish for the chiming clock, it will come true.
  • Quarrel at the holiday table - unfortunately.
  • On New Year's Eve, find something - to unexpected gifts all year.
  • If you put on something new for the New Year, then the year will be successful.
  • A rich New Year's table - to abundance and prosperity throughout the year.
  • The one in whose glass the last drop falls from the champagne bottle will be lucky.
  • A lot of sneezing on the night of January 1 - a sign of good luck in love.
  • In the New Year is empty in your pocket - the whole year will pass in need.
  • How to start the New Year, so you will live it.
  • Sleep on New Year's Eve - sleep over your happiness, the whole year will pass stupidly.
  • The more people congratulate on the holiday, the more good luck and good will return.
  • If in the New Year's guests, then the whole year in the house guests.
  • If a man enters the house on January 1, the whole year will be successful.
  • If on the first day of the New Year to do hard work, then the whole year will pass without rest.
  • On January 1, debts cannot be repaid, otherwise the whole year will have to be paid.
  • On the first day of the New Year, you shouldn’t clean the house, especially sweeping and washing floors, throwing garbage - this promises losses and losses.
  • January 1 to give the first buyer the goods very cheap - to financial success all year round.

Signs for the New Year
People signs and beliefs for the New Year. Signs and customs will tell you what can and cannot be done on this day.

How to prepare for the holiday?

New Year has always been a family holiday. Even in the event that this fabulous night fails to bring together all the relatives at the same table, in the first days of the new year they must be visited.

It is worth trying to remember a dream that dreamed on New Year's Eve and reproduce even the smallest details. According to national signs, he helps to know what the next 12 months will be.

On holidays it is impossible to wash dirty linen in public, if this advice is neglected, discord may occur in the family.

It is strictly forbidden in the New Year 2018 to lend or borrow money, otherwise happiness will be bypassed. On a holiday, you should put money in your pocket, so that you can protect yourself from possible financial problems.

There is one interesting tradition - on a festive night you need to wear everything new, from the dress to the jewelry. If you adhere to this omen, then in the new year waiting for a lot of new things and pleasant events.

The Yellow Dog will bring good luck and will patronize throughout 2018 those who make a choice in favor of the festive attire of yellow color. Accessories with feathers and shiny jewelery will be the perfect complement to the look.

There is one interesting sign - if the legs of the holiday table are bound with a rope, family relationships will be strong and strong.

It is necessary to abandon any gambling on New Year's Eve, as the people have a belief that such entertainment brings trouble and misfortune can happen in the family.

Regarding the choice of gifts, the best option would be souvenirs made only from natural and natural materials. According to folk signs, it will help scare away from loved ones who will be given a gift, mercantile and selfish people.

Festive dinner

The table should be covered with a white tablecloth and a small amount of cereal should be poured, as it is associated with wealth and wealth. You can put homemade bread and a saucer with salt in the center of the festive table, and it is recommended to place coins in the corners. Through such actions, you can protect the house from various ills and attract good luck in the financial sector.

It must be remembered that the menu of the holiday table should be quite diverse, unusual and interesting. It is imperative to put on the table fresh fruits, nuts and dishes that contain grains. It is a rich table is a sign of wealth. It is best to give preference to pork, beef, fish, while you can not forget about the various goodies of yellow. Do not lean too hard on alcoholic beverages. Strong alcohol should be replaced with bright, unusual, interesting delicious cocktails.

How to see off the old year?

In the New Year's Eve there is a change of numbers on the calendar, because the transition to a new life from the old one begins. Therefore, all should try to leave in the past all the problems, quarrels and difficulties that prevented enjoy and enjoy life. It is advisable to try to pay off all the old debts by December 31 and not take on new ones. Also during this period it is necessary to reconcile with all with whom there were previously differences and misunderstandings.

It is imperative to do a general cleaning in the house, which is not just a boring duty. It is best to enter the new year not only with a clear conscience, but also in a clean house. Before the start of the holiday it is necessary to fix all the broken things or throw them away. It is useful to completely get rid of bad thoughts, unnecessary experiences, which only spoil the mood, because there is a cheerful and bright holiday ahead.

Specialists in esoterica argue that before the onset of the holiday you need to completely remove all the garbage from your home. First of all, this advice applies to cracked or broken dishes. Thus, a place is made not only for useful, but also for new purchases, which will give a lot of positive emotions. For example, in Italy there is one interesting tradition, according to which on New Year's Eve all unnecessary things are thrown right out of the window.

All delicacies should not be left until 31 December. Over the past three days before the New Year, hearty and tasty foods should always be on the table. This sign suggests that throughout 2018, the family will be wealth and abundance.

How to celebrate the new year 2018?

After the last second of the outgoing year, a unique moment comes when you can make a most intimate desire and it will be fulfilled soon. You can make up to twelve different things during the chime of the chimes. However, it is necessary to adhere to one important rule - among the conceived things must necessarily be not only health, but also success for all family members.

Traditional wish making can be made much more interesting and brighter. On a sheet of paper or napkins, you need to write your desire or dream and set fire to it, and pour the remaining ash into your own glass and drink it to the bottom. If you have time to do all these manipulations, in the very near future all the thought must be fulfilled.

In order to attract financial well-being to your home, at the moment of the beginning of the new year, you need to hold a pretty penny in your palm. If desired, it can be placed in your own glass, and then throughout the year always carry with you, as this will be a very strong talisman.
In the last minutes of the year, girls and women are recommended to cover their shoulders with a handkerchief, and then throw it over the chimes. Due to this, in the past all problems, offenses and hardships will remain, which prevented moving on.

About a minute before the onset of the new year, it is necessary to clear the mandarin, and then place it under the holiday tree. Performing this simple ritual, you can be sure that next year will be joyful and quite successful.

After the advent of the new year, you have to kiss your loved one, so that every day the feelings will become stronger and stronger.

If there is a fireplace in the house, it should be lit and not allowed to go out during the whole festive night. There is one interesting custom in European countries to throw coal into a flame. It is not recommended for someone to borrow personal items related to the fire element (for example, candles, matches or lighters).

If one of the guests sneezes on a festive night, then the whole next year promises to be successful not only for the apartment owners, but for all those invited. It is necessary to calculate how many times a man sneezes, because it is this number of women who will love him in the new year.

In the new year, there will be a replenishment in the family, if three holiday toys fall from the New Year tree and break.

Signs on January 1

It is the first of January that will show what the next year will be. On this day, it is not recommended to perform heavy physical work, first of all it refers to cleaning. Otherwise, the next 12 months will be full of work and care.

You need to be extremely attentive to all random finds, because absolutely every little thing can tell about what pleasant surprises will be waiting for the new year.

If on the first day of the new year on the street to meet the first man, all 12 months will be accompanied by good luck in all undertakings and affairs.

