First sex and delay: causes of failure 1


Girls are very worried before the first sex, because they do not know what to expect from him. In fact, the delay of menstruation after deprivation of virginity is quite normal and does not always indicate the occurrence of pregnancy. It is always necessary to know that after the first sex, menstruation can get off and start a little late. For some, it can occur almost after intercourse, and for some, on the contrary, with a rather long delay.

Why is there a delay after the first sex

No matter how simple modern morals seem, for most girls the first sexual experience is an event. But even if someone relates to what happened calmly, the body does not deceive. Physiologically, the whole process and its maintenance from a recent virgin is stressful for him. And the first reaction - the delay of menstruation after the first sex. She has several explanations.

Circumstances that cause the lag of critical days may be present simultaneously:

  • Hormone games. The first sexual contact almost always occurs with pain, since the hymen is damaged. Waiting and testing this sensation causes fear. Nerves are strained, pain impulses, although short-term, insignificant, also do not contribute to the normal functioning of the CNS. It affects the usual excitement. Some girls manage to immediately experience an orgasm, which also happens with the participation of hormones. And this is also stress, albeit a positive one. But it affects the production of its own hormones, and therefore, can cause confusion why there is no menstruation after the first sex.
  • Pregnancy. Inexperience or unwillingness to protect themselves can lead to conception. And although the first sex in this regard is less dangerous than regular sex, it’s impossible to rule out pregnancy.
  • Features of the body. The first full-fledged relationship can happen at the age when the cycle of a girl has not yet become regular. And the postponement of menstruation is associated not so much with what happened as with the processes developing in her body. It's about the work of the pituitary gland, ovaries, the ripening of the endometrium to a state that requires replacement.
  • Physiological changes. Sexual intercourse makes the size of the vagina different, the organ is slightly stretched. His muscle caps are lengthened, and the area of ​​the mucous membrane covering them increases. That is, the vagina functions differently. Its biocenosis also changes, microorganisms received from a partner appear in it. They are not necessarily pathogenic, but they have peculiarities inherent in the alien flora, to which they need to adapt.
  • Disease. It happens that after the first sexual contact the girl receives a surprise from her partner in the form of an infection. Pathology even more strongly influences the work of the reproductive system, can slow it down, that is, cause a delay in menstruation.

The reasons for the change of the usual process

Another problem that a young woman who first tasted the “forbidden fruit” may encounter is changes in the peculiarities of menstruation. The interest in how menstruations go after the first sex is understandable, is it normal, if the process has become different.

Changes in the type, consistency and duration of discharge, accompanying sensations, also have more than one excuse:

Tankova Oksana Vladimirovna

Psychologist, online consultant. Specialist from the website

Can the delay be due to the onset of sexual activity? -Yes maybe.
So as not to be nervous and know for sure that everything is in perfect order, go to the doctor. The doctor will also advise you on the right contraceptives for you.

))) you are unlikely to be pregnant! Don't worry so much! first sex can affect the delay. good luck

3 tests do not lie

maybe can I was generally for 17 days. everything turned out fine, do not worry.

and I had a delay of 10 days after the first sex, so that's okay

fuuu thank God the menstruation began. straight stone from the soul

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pomogute, pogalyjsta !!
10 days nazad luwulasj devstvennostu, bulo boljno, sledyjywuje 2 dnja bulo nemnogo krovu.
predohranjalusj prezervatuvom, pljys parenj ne kon4al v menja dage v nem, vunyv sekynd za 30 ..
segodnja dolgnu buli na4atjsja mesja4nuje. u nety ((
vse sumptomu bulu.
mogy lu butj beremennoj ??

Listen, people, I'm in a panic !! There was unprotected sex, but the guy took out seconds for 30. before that, recently there was first sex. five days delay, three tests done, negative. Could it be that this is a delay due to the first sex.

+1 (11) the guy says that I would not be 100% worried about all the rules. but still the delay is 4 days. (((

I myself am waiting for menstruation. . I believe in a miracle

a week ago there was first sex, there was no blood, no pain, we were engaged in a condom, but right now I have a delay (((

and I had no condom, but he did not finish, because I was terribly sick and I interrupted everything. but in the end I still lost my virginity. and there is no monthly. I'm SHOCK. HELP YOURSELF!

girls, calm down) you cheat yourself. everything will come, do not worry. nevertheless follow the advice of Nata: go to the doctor and select a method of protection. only protected sex will allow you to relax and enjoy the process))

Hello! A month ago was the first sex, protected. After that, a couple of days began monthly, just in time. everything is as usual. But with the next monthly delay of 10 days! Can I be pregnant. help, very worried

I pray for periods. already a week.

