Sex after menstruation


Sex after menstruation in the first three days is considered to be the minimum safe. And yet there are times when a woman can become pregnant during this period. It depends only on the physiology of the female body.

The menstrual cycle of any female body has four phases. The longest is the follicular, with a duration of two weeks, during which the follicle containing the egg cell matures. The latter is waiting for the appearance of sperm, this period falls on the 12-17 day. It is at this time that the onset of pregnancy is most likely.

The uterus is ready to shelter a fertilized egg, but if fertilization has not taken place, menstruation begins. This is the last phase when the uterus is cleansed and the egg leaves the female body.

Immediately after menstruation, the hormonal background in the body is changed to the side unfavorable to the onset of pregnancy. This situation continues for several days after menstruation. Therefore, in this period, sex is safe: there will be no conception.

However, one has to keep in mind this fact: spermatozoa are very viable, and can survive in the female body for up to 5 days, because there is a humid environment suitable for their vital activity. When the egg comes out of the follicle, they will fertilize it and become pregnant.

Sexual relations in a woman’s life

Every girl should know that after the establishment of menstruation in her life begins the childbearing period, which will last until menopause.

Sex after menstruation during the reproductive period, a woman is necessary, it performs the following functions:

  • stabilizes her psychological state
  • regulates sufficient hormone production and ensures normal hormonal balance,
  • responsible for the external beauty and biological health of the body,
  • gives the opportunity to become a mother.

If the health of partners is good, physical closeness is acceptable at any time of the menstrual cycle. There are three periods, which are characterized by their features:

  • Sexual contact before menstruation. Practically safe, since the risk of unwanted pregnancy is negligible. Although according to the menstruation schedule, the woman must calculate the day of ovulation, thereby securing herself additionally. With the approach of ovulation, she has a strong desire for intimacy with a man, and there is a discharge from the vagina of abundant nature, her breasts increase in volume, and there is heaviness in the lower abdomen.
  • Sexual contact during critical days. It is not forbidden, but on the contrary, helps to relieve painful contractions of the uterus, which lead to rapid detachment and exit of the endometrium. However, experts do not recommend sex with a partner for the reason that an open wound is formed in the uterus during this period, and infection is possible. You can eliminate such effects using a condom.

  • Sexual contact after menstruation. It is possible with good health sexual partners, does not threaten and does not bear discomfort. The pain that accompanied the monthly passes, the body begins a new phase. Recommended healthy lifestyle, including a balanced diet, exercise, proper rest and a normal intimate life. The use of contraceptives is recommended during this period. If pregnancy is planned, they should be canceled.

Knowing the features of having sex in each period of the menstrual cycle and observing the necessary caution, the partner can be calm in her health. The slightest deviations from the norm are the reason for going to the doctor.

Exceptions to the rules

The chances of fertilization of the egg and its ability to take root in the uterus during ovulation are 30/100%. The percentage of getting pregnant during the safe period is 1/100%. Those women who are not planning a pregnancy should keep this in mind. Let the little one, but the risk of getting pregnant still remains.

Here are some exceptions to the rules that you need to know:

  • One possible percentage is due to the individual hormonal features of the body of those women who still have problems with a fully established menstrual cycle. They have an unstable moment of ovulation and can move, respectively, safe days for sex are also shifted. And this happens every time in different ways: with the displacement of up to 7 days. And in this case there is a chance to get pregnant in the period immediately after menstruation.
  • It increases the chances of getting pregnant during this period and the menstrual cycle is too short. All calculations for the phases of the menstrual cycle are based on 28-29 days, but in some cases this cycle can go up to 21 days. Here they immediately after menstruation, the egg can fertilize.
  • The possibility of becoming pregnant after menstruation is also influenced by the strong sexual attraction of both partners, when sexual contact can be very passionate.

Women who are planning to have sex after menstruation should keep these exceptions in mind.

Pregnancy - the result of hormonal failure

When there is a hormonal jump in the body, as a rule, this is followed by a failure of the menstrual cycle.

Such a hormonal surge may be due to the following reasons:

  • start taking new drugs,
  • the onset of some disease
  • poor nutrition,
  • excessive exercise
  • state of severe stress.

The last point includes pleasant excitement. One of these could be, for example, vacation at sea. Pleasant impressions of the sun, sea air, numerous entertainments provoke a failure, and sex immediately after menstruation, which may come out of time, will end in pregnancy.

Therefore, you need to know about such features of the female body, and take additional precautions.

Rare anomaly

Another case where you can get pregnant during sex after menstruation is such an anomaly in the female body as the maturation of two eggs in one month's cycle. This phenomenon is called spontaneous ovulation. In this case, the partner may become pregnant during sex during menstruation.

Such cases are explained only by genetics. Therefore, if such facts happened in the family, then the woman should be careful and remember about a possible unplanned pregnancy.

If a woman desires to reliably exclude such cases, one should not nervously count the days, but use the means of protection that are now sufficient.

Rules of sex after menstruation

If you want to have sex after menstruation, you must follow these rules. They will allow you to secure the process and bring maximum pleasure to both partners.

WITHAmong these rules are the following:

  • protection against unwanted pregnancy should always be respected, do not hope that 3 days after menstruation are considered safe in this regard,
  • The most successful protection will be the use of a condom, which will also help to avoid accidental inflammation of the reproductive female organs. But other means (gels, pills) will not protect against infection, which can get on the mucous membrane of the uterus, which has not recovered even after menstruation (especially for women who often change sexual partners). In addition, a man can finish without fear that his partner becomes pregnant,

  • the selection of a condom must be approached responsibly: it is better not to use flavored, with different cuts and serifs, since they will traumatize the still weak mucous membrane of the uterus,
  • It is also necessary to exclude anal sex, as the E. coli contained in the anus can get into the vagina, and thus provoke an inflammatory process.

These simple precautions explain whether you can have sex after menstruation, and following them will help protect the female body from unwanted consequences.