Depression in femostone


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So unbearable to become barren?

when did you finish drinking pills?
And how many menstruation is gone?

And why do you drink it?

2 days ago, without a break, I began to drink the 2nd pack, the last time my period was on femoston in June, before that year
I drink to stimulate the ovaries

Hello. Femoston is a medicine with a strictly calculated course, ending with one pack you need to take a break in 2 weeks. Monthly come after cancellation. And how much was weight loss? if more than 10 kg, then you first need to dial at least 8! And you yourself can not prescribe medication! to the gynecologist, and perhaps first to a psychiatrist. Good luck.

Natalie, thank you so much for answering.
the doctor said so to me to drink, said you want, you do not want it, and your period will come. So I thought, the tablets are "defective"
I don’t want to recruit, well, no more than 3-eh exactly = (and could you answer if you know if I should play sports? or wait a little Is he not happy?

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Same problem. Femoston's pack is over, the monthly ones never came. I do not know how much to wait for them! prescribed to drink 6 months. A new pack begins on the first day of menstruation.

Hello. I spent a month on Femoston (month not) and did not know when to start the next pack, wait for month or not. Now she called the doctor, she said that immediately, as the 1st pack ended, to start the second one. There is no need to wait for the months, they may not be there at first. Although I have a regular life cycle.

Hello. I spent a month on Femoston (month not) and did not know when to start the next pack, wait for month or not. Now she called the doctor, she said that immediately, as the 1st pack ended, to start the second one. There is no need to wait for the months, they may not be there at first. Although I have a regular life cycle.

the same situation, finished drinking femoston 2/10 and months did not come, so scary that they do not exist at all, recovered by 6 kg because of this.

Drank 6 months Femoston 2/10 months no 2 months already, what does it mean to do me 34 years.

Diagnosis of ovarian depletion

I gynecologist prescribed it makes it possible for menopause! I almost died from aggravated extrasistols (7,000 pieces) per day! But the gynecologist did not agree that it was from him! I will come to myself for a long time.

I also have a problem. Femoston 2/10 has been drinking for 6 months, but this time I don’t see my periods, I don’t know what happened.

Hi girls) Cut 3 months femoston 2/10 monthly came on day 4 after the last pill. but now she canceled femoston and already has a delay of 6 days, the test is negative (((Last time was at the end of February .. Femoston saw as hormonal failure (ovarian dysfunction) ..

when finished drinking pills? And how many menstruation is no longer there?

Similarly, I drank the package and as many months as it was not there, I immediately began to drink the second package. Femoston 2/10 already drank three tablets from the new package and they did not come “reptiles”, tearing up the roof, worrying why they are not there.

Hi girls) Cut 3 months femoston 2/10 monthly came on day 4 after the last pill. but now she canceled femoston and already has a delay of 6 days, the test is negative (((Last time was at the end of February .. Femoston saw as hormonal failure (ovarian dysfunction) ..

Like now. similar situation, no M after cancellation

monthly while taking femoston come on 4-5 pill from the next pack. No breaks make it drunk continuously in the instructions it is

The manual says in black and white that if you have not stopped your menstruation, you should start taking femoston from the 1st day of the cycle, that is, from the day of menstruation, you have to wait and start to drink the second pack if you drink them continuously, then every time your pregnancy fails . When pregnant, they are generally not recommended to drink. It is still good to drink continuously for those who have a stable cycle of 28 days, and who have more to wait for them. This preporat is meant for support and preparation for conception, and not for glatat and glat.

Hello everyone, before that I drank femoston 2/10 and m / h came as I drank two pills and I drink 6 right now and they are not there ((((what should I do before drinking a pack?

Independently do not need to cancel femoston. I, too, drank a pack, the monthly ones did not arrive, the second one started today, usually the monthly ones arrived earlier than the pack ended. I think. This means that the endometrium is not as long as necessary. Monthly is after all residues of unnecessary endometrium. He was so thin with me. Or another version of pregnancy. But in my case it is hard to believe (one ovary and exhausted). If there are girls who are pregnant with femostone and with one ovary please answer.

4 years I drink femoston 2/10 with breaks. If I quit drinking monthly do not come, so it was about a year until I started drinking femoston. Changes occurred today after 4 years, I stopped drinking femoston for 2 months and today menstruation came on their own. I'm so glad. Can we hope that everything will be restored now? and is there a chance that i will get pregnant?

But please tell me your femoston reception regimen?

4 years I drink femoston 2/10 with breaks. If I quit drinking monthly do not come, so it was about a year until I started drinking femoston. Changes occurred today after 4 years, I stopped drinking femoston for 2 months and today menstruation came on their own. I'm so glad. Can we hope that everything will be restored now? and is there a chance that i will get pregnant?

Good day! please tell me if there are those who have become pregnant on feastone?

the doctor prescribed me a feaston, and duphaston from the 16th day of the cycle. I did not have to drink today, they should not start monthly, I have a regular cycle of 28 days (I really want a baby ((for a year and 4 months we can’t do anything ((

Hello . The girls drank the first pack of femoston 2/10 from 15 days added duphaston. I’m waiting for the 2 nd day, but there aren’t any ((. Who has any symptoms when taking the pills? My chest hurts (poured)) and the first 2 weeks the lower abdomen hurt badly (like ovaries), although my doctor says that should not hurt, like it is either the intestines or the spine.

