Nise - anti-pain tablets for menstruation and menstruation


Is it possible to take "Nise" for menstruation as an anesthetic? This question is asked by many women, because during menstruation, the most painful and sometimes intolerable feeling is discomfort in the lower abdomen and in the lower back.

Surely all the fair sex has its own secrets to eliminate such pains. One of them is the intake of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. And this is not surprising, because such drugs are able to eliminate not only the discomfort in the lower abdomen, but also other signs of PMS.

Composition, form

The drug "Nise" during menstruation is used quite often. It should be noted that this medication has two forms of release:

For critical days, it is allowed to use only the oral form of the drug.

According to the instructions, such an active ingredient as nimesulide is a part of the tablets. Also this preparation contains calcium hydrophosphate, magnesium stearate, talc, cellulose, corn starch, silicon dioxide and sodium carboxymethyl starch.

The principle of the drug

Does "niz" help with menstruation? An affirmative answer to this question can give millions of women. After all, this drug is one of the most popular painkillers, which uses the weaker sex for discomfort that occurs during critical days.

The effectiveness of the considered medication due to the rapid action of its active substance, that is, nimesulide. This component has antirheumatic, antipyretic and analgesic properties.

Thus, it is nimesulide that has an analgesic effect, eliminates inflammation and normalizes the general condition of the patient. Such properties of this element make the considered drug one of the mandatory in the treatment of diseases that are accompanied by severe pain.

Tablets "Nise" with monthly use and because its therapeutic effect can be extended to almost all systems of the human body. While the medication is working, the transmission of pain impulses to the brain from its parts is severely disturbed, which significantly improves the well-being of the woman.

Properties of the drug

Tablets "Nise" with monthly pain used very often. What is the reason?

Experts explain such popularity of the drug with the following features:

  • Able to reduce prostaglandin levels. As is known, such substances that are in large quantities in a woman's body cause strong uterine contractions. And after all, they are the ones that sometimes lead to unbearable pain. The taken Naiza pill with menstruation can significantly reduce the concentration of prostaglandins in the blood, with the result that the discomfort in the lower abdomen very soon disappears.
  • Decreased histamine levels. Such a process in the human body helps to get rid of excess fluid, which, by the way, can also be the cause of the appearance of painful sensations during menstruation. Thus, the “Nise” pills for menstruation with the same success can eliminate not only discomfort in the abdomen, but also in the lower back and head.
  • Preventing the formation of free radicals in the human body. Due to its composition, the considered drug is able to provide an antioxidant effect, which also makes it possible to eliminate unpleasant sensations in the stomach, as well as to improve the general well-being of a woman.
  • Interaction with glucocorticoid receptors. This property of nimesulide together with inhibition of the production of prostaglandins gives the drug anti-inflammatory properties. Therefore, if during a critical day a woman has any chronic gynecological disease, the tablets "Nise" can easily solve this problem.

What is the popularity of the drug among women?

Why is the mentioned medication used more frequently during menstruation? Experts explain the popularity of this drug by the fact that, unlike similar drugs, it has less effect on the liver in a destructive way. In addition, tablets "Niz" with menstruation and take because it has antipyretic properties, which makes it possible to eliminate not only pain, but also get rid of the feeling of complete weakness, often accompanying the days of menstruation.

Featured NSAIDs

As it has been found out above, the drug "Niz" can be drunk at monthly. However, it should be immediately noted that this drug is actively used in other diseases. The instructions indicate the following indications for use:

  • rheumatoid arthritis,
  • tendonitis, myositis,
  • osteoarthritis,
  • gouty and psoriatic arthritis,
  • osteochondrosis,
  • pain syndromes for injuries, thrombophlebitis, in the postoperative period, gynecological diseases,
  • fever of various origin,
  • toothache and headache.

Contraindications NSAIDs

Can I drink "Nise" with monthly pain? It is allowed to take such a drug during critical days, but be sure to take into account that this medication has certain contraindications.

According to the instructions, the mentioned medicine is forbidden to drink if a woman has the following pathological conditions:

  • bleeding disorders,
  • intolerance to the components of the tablets (active and inactive substances),
  • intestinal infection, enterocolitis,
  • bronchial asthma,
  • allergy to acetylsalicylic acid,
  • liver disease,
  • gastritis or gastric ulcer,
  • renal failure
  • heart disease, as well as the recovery period after surgery on it.

