Why chest pain during menstruation, causes of chest pain during menstruation


The approach of menstruation often brings various inconveniences to the fair sex. At this time, women are subject to a change in mood, irritability, tearfulness, lower abdominal pain, lower back and chest pain, an increase in the size of the thyroid gland and differences in blood pressure. These and other transformations are frequent satellites of the premenstrual and reproductive cycle stages and directly critical days. Therefore, such symptoms before the onset of menstruation, such as abdominal pain, headache and nausea, swelling of the mammary glands and their pain, obvious pain in the chest area, are attributed to so-called PMS or premenstrual syndrome.

During menstruation, many girls and women suffer from cramping abdominal pain. Each woman suffers this symptom in different ways, and if some of the weaker sex is temporary and not very painful, others diligently prepare for its appearance, arming themselves with antispasmodics, allowing them to maintain more or less normal physical activity. Lower abdominal pain before menstruation is one of the most common symptoms of PMS, signs of premenstrual syndrome.

After abdominal pains before the onset of menstruation, the most common problem associated with menstrual discomfort among women is breast pain and swelling or even distinct pain in the chest. Everyone knows that at different stages of a woman’s life, the breast is modified. At the age of about 8 years, begins a slow growth of the mammary glands. With the onset of puberty, at about 11-14 years of age, this process is significantly activated as the level of estrogen in the blood increases. Under its influence, parenchymal and stromal tissues that form the breast of a girl grow. Usually the mammary glands are slightly asymmetrical, as a result of which one breast is slightly larger than the other. Her final transformation ends by the year 21.

During the formation stage and after its completion, the breast constantly undergoes various transformations under the influence of fluctuations in the body's concentration of sex hormones, and in some cases such processes may be accompanied by the appearance of pain in the chest area when the nipples ache and pulls, sore and swell. Women observe such changes during critical days, pregnancy, childbirth, and lactation, that is, during this period, chest pain can be a completely natural physiological symptom. A feeling of slight chest pain at the end of the ovulatory cycle is considered normal for women. But it is important to note the fact that before the onset of menstruation the pain in the chest should not be too strong, such a pain in the chest, pain in the nipples, should be tolerable and not cause very strong discomfort. Therefore, if a woman does not know what to do, if her chest pains before menstruation are very severe, then she should definitely seek help from a doctor. Severe pain in the chest during menstruation or before the start of menstruation, which does not give rest, in some cases may be one of the signs of the development of pathology. Therefore, timely diagnosis of the appearance of very severe chest pain is the first stage for successful treatment of the existing problem.

The signals that the body gives, that is, severe pain in the mammary glands before the onset of menstruation, or frequent and severe chest pain during menstruation, must be studied and memorized. Due to the features inherent only in her, a woman can pay attention to possible disorders and diseases in time. For example, the cessation of chest pain before menstruation, if previously it was regularly observed, may indicate the presence of pathology.

Why chest pain during menstruation, causes of chest pain during menstruation

Increased sensitivity and breast augmentation when ovulation occurs is a common occurrence in most women. This is due to an increase in internal glandular tissue. Due to its growth, a greater rush of blood passes to it, due to which the tissue swells and the glands increase in volume. The sensations of a woman, the swelling and sensitization of the mammary glands accompanying this process cannot be called pleasant, since it is pain, sensitivity, increased density and engorgement. In healthy women, these symptoms and discomfort in the area of ​​the mammary glands before the onset of menstruation are very weak and may go unnoticed.

Nature arranged the female body so that each ovulation is a chance to produce offspring. Therefore, the body carefully prepares for fertilization, pregnancy and subsequent lactation. For this glandular tissue expands. If conception did not occur, with the onset of menstruation, it dies off, transformations regularly, with each new cycle, occur in women of reproductive age. Chest pain appears shortly before menstruation, most often such symptoms are observed a couple of days before the start of menstruation. Safe is considered a weak manifestation of pain that does not interfere with a woman doing her usual daily activities. Periodically repeated after the onset of menstruation, chest pain in gynecology is called mastodynia. Unlike mastopathy, this condition is not a pathology.

The structure and type of the mammary gland of a woman depends on the ratio of her tissues in different phases of the menstrual cycle. The reason for this is a different amount of progesterone in the blood before and after ovulation. Under its influence the internal tissues of the breast expand. Healthy women with an optimal ratio of progesterone and estrogen will experience only slight discomfort before menstruation. Painful symptoms should not be. Severe prolonged pain indicates hormonal disorders, diseases of the ovaries and other genital organs.

