Girls, and when did your periods start? ))


The female body, unlike the male, has its own characteristics. Nature is so arranged that a woman bears and gives birth to a child. In her body, since adolescence, complex biological processes occur, associated with puberty and the beginning of menstruation. You should know at what age menstruation begins in girls.

About physiology

In the ovaries, the female genital glands, complex chemicals are synthesized and released into the blood — hormones called progesterone and estrogen. They affect the metabolic processes in the body, causing secondary sexual characteristics, the onset of menstruation.

In the follicles mature eggs. Regular maturation of fertilizable oocytes has been observed since puberty. If the egg is not fertilized, then the menstruation begins. The maturation of the follicle and the release of the egg from it in women corresponds to certain days between two periods, which is called ovulation.

The first menstruation indicates the beginning of puberty, which occurs gradually. Menstruation is an external manifestation of the important and complex process of transforming a girl into a girl. Girls need to know that intimacy, regardless of young age, can lead to pregnancy.

The process of maturation of the egg

The first periods in girls

According to statistics, earlier menstruation began in girls when they reached the age of 17-18. And how old do girls start their monthly periods now? Now the first months are marked earlier than a hundred years ago. For some, the critical days begin at 12-13 years old, and for the eastern representatives even 10-11 years.

How old do they start?

If the critical days come between the ages of 11 and 16, this is considered to be normal from a medical point of view.

If periods begin before 11 years, then parents need to know that the reason for this may be:

  • unbearable for this age physical activity,
  • hormonal imbalance,
  • unbalanced diet.

Late onset of puberty in 16-20 years is associated with:

  • hormonal imbalance
  • neuropsychiatric disorders
  • insufficient development of the ovaries,
  • dysfunction of the pituitary gland.

Approximately 2 years before the onset of critical days, girls begin to noticeably change:

  • They become more feminine, their emotional mood changes, their body shapes are rounded, and their breasts increase markedly.
  • In the armpits and on the pubis, the appearance of dark hairs is noted, the external genitals slightly increase in size.
  • In the body, hormonal changes take place, from the intensive work of the sebaceous and sweat glands on the face and back, girls have acne and acne.
  • The roots of the hair on the head quickly become fat.
  • 2-3 months before the onset of menstruation, discharge from the vagina has a whitish or yellowish character.

At the next stage, 3-4 months before the beginning of the first days of menstruation, the girls begin to feel causeless apathy or aggression, they are disturbed by minor pains in the lower abdomen, headaches, they become tearful and touchy.

Important points

During the year, the menstrual cycle of girls gradually returns to normal with a period of 3-6 days, the duration of the cycle between menstruations is set to 28-30 days. For two years between periods of the menstrual cycle, there may be fluctuations of up to three months. The amount of blood, pain in critical days are genetic in nature, transmitted from the mother.

Normal are considered monthly when they pass through the same intervals of time and last for about the same number of days.

The first menstrual periods in girls are often irregular due to the unsteady cycle.

The type of menstruation may change depending on a number of reasons:

  • on the nature of the food,
  • from neuropsychiatric experiences and past diseases.

After the appearance of the first critical days, an adult family member (mother or grandmother) should teach the girl to keep a calendar and record the days of the onset and cessation of menstruation.

Hygiene rules

The mucous plug in the vagina, which protects against the penetration of microbes, along with the blood is excreted, the dilation of the cervix appears. Therefore, the girl should follow the rules of personal hygiene to protect themselves from possible diseases of the genital organs.

There are a large number of hygiene products for use during menstruation in the form of tampons, pads. Each of these means has its own negative and positive properties. Therefore, girls should choose for themselves what is most suitable. They need help in choosing gaskets.

