Pink discharge before menstruation - when they are


Pink discharge before menstruation or after them - a symptom that accompanies various gynecological diseases. This discharge is bloody, but of weak intensity. The pinking of the vaginal secretion is found at the beginning of the bleeding and upon its completion. Increased secretions and the occurrence of scarlet clots is an alarming symptom and requires the mandatory consultation of a physician.

Pink discharge before menstruation and after them normal

The appearance of pink discharge immediately before the menstrual period is a normal symptom of an approaching rejection of the uterus. It occurs a day or two before menstruation. Detachable is different - pale pink or brown, usually not abundant. Spotting is not accompanied by itching or burning in the genital tract. There is no pain, but there may be a characteristic slight slackening in the lower abdomen. Light pink secret gradually goes into full menstruation.

Critical days in a healthy adult woman go 3-7 days. The discharge can be moderate, scanty or abundant, but it does not end at one moment. After the menstrual period, the blood discharge is pink for a few more days (but not more than two days). Such symptoms are also considered normal and do not indicate the development of a dangerous pathology.

Causes of pink discharge before menstruation and after

White-pink or bright pink vaginal discharge 2-5 days or one week before menstruation, at the very beginning or at the end, as well as a few days or a week after their completion are found in such conditions:

  • Uterus diseases. The bleeding of various sizes and shades are observed in myoma (uterine tumors), endometrial hyperplasia, polyps, adenomyosis.
  • Pathology of the cervix. Light or dark pink discharge has the character of contact and occurs after intimacy, douching, gynecological examination or other interventions. Such symptoms are found in cervical endometriosis, polyps, erosion.
  • Neoplasms of the ovaries. Hormonally active cysts and tumors lead to uneven rejection of the endometrium and the appearance of weak, pinkish or brown mucous secretions without odor one week before or after menstruation. Possible acyclic bleeding in the second week of the cycle.
  • Malignant tumors. Carcinoma leads to secretions unrelated to the phase of the female cycle. They can occur at almost any time - and three days before menstruation, and five days after them.
  • Injuries to the vagina, labia and cervix. Damage to the epithelium and the appearance of a secret with pinkish streaks can lead to violent sex, the entry of foreign bodies into the vagina, etc.
  • Infections that are sexually transmitted or caused by the activation of opportunistic flora. The inflamed mucous membrane is easily injured, and contact pink and scarlet secretions appear.

After menstruation, the third cycle is already smearing, and pink discharge appears. They last 3-4 days, after which they pass. What could it be? Irina, 37 years old.

Pink discharge a few days after menstruation are found in various diseases of the uterus and appendages. You need to be examined by a gynecologist and a pelvic ultrasound is done to find a pathology and decide on treatment tactics.

Pink discharge instead of menstruation and after their delay - what is it?

The appearance of pink discharge instead of normal menstruation or after their delay in a woman of reproductive age indicates a possible conception of a child. But this symptom does not refer to the normal signs of gestation, but indicates the development of bleeding.

  • Ectopic pregnancy. Most often, the embryo is found in the fallopian tubes, less often in the ovary and abdominal cavity. Outside the uterus, the embryo cannot survive, and therefore perishes. The appearance of the characteristic pink discharge indicates the beginning of chorionic detachment. When the rupture of the fetus bleeding increases.
  • Regressing pregnancy. Fetal death occurs more frequently in the early stages of gestation. Miscarriage does not occur - the muscular layer of the uterus is not reduced. The appearance of pinkish and scarlet vaginal secretions suggests that the embryo died about 2-4 weeks ago.
  • The miscarriage has begun. When chorionic detachment occurs, the appearance of bloody discharge. In some cases, the process ends with the formation of a hematoma and cessation of blood loss, and the fetus can remain alive. In other situations, further chorionic detachment, increased bleeding and death of the embryo.

The appearance of pink vaginal discharge in late gestation is one of the signs of placental abruption and requires emergency medical attention.

I am 26 years old, monthly always go on time. Pregnancy and childbirth was not. With a young man, we protect ourselves with condoms. Waiting for the month, but they are all there, but there were pale pink discharge just in those days. What happened with me? Diana, 26 years old.

