Why may appear bloody after - Hexicon


For the treatment of gynecological problems there is such a dosage form, as vaginal suppositories. "Hexicon" is one of the drugs of this type. It is prescribed in frequent cases, due to the combination of efficiency and safety of use. But what to do if there is spotting after a hexicon when there should not be any?

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The use of candles "Hexicon"

The basis of candles "Hexicon" is chlorhexidine, additional components are various compounds of polyethylene oxide. The base substance copes with gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, some types of viruses and protozoa. Therefore, "Hexicon" is recommended for those diagnosed with:

Candles are shown for the prevention of these infections, as well as:

  • before uterus surgery to reduce the likelihood of infectious complications,
  • before diagnostics requiring organ intrusion
  • after interventions, including cauterization of erosions,
  • for the treatment of chronic inflammatory diseases of the vagina and the outer part of the cervix.

Contraindications and side effects from "Hexicon"

Even local remedies, despite their limited effects, can have side effects from the use. No exception and candles.

The negative reaction of the body to them is as follows:

  • itching in the vagina and perineal mucosa,
  • skin rashes,
  • redness of the membranes and swelling.

Use of Hexicon is contraindicated for those who suffer from intolerance to chlorhexidine or polyethylene oxide.

Causes of discharge with and without blood against the background of the use of "Hexicon"

Not a rare complaint, heard by experts from women, appeared spotting from the Hexicon. Although the list of adverse reactions such treatment support is missing.

There are several explanations for the alarming manifestation:

  • The disease that the drug must eliminate. For example, when cervicitis or colpitis, the vessels of the mucous membrane lose their elasticity, their walls are easily destroyed. The result of this may be the appearance in the natural discharge of blood. Sexually transmitted infections also stimulate the production of mucus by the internal genital organs. The presence of pathogenic bacteria in it irritates the membrane, which makes it possible to damage the blood vessels. Cervical erosion is a replacement of flat cells with cylindrical cells that are easily separated as a result of contact with a candle, staining the discharge with blood.
  • Under-examination of the patient. After the candlestick hexicon, the bleeding may be the result of a pathology that has not yet been detected. This is a serious reason, as there are fibroids, polyps, even cervical cancer among them. Candles in this case will be a provoking circumstance for blood to enter the discharge.
  • Overdose of the drug. "Hexicon" is used in the amount of not more than 2 suppositories per day, and for the prevention of enough 1 candle. But with the use of self-medication and the usual dose may be too much. There will be irritation of the mucous membrane and, as a result, injury to the vessels, removing their contents to the outside.
  • Started menstruation. This is not to blame the drug, it is not able to affect the cycle. But diseases that necessitate the use of candles can easily move him. And the daub, which appeared simultaneously with its use, will be an early start to a new cycle.
  • Intolerance. In the manual there is no mention of bloody discharge about this. But if the mucous membrane is swollen, there is discomfort, pain, and burning, and the volume of the contents leaving the genital tract has increased, the “Hexicon” is probably not suitable for the patient. Intolerance can manifest itself in this form. The vessels of the mucosa in this case are damaged due to edema.
  • Mechanical injury to the vaginal walls. Careful attention to the discharge is to those who introduced the "Hexicon" into the vagina for the prevention of sexually transmitted infections. This is done immediately after the act or 2 hours later. Sex can also cause minor damage to the mucous membrane. A small amount of blood quickly coagulates and leaves not immediately. This can occur after using the candle, as it turns into the vagina into a liquid. It seems that "Hexicon" and caused the appearance of blood, although in fact the drug has nothing to do with it.

One more disturbing sign of women is when a cheesy discharge appears after a hexicon. Indeed, the instructions say that the drug does not affect the microflora. But diseases that cause discharging candles can have a negative impact on it.

Colpitis, cervicitis, sexually transmitted infections weaken local immunity, as a result of which candida can join pathogenic bacteria. And with this drug will not cope.

We recommend reading the article on bleeding from thrush. From it you will learn about the disease, the causes of secretions, methods of treatment, the effectiveness of non-drug therapy.

Do I need to refuse to take the drug for secretions?

If the discharge is insignificant, and the use of "Hexicon" does not cause other difficulties, the treatment can not be interrupted, because it lasts 10 days. But after it makes sense to see a doctor and insist on further examination.

It’s a different matter when there is a lot of discharge, or a woman is pregnant, then a specialist is needed immediately. In the second case, there are even more reasons for the appearance of blood against the background of the use of the "Hexicon". And they can be associated with a danger to the condition. Before the expert’s verdict, it is better to stop using Hexicon.

Spotting after the candles should not be scary. But to identify exactly their causes is necessary.

After hexion bloody discharge: why?

Hexicon is an antimicrobial. Its action is aimed at the destruction of pathogenic microorganisms, fungi, pathogens of syphilis and gonorrhea.

This drug is available in different dosage forms and is used in various fields of medicine. For example, Hexione in the form of a gel or solution is often used in dental practice (for external use), in urology and, directly, in gynecology.