Hello! My period came on the third pill. From side effects: the chest hurts and the back, it happens, aching, the weight did not increase.

Hello. Femoston is a medicine with a strictly calculated course, ending with one pack you need to take a break in 2 weeks. Monthly come after cancellation. And how much was weight loss? if more than 10 kg, then you first need to dial at least 8! And you yourself can not prescribe medication! to the gynecologist, and perhaps first to a psychiatrist. Good luck.

I have the same thing after cesarean no 2 years! Doctors are in no hurry to sound the alarm. Hormones are normal, the endometrium is only thin. Femoston 2 10 I drink 1 month, but there is no monthly. Should I buy the second package and continue?

the same situation, finished drinking femoston 2/10 and months did not come, so scary that they do not exist at all, recovered by 6 kg because of this.

I took femoston 1 for 6 months, and after them the first month was not menstrual, and the second only smears a little, but they do not start, the tests are negative

Independently do not need to cancel femoston. I, too, drank a pack, the monthly ones did not arrive, the second one started today, usually the monthly ones arrived earlier than the pack ended. I think. This means that the endometrium is not as long as necessary. Monthly is after all residues of unnecessary endometrium. He was so thin with me. Or another version of pregnancy. But in my case it is hard to believe (one ovary and exhausted). If there are girls who are pregnant with femostone and with one ovary please answer.

I also have one ovary and is exhausted
, there are three pills left on the first pack, but I don’t have any monthly ones, I worry, why?

Hello, I was assigned femoston 2/10 according to the diagnosis - ovarian depletion. Saw 3 months - monthly were as expected. It so happened that I flew to India for 2 weeks, but stayed for six months, the pills are over, but there are no analogues here, the doctors do not understand what I need and prescribe contraceptives. instead of HRT. 3 months as I do not accept femoston and there is no mx, I am not pregnant.

The question of why the monthly does not come remains unclear.
Tell me please, those who have already written here about their delays. Time has passed more, but the month. so no? What can we expect those who have only 2 or 3 three days.

You have in India much more than many other means (not drugs, such as Ayurvedic baths) and other ways to cause menses.

My early menopause prescribed femoston2 / 10 told the doctor to start taking it when menstruation comes, but they are not. Has prescribed dufaston.yachnyh also there is no .. already 9 weeks are missing. What do you tell me? Femoston is sure to start drinking on the first day of your period? Or you can do without them

Do not smack nonsense. and then you tell the girl. Let him follow the instructions. And in the instruction in black and white: no breaks! Even in 1 day! Znvtok, damn it. This is not a contraceptive drug. This is HRT.

I have the same thing after cesarean no 2 years! Doctors are in no hurry to sound the alarm. Hormones are normal, the endometrium is only thin. Femoston 2 10 I drink 1 month, but there is no monthly. Should I buy the second package and continue?

I have the same thing after cesarean no 2 years! Doctors are in no hurry to sound the alarm. Hormones are normal, the endometrium is only thin. Femoston 2 10 I drink 1 month, but there is no monthly. Should I buy the second package and continue?

Hello, girls. I was on the abolition of femoston 6 days after the first places the body rested. Monsters passed, 6 days there was nothing, but now 2 weeks already mazhut.ginya I have such ***, kapets.

Hi girls) Cut 3 months femoston 2/10 monthly came on day 4 after the last pill. but now she canceled femoston and already has a delay of 6 days, the test is negative (((Last time was at the end of February .. Femoston saw as hormonal failure (ovarian dysfunction) ..

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Why is appointed and how femoston is drunk, if there is no monthly?

The rapid wilting of the female body after 50 years is primarily due to hormonal deficiency. Together with the function of the ovaries, the softness and elasticity of the skin gradually disappears, the sexual desire decreases, and instead hot flashes and a constant feeling of irritability appear. Hormone replacement therapy is a real salvation for women. Assigning femoston, if there are no menstrual periods or menopausal disorders have already begun, many unpleasant manifestations of menopause can be prevented. How does the drug and affects the woman's body?

Read in this article.

Why prescribe a drug

Femoston is a drug from the group of hormone replacement therapy (HRT). Appointed to women for the correction of menopausal disorders during artificial or natural menopause. It also shows the use of the drug as a preventive measure for the development of osteoporosis in the fair sex after 50 years.

Femoston consists of two components - estrogen or progestin. It is this composition that makes it possible not to include additional medications when using this drug ZGT.

The estrogen part is estradiol, which by all parameters is identical to the natural. Thanks to him, the therapeutic effect is to a greater degree. The progestin component, didrogesterone, protects the female genitals from the excessive influence of estrogens. Femoston is a modern low-dose drug for hormone replacement therapy. Earlier predecessors often contain only an estrogen component, which makes it necessary to additionally take drugs with a gestagen action, for example, duphaston and others.

Monthly after femoston can be or not, it all depends on the regimen of medication and the initial hormonal profile of the woman.

