Brown discharge after Postinor


Perhaps, in every woman's life there was unforeseen and unprotected sexual intercourse, and pregnancy is not always the desired result of it. If it was not possible to take care of the methods of protection in advance, then “emergency contraception” means come to the rescue. They are designed to prevent conception after having sexual intercourse. As a rule, this happens due to artificially induced hormonal disruption, which happens due to the introduction of certain hormones or hormone-like substances into the body with the help of medicines. One of such contraceptives of instant action is Postinor.

In 95% of cases of its correct use, the drug has an effective effect on preventing unwanted pregnancy. However, the use of this tool has a number of contraindications and side effects. Female representatives in most cases notice brown discharge after taking Postinor. Whether this is a pathology or a natural phenomenon, this article will tell.

Features of the drug Postinor

Postinor - pills belonging to a series of emergency contraception. They are used no later than 72 hours after unprotected intercourse, which culminated in the entry of male semen into the woman's vagina. Efficiency in the first day after sex is up to 95%, then it decreases to 75% on the third day.

The main active substance of the drug is levonorgestrel - synthetic hormone progesterone, which, when ingested in copious amounts in the body, is famous for its very effective contraceptive effect. Therefore, the drug can be attributed to a number of hormonal. Its action achieves results no matter what day of the menstrual cycle it was applied. But nevertheless, it is necessary to take into account the factor that not a single contraceptive in the world, even of fast action, is 100% protected against pregnancy.

As already noted, this tool can disable hormones, which can manifest such side effects as malaise, vomiting, nausea, dizziness, rapid heartbeat, shortness of breath, bleeding. There is a large list of contraindications for admission, these are tumors of various tissues and species, disorders of the cardiovascular system, gastrointestinal tract and many others, which are described by the instructions for the preparation. Also, the use of tablets is strictly not recommended for girls younger than 16 years, and more often than once in 3 months.

Almost every application reveals a brown discharge after Postinor. With proper use and dosage of contraceptive - this is normal. But sometimes they start because of some pathologies. How to distinguish the norm from the problem, read on.

Also, there are frequent cases of monthly delays after Postinor. This can happen due to changes in hormonal levels or as a result of pregnancy.

When brown discharge is normal

The high efficacy of the drug due to the high concentration in it of the derivatives of the female hormone progesterone - levonorgestrel. He, getting into the body of a woman, begins an active action on the endometrial tissue. They become much thinner, which does not allow the fetal egg to gain a foothold in it. Also, this synthetic component is able to trigger tissue detachment in the uterus. That is, this process will occur instead of menstruation, which, naturally, will not allow conception to materialize. In addition, the substance is able to arrest the maturation of the egg. All this is the result of an artificially provoked hormonal failure, which causes bleeding after taking Postinor.

Normally, these secretions should begin within a week after applying the medication. It will be brownish-bloody mucus, while it may feel dizzy, swollen mammary glands and even be upset stomach. It is a kind of acyclic menstruation, triggered by a large number of progesterones, which can begin not on time, but 5-7 days after using the pills.

When it is necessary to beware of brown secretions after Postinor

Sometimes the bleeding after Postinor can signal a problem. Normally, the secreted blood and mucus lasts up to two weeks. If this phenomenon is observed longer, then it is a violation.

Also the color of the discharge can speak about the problem. If they are bright red, bloody and thick, or accompanied by sharp pain, then an urgent need to consult a specialist.

White discharge or yellow with an unpleasant smell can talk about infection or the development of an infectious or fungal disease, since the drug does not protect against those, but only prevents unwanted pregnancy.

If after a specified period, a maximum - a month, there are no secretions, then it is a question of an accomplished conception. Perhaps the pills were already applied in the position or you were in those 5% who the drug did not work on.

If the pregnancy is excluded, and the monthly has not begun, then this indicates a serious hormonal disorder caused by the components of this tool. This can occur due to an overdose or unrecorded contraindication, gynecological disease or even ectopic pregnancy. For these reasons, persistent bleeding sometimes begins while receiving this drug.

Reviews of women and professionals

This drug has proven itself to be quite an effective hormonal contraceptive type. This is evident both from the responses of the women who took it, and from the words of specialists. However, its effect on the body is quite aggressive. This explains the fact that after Postinor brown discharge is found in 99 cases out of 100. Basically, this is a mandatory norm. Yellow and white mucous clots are not the result of the drug, but are pathological infectious and fungal nature.

Olga, 27 years old: “I accept Postinor from 18 years. Many said that health problems would begin, but so far they have not found any. Each administration of these tablets is accompanied by a brownish discharge without pain or smell. Sometimes nauseous. According to the doctor, I know that this is a natural consequence of the action of the pills. It is very convenient that there are drugs that save in unforeseen situations. ”

Svetlana, 36 years old: “After the third dose, Postinora discovered that I had no discharge for more than a month. I turned to a specialist and found with me that I have a strong hormonal disorder. Such a situation developed because I drank these pills without first reading the contraindications, but I have a small tumor. Now I am intensively treated and correct mistakes. ”

V.S. Lavrukhina, gynecologist: “Postinor is the strongest hormonal agent that is used to prevent unwanted pregnancy. Before taking it, you should compare the benefits with the possible risks and complications. I strongly do not recommend taking it to young girls. However, when used correctly, it provides high efficiency. Spotting is normal, one might say obligatory. This is the menstrual effect of levonorgestrel on the body. ”

As you can see, this drug can both save the situation and harm the body. Therefore, take it to cost only with the permission of a specialist.


Postinor belongs to the emergency contraceptive group. It is valid from any day of the cycle, while other oral contraceptives require a safety net with a condom at the beginning of the reception.

The active active ingredient of Postinor is levonorgestrel, which is derived from progesterone. Its concentration in the drug is quite high, so the contraceptive is not often taken.

Thanks to Postinor you can achieve the following effects:

  • the egg matures much more slowly than in the normal mode,
  • the endometrium becomes very thin, so the implantation of the ovum is almost impossible,
  • sperm can not get to the destination, I mean in the uterus, because the mucous secret becomes very thick.

The discharge after Postinor is quite understandable, since it is a blow to the hormonal system. The drug was created with the aim to prevent unwanted pregnancy at any cost.