It should be emphasized that the drug "Niz" is prohibited to receive pregnant and lactating women, since its active component may adversely affect the fetus and the newborn child.

With extreme caution, this medicine should be prescribed for:

  • diabetes mellitus
  • coronary heart disease
  • peripheral artery diseases.

With a sharp deterioration in health after taking the pills, it is urgent to consult a doctor.

How to take the drug?

Practically always tablets "Niz" at a menstruation of the woman accept without preliminary consultation of the doctor. In this case, experts recommend carefully study the attached instructions. This is necessary in order to avoid the development of undesirable effects, since the medication in question has a rather impressive list of side effects and contraindications.

So how much should the pills be taken at the time of critical days to reduce pain? According to the instructions, the therapeutic effect of the use of this drug occurs after consuming two tablets per day. To avoid side effects, they should be drunk at different times of the day, but only before meals. Pre-pill can be crushed, and then mixed with plain water.

In case of severe pain syndrome, it is allowed to take two doses at once (for example, in the morning or in the afternoon), and repeat in the evening. In this case, you must monitor your condition.

If the pain after taking the medication disappears, but there are other signs of PMS, it is prohibited to use another dose of the drug. In such a situation, it is better to consult a gynecologist, since it is highly recommended not to use more than 4 Naiza tablets per day. It must always be remembered that this medicine can only eliminate pain, and not eliminate its cause.

As you know, some girls have critical days starting from 11-12 years old. In this case, the elimination of discomfort with NSAIDs should be carried out in accordance with the weight of the teenager. The instructions say that per 1 kg of body weight of a child it is permissible to use no more than 5 mg of medication.

Side Effects

Experts often remind that thoughtlessly taking the drug "Nise" for menstrual pain should not be. What is the reason for this warning? Despite the fact that this medicine helps to eliminate discomfort well, taking it in the maximum allowed dosage during the entire period of critical days can give an undesirable effect. By the way, sometimes side effects occur even with a minimum number of pills. This usually happens if a woman has a special sensitivity to the components of the medicine.

Among the side effects of the drug "Nise" are the following:

  • excessive sweating
  • skin rash with itching
  • stomatitis, bleeding gums,
  • anxiety, increased nervousness,
  • dizziness and drowsiness,
  • exacerbation of bronchial asthma, difficulty breathing,
  • swelling, reduced urination,
  • nausea, intestinal upset, vomiting,
  • pain in the liver, bitter taste in the mouth,
  • weakness, lethargy, malaise,
  • blurred vision.

It is important to know!

As practice shows, in some cases, the effect of taking the tablets "Niz" can be observed not earlier than after 2 hours. In this regard, many patients are in a hurry and use another dose of medication. Doctors do not advise to do so. NSAIDs must be taken strictly according to the instructions, as overdose with this drug has serious consequences.

Nise for pain during menstruation

One of the most sought-after medications that helps to quickly get rid of pain during and during menstruation is Nise. The main active ingredient is nimesulide, it provides the analgesic effect and reduces inflammation. Therefore, the drug is presented as an effective pain reliever, antipyretic and antirheumatic agent. Thanks to positive results, gynecologists are increasingly recommending taking tablets during menstruation. Nise reduces prostaglandins, which stimulate active uterine contractions, leading to intense spasmodic pain. With a decrease in the level of this hormone, and menstrual pain decreases. In addition, the drug affects the amount of histamine in the blood. Its reduction also ensures removal of excess fluid from the body, which also affects the intensity of pain not only in the lower abdomen, but also in the lower back and head.

The drug not only copes with pain, but also significantly improves overall health during critical days. It has a less damaging effect on the liver than other painkillers.

No-shpa (Drotaverine) can help

Pain during menstruation occurs as a result of active contractions of the uterus, that is, a spasm of smooth muscle occurs and, as a result, the endometrium is rejected and the unfertilized egg is released along with the blood. This process is accompanied by intensely expressed pain.

Drotaverine is an excellent antispasmodic in this case. It helps to get rid of severe pain fifteen minutes after taking the pill. The composition of the drug includes herbal ingredients, so you can safely take two tablets at once, besides, you can drink several times a day.