I had a sex a week ago. A delay of about 4 days. I’m asking for monthly. I’m only 14

help pliz! I had sex a month ago, sex, the guy took out his dick on time .. but today, in theory, menstruation should begin, but they are not. scary (((can it be that after the onset of sexual intercourse is a delay? just below, the live ghast hurts a little bit, and the bruise, as usual, has swollen a week before menstruation

Immediately after the end of menstruation was the first sex. Protected by a condom. There was no blood. Three days later, tried again. Blood appeared, but after five minutes I stopped. Monthly delay four days. (In general, menstruation does not start very well on time 2 or 3 days always in different ways) I did a test, even 2. Negative. Is everything okay with me? And why are there no monthly periods? I'm very afraid. calm me down

I had sex for the first time, but I don't know if I am a virgin or not. there was no blood, but it still hurts. I have a pain in my lower abdomen. and gives in the groin. I do not know what it is. and no monthly. do without condoms. Help

People. Help. I had the first anal sex with my mch. he finished not in me. menstruation should have started the next day (or on the same night). a couple of times accidentally touched the vagina head of the penis. The delay is already 5 days. people.

do not worry, everything will be the way. he won't fly it. especially before menstruation. Anal sex how you liked it or not?

Honestly hard to say. pretty so it was nice.
not well, and how not to be afraid. almost a week delay.

Honestly hard to say. pretty so it was nice.
not well, and how not to be afraid. almost a week delay.

guys. I also have a delay. it's hard .. so worried. I had it for the first time. I'm all shaking. I do not want to give birth or start a life with infanticide at the age of 17! we were protected.

UV carried by. everything's Alright! have begun! I give advice on the future of all. if you have a delay after the first time. don't be scared. There is nothing criminal in this .. just rebuilding the body! but if there are more than 2-8 weeks, take a test!

Hello! A month ago was the first sex, protected. After that, a couple of days began monthly, just in time. everything is as usual. But with the next monthly delay of 10 days! Can I be pregnant. help, very worried

girls tell me if I can be pregnant? I had monthly periods after the first time, but in the second month, the delay was already 8 days, I checked the tests, showed negative. very worried(((((((

I had the first time a week ago .. Monthly should have started on November 28 .. everything is not there. numbers confused. the first time I had was on November 21st. and the monthly ones were to start on November 28th .. I did 2 tests .. thank God they are negative. Back pulling .. what could it be?

Help. I had my first sex 2 days ago, there was not much blood. Today in the morning I had blood once a day. What could she have come up with?

Hi, I, like many others, are waiting for these menstruation, we were protected, but at one moment the condom was crying, and I don’t know what exactly, but he didn’t finish me, so at least something pleases. But I'm still very worried, but what if. Especially since yesterday it was bad all day, it was nauseous all day, but it was also similar to poisoning, today it’s not so bad with health. But I'm waiting for the first time so monthly. (I forgot to say that the first sexual intercourse was 2.5 weeks ago. And the menstruation should start tomorrow, even if it started), maybe due to the fact that it was the first time, and the restructuring is going on in the body, therefore I sometimes feel bad (pain in the bottom belly, lower back). The main thing that began to monthly. Oh, how we girls need to suffer.

I have the way during the first intercourse, neither blood nor pain was not

Katena, if sex was protected and everything remained whole, you shouldn’t worry)) If you didn’t protect yourself, then the tests may not show for now, because the term may be small, and your back may have caught a cold where?

Yes, you really alarmist)) you are fine, after defloration a few days may appear bleeding, do not worry)

All right, I'm happy. Just monthly began :-)))))

The first time was December 6th ... and they had to start yesterday .. where they were. He finished not in me .. but still ((((scary.

Everything went well. although the guy was upset)

I had the first sex about a week ago, the menstruations should be at the end of the month, sometimes they were 3 or 4, they are not there now, although we were protected, there was blood and pain, but the whole day was bleeding, but not much. Pts are waiting for them, I bought a test, 2 aza showed negatively.

I had my first sex a week ago, I had to have monthly periods before that, but after that I had a week delay. I am very good and very good. what is it.

Hello. In the night from 31 to 1 was a sex. The guy did not finish 100% in me. But the problem with menstruation. 3-4 numbers should have started, but they are still not there. I don’t feel very well, most likely I have just caught it. Please tell me what to do, I’m very worried

We had sex on the first, and the monthly must be the sixth, and so far there is not. sex was with a condom, but he did not get lucky :-( but he didn’t finish at me. So, I’m sitting again, I’m suffering, I’m waiting for menstruation with impatience. I wish they started. I’m worried.