This is very important if a woman is completely unprepared for the birth of a child for any reason. Postinor must be taken within 72 hours after unprotected intercourse. The drug will affect the egg in any form - at the stage of maturation and after its release.

The main thing is not to take it when the conception has already happened and the fetus is attached to the uterus. At best, the drug is simply useless. But at the same time it can also have a negative impact on the health of a woman. Young girls under the age of 16 are strictly prohibited to use the drug without the knowledge of the doctor.

Side effects

Brown discharge instead of menstruation after Postinor caused by a high dose of the hormone. The cycle is broken and it will take time to recover. In this and the meaning of the drug - unbalance the reproductive system, to prevent the conception.

According to statistics, the discharge appears on the 5-6 day after taking Postinor. And this will be just a sign that the mission has been completed successfully. In fact, levonorgestrel artificially causes unplanned menstruation, shortening the second phase of the cycle. And all because this substance belongs to the gestagens.

They are steroid hormones, the level of which falls before menstruation. The duration and nature of bleeding will differ from the usual menstruation. Postinor thickens blood, so discharge must end quickly.

The brown discharge after Postinor in a week is considered normal, because it has already been mentioned above that it is after such a period of time that unplanned detachment of the endometrium begins. In addition to secretions, other symptoms associated with hormonal imbalances may appear:

  • breast augmentation and tenderness
  • nausea,
  • prostration.

Emergency contraception has side effects just like any other drug. They must be studied before taking. One of them are spotting after Postinor. Although the woman is feeling unwell, there is no health hazard. The likelihood of such a reaction is small - only about 10% of patients presented the above complaints.


Unfortunately, the risk, though not great, is there. Postinor can prevent pregnancy in 90% of cases. There is still 10%. And most often it will be an ectopic pregnancy.

Interfering with the fixation of the embryo in the uterus, the drug is powerless if it occurs in the fallopian tube. This is usually the case if reception time is missed. If after taking Postinor discharge is accompanied by pain, then you should consult a doctor for further examination.

Postinor disrupts the coordinated work of the reproductive system, causing hormonal failure. Sometimes the body can not cope with the consequences on their own. And then you need the help of a specialist.

This mainly applies to women suitable for menopause, or to young girls whose monthly period began recently and because of inexperience had to urgently correct the situation. During such periods, hormonal changes take place, and the progesterone hormone will aggravate it even more.

Do not use emergency contraception often. After seeing the yellow discharge after Postinor, we can assume that the drug had an effect. Additionally, you can not take it. It is advisable to attend to a softer contraception before the planned sexual intercourse. The optimal dosage Postinora - once every six months. Otherwise, unplanned bleeding may begin, lasting a month or more.

Acceptance of Postinor can provoke any pathology, as well as cause exacerbation of a dormant disease in the body. If the woman has fibroids or endometrial changes (hyperplasia), the likelihood of bleeding is high. It can be stopped only with special medicines.


If we are talking about an overdose, then the picture will be different. The instructions indicate that the drug is taken no more than two tablets, following the scheme. It is necessary to maintain an interval of about 12 hours.

It so happens that the pregnancy is so frightening that the woman decides to take a double dose immediately. As a result, hormonal imbalance can lead to severe bleeding. And this is a threat to life. So the norm can only be called brown monthly after Postinor, and not the loss of large volumes of blood.


Postinor recommended not all categories of women. As mentioned above, one of the contraindications is age up to 16 years. In addition, it can not be taken if:

  • woman breastfeeding
  • there are some liver diseases,
  • hormonal background has already been violated.

You can not combine progesterone with antibacterial drugs spectrum and those drugs that are taken for epilepsy.


Above it was said that levonorgestrel should not be drunk for pregnant women. But it also happens that conception happened earlier, but no one yet knows about it. Or some naively believe that Postinor can cause a miscarriage in the early period if implantation has already occurred. This is not true.

In this case, after taking Postinor no discharge, but should be within a week. But after a while the bleeding will open or a prolonged daub will appear. And in parallel, the woman begins to feel worse and worse. In this case, a medical consultation is required. Scraping and taking antibiotics may be necessary to prevent further inflammation.


To summarize, we note: slight bleeding over several days is considered normal when taking medications, based on levonorgestrel.

If you have the following symptoms, you cannot do without a doctor:

  • excessive bleeding, in which the gasket fills to the edge every three hours,
  • discharge after Postinor does not stop and lasts from a month or longer,
  • bleeding is accompanied by severe pain,
  • the color of the discharge is scarlet, not brown, as it should be
  • general well-being is disturbed, as a result of which a woman cannot get out of bed and do everyday activities.

As soon as you realize that something is wrong, do a home pregnancy test. With a positive result, you can not hesitate - it is dangerous to life.

If there is no discharge after taking Postinor, a pregnancy test is required. It is possible that in your case the drug did not work and conception took place. In this case, you need to register with a gynecologist for a detailed examination and deciding what to do next.

Even if you did not notice any alarming signals after taking Postinor, you should still visit the gynecologist so that he can assess how much the drug has affected your hormonal system and whether everything is in order.

Finally, we want to say once again that it is more correct to take care of contraception before sexual intercourse. And choose a reliable partner who knows how to assume obligations in the event of an unwanted pregnancy. Of course, ideally, sex is a continuation of healthy and strong relationships based on love and mutual understanding, and not just pleasure with the first person you meet. Take care of your body, because it is sometimes very difficult to restore health broken by stupidity.

When can I apply postinor

Emergency contraception is called such because it can act on any day of the menstrual cycle. "Postinor" is a derivative of progesterone - levonorgestrel. The substance is embedded in the drug in high concentration, therefore, stimulates one of the following possibilities:

  • inhibition of egg maturation,
  • thinning of the endometrium in order to minimize the possibility of implantation of the ovum into it,
  • preventing sperm from entering the uterus.

All properties of the postinor ensure its ability to prevent unwanted pregnancy from developing if its probability is high but not yet realized. That is, it makes sense to use the remedy no later than 72 hours after a sexual act that is dangerous in this sense. It is equally effective at the stage before the maturation of the egg, on the day of its release and even after ovulation.

Causes of discharge of blood after postinor

Since the drug "Postinor" contains a high dose of hormones, its effect on the body is very sharp. Actually, this ensures the effectiveness of the tool.