When choosing gaskets, it is necessary to proceed from the following rules:

  • It is necessary to acquire only high-quality gaskets, which will better protect against leakage. They are distinguished by subtlety, in contrast to the cheap, thick counterparts of theirs unnoticeably under clothing. With such gaskets, you can avoid embarrassing situations.
  • The absorbency of the gasket also matters. With abundant secretions, it is recommended to choose a product with a degree of protection of 4 to 6 drops, with more scarce ones - with a low degree of absorption. Gaskets must be changed every 2 hours.
  • To avoid an allergic reaction, you need to choose gaskets without smell.
  • You should always remember about the personal hygiene of the body. On critical days, you should take a warm shower, preferably 2 times a day, while using gel for intimate hygiene.

What kind of discharge before menstruation is the norm? Read in the article about normal and pathological discharge before menstruation, when a woman should worry and whether she should be treated for vaginal discharge, and also when it is worth going to a gynecologist.

Why are abundant periods after taking Duphaston? Details on the link.

Do I need a visit to the gynecologist?

If there are no obvious reasons, it is not necessary to regularly visit the gynecologist's office after the first menstruation. Mothers should write down their girls to a gynecologist for examination at the age of 14-15 years to make sure that there are no health problems and their proper development.

There are reasons for visiting a gynecologist after the onset of your period:

  • There are several times in a row too short monthly period of 1-2 days or menstruation lasts more than a week. In the first case, this suggests that hormones are not sufficiently produced, ovarian function is impaired. In the second case, this indicates a weak contractility of the uterus.
  • The spotting is too abundant, you often have to change tampons and pads.
  • After the first monthly menstruation was interrupted, the pause was about 6 months.
  • After setting the normal menstruation cycle, the cycles began to break (longer than 5 weeks or shorter than 3 weeks).
  • In the discharge there is the presence of large blood clots.
  • If there is a copious discharge with blood clots, the girl has a stomach ache and dizziness, body temperature is elevated, intestinal disorders are accompanied by vomiting and nausea.

All these symptoms point to problems in the girl's health.
From the foregoing it follows that when approaching the onset of the first menstrual periods, the mother should talk in advance about possible changes in her daughter's body.

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I also have a white thing. Tell me, is this a sign that it will soon begin? It has not started yet, but for some reason you want it!

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By the way, here's another thing, that you are soaring that you have no monthly periods at the age of 12? this is quite normal. Usually menstruation starts from 12-15 years, so do not worry, but white discharge. Well, it may mean that you have chilled the ovaries down there, it can also be from any drugs, diseases. and most importantly: Usually, the white discharge comes from women who really want sex :) (they are also virgins)

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When do monthly periods for girls

Just 100 years ago, no one could have imagined that menstruation at 11 years old is normal, because at that time, according to statistics, for most girls, the onset of menstruation was between 17 and 18 years old. Now, most girls start menstruation at 12 years old, well, a maximum of 13. For women living in the eastern regions, early puberty at 11 and even 10 years is characteristic. Critical days may begin for the first time and at 9 years old, but this will already be a sign of premature puberty.

From the point of view of medicine, the norm is the arrival of regul at the age of 11-16 years.

Up to 11 years old they can start for the following reasons:

  • excessive exercise
  • hormonal disorders,
  • improper nutrition.

The first critical days may be delayed up to 16-20 years, this may be due to the following factors:

  • hormonal disorders,
  • mental disorders,
  • underdevelopment of the ovaries,
  • pituitary gland malfunction.

What determines the age of menarche

The onset of puberty usually accounts for 10-11 years, and a fully reproductive system is formed by the age of 17-18. During this time, the mammary glands grow and genitals develop. In a year and a half after the first signs of puberty appear, menstruation will begin. The age at which this happens depends on many factors.

We list the factors that influence the onset of the first critical days in a teenager:

  • genetic predisposition
  • physical development
  • psycho-emotional state
  • social level and lifestyle,
  • availability of information on sexual issues,
  • general health and endocrine diseases.

If a girl is painful and since childhood takes a large amount of drugs, then the arrival of her period can be delayed.

Normally, the first critical days should appear at 12-15 years old, everything that is below and above these frames can be a sign of hormonal disorders or abnormalities in the development of the genital organs.