People! Help me please, I was engaged to sex with a guy that day when the monthly periods were to start, but they weren't there. We were protected. There are no more for 4 days. I don’t know what to do.

Coming soon the first time. But I am so madly afraid then of all these experiences about delays and pregnancy. How to warn yourself as follows, not counting the condom of course

devonochki, help, sex was for 3 weeks 6 times. everything seemed to go well. but I have a delay .. the monthly ones should have started 5 days ago .. what should I do ?? who had delays after the first time. I beg you very much. I'm terribly afraid

Girls do not worry if after the first time you have a delay. I also had 8 days already. I thought I was going to die. but then everything went. so after the first time there is always a delay. and everything will be fine. don't worry.

I am waiting here too ..)) I am already waiting for 3 days ..)) I hope everything will be fine ..)) and I wish you.

Every time I worry so much before the menstruations, for the last time I almost went mad, noted NG is called. But fortunately they came, but now I look forward to the menstruation again, just to start.

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What is the probability of pregnancy during menstruation?

Sexual intercourse during menstruation rarely leads to pregnancy. But this is a myth. The probability of becoming a mother is always there. Especially if there are hormonal disruptions, and a regular menstrual cycle. So if you like unprotected relationships for maximum pleasure, this is not the right time.

Sperm cells have tremendous vitality. Within 5-6 days, they can wait for an opportune moment to attack the egg cell. Therefore, in critical days, too, do not forget about contraception. Barrier method for this would be quite suitable.

Delay cycle, how to avoid using sex

Analyzing the situation of recent years, gynecologists come to the conclusion that modern women are characterized by delayed menstrual cycle. It is considered to be an average cycle duration of 28 days. But at the same time fluctuations ranging from 21 to 35 days are allowed. Therefore, if you are characterized by a long cycle, the difference in 5 days should not scare you. Moreover, fluctuations of 3-5 days are always allowed.

The main focus of research was devoted to sex. What happens in this case is such that even a woman at sexual maturity should not deprive herself of pleasure. There is an intensive production of endorphins - analogues of morphine, estrogen, oxytocin. Bioactive factors strengthen the genitals, reduce pain threshold, improve immunity, normalize mood.

Irregular sex life at any age sooner or later lead to irregular menstruation. And what can we say about the risk of gynecological diseases. After all, many of them are organic.

How to cause monthly during their delay using proximity

The delay of menstruation is for various reasons and is treated accordingly. If pregnancy is excluded, many people know that it is possible to cause monthly menstruation with the help of sex. For this, neither hormones, nor herbs, nor ascorbic are needed.

Why does this work? Erotic stimulation contributes to a rush of blood to the female genital organs. They enter a state of tonus. There comes the long-awaited menstruation. In this case, good helpers can be:

  • relaxing bath with foam and salt
  • gentle massage of erotic points and delicate zones.

All this introduces the beautiful half to a special excited state, normalizing the production of important bioactive substances.

Long periods, what will help sex

Did you know that sexual intercourse affects the cycle? Moreover, a reduction in the duration of menstruation may be a pleasant bonus to sexual intercourse. Frequent sex during menstruation helps to reduce the period of discharge for 2-3 days. Experienced seducers who have tried sex these days know that sometimes menstrual periods end even on the day of sexual contact.

After an orgasm, the rejecting mucous layer of the uterus is removed much easier. In many ways, this contributes to the factor contained in the semen. For a woman - this is a great gift. You simultaneously get 2 in 1. Delightful pleasures from orgasm and reducing the duration of red days.

An additional advantage will be the fact that during this period you can not use a lubricator or special lubricants. Many may get scared thinking that not all selections are out. Is it so? You should not be afraid. The contractions of the uterus during orgasm are strong enough and quickly remove all the contents.

Moreover, the strength of the contractions is influenced by seminal fluid. It has prostaglandins that activate the whole process. So, if you want to quickly get rid of secretions - have sex.

But always remember about the individual physiological features. And what is good for one girl may be absolutely contraindicated for another. A situation may arise when, instead of reducing the time of menstruation, it will, on the contrary, lengthen. And sometimes even lead to bleeding, if the girl was not identified pathology of the uterus.

Can sex delay ovulation by lengthening the cycle?

This question about women sounds quite often. The answer is not always straightforward. Bright and strong orgasm can affect the menstrual period. Intimacy during menstruation can lead to lengthening the cycle. Although sex has no effect on ovulation in humans.

