Divination and rituals for the monthly woman


Many will find it hard to believe, but this kind of divination is quite common at present. There is a huge number of folk signs and beliefs about menstruation, which modern girls fully trust.
Such divination usually gives information only about the next month, without long-term prospects, but this is quite enough if you guess every month.

The second category is more extensive, this includes divination by numbers, by the tea leaves, by date of birth, and, of course, by fortune telling.

In today's world, young ladies are all the same.

This divination can be called a ritual,.

Many girls believe that by the number, day of the week and time of day the onset of menstruation, you can predict your own future.

Monthly fortune telling may look frivolous and even absurd, but it is difficult to resist the fact that many women believe in its truthfulness and efficiency, moreover, there is a huge amount of evidence that says how with such a simple kind of fortune telling own future.

You can believe or not believe in the effectiveness and truthfulness of divination, but you can always try it out and see the final result, maybe it can surprise you.

The value of the day of the week

The day of the week, when the menstrual cycle began, is also of great importance.
Monday - the beginning of the cycle on this day may portend possible troubles and anxieties that can arise, both for pleasant and unpleasant reasons.

We can say that our whole life consists of constant troubles, but what is predicted by the monthly will be something rather important and unusual. It is also worth noting that the beginning of menstruation on this day may also portend an expensive gift that you will receive from a loved one.

Tuesday - foreshadows an early meeting with an old friend, friend or relative, with whom you have not seen for a long time. In some cases (quite rarely), the beginning of the cycle on Tuesday may portend a quick acquaintance with a person who will eventually become very dear and close to you. One more variant of the meaning of such a beginning of the cycle is a quick change in life.

Wednesday is an unfavorable day to start menstruation. This day may spell a lot of trouble that will happen to you over the next month. But do not despair, all these troubles will not be fatal and solved, you will be able to solve all the problems with your own if you do not get upset and give up. Remember that you received a warning, not a sentence, so be prepared for difficulties, but do not be afraid of them.

Thursday is a day that monthly fortune telling cannot be interpreted unequivocally. On the one hand, the beginning of the cycle on this day may portend an invitation to a noisy holiday or feast, it is possible that this holiday will take place in your home, and you yourself will be the mistress of the table. On the other hand, this day may portend that at some point you will accidentally come to visit strangers to you, and whether this meeting will be pleasant or not is unknown. In any case, it is in your power to make any meeting safe, especially now that you are warned about it.

Friday is the day of events. The beginning of the cycle on this day may portend a soon pleasant news that will completely change your life. At the same time, certain troubles are possible, to overcome which you will need to put a lot of effort.

Saturday is a good day for the beginning of menstruation, it foreshadows the smooth and pleasant development of all your life events. You do not need to worry too much and fuss, any problems will be resolved by themselves, with your minimum participation. It is likely that in the next month someone you know will confess to you in love or your long-standing wish, which you could simply forget, will come true.

Sunday is the best day, such a beginning of the month can be a forerunner of a whole month of fun and joy, a carefree and happy time. It is possible that in the near future you will solve troubling problems in relations with a loved one, which will be greatly helped by a heart-to-heart talk.

How to conduct fortune telling on monthly

There are certain nuances, subject to which the prediction obtained will be accurate and truthful:

  1. During fortune telling, information is taken into account only on the day on which the bleeding began.
  2. If you guess, using 2 variants of divination by monthly, fortune-telling on monthly will give you a detailed and true prediction.
  3. Foresight is valid only before the next menstruation.
  4. After fortune telling, it is recommended to write down the prediction in a notebook, in order to remember that fate promises you throughout the entire time.

If you received a positive result of divination, then you should not distribute this information among others, because there are many envious people who can change things for the worse.

It is necessary to give the opportunity to enter into your life auspicious event and realize the true prediction.

Basic information about this method of divination

Divination according to the female cycle is not included in the list of witchcraft rituals, but the arrival of critical days is always so unpredictable that a large number of legends begin to grow around them.

This fortune-telling by monthly is based on drawing parallels in the date, time of the onset of menstruation with the available predictions that have been compiled over many centuries. Carry out the prediction at any time of the day. The advantage is that in no way you need to prepare for fortune telling, additional skills are also not required.

To guess on the monthly do not need to prepare and have skills. This is a major advantage.

There are 5 main ways of fortune telling on monthly, among them:

  1. Divination by the hour.
  2. Divination by the beginning of menstruation.
  3. Guessing by the day of the week.
  4. Divination by the time of day.
  5. Divination by the dates of the month.

Not less popular are 2 versions of the predictions of the menstrual cycle:

  1. Predictions according to national signs.
  2. Divination by the lunar days.

Fortune telling

Guessing on critical days for women describes only twelve hours, this is due to the fact that the decoding of each, regardless of the time of day will be identical:

  1. You can tell fortunes by knowing that an opportune time will begin. You expect pleasant joy, which you did not even realize, happiness and news of a positive nature.
  2. You need to be more alert and watch your words. You will encounter a person who, at the beginning of communication, will cause you excessive irritation, which after a certain time will be replaced by indifference.
  3. It is recommended to develop a sense of restraint and analyze the consequences arising from your actions. There will be a conflict situation that may have a different level of materiality, but it will directly touch the main sides of your life.
  4. This month will be one of the best. You will get what you have long dreamed of. Happiness is almost on your doorstep and will soon knock on the door.
  5. You should expect a pleasant surprise that will not only take you by surprise, but also make you rejoice.
  6. Monthly fortune telling for young women warns that you are surrounded by people who love to gossip behind their backs. You should not take an example from them, but rather limit yourself from communicating with them in order to reduce the risk of adverse consequences.
  7. You will be delighted with such a long-awaited declaration of love. This message can be received both from a secret admirer, and from a person who has been indifferent to you for a long time.
  8. You will be subject to such an unpleasant manifestation of feelings, like jealousy. Before you are jealous of your soul mate, you should carefully analyze the situation and make sure that it will be timely and deserved.
  9. Detractors are looking for the right moment to slander your personality. Therefore, it is necessary to behave with dignity and not give not the slightest reason.
  10. You are destined to know the feeling of love by fate.
  11. Jealousy will begin for no apparent reason. Your lover keeps you faithful and will be offended by your suspicions.
  12. In love with you, pay attention to the men around you, maybe it's your destiny.

Divination for love at the time of the beginning of menstruation

Divination by monthly 2 option. This method gives a prediction regarding the further course of relations in the love aspect, for marriage, it is necessary to take into account the time during which the period began.

Menstruation from midnight to 8 in the morning foreshadows love covered in mystery. The girls will have secret love, but they will not be able to admit their feelings for a good reason.

Monthly from 8 am to 12 days. If the beginning of female bleeding has fallen in such a time range, then the girl will have that unforgettable candy-bouquet period. Such a prediction is relevant not only for single hearts, but also for couples who have been in a relationship for quite a long time and who lack new impressions.

Monthly started from 8 am to 12 pm? An unforgettable candy and bouquet period awaits you!

Monthly from 6 pm to midnight means that in a love relationship, not everything is as good as we would like. All difficulties arose because of lies, jealousy, adultery, understatement. To provoke discord in relationships can each of the partners.


The onset of menstruation on the first day of the week is a harbinger of changes that are not long in coming. Changes can be either good or bad. Will serve as the beginning of something new.

Within a month you will meet a person who will bring you further benefits. This may be the second half, comrade or employee.

In your rhythm of life will be made certain changes, which would entail a negative occurrence.

You will visit a new place. you will probably be called on to meet or to meet you. For you, this will serve as a surprise. During the meeting should happen something for which you will feel a sense of shame for a long time. But this does not mean that you need to reject the offer, you just have to be more careful.

Guessing by the day of the week advises you to devote more time to your well-being.

High risk of any disruption in the functioning of the body. A decisive event should happen in your life.

Promises the beginning of a new love story, full of romance, tenderness and emotions that can not be forgotten.

If the monthly began on Saturday, then you will start a new love story

Divination by time of day

If the beginning of menstruation fell in the morning, then you will soon be visited by a feeling of love. This love can manifest itself not only to the opposite sex, but to people close to you. This month will be filled with pleasant emotions.

Monthly, which began in the afternoon, foreshadow the fact that you will be accompanied by good luck and happiness throughout the whole time. You will be transported in all spheres of life: in love, in family and friendly relationships, at work and at school.

Critical days that begin in the evening promise you trouble. The probability of a whole series of negative incidents is high: conflict situations, squabbles, failures and troubles. But thanks to them you will begin to appreciate those pleasant moments that your life is full of.

Often it happens that menstruation begins at all, when you do not expect them, at night. This indicates that in the coming month you will have to hide a lot from others. Get ready to explore your skeletons in the closet.