For early manifestations

After 40–45 years (for all women individually), the ovarian function gradually begins to fade. This is manifested primarily by various violations of the cycle (bleeding, delay, etc.), as well as changes in metabolism, behavioral reactions, etc. Many women at this time noted a rapid weight gain, periodic depressive states, frequent problems with sleep. Gradually, increased sweating, irritability, hot flashes. All these signs may begin to bother a woman against the background of continuing menstruation. Proper treatment of symptoms as premenopausal disorders and adequate treatment with hormone replacement therapy drugs help to improve the quality of life.

Treatment of Mild Disorders

This includes the prevention of atrophic changes in the skin and urinary tract, which do not appear immediately, but after several years of persistent menopause. Discomfort during an intimate relationship is manifested in the form of decreased libido, dryness of the vaginal mucous membranes and associated painful sensations during sex. Also, atrophy can lead to constant irritation of the genital area with the possible addition of infection.

Due to the estrogen component of femoston, the pelvic muscles atrophy and the urinary organs tone decrease are not so fast and noticeable. And this is the prevention of dysuric disorders, such as incontinence, for example, and loss.

For late disorders

First of all, regular and long-term use of HRT provides the woman with a significant decrease in the degree of osteoporosis. After all, even minor injuries can lead to serious fractures due to increased bone fragility with age. Femoston helps to resist.

HRT is also recommended for women with a heredity burdened by cardiovascular pathology. The effectiveness of prophylaxis in this case is the higher, the earlier they are started, until atherosclerotic plaques have had time to form. But a stroke or heart attack - an indicator that it is too late to do something, HRT is contraindicated in such situations.

Also, these drugs help to preserve the beauty, pleasant appearance and, importantly, help to maintain body weight at approximately the same level.

After removal of the ovaries

Especially important is the prescription of hormone replacement medication for women with early menopause (up to 45 years), as well as those who, due to some circumstances, had their ovaries removed. The fact is that in these cases all the consequences of the estrogen deficiency develop much more rapidly. Often a woman may feel more or less tolerant, even the number of hot flashes does not care, but manifestations of osteoporosis, cardiovascular pathology and other disorders will not keep you waiting without proper therapy, even if you ignore the obvious symptoms of the disorders.

Cyclic assignment scheme

The cyclic regimen provides for the continuation of the menstrual function of a woman. This scheme is used if there are still monthly, or even in the case when they are already irregular. In the latter case, no more than one year should pass from the moment of the last bleeding. If at this time to use a different regimen of admission, continuous, it is possible to provoke various hyperplastic processes inside the uterus. Namely polyps, endometrial hyperplasia, etc. This is due to the fact that the inner layer of the uterus is still very sensitive to estrogen, and even minimal doses cause an increase in it.

Continuous assignment scheme

If there are no monthly periods for more than a year, femoston can be assigned continuously. In this case, menstruation will be gone. But often, women during the first six months of taking note slight bloody discharge from the genital tract.

If you suddenly appear "monthly" after femoston in continuous mode, you should not immediately cancel the drug. It is necessary to observe the discharge: analyze the duration, abundance, etc. А также следует в обязательном порядке сообщить об этом своему лечащему гинекологу, который всегда правильно расценит подобные ситуации.

Typically, when taken on a continuous basis, bleeding can disturb a woman for no more than six to eight months, after which comes the persistent absence of any kind of menstruation. In the case when the lady still notes further concerns, an additional pelvic ultrasound should be performed and diagnostic curettage followed by a histological examination.

Causes of failure

Often, while taking HRT, menstrual irregularities can be observed. For example, a woman has not finished drinking femoston, menstruations have arrived, although they should not be. These may be spotting on the eve of critical days or full menstruation.

Also, instead of the usual amount of bleeding can only be daub. This is also allowed.

All such violations occur as a result of receipt of a portion of sex hormones from the outside. There is no reason for great concern when they appear, but it is imperative that you tell your doctor about it. Only a specialist can correctly assess the nature of such discharge.

We recommend reading the article on menstrual irregularities. From it you will learn about the causes of deviations from the norm, diseases that cause a violation, a visit to a doctor and drug therapy.

When it's time to see a doctor

While taking any hormonal medication, side effects and situations may arise in which you should seek medical help.

So, before prescribing femoston, the doctor evaluates all the pros and cons, given the indications and contraindications for this type of drugs. To the gynecologist should contact in the following cases, while taking HRT:

  • If there were discomfort in the mammary glands. Usually women note that the breasts are “poured”. This situation occurs quite often and for the most part does not require discontinuation of oral contraceptives. But it is necessary to additionally examine the mammary glands and perform an ultrasound or mammography. On average, after 3–6 months of regular use of hormone pills, these complaints go away.
  • If after the femoston come "monthly", rather it can be called daubs. The main thing is that before there was no such thing and it continues for more than six months. To exclude pathological conditions, additional research is needed.
  • With the appearance of heavy discharge on the background of the drug in the period of menstruation or not.
  • In case of violation of the cycle for more than 3 months when using hormone replacement therapy.
  • You should also notify the doctor if you experience headaches, often migraine-like, the appearance of various venous complications (thrombophlebitis and others), allergic reactions, and other conditions of concern to the woman. Only a doctor can determine whether this is due to taking the drug, and if necessary, change the dose or cancel it altogether.