If you have to trade on the first day of the new year, you should make the first buyer a good discount, which will bring good luck throughout the year and all new business will be successful and promising. First of all it will concern financial affairs, and the profit will be pleasantly surprising throughout all 12 months.

An unmarried girl who wants to start a family for a long time needs to buy milk on the first holiday day. In the event that it does not turn sour for two weeks, then soon the wedding is waiting.

New Year signs will not only help to understand what the coming year will be, but also to make the desired adjustments.

Signs for the New Year 2018
New Year omens for 2018 of the Yellow Dog.

What signs should not be ignored and what can be learned on New Year's Eve

From early childhood to old age, New Year and Christmas remain one of the most beloved and bright holidays of many people. Ancient traditions, rituals and fortune telling are connected with the New Year's night. In Russia, on the eve of the New Year and after it, the girls who were waiting for marriage gathered in the hut and cast a spell, performing various rituals, divination, inviting good luck, happiness, love and money into the dwelling.

For the arrival of the New Year, households were preparing in advance, so all the pre-holiday days of December flew by for them unnoticed. Grandmothers and grandfathers told their grandchildren ancient legends and shared signs that had to be done absolutely correctly in order to avoid trouble. Especially people believed in fortune telling and conducted them according to old traditions.

In the house, a Christmas tree or a pine should have been magnificently dressed up. Decorated with a Christmas tree or pine, according to folk traditions, should be multi-colored balls and a red star. At the ceremonial table on this day all the members of the family met.

Preparing for the New Year

On the days from December 29 to December 31, members of the whole family actively indulged in folk festivals, triumph and were taken for fortune telling. During these three days, it was necessary to have time to observe all the old signs and rituals, so as not to offend the Brownie, provide yourself with happiness, attract money, good luck and find love. But to meet such a holiday on the road was not recommended. It is not recommended, and delay with the return of debts after the new year.

So, what kind of superstition before the new year must be observed:

  • With great respect, people treated the farewell to the Old Year, as it was equal to the meeting of a new period in life,
  • Until December 31, it was necessary to return all the money that was considered debt. According to national signs, it’s impossible to meet the first days of January with a refund, since it promises big financial problems, and the absence of debts, on the contrary, is a way to attract money,
  • Throughout the home was carried out general cleaning. Cleaning was considered a sign of purification
  • This holiday was considered exclusively family. Our great-grandfathers on this day called to visit their relatives or they themselves went to visit them. They believed that in order for life to be joyful and the family complete, the last days of December must pass in peace and harmony,
  • С осторожностью относились к снам декабря. Сон, приснившийся в этом месяце, мог быть пророческим,
  • Чтобы у девушки был богатый гардероб, они шили и вязали себе платья. Обязательно надевали чистый наряд и новое нижнее белье. Белье девушки готовили заранее. Новое белье предвещало перемены,
  • 31 декабря ножки торжественного стола обматывали веревочками, таким образом, предки ставили защиту от дурного глаза на весь следующий год, Все старые вещи выносились из дома прочь,
  • For the most part, the ceremonial table was covered with fruits and nuts, and millet was scattered throughout the house. This action was considered a symbol of wealth
  • Sleep is not recommended
  • On the night of December 31, all the electric lighting in the apartment was turned off, and in the morning a candle was lit,
  • At the end of December and after the New Year, young people took up divination, while the older ones called for housing money,
  • It is not recommended to celebrate New Year and Christmas on the train and, in principle, on the road, as the meeting of the New on the train foreshadows trips in the new year.

Monthly periods were of great importance on the days of New Year's celebration - they could serve as a sign of whether it was destined to become pregnant. For girls, the monthly periods that did not come to the new year are a good sign, she says that most likely she will be able to become pregnant. Those wishing to get pregnant, especially carefully followed the signs. The girl who dreamed to become pregnant at night was enchanted. If a woman went monthly, she was not allowed to enter the church, and at home they did not slaughter the cattle. Menstruation was considered a symbol of purification of the whole organism.

Signs for the chiming clock

All traditions before the new year, people observed from the very beginning to the very end. For example, there were rituals to call home happiness, health, and success on January 1:

  • Before the chimes started beating, citrus skin was removed from a tangerine or an orange and placed under a pine or spruce,
  • At the first strike of the chiming clock, all the members of the family, holding a coin in their fist, made intimate desires, and they were soon to be fulfilled,
  • Women had to put the watches on their heads and put scarves on their shoulders, and only remove them on the last blows or after. It was believed that such New Year omen drove away sickness and sorrow,
  • Folk signs say that in no case can not sleep this day. For girls it was considered an unkind sign to cry under the battle of hours.

Categorically you can not take up divination at the time when the clock twelve strike.

Meeting the New Year's days on the road, especially on the train, is not a good sign, which means that the whole next year you will be accompanied by constant traffic on the road, perhaps frequent train rides. If the new year is still going on in the train, then it is of particular importance for which road it goes: to or from the house. Abroad, caught in a train, they are sure to arrange a carnival.

Some old beliefs are no longer relevant and have become obsolete:

  • Do not lend fire and burning candles that day, otherwise there will be no money
  • The fire in the furnace should be lit, all New Year's Eve,
  • You can not be cut into card games in the New Year, or you can spoil the sowing and harvest.

Divination for the New Year

On New Year's Eve, girls who wanted to get married or become pregnant were taken to divination. They burned candles, poured wax, attracted love, luck and money to the house. Signs for marriage say that if under the New Year's table the girl finds bread crumbs, she will soon be married. If a girl who has not yet got married, accidentally cut her finger with a knife, it means that soon the chosen one will call. While the adults plunged into divinations, the children went home and caroling, it was by no means impossible to deny them sweet things. Guessing girls and in the last days of December and in the first days of January.

It was believed that on a New Year's Eve a barren woman could become pregnant, and happy newlyweds could conceive a healthy child. In general, this period was considered good to get pregnant.

To check their health and longevity, they guessed on the water frozen in a spoon. Superstitions said that if bubbles appeared in the frozen water - fortunately, the arrival of money, pleasant meetings and long life, and if there was a deepening - a bad sign of illness or even death.


In order to see who would call her in marriage, the maidens poured clean, clear water into a faceted glass, poured salt and furnace ash into it, and whispered plots for marriage. If the fate of the next year to marry, then the appearance of the chosen one will appear in the glass, if there is no marriage in the coming year - then no.

They wrote all their desires on a clean sheet of paper and then burned it to the ground. The remaining ash was allowed to blow through the window, and people were sentenced to slander, which helped to fulfill all secret dreams.

New Year gifts

Folk superstitions and traditions have been transmitted over many millennia. Some things had to be done necessarily on certain days, and some were strictly forbidden.

Why you should not give slippers - the answer about slippers can be found in the legends. Yes, and older people usually associate slippers with death, especially if these slippers are white. Of course, those who do not believe in various superstitions will take slippers easily and without prejudice, and those who believe can regard such a gift as slippers extremely negatively. Slippers, in principle, it is better not to give people for the holidays, as slippers are home shoes, she probably has a person already. Tips on this subject say that it is better not to give anything than sneakers.