First week 1-7 day

  1. Good luck in all your endeavors ovulyashki. Feeling of satisfaction in all aspects of life.
  2. Purely subjective attitude towards someone. A sense of disgust and neglect.
  3. Your lover will show their negative qualities. Conflict situation for no apparent reason.
  4. Satisfaction with your life.
  5. A pleasant, unforgettable and unexpected gift of fate awaits a guessing.
  6. Around your personality gossip a person from whom you did not expect it.
  7. They confess their love, which they have long kept in secret.

Second week 8-14 number

  1. Female fortune telling predicts the appearance of jealousy with or without cause.
  2. You should not promise to close people that which you cannot do if you do not want to be ceased to be trusted.
  3. Perfect relationship with a sweetheart.
  4. You will have to experience a sense of retribution.
  5. Your heart longs to conquer the secret admirer.
  6. The fortune-telling by monthly recommends to follow the words you have said so that they do not turn against you.
  7. Someone from your loved ones is not telling the truth, deal with the reasons for such an act.

Third week 15-21 number

If menstruation began between the 12th and 21st days, the girl is expected to improve her financial situation.

  1. It promises to improve the financial situation.
  2. There is a high probability of guests whose arrival you have long dreamed of.
  3. Your dream will soon come true.
  4. If the day of the beginning falls on the 18th, then an unpleasant situation awaits you, which you can resolve soon.
  5. You will lose faith in what you have been convinced for a long time, but in the future it will play into your hands.
  6. You will betray the person you trusted the most.
  7. Something will happen that will put your life on its head. This incident can be both positive and negative.

Fourth week 22-28 day

  1. From this date, it is possible to predict a collision with insignificant problems in your environment.
  2. Surrounding pay tribute to your actions and deeds.
  3. High risks of betrayal. Can change your soulmate, and you yourself.
  4. Your scenario of life, which was built over the course of long months, will instantly collapse.
  5. Your work will begin to bring the desired benefits.
  6. Every job you started was a success. Improve the material condition of ovulyashki.
  7. You can be fooled with money-related matters.

People signs on critical days

Throughout all time, menstruations were shrouded in an aura of mystery, from which folk signs appeared that have their place even in the modern world. This is a proven method for predicting the near future.

  1. If you did not expect the beginning of menstruation, then your rhythm of life will gain new momentum. There will be a lot of new things in your path that you could not have foreseen.
  2. If you have a delay in menstruation, then national signs promise you stability, the absence of any changes.
  3. A timely start of your period means that your life will go according to your plan. Your desires will be translated into reality.

Prediction on lunar days

Everyone knows that lunar days have a certain impact on the life, health, physical, mental and emotional state of a woman. This method of prediction is included in the list of divinations from ancient times, which were used by our ancestors of twenty centuries and which have not lost their relevance to this day, at the moment they are only two known.

Critical days in the growing moon phase. All plans that were hatched in the head for women for a long time are close to realization. Expect only good news.

The beginning of the menstruation cycle at full moon promises the fulfillment of a cherished dream, which was covered with a veil of mystery. Life will be filled with happy moments for 21 days.

Monthly during the waning moon. You a series of unwanted incidents. But after you expect a white stripe.

"Strength" of menstrual blood during divination

Guessing on critical days is an intimate sacrament practiced by the fair sex almost from the beginning of time. Perhaps now many people are skeptical about this method of predictions, preferring to seek help from fortunetellers and clairvoyants or to set up Tarot on their own, but our great-grandmothers also seriously wanted to notice the time of day or the date that marks the beginning of the regulators.

But what caused this trend. The answer lies in the properties attributed to the blood. The ancient religions were based on the belief that the scarlet fluid that fills the human body has life-giving energy and keeps the memory of the genus. Menstrual blood was especially revered, because the advent of the first menstrual heels marked the beginning of the period of childbirth.

Our ancestors were sure that blood possesses vital properties, keeping secrets of the past and the future. Menstrual blood was used as protection against evil spirits and harmful influences, and a woman during her period was a kind of amulet for her family and household. Giving cyclical secretions special power and formed the basis for various truthful fortune-telling on menstruation. Consider the most common ones.

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How to guess by monthly

Divination by menstruation for women is sacred. Relying on individual sensations and time intervals of the beginning of the cycle, one can learn not only what the future has in preparation, but also predict the possible course of development of relations with a loved one, material means or the “behavior” of one’s own organism.

«Отправной» точкой для гадания могут служить несколько факторов, характеризующих текущую менструацию. Наибольшей популярностью пользуются несколько разновидностей предвидений, дающие наиболее полное представление о жизненных метаморфозах на ближайший цикл. Стоит обратить внимание и на то, что результаты гадания нельзя воспринимать буквально. Any interpretation is possible only in the arrangement on the realities of a particular woman.

These predictions do not require additional attributes, the ability to handle cards, the expectations of the full moon or new moon. It is enough just to look at the calendar as soon as the first “hints” of the expected menstruation appear. Let us consider in more detail each of them.

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Guessing the phase of the day

Based on astrological treatises it can be concluded that the planetary location directly affects both the well-being and the future of man. Based on the time of day at which the woman began bleeding, you can create a kind of checked horoscope for the monthly, characterizing the psycho-emotional background and features of relationships with loved ones in the coming month, regardless of the sign of the zodiac. It is worth noting that in anticipation of menstruation it is necessary to constantly check the means of personal hygiene, because divination will be the most accurate if you focus on the time of the appearance of the first blood clots.

The most favorable time to start menstruation. Many astrologers are confident that this early time interval foreshadows the imminent start of a love adventure and the harmonization of the inner background of a woman. The morning hours foreshadow a speedy awakening, and this time is associated by mystics with a rebirth. The coming month for the girl will be filled with love and mutual understanding with both the opposite sex, and with all others. Positive vibrations will fill the person and give an extraordinary surge of vital energy.

Day (up to 13 hours)

The beginning of menstruation at this time is characterized by seers in two ways. On the one hand, “daily” menstruation is the key to success in everything concerning work and self-realization. On the other hand, the monthly periods that start at this phase of the day are a direct recommendation of the Universe to devote more time to loved ones and loved ones, because the family’s boat can flow.

The interpretation of predictions based on menstruation, or rather, not the time of their beginning, says that the “coming” of critical days during twilight does not bode well. "Evening" menstruation is a kind of warning, signaling possible problems and serious conflicts in both business and personal matters. This phase of the day can give an idea not only about the events approaching a woman from the outside, but also characterize her internal state. Monthly, which began in the late afternoon - evidence of spiritual discomfort and boredom, which prolonged the life of the girl in a dense veil.

The most unfavorable time to start menstruation in terms of esotericism. Having studied the treatises on magic and philosophy, we can conclude that the night is not only the time of the Mysteries, but also a precursor of death, giving rise to the domination of the unconscious, the “animal” in human nature. Monthly, which began at night, foreshadow an early separation from his beloved, possible scandals and a series of financial failures.
It is worth noting that the predictions of the menstrual cycle are not fatal and cannot answer the question why this or that event occurred. Although they are plausible. Anything that foreshadows menstrual blood can be realized in one cycle, i.e. before the beginning of the next critical days. It is because of its “short-sightedness” that this type of foresight is considered by many rather to the comic prophecies and is not taken seriously, and the desire to tell fortunes is inspired not by necessity, but by a thirst for fun.

Divination by the day of the week

This method, based on the opinions posted on the thematic forums, is one of the most reliable and truthful for women trying to independently predict their own destiny. Some sites on magic have online platforms that allow you to get a forecast in real time for free.

You can predict the future yourself, based on the mystical significance of the days in accordance with the beginning of the month. Those who have already taken advantage of such services know that truthfulness does not depend on who chooses an interpretation of the start time of critical days. The numbers are hard to fool. The value of the monthly by day and day of the week are considered the most accurate among specialists and girls who have tried this guessing on themselves.


The onset of menstruation, which coincides with the end of the week, is a good sign, foreshadowing joy and harmony over the coming month. They will be a good messenger for those who are going through a difficult period in relationship with their loved one. The upcoming month will bring peace and harmony to the family haven and allow us to build strong, trusting relationships that promise a happy ending.

Divination based on a calendar day

To predict the near future, esotericism is based on the value of not only the day of the week, but also the calendar number of the onset of menstruation. These divinations are not mutually exclusive, but rather complement each other, allowing you to form the most complete picture of things to come. The predictions obtained by analyzing the selections are "valid" until next month. Consider the most common interpretations of calendar days.