In many ways, it all depends on the individual characteristics and hormonal levels. In the endometrium of women, prostaglandins begin to be synthesized.They are similar in action to hormones and can lead to premature completion of menstruation. All the changes that arise are directly dependent on the health of each girl, compliance with the rules of hygiene and the care of the partner.

What should be remembered during sex on critical days?

On special days, the hormones level decreases in the fair sex:

Therefore, love should be manifested more in tender hugs and kisses. All girls at this time want more tenderness. The sensitivity of the uterus these days is extraordinarily high. And if everything is in perfect order and there are no inflammatory processes, then sex will bring special pleasure. Orgasm reaches a special peak and becomes more vivid and strongly pronounced compared to other days.

This is due to the fact that the vagina becomes more swollen from blood flow to the genitals, and therefore more sensitive. Closer vagina will give both partners an unforgettable experience. The quality of sex is proven to improve on critical days. Since many girls:

  • increases sexuality
  • desire increases

The process of proximity should be calm and unhurried. It is not necessary to put a taboo on these days, especially if you are a loving and caring couple. One of the suitable positions is considered to be missionary, it will bring pleasure to both partners.

Hygiene rules in the red days

On critical days, you can and should engage in love joys, but this should be done correctly:

  1. Only enter into a relationship with a trusted partner.
  2. Qualitatively wash, not only as a partner, but also as a partner.
  3. Perform hygiene standards.
  4. Follow contraception. The use of a condom these days should be a mandatory rule.
  5. Do not experiment with innovations and postures. It is advisable to abstain from oral sex and posture of the rider.
  6. One of the best places for joint rest can be a shower or bath. Especially if there are fears that the beloved may see a drop of blood.
  7. If a man does not tolerate the appearance of blood, then the ideal solution is to turn off the light. Or make love in a room shaded by bright light.

For women with heavy menstrual bleeding, it is better to abstain for the first couple of days. Since it is not excluded hidden not diagnosed pathology. And in order not to provoke bleeding, it is better to wait a bit.

Only then can you get maximum enjoyment, and not harm health.

The chance of getting pregnant is minimized

For many women, the question is not whether to have sex during menstruation. The opportunity to receive incomparable pleasures, from unprotected contact is so great that it makes no sense to refuse.

Making love and not getting pregnant is a delicate matter. During menstruation, such chances become minimal. The first days of monthly bloody discharge a lot. For sperm such an environment is not the most favorable. Therefore, to get pregnant in the first 3 days is almost impossible. But in the following days the probability increases, and there is still a small percentage of risk. Since the male sex cells can be active for up to 6 days. Therefore, to ignore the protection should not be until the period of ovulation.

What else is good sex for women?

The physiology of sex does not leave the great minds of the world alone. Studies in this direction are conducted regularly, and many positive points have been identified. The main role in these processes are hormones. Sex life depends on and directly affects hormones.

It has long been known that a woman after sex becomes more beautiful and calmer. Since in the first place comes the activity of estrogen. In a different way, these hormones are called attractive. A woman who has a regular partner and everything is in order with sex life is distinguished by a normal level of estrogen. Thanks to them, she has a feminine attractive figure, a balanced character. She looks younger than her years, her hair and skin are in excellent condition. The mind is thin, the memory is sharp. Regular sex is the best prevention of atherosclerosis.

Sex during menstruation will not only eliminate pain, but also relieve irritation, remove nervousness. The only thing that can limit the sexual activity of the beautiful half is poor health and a serious pathology of the genitals.

Age for first sex

The current generation of girls is distinguished by rapid puberty, informational awareness in the sexual sphere. On the Internet, you can find answers to various questions, prepare for the first sexual act morally. Sex before marriage is considered the norm in today's society. And having sex is the key to a long relationship between a boy and a girl. For this reason, the age for first sex in our day is transferred to the walls of the school. When engaged in sex schoolgirls, starting from grade 8. Is this the norm?

The first periods appear in adolescent girls aged 13 to 16 years. In some cases, early puberty occurs when menarche begins at 9–12 years, and also later, when menstruations do not rush to appear after 16 years. However, the presence of menstruation does not mean that the organism is ready for sex life, absolutely, as well as it does not deny the commission of sexual intercourse after 16 years without the onset of critical days. A huge role is played by the psychological aspect and the physiological development of the girl. From this point of view, the implementation of the first sex at the age of 16-17 is considered normal. The body of the girl will not be subjected to great stress, and the changes that occurred after intercourse, will not bring significant discomfort. Especially does not change the nature of the month.