HRT drugs, including femoston, help not only to preserve the youth of a woman, but also reduce the risk of developing diseases associated with estrogen deficiency. The earlier the use of these funds is started, the more effective the treatment and prevention will be. To prescribe a regimen of therapy and to select the required dosage can only be a doctor after additional examination.

HRT changes the environment as the designer does the redevelopment

In the 30s of the last century, the American feminist writer Claire Booth Luce thought about the question: “Why in the post-Alzac age do women only have children, home, shops, beauty salons, sports clubs and whist with friends? And the most interesting things are men, love, sex — it flows away somewhere, like water behind the stern. ”

The choice in this situation is small: to pretend that nothing is happening, thus preserving the status quo, or to get out of a humiliating situation through a divorce, having lost both her husband and wealth, and - to some extent - her position in society. True, in both cases, we are still waiting for depression and spiritual loneliness. The writer has invented her own recipe for salvation: 1) a bit of cynicism, 2) a bit of alcohol, 3) tons of humor.

But, if Claire lived in our time, she would, no doubt, also offered the fourth, the most effective way to maintain harmony - hormone replacement therapy. Yes, it is HRT that helps modern feminine to stay fit, confident and sexy.

After all, what awaits us after forty? Look in the mirror. The skin is aging, around the eyes - rays of wrinkles, in the eyes - fatigue. Grows fat on the abdomen, waist disappears. We quickly get tired, we are tormented by insomnia, we do not have enough strength for anything, we begin to grumble, we are not satisfied with everything. Well, who wants to love us like that?

One wise man correctly noticed that a woman’s youth ends when her beautician gradually turns into a first-aid kit. And so that this did not happen, let's talk about hormone wizards.

Our interlocutor - Marina Zhilenko, gynecologist-endocrinologist, doctor of medical sciences, head of the department of gynecology of the Clinic of professor Kalinchenko

- Marina Ivanovna, what is menopause? This is when the monthly do not come for three months, six months?
- Menopause - this is the last menstruation - a sign that the ovaries have ceased their activity. For her, there is no clear age. Menstruation in some women lasts up to 55, and up to 60 years, and this is not always a full cycle, most often it passes without ovulation. But the decrease in the level of hormones does not begin at the moment when menstruations stop, but much earlier, from about 35 years of age. An increased level of hormones produced by the pituitary - FSH and LH is determined in the blood. As a rule, progesterone deficiency is more common at first. Clinically, this is expressed in the shortening of the cycle, in bleeding. With a decrease in progesterone, there is more estrogen, which can cause endometrial polyps, hyperplasia (thickening of the endometrial mucosa). Often, gynecologists, finding a thickening of the endometrium in a woman and without going into the causes of this process, send the patient to cure. After surgery, the material is sent for histological examination to exclude oncology, for example, adenocarcinoma.

I do not scare, I just want to warn you that the hormones should be monitored from 35 years. At this age, you need to take an FSH and show the analysis to an endocrinologist or a gynecologist-endocrinologist. The growth of FSH suggests that the body has a clear lack of estrogen. So, it's time to start treatment and fill the deficit. So, it is necessary to donate blood for FSH once a year. This will allow the doctor to identify early menopause. And from the age of 40, not only FSH, but also LH should be taken. I recommend testing and testosterone levels.

What do we know about hormones? Translated from the Greek "hormone" means "set in motion", "exciting." Hormones and the truth regulate everything: metabolic processes, mood, emotions, sexuality, height, conception, pregnancy, breathing. Hormones are informants that help all organs communicate with each other. The lack of one hormone gradually leads to a failure in the entire hormonal system.
Sex hormones are the basis of this system. These include:
1. Estrogen - are responsible for beauty, prevention of atherosclerosis and hypertension, bone metabolism and fat burning,
2. Progesterone (from the group of gestagens) - is responsible for the onset and gestation of pregnancy, the prevention of hyperplasia, glandular cysts, local immunity of the mucous membranes,
3. Androgens (testosterone).

- Why should a woman check the level of the male hormone?
- It is naive to believe that hormones are divided into "male" and "female". "Male" hormones are called simply because men have more of them in quantitative terms. In fact, in women, "male" testosterone is 3-4 times higher than the level of "female" estrogen. Testosterone in the female body is produced in the adrenal glands, in the ovaries, and in adipose tissue. Testosterone has many functions. He is responsible not only for the libido, insulin level, slim figure, but also for anesthesia, purposefulness, mood, muscle tone, vascular condition. When estrogen and gestagen are falling in post-balzak age, testosterone can remain at a high level and maintain bone density and cardiovascular system for some time.

Initially, a high level of testosterone will help a woman to more easily tolerate menopausal syndrome - hot flashes, sweating, insomnia, and chronic fatigue. It is to him that we should be grateful that he saves our body from the sharp collapse of all systems. If there is little testosterone, then women become depressed, become irritable on the most insignificant occasion. Then osteoporosis, fractures, muscle atrophy, heart attacks, strokes join the spleen ... Moreover, testosterone deficiency can begin in 25 years. It may decrease, for example, against the background of oral contraception. In this case, if there is a need, the doctor prescribes hormone therapy.