A sign of bad taste will be not only such a gift as slippers, but also such as underwear. Underwear was considered an individual accessory. But to give bed linen is allowed.

Signs to make money

Many beliefs on this day were monetary, and some ceremonies on this day were held specifically for money.

Pre-Christmas cleaning in the house next to it is a tradition that came to us from the Roman Empire. The Soviets said that if rituals such as cleaning and maintaining cleanliness on the pre-New Year holidays were done, then the room could be completely cleansed of evil energy.

In order to keep the money in the house, folk superstitions on this day give advice to leave a certain amount of money on the night of January 1 under the tree or pine.

All merchants on January 1 gave the goods for smaller amounts of money than it costs, so that large sums of money would be carried out in the new year. According to the signs you can not lend money on Christmas Eve.

Our ancestors used a broom for fortune telling and love spells, by the way, they also used a broom when “sweeping out” evil spirits. He was also beaten in the house of naughty children, believing that the broom would smooth out their gritty nature.

Throughout all times it was believed that the broom was the protector of the house, and the broom in the corner served to attract good luck in business. The people's councils said that the broom should be placed in a corner upwards by the throwing party, it was said that this was a way of attracting big money into the household’s purse.

When the cleaning was completed, the broom was washed and also placed in an upward corner with the sweeping side, in order to attract material well-being. Ancestors believed that the broom should have its place in the apartment.

When moving to a new apartment, many give advice to take a broom from an old apartment with you. Popular wisdom says that this is how you will be able to call your brownie behind you, and he, in turn, will be able to join you.

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What signs should not be ignored and what can be learned on New Year's Eve
New Year's Eve is full of magic and magic. No wonder people love this holiday so much. There are many signs that are associated with the new year and Christmas, but not everyone knows how to interpret them correctly.

Little magic for wealth and prosperity

Today, unfortunately, without money, it is difficult to break through anywhere, go on a holiday abroad, buy an apartment or buy a loved one a gift that he has long dreamed of.

Christmas tree decoration money to attract financial success in the New Year

We propose to find out signs for the New Year, so that the money will be brought in and, thanks to them, believe me, 2018 will really be prosperous!

So, what to do to get money and wealth:

  1. To the whole year was in abundance - do not be stingy. Cover the festive table with all sorts of dishes, so that the legs “break” and there is no place for the fly to fall. Here, the principle of "what you give is what comes back to you".
  2. Just do not forget to throw a coin of any value into a festive glass of champagne, and drink such a drink to the chiming clock. After that, the coin becomes a talisman and should be kept in a closed purse compartment, away from other small items.
  3. Do not forget to listen to your body - if your left hand was combed during the celebration, the palm must be clenched into a fist at the same moment. After that, put your hand in your pocket and only then open your palm.
  4. Shortly before the main celebration of the year, general cleaning is necessarily done - everything old, broken, cracked and unnecessary is thrown out without regret. Such items include items (and especially clothes) that have not been used for a year or more. The probability that they will be needed is extremely small. If you wish, you can do charity work.
  5. And one more ritual with money - a few hours before the arrival of the guests or before the chiming clock, place a coin, preferably a gold one, under the door rug. It will provide positive energy, which is responsible for wealth and family well-being.
  6. Also, immediately after the New Year, it will not hurt to “wash” with dollars or other foreign currency. And even large domestic "papers" in this case will do. But do not use the "tricks" and napkins in the form of money - only garbage in the year of the Dog will be found in your wallet.

Our ancestors believed that nature is much smarter than people and also knows how to give signs. And if on New Year's Eve the sky is starry and clear, then in the summer there will be a big harvest and profits. And the warm weather from the very morning, and even without snow, foreshadowed the lack of harvest and, possibly, hunger.

Signs to attract money

What you need to do to feel not let down

The most important thing for any person is health. After all, it is on this factor that quality and longevity depends Therefore, it is so important to believe in a miracle on the eve of the main winter holiday and to conduct some simple “rituals”.

Signs for the New Year 2018, so that health was:

  1. First you need to do the return of debts. And it does not matter at all what it is about - money, a book, clothes, jewelry. Also, do not hesitate to take your money from the debtor, because by returning the house will restore the energy field and, as a result, will attract health.
  2. Just a few hours before the New Year should take a refreshing shower. Water will help to wash away the "last year's" negative, restore internal energy and be cleansed from bad thoughts.
  3. It will not hurt women and young girls to hold one ritual: as soon as they start to beat the clock, a shawl or scarf is thrown over their shoulders, and before the last one is taken off with a quick movement. You can take absolutely any accessory, but it is better if the handkerchief is light, colorful and in good condition.

These are the easiest, and most importantly, effective signs for the New 2018, which are easy to perform at home. And, besides, they are not tested by one generation, which only increases faith in a miracle.

Meet the New Year with your family

Signs for those who are lonely - we attract love to the house

Most often, these signs are of interest to young girls - romantic natures with “blue” dreams, which are not so easy to break into small pieces. They will believe to the last in the New Year miracle and who said that their dream will not come true?

And this important moment of life can be slightly accelerated - signs in the New 2018 will help, so that the happiness will be:

  1. Eastern belief says that a new love and strong relationship will attract the smell of sandalwood, that is, cinnamon. It is necessary that this fragrance always accompanied its owner, even invisibly to other people. For this, a cinnamon stick is always carried along as a talisman. In the extreme case, use cosmetics with an extract of sandalwood, but it is not so effective.
  2. Love has many symbols - a talisman in the form of a heart, a love note written by your hand, a valentine, a picture of a couple in love. In order to attract a romantic relationship to the chiming clock, the chosen object is pressed to the heart and at this time the cherished desire is pronounced to itself.
  3. In the case of parting with your loved one, on the eve of the holiday you need to do everything so that the sad experience does not happen again in the New Year. For this, shortly before the holiday, the old calendar is symbolically burned. It is also not recommended to wear clothes, jewelry and use things that were presented by the former lover on New Year's Eve.
  4. If you spend your holidays with your loved one, then the folk omen says that if you keep your soulmate during the festive battle of the clock, you will be able to spend the whole next year together, not parting for a long time. Also, this simple action will help avoid serious quarrels and scandals.

Advice for girls. To attract happiness and passionate love in your life, you need to meet the year 2018 in a new red dress, or at least complement your image with bright “fiery” details. It does not hurt to decorate your apartment - hang pictures or put a statue of a couple in love in a prominent place.

Signs for singles

Effective signs of a quick marriage

The dream of many women is to get married successfully, to feel securely behind the back of a beloved man, to give him your caress, warmth and the most vivid emotions. But for some reason, the chosen one is not in a hurry to bow down on one knee and stretch the little ring of incredible beauty.