Why do monthly cycle changes occur?

During the first sex, the structure of the sexual organ changes, namely, the hymen is broken. Until that time, she protected the vagina from infection. In the center of the hymen there was a small opening that allowed natural vaginal discharge, as well as blood, to flow out during menstruation. It is very rare for girls before the first sex to complete their period. After the rupture of the hymen, the intensity of the discharge increases slightly. Although over time, with regular sex, they can change again.

The presence of the hymen affects the functioning of the uterus during menstruation. That is, at this time the uterus contracts, pushes away a layer of epithelium, brings it along with blood to the outside. The structure of the girl's sexual organ does not allow this to be done quickly, the uterine contraction is accompanied by pain in the lower abdomen. Sometimes it is so strong that you have to drink painkillers or spasms. After intercourse, feelings change. They are not so painful, and monthly can come faster than expected.

It is possible and the opposite situation, when menstruation comes late, accompanied by unusual symptoms. A woman’s body is a very complex system that functions in conjunction with other organs and systems. In addition, after intercourse there is a change in hormonal levels. Getting out of balance, which was formed before, leads to disruption of the menstrual cycle.

Regulates the processes of the menstrual cycle in the body's central nervous system. The beginning of the sexual life is always associated with excitement. Often, sexual intercourse ends the relationship between a man and a woman. This situation is more common in adolescents. Feelings, nervousness, stress, frustration, and other negative emotions lead to menstrual disorders.

What are they monthly after the first time

A woman's body reacts to changes after an act individually. Predict what will be monthly after the first sex is almost impossible. Several options are possible:

  • will come on time
  • will start late
  • come earlier than expected
  • will appear immediately after the act.

The situation when menstruation after the first sex comes on time is quite rare. It indicates that the body is fully prepared for the onset of sexual activity, has not experienced stress during the act, there is no nervous shock.

Monthly after the first sex is delayed for several reasons:

  • there is stress, nervous tension,
  • the beginning of sexual activity came before the establishment of the menstrual cycle,
  • conception occurred.

In addition, disruptions in the monthly cycle occur due to the presence of hidden diseases that had not been particularly apparent before: polycystic ovaries, a tumor under the influence of hormones, an abnormal structure of the uterus. Delay of critical days up to 14 days in the absence of pregnancy, diseases is considered a normal reaction of the body to changes in the sexual sphere.

Monthly after the first sex comes prematurely due to changes in the physiology of the genital organ, hormonal changes. And the presence of menstruation immediately after the act means a big surge of hormones. There is nothing dangerous about it.

To make sure that all is well, the girl is recommended to visit the gynecologist after the start of sexual life. It is imperative that you seek qualified help if a long delay occurs, bleeding occurs, and pain arises. In general, the monthly cycle after the start of sexual life will recover within 2-3 months. The beginning of sexual relations should be conscious.

The reasons for the delay after the first act

Untimely start of the next menstruation contributes to the violation of the menstrual cycle. If there is no menstruation after the first time, this means that for some reason there is no detachment of the functional layer of the uterine mucosa and the discharge itself is delayed.

The main reason for this violation is a failure in the hormone production process, which can be associated with severe stress, severe climate change, severe fatigue or prolonged lack of sleep, compliance with extremely limited diets, and increased physical exertion without the necessary training.

The list of the main reasons for the late start of menstruation after the first sexual intercourse should include:

  1. Practically uncontrollable psychological experiences.
  2. Physiological features of the adolescent body.
  3. Infection of the genital organs with infectious diseases.
  4. The onset of pregnancy.

Psychological experiences, as a rule, are based on anxiety, excessive anxiety and emotional instability associated with the feeling of love. As a result of all this, the body experiences stress, which provokes an excessive production of sex hormones and thereby causes a delay in menstruation. This also applies to the feeling of fear and insecurity in the act itself. A rather dangerous role in this case can be played by self-suggestion about the beginning of pregnancy, especially if sexual intercourse was not protected. In this case, the transferred stress affects the violation of many functions of the body, and not only on the duration of the menstrual cycle.

From a physiological point of view, the first sexual intercourse, which took place during the first year after the first monthly appearances, is not the cause of the delay as such. In such cases, the cycle itself can continue to form, so the irregularity of the onset of menstruation is the norm.