First of all, pregnancy should be excluded, since such symptoms occur when the miscarriage begins. To do this, you need to do a pregnancy test or donate blood for hCG. With the results of tests you should definitely consult a doctor. If the tests are negative, an ultrasound scan should be done and other examinations should be performed as directed by the doctor.

Pink discharge instead of menopause

If a woman aged 45-55 years does not have menstruation, and instead of them come scanty pink discharge or smears brown, you should consult a doctor. This symptom indicates the development of serious pathology. In the practice of a gynecologist, the following conditions are more common:

  • Polyps of the uterus.
  • Endometrial hyperplastic process.
  • Uterine fibroids.
  • Endometriosis of various localization.
  • Cancer of the genitals.

Pink discharge instead of menstruation in premenopause can be considered the norm, if the pathology of the pelvic organs is excluded. Such symptoms indicate that ovarian function is depleted, and in a short time, menstruation will completely stop.

What to do if there are pink vaginal discharge and pulls the abdomen?

The combination of such symptoms occurs in various diseases:

  • Pregnancy occurring with complications.
  • Neoplasms of the fallopian tubes, vagina, uterus and appendages.
  • Inflammatory processes of the pelvic organs.

If the lower abdomen pulls on any day of the cycle, and characteristic bleeding from a woman of reproductive age appears, you should first of all exclude pregnancy — a pharmacy test should be done. If the test is negative, you need to be examined:

  • Blood test for key female hormones.
  • STI screening.
  • Ultrasound of the pelvic organs.
  • Colposcopy.
  • Cytology and cervical biopsy.
  • Endometrial biopsy.
  • Hysteroscopy.
  • Diagnostic laparoscopy.

The scope of diagnostic intervention is determined by the nature of the discharge, associated symptoms and other factors.

If the lower abdomen pulls up and bleeding occurs during menopause, the approximate amount of examination remains the same. It is important to pay attention to the possible volume of the pelvic organs - at this age they often give such a clinical picture. The further management pattern will depend on the diagnosis.

Menstruation almost always goes on time, moderate, almost painless. Never problems in gynecology was not. But now, 5 days before the expected monthly rose pink discharge. Slightly pulls the abdomen. What to do? Elvira, 34 years old.

The appearance of pink discharge a few days before the expected menstrual period may indicate a pathology of the uterus or ovaries. Need to be examined by a gynecologist. It is important to exclude pregnancy, to make an ultrasound, to detect the source of the problem. After the diagnosis, the doctor will select the optimal treatment regimen.

Selection features

With the onset of puberty, the female body undergoes significant changes. This is expressed not only externally - for example, chest growth, the formation of a characteristic figure, etc., but also internally. The dynamic development of the genital organs provokes a sharp increase in hormone production. Appears menstrual cycle - the physiological process that will accompany the girl until the onset of menopause.

The menstrual cycle is evidence that the female body is fully prepared to continue the race. It involves many processes, one of which is monthly. A characteristic feature of critical days are vaginal discharge. As a rule, it is a bloody liquid of different consistency, allocated in both small and large volumes. Normally, it appears directly during menstruation.

The discharge associated with the menstrual cycle also includes vaginal lubrication and many others. For almost the whole life, a representative of the beautiful half of humanity will be confronted with genital secretions, and therefore they become the norm for her.

However, not all the fluid that is released from the vagina is physiological. Sometimes it can be pathological. For example, pinkish discharge before menstruation is quite common, but for some reason, many women do not attach much importance to them, because they simply do not know what it is, although they clearly indicate that something has happened.

Normal causes of pink discharge a week before menstruation or later

As mentioned above, vaginal discharge is observed throughout the entire menstrual cycle. This is due to the fact that the body constantly performs the process of metabolism, cleansing and protecting the genitals from dead cells and other unnecessary biological material, as well as various pathogenic microflora.

As a rule, they are almost invisible, and therefore do not cause serious attention in a girl. Most of the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity are struggling with them with the help of daily pads.

Already immediately before the onset of critical days, the intensity of the discharge may increase. In this case, it is quite likely that their color will change.

