Can I do back massage during menstruation?


Women love to relax with a massage. Also popular procedures, relieving cellulite, resulting in the body in tone. But some of the weaker sex do not know whether to do a massage during menstruation. Indeed, during the period of bleeding, hormonal alteration of the organism occurs, the psychological state changes. In some women, the daily regimen is completely disturbed; they may feel bad. Let's try to figure out whether it is possible to do a massage during menstruation and what are the consequences of the procedure.

Relaxing treatment: standard massage

Is it allowed to do back massage during menstruation? If you go to the gynecologist with this question, you will surely get a negative answer. Why not massage during menstruation? Doctors believe that the back, abdomen and buttocks are dangerous places for massaging when bleeding. During the manipulation, the blood rushes to the treated area, the vessels expand, the load on the body increases. Even a relaxing massage for women can backfire. The blood accumulated in the pelvic region stagnates, the uterus becomes full, pain appears. All this can not only worsen the state of health, but also lead to inflammation or the development of gynecological pathologies.

There is an opposite opinion. Some gynecologists claim that with a woman’s well-being, manipulation is possible. If you have not previously had menstrual pain, hormonal disruptions and gynecological diseases, then feel free to spend a relaxing back massage. But it is imperative to monitor your well-being during the manipulation and after it.

Anti-cellulite massage for women

Is it possible to do massage during menstruation, if it is aimed at combating cellulite and overweight? Doctors have a mixed opinion about this. Some doctors prohibit such procedures. After all, anti-cellulite massage is quite painful. It increases blood circulation, warms the body. In addition, you may be offered wraps and processing vacuum devices. All this is quite dangerous, because the manipulation leads to bleeding.

Doctors who know a little about massage will tell you that carrying out anti-cellulite procedures during menstruation will not work. The fact is that with monthly increases the amount of fluid. Many of the weaker women say swelling of the legs, arms, face. Holding anti-cellulite massage will not give any effect in this case. Indeed, after the end of the bleeding, excess fluid will leave your body on its own. You just spend money and strength in vain.


Chinese healers have developed separate systems of exposure to the body, helping to relax and cope with pain. Can I do a massage during menstruation? Manipulations affecting the biologically active points of your body will lead to relaxation and pain relief. It is important to conduct a relaxing or anesthetic procedure yourself. After all, only you can, like anyone else, listen carefully to your feelings.

Such biologically active points are located in several places. Chinese sources report the location of the abdominal area (three fingers below the umbilical ring). Also, the point is located in the ankle area. Gently press on the specified area 3-6 times. Watch your feelings.

Safe massages

What kind of massage for women during the bleeding period is considered safe? Experts allow a relaxing treatment of the neck, head, feet, hands. All these manipulations will help to reduce pain, to abandon their problems and experiences, to normalize breathing and the nervous system.

Self-massage will be safe. For its implementation, you can use the tools at hand, such as tennis balls. Put them under your lower back and start making circular motions. This exercise will relieve the spinal region and relieve pain. How to deal with the abdominal area? Can I do a massage during menstruation? Light strokes are permissible here. The resulting heat will relax the muscular organ, improve blood flow. Manipulation helps normalize sleep and improve emotional state.


Let's summarize a little. When can I have a massage during bleeding? Here are the basic conditions that allow the manipulation:

  • woman’s normal well-being and absence of pain,
  • exclusion of the inflammatory process and diseases of the circulatory system,
  • self effects on the body
  • safe area processing.

If during the massage you feel worse, then you need to stop manipulation until your period ends. Even banal dizziness should alert you. Remember that before carrying out any massage should consult with a doctor. Good luck!

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I did massage, really from osteochondrosis. Come today for a massage, explain your complaints and the masseuse will tell you whether or not you can.

Any normal massage therapist will refuse you a massage if he finds out your period. No, you can not go to the monthly massage. Absolutely contraindicated.

It may be a coincidence, but after massages of the lower back and the coccygeal area, inflammation of the appendages began

In no case! During the massage, the pelvic muscles relax! So they become vulnerable to events from the outside !! 1 Bacteria, microbes! Why do you need bacteria there.

Any normal massage therapist will refuse you a massage if he finds out your period. No, you can not go to the monthly massage. Absolutely contraindicated.

Look at your well-being, but in general check with your doctor. Well, it depends on which zone to massage. Maybe the tailbone does not lean, and you can massage the neck and shoulders without problems.

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I go for a therapeutic back massage, in fact from the tailbone to the neck, it lasts about 20 minutes and is a bit sick. Today, too, we must go, but I have sharp pains in my stomach, as if my period will begin soon. By the time it should. Does it hurt if I go for a massage? And in general, during menstruation, you can do a back massage?

Nonsense. If there is no impact on this area, then you can. You just need to keep in mind that massage increases blood flow, especially if it is also warming. Bleeding and pain may increase. But it is individual. You just need to warn and watch yourself so that it does not become worse. But there is no direct contraindication.

I did, but only when the monthly period was already ending, literally the last two days were hooked. Everything's Alright

During menstruation, you can not do a massage in the lumbar region and abdomen because it increases bleeding. In general, it is possible to do massage on the rest of the sites.