If you are a hostage to such a situation, then it's time to use the wisdom of our ancestors and pay attention to the signs for the New Year 2018, to get married and so that happiness would be:

  1. Those who want to put on the cherished ring on the nameless finger should not carry out a general cleaning just before the New Year celebration. It is best to deal with this issue a week before the celebration, and then only to maintain order. And do it all without any help.
  2. While cleaning, the garbage needs to be revenged only from the threshold to the table and certainly not vice versa. And with a broomstick, do not sweep your own legs - the boyfriends will bypass you.
  3. But on the table should be quite tasty dishes prepared with their own hands. Defective food is better to throw away.
  4. As soon as the guests come to the house, the hostess should seat them immediately at the table - it is considered that the sooner the guests sit down at the festive table, the faster the girl will go down the aisle.
  5. Imposing marafet, unmarried beauty should pay special attention to her hair. And the hairstyle, if you believe the ancient belief, should not be done in the presence of outsiders - this can postpone the wedding date for a considerable period of time.
  6. If the girl began to lose her hair just before the holiday, then in the coming year not only the proposal will be made, but also, most likely, the wedding will come out.
  7. About the same warns and accidentally cut the finger to the blood, while cooking festive dishes.
  8. If during cooking meat or meatballs, the girl notices that the dish is slightly burnt, then her contented person will have dark hair and, most likely, brown eyes.

Signs for a quick marriage

The best signs for childless families

New Year's Eve is a time of magic, so even the most desperate people are ready to try to change their destiny, turn to the Universe for help, so that they finally can conceive and give birth to a long-awaited child.

To do this, quite a bit - believe in yourself, hope for a miracle and perform not tricky conditions of several New Year rituals:

  1. A long sign says that children's laughter will soon be heard in the house where a happy family couple has been invited, which is already waiting for the baby.
  2. To get pregnant in the Year of the Dog, a girl who wants to get pregnant must try something from the hands of a pregnant friend.
  3. The next sign involves the purchase of children's things - a bottle, pacifier or booties. Pregnancy will help bring gifts of pearls or agate.
  4. Keep more plants at home and it is best to ask someone before the holiday to give a small ficus that will grow with the future mother's belly.

Of course, in order for a positive result to come faster, it is recommended that you carefully monitor your health, switch to a proper diet, do not overcool and love each other, since without love, happy children are not born.

Signs for childless families

What else needs to be done to make your cherished wish come true

As a rule, people's desire is not limited to money, love, health and marriage. Each of us has a secret dream, about which we constantly think and hope that one day someone will present it to us on a silver platter.

Do not despair - keep going to your goal, hope and believe in the dream - it will help to fulfill signs for the new 2018 year:

  1. First you should buy a Christmas tree decoration with the image of the main symbol of the coming year - the Yellow Earth Dog. Hanging it on the Christmas tree, do not forget to make a wish, and ask the welfare of your family.
  2. If during the winter holidays any toy fell from a Christmas tree or pine tree and broke, it is fortunate and good luck. Поспешите проговорить свое желание, аккуратно собрать осколки и вынести их на свежий воздух. Выбросьте их в ближайший контейнер, а не в домашнее мусорное ведро.
  3. Чтобы желание исполнилось на новый 2018 год – наденьте недавно купленную одежду, и если она будет совпадать с любимым цветом символа года, то действие приметы только усилится.

Как видите, добиться в праздничное время своего не так-то сложно, если знать, что и когда делать. This knowledge is passed on from generation to generation, and can not be empty words - many people became much happier and luckier after they decided to believe in the New Year's miracle.

Symbol of the new year

Do not overlook your happiness in the New Year's Eve. Perhaps it goes quite close - just reach out and change your life forever.

Signs for the New Year 2018: for marriage, for happiness and money
Signs for the New Year 2018: so that the money will be spent to get married, so that happiness will be! The most effective signs, useful tips, videos.

About signs and traditions

New Year signs and superstitions - this is what envelops this holiday with romance. Everyone, even a very adult and serious person, on the eve of the celebration becomes a little child who believes in all signs. He begins to notice the most incredible of them, who will tell him how the next year will pass. Those who exactly followed all the traditions can expect that soon their affairs will start to succeed.

Our country has its own rules. The New Year traditions of Russia are very rich and diverse, even though this holiday was borrowed. Today it is celebrated around the world, so there are signs of different countries. Given that people have been celebrating New Year for many centuries in a row, they have gained considerable experience in celebrating it. The old New Year traditions have penetrated into every family and are carefully passed down from generation to generation. It is useful to join the experience of different cultures and peoples, so that this time really all the bad things are left behind, and only pleasant surprises await in front of us.

New Year omens on December 31 and January 1

crush the dishes - to a quarrel,

quarrel at the table - to bad luck in all your endeavors,

to be inhospitable - there will be no money

leave the table scarce - to poverty,

throwing food from the New Year's table - there will be no luck.

New Year omens suggest that December 31 must necessarily be done to attract good luck for the whole year:

buy a new broom, put up a whisk in the corner of the kitchen, decorate with red ribbon,

hang a wreath over the front door

put a glass of wine and salad for the brownie,

before the arrival of the guests light candles in the rooms,

ask for forgiveness from everyone and forget their grievances.

Choose what you like

We consider the most common New Year signs and traditions. Therefore, before choosing what is interesting for you, you need to familiarize yourself with each ritual and master it - to become a little wizard yourself. And only what will be to your liking are those future New Year traditions that will suit a particular person or family. So, we begin to attract good luck and happiness into our home.

Many New Year traditions of different countries dictate that there must be a banknote in the right pocket of clothes on a holiday night. And the more dignity it will be, the more it will attract next year. What is money? On the material plane, it’s just paper with watermarks, but metaphysically, it’s energy. And the higher the denomination of the bill, the more energy it has. And, as in the case of any energy, the law of its attraction works. Money is drawn to money! The greater the bill to keep in your pocket, the greater the likelihood of financial success in the coming year. Well, with the proper formulation of the question, the banknote saved in the New Year in such a way will also be a great help in the celebration of Christmas.

Meet the holiday in the new decoration - this is also the New Year signs. To buy a dazzling outfit for yourself, having received great pleasure from acquiring it, is a kind of summing up the financial result of the year: “Yes, I was so successful (successful) that I can afford it!” Results in the New Year are summed not only by people, but also by the Universe. She is calculating revenues and preparing to distribute bonuses. A new outfit for everyone is a symbol of success last year and a promise for achievements in the coming year. And therefore do not feel sorry for the money for outfits! The positive, which is acquired with him, will multiply next year hundreds of times. And it is worth a lot. And guess, make wishes - they will surely come true!

Especially for money

And this is already the New Year money omen - to pay off all the debts before the night falls on December 31. I repaid debts and sleep well. Although in the modern world, probably, this should not sound so straightforward. It is necessary to analyze the financial condition at the end of the year. To sum up, remember all the debts that are not paid on time, and get rid of them. If we are talking about a long-term loan, and interest is regularly paid on it, then you can absolutely not worry about it. This is not the debt that must be paid on the eve of the New Year. You just need to align the family budget, and let it become for someone an annual tradition.