After all, to prevent pregnancy and hormonal disruption may be created by its reception artificially. It is expressed by the usual sign: brown discharge after taking postinor detected for 5 - 6 days. This indicates that the drug has done its job, and you can not be afraid of unnecessary pregnancy. The normal reaction of the reproductive system lasts 3 to 5 days.

Explanations that are similar in appearance to menstruation are explained by the fact that the postinor creates a situation in the body that exists on critical days. After all, the second phase of the cycle immediately before menstruation is led by gestagens. Левоноргестрел, присутствующий в таблетках, один из них.It causes detachment of the uterine mucosa outside the graph.

Since the change in the balance of hormones is abrupt and sudden, along with the secretions, other phenomena may also appear:

Mucus with blood is sometimes seen as a side effect of a postinor. If it is noticed longer than several days, accompanied by a breakdown, this is unpleasant, but not dangerous. This happens in 10% of women who use contraceptives.

Do I need to go to the doctor

Spotting after taking postinor valid for a couple of weeks, if not abundant. Hurry to the doctor should be if they:

  • so intense that the gasket has to be changed more often every 3 hours,
  • last longer than the specified period
  • have a bright scarlet color (normal brown),
  • accompanied by severe pain
  • supplemented by other severe signs that are placed in bed.

A woman who has taken advantage of a postinor should do a pregnancy test. She sometimes comes after his admission, because the pills are not effective for everyone. Then the help of a doctor will be needed all the more.

We recommend to read an article about menstruation while taking birth control pills. From it you will learn about the effect of contraception and its types, the features of menstruation when taking hormonal drugs.

Discharge after use of the drug "Postinor" should be controlled very carefully. Often his reception is not without a trace, and for healthy young women. But even if the contents of the vagina does not indicate a threat, it is worthwhile to visit the doctor in the next cycle.

After postinor monthly go brown in color and in a smaller volume than always. . Prolonged discharge. How much the monthly period goes after postinor depends on the characteristics of a particular organism.

Brown discharge after menstruation. . How are the periods after postinor. Please note: if you have a question for an obstetrician-gynecologist, ask him in the consultation section with a doctor.

What are the menstrual flow after duphaston. Monthly after duphaston are brown in color and in smaller volume than usual. . Hello! After taking Postinor, my menses was disturbed. cycle and then u.

We recommend to read the article about menstruation after postinor. . After taking this emergency contraceptive, possible periodic spotting prior to the onset of normal menses.

Monthly after postinor may change due to a strong hormonal failure. Monthly delay after postinor is possible for several days (up to 7 days). There may also be a change in the amount of discharge.

Bleeding after the abolition of birth control pills is of the same nature. their actions, the peculiarities of menstruation in a woman while taking the drugs Postinor, Yarin and Janine. . Brown discharge when taking regullon: normal or.

What causes brown discharge after Postinor

Brown discharge after Pastoran is not a rare occurrence. But it is necessary to understand the reasons for such a reaction of the organism and to establish whether it is normal.

Sometimes, if a couple has unprotected sex, the woman decides to take a chemical abortifacient to prevent unwanted pregnancy. In Russia, for such purposes a drug such as Postinor is often used, it should be mentioned that in many other countries it is considered prohibited.

Postinor makes it impossible to conceive a child due to the rapid onset of menstruation, more precisely, its artificial challenge. This is due to the strongest hormonal impact on the female body, due to which the internal genitals can be significantly damaged immediately after taking abortive means. Therefore, this method of protection against unwanted pregnancy is quite dangerous and must be carried out under the watchful supervision of doctors. Unfortunately, women in our country often neglect this circumstance and take the drug on their own.

Brown discharge after Postinor for several days is the norm, they mean the completion of menstruation caused and cleansing of the genitals.

If after Postinor brown discharge replace a monthly and last more than two weeks, you should definitely and immediately consult a doctor. Since the reception of Postinor violates the established menstrual cycle, after it is taken, there may be a spotting bleeding of brown color with clots even more than a month. Only the doctor should diagnose the cause, since after such a powerful blow, the genitals are under stress, and, being engaged in unqualified self-treatment, you can only do harm. The consequences of frequent or improper reception of this tool can lead to menstrual disorders, various gynecological diseases and, most terrible, even to infertility.

It is very possible that the brown discharge after taking Postinor occur due to a violation of the rules of the drug or overdose. The correct application is one: at first 1 tablet is drunk, and the second only after 12 hours. If circumstances force you to take this remedy. Carefully read the instructions. And especially pay attention to contraindications and side effects. For example, if you take it 2 times in 1 cycle, you can get a thrombosis. And if it is impossible to stop blood loss with the use of drugs, the doctor has to do curettage of the walls of the uterus.

Be careful and do not mess with your health! Remember, to avoid terrible consequences, such abortive drugs should be used under the supervision of your gynecologist. And, before taking such desperate measures, it is necessary to make sure that they are necessary and, most importantly, acceptable for your body, therefore preliminary consultation with a doctor is the only correct way.

Questions from readers

after taking the postinor according to the instructions, the brown discharge went 12 days later. monthly delay month. after the reception were not yet protected PA. the tests are negative ... here in a month instead of the monthly again insignificant brown discharge. Is this a reaction?

month go spotting with a break of several days. Do not mess with these pills. no wonder they are prohibited in some countries! health to all!

There were brown discharge after Postinora - what does this mean?

Postinor is a contraceptive device used in case of emergency. If you have a brown discharge after Postinor, you probably came back monthly, as the use of this tool knocks hormones. However, if the discharge is abundant, with clots, it is urgent to consult a doctor.

In Russia, this drug is very popular, despite the terrible side effects, although in many other countries its use has long been banned. One of the dangerous consequences of using this drug is bleeding, sometimes lasting for a month. Therefore, women who have active sex life need to think about another means of contraception. Since its frequent use leads to disruption of the menstrual cycle, gynecological diseases and often to infertility.

Most often, brown discharge after Postinor occurs due to non-compliance with the rules of taking the drug in time or overdose. The correct is the use of two tablets with a time interval of 12 hours. If you take this drug 2 times during the menstrual cycle, you can earn yourself a thrombosis. When using the drug in compliance with the instructions, there are minor changes in the menstrual cycle, minor bleeding or prolonged menstruation.