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What zones can be massaged

Let us say right away which parts of the body can be massaged during menstruation and not worry about the harm to health. There are several:

  • The collar area of ​​the back.
  • Forearm and shoulders.
  • Head, face and neck.
  • Shin and foot.

The abdomen, back, hips and waist can not be massaged, because the action will increase the bleeding. Because of the blood flow to the uterus in a woman, the pain will increase, and she will not get any pleasure and benefit from the procedure. The taboo is applied to the warming types of massage - honey and cans. Exciting procedures are banned - tantric and erotic.

And yet, with some limitations, massage helps to endure menstrual pain more easily. Point, made according to the Shiatsu technique, with the correct effect effectively relieves pain. To do this, just massage the point remote from the navel at a distance of three fingers (below). To eliminate its acute pain, it is recommended to massage it for 5 minutes.

Analgesic massage during menstruation can be done in a different way. On the inner side of the ankle impose a palm so that the little finger lay at the base. The location of the index finger coincides with the point of impact. This zone is massaged with your thumb for 6 seconds. The manipulation is resumed every 2 minutes so that the total time is 25 minutes.

Technique Guasha is shown in some gynecological diseases. Massage improves blood circulation and lymphatic drainage in the pelvis. Procedures can be performed to prevent adhesive processes and stagnation.

Massaging the feet relaxes muscle tissue, helps to relieve swelling and speeds up metabolic processes. To knead the legs is useful in different phases of the cycle.

Large blood vessels are concentrated in the ankle area. Ankle massage during menstruation is beneficial in that there is an outflow of blood from the uterus. This eases painful cramps.

Anti-cellulite massage: is it possible to do in the days of menstruation

A popular way to get rid of the "orange peel" on the body is an anti-cellulite massage, but if you are going to do it when you have menstruation, you should check with your cosmetologist in advance.

The opinion of doctors in this matter is ambiguous. One category of doctors prohibits doing such a massage on critical days, since it warms up the body and increases blood circulation. Often, vacuum devices are used to combat cellulite and wrap problem areas. It is dangerous for the female body in the days of menstruation with heavy bleeding.

Other doctors consider anti-cellulite procedures ineffective if they are performed during menstruation. At this time, a lot of fluid is collected in the body. Women themselves observe this phenomenon in the form of swelling of the face and limbs. Anti-cellulite massage during menstruation will be useless. Time and money will be wasted.

The third group of specialists allows to carry out anti-cellulite procedures on any fatty area, except the hip area. In the zone of the abdomen and lower back, the procedure is allowed to be done only 3 days after the end of menstruation. In the presence of pathologies in the gynecological field, the benefits and harms of the massage should be discussed with your doctor.

The benefits of anti-cellulite massage: improves lymphatic drainage and the condition of the skin in the problem area, enhances blood circulation. In order not to interrupt treatment, on critical days the intensity of pressure on the treated areas of the body is reduced. With heavy bleeding, manipulation is canceled.

Back massage and menstruation

If you ask your gynecologist if you can do a back massage during your period, most likely, he will refuse to give you this pleasure. The fact is that standard massage dilates blood vessels and accelerates blood, which increases the load on the body.

Relaxing massages can also cause harm, since the uterus is filled with stagnant blood and pain occurs. These processes worsen state of health and create prerequisites for the development of diseases.

However, some gynecologists allow you to do a relaxing massage during menstruation, if:

  1. In the hormonal system order.
  2. Menstruation is painless.
  3. A history of gynecological diseases.

If symptoms of PMS are present, back massage is performed in the lower part of the region, where the vessels of the pelvic organs lie. A woman lies on her stomach, and a specialist with a hand gathered into a fist massages her back with light circular movements. The treatment is subject to the Michaelis diamond zone.

The first session takes 5 minutes. Then the approaches are repeated twice with an interval of 10 minutes. Regular massages in the designated area reduce pain and irritability. In another way, back massage during menstruation can not be done.

Self-massage during menstruation is done with the use of oil or cream. Light gliding movements exert minimal pressure on the body. To perform a circular motion in the abdomen using a pair of tennis balls placed in their socks.


During menstrual bleeding, it is undesirable to bring muscles in tone and stimulate blood flow to the pelvis. Any menstruation massage has contraindications that a woman should be aware of.

These are blood diseases and infectious-inflammatory pathologies in the pelvic organs, arterial hypertension and cancer, unreasonable uterine bleeding and diseases of the cardiovascular system.

The number of contraindications massage complement:

  • ORZ.
  • Hyperthermia.
  • Mental illness.
  • Skin manifestations of allergies.
  • Digestive disorders.
  • Exacerbation of chronic disease.

Danger of the procedure

During menstruation, the inner layer of the uterus is rejected and blood discharge occurs. During this period, hormonal disruption occurs in the female body, often accompanied by changes in mood and deterioration of well-being.

All this can knock out the usual rhythm of life, especially if there are unbearable pain and heavy bleeding. If you do a massage during menstruation, you can face unpleasant consequences:

  • deterioration of well-being, migraines,
  • the occurrence of unpleasant pain in the lower abdomen,
  • increased bleeding,
  • decrease in hemoglobin and general weakness, dizziness,
  • loss of consciousness and possible syncope,
  • fever and inflammation.