Candles Hexicon and solution for external use are used in gynecological practice very often. The drug is safe and harmless during pregnancy and lactation, as it does not penetrate into the blood, but acts only locally, thereby not affecting the development of the fetus. Candles Hexicon have a positive effect on the vaginal microflora, without causing side effects, and are a benign drug, as they do not affect the digestive system. In addition, Hexicon is used for treatment during pregnancy, as well as the prevention of diseases of the genitourinary system.

Application, contraindications and side effects

Indications for use

Hexicon is prescribed as a preventive treatment of sexually transmitted diseases:

    syphilis, chlamydia, gonorrhea, trichomoniasis.

During pregnancy, namely, before childbirth, the use of Hexicon helps to avoid infectious and inflammatory processes that may develop after childbirth.

It is worth remembering that the safety of this drug is relative, since Hexicon, like any other drug, has side effects and contraindications, so it should be used with extreme caution during pregnancy.

Do not engage in self-diagnosis and prescribe a drug yourself. The course of taking the drug and its dosage must be strictly prescribed by the doctor. Remember that in your hands the health of the future child.

Contraindications to the use of Hexicon:

    allergic reaction to the components of the drug, intolerance to certain active components of this drug, dermatitis.

Side effects are extremely rare, but in some cases itching, rash, redness, dermatitis, vaginal dryness may occur. The appearance of side effects passes after a certain time after discontinuation of the drug.

Discharge after applying candles Hexicon

The active ingredient of the drug Hexicon is chlorhexidine, and the suppository base is polyethylene oxide, due to which the vaginal mucosa is softened and pathological secretions are eliminated. It is this basis that promotes the elimination of pathogenic microorganisms, as well as provokes secretions of pinkish or brownish color during pregnancy. Such secretions should not bother a woman and are considered the norm. But still you should consult with your doctor.

After using the drug Hexicon, colorless vaginal discharge appears at first. Then may appear light pink or with a brown tint. Some women are too worried about this phenomenon, and in rare cases it even reaches bleeding. With abundant secretions mixed with blood should immediately abandon the drug.

Doctors explain the strong bleeding after Hexicon by individual intolerance to the drug or hypersensitivity. These two factors are very important in the appointment of Hexicon during pregnancy. It is easier to prevent negative manifestations than to subsequently get rid of them.

It is also worth noting that during pregnancy, such discharge after candles can be the result of their side effects. There are cases when bleeding appears after the administration of the drug Hexicon to a patient with whom it is contraindicated.

Additional reasons may be:

    violation of instructions for use of candles, violation of dosage and duration of therapy.

Reviews of patients suggest that during the period of pregnancy the most convenient form of release for use is considered to be candles.

Based on the foregoing, it can be noted that this is a good and effective drug, but it is not suitable for everyone, like any other drug. It may not be suitable, even if the discharge is not observed, on the contrary, there is dryness in the vagina, which brings discomfort, pain during sexual intercourse.

You should listen to your feelings and if you have any doubts about the use of Hexicon, especially during pregnancy, consult with your doctor. The doctor will prescribe treatment based on the individual characteristics of your body. Remember, a universal drug does not exist, and it is possible that this drug does not suit you. Do not self-medicate, it is unsafe, especially during pregnancy.

Candles Hexicon and spotting

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How long did the discharge go?

The next morning, there was no more))). But I stopped the reception, put down only 4 days. Analyzes passed in a couple of weeks, turned out to be good.

I lie on the conservation, yesterday was the 6th day of the reception of candles Hexicon, at night I saw light pink discharge, not strong, they are still going on (((The doctor said - from candles ... To be honest, scary.

Oyoyoy, girls, my lily is already 1.5 years old, and has taken a hexicon during pregnancy. It seems I stopped putting them back then myself, there was no such discharge anymore, I asked for some other means, but when I passed the smear again, I didn’t have to install anything and do anything else. But next time I’ll ask you to prescribe another drug or do without it.

I have 12 weeks ... appointed Hexicon (1 × 10 days), took overnight ... 6 candles appeared pale pink discharge ... missed the day and inserted 7 candles and again pale pink discharge ... not a lot, there is no particular discomfort, but it is alarming ... I will not take more ... I will ask the doctor about the reasons. I hope the answer will be, and then I read the comments and no one can really say anything.

I also put candles on Hexicon, prescribed by a doctor, a bad smear, etc., after a couple of days daub started, called an ambulance, because the idea of ​​this should not be, brought with suspicion of a miscarriage, kept a week, put injections, hemostatic and nospu ! But the result, the doctor said, that this is real due to erosion or inflammation, and this can be throughout pregnancy. The type of erosion is aggravated and gives such a result, they said that there is no place for anxiety, so if the bleeding started as menstruation, then the alarm should be sounded !!

Hello to all future moms. I am on conservation and in our hospital, many take hexicon. The fact that it smears is normal, it is because of the candles and there is no need to be afraid ... it is better to remove the infection in our position. Opinion is not one doctor that from Hexicon pink discharge. I have cervical protection, I can’t do without these candles to prevent any infection.