- Unfortunately, few people watch their hormones. Not everyone is asking for help from an endocrinologist, even about the ebb and flow. Some people don’t come for half a year, and they are confident that this is normal: “My mom's menopause also began in 40 years”.
- When menstruation stops, a normal woman goes and makes an ultrasound scan to exclude pregnancy or possible pathology. Lack of menstruation can be a consequence of inflammatory processes, and changes in the ovaries. The reason may be obesity, and severe stress. Long flights, abrupt climate change also affect the cycle. "Turn off" menstruation, multiple ovarian cysts and ovarian dysfunction.

- Suppose I persuaded my friend to be examined for tides at the endocrinologist. What tests does she need to pass first? By the way, when I came to my local gynecologist with complaints of pressure surges and tides, she immediately assigned me hormones without any tests.
- Hormone therapy cannot be prescribed without tests, otherwise a woman will receive a lot of complications. First of all, we send it to an ultrasound scan to see what state the endometrium is: can it be prescribed HRT or should we be curetted to get a histological conclusion about the state of the endometrium? Be sure to check the mammary glands. And then suddenly the patient has cystic mastopathy or fibrous formations, then our HRT should be carried out in the light of these changes.

All hormones interact with each other. The lack of some hormones causes an imbalance of the entire hormonal system, which is why it is so important to check the rest of the hormones. It is important to make sure that the thyroid gland is normal. The basic diagnosis includes insulin, TSH, lipid profile. Be sure to check blood clotting. If it is increased, then blood-thinning drugs are prescribed along with HRT. To find out the condition of the cervix, colposcopy is done.

- If you count at the rates of private clinics, the expensive diagnosis is obtained. However, according to the policy of compulsory medical insurance in the clinic, only ultrasound will be done, cytology and they will say: “You have good smears, ultrasound shows no pathologies. So goodbye. ”
- Sometimes it is difficult to explain to a woman that it is in her interest to pass all prescribed tests. After all, the doctor needs to see the picture in full, and not just a fragment. The main thing in treatment is the choice of an effective strategy. Sometimes it is necessary to check both the gastrointestinal tract and the liver, which react to changes in hormonal levels by lowering the level of enzymes, dysbacteriosis, and a drop in the level of immunity.

- I remember, I came to the gynecologist-endocrinologist about menopause, and he, after an examination, offered me to take off my blouse. I was surprised, I think, strange how. He was even more struck by the question: “Do not your embarrassing black dry elbows bother you?” “Still embarrassing you,” I answer, “but no creams and scrubs help”. “So this is a sign of second-degree diabetes,” he was stunned by me. Analyzes confirmed his case.
- The paradox is that even wealthy patients save on diagnostics. For some reason, they don’t feel sorry for the Gucci handbag. We are not accustomed to take care of our health. Yes, and our medicine is aimed at the treatment of the disease, and not prevention. Most gynecologists adhere to the postulate that menopause is a natural phenomenon, they do not die of it. And that only the pathological manifestations of menopausal syndrome deserve attention, when the tides, pressure surges interfere with work. Soviet women have been taught that this unpleasant period in life should be simply endured. Be patient and old. They inherited this mantra to their daughters. Recently, one patient declares to me: “Here is my sister - a doctor. And she does not take HRT. And I do not advise. And I told her: “Probably, your sister is lying on the sofa and complains that everything in her life is bad, that she has no strength, that everything hurts?” - “True, that is right - she aches and grumbles.” Some doctors, I know, scare women that hormones will increase beard and mustache.

- I have often heard from gynecologists that HRT is a dangerous thing: they say there is a big risk to make cancer with it. And that HRT can be taken only five years. Therefore, it is necessary to drink hormones, if there is absolutely no power to endure the costs of menopause. And it is better to start after menopause, to support the body in the most critical period.
- I will explain where these myths come from. Once in the United States at the initial experimental stage, HRT suffered a fiasco. In the framework of scientific research, hormone therapy was prescribed for both 70 and 80 years old. Naturally, she could not reverse the degenerative processes in the body. Moreover, the estrogen in the composition of HRT caused in some elderly overgrowth of tissues, including cancer. At the dawn of the introduction of HRT, doctors still did not know how long and how long it can be used. To begin with, they established five years - a period sufficient to neutralize menopausal syndrome.

Then came the scientific work on a longer reception of HRT, a significant effect was obtained from low-dose drugs. And today we boldly assert that hormones can be taken for life. It is wrong to endure menopausal syndrome and start taking HRT only after menopause. The sooner we prescribe treatment, the sooner we can stop the aging process. Hormones can preserve your age. If you prescribe treatment on time, even before menopause, the risk of heart attacks, strokes, osteoporosis will decrease many times. Yes, the first few years after menopause, the body will still operate at the expense of hidden resources, but then there will be dystrophic changes in all organs, and this process will be irreversible. HRT at this stage is ineffective.