Doctors strongly recommend planning the course of procedures before menstruation and after it, so as not to cause irreparable harm to health.

Types of prohibited manipulations

Massage treatments are of several types - relaxing, anti-cellulite, sports and therapeutic. On the question of whether it is possible to do a back massage during menstruation, experts give a negative answer. And it is also not recommended to affect other areas of the body:

The ban is due to the fact that during the procedure, these places warm up, the vessels expand and the blood flow to them increases. On a weakened body is an additional burden. There are stagnation in the pelvis, they create pressure on the uterus, because of which the pain increases dramatically. This is fraught with inflammation and even the development of serious gynecological pathologies.

There is one more very important aspect of massage - relaxation. Without it, the procedure would not be as effective. But hardly anyone can plunge into relaxation, thinking about all sorts of consequences.

There is a reverse opinion. Some doctors believe that if a woman feels good, the bleeding is not abundant, she has no pain and she does not suffer from gynecological diseases, then the procedure can be carried out. The main thing - to control the state. If the state of health has changed for the worse, the manipulations must be stopped.

If it so happened that the critical days were taken by surprise, and you do not want to interrupt the course, you must inform the therapist about the special situation. A good specialist will adjust the intensity of exposure or will postpone the procedure to another day.

Cellulite Reduction

Cellulite (orange peel) is a serious problem that occurs in many of the fair sex. But not many people know whether it is possible to do anti-cellulite massage during menstruation. This procedure includes effects in the form of vibrations, pressure, grinding. Many salons offer canned, vacuum and honey massage, as well as various wraps.

All these actions are often painful and unpleasant.. They heat the body and increase the flow of blood to the massaged areas, which can increase bleeding and provoke the appearance of pain in the abdomen. Doctors do not recommend performing such a procedure on critical days.

In addition, any experienced specialist knows that during menstruation the body fluid is retained, and women note all sorts of edema (arms, legs, face). In this situation, anti-cellulite and lymphatic drainage massage will be ineffective, and time and money will be wasted. At the end of the month all by itself will come back to normal.

Analgesic action

Representatives of alternative Chinese medicine believe that by acting on the biologically active points of our body, you can relieve pain, which is especially important for women during menstruation. There are such places in the midline of the abdomen (three fingers below the navel) and in the ankle area.

Such an impact for the first time should be done by a specialist.. He will explain and clearly show how to perform acupressure, so as not to harm the body. He should be trained to begin two weeks before the onset of menstruation.

Chinese acupressure is popular because it can be performed independently at home and relieve unexpected pain. Press on the desired point with your thumb for 5 seconds, then take a minute break. Repeat 4-6 times.

Able to relieve pain and massage by rubbing the ankle area. This is explained scientifically and tested on many women. Blood flow to this area increases, and outflow from the small pelvis occurs. If you do such manipulations all the time, you can improve the endocrine system.

During menstruation, the female body experiences hormonal changes. Any manipulations in the abdomen, lower back and small pelvis are not recommended. However, there are some types of massage, which not only help to improve the mood, but also relieve pain in the abdomen. By following certain recommendations, you can avoid unpleasant consequences in the future.

Anti-cellulite massage

Any woman is interested in her figure, prepares for beach rest in advance. At the same time, many people are concerned about the safety of anti-cellulite massage during the period of the menstrual cycle.

Some specialists do not prohibit this type of massage. However, there is no reason to spend it during menstruation. The excess fluid and the associated swelling will disappear on their own as soon as the menstrual cycle ends. In this case, there will be a simple loss of time and money.

The positive side of the massage events during menstruation

Despite the numerous prohibitions of massage during the menstrual cycle, it can bring undoubted benefits.

  1. Using massage, you can reduce the pain associated with menstruation.
  2. The undoubted benefit is the holding of acupressure. When it is performed, pain is noticeably reduced.
  3. According to Shiatsu’s massage technique, massaging the area below the navel at a distance of three fingers can significantly reduce pain. The popularity of this Japanese massage technique needs no introduction. If the pain is acute, it is enough to act on this point for 5 minutes and the result will not take long. The woman will feel much better, since the pain sensations will noticeably decrease.
  4. You can act on another point. Its location is the ankle area. The palm is placed on its inner side so that the little finger is located at its very base. It is necessary to press into place under the index finger. The exposure lasts 6 seconds for every two minutes. The total duration of the massage should be at least 25 minutes. Even in the event that it is not possible to accurately determine the required point, you just need to massage the ankle and the pain will begin to subside. The fact is that this place is the location of large blood vessels.

Self-massage during menstruation

Often, making a massage yourself, a woman can achieve very good results. It is not only possible, but necessary, to massage yourself. The fact is that a woman is better than any massage therapist is able to feel those points, the impact on which is simply necessary, which will be very effective.