Another advantage of this drug in its price, it is more than affordable. Drotaverinum and No-shpa are one and the same medicine with the same active ingredient, but from different manufacturers. These antispasmodics are allowed to take with pains of a different nature, they are absolutely harmless, which cannot be said about analgesics, which should be treated with extreme caution, not only during menstruation.

During menstruation, you can drink and Spasmalgon. This anesthetic mainly prescribed for diseases of the urinary tract and gastrointestinal colic. Spasmalgon drink one or two pills no more than three times a day. The drug has side effects. They should be considered before drinking spazmalgon during menstruation. Tablets can cause dry mouth, nausea, vomiting, exacerbation of chronic diseases, high blood pressure, arrhythmia, tachycardia and other disorders.

Analgesics during menstruation

Gynecologists are especially careful with analgesics and recommend taking them only in cases of special need. Of course, the pills effectively reduce the monthly pain and improve the general condition of the woman during critical days, but they also have a negative effect on blood formation processes. For example, the drug "Ketorol" can trigger internal bleeding.

However, among the most popular drugs we denote the following:

  • Tempalgin,
  • Pentalgin,
  • Sedalgin,
  • Analgin,
  • Ketanov
  • Solpadein,
  • Ketorol,
  • Nurofen (Ibuprofen).

Among the huge selection of drugs for pain relief during menstruation, many women use Tempalgin. And their choice is really justified, because the tool does not cause allergic reactions and does not only work well with painful sensations of various origins, but also lowers the high body temperature.

"Tempalgin" does not apply to narcotic drugs. His main task is to reduce pain. That is what allows you to apply them during menstruation. Improving the general well-being of women during critical days drug can not.

Despite the fact that Tempalgin copes well with pain, it should be drunk only when prescribed by a doctor with strict adherence to dosage. This is due to the fact that the drug has contraindications. Tempalgin should not be used by women with a cardiovascular disease, since it can cause a sharp decrease in blood pressure and other negative consequences. In addition, Tempalgin is contraindicated in bronchial asthma, kidney and liver problems, anemia, and other blood diseases.

It is forbidden to use this analgesic during breastfeeding.

With a painful monthly Tempalgin take one tablet three times a day, the dose, if necessary, can be increased, but not more than six tablets per day.

Many women during menstruation are well helped by Ketans. This is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agent with a high analgesic effect. The daily dose of it allows you to drink up to eight tablets. However, to reduce the painful spasm during menstruation, as a rule, two tablets per day are enough.

Ketanov also, like other drugs, has side effects that should be remembered when using the drug.

Menstrual pain patch

It is becoming more and more popular to use a special German-made Frauplast plaster, which helps to reduce pain during critical days. Its action is based on the release of heat as a result of the interaction of the components. The plaster should be applied in the first days of menstruation, when the pain is most intense. When used, heat is released, which relieves spasm of blood vessels and muscles. On average, the Frauplast heats up to fifty to sixty degrees. The plaster not only anesthetizes, but also soothes and gives the woman a feeling of comfort.

How to use it correctly is described in detail in the instructions. Be sure to observe and precautions. Remember to use the patch for more than twelve hours is strictly prohibited.

Indications for use

Due to the wide range of effects on the body, the drug is used for various pathologies accompanied by unpleasant sensations. The use of this medicine can disrupt the transmission of pain impulses to the patient’s brain. In addition, Nise has antirheumatic, anti-inflammatory and antipyretic properties. The list of pathologies for which it is recommended to use this medicine is as follows:

  • cephalgia of various origin,
  • toothache,
  • inflammatory processes in tendons and ligaments,
  • muscle squeeze,
  • otitis,
  • neuralgia,
  • arthrosis, arthritis,
  • bursitis,
  • back pain,
  • renal colic,
  • inflammatory processes in the pelvic organs,
  • postoperative complications.

Nise for menstrual pain

The effectiveness of the drug during menstruation is due to its abilities:

  1. Reduce prostaglandin levels. These substances stimulate uterine contractions during the period of critical days. A decrease in their number leads to a decrease in the intensity of spasms.
  2. Interact with glucocorticoid receptors. This ability of the drug allows you to eliminate the inflammatory processes in the body, which are exacerbated during menstruation.
  3. Reduce histamine levels. Thanks to this fact, Nise relieves a woman of excess fluid and eliminates puffiness during menstruation.
  4. Block free radicals. The drug actively removes toxic substances, which has a positive effect on the patient's general well-being during critical days.