Treat brown discharge after Postinor symptomatic hemostasis using Ascorutin, Vikasol and other drugs. If the case is severe and no treatment can stop blood loss, only curettage of the uterus remains.

Therefore, if you decide to use this drug as a means of emergency contraception, do not forget to look into the instructions and follow all instructions exactly.

Are brown secretions normal after taking Postinor?

The duration of brown discharge may be about two weeks. With more extensive and heavy bleeding, the woman needs medical attention. You should consult a doctor in such situations:

  1. Excessive bleeding, in which gasket replacement is carried out more often 1 time in 3 hours.
  2. Bleeding lasts longer than expected.
  3. If the blood is bright scarlet. Normally, the selection should be brown in color.
  4. When severe pains may be present.
  5. When other additional symptoms are noted that limit the movement of the woman, force her to lie down.

Some time after taking the hormone, it is necessary to pass a pregnancy test, which may occur after an emergency interruption. If conception is confirmed, then a doctor's consultation is necessary in any case.

If, after taking the pills, the brown discharge replaces the normal menstrual periods and lasts more than two weeks, you should also contact a specialist. The discharge of blood may be accompanied by clots, last more than a month. After this drug, the woman's body is under stress. Therefore, a professional should conduct an examination and diagnosis, self-medicating is not reasonable and dangerous for one's own health.

Brown discharge may occur in case of improper use of the drug, overdose.

Proper use: first taken the first tablet, the second - only after 12 hours. Pills should be taken only according to the instructions. It is allowed to use such contraception no earlier than 16 years of age, not more than 1 time in 3 months.

And a little about the secrets.

Have you ever suffered from problems with Menstrual cycle. Judging by the fact that you are reading this article - the victory was not on your side. And of course you do not know firsthand what it is:

  • heavy or scanty clots
  • chest and lower back pain
  • pain while having sex
  • unpleasant smell
  • urination discomfort

And now answer the question: does it suit you? Is it possible to endure problems? And how much money have you already “leaked” to ineffective treatment? That's right - it's time to stop with this! Do you agree? That is why we decided to publish an interview with the chief gynecologist of Russia Leyla Adamova. in which she revealed the simple secret of normalization of the menstrual cycle. Read the article ...

Drug description

Postinor is a hormonal drug that is used to implement emergency contraception. The active component of the drug - levonorgestrel - helps to slow down the processes of ovulation, the appearance of changes in the endometrium, stop the development of a fertilized egg, and its implantation. Also, the drug increases the viscosity of cervical fluid, because of which the movement of sperm is blocked, the probability of pregnancy decreases.

The maximum effect of this drug is achieved when it is taken on the first day after the end of unprotected sex. It is allowed to use the tablet for 72 hours after proximity, while its effectiveness drops significantly. If a woman drinks a remedy on the 2nd day, it will be effective in 85% of cases, on the third - in 58%.

For more information about the principle of action, the properties of the active and auxiliary components of the drug, contraindications, possible complications, refer to the instructions for use.

The correctness of the reception Postinora

Basically, with the right medication, there is no bleeding in nature that has been observed for a long time. But sometimes this drug can cause hormonal disorders, which result in a change in the nature of menstruation, a long brown daub.

Such side effects in most cases do not require treatment if they are not accompanied by a change in the shade of discharge, pain. Most often, such discharge occurs 1 week after taking the pill.

Sometimes brown discharge from women may indicate the presence of pathology, so we recommend reading additional information on this topic.

With the incorrect use of Postinor increases the risk of side effects, the development of complications. Therefore, this contraceptive should be drunk, taking into account several rules:

  • First of all, divide Postinor into 2 doses - in a package 2 tablets, each of which is required to be drunk at a certain time,
  • 1 tablet of Postinor should be consumed within 72 hours after having sex without a condom or by skipping oral contraceptives,
  • a subsequent similar dose of the drug is taken after 12 hours,
  • the faster the first pill was taken, the lower the probability of pregnancy will be,
  • taking the drug is allowed in extreme cases, it should be done no more than 1 time in 3 months,
  • If a woman has vomiting after 3 hours of taking Postinor, she should take another 1 tablet.

The effectiveness of the drug is evaluated according to the beginning regulam. The cycle should be normal, allowed a delay of menstruation for 5 days. In some cases, hormonal disorders associated with taking medication can cause heavy periods. In this case, you should consult with your doctor to exclude the likelihood of complications.

If the delay in menstruation lasts 9-10 days, it is worth visiting a gynecologist to exclude possible complications.

With monthly

The possibility of pregnancy in the last days of the menstrual cycle is significantly reduced, but in this case there is a small chance of conception during menstruation, and to eliminate it, Postinor is required to drink with all the above rules. In this case, the dosage means must be complete - 2 tablets after 12 hours.

After taking pills Postinor may experience changes in the menstrual cycle:

  • monthly start with a delay of 5-7 days, if the woman took the drug in the first half of the cycle,
  • menstruation may be more abundant
  • the duration of the regulation increases,
  • instead of normal menstruation, brown daub is possible.

With changes in the menstrual cycle, it is required to consult a doctor to exclude the likelihood of pregnancy, the development of uterine pathologies. Also, in some cases, the woman needs to stop the bleeding that has begun, which can only be done by a specialist.

During pregnancy

Before taking Postinor recommended to make a pregnancy test. If the result is positive, you should not drink the medicine, as it will not have the desired effect.

If, after unprotected intercourse, a woman took a pill and then found that she was expecting a child, she should not take the medicine again. The components of the product do not have a negative effect on the embryo, so even after taking it, pregnancy can proceed normally.

If the girl took the medication, and then found that she was pregnant, while there was the appearance of brown secretions, it is necessary to immediately consult a doctor. This is because such a tool increases the likelihood of ectopic pregnancy.

Side effects and contraindications

In addition to the appearance of bloody discharge, Postinor may also cause other side effects:

  • decrease in the ability to conceive within a couple of months after consuming the drug due to hormonal changes,
  • bouts of nausea, vomiting,
  • indigestion,
  • diarrhea,
  • the appearance of chest pain, swelling of the mammary glands,
  • mild soreness in the lower abdomen,
  • headache,
  • general weakness.

Their occurrence is considered a variant of the norm, so they do not require treatment to the doctor.