  1. Monthly, coinciding with the first day of the month, foreshadows an abundance of positive events and profitable acquaintances throughout the next menstrual cycle. Happiness has already burst into the life of a woman, it is worth only to accept it with gratitude.
  2. Hemorrhages that began on the 2nd day are messengers of frustration Soon a woman, under the pressure of unpleasant events, will have to look at a loved one from a different angle, disappointed in him.
  3. Menstruation, which coincides with this calendar day, foreshadows a situation whose further development will depend entirely on the woman. She will start her development with a quarrel, but in what direction she should determine the development of the event herself.
  4. Monthly foreshadow the imminent onset of a long-awaited event, which will be a real surprise for a woman. Pleasant troubles can relate to both business and personal life.
  5. Reguls on the fifth day of the month promise a woman to receive an expensive gift from a loved one, which means good mood throughout the month.
  6. Menstruation, which came on the 6th day of the current month, is a messenger of bad things. According to most esotericists, this coincidence indicates that a woman has a serious enemy trying to strike through slander or deception.
  7. Menstruation, which coincided with the 7th day of the month, means that a woman has a secret admirer and a strong, bright feeling in her life.
  8. The eighth day, marked by the beginning of the critical days - harbingers of strong jealousy, which will torment the girl during the next cycle and certain problems in his personal life, arising against her background.
  9. Monthly arrivals on the ninth day of the month are a warning. This coincidence indicates the presence in the relationship with the future husband of a third person seeking to bring discord.
  10. Menstruation on the 10th is news announcing rapid euphoria from falling in love. Perhaps a new elect will appear in the life of a woman or a relationship with her beloved will move to a new level.
  11. Menstrual flow can tell about the appearance of anxiety and distrust towards the beloved man. Esoteric argue that all the unrest of this kind in vain, and the girl's choice is crystal clear before her.
  12. The beginning of menstruation on this day speaks of the possible magical effect on the woman in order to achieve her location.
  13. Menstruation on the 13th day of the month indicates the imminent start of the “black band”. Trouble will haunt a woman throughout the cycle.
  14. Spotting - harbingers of good news and a lot of surprises.
  15. Noticing the beginning of menstruation on the 15th day of the month, beware, in the near future bad news will break into life and thwart plans.
  16. A caution that reminds us that everything we say can be used against us.
  17. Monthly at 17 days of the month promise a speedy separation from your loved one. But do not be very upset, but just believe that the separation will be short.
  18. Menstruation, which came on the 18th day, foreshadows the emergence of a strong love feeling.
  19. Deciphering divination by the menstrual cycle states that the critical days that began on the 19th day of the month are messengers of love. But whether it will be mutual and what happens in the process of this relationship is unknown to the stars.
  20. Monthly, which coincided with the twentieth day of the month, predict a quick unrequited love. Give up trying to win the heart of the chosen one and try to switch to a new hobby or journey.
  21. Spotting evidence of lies, emanating from a loved one.
  22. The onset of menstruation on the 22nd is a harbinger of speedy material well-being. Money will pour on a woman during the whole cycle as from a horn of plenty.
  23. Spotting at 23 days of the month - messengers of happiness and harmony. Throughout the cycle, the girl will be in a state of lightness and bliss, and any undertakings will be doomed to success.
  24. Monthly on this day promise a quick noisy celebration with a rich feast and a pleasant acquaintance. In the role of the mistress of the celebration will be the lady herself.
  25. The coincidence of menstruation with the 25 days of the month promises a woman a lot of new meetings and a very interesting acquaintance that can turn into a long-term business cooperation.
  26. Reguls on the 26th day of the month foreshadow a quick acquaintance with a man who will become a true friend for a woman, able to understand and share her pain and worries.
  27. Monthly, which began on the 27th calendar day, foreshadow the fulfillment of a long-held secret desire, with subsequent unexpected positive turns of fate.
  28. The beginning of the 28th menstruation promises success in the business sphere throughout the entire cycle. Or women will find a platform for implementation, and diligence will be evaluated in monetary terms.
  29. Selection, came 29, do not bode well. In the upcoming cycle, a woman will have to endure frustration and resentment that can cause a strong emotional shock. But remember, dusk is not eternal and foreshadows dawn!
  30. Menstruation will tell about a possible acquaintance, which can turn into a romantic adventure.
  31. The last days of the month, marked by the beginning of menstruation, foreshadows a speedy journey and the possibility of a situation in which women do not show their best. Remember that before "hacking off the shoulder" you need to think about all the possible consequences!

According to the majority of the fair sex, 2 of the above versions of divination by month are true and help to make the most complete picture of things to come.

Remember, in this case the details of the flow of menstruation are not important. Only the exact start time has weight.

Practicing such divination more than once a month does not make sense, because even when receiving a negative result, failures will not last more than one month. New menstruation marks the opportunity to make a prediction again.

The mystical significance of menstruation

The cyclical nature of menstruation can tell a lot about a woman, not only to gynecologists, but also to specialists in the occult sciences. Studying the comments of famous experts and folk signs about the monthly, you can see that close friends have the onset of menstruation at the same time. Experts in the field of thin matter tend to associate this phenomenon with the harmonization of the oscillations of "internal" frequencies characteristic of congenial people.

Considering the monthly teachings of feng shui, we note that this is not just a physiological process, but a reflection of the integrity of the universe and the interaction of the main elements of the universe. This teaching tends to identify the stages of the menstrual cycle with the elements of nature. There is the following interpretation:

  • Water is identified with the menstrual blood that cleanses the body.
  • The earth is identical to the process of ovulation, which confers a new life and personifies fertility.
  • The metal is cold and empty, as is the reproductive system of a woman after her period.

The menstrual cycle, both from the point of view of medicine and from the point of view of esotericism, is the most complicated process that gives birth miracle. It is not excluded that for a modern woman, fortune-telling divination seems ridiculous, but the results of such a prediction often coincide with the real state of affairs. Such methods do not require effort, and decoding does not encourage a woman to go to fortune-tellers, you just need to look at the calendar, which is always at hand.

General information about fortune telling

A girl can resort to divination by menstruation only once a month - on the first day of the menstrual cycle. Many women in advance feel the imminent approach of critical days for a variety of characteristic symptoms. But the value for divination is precisely the moment when the first discharge of blood begins to appear.

Fact. Find out information about distant events using this technique will not work. The maximum period at which you can get a prediction is one month (or, to be more precise, one menstrual cycle).

There are several ways of divination by monthly, namely:

  • By the time of day
  • By the day of the week,
  • By the number.

Then we talk about them in more detail.

Online version of divination

If you do not have time to guess "live", you can try the online version of fortune telling on menstrual days on critical days. Just select the day of the week and the date of the month that you had on the first day of the cycle and click the “Guess” button, and the oracle will give you good advice!

The value for divination is when the first discharge of blood begins to appear. Guessing the feelings of a guy

Prediction by time of day

Pay attention to what time of the day or night your menstruation began and consult the interpretation:

  • Morning (up to 9 o'clock). This is the most successful time. In this case, fortune telling promises you a romantic relationship in the coming month, and also indicates harmony with the rest of your surroundings. If you have strained relationships with someone from relatives, friends or acquaintances - the situation is stabilized in the best way.
  • The first half of the day (from 9 o'clock in the morning to 14 o'clock). If the onset of menstruation coincided with this time period, you also have no reason to worry and anxiety. During the next cycle you will experience many happy events, good luck will always be with you.
  • Afternoon (from 4 pm to 6 pm). Those representatives of the fair sex, whose period began at this particular time, divination warns of possible major troubles, failures during the month. Use extreme caution and trust yourself exclusively.
  • Evening (from 6 pm to 8 pm). This option is more favorable than the previous one, but events that provoke melancholy or a feeling of loneliness during the next menstrual cycle are not excluded.
  • Night (from 21 to 9 in the morning). It represents the most unfortunate time to start critical days. The girl, most likely, will have to endure separation from people dear to the heart. It is also possible that deceptions or dishonesty on the part of the latter will lead to a temporary separation. There may be other unpleasant surprises.

Even if the resulting prediction was not very positive, you should not be upset. Fortunately, the menstrual cycle is not very long and already in the next it is likely that the situation will change for the better.

Divination by days of the week

Sunday, the day of the beginning of menstruation, fortune-telling on this day you will have joy and fun ...