In order for the money to come into the house, it is necessary on December 31 to bring some thing beyond the threshold. Let the day stand there - it's like paying tribute to the old year, and with the advent of the new, you need to bring it back.

Something that always comes true

There are signs that can be considered a guide to action, and their logic is quite understandable and acceptable. Many of them are used in different interpretations as New Year traditions of different countries. They help to change life for the better in the new year, to improve financial condition, to attract luck. Here they are, all six, in order:

clean up the house, throw away all the old stuff and trash,

set the rich table

use a white tablecloth

put coins under it

light seven green candles

Make a wish under the chiming clock.

Consider in detail each of them.

Over the past year, a huge amount of all unnecessary junk and garbage accumulates in any house, no matter how hard they clean it. This stuff attracts to itself the negative, destructive energy of stagnation. Makes people apathetic, deprives of vitality and the ability to create. New Year omens require him to get rid of, so that a fresh breath of air in the form of vital energy of Qi rushes into life and makes it full. Therefore, a few days before the holiday, one must begin to clean the debris, clean up his house, that is, clean up the mess.

Bringing happiness to the family hearth

White tablecloth on the table - a symbol of purity and readiness for change, the arrival of good luck in the house. Coins under the tablecloth - cash flow during the year. Seven green candles are home: green is the color of monetary luck, and fire is the activator of its energy.

And the most important thing is to make wishes for the chiming clock! They need to guess different. Real and incredible - it's the New Year! What does not wish, everything will always happen! After all, simultaneously with you, wishes are made and sent to the Universe by a great multitude of people, and this is a very powerful energy of collective desire. Everything always comes true!

For family, happiness and love

And yet not by bread alone. Many New Year traditions of Russia are not connected with material well-being and money. Not only the Russians dream of this on the eve of the New Year. Family happiness, love, health and well-being of loved ones are important for people.

And in this regard, there are New Year signs and superstitions concerning the celebration of the holiday in the family circle. Only close and dear people. In no case do not invite detractors or enemies. Only those who wish for happiness. Then you can continue the walk with anyone you want and wherever you want. But under the chiming clock - only with people dear to your heart. And then, as the signs of the New Year, couples in love give the first kiss to each other, while the spouses kiss the last. If the child woke up in the New Year, let it remain at the festive table. So you keep an understanding with him.

If a girl has a desire to get married in the new year, a good New Year's sign for her is to give gifts to seven kids. This activates the energy of the family.

Especially good for health

There are those New Year signs and traditions, which are paid in the old manner tribute. If you want to be healthy for a whole year, it is imperative and just necessary to take a bath or shower just before the triumph in order to wash off the energy dirt of last year and prepare the body and energy for the perception of the new in life.

It is very correct to observe the Christmas fast, if the person is a believer and an Orthodox Christian. This is not only a spiritual need - the absence of noisy companies that contradict the very spirit of the post, overexposing the nervous system during this period, but also the benefit to the physical health of a person - the absence of excessive alcoholic libations and overeating.

In the New Year with a smile

There are New Year's rituals that need to be done immediately before the chiming clock, and since there are several of them, the desire to do everything in order to attract good luck and money will turn into a very cheerful marathon. It may even be worth practicing the day before. So, the funniest New Year signs:

have time to peel a tangerine or an orange before the chiming clock and put it under the Christmas tree,

have time to drink a glass before the chiming clock, and if you made it last - your luck this year,

to make a lot of money over a coin, throw it into a glass of champagne, drink it, and make a pendant from a penny and wear it all year round,

write a wish on a piece of paper, burn it, throw ashes in a glass of champagne, drink it all under the chimes,

if something unusual happens on New Year's Eve, it will happen to you all year,

and in no case should a tree be thrown out of a window or balcony, especially on New Year's Eve - family happiness will collapse.

If you approach the issue wisely and tell your guests in advance about such "100%" effective methods, then by 12 am you can witness funny puns.

And finally

That is why the New Year is valuable, with a smile and a slight sadness, you can look back at the outgoing year, emerge from the whirlpool of fuss and, before crossing the threshold of the upcoming, look back. Thank the Universe for the experience, ask for forgiveness and forgive yourself, take stock and outline plans, and most importantly - do not forget to ask for blessings for the coming year. Waiting for a miracle and magic must appear on the threshold of the house with the last chiming clock.

Knyazeva Tatyana Viktorovna

Psychologist, Practicing Clinical Psychologist. Specialist from the website b17.ru

rejoice that the cycle is regular. so I do not know when the track. monthly come itching.
do not worry. take pads / tampons with you and that's it.

and tampons? Do you have a shower there?

Is the cycle so stable? Suddenly at the end of December will go?

don't worry
but from me, you fool, knocked down, and then almost died from it, do not interfere in Nature, otherwise she will take revenge on you
I even had my period at my wedding - no one died of it all was fine.

> I do not want to knock down a cycle
> means, tinctures or something else that you can drink without a prescription
what can't hurt doesn't work.
because it does nothing.
improper use can hurt everything. even vitamins.

A tampon plus a gasket, painkillers, if it is painful, I don’t see a problem, I have already had it several times, will there be any washing?

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Monthly for a long time is not a problem, so much hygiene products: tampons, pads, napkins are all sorts of .. I don’t understand problems at all. take and blurt out as much as you like ..

Monthly for a long time is not a problem, so much hygiene products: tampons, pads, napkins are all sorts of .. I don’t understand problems at all. take and blurt out as much as you like ..

The problem is that trahatstsa normally can not! Th incomprehensible something ?!

no where not to go. Wrapping cotton and bags and stay at home.

Girls, tell me something. We are on the New Year for 4 days going to the country with our loved one and his friends. Meski right back to back want to come. They are very rich in me, up to 5 days. I do not want to shoot down a cycle, I am afraid for women's health. I am interested in having some means, tinctures or something else that you can drink without a prescription so as not to harm the woman. Yesterday I read about the water pepper tincture, supposedly, reduce the amount of bleeding and things can even end 1-2 days earlier. Here I would have something like 1 once. Maybe someone drank already, write reviews. And for me it's just a disaster. :(

Anya, are you clairvoyant? You are sure that NG will come, you will spend it together, but you will disturb your period. I for example don `t know what will happen in an hour, not to mention what will happen tomorrow.