Infectious infection is possible if the basic rules of hygiene are not followed, regardless of what sexual experience a girl has. Diseases of this type can be very different, but they all require timely diagnosis and complete treatment, because they are dangerous by the further development of complications. The use of any oral contraceptives to prevent pregnancy does not save at risk of infection from a partner, so you should choose safe sex. It is better if it is a reliable condom.

Infection of the body with infectious diseases that are sexually transmitted may include trichomoniasis, gonorrhea, chlamydia, syphilis, as well as genital herpes and candidiasis. Among the main symptoms of infection is to highlight the appearance of an unpleasant smell from uncharacteristic secretions, which may be white, yellow or even green. According to their structure, they can be watery, slimy or cheesy. In the genital area, itching, feeling of pain and burning, which are aggravated by urination, can be observed.

Often, the unprotected first sexual experience ends exactly with pregnancy. In such cases, it is not necessary to observe the appearance of any symptoms. The only thing that needs to be done is to consult a doctor who will refute or, on the contrary, confirm the fact of pregnancy.

Why change monthly

Changes in the nature of menstruation primarily relate to their abundance. Since in the period of virginity, the genitals are protected by a special plei, and the menstrual flow came out through a small hole in the center of it, then after the first sexual intercourse it collapses and the discharge becomes more abundant.

The second important point concerns changes in the functioning of the uterus, which, by contraction, provokes rejection of the functional layer of the mucous membrane and its release with blood. As a rule, the whole process is accompanied by severe pain and cramps. Since the loss of virginity, the cycle changes and menstruation may occur earlier, but they will be less painful and long. Changes in the hormonal background in the body and disruptions in the central nervous system also have a role in the formation of the menstrual cycle after the first sexual intercourse.

In any case, the observed violations of the menstrual cycle require the consultation of a physician and the timely treatment of detected pathologies. If the delay is associated with physiological or emotional behavioral patterns, then it suffices to eliminate the cause of the experience itself.

When to wait for menstruation

The beginning of the next menstruation in each individual case occurs differently, but it is extremely rare for the menstrual cycle to be broken at all. As a rule, menstruation can begin much earlier or, on the contrary, later. At the same time, there are cases when bleeding is observed immediately after the first sexual intercourse has occurred.

The continuation of the menstrual cycle without changes indicates the full readiness of the body to active sexual life, as well as the onset of pregnancy without excessive nervous shocks. The delay in menstruation is caused by stressful situations, excessive experiences, too early onset of sexual activity (when the cycle itself is not formed), and also the onset of pregnancy itself. Of the more serious reasons for the delay of the next menstruation is to highlight the disease, requiring timely treatment. This concerns the development of tumors, polycystic ovaries and pathological abnormalities in the development of the uterus. The early onset of menstruation is caused by changes in the hormonal background, as well as new physiological features of the body.

A full recovery of the menstrual cycle may take no more than 2 to 3 months, after which you should consult your doctor to check your health.


When observing violations, consultation with a gynecologist is a mandatory precaution and prevention of dangerous diseases. As diagnostic methods, pregnancy tests (in several copies) can be used, as well as a blood test, an ultrasound examination of the pelvic organs, and a medical examination. Depending on the results obtained, the specialist prescribes treatment, in most cases symptomatic.

What happens in the body during the first sex?

Often the manifestation that causes serious anxiety in girls is pain, which usually appears during the first sexual intercourse. If such pain is not excessively strong and stops after a short time, then this is normal.

The woman's body is designed in such a way that the physiological readiness for conception is the first menstruation, comes much earlier than the psychological readiness to become a mother. Some doctors believe that between the physiological maturation of the body and pregnancy should be 10-15 years. And only in this case, the woman will be ready to become a mother.

Stress during the first act can be not only psychological. The woman's body is also introduced into a stressful state, since the vaginal muscles are stretched during sex.

Before returning them to normal, it usually takes several days. Pain from stretching are of different intensity.

Also during the first sexual intercourse, the gap of the hymen or its stretching occurs and the vaginal microflora changes. Therefore, the functioning of the reproductive system usually changes significantly after the onset of sexual relations.

It has long been noted that women who have a regular sex life have a more stable menstrual cycle, and the premenstrual syndrome is much easier than those who have sex occasionally.

Causes of delay

Sex significantly affects the functioning of the female reproductive system. Поэтому первый акт способен стать причиной задержки месячных даже при отсутствии зачатия. Конечно же, самой частой причиной отсутствия менструации является беременность. Но существует ряд факторов, которые бывают причиной того, почему появилась задержка.

Болезни репродуктивной системы

These diseases are the second most common cause of delayed menses after the first time. It:

  • infectious diseases in the reproductive system,
  • hormonal disruptions
  • cystitis,
  • disturbances in the emotional sphere.