Another popular monthly prediction method is the day of the week on which they started. For greater accuracy, you can also use the previous method. Decoding days of the week of the onset of menstruation will be as follows:

  • Monday. No wonder he is secretly considered a difficult day. In almost all cases, indicates a strong emotion and trouble. But what emotions they bring you - this is already solved by higher powers. The probability here is 50 to 50. However, don't be in a hurry to get upset, because if the beginning of the critical period was on Monday, you can get an expensive gift from a person you know.
  • Tuesday. Menstruation, which began on the 2nd day of the week, foreshadows a quick meeting with an old friend or acquaintance with whom you have not communicated for a long time. In some cases, it also promises a new acquaintance with a pleasant young man. And very rarely, but still remains the possibility that radical changes will come into your life.
  • Wednesday. It is an unfavorable day for the onset of menstruation. During the next cycle you will be faced with various troubles that will make you worry a lot and constantly think about them. But you can find a solution to any problems, if you make some effort. It should be noted that the beginning of the monthly on Wednesday is a kind of hint of fate, that you need to continue the struggle and in no case will you come out a winner from the situation.
  • Thursday. Pretty ambiguous day. Может указывать на бурное празднование какого-то события в большой компании людей. Но в то же время встреча может принести как положительные эмоции, так и повлечь за собой крупные неприятности. Поэтому следует соблюдать осторожность.
  • Friday. Выступает в высшей мере удачным днем для начала критических дней. В этом случае гадание обещает получение неожиданных и приятных новостей, которые могут перевернуть вашу жизнь кардинальным образом. С вашей стороны должны прилагаться максимальные усилия для этого.
  • Суббота. Также представляет собой благоприятное время. Very good events will happen in your life over the next month. It is possible that you can easily get many benefits, as if by magic. And all the troubles will dissolve themselves and disappear from your path. Perhaps a loved one will make you an offer or a long-forgotten wish will come true.
  • Sunday. If the monthly began on this day, you can tune in for a period of joy and fun. There may be small problems in personal relationships and some contradictions, but they will be resolved very quickly.

Prediction by day of month

The magic of numbers is necessary to draw up an accurate horoscope for the next menstrual cycle.

The day on which menstruation began also plays a big role in divination. Use the following interpretation if you want to find out what fate has prepared for you for the next 28-35 calendar days.

  • The first number is that you will experience pleasant events that will give you a stimulus for life, a feeling of some euphoria.
  • Second, you will have to face disappointment in someone of those who are well known to you.
  • Third, a quarrel is possible, it will either grow into a protracted hostility or soon be forgotten - it all depends on your actions.
  • Fourth - wait for the speedy fulfillment of your cherished desire.
  • Fifth - a loved one will prepare for you a pleasant surprise.
  • Sixth - gossip and slander are possible, at this time your ill-wishers are activated.
  • Seventh - the number promises you mutual love.
  • Eighth - during the next cycle you will be tormented by jealousy towards your loved one.
  • Ninth - you will have to face slander, detractors will try to frustrate your plans, they will actively discuss behind your back.
  • Tenth - the whole next menstrual cycle, you'll be in love with someone.
  • Eleventh - you may suddenly awaken a sense of unfounded jealousy. Beware of quarrels with your loved one on this basis.
  • The twelfth - you will have an insistent fan, who may try to win you with a love spell.
  • Thirteenth - the menstrual cycle will take place in a not very harmonious atmosphere.
  • Fourteenth - promises to receive good news.
  • Fifteenth - be alert, your girlfriend or loved one may unpleasantly surprise.
  • The sixteenth - be careful in your statements. Otherwise, it can reach a serious scandal at home or at work.
  • Seventeenth - will have to go through a short or long separation from your loved one.
  • Eighteenth - if you are not married, you can get a marriage proposal, for family women, the number means a transition to a new phase in the relationship
  • Nineteenth - in your life there will be a man who will enchant you, but in fact has no serious intentions.
  • Twentieth - beware of deception by friends or your chosen one.
  • Twenty-first - the number warns against a lie that may interrupt your relationship with your loved one.
  • Twenty-second - during the whole cycle you will be swimming in money.
  • Twenty-third - the number predicts pleasant events that will contribute to improving your mood and give happiness.
  • Twenty-fourth - get ready for the arrival of guests in your home.
  • Twenty-fifth - you will meet a young man, a romance is possible.
  • Twenty-sixth - you will find a faithful and reliable friend.
  • Twenty-seventh - a secret desire will be fulfilled with the help of a person who has suddenly appeared in your life
  • Twenty-eighth - there will be no significant changes in your personal life, but then you will have career success, count on monetary gain.
  • Twenty-ninth - the number foreshadows disappointment and many shed tears. Do not hide the problem from loved ones, they can help you.
  • Thirtieth - meet a young man and create a happy relationship with him.
  • Thirty-first - get ready for adventure, as well as pleasant surprises.

Since ancient times, around the woman during the menstruation period, there were a lot of signs and beliefs.

Signs concerning the monthly

Below we list the most common ones:

  • During critical days it is forbidden to swim in the ponds and visit the temple,
  • It is necessary to refuse cooking, not to do household chores,
  • You should not plant any plants, otherwise they may die,
  • If the period began on the wedding day, it was believed that the children of the bride will have a hard life. To protect yourself from this you need to read a special conspiracy,
  • Women whose beginning of menstruation coincided with the full moon, were considered witches. They were forbidden to look at people and pets, so as not to jinx it.

It was also believed that a woman during menstruation is able to protect a home from fire. To this end, she bypassed the burning building three times and the flames did not transfer to other structures. Also monthly blood was used as a charm to protect the house.

Council Experienced fortune-tellers advise in fortune-telling on monthly pay attention to the lunar day, on which menstruation began. At 1, 12, 13, 14, 19, 23, 26 and 29 lunar days the prediction will be inaccurate. On all other days, you can count on true information.

And finally, I would like to add that monthly fortune telling for love, just like any other, will work only if you believe in it unconditionally. After all, faith is the fundamental factor that helps us work wonders and create a new world around us at our discretion.

Will the wish come true or not come true?

You need to make a wish any day before the start of the next cycle. Then go to this page and check.

  1. Monday - the wish will not come true
  2. Tuesday - it will take a lot of time and effort to fulfill your wish.
  3. Wednesday - the desire to be fulfilled, but not immediately.
  4. Thursday - Your wish will come true soon.
  5. Friday - the wish will come true, but with some effort.
  6. Saturday - come true with someone else's help.
  7. Sunday - your wish is unlikely to come true.

A good fortune-telling, if you want to know how the guy treats you!

  1. Loves very much. There is no doubt about it.
  2. Can't tolerate you. This is better not to pay attention!
  3. Jealous. Or maybe you gave a reason? In any case - jealous, it means love.
  4. We advise to clarify your relationship! Doubts your love. If you are sure of her, let me know that your feelings are strong too!
  5. After a while you should meet. Wait, hope and try to escape. For example, take care of the cleaning.
  6. Hates it. Hate is a strong feeling, better stand aside.
  7. There is no certainty that this is love. Maybe you better break up briefly to check your feelings?
  8. He wants to be friends, but he is afraid to say so. Cheer him up!
  9. Trying to forget, but can not. Let him suffer! Forget very quickly. Well, let it not really be necessary!
  10. In a month you will have passionate love. Better prepare in advance!
  11. Regrets that you broke up. Or maybe you should forgive him?
  12. Indifferent to your feelings. Try to get him interested in something!
  13. He thinks you don't love. Maybe you should clarify your feelings to him?
  14. He has no confidence in his love. He must understand his feelings himself! You better wait.
  15. Loves another. As you know, the best medicine for love is a new love.
  16. Wait, everything will change! You will fall in love with the clever, but ugly. Well, in your power to remake it!
  17. Meet at the party. Think how to dress!
  18. Meet at the disco. It will be very fun!
  19. Happiness will come in a few months. In the meantime, have patience!
  20. Not jealous, but loves. The reason for doubt in his feelings - it happens very rarely!
  21. They flirt with you, but this is not serious. So what? Anyway nice.
  22. Laughing at you. The best way out - and you laugh at him!
  23. Meet in 10 years. Why? Even interesting!
  24. You dream about him. Let her tell you her dreams!
  25. Does everything to please you. But this is clearly not enough.
  26. Can't live without you. Are you without him?
  27. Be careful - he is too beautiful. These are often windy ...
  28. Love must be taken together. Do you do it?
  29. You will be happy, although you will achieve it through hard times. We wish you success!
  30. Do not pay attention to you. So what? Soon notice how pretty!
  31. True love is waiting for you in a year. Can you wait?

Divination Rules

Like any other mystical process, fortune-telling on menstruation is enveloped in a certain superstition. Before proceeding to designate your future using any of the chosen methods, a woman or girl should become familiar with the rules of divination, so as not to disturb the purity of the process.

Monthly divination table

True divination by the month is possible if the fortune-teller follows such canons:

  • The resulting prediction is valid only for a month, or more precisely, before the next cycle, which eliminates previous statements.
  • Is it possible to guess during menstruation? It is possible, but only on the first day of the beginning of the monthly discharge.
  • In one rhythmic cycle, you can only guess once.
  • For more complete knowledge, you can combine two variants of divination or even more.
  • If by monthly fortune telling led to a favorable result, then the girl should be silent about him until the moment of complete fulfillment of the prediction.