- That is, if a woman at 60–65 years old comes to an endocrinologist for help, he will tell her: “It’s too late to drink borzhom”?
- In our clinic, she will not be told exactly that. We will be able to help in old age. You can assign a woman just one testosterone, because of it in the adipose tissue estrogen is synthesized. And this will be enough for her to feel normal. Patients came to me and 65 and 70 years old, and they did not have any atrophy of the vagina or tides - and all this due to sufficient production of testosterone. But few can boast of such powerful genetics.

- I was told that in the States there is the following practice: women who reach menopause are offered to remove the uterus and take estrogens.
- So you can not do. Then, in addition to the uterus, it is also necessary to cut off the breast, cut out the thyroid gland, that is, all hormone-dependent organs. After all, estrogen receptors exist in all organs. And uncontrolledly prescribing estrogen drugs, you can cause the stimulation of any organ in the body, which ultimately can lead to unpredictable consequences.

- I would like to understand what receptors are and why hormones are so dependent on them.
- Receptors for sex hormones are located on the membrane (cell membrane and nucleus). If figuratively, the hormone is the key, and the receptor to it is the well of the castle. The key is inserted into the well, and a cascade of biochemical reactions is triggered in the cell. If there is no well, then the key has nowhere to insert and the cell does not receive a signal, which means it is idle, or the processes in it are already going wrong. The hormone works only in conjunction with the receptor.

- So, if with the age of hormones it becomes less, then the number of receptors decreases as well? And if HRT is prescribed at a later age, then the hormones will not act, even if they drink carriages, after all, there will be practically no receptors for them left?
- Yes, receptor sensitivity decreases with age. And then the hormonal medicine will not work. The transferred inflammatory process affects the receptors. For example, endometritis, adnexitis lead to a reduction in the number of receptors on the membrane of endometrial cells. And as a result: hormones no longer affect the cells. After treatment of the inflammatory process, receptors can recover, in young women, of course, this happens much faster than in older ones.

- Are there any drugs that affect the sensitivity of the receptors? Is it possible to revive them so that hormones are not inactive?
- Unfortunately, such drugs have not yet been invented.

– Я читала, что когда в организме слишком много какого-то гормона, то рецепторов к нему становится меньше?
– Да, организм таким образом себя защищает. Человек – не машина, а сложная биологическая саморегулирующаяся система, в которой предусмотрены все возможные варианты событий, все процессы. Другое дело, когда происходит системный сбой в регуляции. Вот тогда на помощь приходят препараты ЗГТ.

– Существуют ли вещества, блокирующие рецепторы?
– Да. One of these substances are phytoestrogens. She "sits down" on the receptors and does not allow the woman's own estrogens to act on these receptors. When there are too many own estrogens in the body and the hyperplastic process is underway, phytohormones are very useful. They do not allow their own estrogens to attack the receptors and in certain cases prevent the tissue from growing. Phytohormones in the form of dietary supplements can be effective with endometriosis, fibrocystic mastopathy.

Question answer
- Can phytopreparations be used to treat menopause?
Sergey Apetov, gynecologist-endocrinologist, candidate of medical sciences, associate professor of the department of endocrinology at RUDN:
- Hormones of plant origin can eliminate minor hot flashes, but they do not reduce the incidence of cardiovascular diseases, do not prevent obesity, loss of bone and muscle mass, do not reduce the risk of diabetes, and in fact only create the illusion of imaginary well-being.

- Often, gynecologists prescribe a woman suffering from tides, not HRT, and phytoestrogens. How do you feel about this practice?
- When there is little estrogen in the body, then phytoestrogens to some extent support the system. There are women in whom menopause began at age 35, and for 10 years they stayed only on dietary supplements. But then there comes a period when phytohormones are not enough, and it is necessary to prescribe HRT. By the way, on some women dietary supplements have up to a certain point the same effect as HRT. And if dietary supplements relieve menopausal symptoms, a woman does not have mucosal atrophy, the general condition is normal, then why not prescribe phytoestrogens for a while?

And if, moreover, a woman has contraindications to hormone replacement therapy, then it remains to rely only on dietary supplements. There is no consensus among doctors in choosing a treatment method. Some endocrinologists recognize only phytohormones, others only HRT. I hold a compromise point of view: you can use, even combine both options. For example, in the initial period of reducing their own hormones to hold out on dietary supplements, and when their actions are not enough, go to HRT. Or, for example, I prescribe HRT, and the symptoms do not disappear to the extent that was expected. Then you can add dietary supplements, so as not to increase the dose of HRT. I do not understand why you need to welcome one and cross out the other. I am for the individual selection of therapy. Desperate situations do not happen. Even if the patient has suffered a cancer, heart attack or stroke, we can choose the optimal treatment regimen for her.

- Is it possible to take dietary supplements without consulting a doctor?
- In no case. By self-healing, a woman may miss a symptom to which she does not pay attention and which the doctor would regard as undesirable. For example, she accepts dietary supplements, not knowing that she has a precancerous condition. In this case, dietary supplements can provoke a tumor process.