What should be the first monthly

Menstruation first appears in a girl when her ovaries begin to fully function. The puberty period begins with the fact that the pituitary gland and the hypothalamus produce hormones that promote the secretion of estrogens in the ovaries, as a result of which the egg begins to mature, ovulation occurs, the inner mother layer develops, and the girl can become pregnant.

Menstruation is the process of rejection and removal from the uterus of its inner mucous layer, provided that fertilization of the egg has not occurred.

In the menstrual flow there is not only a detached endometrium, but also blood from the damaged vessels.

What are the first menstruation in girls

Since in the menstrual flow there is not only blood from broken vessels, but also parts of the retracted endometrium, the first critical days can have a heterogeneous consistency and have clots. Their color can range from deep red to burgundy. In this case, the girl may experience light discomfort and pulling pain in the lower abdomen and lower back.

During the regulation, no more than 150 ml of blood should be allocated, intensive discharge is allowed only in the first 2-3 days, then they should more resemble a dark daub.

How long do the first selection

According to statistics, in 38% of cases after the first menstrual period more than 40 days pass for girls until the next regulator, 10% of adolescents are waiting for new discharge for more than 2 months, and by 20% they come within 20 days.

Normally, the duration of the first regul is 2-7 days, but quite often there is a situation when the menarche does not end until 2 weeks. Daily girl can use 3-6 pads.

How signs signal the approach of critical days

There are some signs that even 2 years before the arrival of menstruation, a mother can determine that her daughter begins puberty. We list the main symptoms of the approaching menarche:

  • the girl has a rounded figure, her breasts grow large, her mood changes, she becomes more feminine,
  • dark hairs begin to grow in the area of ​​the pubis and armpits, the genitals increase in size,
  • hormonal changes in the body provoke intensive work of the sweat and sebaceous glands, which causes the appearance of acne on the girl’s face and back,
  • the roots of the hair on the head begin to get fat quickly,
  • a few months before the menarche, a whitish or yellowish secret is secreted from the vagina.

3-4 months before the first regulatives have to go, the girl can get angry for no reason or, conversely, lose interest in everything, headaches and pain in the lower abdomen can disturb her, the child can become tearful or too touchy.

When these signs appear, parents should necessarily communicate with the girl on the subject of puberty and tell her about all the important points of this period.

How to prepare for menarche

Parents of girls at the first signs of the coming of menstruation should tell the child how to prepare for this process. The following questions should be raised in a conversation with your daughter:

  • first talk about the fact that menstruation should come monthly with an interval of 21-35 days. It is necessary to mention that at first there may be delays, but the situation is normalized in 1.5-2 years,
  • be sure to tell the child about hygiene products, how to use them and where they are in the house,
  • an important issue in preparing for menstruation is the ability to manage the menstrual calendar. The girl must understand why it is important to follow the regularity of the cycle,
  • the girl needs to know what can be done during menstruation, and what should not be, for example, excessive physical exertion should be avoided,
  • It is important that the girl understands that now her body is able to conceive, which means that during sexual intercourse you should use contraceptives. The task of the parents is also to devote the child to protection from unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections.

It is important that the conversation takes place in the most relaxed and confidential environment, so that later the child knows that he can address any parents with any question on this topic without shame.

During menstruation, the reproductive system of a teenage girl is virtually defenseless against infections and pathogenic organisms. In order to reduce the likelihood of their penetration into the dilated cervix, you should know a few hygiene features during this period:

  • There are many hygienic products of different quality and absorbent properties. Girls should prefer gaskets,
  • You need to buy high-quality pads, they will better protect against leakage, they are invisible under clothes and will save the girl from awkward situations at school,
  • correctly select the "droplets" of the gasket, that is, their degree of absorbency. With intense discharge, choose pads for 4-6 drops, with scant discharge, reduce the degree of absorption,
  • change the gaskets should be every 2-3 hours, before that you should thoroughly wash your hands,
  • To avoid an allergic reaction, you need to choose gaskets without flavors,
  • during the regula you need to take a shower at least 2 times a day and after a bowel movement, using a special gel for intimate hygiene.

