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Legends and even jokes are being made about “these” days, because there is not a single man who has never been touched by the unpredictable behavior of a woman during the period of critical days. First of all, such increased attention is due to the fact that women during the period of menstruation become more psychologically vulnerable and emotionally unstable, which certainly affects their usual behavior. Increased swelling, moods and constant mood swings due to raging hormones are just a few of the not very pleasant symptoms accompanying menstruation.

However, the right approach to the mood of the beloved woman in such a difficult period will help any man not only to avoid annoying misunderstandings in communicating with her, but also will allow her not to deprive her partner and herself of the pleasures of carnal pleasures, because outdated

Opinion gynecologists

Of course, there are certainly a lot of questions. Is it dangerous to health? What are the contraindications? What you need to think about first? Answers to these questions can be found in the article.

On the topic, is it possible to have sex during menstruation, there are two polar opinions of gynecologists: some strongly oppose this action, arguing that this can lead to diseases such as cervical erosion, endometritis and even infertility in the background, for example , reduced immunity in women.

Other gynecologists, who are the majority, say that sex during menstruation is quite possible, explaining this by many advantages, which include the reduction of painful sensations and easier flow of menstruation. In any case, to think and decide whether it is possible or not should be specifically taken by the pair.

The myth of not being able to get pregnant during critical days

First, let's talk about a fairly common misconception that during the period of critical days it is impossible to get pregnant. This opinion is baseless, since the period most favorable for conception is ovulation, which usually happens closer to the middle of the menstrual cycle, but there is a possibility of its shift by several days. And since sperm are able to maintain vitality for a long time, being in a female body, it is possible to become pregnant while practicing sex during menstruation, which is confirmed by practice. Therefore, first of all, partners need to take care of contraception.

Possible trouble

It is also necessary to remember that during menstruation a woman is at high risk of contracting unpleasant sores, since blood is a wonderful environment for the growth of bacteria. And since the cervix is ​​ajar, sex during menstruation makes it possible for the infection to penetrate deep inside, which can later lead to inflammation of the mucous membrane inside this important female organ.

It is necessary to take into account the fact that due to the decrease in the amount of natural lubricant, which is washed out during the natural process, this additional obstacle to the pathogenic microbes also disappears. The use of contraceptives will help to avoid all these troubles that threaten women's health, and their barrier species should be preferred.

Arguments for"

The big plus is that in the period of menstruation in the organisms of the beautiful half of humanity the level of estrogen and testosterone greatly increases, which inevitably leads to an increase in female libido. Of course, if the female hormonal system functions correctly. Increased hormones, on the other hand, allow a woman to experience brighter sexual sensations.

The question arises: can you use sex during menstruation as a tool for a woman to achieve an orgasm more quickly? Will it help make sex more saturated in terms of sensations? Yes, no doubt. And this also has the fact that the vagina is narrowed due to the powerful influx of blood to this organ, which makes the sensations as vivid as possible for both men and women.

Additional active contractions of the uterus during orgasm lead to intensive separation of the endometrial tissue, which shortens the menstruation period and reduces the painful sensations, due to the fact that the female body releases natural pain blockers at this time. Only in rare cases can sex increase periodic pain. This may be due to various factors - from too strong frictions to the characteristics of a particular female body.

Important hygiene rules

Mandatory rules of hygiene will help the couple practicing sex during menstruation, to eliminate unpleasant moments and to avoid the emergence of health problems. First of all, it is necessary for both partners to take a shower, more scrupulously approaching this process, than in usual time.

It is advisable to use special intimate hygiene gels, which are currently offered in large quantities by the pharmaceutical industry. Deep douching is not recommended for girls, because the natural environment of the vagina, which is a protective barrier against the penetration of microbes, will be washed away with blood.

Important preparatory moment

It is also necessary to think in advance about where the action itself will take place. Sex during menstruation in the usual place - the bed, without prior preparation of the “bridgehead”, threatens the couple with a completely unromantic end of a pleasant night, since they will have to spend time washing the stains that will definitely appear.

A very practical, but very prosaic method will be the use of disposable hygienic diapers, and, of course, reusable oilcloths will become even more unsuitable for a delicate relationship. Much more comfortable the couple will feel, settling on a large and dense towel, which may become the only affected object. A good alternative can also be a shower, because the consequences are remarkably eliminated, and instantly.

The most suitable positions

You can have sex during menstruation, using the most suitable positions for this period, excluding deep penetration in order to avoid the appearance of sad bloody consequences and the occurrence of discomfort and painful sensations in a woman. The partner should be as careful with the process as it is easy to understand that he will be different from sex at regular times.

