Dicine for monthly: instructions, indications, reviews


Monthly at different women pass in various ways. It happens that they do not create any difficulties at all. Unfortunately, it happens not at all. In some cases, such features may occur:

  • The presence of heavy bleeding. This can be a very serious problem.
  • Soreness
  • Increased periods of menstruation.

Women who know about these problems firsthand, suffer greatly from this. And, of course, they expect medicines from modern medicine that can, if not solve such problems, then at least somewhat alleviate the symptoms. Their hopes have certain grounds. There are drugs that have a positive effect on the female body during menstruation. One effective way to alleviate such situations is to use the drug Ditsinon. About him there are great reviews. What is he like? What are its real possibilities? What can he give, and what not? How should this medicine be taken?

What is this drug

How much need Ditsinon with heavy monthly? The effect of Ditsinona is that the body produces more platelets than before. This helps to reduce bleeding during menstruation. How important is it?

  • Bleeding itself, blood loss is bad for health.
  • Abundant periods require serious efforts for hygiene during such periods.
  • Excessive bleeding is the possibility of the penetration of various pathogenic microbes into the human body.

Although all of the above is unpleasant, this is not a complete list of relevant problems. As a result, the blood loss of the body for a very long time restores reserves of iron - an important building material of red blood cells. On the other hand, the absorption of iron in the process of eating is not particularly intense. The fact is that the rate of assimilation of this metal by the body is limited, if no special preparations are used for this. Therefore, the restoration of iron balance in humans requires, as a rule, special efforts. If this is not done, heavy bleeding can lead to iron deficiency anemia.

Ditsinon reduces the force of bleeding and limits the loss of iron from the body. In addition, there is a positive effect on the blood vessels. The drug reduces capillary fragility and increases the health and permeability of vessel walls.

How does it look

Dicionon is available in two forms. You can drink pills or inject this drug. The main active ingredient of the drug is called etamzilat. According to the instructions, in one ampoule in liquid form, as well as in one tablet contains 250 mg of this substance. The preparation also has a number of excipients, such as sodium disulfite or sodium bicarbonate, as well as water.

When the doctor prescribes the drug

Despite the fact that Ditsinon is able to solve serious problems, you should not take it without consulting a doctor, although there are excellent reviews. In the treatment of the first place in importance is the determination of the correct diagnosis. Without the help of a doctor it is difficult to do. In addition, the instructions indicate that in some cases the use of the drug is contraindicated (for thrombosis or acute porphyria). Therefore, before taking Ditsinona recommended to consult a doctor.

Instructions for use Ditsinona for menstruation says that it is shown not only for heavy menstrual bleeding, but also during surgical operations in cases where it is expected that many vessels will be damaged.

It can take not only women. For example, in case of severe bleeding from the gums, the doctor may also prescribe the administration of Ditsinona tablets. This medicine allows in this case to stop the loss of blood. Indications for use are usually associated with the presence of severe bleeding.

What Dicine does not do

As in many other cases, the use of Ditsinona surrounded by various rumors, some of which are not related to reality. Consider when Dicionon pills with monthly will not help:

  • If your period is very painful.
  • If the duration of menstruation is too long.

The drug is able to stop heavy bleeding, but its effect does not extend to solving related problems.

Manual to Ditsinonu during monthly

We give a brief instruction on how to take this drug:

  • Start taking it three days before your menstrual period.

  • During the day you need to drink two pills a day.
  • The use of the drug occurs until the end of menstruation.
  • If the reception lasts longer than five days, the bleeding has not stopped, you can continue, but only one tablet per day.

If you have a pregnancy and at the same time there is a slight bleeding, drinking or not drinking Diqinon, only a doctor who is observing you can say.

Important Tips

Ditsinona application for menstruation has its own important features:

  • The drug does not act immediately, but, as indicated in the instructions, is able to stop the bleeding in 2-4 hours. Therefore, if he did not act at the same time, do not rush to take an extra pill. Violation of the dosage when taken may cause some side effects. Just try to be patient and wait for the action to begin.
  • Like many other drugs, there are restrictions on the duration of the drug. How to take it in this case? It is not recommended to do this for longer than five days.
  • The instruction warns that side effects may occur from taking this medicine: heartburn, pressure drop and others. If this happens, you should immediately consult a doctor.

Excellent feedback on this medicine does not mean that it can be taken without consulting a doctor. The effectiveness of its action, stopping bleeding is determined by how accurately you will follow the doctor’s recommendations when taking it.

What is Ditsinon

It is made in the form of tablets, solution for injection. Homeostatic remedy does not increase blood clotting, does not constrict blood vessels, does not contribute to the formation of blood clots. The action is due to the active component etamzilat. The substance affects the body as follows:

  • Eliminates bleeding of various origins. Whether it is an open wound, blood loss inside the body, bleeding gums, nosebleeds, intense monthly discharge.
  • Removes platelets from the bone marrow, accumulates in the places of damage to the walls of blood vessels. New blood clots does not create.
  • Strengthens capillaries, preventing spontaneous breaks. Dicine contributes to the appearance of mucopolysaccharides, which protect blood vessels from injury. Improves capillary permeability, increases resistance, improves microcirculation.

The tool acts 2 hours after the tablets, 5-15 minutes after the injection. The pronounced result manifests itself for 6 hours.

The drug is prescribed to prevent bleeding. Preventive effect is:

  • in coordinating the exchange of fluids between the tissues of organs, vessels,
  • increase in platelet activity, life expectancy in the circulatory system,
  • in strengthening the vessels.

The undoubted advantage is:

  • the drug does not change the chemical composition of the blood,
  • does not harm the circulatory system,
  • platelets accumulate in the right places.

