Overview of manufacturers of urological pads


Which pads to choose - depends on the situation, the characteristics of the female body, financial capabilities. Currently there are no deficiencies in these hygiene products. You can choose for every taste. Or make the tool yourself.

What choose strip for girls

Monthly in girls normally begin at the age of 14 to 16 years. The formation of a full menstrual cycle lasts about 2 years. If the monthly has gone, it still does not mean that they will definitely begin next month. The break can be up to 6 months, in the framework of the norm - up to 3. It makes no sense to stock up on a large number of gaskets. But there should always be a few in reserve.

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Menstruation in girls do not differ profusion. At first, this is a small selection. Then the nature of the monthly becomes like mom's. In general, it is enough to inform the mother about the event, and she will help you choose a gasket.

In each series of products there are means for the minimum absorption, maximum. On the packaging, this is indicated by droplets. Under normal discharge, a pad with 3 drops is sufficient. With heavy menses - use the tool in 4 drops. At night, you can use special night pads, they are marked with a starry sky on the package.

More attention should be paid to the quality of hygiene products for girls. For the first month it is recommended to do self-made products. Due to the fact that the purchased pads contain synthetics, even if the first layer is natural. You can use cotton, gauze, bandage. Or folded in several layers of cotton fabric. Suitable diaper sheet.

Rules for the choice of pads for teens

Hygiene product must be natural or at least have a natural top layer.

  1. Do not save money, because quality products - the key to the future health of an adult woman.
  2. For homemade gaskets use only pure natural material.
  3. Purchased pads are selected based on the amount of discharge. Usually enough funds with the designation of 3 droplets.

How to choose the pads in the hospital

Each clinic has its own opinion on this. In some of them, they insist solely on their own gaskets. When used fabric, folded in several layers. This is explained by the lack of synthetics, which prevents infection in the genital tract. Other clinics generally do not get hung up on this, they just include “gaskets” in the list. How to choose a hygiene product right?

  • Self-made gaskets, undoubtedly better than ready-made, in terms of safety for health. After birth, the cervix remains open, there are tears and other injuries. The smallest infection can have a detrimental effect. Hygiene products should be taken care of in advance. You can put a layer of cotton inside so that the discharge is better absorbed. Use them will have at least 3 days. Therefore, you will need at least 10 pieces.
  • Reusable pads do not cause an allergic reaction, allow the skin to breathe fully. In a way - an improved version of home hygiene products. However, high-quality reusable pads are quite expensive. They will need to be washed, dried every night. If there are no conditions in the ward, it will not be very convenient.

  • Purchase gaskets. In general, there is nothing terrible, if you use the usual gaskets. First, they normally absorb. Secondly, with frequent changes, no infection will get into the genital tract. Just change them should be more often than it was done during menstruation. It is necessary to choose quality products with a natural top layer. In general, enough funds with the designation of 3 droplets.

The final decision remains for the woman. But you can clarify this issue with a gynecologist in advance. Then there will be no misunderstanding directly in the hospital.

How to choose gaskets with heavy monthly

There are a lot of reasons for heavy periods. Some of them are associated with the structure of the genital organ, with diseases that can not be cured thoroughly. Then long, heavy periods are present in each cycle. How to choose a hygiene product?

It should be noted that the products of their own making in this case will not work. Since the fabric is not able to well absorb a large amount of discharge. Even if the middle layer to use cotton wool, and the last hem cellophane. Purchased pads will be required. You should use products with the designation of 4-6 drops. The best option is selected by means of samples. Initially, you should buy several different pieces. We'll have to experiment with the manufacturer. Some products contain a layer of gel that turns the discharge of blood into a thick suspension, does not allow to spread. The top layer is not natural, but has a porous base in the form of funnels. So the liquid gets inside, does not flow out.

Choosing the perfect hygiene product

To choose the right gasket, you must examine your body. In most cases, the best option is a combination of several types. You should not buy funds for the size more in order to save. There are rules according to which the gasket should be changed as it is filled, but at least 4 hours. If the gasket is half full, and the time is up, it is still necessary to change it. Since this is due to the threat of infection. Within 2 hours the blood becomes a breeding ground for pathogenic bacteria, an unpleasant odor appears.

A woman should feel comfortable. The disadvantage of cheap products is poor absorption, thickness, rustling when moving. Modern means of high price category are thin, provide good absorption, do not emit sounds when moving. Save better on something else. If preference is given to reusable pads, it is necessary to monitor their hygiene, properly stored.