It is not always that such a phenomenon can speak of its pathological nature. Excreted fluid or pinkish mucus can also be the cause of quite normal physiological processes. This may be due to the following factors:

  1. Ovulation. It is known that the ovulatory period occurs approximately in the middle of the menstrual cycle. But this is only in cases where it is normal. In the case of various failures provoked by one or another external and internal factors, ovulation can occur much later, for example, a week before menstruation. The ovulatory period is characterized by the release of the egg from the follicle. Contrary to popular belief, there is no way out of this biological bag - it is simply torn. Since this is a trauma, there is a slight bleeding. Subsequently, the blood can be mixed with the natural secretion of the internal genital organs and go out in the form of pinkish mucus.
  2. Endometrial cleansing. After the onset of ovulation, the endometrium, that is, the upper layer of the mucous membrane of the uterus, begins to actively grow. If fertilization of the egg does not occur, the extra layers of the endometrium will be removed along with the vaginal secretions during menstruation. If there is a small amount of pinkish fluid on the pad or underwear, it is possible that the reason is that the uterus begins to prepare to get rid of excess endometrium. Because of this, it is reduced, which leads to the selection of ichor from the lower layers of the mucous membrane.
  3. Contraceptives. Pale pink discharge before menstruation can be triggered by prolonged use of vaginal contraceptives, such as the intrauterine device. It puts pressure on the cervix, which in some cases can damage the endometrium. The same applies to hormonal drugs, with which you can avoid unwanted pregnancy. Such tools directly affect the hormonal background of women. Hormonal imbalances are a rather severe pathology, provoking not only excretions, but also other disorders of the functionality of the reproductive system and the whole organism.
  4. Pregnancy. It is known that the fertilized egg after the “meeting” with the sperm cell is sent on a further “journey” along the uterus, since it needs to attach itself to the wall in its cavity. Implantation of the fetus is accompanied by damage to small vessels - this probability is quite high. A small amount of blood enters the natural discharge and is expelled as a light pink liquid or mucus.
  5. The threat of pregnancy failure. If brown mucus appears before menstruation, then this is a bad sign. As a rule, it is connected with the fact that the fertilized egg could not firmly consolidate on the wall of the uterus, as a result of which it began to separate or has already disappeared. This entails more severe damage to the mucous membranes, including blood vessels supplying the fetus, due to which the nature of the secreted mucus changes, especially in terms of color. With the appearance of brown secretions it is strongly recommended to contact a specialist who will conduct the necessary tests, diagnostic and research procedures.

Pathological causes

Unfortunately, not all secretions have a normal, physiological character. In some cases, they may indicate that there is a disease or pathological process in the body, and sometimes it can be very serious. It is important to remember that the neglect of their own health can lead to the fact that a woman loses the ability to continue the race. The inability to become a mother is a powerful psychological blow from which not everyone can recover.

To date, the following reasons are known that may cause pink discharge up to menstruation:

  • hormonal disruptions - especially the production of hormones directly affects the state of the vaginal microflora. Its change can provoke the pathological nature of secreted mucus or fluid,
  • polyps - they are characterized by rich pink and brownish discharge,
  • cervical erosion - a fairly common disease in which a dark substance can be released from the vagina,
  • infectious diseases - too thick and having a whitish pink color in most cases indicate the presence in the body of any infection that provoked the inflammatory process,
  • sexually transmitted infections - here you need to talk about pathogenic microorganisms that are localized not only directly into the vagina, but rather, in the uterus, but also other organs of the genitourinary system. The most common STIs include chlamydia, trichomoniasis, mycoplasmosis, and dysbacteriosis. With all the aforementioned illnesses, the discharge will have a thick consistency and a yellowish tint,
  • vaginal candidiasis - perhaps the most common disease of the reproductive system. It has a fungal origin, as it is caused by a pathogen from the Candide family. This disease is also called thrush. When it is released, the fluid gradually turns into curd deposits, the density increases significantly. An important sign of the presence of vaginal candidiasis is a sharp and unpleasant smell, provoked by the vital activity of fungal colonies,
  • endometriosis - discharge, having an unpleasant odor and pinkish color, is the main symptom of this disease. This ailment is characterized by a pathological proliferation of the upper layer of the endometrium of the uterus mucosa. The disease significantly increases the risk of pain during menstruation. At the same time, mucus can be released not only before critical days, but also after them,
  • A malignant tumor - cancer of the uterus, ovaries and other organs of the female reproductive system has many characteristic symptoms. One of the most pronounced is the appearance of a whitish pinkish or brown tint, the consistency of which resembles egg white. The mucous structure and the presence of blood clots increases the likelihood of an oncological process in the body.