In gynecology, it is often prescribed for severe prolonged periods, uterine bleeding after childbirth, surgery, abortion, and the risk of miscarriage.

Contraindications, undesirable effects

Side effects are rarely, if the pill is carried out on the recommendations of a doctor with the constant monitoring of physicians. However, every woman's body is an individual system. Dicine can have undesirable effects that can manifest themselves:

  • severe nausea
  • vomit
  • headache

  • heartburn
  • pressure drop
  • dizziness,
  • weight in the stomach,
  • reddening and development of facial vessels,
  • reduction of intracranial pressure
  • allergies
  • joint pain,
  • numbness of the limbs.

A direct contraindication is thrombosis, acute porphyria, thromboembolism. All diseases associated with bleeding disorders. The drug can cause severe bleeding, if the drug was not used as intended, the start of therapy coincided with the appearance of blood discharge. The risk of side effects increases with prolonged use or with a long course of treatment. Taking a few pills does not have a noticeable effect on a woman’s condition. You can not use the tool if the bleeding is associated with the intake of anti-anticulants. In such a situation Ditsinon can cause bleeding.

Application Ditsinona instruction

Doctors are prescribed to take Dicineon during menstruation if an intensive discharge does not stop within 10 days and in some other situations involving a violation of the monthly cycle. A woman should be familiar with the rules of application (instructions), dosage. Follow the instructions of the doctor.

  • The use of the drug for intense periods of more than 7 days. Drink pills about 5 days 3-4 times a day for 250 mg.
  • Intense discharge in the first days of menstruation.. On the 3rd day of menstruation they begin to take the drug. With heavy menstrual dicynon take 250 mg three times a day. The duration of treatment is 5 days.
  • Prolonged menstruation. In a situation where the monthly passed, as usual, but can not stop. Duration exceeds 10 calendar days. The use of the drug is limited to 1 tablet per day until the cessation of symptoms. With such monthly Ditsinon take no more than 10 days.
  • The appearance of blood discharge during pregnancy. The situation is regarded as a threat of miscarriage. The sudden appearance of the monthly Dicionon stops almost instantly. It should drink 1 pill. Use on any term of pregnancy is allowed. No active influence on the fetus.

  • Delay menstruation. Sometimes there is an urgent need to postpone menstruation. Ditsinon can do it, but this will be followed by a violation of the menstrual cycle in the subsequent period. Application is limited to 2 tablets per day. Drink no longer than 10 days. Usually 5. Menstruation will begin several days after the completion of the pill. Often there are discharge of blood the next day. The next menstruation will come on the 15-20 day of the monthly cycle. Cause monthly Dicionon can.
  • Prevent bleeding. With the threat of intense menses, Dyingonone is started to be taken 5 days before the onset of menstruation. The entire course of treatment is 10 days. Finish the application on the 5th day of the cycle. Drink 3-4 tablets per day. For prophylactic purposes, repeat therapy for another 2 months.
  • Hemorrhage in adolescents. Menstruation usually begins at 14-16 years. But there are earlier periods of menarche, for example, at 9 years. The discharge may appear intense. Hemorrhagic syndrome in children is treated for 5-14 days. The dosage is calculated according to weight. For 1 kg of body weight 6-8 mg of the drug three times a day.

With intense menses, Dicine is the most sought-after drug. Numerous positive reviews of women have led to the emergence of myths. There was an opinion that the tool can do anything. Far from it.

  • Dicine does not relieve pain during intense menstruation.
  • The drug is not able to sharply stop menstruation, if the discharge is abundant. The exceptions are long-lasting menses with scanty discharge.
  • The tool does not reduce the amount of monthly discharge in the subsequent cycle.
  • Dicine does not affect the duration of menstruation, does not reduce it to 3 days.

Use of the drug should be carried out only if indicated. The tool is very strong. Subject to control by physicians. However, pharmacies do not sell it without a prescription, but everything can be.

Use solution

This form of medication is used in emergency cases when a quick result is required. Improvement is observed already after 15 minutes. I do an injection intravenously, intramuscularly. The optimal dose for adults is 1-2 ampoules 3-4 times per day.

It is most commonly used in genital surgery to prevent bleeding. 2 ampoules before the procedure, the same during the operation and after it.

Drug cost

The tool is quite common, is sold in any pharmacy. The cost depends on the location of the pharmacy, pricing policy of the institution. In general, the price category is as follows:

  • 1 ampoule Ditsinona - from 12 rubles.,
  • Solution for injection 50 ampoules - from 582 rubles.,
  • 10 tablets - from 37 rubles.,
  • Packaging 100 tablets of 250 mg - from 374 rubles.

A small price makes the drug affordable, restrains uncontrolled admission leave on a doctor's prescription. Shelf life - 5 years.

Ditsinon gathered around him numerous reviews. The forums on the Internet are actively discussed the issue of efficiency. Some of them are presented below.

Reviews of women after using the medication

If you have used this drug, leave your feedback in the comments to the article, they will be useful to other women!

Olga: “They did 1 shot to stop uterine bleeding. I acted in 2 hours! ”

Veronica: “Ditsinon monthly does not stop. Reduces the duration, intensity of discharge. It does not cause monthly, that's for sure. You can delay. I tried. No violations followed. Just this month, it turned out 2 menstruation - the one that delayed, the next in 2 weeks. Then everything went as usual! ”

Svetlana: “There is an intrauterine device, abundant critical days appear periodically. I drink Ditsinon. It helps me a lot! ”


  • You are worried about sudden abdominal pain.
  • And long, chaotic and painful periods are already pretty tired.
  • You have insufficient endometrium to get pregnant.
  • Highlight brown, green or yellow.
  • And the recommended drugs for some reason are not effective in your case.
  • In addition, constant weakness and ailments have already firmly entered your life.

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