After taking Postinor may occur other manifestations:

  • impaired respiratory function
  • the appearance of allergies to the epidermis in the form of rashes,
  • puffiness of the face,
  • uterine bleeding,
  • repeated vomiting,
  • severe pain in the lower abdomen.

If these symptoms have appeared, it means that a pathology that threatens the health of the woman has begun to develop in the body. If such symptoms occur, you should immediately contact a physician.

Before taking the drug, please note that it has the following contraindications:

  • pathology of the gallbladder,
  • the presence of an allergic reaction to the components of the product,
  • severe hepatic impairment,
  • period of carrying a child.

It is also not recommended to take Postinor to children under the age of 16, and if a woman has previously developed an allergic reaction to this medicine or to Escapel.

Allergic reactions

After taking Postinor may be an allergic reaction. This complication develops against the background of hormonal changes or due to the presence of individual intolerance. Most often, women appear redness, rash, accompanied by severe itching.

Such an allergy begins to subside during menstruation, and then passes. But in order to alleviate your condition before the onset of menstruation, you need to see a medic.

Factors Affecting Allocation

Reception of Postinor can cause bleeding that does not have any color shades, an unpleasant smell. However, their appearance will not be accompanied by burning or itching in the intimate area.

If the described symptoms appear along with the brown secretions, it is necessary to immediately consult a doctor, since they indicate the development of infectious, bacterial or fungal pathologies of the reproductive system, inflammatory processes in its organs.

Against the background of hormonal changes, the body's immune system may weaken, which is why pathogenic microorganisms will begin to live in the vagina. Most often, such processes provoke the appearance of thrush. Discharge with candidiasis accompanied by a sour odor. The development of such a disease can aggravate the condition of the body, therefore, if an unpleasant odor occurs, an urgent need is to visit the gynecologist and carry out appropriate treatment.

Normally, it is considered that a girl after taking Postinor begins a spotting discharge consisting of blood and mucus. They can go for less than 2 weeks and then stop on their own.

Pathology is considered if the “artificial” menstruation is abundant. In this case, the bleeding lasts more than the usual monthly. In such a situation, you need to consult a doctor, since such a reaction can be triggered by serious hormonal disorders.

Normally, the discharge after taking Postinor should be pink. If there are bright blood, which are accompanied by severe pain in the lower abdomen, it is urgent to consult a medical professional, as this may indicate uterine bleeding.

White or yellow discharge, accompanied by an unpleasant smell, indicate the presence of an infectious or fungal disease. This is due to the fact that the drug is not a prophylactic, but protects only from unwanted pregnancy.

Treatment and Prevention

If, due to the use of the hormonal drug Posinor, the woman began to bleed heavily to stop it, she should consult a doctor. In this situation, a specialist may appoint tablets Ditsinon or Etamzilat.

If a woman suffers from the fact that her menstrual cycle is broken, her period is scanty and does not recover on her own, the doctor prescribes hormone therapy. In this case, the treatment regimen is selected on the basis of individual data.

Most often, with such discharge, hospitalization is not required, therapy is carried out at home, taking into account all the recommendations of the gynecologist.

To eliminate the need to take emergency contraceptive drugs, it is recommended to pay attention to other means that block the process of conception. These include well-chosen oral oral contraceptives, condoms, and an intrauterine device. Their use is accompanied by a lower risk of side effects and complications.

Discharge after taking Postinor

Due to a similar failure for 4-6 days after taking the remedy, a woman may notice brownish or bloody discharges of insignificant volume from the vagina.

That is, if the brown discharge after the Postinor switched to the blood discharge is, in principle, the norm.

Usually the appearance of such discharge indicates the effective action of the drug..

Normally, such a reaction of the genital organs to a sharp change in hormonal levels persists for 3-5 days.

Emergency contraception is recommended to use no more than 1 time in 6 months.

More frequent use of Postinor can lead to the development of a strong hormonal failure.

What factors influence their appearance?

Levonorgestrel, one of the varieties of the hormone progestogen, is contained in emergency contraception. Under its influence, the woman's body begins to actively prepare for the completion of the menstrual cycle. In some cases, due to the influence of Postinor, there is a partial rejection of the endometrium.. This explains the appearance of brownish secretions. They are not pathological.

Undesirable causes of discharge include:

    Drug overdose.

The use of emergency contraception requires careful adherence to instructions. Otherwise, intoxication of the body and hormonal failure may occur, a typical manifestation of which is menstrual bleeding. In rare cases, when taking an excess dose of Postinor thrombosis of uterine vessels develops. Ectopic pregnancy.

In 10% of cases, Postinor administration does not prevent the implantation of the embryo into the wall of the fallopian tube. In this case, the discharge will be scanty, accompanied by pain and a sense of general malaise. Severe hormonal imbalance most often occurs in girls under 18 and in premenopausal women.

The drug is recommended for use only in women with a regular menstrual cycle. This will avoid or minimize the chance of failures. Gynecological diseases.

In case of myoma and varicose dilatation of the uterus vessels, endometrial hyperplasia and a number of other diseases, bleeding may develop after the use of Postinor. If, after using the drug, you feel weakness, which is accompanied by heavy bleeding, immediately seek medical help. Pregnancy.

If the drug enters the body of a pregnant woman, the action of levonorgestrel can cause an incomplete abortion. In such a case, acute bleeding will develop, or continuous bleeding will occur.

How much is going on?

Normally, discharge after taking the drug should begin after a hormonal adjustment occurs in a woman's body.

As a rule, this period takes 4 to 6 days..

However, in some cases, discharge may begin 24 hours after emergency contraception.

How much are the selection after Postinora?

In the absence of complications, discharge stops after 3-5 days. In some cases, similar symptoms may persist for up to two weeks. A cause of concern should be a discharge of any nature, if a woman experiences pain syndrome, dizziness or weakness after emergency contraception.

After taking the means of discharge from the vagina is also called "artificial menstruation." This definition is only partly true: as a result of hormonal changes in a woman’s body, the endometrium is only partially separated or not separated at all. In this regard, the selection should be bloody or brownish in color, without clots, scanty volume.

In some cases, detachable may be pathological:


Often accompanied by severe lower abdominal pain, nausea and weakness. It may indicate tumor processes in the pelvic organs, an abortion that has begun, an ectopic pregnancy or an acute hormonal failure. In the presence of bleeding, you must consult a doctor. Spotting lasts more than 14 days.

