Is it possible to do a pregnancy test before the delay


Many representatives of the fair sex know that exciting feeling of anxious waiting, when their whole life depends on a few minutes. Desired, and even more so long-awaited pregnancy opens up new horizons and fills with meaning every moment. There are so many hopes and disappointments associated with pregnancy tests. But, recklessly trust their results is not worth it.

Pregnancy tests are sold in any pharmacy. If necessary, you can consult a pharmacist or local gynecologist for advice. It is easy to carry out a rapid test, before applying it is enough to read the instructions carefully.

How does the test

After the embryo is implanted into the uterine wall, the female body begins to increase the production of the hormone hCG. In tests there is a special indicator that responds to the presence of this hormone in the urine of a woman.

It is thanks to the increased human chorionic gonadotropin test and shows the cherished two strips. If the pregnancy does not come, then a low level of hCG during the home test will not be fixed.

To make the results more reliable, it is necessary to select tests with high sensitivity (10-20 mIU / ml). Such tests can show pregnancy before the delay of menstruation.

What to look for when buying a pregnancy test:

  1. The appearance of the package and its integrity. Crumpled and torn packaging - a reason to refuse to buy.
  2. Availability of detailed and understandable instructions.
  3. Date of issue and expiration date. They must be clearly marked and not in doubt.
  4. Known and proven manufacturers - a guarantee of quality and high accuracy of these products.
  5. Place of purchase. Pharmacy - the most suitable place for the acquisition of a pregnancy test. Products that are sold through pharmacy chains regularly undergo all necessary checks and have the appropriate quality certificates. In addition, pharmacists comply with optimal storage conditions and monitor the timing of the sale of medicines.

Test Benefits:

  • a wide range of prices - you can choose high-quality and inexpensive products of various companies,
  • ease of use - the test does not require any special conditions or skills. The main thing is to follow the instructions carefully.
  • quite high accuracy (from 90 to 100%),
  • early pregnancy diagnosis. It is possible to conduct the test several days before the expected delay.

The disadvantages of this method of diagnosis of pregnancy:

  1. The fact of having a pregnancy, unfortunately, does not always mean that it develops correctly. In some cases, the ovum in the uterus is absent, and the fertilized egg, for various reasons, remains in the fallopian tube. Naturally, in such conditions the further course of pregnancy is impossible. To exclude such suspicions, ultrasound diagnostics is carried out. Read more: signs of ectopic pregnancy →
  2. False results. Poor quality tests may show a negative result before the delay. In addition, urine hCG levels may be insufficient. In such cases, it is recommended to repeat the test after a few days.
  3. The most reliable and easy-to-use tests are quite expensive. Therefore, not every woman can afford to purchase such a product, especially if for the early diagnosis of pregnancy may need several such tests.

Causes of false positive test results:

  • Treatment of various gynecological diseases with the help of hormonal preparations. In such cases, it is also possible the appearance of the second ghost strip on the test.
  • Pregnancy that ended in miscarriage. There are cases when even after a couple of months after an unsuccessful pregnancy, the test shows two strips. This phenomenon is quite possible, because the level of hCG in a woman's body is still quite high.
  • Tumor formations are another reason for a possible false positive result. The production of the hormone gonadotropin occurs in sufficient quantities, but it produces a tumor, so in any case it is better to consult a doctor for examination and diagnosis.
  • Incorrect use of the test - the manual describes in detail all the manipulations and clearly limited the time allotted to obtain the most reliable result. Therefore, if, for example, the test is overexposed in a container with urine, then the test may be unreliable.

Test Types

  1. Inkjet. Convenient to use and highly sensitive. Such tests even before a delay can show pregnancy. A reliable result is guaranteed at any time of the day or night. It is enough to substitute such a test under a stream of urine and wait a few seconds. The most popular firms in this category are Duet and ClearBlue. The only drawback of such tests is the price, which is far from being available to everyone.
  2. Tablet Using a disposable pipette, a few drops of urine are placed in a special hole. The result appears in another window. Such tests are often used in the hospital as they are most informative and accurate. One of the most highly sensitive tests is Sezam. This test can also be carried out before the delay; it is able to establish a pregnancy a week after fertilization. Of course, its price is high.
  3. Test strips. A wide range and affordable price - the main advantages of such tests. However, before lowering the test strip into the urine container for a few seconds. Urine container must be sterile. The most popular and reliable tests are Ultra, Frautest and Evitest.