Side effects

Nise rarely causes negative effects. Most often, when it is used, various allergic reactions can appear: skin rash, itching, drowsiness, and swelling. Sometimes patients pay attention to increased anxiety and headache. In rare cases, the following side effects are possible:

  • bleeding gums,
  • nausea and vomiting,
  • lethargy, fatigue,
  • temporary visual impairment
  • excessive sweating
  • pain in the liver,
  • hard breath.

The most unpleasant symptoms may occur with an overdose of the drug. Compliance with the rules of taking the drug reduces the risk of adverse reactions of the body.

Women reviews

The majority of women who are forced to take analgesic drugs during critical days, note the high effectiveness of the tablets Nise. In addition to anesthesia, the tool alleviates other unpleasant symptoms that accompany monthly bleeding. With the help of these tablets, many women manage to get rid of dizziness, nausea, swelling. If taking the drug in accordance with the requirements of the instructions, minimizes the risk of adverse reactions.

Analog preparations

To get rid of menstrual pain, you can replace Nise with another agent with a similar mechanism of action and a similar composition. Among these drugs note the following:

  1. Aktasulid. The main active ingredient of the drug is nimesulide. That is why the use of this medication has the same effect as in the use of Naiz.
  2. Diclofenac. The active substance is diclofenac sodium. This component is effective for relieving fever, inflammation and relieving pain. However, this medicine loses to Naizu due to the presence of an extensive list of possible adverse reactions.
  3. Ketonal. It is a strong ketoprofen-based pain killer. Its effectiveness is higher than that of Knise, but most pharmacists do not sell this drug without a doctor's prescription.


Nise tablets are one of the most effective remedies for painful periods. The main component of the drug has a simultaneous effect on several parts of the body. This allows you to quickly relieve pain and eliminate other unpleasant symptoms associated with the flow of critical days. However, it should be remembered that the relief of pain syndrome should not be the sole goal of a woman. If menstruation is constantly accompanied by acute pain, it is necessary to pass a full examination and establish the cause of this phenomenon. Perhaps discomfort arises from the development of an inflammatory process in the genital tract, which should be treated with antibacterial drugs.

Painkillers pills for PAIN IN MONTH and not only! Rescue in acute pain. I will point out the analogue of Nise and see what is cheaper ?! Adults and CHILDREN WITH 12 YEARS

_________________________________Good day!_________________________________

An agonizing state that causes so many to suffer for so many reasons.

How to get rid of pain? From physical pain. I ask this question at least once a month when THESE days arrive. It is about getting rid of pain with PMS, I want to tell you today.

It will be about the nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug Nise tablets 100 mg.

On the carton the dosage, the active substance, the period and conditions of storage of the drug are indicated.

By the way, there is also an indication of that. that this medicine is released according to the doctor's prescription, but, alas, the control of the pharmacy chains is not very strict. One pharmacy has not yet asked for a prescription from a doctor when selling a Nise. And I buy it regularly, every half a year for sure.

Nise is a synthetic drug used in the treatment of joint diseases and pain relief of various etiologies.

Inside the box is the instruction to the drug and 2 brown blisters of 10 tablets each.

Indications for use:

A direct analogue of Nise is the drug Nimesulide. Let's look at the price difference of these drugs (data from the site [link] today):

Nimesulide 20t. 100mg 177r.

Nise 20t. 100mg 242r.

But I bought Nise for 177r. And Nimesulide cannot be found in pharmacies, why should they bring cheaper analogues?

So. When do I get rescued by Nise?

I belong to the type of people who until the last will suffer, suffer, but the pill they need to "shove."

Therefore, Nise, I drink only for strong need.

The tablet of the Noise is not large (relatively), it is drunk easily. I take the drug after a meal with a glass of water.

Nise saves me on time THESE dayswhen the pain in the lower abdomen is not so tolerable that you cannot even sleep.

Also, sometimes, I am tormented by strong headaches. I am a meteo sensitive person. As soon as there is a sharp change of weather, I am in agony of head. Nise comes to the rescue again.