In most cases, daub after Postinor signals the preservation of gestation after taking emergency contraception,

  • Whitish discharge from the vagina, accompanied by a feeling of itching and discomfort in the genital area is a sign of thrush, which developed as a result of hormonal failure.
  • Sometimes after taking the drug, discharge is not observed.. This is a normal condition, it does not indicate the development of gestation.

    Normally, the discharge should be brownish, not abundant, lasting for 3-5 days.

    In some cases, this period lasts up to 10-14 days.

    If there is a brown discharge after Postinora more than 14 days - contact your gynecologist.

    Such signs can signal the preservation of pregnancy - both uterine and tubal - or pathological processes in the uterus.

    In the absence of pronounced abnormalities, but maintaining prolonged scarce or moderately heavy bleeding, the doctor prescribes oral contraceptives for the normalization of hormonal levels and hemostatic drugs.

    White discharge after Postinor, which does not have a strong odor and does not cause discomfort, is usually the result of the drug. Under his influence, the cervical mucus thickens, and the discharge becomes more saturated and becomes more abundant.

    Brown discharge after postinora passing into the monthly should not cause panic. In some cases, a few days after taking emergency contraception begin monthly. This is a normal phenomenon, which indicates only a change in the menstrual cycle under the action of levonorgestrel.

    Treatment of brown discharge after Postinor

    How to treat brown discharge after Postinor? If the brown discharge after Postinor does not stop or is replaced by bleeding, it is necessary to consult a gynecologist. He will eliminate the presence of gestation and uterine neoplasms and prescribe the necessary treatment..

    Standard therapy for complications after emergency contraception consists in the use of hormone-containing drugs, hemostatic agents and vitamins to restore the body's resources. Most often as a universal hemostatic drug acts "Ditsinon" or "Etamsilat."

    What if there aren't any?

    And what if there is no discharge after Postinor, what does it mean?

    The absence of discharge after Postinor is not a pathology, however, the possibility of uterine or tubal pregnancy must be excluded..

    If menstruation does not begin for a long time, Duphaston or its analogue Urozhestan is prescribed to normalize the hormonal background.

    To regulate the menstrual cycle, you should coordinate with the gynecologist intake of the most suitable oral contraceptives for you.

    Postinor - a hormone-containing drug that affects the hormonal cycle. The scanty discharge after taking Postinor, which lasts for 3–10 days, is the norm and does not require intervention if the woman is not disturbed by any associated symptoms.

    If bleeding, feeling of weakness or other pathological signs appear, it is necessary to seek medical help.

    We hope that the collected material was useful to you and you now know what this means, if after the Postinor brown discharges have gone, what they should be and how many days last. And also, that if after Postinor the second week smears - this is a reason to consult a doctor.

    Why do bloody secretions begin?

    Since Postinor includes a loading dose of a hormone, abrupt and serious changes occur in the body. Herein lies the efficacy of the means.

    Artificially created hormonal failure prevents pregnancy. Usually manifested by brown secretions 5-6 days after taking the drug. This process indicates that the drug has worked and that an unexpected pregnancy can be avoided. Standard reaction of the sexual sphere lasts 3-5 days.

    There may be bloody discharge, similar to menstruation. Postinor creates a situation in the body that is present during critical days. The second phase of the cycle is under the direction of the gestagens. Levonorgestrel is one of them and is present in emergency contraceptive pills. Just this hormone causes premature detachment of the uterine mucosa.

    The changes in the orgasm are abrupt and sudden, so the bleeding may be accompanied by some other manifestations. This can be lethargy, nausea, breasts can be poured and sore, there may be a strong aching and pulling pain in the lower abdomen.

    About 10% of women who have used this contraceptive on themselves can see mucous secretion mixed with blood. It can stand out for several days in a row, in addition, symptoms such as weakness and dizziness may join. They are not very pleasant, but do not pose a danger to life. This can be a side effect after taking a hormone.

    Brown discharge

    The duration of brown discharge may be about two weeks. With more extensive and heavy bleeding, the woman needs medical attention. You should consult a doctor in such situations:

    1. Excessive bleeding, in which gasket replacement is carried out more often 1 time in 3 hours.
    2. Bleeding lasts longer than expected.
    3. If the blood is bright scarlet. Normally, the selection should be brown in color.
    4. When severe pains may be present.
    5. When other additional symptoms are noted that limit the movement of the woman, force her to lie down.

    Some time after taking the hormone, it is necessary to pass a pregnancy test, which may occur after an emergency interruption. If conception is confirmed, then a doctor's consultation is necessary in any case.

    If, after taking the pills, the brown discharge replaces the normal menstrual periods and lasts more than two weeks, you should also contact a specialist. The discharge of blood may be accompanied by clots, last more than a month. After this drug, the woman's body is under stress. Therefore, a professional should conduct an examination and diagnosis, self-medicating is not reasonable and dangerous for one's own health.

    Brown discharge may occur in case of improper use of the drug, overdose.

    Proper use: first taken the first tablet, the second - only after 12 hours. Pills should be taken only according to the instructions. It is allowed to use such contraception no earlier than 16 years of age, not more than 1 time in 3 months.

    When is the postinor applied?

    Emergency contraception is necessary in order to:

    • slow down the egg maturation period,
    • any way to prevent the penetration of the sperm into the uterus,
    • minimize the chance of eggs being fertilized.

    The main goal of the postinor is to prevent unwanted pregnancy from developing, especially if the probability is 50%. So, girls use the drug no later than 72 hours after unprotected intercourse. It is recommended to drink a pill immediately after sex, and not to endure a few hours.

    Discharge after taking the drug

    As a rule, this drug is taken only if emergency contraception is necessary.

    Under no circumstances should tablets be abused, otherwise there may be consequences after taking a postinor.

    The probability that a pregnancy does not come is 95%, but this is if the drug is taken after 24 hours from the time of unprotected sexual intercourse. 55-60% - a chance to prevent pregnancy after taking the drug on the third day. Every girl needs to know that these pills are very strong, they should be taken very rarely. Littering after postinor does not need to be considered as a problem, it is absolutely normal.