Sexologists note that for sex during menstruation, you can practice in the “butterfly” position, when the partner is located on the edge of the bed, with her legs on the shoulders of a partner standing in front of her. Another common posture on such days is the well-known missionary position.

Soft tampons to help

It should be noted in the article is very useful and the nicest in appearance hygienic means, invented by German gynecologists. These are the so-called Soft tampons, made in the shape of a heart and very similar in structure to a soft porous sponge. These tampons are made of components that are safe in their composition and absorb well, and the soft structure of the heart makes it possible not to feel it inside during sex.

When using such a tampon, only one small difficulty may arise - this is its extraction after use. Since this means of hygiene does not have ropes and laces, but only an imperceptible slot for finger extraction, it may take some dexterity to accomplish this.

When sex during menstruation is impossible

And yet, you should sometimes listen to the opinion of gynecologists and take into account that during menstruation you cannot have sex if the discharge from the woman is abundant and she experiences severe pain. In order for a man to understand what should be stopped and postpone sex, he needs to be more careful than usual to any reactions from his partner. Absolutely, sex during menstruation cannot be continued, and should be immediately terminated if the partner felt bad.

As for the aesthetics of the process, everything is quite simple. You should take into account your habits and not try to break yourself in favor of your loved one. Sex during menstruation should not be allowed if someone from the couple does not accept the type of blood, as this may threaten not only loss of consciousness, but also deterioration of the relationship between the partners, which is undoubtedly a rare case.

More often, people who love each other, on the contrary, begin to trust each other more, and men even become more caring towards their beloved girls.

Sex and menstruation: the relationship with well-being

For a comfortable intimate life, it is important to know how sex before and after the menstrual flow affects a woman's well-being:

  • Based on the physiology of the female body, it is known that on the eve of critical days in many cases the development of PMS is characteristic. Chest poured, there are nagging pains in the abdomen, mood changes. This does not contribute to the birth of erotic desires.
  • However, oddly enough, it is sex during the ICP period that is able to cope with these problems. High-quality sexual intercourse reduces the tone of the uterus, helps to relax and eliminate painful symptoms. Well, the mood, of course, will improve. Therefore, women themselves must always insist on intimacy on the eve of critical days. It is even believed that in this case, the monthly pass faster. If during sexual intercourse a woman does not reach orgasm, the opposite effect can turn out completely - the pains intensify.
  • And most importantly: sex the day before menstruation is the period when conceiving is almost unreal. Therefore, you can absolutely not control the process of ejaculation and completely relax, surrendering entirely to their desires.
  • More caution in this regard, you can make love after menstruation. Immediately after they end, the sensations for the woman will still be strong, but the risk of getting pregnant will begin to increase every day.

The observance of hygiene and caution during intercourse guarantee the stability of regular processes in the female body. The frequency and time when intimacy occurred, does not affect the cycle, which depends only on the production of hormones in the body.

Monthly after first sex

In the girl's body after intercourse, some significant transformations occur: the location of the genital tract changes slightly, the uterus, its contraction increases, the vaginal microflora changes. An important role is played by the psychological factor that has an impact on the cycle: anxiety, emotions, stress. This can disrupt the hormonal background in the body and provoke deviations in how menses go after the first time. However, in the next cycle, everything should return to normal.

Having considered only the main points related to the topic of sex and menstruation, it is worth noting that, in general, sexual activity during menstruation depends on the desire of the woman and personal preferences of partners.

It is worth noting that many have sex with secretions:

  • just to try,
  • in the early stages of developing relationships,
  • if there is a long separation.

So intimate intimacy during menstruation is rather a forbidden fruit, having tried that, many lose interest in it.

Sex during menstruation: arguments for

1. Strengthening libido. Often during menstruation (especially in the early days), the female libido rises to unprecedented heights. Some women in the literal sense of the word "climb on the wall" of desire during this period! In this regard, sex during menstruation can help you reveal your sexuality and appear before your husband as a “passionate tigress”! Yes, and men, by the way, sometimes they begin to desire a woman especially strongly in “these days” - feeling the “unusualness” of her condition and the “forbiddenness” of sexual intercourse at the moment.

2. Strengthening the sensations of both partners. During menstruation, there is a particularly strong flow of blood to the genitals, and the female vagina is well lubricated and slightly swollen, which enhances the sensations in you and your husband. This feature of sex during menstruation allows you to achieve an unprecedented orgasm!