Massage can be done in various ways:

  1. The hands are on the area of ​​the uterus and make circular motions. They move clockwise. Before holding a massage requires warming up of hands.
  2. In the sock fit tennis balls in the amount of two pieces. The woman lies on her back, and the balls are on both sides of the waist. At first they simply lie on them, then they make movements with their backs up and down. It turns out that the body slides on the balls.
  3. Starting position - sitting on your lap. In this case, the woman massages the outer side of the thigh. Moves stroking and pinching the thigh slightly.
  4. Foot massage will relieve general fatigue.

The main condition for any massage activities is complete relaxation. Only in this case, you can achieve the maximum effect. If this is not achieved, then even an ordinary foot massage on critical days can cause an increase in pain.

FACT! In the implementation of the massage and the decision on the feasibility and the possibility of its implementation, the individual characteristics of the body of each woman taken individually are of great importance.

Opinion of doctors who are against massage during menstruation

There are opinions that massage activities are contraindicated at the onset of critical days. Supporters of such allegations believe that massage during menstruation can lead to undesirable consequences. They can be reduced to the following positions:

  • The danger associated with the possibility of severe bleeding.
  • Unbearable pains may appear in the lower abdomen.
  • Overall health may deteriorate.
  • Hemoglobin may decrease.
  • Perhaps the appearance of weakness, the occurrence of fainting to the point of loss of consciousness.
  • May increase body temperature.
  • Often there is the addition of inflammatory manifestations.

General rules for massages

If the massage is organized and carried out correctly, then it will not bring harm to a woman on critical days, and it is quite possible to achieve relief. Therefore, when conducting a massage during this period, it is necessary to adhere to certain rules:

  • At first, all movements are warming and gentle.
  • The skin in the initial stages must be ironed and heated.
  • When the skin is warm, it can be patted.
  • Over time, the intensity of movement increases.
  • The strength of the massage movements should be related to the state and well-being of the woman.
  • Perhaps the use of massage oil or cream.
  • You can not make sudden movements. It can only harm.

If you spend a relaxing massage of the uterus in the morning and evening - this will help to reduce pain by eliminating spasms. Effective is the use of ancient Chinese massage technique Gouache. It helps to normalize the menstrual cycle. With her, you can solve a number of other women's problems. His planning falls in the middle of the cycle, since it involves 5-10 procedures.

Massage should be avoided for women whose menstrual cycle is accompanied by severe pain and abundant hemorrhage.

What types of massage can be done during menstruation

During menstruation, doctors advise to avoid physical exertion. Massage for menstruation is no exception. Relaxing treatments may not always be helpful. It's all about the features of the female body. The response to treatments and effects on the body is different, especially on critical days when the emotional and physical condition changes dramatically. As a rule, the woman's well-being deteriorates. This is due to the violation of hormonal background and the appearance of typical symptoms: discomfort, pain in the abdomen, weakness, irritability.

Massage is acceptable, but for perfectly healthy women who have not had hormonal disruptions, menstrual pain, gynecological diseases. This is a great rarity, since 70% of women experience discomfort during menstruation. The effects of procedures on such conditions can negatively affect the body. It is better to postpone treatment sessions and not risk it.

Massaging techniques, the duration of the procedures and the treatment area on critical days are determined individually. During menstruation it is not recommended to do lymphatic drainage and anti-cellulite massages that enhance blood circulation. With heavy bleeding undesirable massaging of the back and waist. The areas allowed for exposure include body parts that are distant from the abdomen:

  • face,
  • head,
  • shoulders (forearms),
  • feet,
  • neck area
  • Hands.

Properly chosen technique and professionally performed manipulations will relieve a woman of pain and discomfort inherent in the menstrual period. A good massage relieves fatigue, relaxes muscles and improves emotional state.

A positive result is possible only with the participation of an experienced specialist. During menstruation, intense exposure is unacceptable. To safe ways include kneading parts of the body, stroking, light tingling, rubbing, elements of acupressure. Movement should be smooth, soft, gentle.

Which area should not be massaged and why

Any massage is done in order to alleviate the condition and relieve pain syndromes, but this does not occur during menstruation. Moreover, massage during menstruation can harm the body. Most often this is due to the use of unacceptable technology and exposure to sensitive areas.

Stomach during menstruation can not be massaged. Even light relaxing movements in the abdomen cause unpleasant painful consequences. During intensive manipulations, blood accumulates in the pelvic region and stagnates. Overfilling of the uterus causes pain and provokes inflammatory processes.

In addition to the abdomen, back and lumbar, it is not recommended to disturb the hips, the tailbone and the buttocks. When exposed to vulnerable parts of the body, blood rushes to the treated surface. Expansion of blood vessels increases the load on the organs, and this can cause serious uterine bleeding and other pathological changes.

Should I warn the masseur about critical days

If you have been looking for and have finally found a good masseur, the procedure can not be canceled, but when you visit, be sure to warn about your condition. A competent specialist knows how to behave in such situations and properly act on the body.

In order to avoid complications, the wellness program should be adjusted. Most likely, you will have to abandon a number of cosmetic procedures and anti-cellulite massage during menstruation. The prohibited effects during this period include warming canned and honey massages, the use of vacuum devices.

The forewarned specialist will talk about the risks, adjust the timing and technique, select a gentle massage option during the menstrual period and do everything possible so that the procedure delivers the desired effect and pleasure.