    Usually, bleeding begins to go a week after unprotected intercourse. The main thing is to take the drug in time, do not pull a few days. Moreover, after postinor brown discharge can go much more intense than during normal menstruation. All this is due to the fact that the girl takes a powerful dose of a special hormone that disrupts the biological balance of all substances of the body, releasing strong blood stains.

    When to worry and go to the doctor

    Do not forget that a lot depends on the individual characteristics of the female body. For example, someone has a menstrual cycle that lasts 4 days, and someone has a lot more. Here is the same thing: how much a girl weighs, what her height is, and so on, matters a lot. The blood after the postinor is released for 2-3 days more than it happens during menstruation. If it does not cease to go on the 10th day after taking the pill, then it is mandatory to see the gynecologist in order to establish the cause of the excreted fluid. There can be many reasons for going to the doctor, these are just the most frequent ones:

    • brown discharge after postinor, when a girl changes pads very often (every hour and more often),
    • the allocation of thick monthly, which go without a break for 10-12 hours,
    • spotting and clots after taking a postinor that started and goes more than one day,
    • severe weakness, persistent nausea, shortness of breath, dizziness due to an abundance of bleeding.

    The nature of the discharge after the drug

    "Artificial menstruation" - this is the name of the discharge that comes out of the vagina after taking postinor. A girl may see red spots, brownish and yellow clots. This is what is felt in most cases when discharge starts.

    • Bleeding. Very often, an abundant flow of blood is accompanied by severe abdominal pain, constant weakness and nausea. All this can also be the cause of a tumor, an abortion that has begun, an ectopic pregnancy, or an acute hormonal failure.
    • The duration of the discharge that went after taking the drug. If the period is more than two weeks, it is necessary to urgently consult with your doctor. Spotting should be, but they last a little more than 3 days.
    • White discharge after postinor. White discharge, which is accompanied by severe itching and terrible discomfort, is not considered normal. All this is a sign of one unpleasant infection that is easily infected - thrush. Unfortunately, almost every second girl has a thrush, which is very difficult to get rid of. Again, this infection develops when the vaginal microflora is impaired, and this is even due to the use of emergency contraception.

    Undesirable effects of discharge after postinor

    • Overdose.If you take the drug, not following the instructions, you may experience a hormonal failure, which will manifest a strong bleeding. It is better not to take postinor unnecessarily, since an excess dose develops vascular thrombosis of the uterus.
    • Ectopic pregnancy. In 15% of cases, after taking postinor, scant bleeding is observed, during which the girl will feel severe pain and discomfort. In this case, it is best to urgently consult a doctor, as this may well be the cause of ectopic pregnancy. It is impossible to joke in this case with the postorin, since 10% of girls have an ectopic pregnancy.
    • Hormonal disbalance. The drug can not be taken to girls who are under 18 years old. The fact is that postinor is recommended for those who have already established a clear menstrual cycle. If the pill is abused at a minor age, then the strongest hormonal failure of the body can be achieved. The same applies to women with premenopausal periods. It should be as accurate as possible in the choice of emergency contraception.
    • Contraindications. Postinor is contraindicated for those who have liver failure, who are in the period of lactation. The drug will only increase the abundant discharge and disorder of the body. Sometimes it can even go as far as an epilepsy attack, which is very scary.

    Why take "Postinor"

    “Postinor” is one of the first drugs that appeared to be used for emergency contraception. In the package there are 2 tablets, each of which contains a high dose of levonorgestrel and protects against unwanted pregnancy immediately after unprotected sexual intercourse.

    The effect is due to a sharp increase in the amount of estrogen and progestogen in a woman’s body. The main active ingredient of the drug ̶ levonorgestrel is also included in many other contraceptive drugs, but in a lower dosage.

    Reception "Postinora" provides protection against pregnancy in the following ways:

    • If the use of the drug falls on the first phase of the cycle, it postpones the onset of ovulation, which prevents pregnancy.
    • "Postinor" also thickens mucus in the cervical canal, which makes it difficult for sperm to move into the uterus and further to the egg.
    • High doses of hormones alter the structure of the endometrium, which reduces the likelihood of implantation (attachment to the wall of the uterus) of the ovum.

    Can there be normal brown discharge

    Brown discharge is allowed after taking "Postinor", and usually they are smearing. They can appear either immediately after taking the pills (usually after a day or two), or after a week or two, including on the days of the expected menstruation. Do not worry if nothing else bothers. As a rule, the following periods are normal. This indicates that the body has already rebuilt after a hormonal failure.

    What states should be feared

    "Postinor" must be taken strictly according to the instructions. Otherwise, the likelihood of various complications increases. Among them are the following:

    • Overdose. Maybe if a woman takes more than one pack of medication or uses emergency contraception too often. In this case, you can get a serious hormonal failure, bleeding.

    • Non-compliance with contraindications. "Postinor" is a serious hormonal drug and has a large number of contraindications. Women with chronic diseases should take it with caution, after having studied in detail the instructions.
    • Ectopic pregnancy. Possible when taking "Postinor", but the frequency of such cases is extremely small. In this case, the woman will complain of typical manifestations of ectopic pregnancy: abdominal pain, obscene dark discharge, lack of normal menstruation, a positive test, and a blood test for hCG is also positive.
    • Hormonal disruptions. Their probability is high if a girl uncontrollably takes Postinor, including if it alternates with other similar means. This can provoke long delays or bleedings, become the starting points for the growth of myomatous nodes and other diseases.

    See this postinator side effect video:

    Reasons to see a doctor

    Any violations of the cycle disturb the woman. Firstly, she is worried that the drug could not have had its effect, and secondly, it would not have provoked other problems (malfunctions, etc.). Therefore, any deviation from the usual cycle causes panic. However, it is necessary to consult a doctor immediately in the following situations:

    • bleeding continues more than 10 days,
    • there are additional symptoms: abdominal pain, fever, etc.
    • pregnancy test is weak positive or positive
    • menstruation is very abundant and comparable to bleeding.

    Treatment of brown secretions after Postinor

    In most cases, such failures do not require additional treatment and the discharge pass on their own. Protracted require the appointment of hemostatic drugs, sometimes hormonal therapy. If concomitant diseases are found, they are treated, for example, inflammation of the appendages, etc.

    And here more about the features of menstruation after Eskapel.