- There is another question that every doctor decides on his own - the dosage of HRT. A couple of years ago, in an interview, a gynecologist told me that the dose depends on the desire of the woman. If she is 50 and she wants to have her period - many associate old age with menopause, then she will be prescribed one dosage. If menstruation is not relevant, then another.
- There are no strict rules that dosages 2/10, 1/10, 1/5 depend on age, no. The dosage is selected individually, taking into account the state of health, age, condition of the mucous membranes, skin, the presence of diseases in a woman and how she reacts to the initial dose. You can not enter the parameters in the computer, click the mouse - and the machine will give you a dose. The composition of HRT is the minimum composition of hormones, corresponding to the level before menopause. Sometimes I give 1/5 dosage for menopausal syndrome and I see that there is not enough estrogen and hot flashes do not pass. You have to add estrogen in the form of a gel.

All drugs hormone low-dose, so it is possible to choose the dose for a particular state of the body. First, a dose is given, which can either be increased or, conversely, reduced. If a year has passed since menopause, then the lowest 1/5 drug Femoston is prescribed - one that does not cause menstruation. But 2/10 and 1/10 support menstrual function and are appointed depending on the saturation of the body with estrogen.

For example, if a woman at the age of 50–52 comes to menstruation, then it does not make sense to stop it. If you assign her "Femoston" 1/5, which turns off the cycle, then she will still have irregular menstrual-like bleeding. I had a 56-year-old patient who had menstruation, and she did not have any pathological changes from the uterus, mammary glands, and thyroid gland. By the way, her mother's menstruation was up to 62 years old. This patient asked me to change her dose. I explained that a dose of 1/5 over time can cause heavy bleeding, which will have to be stopped with medication, there is a risk of endometrial hyperplasia, which is removed by surgery. By giving her 1/10, we create a clear menstrual cycle. And someone can give a half dose of 1/5 and then switch to a combination of hormone gels and drugs.

- I hope we convinced women that hormone treatment should be strictly controlled by an endocrinologist. How often should I visit a doctor?
- At the first stage, you will have to come to the reception once a month to pick up the dose, see how the body reacts to HRT. If necessary, an ultrasound will have to be done to find out if the endometrium is growing, in what condition the vaginal mucosa is. Until we achieve the desired result, do not calculate the optimal dose, until stability of indicators and well-being appears, then you may have to visit a doctor for three months in a row. If suddenly in the background of receiving HRT pain appears in the mammary glands, then it will be necessary to make an ultrasound of the mammary glands, check prolactin once again and, accordingly, reduce or increase the dose of hormonal drugs. And then, once a year, a woman will undergo a refinement analysis (hemostasiogram, lipid profile, FSH, testosterone, TSH, and others as needed), as well as a pelvic ultrasound, breast, thyroid gland.

- In the West, HRT is popular in the form of patches. Why do not all HRT drugs release in the form of gels, injections and patches? This would reduce the load on the liver and gastrointestinal tract.
- On the one hand, not every woman is suitable gels, patches and injections. Habits and skin reactions play a role here. On the other hand, the issue price. With the third, oral forms are better studied and it is possible to predict the effect of these drugs on the body.

- When there is an age-related drop in hormones, is it possible to stimulate the body so that it produces them itself, and not to offer immediately HRT? Is it not done in the treatment of male menopause?
- Perhaps this is our promising future.

- At the forum of our magazine, women are often asked: is it true that late births are postponing menopause? Some believe that the more children, the later menopause.
- As far as I know, mass research on the relationship of menopause and late childbirth was not conducted. I often hear that women give birth specifically late to rejuvenate. But when such mothers come to me at the reception, they confess: “What a lie! I do not maintain hyperloads, I began to tire quickly, the strength is not the same as in my youth. ” The body has given all its reserve capabilities to the child. Gestation, childbirth - this is a huge stress, and not at all stimulation of hormonal resources. Late children do not push climax.

In addition, we must remember that the child should not only give birth, but also bring up, give education. Therefore, it is still better not to delay childbearing to a later age. Everything has its time. Young people are not made by the number of children, but by their attitude towards life. Albert Einstein said: “There are only two ways to live your life. The first is that there are no miracles. The second is that everything in the world is a miracle. ” The woman is already a miracle. She only needs to realize this, and how to preserve health and beauty, doctors will tell.

The composition of the drug

The main active substances are estradiol and didrogesteron. Some tablets contain only estradiol (1 or 2 mg - depending on the drug), and the second half of the tablets also contain 10 mg of didrogesterone. And, of course, a variety of excipients that are part of the shell of tablets.

When prescribed

The indication for prescribing this drug is estrogen deficiency in women during menopause. It is used not earlier than 6 months after the last menstruation. Menopausal manifestations in each patient may be individual, but the general symptoms are still present. These are hot flashes, irritability, mood swings, dry skin and mucous membranes (including the vagina), pain during intercourse, unstable blood pressure.

Another indication is the prevention of osteoporosis in postmenopausal women. In this situation, the drug is prescribed even in the absence of clinical manifestations of the menopausal period, if there are contraindications for the use of specialized drugs for the treatment of osteoporosis.

Prescribed medicine "Femoston"? Reviews for menopause will be positive in the event that the patient approached the drug, and she tolerates it well. Otherwise, you may need to select another drug.