What can threaten intense massage during menstruation

The result of massage therapy during menstruation may be different. Much depends on the intensity of the impact on the body. Incorrect technology and the processing of restricted areas can provoke the following pathologies:

  • increased pain in the lower abdomen,
  • fainting
  • weakness,
  • fever,
  • exacerbation and development of gynecological diseases.

Massage on critical days can cause increased bleeding. Abundant discharge causes deterioration, disability, emotional disorders, may result in hospitalization.

Massage during menstruation can be done, but not safe. Most doctors recommend refraining from treatment sessions, explaining that this is an organism’s vulnerability during menstruation and serious complications after the procedures.

If there is no possibility and desire to cancel the visit, warn of menstruation. During the procedure, watch your feelings. For any sign of deterioration, the session should be terminated.

Anti-cellulite massage during menstruation: whether to hold

During menstruation, hormonal changes in the female body, which affects the state of health and mood. Therefore, gynecologists do not recommend anti-cellulite massage during menstruation.

On critical days, blood flow increases in the pelvic area. Anti-cellulite massage enhances blood circulation, dilates blood vessels in the hips, abdomen and buttocks. The movements of the massage therapist have an intense effect on the subcutaneous fatty tissue. Therefore, massage can cause excessive bleeding and the development of complications that threaten the health of women.

Anti-cellulite massage during menstruation can lead to:

  • Loss of consciousness
  • A sharp decrease in blood pressure (blood pressure),
  • Reducing the amount of hemoglobin in the blood,
  • Lengthening the menstrual cycle and duration of bleeding,
  • Spasmodic pains in the lower abdomen,
  • The development of inflammation of the pelvic organs.

The ban is imposed on massaging the buttocks, abdomen, waist and sides during menstruation. You will have to give up not only the anti-cellulite session, but also:

  • Visits to the sauna or bath, massaging with a broom,
  • Wrapping (hot and cold),
  • Anti-cellulite hydromassage and Charcot's douche,
  • Bathing
  • Ultrasound cavitation procedures,
  • Lymphatic drainage effects
  • Applications of vacuum cans and vibrating devices.

For the period of menstruation, any effect on the abdomen and hips is better to postpone until the end of the bleeding.

When to resume sessions

It is not always possible to easily give up salon treatments or transfer them to another time. To obtain a therapeutic effect, a woman will need at least ten salon visits. The recommended frequency of procedures is twice a week. Accordingly, the full course will take at least one and a half months. During this time, a woman has at least once critical days. In this case, the question arises whether to postpone the anti-cellulite massage until the end of bleeding, or it is better to continue the course.

It all depends on the individual characteristics of the patient. In some women, menstruation is accompanied by copious discharge of blood, severe pain, deterioration of general well-being. But others do not notice the critical days. If a woman feels well during this period, it is recommended to postpone only the session falling on the 1-2 day of the cycle. If it is 4-6 days of menstruation, and the state of health has not deteriorated, anti-cellulite massaging can be performed.

If a woman decided to carry out anti-cellulite massage during menstruation, she should warn the masseur about it. Then the specialist will eliminate the intense impact on the "dangerous" areas - the abdomen, thighs and lower back.

It is recommended to transfer the anti-cellulite massage session to a week for women, if you have the following symptoms:

  • Excessive bleeding, accompanied by unbearable pain,
  • Hot flashes or migraines,
  • Inflammatory diseases of the genitourinary system and pelvic organs - cystitis, vaginitis, inflammation of the fallopian tubes, vagina or cervix,
  • Diagnosed endometriosis, adenomyosis or myoma,
  • Horse racing during menstruation,
  • Tendency to swelling,
  • Impaired digestion, flatulence,
  • Menstrual disorders,
  • Mood swings, loss of consciousness, deterioration of general well-being.

In the presence of gynecological diseases, anti-cellulite manipulations should be coordinated with your gynecologist, regardless of the phase of the menstrual cycle. Otherwise, the procedure can lead to the development of complications and harm to health.

It is recommended to postpone a massage session even if the bleeding is delayed if pregnancy is suspected. You should test or donate blood for hCG to rule out pregnancy. Future mother anti-cellulite massaging is contraindicated in all trimesters of pregnancy.

Home procedures

Rules for performing home anti-cellulite procedures are similar to salon massage. To abandon them will have in the first three days of menstruation. On the 4-5 day, if the state of health is normal, it is allowed to gently massage the hips and buttocks. It is recommended to refuse a massage of the abdomen and lower back for 7-9 days. During the week, visiting the bath, taking baths and canned massage is prohibited.

But completely abandon anti-cellulite procedures are not worth it. On critical days, it is allowed to treat problem areas with anti-cellulite scrubs, lotions and creams. They are applied in soft circular motions along the massage lines.

Types of massage that do not harm

There are types of massage that can be performed during menstruation. This is a relaxing massage to the neck, feet, hands and head. Such manipulations help to reduce pain, forget about problems, relieve stress, restore breathing and normalize the work of the central nervous system (central nervous system).

Anti-cellulite self-massage with the use of tennis balls is also allowed. They should be placed under the loin and gently massage in a circle. Such an effect helps to relieve the spinal column and reduces pain.