How true divination, only time can show. But all reservations to the fortunetease point out that fortune-telling is true if the girl herself believes in those 2 options or her own mix of fortune-tellers that she uses. Internal confidence in the veracity and accuracy of the actions carried out ensures the accuracy of the predictions.

It is noteworthy that not only Slavic girls, but also girls from all corners of the world, tried to predict fate in this way. To date, fortune tellers have come to us for monthly on feng shui and folk signs of other regions. Girls share all sorts of proven predictions with the help of the world wide web and even guess online.

Cycle and numerology

The menstrual cycle is attributed to a close relationship with numbers. And indeed, each woman has an individual calendar, according to which it is possible to predict the next ovulyushki, and bleeding, active phases and quiet. Science explains this behavior by hormonal regulation, and ancestors saw a close relationship when a woman is affected by lunar days and higher powers. Depending on the date of this very lunar day, one can predict what the coming month will be for a woman.

On the knowledge of the influence of the moon on a woman and ways were developed to tell fortunes by date. This method is quite simple - remember the date of the first day of bloodshed, and find the value of its numbers in the table. Please note that for ease of understanding divination is scheduled for 31 calendar days, it is important to choose the exact day of commencement, regardless of how many days this month are 31, 30 or even 28.

  1. leadership number. The beginning of menstruation this afternoon promises success in all undertakings.
  2. keep yourself in hand, your disgust can offend someone.
  3. possible scandals, be prepared for not entirely pleasant discoveries in relation to their loved ones.
  4. Dreams Come True.
  5. pleasant surprises or gifts await you.
  6. It is likely to be disappointed in close people.
  7. the secret will be revealed, you can learn about the hidden sympathy in your direction.
  8. bouts of causeless jealousy are possible.
  9. Be alert and collected, your rashness can offend loved ones.
  10. enjoy life and share happiness with your family.
  11. Be careful, someone is plotting intrigue against you.
  12. you are surrounded by temptations.
  13. keep yourself in hand, your emotions can hurt.
  14. Carefully, they are trying to fool you.
  15. promises improvement material affairs.
  16. wait for guests.
  17. dream big, because in this cycle all dreams will come true.
  18. possible sad events around.
  19. the disappointment that only joy will bring in the future.
  20. Look at your friends, maybe not everyone is so open and happy for you.
  21. cardinal changes in your life.
  22. be prepared for small squabbles at work.
  23. your merits will finally be appreciated.
  24. betrayal will happen in your life. And they can betray not only you, but you can change as well.
  25. plans do not come true.
  26. achieving success in business.
  27. success in the monetary sphere.
  28. Be careful, someone is bribing your money.
  29. the events that surround you are beyond logic. Do not worry about this, relatives will always support.
  30. Something wonderful will happen soon - marriage, anniversary, surprise.
  31. Forget past insults, only the best are waiting for you.

This version of divination by numbers is quite simple and popular, but different sources represent different interpretations of those figures when the monthly periods began. That is why it is recommended to use a combination of several divinations.

The second leading value for divination is the day of the week, when the first discharge starts to go.

  • Monday - you are waiting for the beginning of something new, perhaps a surprise. In any case, you have to worry a little bit.
  • Tuesday - a pleasant meeting or a new acquaintance, be prepared for the unexpected.
  • Wednesday - major changes in life are expected, for the better or not - time will tell.
  • Thursday - you will be invited to visit, there may be trouble, which will manage to get rid of with humor.
  • Friday - be attentive to your own health, it can pump up at an important moment.
  • Saturday - waiting for the pleasant surprises, love adventures.
  • Sunday - you can have a good rest in the company of friends, happiness and fun will come along with the guests.

Combining the predictions by numbers and divination by the monthly 2 options, we get a more complete picture. Information obtained in this way can be encouraging or not very good, but in any case, it provides an opportunity to prepare for upcoming events.

Keeping on love

Of course, every girl is concerned about the question of whether she will marry. Our distant great-grandmothers found the answer to it through monthly fortune-telling for love. As already noted, this type of divination carries information only for the period of this menstrual cycle, that is, long-term prospects are not highlighted, but at the same time, the beginning of menstruation, fortune telling on it will tell you what to expect on the love front.

In order to look into the future, you need to pay attention to the time of the first discharge of the day:

  • 00:00 - 08:00 - somewhere there is a fan who secretly "dries" for you.
  • 08:00 - 12:00 - sweet dreams and romantic dates are waiting ahead.
  • 12:00 - 15:00 - your beloved will be with you, finally a love idyll comes.
  • 15:00 - 18:00 - pleasant surprises and gifts from a loved one.
  • 18:00 - 24:00 - quarrels or mutual insults are possible.

Such fortunetelling is usually combined with day-telling. A huge number of contemporaries are ready to use proven and safe ways to determine their future. Unfortunately, it will not be possible to change negative results, but girls and women will be able to prepare for them.

Chinese fortune telling

The girls of the East also looked for ways to know their future, and learned to read it according to when the first bloodshed was going on. Before discovering the secret of divination, we note that in China it is believed that during the period of menstruation a woman is cleared of all negative, the Universe helps her in this. It is the Great Universe that decides when the moment of purification will begin. The energy of the day, combined with the energy of the female element, which determines its further direction in the cycle.

Before you begin divination by monthly feng shui, you must determine your element. It depends on the month of your birth.

So, fish, raki and scorpions on the zodiac belong to the element of water, Aries, lion, Sagittarius - to the element of fire, the element of earth - Capricorn, Virgo and Taurus, and finally, the element of air - twins, aquarius, scales.

Note that the energy of the day of the week and the elements of the air give the same prediction as the energy of the day of the week and the elements of the earth.

  • Monday. Element of water waiting for beginnings, coming important news. The element of fire - new acquaintances and changes in life, for the earth and air - there are new pleasant acquaintances.
  • Tuesday. For water - the implementation of plans, for fire - success in work, for air and land - replenishment of the wallet.
  • Wednesday. Good luck accompanies the water, the fire awaits a love adventure, and the representatives of the elements of the earth and air - a positive assessment of others.
  • Thursday. A bad day for all the elements - the plans cannot be realized, there is no exact definition of the reasons for the failures.
  • Friday. Water and fire - be prepared for scandals. Earth and air - calm down, leave disappointments in the past.
  • Saturday. Water is incredible luck in everything. Fire is active and moving forward, this is your motto. Air and earth - serious passions can be played out on the love front.
  • Sunday. Water and fire - rest, gain new strength, check your future after the next menstruation. Earth and air - everything goes according to plan.

As you can see, even in the ancient East, they knew whether it was possible to guess during the menstruation, and they were happy to use the developed techniques.

Women's cycle and signs

Monthly fortune telling for a woman is an easy and safe way to know the future. But in the old days, critical days also imposed certain restrictions. For example, women were forbidden to swim in rivers and attend church churches, also it was impossible to prepare food and do household chores, plant plants (according to sign, the harvest will be bad).

If the critical days began on the wedding day, then this would have a difficult fate for the future children, so the girls before the weddings read special plots. А если первые кровомазания начинались в полнолуние, то женщину считали ведьмой, ей запрещалось смотреть на людей и домашний скот во избежание сглазов.

С другой стороны, менструальная кровь почиталась, как обережная. Если в поселении начинался пожар, «девка с кровью» оббегала вокруг горящей избы три раза, чтобы огонь не перекинулся на другие дома. Also secretions sprayed their own home to protect against evil.

The most experienced witches in the settlements performed monthly divination according to the female lunar calendar. Reguls came to the growing moon - success in business, at full moon - waiting for true female happiness, on the falling moon - there will be disappointments and troubles. Older gods also know that it is impossible to guess at 1, 12, 13, 14, 19, 23, 26, 29 lunar days. So, as the information obtained these days is useless, does not correspond to reality.

Believe or not to believe?

Serious fortune telling includes fortune telling on tarot cards, runes, Indian and playing cards. The second category includes fortune telling on numbers, on the coffee grounds, by date of birth, Christmas fortune telling, fortune telling on menstruation (the so-called lunar days) and many others.

Many women believe that fortune-telling on critical days will tell them the future, and everything depends on the time of day, day of the week, and the date of the month when they started. Moreover, it is not a secret for anyone that many periods start with one drop, and after a few hours the usual periods begin. So the real beginning should be counted from the first drop. What is most interesting, there are many facts that with the help of this kind of divination, many girls were able to determine their future fate.

Monthly fortune telling on the women's cycle is now quite common, and many people believe them, and you can guess every month, learning something new for each cycle separately, and then everyone will be able to decide for themselves how true such predictions are.