Early menstruation

If for the first time menstruation comes to girls under 11 years old, this is considered to be too early onset of puberty. There are cases that they occur in children under 8 years of age. But this is not always a sign of pathology. If menarche also appeared early in their mothers and grandmothers, then this situation is due to genetic predisposition. Intensive sports activities or accelerated physical development can provoke an early appearance of regul.

Even under the condition that the early onset of puberty is due to genetics, it is recommended to examine the child at the gynecologist in order to rule out hormonal disorders and abnormalities in the development of the organs of the reproductive system. Tumor in the brain, in the zone responsible for the production of hormones that regulate the menstruation cycle, can provoke a hormonal imbalance.

Early menarche is typical for children with diabetes, as well as for those who have experienced severe stress or psychological trauma. Such a reaction may be provoked by an early acquaintance with the topic of sexual relations between a man and a woman.

Than dangerous

The arrival of the menarche at a too early age may cause such health problems in the future:

  • early menopause,
  • cardiovascular diseases
  • malfunctioning thyroid,
  • hormonal changes in the body,
  • high risk of cancer in the organs of the hollow system and in the mammary glands.

With the onset of puberty, the intensity of growth decreases and physical development slows down. In order for the reproductive organs to develop properly, it is important that the girl has a complete diet and normal living conditions.

Preventive action

To prevent premature arrival of the first critical days, parents should consider a number of factors that provoke early puberty. Preventive measures will be as follows:

  • Try to avoid stressful situations that can cause injury to the unsteady child's psyche. Provide for your girl a calm and friendly atmosphere in the family, enter as a rule confidential conversations with the child, promptly acquaint her with the problems of puberty,
  • Provide your child a balanced diet without harmful food. Remove from the menu girls spicy, too salty and sour food, exclude coffee, strong tea, and minimize cocoa. In no case do not let drink beer and alcohol,
  • treat endocrine diseases in a timely manner,
  • control that the child is watching on the computer and on television.

It is important that the girl is moderately involved in sports, not overloaded both physically and mentally.

Late menarche

If the critical days for a girl first occur after 16 years, this is a deviation from the norm. A sign of late sexual development is also a weak growth of the mammary glands.

Menstruation may come late due to the abnormal development of the uterus and appendages, the malfunctioning of the pituitary and hypothalamus, as well as the neuropsychiatric disorders of the child. An infectious disease, such as measles, mumps, scarlet fever or rubella, can be provoked by such a reaction in early childhood.

The late appearance of menstruation is characteristic of overly thin girls, because the fat layer produces estrogen on a par with the ovaries, and if the fat tissue is low, then the amount of estrogen may be insufficient for the normal functioning of the reproductive system.

Other factors can also trigger late regula:

  • vitamin deficiency
  • bad environmental situation
  • use of products with GMOs.

Possible consequences

If a girl under the age of 15 does not have a regulation, it is necessary to consult a doctor, otherwise teenage anomalies in the development of the genitals can lead to genital infantilism in the future.

The sex organs in an adult woman will be underdeveloped, which will lead to external changes and hormonal imbalances that can affect overall health.

In adolescence, such pathologies are treatable; in adulthood, these anomalies are almost impossible to cure.

When it is necessary to consult a gynecologist

Consultation specialist required in the following cases:

  • menstruation appears too early or too late,
  • if during the period of menstruation too abundant discharge is noted, the volume of which exceeds 150 ml, especially in cases where they are scarlet. These may be signs of both abnormal development of the genital organs and hormonal imbalance. In addition, abundant blood loss is observed in diseases of the blood, tumors and on the background of hormonal drugs that affect the development of the inner uterine layer,
  • if after menarche menstruation disappeared by more than 3 months. The reason for such a serious delay can be not only a strong overload during sports or ballet, but also inflammation, infection, endocrine diseases,
  • if after the first appearance of the regulator 1.5-2 years have passed, and the cycle has not become regular. The reason that over the years the menstruation cycle has not returned to normal can be pathologies, injuries, vitamin deficiencies, exhausting diets and starvation,
  • if a girl feels a lot of pain during critical days,
  • if the monthly lasts no more than 2 days. Such short-term secretions may be caused by estrogen deficiency due to underdevelopment of the ovaries. If they last more than a week, it means that the girl has increased ovarian functionality or a weak contractile ability of the uterine muscles.