Why do pains occur during menstruation, what could be the reasons?

In addition to the described natural causes, pain in the mammary glands may occur under the influence of other causes. Among them:

1 Hormonal imbalance. Caused by various factors and most often indicates the presence of disease,

2 Gynecological diseases. They provoke fluctuations in the hormonal background, which manifests itself through pain in the organs of the reproductive system, in particular, in the mammary glands.

If with the arrival of each menstruation, severe pain recurs, it is imperative that you seek advice from a gynecologist as soon as possible. After the examination, the doctor will prescribe a treatment, or, if necessary, refer the patient for a checkup to a mammologist or an endocrinologist. And about why chest pains occur before menstruation can be found in the article: why nipple pains occur before menstruation, why there is pain in the chest before menstruation.

Why chest pain, possible causes of chest pain before menstruation

In a number of other cases, the painful sensations are non-cyclical and are not associated with menstruation. Often, pain does not occur in the entire breast, but in certain areas, sharp pain may not depend on menstruation.

The main causes of chest pain include the following:

1 Acceptance of oral contraceptives or other hormonal pills. They can be prescribed not only as protection against unwanted pregnancy, but also as a treatment for infertility or during menopause,

2 If, as a result of ovarian dysfunction, the menstrual cycle is not regular, then the presence of cyclic pain may indicate the presence of pregnancy. In this case, a woman can find out by pregnancy even two months after her period,

3 Congestion in the mammary glands of a large amount of fluid. The inflammatory process can cause such a phenomenon

4 Hormonal imbalance. If, after periods in the chest pain, the reason may be a hormonal imbalance. Only a doctor will be able to accurately diagnose on the basis of the obtained tests.

5 Mastopathy. In the event that there are seals in the chest area, there is a discharge from the nipples, this may indicate the presence of mastopathy. You can determine the signs of the disease on your own. In the early stages, hormonal agents are used to treat the disease. If the disease is in a chronic form, then you can not do without surgical intervention aimed at the removal of education. If the operation is not performed on time, the tumor may turn into cancer,

6 After a month-long painful sensation in the chest area may indicate the presence of cancer. If the pain is non-cyclical, exacerbations periodically begin, an urgent need to see a doctor. A similar picture occurs in oncology, and the smaller the size of the formation, the more likely it is to get rid of cancer forever,

7 Changes in the anatomical type in the breast area. Surgeries, injuries, the presence of cysts can cause pain,

8 An imbalance of fatty acids is one of the causes of painful sensations in the chest after menstruation. In this case, there is an increase in sensitivity in the chest area with changes in the hormonal background,

9 Lack of sexuality can cause a number of health problems, including painful sensations in the chest,

10 The direct rays of the sun. If you are overheated in the sun, pain may occur in the chest area. Sunbathing is recommended in a bathing suit or covering the breast area with a cloth. This rule applies to the solarium.

And if tenderness in the area of ​​the mammary glands appears after menstruation, then you can read more about them in the article: chest pain after menstruation, causes of pain in the chest and nipples after the end of menstruation.

Causes of chest pain after menstruation, why chest pain after menstruation?

If everything is okay with health, then immediately after the onset of menstruation, the pain in the chest should disappear. Normally, until the onset of the next menstruation, there should be no discomfort in the chest. If, after menstruation, pains have arisen in the chest area, the following may be the cause of this phenomenon:

2 Failure in the hormonal background as a result of too high levels of estrogen or other disorders,

3 Wearing too close a bra, which causes squeezing located in the shelf glands of the nerve endings.

What to do if it hurts in the chest area during menstruation, if the chest during menstruation is very painful?

The feeling of pain in the mammary glands after the onset of menstruation may indicate the development of serious diseases, so the slightest discomfort in this part of the body cannot be ignored. To determine the cause of the pain and the degree of its danger, you should seek the help of a specialist. If the pain tends to recur, write down the dates and time of the onset of painful symptoms before going to the doctor. To provide the most accurate information about your observations to a specialist, try to determine the causes of pain, exactly name the place where they appear most acutely, pay attention to the presence of nipple discharge and other pathological symptoms.

Upon completion of the survey, the doctor will necessarily perform a palpation of the breast, as well as examine the status of the axillary lymph nodes. When a breast seal is detected during palpation, the patient is referred for mammography or ultrasound. The seal that is identified as a result of the diagnosis is usually a cyst or tumor that is subject to immediate surgical removal. When a malignant tumor is detected, the likelihood of chemotherapy after its removal is high. Similar questions are explained in detail by the patient by her attending physician.