Divination can be carried out only once - precisely on the day when the monthly began. To date, the most common 2 versions of fortune telling on monthly. They came to us from ancient times, because ancestors believed that everything was given by the gods and much had its own clues. And menstruation begins on a certain day and time, so all sorts of healers and witches tried to compare and determine all dependencies, developed some conventions and patterns, which, in fact, came to our day.

Two variants of divination

The first version of divination by time of day.

If menstruation began in the morning, love, harmony, mutual understanding awaits the woman, and not necessarily love for a man, it may be love for children, relatives, friends or just acquaintances. This feeling can be long-standing, it will just flare up with a new force and can last for quite a long time. During the whole month there will be excellent relations with people around.

If the beginning of the month fell during the daytime is a good sign, the whole cycle will be accompanied by a good mood, joy, happiness and good fortune.

But if the beginning occurs in the evening, it is not a good sign, which speaks of a boring life, where there will be little joy, perhaps events will occur that will bring many disappointments.

Night time - the worst beginning of menstruation, it is quite possible separation from a loved one or just a loved one.

Determining the future by day

The second variant of fortune telling by monthly is the days of the week.

Monday - foreshadows anxiety, but far from the fact that they will be unpleasant, there is a chance that they will be associated with some kind of surprise. It is quite possible to achieve a goal in some important matter, or to receive a gift from a loved one.

Tuesday - guessing by the monthly on this day means a very important meeting. Maybe it will be an old acquaintance, friend, and perhaps an acquaintance with a person who becomes very close. Some bold changes in life are coming (usually the predictions of this day are the most truthful).

Wednesday - the most unfavorable day, which speaks of the upcoming troubles during the whole month. However, do not get upset ahead of time, because all problems can be solved on your own, if you do not sit passively and wait. It serves only as a warning, not a sentence.

Thursday - heralds an invitation to visit, perhaps - to a stranger. Expected very unplanned feast someone, or at home. There will be a chance to get a visit, but it is not known whether this meeting will be pleasant, so it is necessary to make every effort to make it at least safe.

Friday - in life there will be serious events. Perhaps they will be good, which will bring a lot of positive emotions, and perhaps they will be quite unpleasant, and you will have to make efforts to solve them.

Saturday is a very good day for the beginning of menstruation, life will go on as usual, without any spikes and falls, the problems that arise will be solved by themselves, without your particular participation. Perhaps the old dream will come true or some of the familiar men will confess their love.

Sunday is the most auspicious day, which guarantees a happy month. It is quite likely that solving problems with a loved one will lead to a sincere conversation with him.

Divination by the dates of the month

Physiological divination for women can be carried out on the day of the month in which they began:

  1. Over the next month, exceptionally good events will happen that bring enough happiness and good luck.
  2. Disappointment will come to some person or event, from which something more was expected, or a feeling of neglect will appear.
  3. A quarrel is coming, the outcome of the events of which will depend solely on you: either everything will be smoothed out and forgotten, or it will grow into a strong scandal.

  4. Positive expected events are coming.
  5. A close person will make a pleasant surprise.
  6. Not a very good day, which speaks of the wiles of the enemy, is possible slander.
  7. Someone has a very strong and irresistible love for you.
  8. Loved one will give cause for jealousy.
  9. There will be a barrier in relations with a loved one, perhaps this barrier will be another person.

  10. Heralds the beginning of a new love or a surge of relations with his beloved man.
  11. Even if there are doubts about the loyalty of a loved one, it is necessary to set them aside because of their groundlessness.
  12. Familiarity with a man, but it is likely that he will be associated with magic, so you need to be careful.
  13. Great difficulties are coming.
  14. Some good news will come soon.
  15. There will be unpleasant news.

  16. You need to be very careful in communication, as the conversation can lead to bad consequences.
  17. Is threatened with separation from your loved one for a long or short time.
  18. Acquaintance with a new love or a new round in existing relationships.
  19. Expect a new love, but it is unlikely to be mutual.
  20. Unrequited love.
  21. It should look to your loved one, he is capable of lying.

  22. Unexpected flow of money.
  23. Wait for the good news that will bring happiness.
  24. In your house is expected a feast with a large number of guests.
  25. Meet a helpful person.
  26. Meet the person who will become a good friend.
  27. A quick fulfillment of the old desire, and help will come completely unexpectedly.

  28. Possible promotion, financial profit.
  29. Unpleasant news, because of which many tears will be shed.
  30. New love.
  31. There will be compelling events, it is possible a long trip, a journey. However, there is a risk to make a thoughtless step, which later will have to regret.

Monthly fortune telling on women's cycles has been conducted since ancient times, but there is still debate about their veracity.

On desire

2-4 days before the beginning of the month you need to make a wish, and after the start of the month to determine whether it will come true. The prediction will be valid, if you know exactly the time, how much they began.

  • From 12 to 1 at night - the wish will come true with the help of a stranger.
  • From 1 to 2 hours - will not be fulfilled because of your stubbornness.
  • From 2 to 3 o'clock at night - will not be fulfilled.
  • From 3 to 4 - to be fulfilled, but nobody can talk about it.

  • From 4 to 5 - definitely not fulfilled.
  • From 5 to 6 - just come true.
  • From 6 to 7 - should be forgotten.
  • From 7 to 8 - expect to be fulfilled soon.
  • From 8 to 9 - do not even hope.
  • From 9 to 10 - you need to patter for his performance.
  • From 10 to 11 - a friend will help you and the desire will be fulfilled.
  • From 11 to 12 - will be very soon.
  • From 12 to 13 - if it is fulfilled, not immediately.

  • From 13 to 14 - wait a few years later.
  • From 14 to 15 - means the non-fulfillment of the desire, but the overall situation will change for the better.
  • From 15 to 16 - the desire has already been fulfilled.
  • From 16 to 17 - expect execution in a few months.
  • From 17 to 18 - something will prevent execution.
  • From 18 to 19 - will be fulfilled with your influence.
  • From 19 to 20 - will not be fulfilled because of your inaction.
  • From 20 to 21 - actually executed, but for now it is necessary to remain silent.
  • From 21 to 22 - will not be fulfilled for a reason you know.
  • From 22 to 23, the performance is expected a year later, but you can speed it up.
  • From 23 to 24 - will be fulfilled, the main thing is not to lose hope.

By the day of the week

  • Monday - troubles that can be avoided.
  • Tuesday - everything is fine in your life, the main thing is not to talk about it.
  • Wednesday - a meeting with a person who will affect life, but you can not completely trust him.
  • Thursday - waiting for trouble, not to make contact with strangers, they can harm.
  • Friday - troubles will recede, the main thing to believe in it.
  • Saturday - threatens the revenge of people for your conversations.
  • Sunday is a beautiful love or a big purchase.

By the number of monthly

Each day of the month has its own meaning:

  1. act and succeed.
  2. someone will interfere, but we must go forward - to the goal.
  3. need to achieve results.
  4. possible big trouble.
  5. do not think only about yourself, do not forget about others.

  6. Because of your lies, your plans will not come true.
  7. more optimism and - go ahead.
  8. waiting for a difficult life test.
  9. foreshadows love.
  10. don't make plans, they will be ruined by children.
  11. friend betrayal.
  12. you will be lucky.
  13. bad changes in life.
  14. a meeting with a good man who will make a big difference in life.

  15. a pleasant surprise.
  16. big loss.
  17. will need to make a decision.
  18. give up disputes.
  19. waiting for change, to which you need to hurry.
  20. you are waiting for ups and downs.
  21. big changes in life.
  22. beware of the envy of strangers.

  23. meet the betrothed.
  24. serious events.
  25. job change or housing.
  26. financial income.
  27. listen to yourself, you know what to do.
  28. plans collapse.
  29. quarrel with a loved one.
  30. you better rest.
  31. your conversations can harm you.

Divination in the women's team

It has been noticed that in the collective, menstruation is made with a small difference, therefore, divinations by menstruation for women and at work are possible, knowing their significance.

  • All in one day - mutual understanding.
  • 5 days earlier than yours - the person is trying to beat you.
  • 4 days earlier - a bad relationship.
  • For 3 days - normal working relationship.
  • For 2 days - a lot in common, but you will not become close.

  • 2 days earlier than yours - a close relationship.
  • One day later than yours - sometimes you look askance at your colleague.
  • For 2 days - you always prove your point.
  • For 3 days - a colleague envies you, which is what you yourself want.
  • For 4 days - she feels constrained when you are near.
  • For 5 days - she feels your superiority.

At the onset of menstruation, and wondering love:

  1. He loves and seeks a more serious relationship.
  2. There is no betrayal on his part, do not believe in the opposite.
  3. There is a risk of a break, but you can influence it.
  4. Wait for the conversation and you will understand his actions.
  5. Difficult relationships because of your character.