Pregnancy test: doing the right thing

As a rule, the highest concentration of hCG is contained in the morning urine, so it is in the morning that the result will be the most reliable. As for the tests with high sensitivity (10 mIU / ml), they can be used at any time.

The day before the test, a woman needs to pay attention to the amount of fluid consumed and, if necessary, reduce its volume. The fact is that due to frequent urination, the concentration of hCG can decrease dramatically and provoke a false-negative test response.

First of all, a woman will need a small sterile urine container. This should take care in advance and prepare everything you need in the evening. There are special windows in tablet and inkjet tests, so there is no need to buy a separate container.

The test must be removed from the packaging immediately before use.

It is enough to dip the test strip in a container with urine for just a few seconds, then put it on a flat surface and evaluate the result according to the instructions. Usually two bars indicate a positive result, and one indicates the absence of pregnancy.

Of course, tests with high sensitivity may show a positive result several days before the delay, but you shouldn’t trust them completely.

To obtain the most reliable information, it is advisable to do a test no earlier than 2-3 days before the intended menstruation. To confirm or refute the results, it is best to do several tests with an interval of several days.

The author: Natalia Kochetkova,
specifically for Mama66.ru

Can I do a pregnancy test before the delay of menstruation

Is it possible to do a pregnancy test before the delay and get the right result, because the instructions for use of most diagnostic devices clearly indicate that the test should be done only in the case when the “planned” menstruation has not occurred. Whether a pregnancy test before a delay will show will depend on many factors, including the period that has passed after fertilization of the egg, and the individual characteristics of the organism. Below is considered when you can hope for an accurate result and whether it should be done at all, as well as given tips on choosing a test.

When there is no power to wait

If you want to determine pregnancy before the delay of menstruation, this can be done by indirect signs. Many women begin to hurt the chest, fever, drowsiness and fatigue. Of course, these are indirect signs, and their presence does not indicate that you are in an interesting position. You can accurately determine the pregnancy at home, by conducting an appropriate test, or in the clinic at the reception at the gynecologist by doing an ultrasound.

The first option suits many more - it’s enough just to buy a test strip at the pharmacy and collect the morning portion of urine. It is in her presence of pregnancy that a special hormone, HCG, will be present, to which a reaction of a substance is given that is used to impregnate the test. If hCG is present in sufficient quantities - you are pregnant.

Conventional tests show a reliable result if the urine hormone content is 25 mMe / mol and higher. But it is possible to find especially sensitive novelties, including “jet” tests that react to the content of hormones at 20 and even 10 mMe / mol. This information is listed on the packaging. One way or another, it is better to do a pregnancy test closer to the beginning of menstruation, even if you bought the most sensitive product. It is then that you can get a more or less accurate result, although the second bar is likely to be weakly expressed.

What factors influence the outcome

So, is it possible to do a pregnancy test before the delay of menstruation - because you so can not wait to find out the answer. It should be borne in mind that the sample made “before” often does not give the correct answer. That is why it happens: usually after conception, implantation of an egg into the wall of the uterus occurs a week to 10 days after ovulation. But there is a possibility that this happened earlier - for example, on the 3rd day, or later - on the 11th or 12th. In the first case, with early implantation, the level of the hormone HCG will be sufficient to detect pregnancy even before the delay. But in the later version, it will be possible to find out your “position” only when your period does not arrive on time. Considering that it is impossible to determine the day of implantation of the egg cell on your own, the pregnancy test carried out before the delay will resemble a roulette game. And his result can not be called reliable. That's why doctors and manufacturers recommend to wait until the first day of the delay and even then, with an accuracy of up to 95-99%, you are determined whether or not you are pregnant.

Natalia Evgenievna Pokhodilova

Psychologist, Kinesiologist Online consultant. Specialist from the website b17.ru

somewhere a week before the expected monthly test. can show .. and maybe not .. I showed for a week))

1 Julia, and what company was the test, do not remember? and then I evitest showed pregnancy only a week after the start of the delay! I don't trust him anymore. I want to buy another

there was a delay after postinor. When not helped.

all these tests for hormones. all individually.

2, and I showed 2 strips in 4 days, and in the evening.