For lower abdominal pain, soft strokes are permitted. Warming movement will relieve muscle spasm, normalize blood flow. Easy self-massage helps to fall asleep and relieve nervous tension. Повысить эффективность домашнего самомассажа можно с помощью эфирных масел фенхеля, мелиссы, лаванды, грейпфрута, герани или корицы. Их добавляют в крем для тела или массажное масло.

Антицеллюлитный массаж – результативный способ борьбы с «апельсиновой коркой». Однако во время месячных сеансы массажа лучше отменить. Massaging is permitted with well-being, absence of pain, exclusion of infectious and inflammatory diseases of the urogenital system, refusal from massaging of “dangerous” areas (abdomen, waist).

If after a session the woman's state of health worsens, you should refuse to massage until the end of menstruation. A dangerous symptom is dizziness or nausea. And before the course of anti-cellulite massage should visit the gynecologist.

Pros and cons of monthly massage

Among the arguments against the conduct of a massage cycle during menstruation are possible side effects of the procedure:

  • the appearance of cutting pains in the lower abdomen,
  • decrease in hemoglobin on the background of excessively intense discharge,
  • deterioration of general well-being, feeling of weakness, possible fainting,
  • increased bleeding due to the fact that the blood rush to the uterus is too intense.

The psychological factor can also be an unpleasant moment - not every woman who came to the therapist on critical days can fully relax during the procedure. Thoughts about the likelihood of a sticking thread from a tampon or speck leaked onto the couch will not allow you to feel the proper effect of the process.

However, the procedure for menstruation may have positive aspects. For example, if you massage the ankles, feet or neck area, you can get a great relaxing effect and even reduce menstrual cramps.

Useful for menstruation is acupressure (Japanese Shiatsu technique). Its essence is in the 20-25-minute pressure with the thumb on the biologically active points on the body: the first is located three fingers below the navel, the second - on the inside of the ankle. This technique stimulates the body, relaxes the muscles, relieving pain and tension.

Features of massage during the menstrual period

Only a doctor, relying on a woman's state of health and the specifics of her menstrual cycle, will say for sure whether it is possible to do a massage.

The procedure itself will be slightly different from the standard: under the prohibition of pressing movements, vibrations, intense grinding.

Features of massage procedures during menstruation:

  • any effects should be soft, gentle, rhythmic, but in no case intense - akin to a massage for pregnant women,
  • The selected massage technique should be performed with an oil / milk / cream to minimize skin friction against the skin.

The benefits of massage during menstruation

It is possible to do massage during menstruation, the main thing is to enlist the support of an experienced specialist who is aware of all the risks and features of the procedure during this period. After evaluating and analyzing the specifics of the female body in each individual case, he will be able to correct the program correctly.

As a result of a competent and skillful impact on the body with a massage on critical days, you can not only remove the spasms and minimize pain (muscle, in the abdominal area, migraine), but also:

  • relieve fatigue and irritability
  • relax deeply
  • to prevent limb edema,
  • maintain the body in good shape.

About safe massages

Not all massage techniques can be applied on critical days. What kind of massage can be done during this period?

The safe mass includes the following types of light massages: limbs and feet, cervical and thoracic, head and face. It is also useful for women with menstrual bleeding to do an aromatherapy massage - essential oils in addition to the relaxation effect have a lot of beneficial properties for the body.

Self massage during menstruation

If there are no contraindications, in order to eliminate physical discomfort a woman can independently perform some massage techniques.

So, with light, circular, slightly stroking movements, the uterus and abdomen can be massaged clockwise. It will not be superfluous to preheat the palms. Then, kneeling, you can gently iron and gently pinch the outer surface of the thigh. Also effective is the procedure with two tennis balls placed in a fabric bag (or an ordinary sock): they are placed under the waist, and then the body begins to slide on them.

Regarding the procedure of lymphatic drainage - during the period of menstruation, it is not recommended, because due to swelling of the tissues will not have the proper result.


Before contacting the massage room, even if the monthly periods are painless and are painless, the consultation of the district general practitioner and gynecologist is still recommended, which will make it possible to correctly correct the complex of planned physiotherapy activities. Remember - to normalize menstruation and significantly reduce the pain associated with her massage can only with the right approach.

The benefits and harms of massage during menstruation

Most sources indicate only the negative aspects of the massage during menstruation. But some of its varieties are not only possible, but necessary. Light relaxing massaging of the uterus, a point effect on the Shiatsu technique has some useful properties:

  • relieve pain by reducing the spasm of smooth muscles of the uterus,
  • improve the general well-being of women
  • increase the reactivity of the immune system and resistance to infections,
  • relieve the feeling of tiredness and tension.

Massaging areas of the body that are distant from the uterus (feet, ankles) increase the outflow of blood from the organ. This, in turn, reduces the pain and profusion of blood loss.

Other ways to relieve pain during menstruation are presented in the video:

But certain types of procedures not only do not bring a positive result, but also worsen the girl's well-being. Therefore, understanding whether it is possible to do a massage during menstruation, it is important to know its type. Perhaps some negative effects:

  • increased pain,
  • discomfort
  • an increase in the profusion of bloody discharge.