Products that gained recognition among women:

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  • Always,
  • Naturella,
  • Discreet
  • Bella,
  • Libresse,
  • Kotex
  • Natalie,
  • Carefree

  • Ola,
  • Diva,
  • Angelina,
  • Milan,

Among the products there are hygiene products with and without wings, ultra-thin, with a natural top layer, an improved structure. Otherwise, the question of financial opportunities.

MoliMed (MoliMed)

Specifications . Another manufacturer of reliable urological hygiene products is MoliMed. Urological pads of this brand are excellent for women after childbirth or gynecological interventions, as they are made from environmentally friendly skin-protecting materials.

The following distinguishes MoliMed gasket from other products:

  • urological pads have a three-layer structure, which makes them highly efficient,
  • They have an antibacterial effect and prevent irritation and dryness of the skin, since they contain a favorable acidic pH factor of 5.5,
  • tested by dermatologists and suitable for people with sensitive skin, the layer adjacent to the body is made of natural material - twisted pulp,
  • the top layer always remains dry.

The MoliMed range includes six types of female urological pads, different in thickness and length, and intended for drop, light and medium discharge. There are also two types of V-shaped liners for men.

Price . MoliMed price tags for urological pads can be called medium or even low for the market. In packs sold for 14-28 pads, their cost from 90 to 380 rubles.

Reviews . MoliMed gaskets are appreciated for a sparing upper layer that is pleasant to the skin, for invisibility and reliability. Women note that these urological pads are well suited for solving various kinds of problems, both with urinary incontinence and with heavy bleeding. The disadvantages are the lack of individual packaging for most models and the absence of wings (but they are replaced by elastic cuffs). Gaskets for medium intensity discharge may seem too wide.

It often happens that we do not regret spending the extra couple of hours watching an entertainment show on TV or aimlessly sitting in front of a computer - immersed in games or monitoring social networks. At the same time, we always find excuses for our unwillingness to go to the doctor in case of indisposition, explaining that with a lack of time. The girls turn a blind eye to the increased discharge, men are ashamed to talk about their delicate problems. Meanwhile, if time does not diagnose and begin to treat the disease, it can turn into a serious pathology. Be attentive to your health!

Magic Sweat sweat protection earbuds

Magic Sweat sweat pads are suitable for both women and men, have a dense fabric-cellulose basis and a natural composition without fragrances. This is the most profitable option: in one pack of 12 pairs of gaskets for the price of 180-230 rubles. Magic Sweat sweat inserts are sold in stores and can be ordered from catalogs on online pharmacy sites. What are the main characteristics of these underarms can be identified, see below.

  • favorable price, a large number of units in the package,
  • fit well on thick winter clothes
  • effectively eliminate the smell of sweat and moisture.

  • too big
  • thick soft coat
  • not very reliable glue.

Inserts from sweat Dry Dry

Dry Dry is a progressive Ukrainian brand that creates products to protect against sweat. They develop their personal concept of the product and its composition in partnership with the Swedish cosmetics company Lexima Ab, have all the necessary quality certificates and good reviews from customers. Inserts of dry-dry sweat are antibacterial wipes that need to be treated with the skin. Functionally, they perform the same functions as underarm sweat pads after application: they absorb, clean, regulate the work of sweat glands.

Advantages of Dry Dry products:

  • help reduce sweating
  • well cleanse, disinfect the skin,
  • give a feeling of freshness and purity
  • each napkin can be used several times.

  • Not a very convenient format - although wipes and reduce the activity of sweating, can not guarantee you a permanent protection from moisture and wet spots.

  • Sold in packs of 10 napkins, the price of one pack is about 600 rubles. It is best to order products directly on the distributor's website, they offer delivery in a way that is convenient for you and advantageous bonuses upon purchase.

Helmi sweat pads

Helmi sweat inserts have long been known on the European market - these pads from Finland are very popular for their characteristics. They can be used not only for the armpits, but also for the feet, the pad is soft, made of organic cotton, the adhesive part is reliable, well attached to any material. The price is low - 160-200 rubles per pack. Helmi sweat pads are sold in pairs of 6 for single use.

  • good absorption
  • environmentally friendly composition,
  • thick material: suitable for sports, long wearing,
  • hold tight.

Cons can be identified as follows:

  • a small amount of gaskets in the package
  • one medium size,
  • on thin tissues may be noticeable due to its density.