Frautest good. I have shown for 5 days.

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And the test showed me 5 days before the CD and at lunch. Did a cheap test and did not deceive!

Girls, do you think a test can show pregnancy even before the delay? Or even not worth doing? Maybe someone showed? Or vice versa, pregnancy was, but the test did not show?

I made 5 (!) Different and none showed, even after 5 days of delay. The manual says that a false-negative result is possible if the kidneys are not in order or with the cardiovascular system. Although I have never complained of anything else. In general, clear blue is said to have good tests, they have a higher sensitivity to hCG than other tests, and they show up to a delay.

9 L, and pregnancy and childbirth in the end went well?

Did evitest 4 days before the expected menstruation, but negatively. Let's see what tomorrow, tomorrow 1 day delay says. We really hope!
Are you writing that evitest is bad? And in our pharmacies there are simply no other tests, so here. There is nothing to choose from. I hope not lie.

I did a test 2 days before the delay, showed)))) test Eva

Made 4 tests (2Lady Test and 2KnowNOW) 2 strips on all 4 but pale until 2 days delay, let's see they lied not.

I went to the ultrasound today, I can not see anything else, they said to come in a week, only they found an increase in the right ovary, maybe because of this, the tests show the 2nd not bright strip? :(

the test showed me the second strip five days before the delay

Can pull the lower abdomen during pregnancy in the early period?

Maybe even how. I have since the first week pulled .. ((

Maybe even how. I have since the first week pulled .. ((

Girls, now waiting for the delay. What do you think at the initial term can feel sick at night? I really hope for a pregnancy, but there are no other signs except nausea.

Girls help really want a baby.
all the signs are anointed one day like blood (I read that this Konda joins the uterus with such discharge) thought M but early. and pulls the stomach, and weakness and type of indisposition, did the test but negatively. (((
I wait for tomorrow after M, with fear.
What other signs tell

I showed a weak strip before the delay was 4 days, I re-did the test for 1 day. Delay 2 red stripes, Eviteste never lied to me! I don’t know Luda I believe the tests they haven’t let me see a doctor yet!

I did 3 tests 2 of them showed a weak strip until the delay of 3 days, I went to the ultrasound, and nothing is visible: - ((((((((((((((((((((

Please tell me, if I have M., I have finished 11, and today 20 and the test showed 2 strips, and in fact, before M., at least 15 days! How to perceive the result of the test.

I once experienced an experienced gynecologist said that a good pregnancy test shows her on the trail. 3 days after sex (I do not claim that it is). It seems to be called "Frautest". But in general, if the test is positive, then why suffer with doubt? go to the doctor.

girls help please. unprotected sex was on the last day of menstruation and on the next day .. could i get pregnant? It took more than 2 and a half weeks. The test clearly showed one strip. menstruation should go in a week .. but there is a strange selection of brown color. and my chest hurts (maybe from approaching menstruation?) in general got terribly awful (((there is no way to go to the doctor, even kill me. I live in a small town. I don’t want rumors and all that. I am 18 years old

Is it possible to get pregnant if we were with a husband after ovulation January 10, 11, 01, January 12, 2001? Monthly should have gone 20.01, but went 01/13. before the menstruation and on it the veins appeared, the discharge intensified and a week ago it pulled down the abdomen.
Is pregnancy possible?
Thank you for your reply.

Is it possible to get pregnant if we were with a husband after ovulation January 10, 11, 01, January 12, 2001? Monthly should have gone 20.01, but went 01/13. before the menstruation and on it the veins appeared, the discharge intensified and a week ago it pulled down the abdomen.
Is pregnancy possible?
Thank you for your reply.

I can not get pregnant. and with the guy and me all is well. checked. (((

I used the test on the 18th, showed a negative, although all the signs are there, and my breasts hurt a lot, the periods should go on the 24th, so I wait) could it be that the test simply did not detect pregnancy, or did it show correctly and it really doesn’t?

Today I made the test negative, but I still have 4 days to M, although all the signs of B are.

Perhaps, and the test did?

Please tell me if I had an AP6 days ago will the test be able to show positively after 6 days of pregnancy?