Girls, tell me something. We are on the New Year for 4 days going to the country with our loved one and his friends. Meski right back to back want to come. They are very rich in me, up to 5 days. I do not want to shoot down a cycle, I am afraid for women's health. I am interested in having some means, tinctures or something else that you can drink without a prescription so as not to harm the woman. Yesterday I read about the water pepper tincture, supposedly, reduce the amount of bleeding and things can even end 1-2 days earlier. Here I would have something like 1 once. Maybe someone drank already, write reviews. And for me it's just a disaster. :(

Anya, are you clairvoyant? You are sure that NG will come, you will spend it together, but you will disturb your period. I for example don `t know what will happen in an hour, not to mention what will happen tomorrow.
I'm not clairvoyant, I just have a good cycle. Spring-Summer 24-25, Autumn-Winter 27-28. Here 2 months already 28 go. even if they deviate 2 days left right, it still comes out on holidays. :(

and tampons? Do you have a shower there?

The author, everything is simple, in the last monthly period before NG, you start to drink OK for 3 days, use Nova-ring. Calmly do the calculation - the required 21 days + as much as you need (but not more than 7), then in 3 days the monthly periods will go.
Because You can either zoom in or out. Your cycle won't get lost

yes, it's all garbage, I'm not talking about hygiene products, I just want to have a good time with a loved one in a festive atmosphere. I'm about making love. if only a little bit less blood. very upset in general. in pajamas we will lie hug: (

And nafrena you somewhere to drag with HIS friends.

yes, it's all garbage, I'm not talking about hygiene products, I just want to have a good time with a loved one in a festive atmosphere. I'm about making love. if only a little bit less blood. very upset in general. in pajamas we will lie hug: (

19 - And what is special about this, I always relate to women's days, for example, with a vacation.
And for this you need to calculate everything in 2-3 months. Normal approach

What a long-term plans! Until NG more than one and a half months!

In addition to OK, there are no means.

Hosspadi, well fuck 5-6-7-8-9-10 .. The problem is ..

I think it's the opposite to think about it in advance.

Hosspadi, well fuck 5-6-7-8-9-10 .. The problem is ..

9 and 10 per rabta

I do not ask you when I make love.

I do not ask you when I make love.

I do not ask you when I make love.

Hosspadi, well fuck 5-6-7-8-9-10 .. The problem is ..

The author, everything is simple, in the last monthly period before NG, you start to drink OK for 3 days, use Nova-ring. Calmly do the calculation - the required 21 days + as much as you need (but not more than 7), then in 3 days the monthly periods will go.
Because You can either zoom in or out. Your cycle won't get lost

Author, buy a hundred lollipop chups and hone blowjob techniques. Can you give a guy a smart OS under the Christmas tree.

I saw nettle tincture, brewed leaves from the pharmacy, I was reduced by the abundance of secretions

Drink parsley, I seriously had the same canoe, I had to fly with my lover for months.
drink this parsley, zhmenka Petruhi pour boiling water for a couple of days 3-4, a week two before.
arrived earlier at 5! days :)
The cycle was always stable, did not believe, but the traction worked

I once reflexologist accelerated the arrival of menstruation. I went to her with a completely different problem, somehow at the reception I casually complained that I was flying abroad, just the monthly ones fall out. Not scary, just it would be better if they were not. And I, like you, cycle, "like a clock." She said that if I want, she will try me to call them by reflexology, this is a well-known technique. I agreed. A day went, 6 days earlier. If possible, find a good specialist.

Say too, as you like. And under the linen oilcloth that-whether to lay?

"Monthly drops out right on the New Year." gygy, fall out. like snow. )))

"Monthly drops out right on the New Year." gygy, fall out. like snow. )))

Girls, tell me something. We are on the New Year for 4 days going to the country with our loved one and his friends. Meski right back to back want to come. They are very rich in me, up to 5 days. I do not want to shoot down a cycle, I am afraid for women's health. I am interested in having some means, tinctures or something else that you can drink without a prescription so as not to harm the woman. Yesterday I read about the water pepper tincture, supposedly, reduce the amount of bleeding and things can even end 1-2 days earlier. Here I would have something like 1 once. Maybe someone drank already, write reviews. And for me it's just a disaster. :(

On a pair of ready-to-release towels, boil out the calculation for each act, bloody, throw them away to the dumpster dogs.
сдать анализ на концентрацию вит.К, В12, Са, ретикулоциты, ОЖСС, КЩР, бактериоскопия выделений (если не лень).
наесться огуречных и томатных шкур, печени, ЯБЛОК, картофельных мундиров, лимонов, горошка, фасоли, рыбных консервов, творога, миндаля, грецких орехов, нутра вишнёвых и абрикосовых косточек. не удивляться, если останутся только овуляторные кровотечения.

не куда не езди.Обмотаийся ватой и пакетами и сиди дома.

19 - And what is special about this, I always relate to women's days, for example, with a vacation.
And for this you need to calculate everything in 2-3 months. Normal approach

I once reflexologist accelerated the arrival of menstruation. I went to her with a completely different problem, somehow at the reception I casually complained that I was flying abroad, just the monthly ones fall out. Not scary, just it would be better if they were not. And I, like you, cycle, "like a clock." She said that if I want, she will try me to call them by reflexology, this is a well-known technique. I agreed. A day went, 6 days earlier. If possible, find a good specialist.

Hosspadi, well fuck 5-6-7-8-9-10 .. The problem is ..

and cho, during estrus, no? Come on!

yeah i am shocked to ruin my health because of fucking

In general, it is undesirable to intervene in the cycle. Tincture of water pepper really will reduce bleeding, but in NG you will drink alcohol, so there is no reason.

and cho, during estrus, no? Come on!

yeah i am shocked to ruin my health because of fucking

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Women's Day Interpretation Rules

Many people think that signs of menstruation are a silly waste of time that will never lead to the desired result. But, there are cases when all these predictions really helped to know your future. If you decide to analyze the future for the coming month, you should consider several basic requirements.

  1. All signs and predictions can be interpreted, and get knowledge about the future only next month. No more.
  2. The knowledge that you have received should be kept with you and not tell anyone about them.

Values ​​by day of the week

Signs for the month may be different. But, most often, those signs are used on days of the week, which depend not only on the time of day or date. Attention should be paid to the day on which the menstruation began.

  1. If it started on Monday, then you should prepare for unpleasant events. Soon you will have to endure many disappointments and troubled days, but do not panic right away. The discharge on Monday says that you can easily overcome all troubles and gain a white line in life. All you need to do is listen to your intuition.
  2. If menstruation began on Tuesday, it means that a white stripe has come in your life. You will be lucky in everything that you wouldn’t undertake. Therefore, you can safely change your life as you have long wished. Drive you will not only in dating with the "right" people. Even projects at work will end in success.
  3. Monthly signs of the people say that the onset of menstruation on Wednesday does not bode well. If your plans were to start an important business, then it is better not to hurry with its implementation. To begin with, you should turn to intuition, and only then make important decisions.
  4. Monthly, which began on Thursday, promise a cheerful gatherings. It is possible that long-awaited guests will come to you, or you are destined to visit one of your relatives or friends. Also, the selection on Thursday will tell about a successful project at work.
  5. Signs about the monthly say that on Friday menstruation begins, if you expect a large number of unexpected turns of fate. But no one can say with complete certainty whether the selection on Friday will be bad or good. You should pay attention to the signs around you, which will be able to fully reveal all the cards.
  6. But Saturday is considered an ideal day, according to popular signs for the month. This means that pleasant surprises await you in the love sphere. Personal life will soon improve. And if you still make a wish, then it will surely come true.
  7. The beginning of the month on Sunday promises good news. Here are just no predictions about exactly what areas of your life monthly on Sunday will affect.