To prevent critical days from causing fear or panic in a girl, parents should tell her about her first periods beforehand. This conversation will take quite a bit of time, but the child will understand and not be afraid of those physiological processes that occur in her body. She will be ready to enter puberty, not only physically, but also morally. You should always be interested in the girl's well-being, ask about the regularity of her periods, about the intensity of pain and possible delays. If a child complains of any discomfort, you should definitely seek medical help.

When will the first menstruation come?

Growing up and growing up, many girls are beginning to wonder about how many years they begin their monthly periods. A few decades ago, menstruation in girls began at 17-18. Today puberty comes much earlier. The onset of the first critical days in 11-16 years is considered normal. And at one monthly begin earlier, and at others later. The age at which menstruation begins will be influenced by many factors:

  • heredity,
  • physical development,
  • nutrition and living conditions
  • childhood diseases.

When the monthly period of mothers and grandmothers began, in so many years, most likely, they will begin in their granddaughters and daughters. The time of the beginning of menstruation for all individually. If a girl in physical development overtakes her peers, it is most likely that her period will come earlier than others. In the opposite case, if the daughter is slowly growing, often sick and physically weak, in the development of sexual it is also likely to lag behind. With inadequate nutrition and lack of vitamins in the body, menstruation will come a little later than usual.

Monthly for girls of 12 years old is not uncommon and periods of 11 years old are also normal. Increasingly, you can hear about the onset of menstruation, even in 8-9 years. If menstrual periods start too early, the most likely cause is a hormonal failure, inadequate work of the appendages, frequent stresses and nerve loads, pituitary dysfunction, exhausting physical activities, diet and poor ecology.

First signs

Learning about when menstruation begins in girls is easy. The symptoms of their onset become evident about a year or two before the start. The girl is becoming more like a girl, because she has:

  • increases breast
  • wider hips
  • pubic hair begins to appear on the pubis and under the arms
  • possible acne rash on the face.

How to find out when the monthly period begins is not difficult. Already closer to their beginning, girls may experience the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome such as:

  • crying and frequent mood changes,
  • apathy and aggressiveness
  • headache,
  • lower abdominal pain.

How to prepare a child?

How to tell your daughter about the monthly worries every mom. This is a pretty serious question and should not be shy. The first sign of menstruation in girls is bloody discharge. At first they are scarce or moderate, and then, usually on the second day, they become abundant. Gradually, by 3-5 days their volume is reduced. The number of critical days is usually 3-7 days. The girl should know about this before it happens the first time. Therefore, mother should tell her about it.

Pulling pain in the lower abdomen and the first discharge with blood can scare the girl. The main goal of the mother is to tell her daughter that menstruation is a normal physiological process. In addition, in the first days of menstruation, girls may experience weakness and discomfort in the lower abdomen. Menstruation occurs in every girl and woman and should not be afraid.

Mom decides for herself when her period starts and how to tell the girl about her period. The conversation should be friendly, but not instructive.

Mom should inform her daughter that:

  • Monthly occur once a month and last up to 7 days. In the first few years, the cycle may fluctuate, after which it is established and averages 28 days.
  • Be sure to follow the rules of hygiene. Blood is a beneficial environment for the life of bacteria, which contributes to the emergence of various diseases.
  • When menstruation occurs, each girl enters into the age of childbearing. Sex with men can lead to pregnancy. A daughter must know what disorderly and unprotected sex can lead to.