With some unforeseen injuries I also accept Nise (the last time I had cut my finger on my arm badly, right up to the nail. Nise dulled the pain).

With toothache-Night!

As I wrote above, this drug should be released on prescription, but the benefit of this in action is not observed. Because earlier my savior in THESE days was Pentalgin, who now cannot buy over-the-counter, but Nise was just as good!

Side effects, when taking the Nayz, I have never shown. But I can not remove the star, because the list of side effects is too big.

Worth rememberingthat Nise relieves and relieves inflammation only at the time of administration (it works in 15-20 minutes), but DOES NOT CURE the cause of the disease!

How does the drug

Nise is an effective antirheumatic, antipyretic, analgesic agent. Nimesulide is the main active ingredient of the drug. It is this substance has analgesic, anti-inflammatory properties, improves overall health. This is the most effective means of therapy, because it helps to fight serious pain syndromes.

The drug acts on various systems of the body. During the action of the drug decreases the number of pain impulses transmitted to the brain. This is due to:

  • fighting inflammatory processes
  • inhibition of the activity of receptors that transmit pain through the body,
  • protection of tissues from destruction.

Efficiency during menstruation

The effectiveness of the drug due to:

  • decreased prostaglandins,
  • a decrease in histamine levels
  • blocking the production of free radicals,
  • interaction with glucocorticoid receptors.

Nise with menstrual pain shows good results, because the effect on prostaglandins is quite high. Prostaglandins are substances similar to the hormones responsible for the contraction of the uterus muscles, which provokes the development of spasmodic pains.

Quite often, menstruation is accompanied not only by severe pain, but also by nausea, vomiting. This is due to the large accumulation of fluid in the body. Nise will help get rid of these symptoms, because it reduces the level of histamine, removing excess fluid from the body.

Under the influence of the drug free radicals come out of the body, which, when delayed in the tissues, provoke toxic reactions. As a result, the woman's overall condition improves, the pain syndrome subsides.

Interaction with glucocorticoid receptors in combination with inhibition of the production of prostaglandins, the drug gives a strong anti-inflammatory effect. For this reason, Nise is often used for the treatment of exacerbated chronic gynecological diseases.

It should be remembered - with long-term use of the drug you need to closely monitor the work of the kidneys, liver.

In addition to pain, menstruation may be accompanied by dizziness, fever. Acceptance of Naiza helps to get rid of all the negative symptoms of menstruation, without the simultaneous use of several different medicines.

How to take - dose

Drink during the monthly Nise is allowed if the woman adheres to the rules of the instructions, has no contraindications to the use of the drug. Take from pain during menstruation is necessary for half an hour before meals, at any time of the day. It is allowed to double the dosage with severe pain.

If the double dose of the drug has not had an analgesic effect, it is recommended to contact a specialist to accurately diagnose the cause of the pain syndrome. Drinking Nise in adolescence with irregular menstruation is necessary at the rate of 1 kg of body weight per 5 mg of the drug.

To avoid poisoning, do not exceed the dosage specified in the instructions (2 tablets). Girls who are faced with early menstruation (10-11 years old) should refuse the medication and replace it with another - Nise should not be taken by children under 12 years old.

Instructions for use of the drug Nise

Nise is designed by Dr. Reddy Laboratories Limited. The action of the drug is based on the activity of the main substance - nimesulide. The drug belongs to the class of sulfonanilides, being antipyretic, analgesic, antiplatelet and anti-inflammatory agent.

Drug nise comes in various forms

Drug Nise presented in different forms:

  • pills,
  • gel,
  • suspension for small children,
  • dispersible / soluble tablets.

Nise has good absorption when used inside. Quickly penetrates all tissues. Rarely causes side reactions against the background of inhibition of prostaglandin synthesis. Slows down lipid oxidation without affecting phagocytosis and hemostasis.

When taken orally, it is easily absorbed by the digestive tract, metabolized in the liver. Its metabolite is hydroxynimesulide, which has a similar effect and similar pharmacological activity. Excreted through the kidneys (in the amount of almost 50% of the total) and with bile. Almost 30% of the dose comes from the feces in the form of processed products. The half-life is about three hours.

Nise in the form of a gel has a local anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect.

When using this topical medication, pains in the joints and muscles pass, both during movement and during rest. Nise relieves swelling and movement restrictions.

