The use of tampons after childbirth


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How many months have passed after giving birth? If more than two, I went to the gynecologist and TAM is fine, then it is possible.

The main thing is that the tampon is not lost inside :)))

If you have exactly monthly, then no, there are no restrictions.

and they fell out after giving birth to me (((((although, before giving birth, I barely crammed at all ((((((((, only after 2 years it became more or less normal).

I did not drop anything. If you fall out - you need to do the groin muscles. Everything is much faster to recover.

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Why not?

After pregnancy and childbirth, the female genitals undergo major changes. The uterus increases almost 500 times, and its weight is about 1 kg. In addition, after the generic process, its inner surface is a wound, bleeding, which is manifested by the output of lohii. In this way, the uterus is cleansed. Lochia is a postpartum discharge that consists of blood cells, plasma, and exfoliated endometrial cells. Their output is not associated with menstruation, however, as well as monthly they require the use of special hygiene products. Doctors advise the use of special urological pads. The fact is that lochia is much more abundant than menstrual flow and the usual means in this case are not reliable, they flow quickly. The same goes for tampons.

However, insecurity is not the main contraindication to the use of tampons. Quite often, during the birth process, the birth canal of a woman is injured, micro-fractures or even serious cracks occur, which are stitched. A foreign object in the vagina, which is a tampon, prevents wounds from healing. Frequent changes injure damaged mucous membranes and can lead to infections. In addition, when using a tampon, blood clots stagnate and begin to decompose under the influence of heat. This leads to a violation of the vaginal environment, and again, contributes to the penetration and multiplication of infection.

We must not forget that the cervix is ​​also subject to change. Within a few hours after birth, it remains open, the diameter of the lumen reaches 10-12 cm. On the second day, the lumen is reduced to 4 cm. The entire cervix is ​​closed only by day 10. That is, in the early recovery period, the birth canal remains open, and this can cause inflammation not only of the cervix, but also of more deeply located organs.

We should also mention women who gave birth by caesarean section. Some of them believe that if the child did not pass through the birth canal, then you can use tampons. This is not true. In both cases, childbirth is followed by a period of uterus recovery. Women after cesarean section also get lochia, and they also need special postpartum hygiene.

Note. It should be understood that the ban applies to the constant wearing of tampons. If you need to take advantage of an inconspicuous hygienic means for an important event, this will not affect anything.

When can you?

The use of tampons is permitted after the complete restoration of the female organs, the healing of tears. It usually takes 6-8 weeks. However, in most women who are breastfeeding, menstruation comes much later. Menstruation may be absent during the entire breastfeeding period. Only in some women they start a month or two after childbirth.

When you can start using tampons after childbirth depends on the degree of recovery of the female organs. To track this process, a gynecological examination is scheduled 30-40 days after the birth of the child. If no complications or pathologies are found, then tampons can be used.

Pregnancy mothers

After giving birth, a woman needs special hygiene. In order for the recovery period to pass normally, and no complications arise, it is necessary:

  • use special hygiene products - postpartum (urological) pads or ordinary hypoallergenic with increased absorption (5 drops or more),
  • change the hygiene product every 2-4 hours,
  • with each change to wash with warm running water, from the vagina to the anus,
  • in the presence of external seams for washing, use a light pink solution of potassium permanganate,
  • wear loose cotton underwear.

You can go to the usual hygiene in about a week or two, after the volume of lohii decreases, and their color becomes light brown.

Tampons are a hygiene product designed to absorb menstrual flow. After childbirth, women are given lochia, which require special hygiene and wearing special pads. You can start using tampons after the restoration of the menstrual cycle, that is, with the first menstrual periods, provided that the birth canal has been restored.

Fundamental rules

To avoid postpartum complications, you should remember to observe simple hygiene requirements.

  1. Hygiene supplies, including gaskets, should be selected carefully. Taking into account the needs. The first days after birth, you must use special pads, diapers.
  2. Simple gaskets are allowed after discharge from the hospital. In this case, the choice should be given to means with a high degree of absorption of discharge.
  3. Change the gasket should be every three to four hours.
  4. Immediately after giving birth, tampons cannot be used.
  5. Hygiene of the external genital organs should be carried out by conventional means that do not contain fragrances and dyes. Ideally gels designed for children.

Hygiene after cesarean section

It is forbidden to use tampons while lochia stands out, since a wound remains at the place of separation of the placenta from the uterus wall. Completion of lohii means that it has dragged on and only then can tampons be used for hygiene. Until then, the best option would be to use shims with a smooth texture surface, that is, without a mesh. Internal hygiene supplies contribute to the development of harmful bacteria, which is highly undesirable until complete healing of damage to the uterus.


If the birth of the child was not difficult, and the course of the postpartum period is normal, then tampons are allowed to be used starting from the third week. It is important to take into account some recommendations that help to avoid many troubles.

  1. It is forbidden to leave a tampon at night, because the cervix has not yet closed, which increases the likelihood of infections penetrating the vagina.
  2. Hygienic means should be replaced after two hours, no matter how full it is.
  3. If there are internal seams, then the use of tampons should be postponed until the moment of full recovery, namely for a month and a half

It is extremely important to strictly adhere to the rules for the use of hygiene products, regardless of which preference is given - pads or tampons. Change of ownership must be regular and timely.

Hygiene after childbirth

The postpartum recovery period involves compliance with a number of rules, regarding not only the means used, but overall hygiene. In order not to harm health and speed up rehabilitation, it is necessary to do the following.

  1. Replace hygiene supplies at least once every two to three hours.
  2. Underwear is subject to daily replacement, the bra is changed every four days, bedding must be replaced once a week.
  3. Every two hours you need to wash the crotch with warm water.
  4. For water treatments, it is desirable to use baby soap.
  5. The seams in the crotch area (if any) must be washed under the shower, being careful not to touch them with your hands.
  6. If the doctor has not prescribed douching, then it is impossible to make a decision on the conduct of such procedures.
  7. After washing the perineum should be rinsed with an antiseptic, for example, a light manganese solution.
  8. When hemorrhoids toilet paper should be replaced by washing with warm water.

The choice of tampons

Regarding the preferred types of tampons should consult a doctor. After the baby is born, the body needs time for full recovery and for some women, it will be more comfortable to use smaller tampons and others, on the contrary, larger ones.

Therefore, many women in labor are used before the first real menstrual period, with which there will be no problems guaranteed. The main thing is to fulfill one condition - gaskets should be made from natural raw materials, have a breathable structure. All this is necessary to reduce the risk of bacteria multiplication.


The first time after childbirth, regardless of whether they were natural or resulted in a cesarean section, the woman separated out lochia, the color of which is determined by the intensity of the uterine recovery process. When the abundance of discharge decreases (after one or two weeks), you can begin to use tampons. In any case, there are no medical contraindications to this.

But only if the birth was without complications: tears or did not require a perineal incision. If there are no other restrictions on the use of tampons, for example, a woman may experience discomfort when administering a hygiene product when the baby is large.

In general, so that the use of tampons does not cause problems, does not harm health, you should wait 6-8 weeks from the moment of delivery. To speed up the recovery of damage to the vagina, it is necessary to combine the treatment of impulses, cuts with proper hygienic procedures. The main thing is not to forget to change the tampon once every three hours to avoid the development of harmful bacteria in the genitals.