Interpretation by time of day

Signs about the monthly recommended to pay attention to at what time of the day began menstruation. This will help to more interpret these or other predictions of fate.

Ideally, the beginning of the menstrual cycle happened before 11 am This means not only pleasant joyful emotions. Such an event promises pleasant meetings, perhaps even a new love in life.

Signs about the monthly say that the critical days that began with lunch until 17 o'clock in the evening, do not promise anything special. This means that your life will not change in any way and will continue as it did in the previous month. In this case, you should listen to your inner voice, so as not to cause yourself difficulties.

If the monthly period began from 5 pm to 12 am, then a boring period in life awaits you, which will only be disheartening. All unpleasant thoughts will overtake you sharply, for no apparent reason.

But if the critical days began at night, then you should prepare for the bad news. This prediction will bring you problems at work or parting with your beloved man. But, all these troubles will not annoy you for too long. You need to be patient for a few weeks, and everything will become as before.

Signs say that if menstruation started earlier, then destiny helps you adjust certain circumstances to the right time.

The treatment of superstition on the calendar

Everyone has their own prediction

Signs about the monthly are also associated with calendar days. It is important to pay attention to exactly what calendar day menstruation occurred.

  • 1-2 numbers indicate that only pleasant surprises await you. This means that nothing bad can happen.
  • 3-6 numbers tell about problems with close people. You will not only unpleasant conversation, but also a large number of gossip. It should prepare for the fact that your image will suffer a little.
  • 4-5 numbers promise a pleasant pastime. This means that a woman is destined to take a break from her work or family soon.
  • 7-8 number talk about quarrels with his beloved man, so you should control their behavior so as not to cause a storm of jealousy.
  • 9-12 numbers do not promise anything bad. Your life will flow in the same stream as before.
  • 13-18 numbers can be interpreted as unfavorable days. A woman will experience many negative emotions. They may be associated with problems in the family or herald a quarrel with a loved one.
  • 18-25 numbers may indicate to the girl that she is surrounded by traitors. You should pay attention to who is nearby, and analyze their behavior. It is possible that someone from close people will soon betray her.
  • If the beginning of menstruation fell on the 26-28 number, then the girl will have to experience a large number of unpleasant emotions. But, fortunately, she will be able to cope with them.
  • 29-31 numbers promise pleasant meetings with good people. It is possible that a new acquaintance will play a major role in the marital status or career growth of a woman.

Signs for monthly advised to pay attention to the lunar calendar. The only problem is that such superstitions are not always completely open to interpretation. In most cases, they do not give an absolute guarantee of a prediction.

Started in the New Year

It is important to carefully monitor the fact in which the holiday you had the first blood discharge. This will let you know what exactly is prepared for you by higher powers, and what you should expect in the future. Signs associated with the onset of menstruation before the New Year, they say that a woman’s life will acquire new bright colors and she will be able to experience true happiness.

It is believed that the monthly New Year's Eve talk only about the good. Folk superstitions say that bleeding can completely cleanse the body of black energy.

If your critical days started on this day, it means that you are destined to start the next year from scratch. Higher forces make you understand that you can completely change your life, and begin to live by your own rules.

But if they only begin on December 31, a pleasant news awaits the woman. Perhaps she will get married or she will have to endure the pregnancy and the birth of a long-awaited child. A particularly favorable sign if the beginning of women's days fell on December 31, immediately after a delay of several days.

Started at Christmas and Easter

If menstruation appeared at Christmas, it means that a higher power decided to help you get rid of all sins and start a new life. This is a sign that you should reconsider your attitude towards life. Perhaps you are not living your life the way you are destined.

But the spotting at Easter says that women's health will be much better. If the monthly went earlier and fell on Easter day, then with the opposite sex the situation will improve.

What not to do

There are superstitions that will tell you about what cannot be done during critical days. Our ancestors were convinced that you can not allow a girl or woman with menstruation to do household chores. For example, she can not do anything in the garden or in the kitchen. Otherwise there will be no harvest and the food will be tasteless. You can not preserve food, otherwise all the banks will begin to explode. Also, she should not collect fruit on the tree, because it then dries.

Many people wonder whether hair cutting is permissible on critical days? There is no unequivocal answer to it, but, it is better to do this not in the first days of menstruation.

The first stages of preparation

Such days as the twenty-ninth and thirty-first of December in ancient times, people actively attached time to celebrations, triumphs. Divination was important. Last year it was necessary to do such things:

  1. To spend the old year. These wires were treated with great respect.
  2. Seeing off was equal to meeting a new period of life.
  3. Cash debt was required to pay back in the old year, until December 31. It is not recommended to start January with the payment of money.
  4. Prophetic dreams. A dream in a dream in December can be prophetic.
  5. The end of December is worth spending in a peaceful environment, not to swear with your close people. To further life was happy and complete family.
  6. Our ancestors spent the holidays in the collection of the whole family. They invited their parents to come, or the children went to their parents. Such an event was a good sign and signified respect for each other. Children expressed their attitude towards their parents and wished them to be in the family for a long time.
  7. Women of fashion were preparing new clothes so that the rest of their lives was filled with pleasant surprises and beautiful things. They wore clean, new clothes.
  8. To protect the family over the next year, the festive table legs on December 31 were tied with ropes.
  9. Old things, the laundry was taken out of the house.
  10. The festive table on December 31 was decorated with fruit nuts. Wheat crumbled around the house. It symbolized wealth and wealth.
  11. Unclean games were prohibited on December 31, there will be no money. They believed in the advice.
  12. They believed in fortune telling, attracted money.

People adhered to these rites in order to provide for themselves, not to offend the brownie. In the house, on New Year's Eve, the lights were turned off so as not to offend and annoy the brownie. Candle lit only in the morning. The premises were cleaned. The training day was quick and fun, in the family circle. The training began in late December. It was also supposed to mark the event during all the days of the end of December. Not recommended to meet on the road, train.

Monthly values ​​also had a meaning - they are not there for the New Year, you can get pregnant. Monthly cleanse the body. During the monthly not allowed to church. With menstruation, animals were not cut.