When should you seek medical help, if the pain in your chest before menstruation is very severe?

In some cases, if the pain in the chest does not have anything to do with menstruation, then this should be a must for consultation with the doctor and all the necessary tests. If there is a feeling of fullness or constriction in the chest area, a burning sensation, the presence of a malignant or benign tumor in the mammary glands can be the cause of such a painful syndrome. When, after menstruation, the chest begins to hurt, you need to be especially wary if unpleasant sensations appear only in one breast. Against this background, there may be other symptoms, including discharge from the nipples, their asymmetrical location, changes in skin cover and lumps in the chest area. The pain may be in a certain part of the breast or at some point.

If the cause of the pain is the presence of a breast tumor, then the discomfort begins to increase with time, possibly a reddening of the breast or an increase in temperature. If the pain does not go away within two weeks, and the unpleasant symptoms only get worse, anxiety and insomnia occur, an urgent need to contact a mammologist. It will be necessary to do a mammogram, go through an ultrasound study, take hormone tests and proceed to therapy. Treatment in this case is necessary drugs, the action of which is aimed at reducing the level of estrogen. It is also recommended to take vitamins and antibiotics. In extreme cases, do not do without surgery.

How can you relieve chest pain before menstruation (menstruation)?

The following tips can be applied with efficiency in case of pain in the mammary glands before menstruation and painful swelling in the chest occurs due to physiological reasons. Therefore, if a woman does not know how to get rid of breast pain, how to reduce or alleviate chest pain before the start of critical days, the following tips may be helpful to her. If a woman does not know how to relieve or reduce pain in the breast area before the onset of menstruation, if a woman wants to know how to get rid of nipple pain, pain in the mammary glands before menstruation, tips such as a contrast shower can help her. A hot bath during this period can help to relax the muscles and thereby markedly reduce pain in the chest. If you suffer from chest pains before menstruation, then doctors do not recommend wearing lace bras or other tight clothes or underwear during this period.

During this period, the most harmonious pastime to alleviate premenstrual syndrome, in order to completely get rid of the symptoms of PMS or reduce the painful symptoms before menstruation, doctors advise you to follow a normal daily routine and rest, more time in fresh air, follow a normal diet, a healthy diet. All these recommendations, together with the absence of stress and depression, can significantly reduce pain in the lower abdomen, pain in the chest area before menstruation, when it hurts and pulls in the chest before menstruation. Gynecologists recommend excluding spicy and salty products from food, switching more to the period before the onset of menstruation for fruits and vegetables. If the pain in the mammary glands before menstruation is very severe, you can ask the doctor to prescribe an anesthetic for the period of exacerbation of the painful symptoms of premenstrual syndrome. But an independent selection of an anesthetic drug is not recommended. Also, to normalize the hormonal background of a woman before the onset of menstruation, the doctor may prescribe a course of hormonal therapy for problematic PMS premenstrual syndrome.

How to get rid of chest pain during menstruation, how to reduce chest pain before menstruation?

To relieve painful symptoms in the chest, the following guidelines should be followed:

- it is necessary to refuse the use of alcoholic beverages and smoking,

- avoid stressful situations

- in the cold season to dress warm enough to avoid hypothermia,

- take warm but not hot baths,

- refuse sour, spicy and fatty, eat more fruits and vegetables,

- Do not wear tight underwear.

When these recommendations do not help to cope with pain in the breast, you can use painkillers, agreed with your doctor.

For severe pains, a woman is prescribed an examination consisting of a blood test for the content of thyroid hormones and the content of prolactin, analysis for tumor markers (their excess indicates cancer), ultrasound of the pelvic ultrasound (on the 10-11th day of the cycle) and breast ( after ovulation). Treatment of acute chest pain caused by the disease is prescribed exclusively after an accurate diagnosis. Пациентка находится под наблюдением маммолога, который проводит обследование, устанавливает диагноз и подбирает схему лечения. При правильном лечении через несколько циклов боль должна прекратиться. Для профилактики возобновления заболевания женщине рекомендуется регулярно проходить осмотры у маммолога.

Какая диагностика боли в груди существует?

When discomfort and pain appear in the mammary glands, when such a pulling or aching pain in a woman’s chest is abnormal, that is, it has never been seen before, it is first examined by a breast doctor. Further, if necessary, the doctor may prescribe the following tests or diagnosis of chest pain: ultrasound, mammography, biopsy, MRI, Ductography.