Help the little girls understand. 04/18 were the month of May 2, 2005 was not protected by the floor. I didn’t finish it, but stuck it out at once! I finished it right away at 4.05))))))
what is the chance of getting pregnant. up to 12 more days, I have no strength to wait ((I really want a baby.

Anya, there is a huge chance that you will have a pregnancy. Make a pregnancy test, with my first child, the test showed 2 treasured stripes already 1.5 weeks after conception. I ran on the ultrasound, because it became a tummy tuck, and the doctor authoritatively declared to me that there was no pregnancy. So my son will soon be 2 years old. I will return to the test, at first the strip was barely visible, but with each new test it became brighter. So good health to you and baby!

Hello! Pregnancy was planned, did tests for ovulation, drank folic acid. 2 weeks after O, the nipples darkened, the skin around them, and a strip appeared on the abdomen. Can I be pregnant?

Hello! There was an unprotected PA for 7-9 days M (before menstruation, too). It's still 2 weeks to M, and I have been sick for 5 days already. Tests are negative. Can I be pregnant?

[I also couldn’t get pregnant, went to Matrona’s relics and after a month I’m pregnant withquote = "apro"] I can't get pregnant. and the guy and me are fine. We checked. (((

I have many signs that I am pregnant (my breasts hurt, temperature 37.2, nausea is true for the night, wants something tasty), but did 3 tests before the delay of 2 days DOES NOT SHOW ANYTHING (used the usual cheap)

Месячные должны быть 8 числа.Сейчас болит живот.Где-то за неделю болела грудь.Сейчас не болит.Тошнота по утрам бывает,устаю,на работе делать ничего не хочется.Делала несколько дней назад тесты-отриц.Может ли это быть беременность?Зайки,подскажите!

Лена, =) Вот у меня практически такая же ситуация и тоже незнаю ответа =)))

My husband and I strongly desire a child, but there was a stalled pregnancy, the cause of ureaplasma. Now we were studying every other day (we could not miss ovulation). two days left until the delay, but cheap ATTEST, does not show pregnancy

Hello, girls :)) I am here for the first time :))))) who is more experienced in this matter, please tell me:
I had a miscarriage in May (before that, after PA, my stomach started to hurt after 2 days, and a week later my chest got sick and my nipples darkened) then just recently, on June 29, I had a PA with a guy 2 days before the start of menstruation, a little tingling side, but rarely. And everything, nothing more. just yesterday there was such a selection - dark brown with green. I had such a discharge after a miscarriage. It could be a pregnancy. and the PA didn’t hit me on dangerous days and the guy didn’t finish me.

Hello. Please tell me, 31.07 PA ball is not protected. but the guy didn’t finish at me, M should start at 16.08, first his chest ached, but now it doesn’t hurt. I have already done 5 tests, all negative. can i be pregnant

did 4 times the test, after a delay, everything is negative, the test showed only 10 days after the delay, the ultrasound showed only 7 weeks

did the test in 7 days, before the ms and both tests showed the 2nd weak strip, I think that I am pregnant. all the signs on the face)))))


Hi, I have all the signs that I am Bereminna, but the test showed up to 1 lane delay

Hey. Naturally it can show because it happens that even during pregnancy can go monthly.

hello! please tell me 26-27.08.11 was the PA not protected. m. were 08/17/11. M should start 09/14/11. Today nausea appeared in the morning. almost vomited. could i get pregnant or not?

Tell me, please, can someone come across the same problem as mine. I somewhere in 2 weeks (and maybe more) before the alleged CD did the test. He showed a very, very weak, barely visible second striped. On the same day, in the evening, I took another test and it did not show anything, even the weak strip was not there. And all subsequent tests (I made them 5) showed a negative result. Tell me why so? If I'm not pregnant, then why did the test give a positive result? And if in this case, could terminate the pregnancy, if it was of course? After all, I heard that even a weak second strip indicates pregnancy. Cd is still a week, and I’m all worn out: (((

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The principle of functioning of pregnancy tests, which are used even before the onset of the delay of critical days

Today, tests that diagnose the fact of fertilization, stand out for their reliability, as well as sensitivity. The effect of such a test is performed on the same principle. This test contains a substance that is responsive to the presence of gonadotropin hormone in a woman.

If there is no fertilization, then there is no chorion in the blood that secretes hCG. Immediately after the embryo is introduced into the uterine wall, the process of hCG production begins, it occurs after conception ten days later. During this period, the hormone level only begins to increase. The amount of hormone increases every two, the test can be carried out in the period of reaching the appropriate level.