    Postinor is one of the drugs for emergency contraception. High doses of hormones often lead to disruption of the cycle in women. Brown discharge should not frighten if they are short and there are no other complaints. In case of doubt, it is better to contact a specialist for further examination.

    Useful video

    See in this video about the mechanism of action of emergency contraception:

    Periods begin after Postinor, often with a weekly delay. It can go only three days. In general, it all depends on the period when the pills were taken. If there is no menstruation, pregnancy has come.

    How the menstruation comes after Escapella is influenced by the phase of the cycle in which it was adopted. For example, in the first they will come most likely in time, in the second with a slight delay.

    Sometimes a woman may notice bloody discharges after applying Hexicon. This may be due to the onset of menstruation, injury to the mucous membrane, and other factors.

    Often, menstruation when taking contraceptives comes with less pain and amount of discharge. However, it may differ depending on whether emergency or permanent contraception was used.

    The composition of the drug

    The active substance of this drug is a component called levonorgestrel. One pill contains 0.75 milligrams of this drug. Auxiliary substances are silicon dioxide along with magnesium stearate, talc, corn and potato starch, and also lactose monohydrate.

    Adverse effect

    The effectiveness of this medication has been scientifically proven. It is best to use this drug immediately before intercourse. In order to consolidate efficacy, it takes twelve hours later to take another pill. It is also necessary to consider the side effects that may occur when taking "Postinor":

    • The emergence of severe nausea, in the end, such a condition may result in vomiting.
    • Women can also feel very dizzy.
    • It is possible that they will be disturbed by severe headaches.
    • Probably engorgement of the mammary glands.
    • A woman taking these pills may weaken.
    • It is possible the occurrence of bleeding.
    • Often, gastric upset can occur.

    In some women, the use of "Postinor" can lead to acne, and, in addition, to the symptoms of viral infections. There is a high risk of an ectopic pregnancy while taking this drug.

    Discharges after “Postinor” and their causes

    All hormonal medications lead to irregularities in the menstrual cycle. The composition of this medication includes a synthetic hormone called levonorgestrel. When a woman drinks this drug only once, then no changes or serious consequences should follow. But in the case of regular admission, there may be a delay in menstruation, along with the appearance of discharge after Postinor.

    A woman who takes this medicine does not know exactly when she will begin her period, so she is constantly waiting for them to appear.

    Excessive discharge

    Often there is an excessive amount of bleeding after Postinor. This does not at all indicate that menstruation has come. The fact is that the appearance of bleeding after “Postinor” proves that conception did not happen. Such secretions are the endometrium of the uterus. Each month, it begins to tear away, if an embryo has not been attached.

    How much discharge after Postinor observed? They can persist for 3-10 days.

    After using the medication, menstruation is often delayed for a certain period. Severe bleeding can sometimes occur. In this situation, you must immediately contact the doctor.

    Appearance delay

    You should not worry at all if your period does not occur on time after consuming hormonal contraceptives. Delay is considered the complete absence of menstruation for a long time. In this situation, it is necessary to perform a test, unfortunately, for many women, “Postinor” often turns out to be an ineffective medicine.

    HCG test

    In this situation, doctors advise taking the HCG test. After fertilization, as a rule, the level of hormones increases. With the help of a blood test, you can always confirm pregnancy accurately. Often women are worried if a child will have a pathology due to the fact that they have taken the postinor medication.

    In this regard, it is necessary to say that this drug can only suppress ovulation, and fertilization can lead to changes in the endometrium. In the event that a fertilized egg is attached to the uterus, this indicates that this drug is not effective for humans. The medicine does not adversely affect the fetus.

    Hormonal disruptions

    Due to the fact that after the use of "Postinor" serious hormonal disruptions occur, menstruation may not occur for quite a long time. Not always similar symptoms indicate pregnancy. In some cases, after taking contraceptives, the woman must be further treated.

    In no case can not be abused "Postinor", as it can very seriously harm. Do not use contraceptives more than once. Continuing with this medication can lead to serious bleeding. In this regard, it is best to prefer this drug other, safer means.

    Appearance of brown secretions

    The preparation in question may artificially cause menstruation. Hormonal shock can lead to abortive effects. In the event that there are brown discharge after “Postinor” and continue for several days, it is not at all dangerous. Such discharge suggests that artificial menstruation is fully completed, and the genitals are fully cleared.

    In situations where the discharge after taking Postinor lasts longer than two weeks, urgent medical care is required. The remedy for women seriously disrupts the menstrual cycle. On its background may appear brown discharge with various clots. After consuming "Postinor", various malfunctions can occur in the female organs, and, moreover, one or another serious gynecological disease along with infertility will begin to develop.

    In addition, brown discharge occurs in those cases if the drug is taken incorrectly or overdose occurs. You should first take one pill, take the second no sooner than twelve hours later. It is important to take into account absolutely all contraindications with side effects. In the event that a woman drinks this drug twice in one cycle of menstruation, she may develop thrombosis. In this situation, doctors often cannot stop bleeding with drugs. In such a situation can only help uterine scraping.

    Thus, discharge after consuming “Postinor” can be a serious symptom. Immediately, before taking this hormonal agent, you need to familiarize yourself with the information about it. In fact, it is best not to get involved in such abortive drugs, since they lead to serious consequences. Women on its background not only develop serious pathologies of internal organs along with bleeding, but in some cases, "Postinor" can lead to the fact that the patient will not be able to conceive children in the future. Before using this medication, you need to consult with your gynecologist.

    There are also after the Postinor bloody discharge.

    Bloody issues

    Unfortunately, it is impossible to predict exactly when a woman will start her period after taking this drug. The fact is that for each patient this happens in completely different ways. Some people already have bloody discharge after a few days after taking the Postinor, while others have menstruation just in time, and there are also women who experience long delays.

    First of all, a woman should make sure that the drug copes with its task. In this regard, it is recommended to start with a pregnancy test, and it is best to donate blood for the determination of the hormone hCG. In the event that pregnancy is excluded, the causes should be sought in hormonal imbalance disorders, since this drug contains a loading dosage of various elements. This woman will be helped by a gynecologist, who will prescribe the required tests, and, in addition, will offer a course of therapy. Next, we turn to the consideration of medical recommendations regarding bleeding after taking "Postinor."