It is advisable to teach a girl to keep a calendar, where one could mark the beginning and end of her period. This is necessary to be ready for their attack. In addition, this information may be needed when visiting a specialist doctor. This is especially true with irregular menses. As too small or too big an interval between periods can be a sign of malfunctions in an organism.

The appearance of menstruation in girls

Every adult woman probably remembers this situation. Your feelings can convey exactly. First, it is a big load on the nervous system. For a girl who lived before this carefree life, something incredible happens. Unreasonable nervousness, mood swings, critical attitude to appearance. To all this, pain in the area of ​​the mammary glands and the stomach is added. Such processes can begin in a girl from 11 to 15 years. With early puberty, the first menstruation begins at age 9. When late - after 16 years. If at 16 years old a teenager is aware of the seriousness of the situation, he knows what it is for, at 9 years old for a girl is a real shock.

The menstrual cycle depends on many factors, heredity. Usually, the first periods of the daughter begin at the age at which the mother was. Doctors have identified another pattern. Monthly faster begin in obese girls. For this process, you should gain a body weight of 50 kg. Thin adolescents delay the onset of menstruation.

Additional reasons are:

  • nutrition,
  • Lifestyle,
  • psycho-emotional environment
  • diseases in the past
  • physical development.

Menstruation does not occur without prior changes in appearance. The girls begin to grow breasts, followed by menstruation. Mom needs to prepare a daughter for this process from the age of 8. Having received the necessary information, the child will not be frightened by the presence of blood. Mum should express their thoughts in an accessible form for the child. The situation of trust and mutual understanding is very important. It is necessary to arrange the daughter so that she would not be afraid to ask questions, not be embarrassed by the new way of life. For early and late menstruation, consult a gynecologist to determine the causes of pathology.

Symptoms approximation of the first monthly

Adolescence is considered difficult. It is incomprehensible for children, unbearable for adults. You can expect anything from yesterday's little daughter. It is at this time between the parents and get rid of conflicts. From harsh statements, to leaving the house for no particular reason. And all this happens under the influence of hormones, the restructuring of the body. Together with physical changes, the load on the central nervous system begins, which should control the entire process of the monthly cycle. It all begins 2 years before the first menstrual period. If the mother's menstruation began at the age of 14, at the age of 12 her daughter will begin to change dramatically in behavior. Obvious signs of approaching menstruation in girls:

  • The shape is changing. The chest begins to grow, the body becomes feminine.
  • In the armpits, the pubis area appear hair.
  • Under the influence of the genitals, sweating increases. On the skin of the face, back, chest there is a rash of acne, blackheads,

Приблизительно за 2 месяца до первой менструации у девочки начинают появляться необычные выделения. Могут быть бесцветными, либо белыми. Увеличивается количество, вязкость. Выделения должны быть без запаха. 2 weeks before the first menses there are strong mood swings, irritability, tearfulness. The girl feels fatigue, dizziness, headache. 2 days before menstruation, pain in the abdomen of a pulling nature appears. It can be barely noticeable, or strong. We have to give the girl painkillers.

Menstruation can begin in different ways. Some girls have scanty discharge, others have bleeding. The blood is thick, scarlet. The first day in a small amount. On the second, the third volume of discharge increases, there are clots. Then decreases again. The duration of menstruation is from 3 to 7 days.

The girl's menstrual cycle

Constantly recurring events in the reproductive system every month are called the menstrual cycle. The countdown is from 1 day of the first menstruation to the first day of the following menstruation. The duration of menstruation in the daughter in most cases coincides with the duration of menstruation in the mother. The menstrual cycle in an adult woman is 21-35 days. But not always everything goes smoothly, and the menstruation goes like a clock. There are lots of internal and external factors that can break the idyll.