How to apply

The package contains 28 tablets. They all contain estrogen for continuous use. In the second 14 tablets, progesterone has also been added. Therapy begins with the use of pink tablets, and then transferred to yellow tablets. The drug is used without interruption: after the end of the package, the next one starts immediately.

Drugs for menopause: Femoston 2 10, 1 10, 1 5 contis are prescribed in different situations. Dosage 1/5 of the contu is used in women with a long-existing menopause, when there are no pronounced menopausal symptoms, but the drug is needed to prevent bone fractures associated with the development of osteoporosis, to stabilize the course of hypertension, when only taking antihypertensive drugs does not give the desired effect. In this situation, when prescribing the drug "Femoston" doctors reviews about it only positive. This is especially true of cardiologists who are not afraid to recommend hormone replacement therapy to their patients. As a result, a stable decrease in blood pressure and a reduction in the risk of developing acute myocardial infarction are obtained.

The instructions for the drug spelled out that the experience of use in women over 65 years of age is limited, but this does not mean that it is impossible. The main thing is to weigh the pros and cons.

Alternative uses

The drug "Femoston" 2/10, reviews of which can be found on most female sites, is currently also used in patients of reproductive age. The question is: "And for what?" After all, this indication is not spelled out in the instructions. Nevertheless, fertility specialists have found that due to the fact that the composition of the drug is identical to the natural female hormones, it helps a lot to cope with such a problem as thin endometrium. These are situations where the mucous membrane of the uterus does not correspond to the day of the menstrual cycle, which leads to the impossibility of developing pregnancy even in the case of fertilization of the egg.

But what does practice show, does pregnancy come on Femoston 2/10? Reviews on the forums are often negative. Patients complain that the menstrual cycle is lost, the discharge itself becomes abundant, but there is no ovulation as it is and no, and for some, the endometrium is still not growing. But there are some positive reviews. This suggests that the drug in combination with the addition of duphaston in the second phase of the cycle gives a positive effect, pregnancy occurs, only the course of treatment should not be 2-3 months, but at least six months. Therefore, the drug "Femoston" 2/10, reviews of which can be found are diametrically opposed.

The drug "Femoston" 1/10, which is also easy to find, has more positive recommendations. Some doctors and try to prescribe it to patients of reproductive age in order to regulate the menstrual cycle. But here, as a rule, it does not work - an insufficient level of hormones. And when prescribing women of menopausal age, it works well. Femoston 1/10 patient reviews are mostly positive. It is well tolerated, practically does not cause side effects.

Summing up, we can say that the drug "Femoston", reviews of doctors confirm this, is the most safe and effective in treating manifestations of menopausal syndrome, normalizing the menstrual cycle and preparing for pregnancy in women with endometrial pathology.

For children and adolescents, this drug is not used.

Negative manifestations

As with any medicine, this drug may have side effects. From their severity depends on whether the patient will continue to use the drug. These manifestations include:

  • headaches, there may be migraine-like pains,
  • dyspeptic symptoms
  • abdominal pain,
  • flatulence,
  • leg cramps,
  • breast tenderness,
  • violation of the menstrual cycle, which can manifest abundant secretions, pain, smearing bloody discharge in the middle of the cycle,
  • fluctuations in weight (someone notes his decrease, and someone, on the contrary, an increase in body weight).

Of the rare manifestations worth noting: the development of candidiasis, the growth of myomatous nodes, decreased sexual desire, mood swings, syncopal states, the development of thrombosis, the formation of gallbladder stones, allergic manifestations on the components of the drug, edema, due to which weight may increase.

But, despite all this, you can safely take "Femoston". Reviews of doctors show that the drug is well tolerated, side effects are rare or mild.

When the drug can not be used

This drug cannot be used for:

  • hypersensitivity to any component of the drug,
  • breast cancer in the past or present,
  • the presence of hormone-dependent formations
  • bleeding from the genital tract for an unexplained reason,
  • endometrial hyperplasia in the absence of histological conclusion,
  • thrombosis in the past or in the present,
  • thrombophilia,
  • Ischemic heart disease, acute myocardial infarction, ischemic stroke,
  • exacerbation of liver disease,
  • porphyrias,
  • pregnancy and lactation,
  • patients under the age of 18 years.

In gynecological practice often prescribed medicine "Femoston" during menopause. Reviews of doctors provide an opportunity to track the frequency of occurrence of certain side effects, help to find ways to combat them.

Issue price

The price of the drug may vary depending on the region and the pharmacy chain. But in general, the cost of medication ranges from 499 rubles per pack to 1,310 rubles. Here the dosage of femoston also plays a role. Price, reviews are available on the official website of the manufacturer.

When using the drug "Femoston" during menopause, doctors' reviews state that the patient gets better health by stopping or significantly reducing menopausal symptoms, preventing the development of osteoporosis (and with it preventing bone fractures), protecting against the progression of cardiovascular disease.

Every woman at any age wants to look healthy and attractive. Substitution hormone therapy helps in the implementation of this desire. Whether to use the drug "femoston" during menopause? Reviews of doctors say "yes."