3. Reduction of menstrual pain. It has been found that contractions of the uterus due to orgasm during menstruation contribute to the ejection of menstrual blood, as a result of which the uterus edema becomes less and the pain, respectively, also decreases.

4. Reducing the duration of menstruation. After intercourse, the endometrium rejects faster and more actively - therefore, menstruation may end earlier.

5. Refreshing sex life. Whatever opponents of sex say during menstruation, but, nevertheless, such sex is unusual and introduces significant diversity in the intimate life of partners. Being a forbidden fruit, about the same as sex in a park or an elevator, it makes sensations brighter and therefore is so desirable!

6. Decreased nervousness. As you know, before and during menstruation, we sometimes represent a volcano or bomb that is about to explode. And the orgasm, as you know, helps to improve mood, due to the release into the blood of the hormones of happiness endorphins. So, if you feel that you are ready to tell your husband in the heat of a tantrum a lot of superfluous - just make love to him!

Sex during menstruation: arguments against

1. Sex during menstruation does not cancel contraception. The common belief that during menstruation it is impossible to get pregnant is nothing more than a myth. Yes, the chances of getting pregnant during menstruation are much less than on “dangerous days”, but they are! Even if you are having sex on an ultra-safe 2-4 days of the cycle - where is the guarantee that during ovulation you did not produce two eggs, but one? After all, if more than one egg came out, pregnancy is very likely. In addition, the sperm live in the body of a woman up to 7 days, waiting in the wings, so fertilization can occur after menstruation.

2. Danger of infection. During menstruation, the cervix is ​​ajar, so any infection that has entered your vagina instantly rushes into the uterus, which can lead to the most dire consequences. And the presence of blood in the vagina is an excellent breeding ground for the reproduction of bacteria that cause various diseases, up to endometriosis. Therefore, sex during menstruation should occur exclusively with the use of barrier contraception - ideally, with condoms. After all, absolutely everyone has bacteria of all kinds on the surface of the skin - and where is the guarantee that your partner does not have them, even if he is your husband, and have you lived together for 20 years? In the end, a prelude occurs before sexual intercourse, during which bacteria on our hands or tongue may end up on the genitals.

As for sex during menstruation with a new partner or with a stranger in general, then it is better not to experiment at all, so that after a long time not to be treated for all sorts of unpleasant diseases.

3. The need to prepare a place for sex. So that your house does not resemble a picture from a horror movie - take care of protecting surfaces from the traces of menstruation. For example, place a towel under your buttocks, which can then be washed, or make love to the bathroom, where you can immediately wash away the marks. The disadvantage of this preparation is that it does not add romance, and your marital sex ceases to resemble a scene from an erotic film.

4. The human factor. It may well be that you want to have sex, and your partner considers sex during your period to be unacceptable. You must admit that he has the right to this - after all, sex during menstruation is not a leader in its aesthetics.

5. The need to refrain from some experiments in sex. Probably no one would ever think to have oral sex during menstruation or being on top of a man. If in the first case, everything is clear, then in the second, it is worth explaining that the pose of the “rider” stimulates increased bleeding, so you can get your husband pretty hard.

6. But the common myth that it is possible to freely engage in anal sex during menstruation has no basis. The fact is that as a result of anal sex, E. coli from the rectum can very easily get into the vagina and cause an inflammatory process there. Yes, and to observe proper hygiene and prevent the ingress of bacteria from the anus into the vagina during anal sex is not possible. Therefore, from anal sex during menstruation is better to abstain.

What to consider when having sex during menstruation?

If you still decide to try to have sex during menstruation, try not to indulge in "love joys" in the first 2 days of menstruation - during this period the bleeding is especially strong, because long intercourse with deep penetration can increase bleeding. And to reduce the depth of penetration - do not experiment in bed. Для секса во время месячных подойдут традиционные позы – например, мужчина сверху.

Перед половым актом спринцеваться не следует, так как на время месячных обычно прекращаются все лечебные процедуры.

Лучше, если секс во время месячных будет происходить в полумраке – ведь Вы же не знаете, сохранится ли возбуждение у Вашего мужа при виде крови?

If you feel severe pain in the lower abdomen, you have heavy bleeding, you feel unwell or there is simply no hygiene at hand, it is better to abstain from sex during menstruation.

As you can see, the ban on sex during menstruation has no good reason. Therefore, if you have never practiced it because of the fear of negative consequences - wait until the next menstruation - and try to finally do it! Just be sure to use all of the above precautions to make sex during your period a joy for you, not a cause of many problems.

If you think that sex during menstruation is not for you - this is your right, especially since small abstinence can sometimes even be useful!