This hormone appears in the female urine on the seventh day after conception (that is, later for several days than in the blood), the level of its concentration is not less than ten mIU / ml. Until the eleventh week, the level of chorionic gonadotropin during the process of carrying the baby gradually increases.

Most medical professionals are recommended to perform testing after a delay on the third day. Since there is a high probability that a previously performed procedure due to low levels of hCG may show an incorrect result.

However, if you still do not want to wait, then you can use highly sensitive tests that can detect this very hormone in the smallest quantities. Home tests are capable of showing hCG, of which urine contains above 25 mIU / ml, and 10–20 mIU / ml is the threshold that highly sensitive tests are capable of displaying.

Application of the test that determines the fact of fertilization

There are several varieties of tools that help in the home to identify pregnancy. The principle of their action in many of these tests is the same. The difference lies only in the method of diagnosis, including the display of the result.

There are jet tests, the effect of which is to substitute the device under the stream of urine emitted by a woman. There are tests that look like a cassette. To get the result, you need to apply a special pipette to the device a few drops of urine. Such cassettes are usually characterized by a fairly high level of sensitivity.

The most common and accessible are tests that look like strips, which should be lowered into the appropriate container where the urine was collected, the result will be ready in half a minute.

The appearance of the second strip confirms the presence of pregnancy, regardless of its saturation. The first strip is a control one, confirming the fact that everything is fine with the test.

Some tests instead of two strips show a plus, which indicates the presence of conception, and the minus sign, respectively, indicates its absence. Today, digital tests are becoming more popular. When using this test, the result obtained is rather easy to interpret. The electronic display shows the fact that you soon acquired the status of a mommy, in particular, the expected period of birth, determined from the date of conception.

The result displayed on the test

At present, the test that determines pregnancy is the simplest and easiest way by which you can learn about the fact of conception on the tenth or fourteenth day after the expected date of fertilization.

When applying this method, you should take into account certain points that will contribute to obtaining the most accurate result:

  • Before using the device, check its expiration date,
  • it is necessary to follow the instructions attached to the product,
  • As a greater confidence, perform tests with an interval of a couple of days, this will contribute to the elimination of possible doubts.

However, if the result is negative, then you should not be upset, because there is a possibility that urine hCG in the urine has not yet accumulated in the right amount, therefore, the test strip to this small amount is simply insensitive. Therefore, you should wait for the first day of the delay, and then repeat this procedure.

At what time of day is it preferable to perform a test showing the fact of fertilization?

Many manufacturers recommend conducting such a diagnosis in the morning, taking for this the first portion of urine. However, as practice shows, the test will also show an accurate result if you do not use a large amount of liquid for several hours and do not urinate during this time.

All these recommendations apply to cases where the device for the presence of pregnancy is performed until the moment of delay. However, if you suspect that a conception has occurred, or if there is a delay, you can carry out diagnostics at any time of the day. Since the concentration of the hormone hCG contained in the urine is already in the range of sensitivity, therefore, most likely, the second bar will appear.

The principle of the test

The principle of the tests is the same, they are all set to determine the amount of the hormone hCG in the urine, which increases in a woman's body after conception. The accuracy of the result will depend on the sensitivity of the product, shelf life, method of operation, and so on.

In this way you can learn in the early stages of the onset of pregnancy. Doctors recommend doing the test after a delayed menstruation, since the content of hCG will be higher. Its standard value is as follows:

Tests most often show the correct result when blood HCG values ​​exceed 25 mIU / ml, and the hypersensitive threshold is from 10 mIU / ml. Accurately indicate pregnancy with the help of tests can be 7-10 days after fertilization of the egg.

What types of tests exist?

Each pregnancy test before the delay has its own characteristics, what are they?

  1. Test strips are affordable, which explains their phenomenal popularity. It is enough to lower the strip into the container with urine, the sensitivity of the device is low - from 25 mIU / ml.
  2. Tablet - their cost is much higher, to obtain results, you need to drop urine in the allocated space on the device, the sensitivity of the test is from 10 mIU / ml.
  3. Inkjet - in this case it is not necessary to collect urine, but it is enough to substitute the product along the stream. The sensitivity is similar to the second product. Cost - up to 300 rubles and more.
  4. Electronic devices have their pros and cons. Positive aspects - high sensitivity, from 9 mIU / ml, show the presence of pregnancy in the early stages, indicate the number of days after fertilization. The disadvantages include the high cost, up to 900 rubles.