Is it possible to massage during menstruation

The answer to the question of whether to do the procedure during menstruation depends on many factors. If the girl has a scanty discharge, a slight pain syndrome, allows for easy massaging in areas remote from the uterus:

But the warming types of procedure, even with favorable, painless menstruation, will harm the girl.

Is it possible to do back massage during menstruation?

There is a lot of controversy about whether you can do back massage during your period. Some experts categorically prohibit this procedure a few days before, during and after menstruation. Others allow a slight manual impact on the area above the waist (shoulder blades, neck).

In any case, you should start from the well-being of the girl. If menstrual flow is abundant and accompanied by severe pain, it is better to refuse massaging.

If you experience any unpleasant sensations during the procedure, you should inform the massage therapist, who will immediately cease exposure.

Is it possible to massage the abdomen during menstruation

Properly performed abdominal massage during menstruation reduces pain by relaxing the muscles of the uterus. The undoubted advantage of this procedure is high efficiency in the absence of the need to visit a specialist.

Massaging the abdomen should be carried out with pre-warmed hands. Movement should not be too active. Allowed light stroking the painful area in a clockwise direction.

Is it possible to massage lumbar during menstruation

Independent light massaging of the lower back also relieves the severity of pain. It should be carried out in this way:

  1. Take two balls for tennis and put each in a separate sock.
  2. Install them on the sofa under the lower back and lie on top of his back.
  3. Lie down for 2 - 3 minutes on them, not moving.
  4. After that, a few more minutes to move the body back and forth.

For the same purpose, doctors recommend massaging the Michaelis rhombus. This is a quadrangular area at the bottom of the waist above the pelvic bones. For the procedure, the girl takes a position lying on her back. With her fist bent, she makes light stroking movements from top to bottom and clockwise.

The maximum duration of such a procedure is 30 minutes. At the same time every 5 minutes of massage, take a break for 10 minutes.

Can I do a foot massage during menstruation?

Foot massaging is one of the most recommended procedures during the menstrual period. Manual impact on the distal limbs (ankles, feet) increases the outflow of blood from the uterus. As a result, the profusion of bleeding decreases.

Massaging the outer surface of the thigh will help reduce the intensity of bleeding. To do this, the girl sits on her knees and makes stroking the skin of the upper leg. Easy tingling and gentle tapping on this area is allowed.

Is it possible to go for a massage during menstruation?

Massaging a professional involves an active manual effect on certain areas of the skin. Therefore, before any such campaign during menstruation, it is desirable to consult a gynecologist.

If a girl suffers from severe painful sensations, it is better for her to protect herself from any additional provoking factors. This is especially true for procedures in the abdomen and lower back.

Some types of massage will not bring much harm, but they will not benefit either. A woman just throws money away.

For some girls, self-massaging can trigger the onset of bleeding, like during menstruation.

Is it possible to do anti-cellulite massage during menstruation

During menstruation a large amount of blood is released. A woman's body becomes full-blooded, that is, it contains a large amount of fluid. Excessive edema is associated with this. Cellulite - these are areas of dead fat under the skin, which during menstruation is hidden under edema.

Therefore, anti-cellulite massage during menstruation, although it does not bring harm, but also significant benefits. The masseur simply cannot reach the dead cells. The edema subsides only a few days after the end of the bleeding, and then it is recommended to begin a course of massage to get rid of the "orange peel".

Can I do vacuum massage during menstruation

Many are concerned about whether it is possible to do a vacuum anti-cellulite massage during menstruation, because he considers it an effective means of combating unpleasant fat deposits. He fights cellulite by creating a difference in pressure inside and outside the skin with a special apparatus or banks. They say that with its help you can get rid of the "crust" in just two weeks. But he is absolutely contraindicated during menstruation!

When a vacuum is applied to the skin, blood flow in this area is accelerated, which will lead to abundant discharge of blood. Before the procedure, the skin is strongly heated, which also contributes to increased blood circulation.

Therefore, vacuum massage is recommended to do in the middle of the menstrual cycle.

Is it possible to do lymphatic drainage massage during menstruation

Lymphatic drainage massage is very popular. This method of losing weight is based on the removal of excess water from the body. As a result, the total body weight decreases.

Lymphatic drainage massage during menstruation can be done, but it is absolutely ineffective. As mentioned earlier, during menstruation, the body is full-blooded, massive edemas form on it. The procedure will simply bring out the water that has accumulated as a result of menstruation and will leave on its own after their completion.

Can I do with monthly LPG massage

LPG massaging is a modern method of body correction and anti-cellulite treatment. The principle of its action is based on the mechanical effect on the patient's tissues with the help of a special apparatus. This contributes to the activation of blood circulation in the internal organs. That is, LPG massage during menstruation can lead to an increase in the intensity and amount of bleeding.

It is best to delay the procedure until the end of menstruation. But if there is an urgent need, experts allow LPG massaging after the end of the initial phase, that is, while reducing the abundance of secretions.

Is it possible to do honey massage during menstruation

The principle of massaging with honey is to warm the skin and increase blood flow in them. During menstruation, this procedure will increase and increase the amount of bleeding.