If before the menstruation light pink discharge, do not ignore their appearance. Given the fact that they can talk about serious health problems, it is necessary to immediately visit a gynecologist and explain in detail the essence of the problem. Timely treatment of a particular pathology will not only preserve the reproductive function of a woman, but also her health and even life.

Causes of pink discharge before the start of the month

It is believed that the usual menstrual cycle consists of several stages of 28 days. In practice, this duration occurs in a rather small proportion of women (about 15%). Considering that the establishment of a cycle for each is different, a deviation from one specific digit is allowed. The normal can be perceived cycle of a monthly period of 21-35 days.If its duration is not included in this framework, ceteris paribus, this is direct evidence of a disruption in the normal activity of the body due to which the menstruation is delayed, and the menstrual cycle fails.

In healthy women, menstruation takes three to five days. At this time, the body naturally cleans itself - removes about 50 ml of a substance from the uterus through the vagina. This substance is usually referred to as vaginal discharge.

Before the beginning of menstruation, women may additionally have other secretions that may differ not only in the color of the discharge, but also have their own specific odor and intensity of discharge from the vagina. About what should be normal vaginal discharge, you can read in the article: white, green, yellow, brown discharge, black and pink discharge, the reasons for the selection of unhealthy color from the vagina, the causes of abnormal highlighted

Their presence is sometimes harmless to health, but often becomes a signal of the development of pathology. Therefore, it is necessary to analyze the nature of the discharge.

Highly unusual, too thick and / or more abundant secretions indicate progressive sexually transmitted infections or inflammatory processes in the genital area. This is an occasion to undergo an extraordinary gynecological examination in order to receive treatment in time and prevent the occurrence of serious complications.

So, the main causes of symptoms such as pink discharge a few days before menstruation (menstruation) can be called the following: the appearance of a hormonal failure in the female body, with the development of a dangerous infectious disease, most often due to the appearance of STDs, diseases that are transmitted sexually. In some cases, the reason for the appearance of pink discharge - this is non-compliance with the rules of personal hygiene. Also, the causes of pink discharge before menstruation include such problems and diseases as endometriosis, endometrial hyperplasia, the appearance of a tumor, the appearance of diseases of the hematological type, the appearance of an endometrial polyp.

Hormonal OK may be one of the reasons for the appearance of pink discharge, the appearance of dark pink or light pink discharge. When taking hormonal contraceptive methods, the appearance of discharge is not only pink, light red discharge up to menstruation, but also the appearance of brown scanty scarce discharge in the middle of the cycle. Also, the pink color of the discharge may appear not only due to the use of hormonal contraceptive pills, but also be a consequence of the use of the hormonal IUD (the hormonal IUD).

More dangerous causes of light pink or dark pink discharge are endometritis, consequences of abortion or very difficult childbirth, endocervicitis, vaginal inflammation, endometriosis (accompanied by abdominal pain, prolonged abundant vaginal discharge, which can be called bleeding) . Uterine fibroids by the nature of its manifestation may be accompanied by such a symptom as the appearance of pink discharge to menstruation without a cause. The reasons for the appearance before the beginning of the monthly discharge of pink color are diverse, one of the most dangerous of them is the development of cancer, the appearance of uterine cancer. Also useful may be the article: the causes of pink discharge instead of menstruation, why there are pink discharge instead of menstruation?

Pink discharge before menstruation - what do they mean, what do they indicate?

The appearance of pink discharge is not dangerous if it does not cause discomfort to the woman. Applying for a long time hormonal contraception has to deal with this situation quite often.

Hormonal background is rebuilt due to receiving a portion of hormones from the outside, and the body responds to changes with additional secretions.

When pink color can be considered normal?

A slight pink discharge, or a small pinkish discharge, may be one of the symptoms of ovulation, in which case such a pink discharge does not pose any danger. Appear scarce pink discharge in the period of ovulation due to the process of change in the hormonal background of the woman. Most often, pink discharge during ovulation appears a couple of weeks before menstruation, and this process occurs because part of the endometrium (mucous membrane) is rejected, which in turn is due to the high level of the hormone estrogen.

Pink discharge before menstruation and hormonal IUD (intrauterine device)

The girls who have installed the intrauterine device can also observe this phenomenon.