Inserts from sweat Minimax

Inserts in clothes for protection against sweat. Minimax protects things well from getting wet and stains. Manufacturer - China, in one pack of 12 pieces, 6 pairs of gaskets. They are thin, medium absorbency, available in black, which is perfect for dark clothes. Inserts of minimax sweat are small, so they are more suitable for items with short sleeves, do not leave traces of glue on clothes. The price is profitable - 150-200 rubles per pack.

Pluses overlays Minimax:

  • pads black and white for the entire wardrobe,
  • favorable cost
  • convenient small size
  • covered with waterproof film.

  • synthetic substances in the composition,
  • not very strong glue,
  • the black side is only outer, the inner layer is white or beige.

U-Dry sweat inserts

This is a reliable and high-quality brand, which began to produce lining for the armpits one of the first. Inserts from u-dry sweat are made in the UK, differ in natural composition and reasonable price: from 200 to 300 rubles for a package of 7 pairs. Finding them in pharmacies is not easy: a rare product, it is easier to order and buy from an online store. Each pair of underarms is in a separate package, making it convenient to take with them and store in a bag for special occasions.

  • 100% hypoallergenic cotton,
  • suitable for both men and women
  • fine breathable texture
  • Available in different sizes
  • inexpensive price

  • some models are flavored, which is not always mentioned on the packaging,
  • adhesive backing too strong - small sticky spots may remain on clothes.

Inserts for sweat Stop Agent

Antibacterial liners from sweat stop agent made from a good natural absorbent - fluff pulp and treated with silver ions to protect against bacteria. The cost of the package is slightly higher than the average market price - from 300 to 400 rubles, but in the package there are 10 pairs, that is, 20 pieces of gaskets. More inexpensive options can be found in online stores and directly in the warehouses of the goods. They are made in China, their paper surface is dense, well absorbs insignificant discharge, available in two colors: white and beige. This product is recommended for adults.

Of the main advantages can be identified:

  • light paper texture, quickly absorb moisture,
  • keep well on clothes
  • small size of each gasket,
  • antibacterial coating
  • the greatest number of units in a pack.

  • cost is above average
  • not suitable for children
  • thick - can interfere with the use in the summer, on thin tissues.
  • not suitable for excessive hyperhidrosis, may become too wet and create discomfort.

How to choose a liner from sweat

To buy pads for the armpits, you need to determine the main selection criteria that are important to you. Answer the questions:

  • what are you going to use pads for,
  • what size you need
  • Do you have any personal skin features that may interfere with the use of the linings,
  • what fabrics prevail in your wardrobe.

Having dealt with these questions, you can easily find the right option. For example:

  • For sports and short active workouts, choose a tighter pad: Magic Sweat, Stopagent, or thin U-Dry for tight-fitting clothing. These same options are best used for short wearing. Dry Dry wipes may be suitable in combination with a deodorant.
  • If most of the gaskets are big for you, try universal U-Dry or Stop Agent.
  • If you are afraid of the reaction to flavoring, avoid the production of U-Dry.
  • For small discharges, buy Helmi - they disinfect well and save money due to the fact that they can be worn for several days.
  • For dark clothes, choose Minimax - they will be completely invisible. Better hold on cotton fabrics.
  • If you worry about good ventilation of the armpits, lack of debate and irritation on the delicate skin - try wipes Dry Dry. They act no less effectively than pads, but allow the skin to breathe, do not close it.
  • For summer seasons with thin, airy fabrics, Dry Dry wipes, thin underarm liners from U-Dry and colored Minimax are well suited. They are invisible on clothes, exist in a small size, retain complete freedom of movement.
  • For cold periods and heavy fabrics, Magic Sweat or Stop Agent are ideal. The natural composition, dense base and good glue will best save from sweat in winter and autumn.

Whatever type of gaskets you choose - make sure they are original, there are no harmful or allergenic substances in the composition, check the expiration date and package integrity. Gaskets are harmful wet environment, they must be kept dry, otherwise the adhesive layer may deteriorate. Choose flavored linings to restrict one napkins without deodorant, or neutral for everyday use.

How to use gaskets

The use of gaskets does not have any particular difficulties, but you need to adhere to certain rules:

  1. Just before use, wash your hands and, removing the protective film from the adhesive strip, attach it to the inside of the laundry.
  2. Gaskets change no later than 4 hours, you can often, but not less. You should not save on your own health, because a warm and humid environment creates favorable conditions for the reproduction of pathogenic microflora.
  3. Keep funds in a dry place and always control expiration dates.