That is why honey massage of the abdomen and lower back during menstruation is strictly prohibited. You can massage other parts of the body, but only after the end of the most active phase of menstruation.

Is it possible to do hydro massage during menstruation

The feasibility of any hydroprocessing during menstruation is a big question, including hydromassage. The reproductive system of the girl during this period is very vulnerable, so even a slight hypothermia increases the risk of developing infections of the reproductive system. But the hydromassage in a good cabin, with the correct water temperature, performed by a qualified technician should not cause problems.

Is it possible to do Thai massage during menstruation

The answer to the question of whether Thai massaging can be done during menstruation depends on its type. You should refrain from such procedures:

  • infrared cabin visits
  • traditional Thai massage
  • massaging the abdomen,
  • stone massage.

But in Thai salons there are procedures that will not do harm during menstruation, but, on the contrary, will improve the well-being of a woman:

  • head massage,
  • aroma massage
  • massaging the face.

Why during the month can not be massaged

Any massaging leads to the expansion of small vessels of the skin due to their heating. This contributes to an increase in blood flow to the zone, which is amenable to manual exposure.

During menstruation, there is active blood loss from the inner layer of the uterine wall - the endometrium. A menstrual massage increases the blood filling of the organ. This leads to more bleeding and increased pain. The most adverse effects have a warming type of procedure (using honey, cans).

Possible negative consequences

The main negative impact of massage during menstruation - increased blood flow in the uterus. This is fraught with many negative consequences:

  • massive blood loss,
  • hemorrhagic anemia - decrease in the level of hemoglobin and red blood cells due to blood loss,
  • strong pain in the lower abdomen,
  • deterioration of general well-being,
  • temperature rise,
  • inflammation of the reproductive organs.


Usually, when prescribing a course of therapeutic massage, the start of procedures is better. plan after stopping monthly menstruation.

But in most cases it turns out that this rule is not always feasible, for example, for a woman who works late, the only convenient time for procedures can be a weekend.
Also, the course of massage can take quite a long time, and it is not recommended to interrupt it.
In these cases, it is better to know in advance what you can not do during menstruation.


  • Abundant discharge, accompanied by cramps and severe pain.
  • Feeling unwell.
  • Related problems relating to contraindications of such procedures (skin diseases, fever and diseases of the internal organs in the acute stage).

A positive effect during the procedure is the removal of pain and spasm. This is a kind of anesthesia that will help not everyone.

It is necessary to be guided by one’s well-being, because some women on “these” days generally refuse from the usual rhythm of life because of severe pain.

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What can and can not

In general, if you decide to visit the salon during menstruation, you must also decide on the technique used.
Contraindications for massaging the face and neck is not perfect, but general body massage or visceral massage should be discarded.

What types of massage can not:

  • Back and waist treatment. Will not bring benefit except new painful sensations.
  • Anti cellulite (due to swelling of tissues will not give the desired effect). Watch the video, how to properly do cellulite massage cans.
  • Lymphatic drainage. Also will not bring the desired result.
  • Massage Banks. This procedure contributes to increased blood circulation, which can lead to abundant secretions.
  • Vacuum massage. Contraindicated and not effective in such a period.

Such procedures are usually associated with a certain discomfort.

However, some women note a good relaxing effect and even the removal of unpleasant symptoms.

It's all here depends on individual featuresso if you feel discomfort during the procedure, it is better to stop the session.

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Suitable methods of implementation:

  1. Massage collar area.
  2. Relaxing massage footRead more about foot massage, benefits and contraindications.
  3. Handling limbs. Lung massaging arms and legs will do no harm. Read whether it is possible for pregnant women to do a foot massage.
  4. Healing procedures against migraine.
  5. Massage face and neck.
  6. Massage shiatsu. Its principle is the impact on certain energy points of a person. Нетрадиционная в полном понимании этого слова процедура эффективно поможет снять болевой синдром и расслабить мышцы.
  7. Точечный массаж. Recommended after consulting a doctor. Not all manipulations will be allowed, so do not hesitate to inform the specialist about your special condition.
  8. Honey massage, not affecting the abdomen and lower back area.
  9. Self-massage abdominal area. This procedure is carried out in a comfortable position and does not provide for a strong impact.

On video: Shiatsu massage

Of great importance and intensity of exposure. All movements should be soft and gentle.

If the procedure is aimed at relaxing the body, it will not interfere with menstruation, but it is better to temporarily refrain from treatment.

Possible consequences

The main negative factor during the procedure may be increased bloody discharge.

It is especially important to abandon the procedure if you are concerned about heavy discharge and great pain.

In this case, the massage will bring only harm, so it is better to suffer a little.

In this period may occur also uncharacteristic previously negative reaction to the effects of oils and massage creams. That is why it is better to abandon the aromatic oils, as well as experiments with the new composition of the cream.

A description of the types of massage can be found here.

And about the contraindications of anti-cellulite massage is written here.

Massage during menstruation is quite possible, but unsafe procedure.
Usually, women in this period are more vulnerable, and excessive discharge and pain can spoil the positive emotions from the procedure.
What types of massage are allowed, and which should be abandoned in principle, tell our information.