If pink vaginal discharge is in the middle of the cycle, especially - having a stable character, often a sign of the time of ovulation, the best period for planning the onset of pregnancy. The probability of fertilization of an egg during sexual contact with a man is during ovulation is highest. Vaginal discharge gives the woman a signal of readiness to conceive a new life.

Pink discharge after sexual intercourse

Sometimes the pink color of vaginal discharge appears after sexual intercourse, which is explained by the formation of microcracks during sexual intercourse. It is possible that the pink color of discharge after sexual intercourse may also be a consequence of the development of cervical erosion. Some gynecologists say that if there was a discharge of pink color after sex, then they may be the result of such problems with women's health as polyps and hyperplastic processes.

Pink discharge and pregnancy

Often women ask if there are pink secretions during pregnancy, whether pink secretions are dangerous during pregnancy, which can mean a pink discharge during pregnancy. Pink discharge occurs in the first months of pregnancy, however, not at all. The appearance of any discharge during pregnancy should be discussed with the doctor, especially if such discharge during pregnancy has an unpleasant smell or if there is a pink discharge from a pregnant woman along with pain in the lower abdomen.

The appearance of discharge, stained with pink color, before two days before menstruation, in particular, if they are supplemented by pain in the lumbar back or lower abdomen, indicates the likelihood of pathological abnormalities in the gynecology or infections. To exclude them or confirm, you should get expert advice.

You should not frivolously ignore secretions that are uncharacteristic to you, especially during pregnancy, and hope for normalization of the background after the onset of menstruation, as they often help to detect hormonal disturbances, diseases transmitted through the mucous membrane cells of the genital organs, or the resulting neglect of personal hygiene, endometrial pathology, hematological diseases, tumor processes.

There are cases in which the discharge of a pink color immediately follows the completion of intercourse. This happens when damage to the walls of the vagina in the form of cracks, bleeding under the force of mechanical effects of male genital organs.

Dark pink and brown discharge, what do they mean?

Brown discharge, with blood streaks or a foul odor, indicates a disease of endometriosis. It is characterized by the growth or thickening of the endometrium, which must be corrected with a course of hormonal treatment. In severe cases, it comes to resorting to surgical or laser intervention.

Offensive liquid pink discharge after menstruation signals endocervicitis and chronic endometritis. Their appearance increases the risk of infection in the genitals. Cheesy pink discharge supplemented by itching and sour odor are found in candidiasis (thrush).

Pink discharge and gynecological diseases, other types of discharge

Tumor diseases, benign neoplasms, polyps, disorders of the endocrine system together or separately also cause the appearance of pink secretions.

Brown discharge before the new menstrual cycle - a direct indication of the need for a pelvic examination, aimed at the exclusion of diseases of the sexual sphere. It may also be helpful article: what kind of discharge before the month can be considered as symptoms of the problem, gynecological disease.

Bloody-brown discharge is an indirect sign of growths in the uterus, endometrial hyperplasia and other diseases.

Painful sensations indicate a high likelihood of endometriosis.

Brown secretions are likely as a consequence of the use of hormonal drugs, fluctuations in hormonal levels due to unstable sex or as a result of gynecological operations.

The possibility of the presence of a fungal infection is signaled by a cheesy white discharge. They can be flaky, settle on the walls of the vagina and cover the external genitals, always have an unpleasant sour smell. Such discharge is characterized by manifestations of itching and severe burning, external inflammation.

Dark discharge occurs when using hormonal contraceptives that preclude pregnancy. This applies to both oral agents (in most cases identified) and spirals or vaginal rings.

The stable appearance of excessive secretions at the beginning of hormone intake in pills (up to three months) is recognized by doctors as normal. If after this discharge is detected again, you should resort to the help of a physician to find a replacement for the contraceptive used.

If the presence of dark blood secretions is confirmed by exposure to such a hormonal agent, the doctor prescribes a drug with a different dose of estrogen.

The yellow discharge that occurs before the menstrual cycle repeats is a signal of obvious dysbiosis of the vagina (for various reasons, including a side effect on the body of antibiotic treatment), or infections obtained through sexual contact. Chlamydia and mycoplasmosis are more common. You can read more about what a yellow discharge is in the article: the causes of yellow discharge from the vagina, what the yellow discharge indicates, which may indicate what symptoms of diseases can be.