But in the case of such diseases, the woman should show other symptoms. For example, abnormal discharge, pain and the like.

Sexually transmitted diseases

Often the girl who has sex for the first time is inexperienced in matters of protection. And if it prevents the onset of an unwanted pregnancy with the help of oral contraceptives, then it is impossible to protect against diseases of the reproductive system in this way. The most common reason for the delay in menstruation after the first time of sex is the following diseases:

  • syphilis,
  • gonorrhea,
  • chlamydia
  • thrush,
  • genital herpes.

Such diseases are characterized not only by delayed menstruation, but also by other unpleasant symptoms. Vaginal discharge, itching, burning, strong odor, pain during intercourse, rash and general malaise - all this can be detected in a patient with a similar diagnosis.

Another fairly rare cause of delayed menstruation after the first time is the early onset of sexual activity. If the girl has not yet fully established the menstrual cycle, and she begins to have sex, then an increased load on the hormonal system occurs, and this can lead to various disruptions, including the absence of menstruation.

What to do with the delay?

First of all, what should be done in case of delayed menstruation, which appeared after the first act, is to exclude the possibility of pregnancy. For this, you can buy a special test in a pharmacy, but there is not enough time, it can be negative. Therefore, for the most accurate result, you can not do the test, and immediately contact a gynecologist. There are special tests that are reliable and will show a positive or negative result.

Next, you should check the body for the presence of infectious diseases and those that are sexually transmitted. For this, the gynecologist or venereologist will perform the necessary manipulations and smear the microflora.

In most cases, women who turn to a gynecologist with the problem of delayed menstruation after the first sexual intercourse, the reason for this are physiological reasons.

These are hormonal disruptions or emotional distress. In this case, the delay usually lasts from a couple of days to a month.

If after menstruation sex there is no longer time, you should visit the doctor again and conduct an in-depth examination of the body and try to find the reason why this happens.

If the cause of the absence of menstruation is not the disease or pregnancy, the gynecologist may not prescribe any treatment. Sometimes it is easier to wait and the discharge will appear on its own, and if you prescribe a lot of medication, the girl may start to think that she has some serious problems. Occasionally, the gynecologist recommends soothing preparations to normalize the condition or herbal decoctions.

Traditional methods of treatment

If the delay in menstruation appeared after the first time for physiological reasons, and this can be understood after a negative pregnancy test and testing for diseases, then folk remedies can be used.

There are recipes based on various medicinal herbs, but in any case, you should consult with a gynecologist before starting treatment. After all, for example, if you are not sure that there is no pregnancy, then it is better to wait with the procedures, since they can provoke a miscarriage.

  1. A glass of boiling water is taken 10 g of dry powdered oregano. The mixture is infused for half an hour, then filtered and taken 2 tablespoons four times a day.
  2. Air, celery and lemon balm 3 tablespoons, clover and oregano 2 tablespoons, a tablespoon of calendula mixed well. Per liter of boiling water is taken 3 tablespoons of the mixture. The medicine is infused, filtered and taken 6 times a day for half a glass.
  3. A glass of boiling water is taken 4 tablespoons of chamomile, the same valerian and 3 tablespoons of mint. Cover the container with an infusion saucer and let cool. Half a cup is taken twice a day.

When using popular recipes after a monthly delay, caution should be exercised with the dosage of medicinal herbs. After all, if their number is much higher than the norm, then it can cause uterine bleeding.

Precautions before the first time

In order to reduce the likelihood of delayed menstruation after the first sex, you can follow the advice of specialists and follow a few rules of prevention.

  • The first time should occur with a proven partner. In this case, stress and fears are much less, and therefore, the discomfort will not be so strong.
  • Contraception should not be oral, but barrier. This will protect not only from unwanted pregnancy, but also from many diseases of the reproductive system.
  • After the first time in any case, you should visit a gynecologist. The doctor will be able to assess how much the general condition of the girl has changed and will give recommendations for further actions. He will also be able to answer all the questions that have arisen, for example, why menstruation is delayed or how soon the painful sensations during sex will pass.

During the first sexual intercourse, changes occur in the woman’s body that are unique. Therefore, in case of any problems, first of all you should visit a doctor. And one should use different folk methods only after consulting with a specialist.

If you have a delay in menstruation after the first time of sex, do not panic. A visit to the gynecologist and passing all the necessary tests will help identify problems, if any, at an early stage. Girls during this period should pay special attention to their health, because a lot depends on it. Any diseases that are not detected in a timely manner, in the future are the source of problems.