Why do tests show an incorrect result?

A false-negative result of a product can be associated with many factors:

  • HCG levels have not yet risen, the procedure was performed too early,
  • incorrect operation of the test,
  • Expired shelf life or violated storage conditions
  • the presence of a tumor, which affects the increase in hCG growth,
  • hormonal drugs,
  • by consuming a large amount of fluid that flushes out protein from the body,
  • when diagnosing ectopic fertilization.

Warning: to get a 100% result can only be a way to donate blood to determine the amount of hCG.

When can I do a pregnancy test before a delay?

In the early stages, the level of fertilization hormone of an egg doubles every second day, first it appears in the blood and then in the urine only when its level is more than 10 mMe / ml - the test can reliably determine pregnancy.

The time when the test will be able to accurately show the result depends on many components:

  1. The duration of the phase of the menstrual cycle of each woman.
  2. Date of ovulation.
  3. Date of implantation of the egg.
  4. Physiological factors that may affect the test result.

Will a pregnancy test show before a menstruation?

If so, how many days? Today, the test can show conception in the early stages (3-5 days before the delay), but only if we take into account a few nuances:

  • the test should be with a high threshold of sensitivity, from 9 mIU / ml, you can use a Sezam test cassette, Ultra strip, Frautest, etc.,
  • it is best to do the test with the first urine, early in the morning, before eating and drinking,
  • After a positive result, you need to go to a consultation with a gynecologist in order to confirm the result 100%.

If the test shows a negative result, but there are no menstrual periods, then it is imperative to contact a specialist in order to find the cause of this phenomenon and conduct appropriate treatment of the reproductive organs.

Does the ovulation test show pregnancy?

Can the test for ovulation determine conception in the early stages, is it worth to trust such a result? This device responds to luteinizing hormone, the concentration of which increases at the time of release of the egg and its passage through the fallopian tubes.

During this period, the test for ovulation will show two strips, but it is not recommended to use this result to determine pregnancy.

Such tests may mistakenly react to high levels of hCG and indicate a woman to conceive, but in fact, most often there is a false result, giving unreasonable hope for successful fertilization.

The ovulation test can determine pregnancy because of the effects of completely different hormones that do not indicate the process of conception, and therefore it is best to use it for its intended purpose, and use standard special tests to determine pregnancy.

How to make pregnancy detection procedures using a test strip?

The test should be done no earlier than 4 days before the expected menstruation, if earlier, the efficiency is reduced to a minimum. On the day of the procedure, you need to prepare a clean container for urine, and it is best to get a sterile in the pharmacy.

Experts advise to use the first urine, but it is best to take the average, pour it into a container and remove the test from the package.

Place the strip in the urine at the appropriate pointer, leave the device for a few minutes, and then look at the result. If the test showed 2 strips - the pregnancy has come, one - is missing, if the strips are fuzzy, then you should repeat the procedure or consult a doctor for professional help.

Electronic tests are able to determine how long the pregnancy is, how many days have passed after ovulation, even if it is still a long period before the menstruation is delayed.

For the most accurate diagnosis, it is advised to carry out several tests, and to buy devices at the pharmacy points, they precisely monitor the terms and conditions of storage of the product. If the delay is several days, then the probability of obtaining a reliable result increases several times.

Reliability of results

The period of pregnancy should be counted from the day of ovulation, the maximum opportunity to get pregnant comes in the middle of the cycle. How to calculate the most favorable period for conception?

For example, if the phase has 26 days, then the fertilization of the egg is best carried out for 12-14 days, and the duration of ovulation is from 16 to 48 hours. In the case of multiple pregnancy, the time of pregnancy may occur earlier, and the test will show a positive result even before the delay of menstruation. Take care of your health and do not self-medicate!

Bulgakova Olga Viktorovna

Doctor obstetrician-gynecologist, Stavropol, Graduated from the Stavropol Medical Academy with honors. Residency in obstetrics and gynecology. Advanced training for the treatment of infertility.