Spotting pink interspersed before menstruation

Mucous discharge interspersed with blood before the onset of menstruation is a sign of erosive damage to the integrity of the cervix or cancer.

Self-treatment or ignoring the signals received from the body can have unpredictable consequences, aggravating the causes of secretions that are not characteristic of a healthy female body. In order to establish the diagnosis and receive adequate treatment, with the first or repeated appearance of the above discharge, it is necessary to urgently and unconditionally visit the gynecologist. Read more about brown secretions, dark brown or light brown bloody secretions can be found in the article: light brown vaginal discharge - the reasons when brown discharge, dark brown daub from the vagina can be considered symptoms of the disease, why there is abundant discharge.

Related records

Hello. My husband and I have been actively trying to get pregnant for three months now. In this cycle, I had a feeling that everything worked out - my chest was full and I started to rock a little in transport. But the menstruation began yesterday, although they are a little different than usual - pink and very scarce, smearing. I do not feel any discomfort, the stomach does not hurt. Is this all, there is no hope for pregnancy?

Hello. Without inspection and analysis it is very difficult to assume something. However, in some women in the first months of pregnancy, instead of menstruation, there is a pink spotting, which means implantation of a fertilized egg into the uterine wall. Therefore, these symptoms may well indicate the occurrence of pregnancy. Most doctors consider this phenomenon a variant of the norm, which does not pose any danger to the child. It is possible to confirm the onset of pregnancy with the help of an analysis on the level of the hormone HCG, which it is desirable to donate over time to make sure that the fetus is developing properly. If the pregnancy is confirmed, and the discharge does not stop or increases, then it will be necessary to urgently seek the help of a gynecologist - it is quite likely that a threatened miscarriage will appear and must be prevented.

Good day. I have always had an irregular cycle, from 25 to 34 days, but today 45 days have already passed since the first day of the last menstrual periods. Pregnancy is excluded. A month ago, I did an ultrasound of the pelvic organs - no pathologies were found. Two days ago, she was examined by a gynecologist, everything was fine. Sent for a blood test for hormones, today received the results - all the hormones are within normal limits, except for progesterone - the indicators are lower than they should be. Yesterday, incomprehensible pink spotting began, it was already thought that this period had finally begun, but they were very scarce and did not become more intense. Tell me, what could it be? I will go to the doctor only tomorrow.

Hello. Based on your symptoms and test results, you can assume a hormonal failure. It is the lack of progesterone that can cause bloody pink discharge during menstruation. The hormone level is not enough for the endometrium to begin to completely peel off. In this case, menstruation can be called with the help of progesterone drugs in the form of tablets or intramuscular injections, against the background of which menstruation begins. Assign a specific drug and determine the duration of its reception can only your doctor.

Hello. In this monthly cycle, I have a hormonal uterine coil installed to prevent unwanted pregnancy. Monthly after that came according to plan, but their character has changed - they have become pink. I do not remember that the gynecologist warned me about this, could it be a variant of the norm, or should I make an appointment to see a doctor?

Hello. Use as a contraceptive hormonal coil often leads to a change in the nature of the menstrual flow and their pink color does not indicate the presence of pathologies. Watch your condition, if the discharge becomes very intense or uterine bleeding begins, you will need to contact a medical institution as soon as possible.

Tell me, what can be associated with pink discharge during menstruation? I always had a cycle of jumping, and lately the color of the menstrual flow has also changed. On examination at the gynecologist was in the last month and on the ultrasound, too - no pathologies were found.

If your gynecology is normal, I can advise you to consult an endocrinologist and pass the necessary tests. Similar symptoms sometimes indicate a thyroid problem.

Hello. In this cycle, on the advice of a gynecologist, I began to take birth control pills to protect against unwanted pregnancy. Menstruation began yesterday, during a seven-day break, but they are not the same as usual - the color is rosy and very scarce. What can this mean?

Hello. Reception of oral contraceptives affects hormones, which in some cases affects the nature of the discharge, their color becomes pink or brown. If your overall well-being is good, then do not worry. If the pink discharge is accompanied by severe pain in the lower abdomen, then I advise you to contact your doctor to choose another method of protection from unwanted pregnancy.

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