Fun under the chiming clock

Observing the rules for preparing the coming new period, people knew that this was not enough. The whole process was filled with beliefs that were carried out to the end. At the time of the arrival of the New Year, at the moment when the chimes beat twelve hours, it was important to do the following:

  1. At the time of the battle hours, the family made a wish. Which necessarily came true,
  2. Women covered their head and shoulders with handkerchiefs. With the last strike of the clock removed. Such a sign symbolized the care of disease,
  3. When the clock served the first ring, all members of the family clamped a coin in their hands, made wishes, the Coin was used at the moment of divination,
  4. Before the start of the chiming clock, remove the peel from the mandarin or orange, put it under the pine tree. A Christmas tree will do,
  5. It is impossible to regret treats
  6. The last meeting outside the home means a lot. It should be the opposite to become, then the year will be happy, without disease,
  7. If you spend the New Year's event on the road, the train, the way and the movement await you
  8. Guessing divination after meeting the holiday, wondering health, money. Divination was important
  9. You should not give or borrow money, overspend. Tips of the older generation.

December was without debts

December was off without debt. Cash debts gave. Beliefs interpret that it is impossible to oversleep a celebration. At the time of the battle chimes can not cry, be on the road, train. Divination was forbidden at this moment. Meet the holiday on the train - the annual shortage of money. Foreign countries on the train arrange a carnival night. If you meet the New Year's Eve in a train, its movement to the house or from it is important.

Additional beliefs

In ancient times, people did not lend fire, lighted candles. At the present time it can be matches. From foreign countries came to us another tradition associated with fire. If the house has a stove or fireplace, the fire in them should burn, all night without fading. Mistresses who have a garden were not allowed to play cards on New Year's Eve so as not to spoil the harvest. Those who did not adhere to such signs, hens spoiled cucumbers on the garden. Harvest day was poor.

Cult events

On New Year's Eve the girls started divination, poured wax, lit candles, attracted love to the house, future husband, luck, money. It was good to get pregnant. It was possible to predict marriage. Popular wisdom knew what superstitions existed in divination, what they meant and what to do. The girl needs to listen to the sounds outside the window, her marriage depended on it. The weather was also important. Thrilled those who wanted to get pregnant.

To check the longevity in the spoon was frozen water. The bubbles formed in the water signified good luck, pleasant meetings, long life. If the water froze in the form of a dimple - death. Bread crumbs under the table, which the girl needs to find, were good advice for a quick marriage. Cutting the finger also marks a quick marriage. In order to find out whether a woman will marry this year or not, conversations under the doors of strangers or neighbors were overheard.

New Year's Eve girls started divination

The word “go” meant marriage, the word “sit” means loneliness. Before the fun they started to clean the house. Carried out all the old stuff. The woman was a good sign to get pregnant. Divination was an integral part of the events. Divination was carried out with the help of candles, water, coins, fire. Put on clean clothes. With the help of rituals it was possible to find out whether it will succeed to get pregnant In order to get pregnant on the table people were put out of the pumpkin.


In order to see the future husband it is necessary to pour water into a glass, pour ashes and salt and say the following words: “Drink water, add salt with salt, burn ashes, and watch the groom for me”. If you need to prepare for marriage, you will see the image of her husband in a glass. Wishes make with the help paper. Write whatever you want on the blank sheet and burn the paper. Send ashes to the window, with the words: “Wind, drive melancholy and sadness from me, give good luck and joy!” And tell me your cherished desire. Continue further: "What you have guessed, fulfill the spirit of the wind, please, by my power I conjure, I believe in your wings."

Signs on the first day of the New Year

The older generations did not cease to keep track of what happened in January. The first of January is the day when the weather was monitored. She acted as a predictor of sowing, harvest. The day of the first of January determined the whole year. On January 1, at night, people listened to the wind. Strong meant a good harvest. The sky is thickly covered with stars, January 1, heralds a rich harvest of berries.

Люди хотели, чтобы с утра, первого января деревья были покрыты инеем, это выступало признаком хлебородного года. В январе далекое эхо предвещало затяжные морозы. Значение погоды в этот период большое. Работать в праздничные дни января запрещалось. Сосна из избы не выкидывалась в январе, деревья нужно было втолкнуть в снег. Важно, чтобы она не упала. Загадывали желания. Желали денег, бездетным женщинам – забеременеть, любви. Помогали суеверия и советы знающихся людей.

The weather acted as a predictor

Gift Choice

People signs for the New Year are filled with knowledge and traditions of more than one generation. Customs were transferred to each hearth. Many things could not be done, as they foreshadowed trouble. This rule applied to the choice of gifts. You can not give slippers on New Year's Eve and at Christmas. The traditions of such a presentation reached ancient times. Older generations associate slippers with death, especially white slippers.

In many countries, it is not recommended to give slippers, as this is a sign of poor tone and disrespect for the future owner of a present. For the older generation, such a gift as slippers is associated with their years and imminent demise. For them, this means attracting death. Give slippers to the road. These are shoes that are worn when they go on the road.

You can give slippers to a loved one. As for a colleague, a manager, this will be a disrespectful gift. People who do not believe in superstition take slippers as a gift easily. A number of countries draw a parallel between slippers and disease. Slippers are an essential attribute and means of moving around the apartment. Another gift that will not please people, is underwear. At all times, underwear has been a personal hygiene item.

To give underwear can only a close person. Another thing and value bedding. It is possible to give bed linen, it is worth knowing what it should be. Coloring and drawing on linen should be neutral, the number of elements in the set is paired.

The right choice of gifts

Additional signs

Folk beliefs in any new year were directed to ensure that the apartment carried money.

Rituals to carry out cleaning has gone since the existence of ancient Rome. It was there that signs of celebrating New Year's Eve first appeared. Cleaning cleaned the room of negative energy. Instead of pine trees were decorated. Our generations knew that the pine tree should be decorated with balls and a star at the top, it was a symbol of prosperity, a good birth rate in the family and a sign of faith in the Lord. Lit the star at Christmas. Pine stood longer.

To make money on the first day of the New Year left a small amount, a couple of coins. Attracting money and wealth is an important point for everyone. People engaged in trade on the first New Year's day gave the goods at an inexpensive price. You can not lend money on Christmas Eve and during all holidays. It can make you poor, unlucky for prosperity. To make money you can use the teachings of feng shui. In the eastern part of the room to put a statuette of a toad with money. Brighten the hallway. Cash signs attract wealth. For many, this is a superstition.

A broom in the corner is good luck attraction.

Garbage from the hut

In ancient times, a broom used for magical love spells. In Russia, a broom acted as a guardian hut. A broom set in a corner is an attraction of good luck. They put him in this position and in order to bring money. When moving to a new home, take a broom with you thanks to this attribute, you will take a brownie. If on holidays the elderly lady crosses you with a broom, the day will be empty. When cooking pies, do not take a broom in hand, the dough will not work.

Before the fun the hostess took a broom in her hands and beat them on the threshold of housing. In some countries, a broom serves as a talisman. Broom helps, get rid of damage. The broom helped, foresees the news, extract evil spirits. A broom was beaten by disobedient teens, before leaving the hut. Conducted divination. The cleaning was important.