Psychological experiences

Anxiety, excitement, and emotional distress are all stressful, even if it is associated with a pleasant feeling of love. And stress is very often the cause of delayed menstruation. Sometimes, on the contrary, the girl feels fear, insecurity in her actions. And this, too, can disrupt the normal regular menstrual cycle.

If the first sexual intercourse occurs within a year after the onset of menstruation, the delay in bleeding may be associated with a physiological phenomenon — the establishment of a normal menstrual cycle. During this period, he has every right to be irregular.

Sometimes there is no menstruation due to the fear of a possible pregnancy, especially if the couple was not protected. Self-hypnosis can be the cause of failure of many processes in the body and the menstrual cycle is not an exception.

The first sex may well turn into a sexually transmitted disease for the girl. It is not uncommon that at the beginning of sexual activity the partners forget or do not think about remedies.

It may be that the girl uses oral contraceptives as protection against unwanted pregnancy. But from sexually transmitted infections, they do not save. As if a man and a woman did not trust each other, it is not worth starting sex with unprotected sex, especially when one of them is not a novice.

The only reliable way to prevent infection is a condom. Also, some special ointments have a bactericidal effect. What diseases are sexually transmitted? First of all it can be:

  • gonorrhea,
  • trichomoniasis
  • syphilis,
  • chlamydia
  • ureaplasmosis,
  • candidiasis,
  • genital herpes.

Delay menstruation is not a pathognomonic symptom for them. However, it may well occur along with such manifestations:

  • Unusual vaginal discharge - white, yellow, sometimes green. They may be slimy, watery or cheesy.
  • Unpleasant smell in the genital and vaginal area.
  • Burning, cutting, itching in the vulva and vagina.
  • The appearance of lesions in the form of bubbles, painless ulcers, white plaque.
  • Malaise, subfebrile.


Pregnancy is the most likely cause of delayed menstruation at any age. It does not matter that sexual intercourse was the first - it does not affect the reproductive functions of the woman.

There is an opinion that if there is no orgasm during sex or unpleasant sensations are present, this is an obstacle to conception. However, this is just one of many myths that you should never trust.

If there was sex - it means there is a possibility of pregnancy. And every day the delay is increasing. The use of birth control pills, condoms, spermicidal gels, vaginal hormonal rings and coils does not provide 100% protection against pregnancy.

Moreover, it often happens that the first sex of a girl occurs with her peer, who does not have the proper experience of sexual life. And, if a couple practices interrupted sexual intercourse as a means of protection, there is a very high risk that ejaculation, in spite of all assurances, will occur in the vagina.

If there is no menstruation after intercourse, the first thing to do is confirm or exclude pregnancy.

Drug tests

If the monthly after the first time delayed, it is best to start a test with the pharmacy tests. They are available at any pharmacy, relatively inexpensive and fairly accurate.

Tests respond to the presence of pregnancy hormone - human chorionic gonadotropin in the urine. These indicators are of different sensitivity - the higher it is, the earlier you can use the device. But if you wait a couple of days, any test will be reliable and informative.

You can check from the first days of the estimated delay. But do not forget that a negative result does not mean that there is no pregnancy. If the delay in menstruation after the first sex continues, the test will need to be repeated two or three times at intervals of 1-2 days.

It is better to investigate the morning urine, since it has a higher concentration of human chorionic gonadotropin. When using highly sensitive tests, this rule can be neglected.

Blood test

If the tests are negative and there are still no monthly tests, you can check the level of chorionic gonadotropin in the venous blood. This method is more informative and reliable even in the early stages. However, its cost is quite high, so the definition of chorionic gonadotropin in the blood is not a routine study.

Ultrasound of the uterus - the most reliable method. If there is a pregnancy, the girl herself can see the ovum in the uterus and even hear the embryo's heartbeat. Ultrasound allows you to confirm the conception, determine the approximate duration of pregnancy and see if everything is in order with the future baby.

The main disadvantage of this method is its lack of information in the early stages. It makes no sense to conduct this study before the fourth to fifth week after intercourse.

Consultation gynecologist

Examination of the doctor allows you to identify changes in the genitals that are specific to pregnancy. However, as in the case of ultrasound, they appear only a few weeks after conception. Usually, before this time, the girl manages to use a pharmacy test or perform a blood test for chorionic gonadotropin.

And yet, the gynecologist's consultation should not be neglected, since only a doctor can determine exactly what actually causes a delay in menstruation after intercourse.