  6. Do not always go on about it.
  7. Soon breaking relationship.
  8. He loves you.
  9. Your love is stronger.
  10. We must take control of the situation.
  11. He loves you very much.
  12. Your relationship is jealous.

  13. Possible treason on his part.
  14. Your relationship has gotten worse.
  15. To save love, do not believe anyone.
  16. You do not love him, it is just affection.
  17. He is a real lovelace, be careful.
  18. Soon you will understand a lot.
  19. Heavy relationship.

  20. He will make an offer.
  21. Take a closer look at your girlfriend.
  22. Someone wants to take it away.
  23. He lies to you.
  24. Change yourself and everything will be fine.
  25. Listen to his opinion.
  26. You are lying, and he understands it.

  27. His love is strong.
  28. Treason with your girlfriend.
  29. He often lies.
  30. You are a good couple.
  31. Breakup of relations, he has another.

To believe or not to believe in the veracity of such a fortune telling - everyone can determine on their own, but you can try, especially not to carry out any rituals.

General information about divination

For fortune-telling by monthly does not require any special techniques. There are several options for interpreting the point at which the period began. To get the most accurate result, you need to pay attention to the following points:

  • the start of menstruation,
  • Times of Day,
  • day of the week
  • date

The main existing decryption methods are based precisely on the beginning of the monthly. The better the woman remembers the time of the first discharge, the more accurate the result will be.

But how to do if one interpretation foreshadows receiving good news, while another promises an unpleasant meeting? First, before the next menstruation both events can happen. Secondly, perhaps it was the prediction that made it possible to avoid an unpleasant meeting, that is, it prevented it. It should be understood that any fortune telling is not a dogma, but rather a guide to action. It speaks of possible events, and not of accomplished facts.

Everyone must have come across a situation where "everyone is against him." Going to an important meeting, a person is hindered by every little thing: the necessary things are “lost”, you cannot quickly cope with the usual things, the transport is delayed or trapped. Events seem to indicate possible problems. Further analysis shows that a negative result could be “predicted”, too many signs were sent. Divination in advance would help to pay attention to these signs, refuse or postpone the meeting. As a result, you avoided trouble, the prophecy did not come true, but this does not mean that fortune-telling was useless.

Is it possible to guess during menstruation

To read monthly, no special rituals or aids (maps, etc.) are required. It is enough to have one or more sources of interpretation of the time of the beginning of menstruation. You can use all at once or stop at any one option.

Since different prejudices and superstitions have long been associated with critical days, the question - whether you can guess during your period or not - for many women will be relevant. It should be understood that the predictions at the beginning of the menstrual cycle and divination during bleeding are several different things. In the first case, you only see the results (interpretation), and in the second, you perform a certain ritual, for example, you lay out the cards. Guessing at the beginning of the menstruation cycle is just an interpretation of an already accomplished fact (the moment of the beginning of blood discharge). Here you can say that the female body has already performed a ritual of divination by the monthly, and you just have to see the results. Therefore, there are no restrictions here.

The rules of correct divination

True divination by monthly is an opportunity to receive certain predictions that are based on age-old traditions and knowledge. For different methods, the time of day, the day of the week or the day of the month, even the hour of the beginning of the month, are important. That is, there is a clear connection with numerology, the sacral meaning of the days of the week, etc. In the version of Fen-shui fortune-telling, the connection with a certain element and signs of the zodiac is also used for the most accurate predictions.

To get a correct prediction on critical days, you need to pay attention to the beginning of your period. The more accurately determine the time of the first discharge, the better the result of divination.

Let's look at how this works with an example. If a woman discovered the first discharge of the day, then there will be no difficulty in determining the day of the week and the date. And if they started at night, it is difficult to say which result will be correct. It is almost impossible to understand whether menstruation started before 24 hours or after. Therefore, for the interpretation it is difficult to choose the right day of the week and the number. It is possible to look (and it is better to record for oneself) both versions of interpretation. And after the beginning of the next month to compare both the results of divination and find out what was accurate. Until this point, focus on the method that is available, for example, by the time of day.

5 main variants of divination

There are several ways to interpret the menstrual cycle. Despite the fact that the results are “tied” to different data (time of day, date, etc.), divination is based on one general fact - the time when the first discharge appeared. The better the start time is determined, the more accurate the monthly fortune telling will be (there are 2 variants of interpretations when evaluating results by the hour, different methods for divination by days of the week, etc.).

We will consider various ways of interpretation that will help women choose the most accurate one. For example, 2 variants of fortune telling at the beginning of the month offer a method by day of the week and Feng Shui. Eastern technology takes into account the relationship with the sign of the zodiac and the elements, the usual - just the day of the week. You can choose either of them or watch the results of both.

By time of day

Another proven version of fortune telling on monthly is to determine not only the hour, but also the time of day. It is believed that the second method can give more accurate results. First, it is easier to determine the beginning of the monthly in a certain time interval. Secondly, for fortune telling matters day and night period.

Выяснить, что случиться в ближайшее время, поможет оценка гадания по месячным с учетом времени суток:

  • Раннее утро (время до 11-ти). Гармония с окружающими, налаживание испорченных отношений с близкими людьми или новый романтический период – вот что поджидает женщин, у которых месячные начались ранним утром.
  • Noon (from 11 to 13 hours). Joy and luck - these are the results of divination for those who discovered menstruation at this time.
  • Afternoon (from 14 to 17 o'clock). Caution and attentiveness will help avoid trouble and failure. It is better to believe only yourself and not rely on others.
  • Evening (from 6 to 9 pm). Monthly at this time predict melancholy mood and possible loneliness. This is better than the previous version, but still not very joyful.
  • Night. You will find some kind of surprise, and hardly pleasant. Guessing on monthly predicts separation, quarrels, deceptions are possible, dishonesty of others can bring many unpleasant moments.

There is another way to evaluate the results, taking into account the time of day, but it is more associated with love experiences, so we will look at it later (see the section Divination for love at the beginning of menstruation).

By day

In numerology, special attention is paid to the date. That is why it is believed that the beginning of the menstrual cycle and the days of the month are interrelated, and such an assessment will provide a fairly accurate forecast. This method will be interesting even to those who have “ovulyashki” last almost a month. It does not matter if 30 or 31 days lasts a period between the monthly periods, a gradual transition is inevitable anyway, as the calendar will change.

Check the relationship between monthly and numbers here:

  1. Monthly on the first day foreshadow pleasant events, they can cause a woman euphoria, and what a stimulus for further action they will become!
  2. Perhaps you will be disappointed in loved ones, and their actions will be a cause for worrying,
  3. Wait for quarrels, some will be serious, others will be quickly forgotten,
  4. Perhaps it is this month that long-standing secret desire will be fulfilled,
  5. Favorite, apparently preparing you a surprise, wait for him,
  6. Careful, the monthly foreshadow gossip, slander and other machinations of ill-wishers,
  7. Perhaps your prince is near, his love will fill your life with new meaning,
  8. With or without current, you will be jealous of your beloved,
  9. Monthly warnings: your enemies, secret or overt, will try to upset your privacy, your happiness clearly interferes with them,
  10. There is a chance to meet your knight, or maybe just the old feelings will flare up with a new force,
  11. Whether you will be jealous, or you, but such emotions can threaten the relationship, do not give a reason for this and keep your own emotions under control,
  12. The chance to meet a new love is great, but can it just be a love spell?
  13. Get ready, this month will not be easy, you will face serious challenges,
  14. Good news will come soon, wait for them,
  15. You can not do without unpleasant surprises, the question is who will present them, a girlfriend or a loved one?
  16. Avoid talker society this month; your words can be a cause for gossip. And then the scandal is inevitable,
  17. Perhaps monthly warn you about separation. But what it will be, whether it is long, short, peaceful, or as a result of a quarrel, is difficult to say,
  18. Married women are waiting for a new round of relations, and unmarried women have a chance to enter into legal marriage,
  19. There is a risk that the love that comes will be unrequited, perhaps the man simply uses you, be careful with your own feelings,
  20. Close friends or loved ones can deceive you, maybe for your own good, but a lie is a lie,
  21. But the monthly on this day talk about a serious deception that can destroy even a strong relationship,
  22. For women who have menstruation, financial well-being is predicted for the coming month,
  23. Pleasant events await you, perhaps the month will be the beginning of personal happiness,
  24. Even if there are no special reasons, wait for the guests, there will be many of them, this is a pleasant event,
  25. Careful about new acquaintances. They will be pleasant, even if you do not meet your fate,
  26. Monthly hint, preparing a meeting with a new friend,
  27. You may suddenly have a personal wizard ready to fulfill all desires,
  28. Work and financial profit you will have. And with a personal life, it's better to wait until the next cycle,
  29. You are waiting for the test, not without emotions and even tears. Do not hide your fortune from loved ones, they are ready to help,
  30. Monthly predict a meeting with a new person who can come into your life for a long time,
  31. Apparently, you have to travel. Be careful with the actions, perhaps they will be the cause of departure, and not the best.