In adolescent girls, the state of the organism is very unstable. Hormonal background is changing. The onset of the first menstruation does not mean at all that it will appear next. There may be breaks up to 3 months. What at this age is not a deviation. The nature of the discharge is not unequivocal. They are scanty or abundant. This indicates the instability of hormones and the underdevelopment of the genitals. In adult women, the uterus is elastic, easily stretched, without effort rejects the extra layer of epithelium. In girls, the entrance to the uterus is protected by pleural virginity. A small hole prevents normal exit of menstrual blood. This process is accompanied by pain. What explains the prolonged pain in the period of menstruation at first.

The regular menstrual cycle will recover a year after the onset of the first menstrual discharge. To keep track of the picture, the mother should explain to her daughter that everything needs to be written down in a notebook, to mark the days on the calendar. Information is described about the amount of discharge, the duration of menstruation, pain. When menstruation begins each month, after approximately an equal number of days, we can assume that the menstrual cycle has been adjusted. In turn, the picture shows the completion of puberty, readiness to conceive, pregnancy. In the future, the state of health will be assessed according to the regularity of the monthly cycle.

Behavior during menstruation

Mom should hold a conversation about what can be done during menstruation, which should be avoided. Many adolescent girls lead an active lifestyle, play sports. Since the onset of menstruation, you will have to change your schedule, refrain from hobbies for a week.

  • Sport and Exercise. It should refrain from active sports on the eve of the onset of menstruation, and during the entire period. Strenuous exercise leads to an abnormal contraction of the uterus. The situation is fraught with bleeding. If sporting activities do not cause any discomfort, you can continue the activity. A rotation of the hoop on the eve of menstruation on the contrary reduces pain during menstruation.
  • Swimming pool, bathing. Modern youth does not deny itself anything. Especially since hygiene products contribute to this. Place a tampon in the vagina, go to the pool. On the one hand, water relaxes muscles, soothes the nervous system, has a beneficial effect on the body during menstruation. The picture is overshadowed by the fact that water in a public place may not be entirely clear. And the uterus at this time is very vulnerable. There is a risk of infection, bacteria. Definitely can not swim for this reason in open waters. A hot bath can cause bleeding. Conventional water treatment should be replaced with a shower.
  • Baths, saunas, sunbathing. During menstruation, the body undergoes many changes. Staying in a stuffy room causes headache, dizziness, weakness. The same thing happens with a long stay in the sun.

Some girls begin to eat more before menstruation. Especially pulls for sweet. If this food is not strongly reflected in the weight, you can leave everything as is. If the girl is complex about overweight due to this “obscuration”, the mother needs to have a conversation about proper nutrition.

Hygiene during menstruation

Mom should tell her daughter hygiene during menstruation and the rules of use of funds. During the monthly use of tampons, pads. Despite the fact that proven effectiveness and the absence of adverse effects on the health of the girl tampons, should be preferred pads. For the most part, this is due to the terms of use.

Gaskets for small menstruation discharge is enough to change the girl 2 times a day. After each change of gasket to a new one, carry out the procedure of washing. Use warm water, without cosmetics. You can add a small amount of potassium permanganate. Hygiene allows you to avoid unpleasant sensations, skin irritation, prevents the reproduction of pathogens. Non-compliance with the rules of personal hygiene in the period of menstruation causes inflammation of the genitals. If the discharge is abundant, the gasket should be changed as it is filled. A change of no more than 4 shims per day is considered normal. If the pad causes discomfort, you will have to make it yourself from cotton wool, gauze, natural cotton fabric.

Currently, there is a wide variety of gaskets on the shelves of the stores, in the pharmacy. The first pads daughter must buy mom. In the future, the girl will learn to pick them up herself. Hygiene - the key to women's health.

The girl's first visit to the gynecologist does not at all coincide with the arrival of critical days. Seek help from a doctor should there be cause for concern. The girl needs to be supported morally, to congratulate with growing up, to explain all the rules of behavior, hygiene. If you wish, you can take the girl to the doctor for the purpose of consultation. Perhaps she is embarrassed to ask questions that interest her mother. The doctor can clarify the situation. And also to tell what is the norm, what is not. From what age can begin sexual life. The doctor may examine the girl with her consent, if there are no valid reasons for this.