Divination for love at the beginning of menstruation

The beginning of menstruation may herald a change in love, the emergence of a new relationship or a break of old ones. Something about this was mentioned in fortune telling on calendar days. But there is a more accurate option. Remember, when you started the first selection. Then a fortune telling for a woman for love will help in deciphering the results:

  • Morning. Love this month is waiting for you, she will bring positive emotions,
  • Day. There will be luck in love, and it will also accompany you in your daily activities,
  • Evening. This month there will be a lot of negative, conflicts and troubles will accompany you constantly. But against this background, you especially appreciate the personal relationships and other pleasant moments of your own life,
  • Night. Stealth is the motto of the coming month, be careful with your own "skeletons in the closet", they sometimes have destructive power.

Folk omens by month

Guessing on critical days in women will help predict the near future. But there are other ways to get a forecast. Remember that even in ancient times, people conducted observations of various phenomena, analyzed them, studied the relationship between events. So there were folk signs. Here is what they say about menstruation:

  • During menstruation, it was forbidden for a woman to: swim in ponds, plant plants, cook food, attend a temple, do household chores,
  • Whether the menstruation started in time: if earlier - wait for new events, on time - the wishes come true, she will be calm and measured, later - a woman will be stable,
  • Monthly in the full moon - a sign of a witch, able to jinx people and animals,
  • On the wedding day: to avoid a difficult fate prepared for the children of the bride, you need to perform a special ritual,
  • So that the fire did not spread to other buildings, a woman with menstruation had to go around the building in a circle three times.

The use of menstrual blood for amulets, amulets and love spells is also well known.

Feng Shui fortune telling

Divination by monthly feng shui is a variant of the predictions for the days of the week. But at the same time for each element is their own prophecy. Element Fire rules such zodiac signs as Aries, Leo and Sagittarius, Earth is Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn, Gemini, Libra and Aquarius are controlled by Air, and Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces belong to Water Signs. This is how the beginning of menstruation is interpreted for various elements.

  • Monday. For Fire: familiarity with influential people is predicted, and not always with pleasant ones. For the Earth: waiting for positive emotions, success and pleasant events. For Air: love affairs and romance are coming, stability in affairs, but health can fail. For Watermarks: the beginning of something new that will have a significant impact in the future.
  • Tuesday. Fire: possible career growth. Land: financial changes can be both positive and negative. Air: difficulties at work are compensated by the peace of the house, but the risk of conflict will be great everywhere. Water: your plans are close to realization.
  • Wednesday. Fire: mutual love and complete harmony await you. Earth: responsible conversation will help to adjust their views on life. Air: you are waiting for pleasant events, but the overall pleasant impression of the month will try to spoil the enemies and envious. Water: good luck for everyone - that’s the motto for next month.
  • Thursday. Fire: beware of events that could ruin future plans. Earth: lucky in everything, especially in love. Air: money and luck in all your endeavors are waiting for you this month. Water: difficulties and obstacles can destroy all plans.
  • Friday. Fire: to avoid conflicts and fights will help caution in everything. Earth: luck awaits you not only in love, but also in deeds. Air: enjoy the calm and stability. Water: women are waiting for mystery and intrigue, the probability of mental anguish is great.
  • Saturday. Fire: turn plans into reality, luck is on your side. Land: difficulties await at work, and luck on a personal front. Air: Positive emotions and unforgettable events await this month. Water: get ready for gifts, surprises and pleasant events.
  • Sunday. Fire: peace guaranteed, enjoy it. Earth: the difficulties will melt by themselves, leaving room for joy. Air: a good time to implement the plans. Water: enjoy the long-awaited rest, the problems recede into the background.

As you can see, fortune telling on menstruation has many nuances and features. Choose any option or use all at the same time to make the most accurate forecast. And do not forget about the national signs that will help in everyday life.

What is monthly fortune telling

This way of knowing your future is based on drawing a parallel between the date, the time of the beginning of the menstrual cycle and the predictions that have been compiled long ago. You can clarify the forecast at any time of the day. For fortune telling on monthly special training or certain knowledge is not required, but an individual approach is needed in everything, an analysis of the information received. There are ways that are not so popular: folk signs associated with the monthly, lunar days.

The most common fortune telling for the future is as follows:

  • on the dates of the month
  • on days of the week
  • but time is the hour of the beginning of menses,
  • in time of day.

To divination on critical days was the most correct, there are several rules. They will help to predict events for the next month very accurately. Need to:

  1. Guessing once, on the day when they began monthly.
  2. Take into account the start of the cycle: time of day, day of the week, date.
  3. For greater certainty, use several methods at once.
  4. With favorable forecasts can not share them, because it can interfere with their execution.

Monthly prediction of love

Monthly predictions predict events that will occur in the life of a girl in a love plan. The time of day is taken into account:

  1. 00:00 - 08.00 Time promises secret love, the inability to admit their feelings.
  2. 08:00 - 12:00 Candy and bouquet period will be unforgettable. Relationship pairs will become brighter.
  3. 12:00 - 15:00 Relationships will be perfect.
  4. 3:00 pm - 6:00 pm It is necessary to prepare for unexpected pleasant surprises, romantic deeds of the beloved.
  5. 18:00 - 00:00 Love relationships will experience a lie, betrayal, understatement.

Such a fortune telling is desirable to combine with the days of the week for a deeper analysis. The total prophecy will be more complete, will reveal the essence of the prediction. No need to be upset when, because of the time of menstruation, you get not quite a pleasant result of divination. Nothing can change, but to prepare for possible negative events and try to survive everything as calmly as possible any woman can.

Monthly value by day and day

An important indicator is the day and day of the beginning of the monthly cycle. Values ​​are as follows:

  1. Monday. This day foreshadows troubles, both pleasant and not so. The second meaning is receiving a gift from a loved one.
  2. Tuesday. You can meet an old friend, a friend with whom you have not seen for a long time. Another value - changes in personal life, meeting a person who will become expensive.
  3. Wednesday. Warning about the occurrence of not very easy period. May need the help of friends to survive the difficulties. There is no need to despair - it is a forecast, not a sentence.

The second half of the week promises to be more favorable, the mood - good:

  1. Thursday foreshadows holiday and entertainment in your own home. Chances are great to meet a stranger, but what will be the meeting is unknown.
  2. Friday. Soon the news that will radically change life. Trouble is possible, but the effort involved will help cope.
  3. Saturday. Lucky day. Monthly predict a favorable development of all life events, problem solving. You can conceive a desire - it will come true. Wait for a declaration of love.
  4. Sunday. Happiness, victory in everything, we should expect joyful events.

In the fate of a person numbers play a significant role. For fortune telling on the menstrual cycle, they are also important. For example, the 1st to 7th of the month, the first week, foreshadow a favorable life span, success in many matters, the possible receipt of a gift, an unexpected confession in secret love. With regard to the relationship with the opposite sex, then there may be difficulties expressed in misunderstanding, conflicts, even - neglect. No exception - gossip emanating from a person from whom it was not expected.

Monthly from the 8th to the 14th day, on the second week of the month, predict the manifestation of baseless jealousy. This period warns against unfulfilled promises, calls to follow the words. As a result - loss of trust, retribution. We must not allow lies on our side with respect to our own personality. In love affairs, the forecast promises the appearance of a secret admirer.

The beginning of the cycle from 15 to 21 numbers, in the third week, promises to improve the financial situation, the fulfillment of the dream. The only unfavorable day is the 18th. On this day, monthly warn of betrayal by a loved one. There are various unpleasant situations that can radically change life. Do not worry very much, because the situation will be on hand. Everything that happens will bring not only negative, but also positive moments.

A cycle from the 22nd to the 28th, in the fourth week, predicts a collision with non-existent problems, a possible betrayal. Things may not go as planned. Likely betrayal by both partners. Need to be careful with finances. On the other hand, the period is quite favorable - all events will bring a positive result in the end, others will admire wisdom, the right actions. Any business will accompany success. Expect the arrival of dear guests.

The onset of menstruation on the fifth week, the 29–31 day of the month, is associated with mystical events in life. The inexplicable phenomena, the presence of otherworldly forces will help to forget about their experiences. A look at the future is only joyful and optimistic, luck should accompany in all endeavors. It may turn out to visit a very fun, unforgettable holiday.