Dispersible and conventional tablets are prescribed for adults and children over 12 years old. Children from 3 to 12 years old take the drug in the form of a suspension or soluble tablets. Reception Nise children up to 2 years is not recommended by doctors, which is associated with numerous side effects.

Dosing for adults - no more than two times a day, 2 tablets. This is the maximum dose. Reception does not depend on the diet of the patient.

For children, the dosage is calculated according to their body weight: 3-5 mg per 1 kg of child weight. Adolescents weighing more than 40 kg can use the drug on an equal basis with adults.

Nise-gel is applied on a dry and clean skin surface without cuts, scratches, abrasions, burns. The maximum amount of gel used at a time - 3 centimeters. The number of procedures per day - no more than 4 times.

The course of treatment is a maximum of 10 days in a row. The frequency of drug treatment can be repeated with an interval of 10 days.

There are some side effects. It can be:

  • Allergic reactions - rash, anaphylactic shock in cases of hypersensitivity to the drug,
  • Disturbances from the nervous system - dizziness, feelings of fear, nervousness, poor sleep, nightmares, headache, drowsiness,
  • For the genitourinary system - swelling, dysuria, urinary retention, nephritis,
  • Regarding the digestive tract organs - diarrhea or constipation, nausea, vomiting, flatulence, aggravation of gastritis, stomatitis, aggravation of gastric ulcers,
  • From the biliary tract and liver - hepatitis, jaundice, cholestasis,
  • Regarding the circulatory system - anemia, purpura, eosinophilia, decreased blood clotting, pancytopenia,
  • On the part of the respiratory system - shortness of breath, bronchospasm, exacerbation of asthma attacks,
  • Regarding the senses - visual impairment,
  • From the side of the cardiovascular system, arterial hypertension, tachycardia, hemorrhages, hot flashes are possible.

All these side effects are possible only in cases of drug overdose or with prolonged uncontrolled use.

Find out more about Nise in this video.

In which cases the drug is used?

The drug is used in the treatment prescribed by a doctor.

Usually indications for the use of Kniz in therapy are:

  • toothache,
  • rheumatoid arthritis and arthrosis,
  • Psoriatic arthropathies,
  • arthritis and arthrosis of unspecified nature,
  • gout of different etiology,
  • ankylosing spondylitis,
  • lesions of the synovial membrane of the joint,
  • tendon damage
  • myalgia
  • bursopathy of various etiologies,
  • frequent headaches
  • wandering unspecified pain
  • injuries of different degrees and localization,
  • osteoporosis,
  • soft tissue inflammation
  • complications after surgery.

Nise is used to relieve pain.

The drug is prescribed, primarily, to relieve pain and inflammation that occurs on the background of infectious diseases of different etiologies.

Drug action

The period of menstruation is not the most pleasant time in the life of a woman. It becomes very difficult for some to experience severe abdominal pain. We have to resort to medicines or popular recipes. Of the pills, the popular tool "Niz", it is recommended by many gynecologists.

The drug has a complex effect: reduces pain, lowers fever, reduces inflammation. The main active ingredient "Naiza" - nimesulide. It helps to relieve pain of different localization, including in the stomach. Nimesulide affects the number of pain impulses transmitted to the brain, reducing them. This is due to the following effects:

  • inflammatory processes are eliminated,
  • sensitivity of pain receptors decreases,
  • body tissues are protected from destruction.

And here is more about whether Ketanov will help with menstruation.

Why drink "Nise" during monthly

The tool has a number of features that make it most effective for menstruation.

During menstruation, an active production of this substance occurs. Prostaglandins help to contract internal muscles. Menstrual pain is connected with the fact that the uterus begins to work actively, rejecting the old epithelium. "Nise" is aimed at suppressing the synthesis of prostaglandins.

Therefore, gynecologists often advise patients to cope with pain with the help of this drug, because it directly affects its source.

Organic compound is responsible for the amount of fluid in the body. If it is too much, there may be swelling and pain during menstruation. With an excess of fluid, the head often suffers, and a migraine appears.

Therefore, Nise helps to eliminate not only characteristic abdominal pains, it also fights migraines.

Together with a decrease in the synthesis of prostaglandins, this feature has a powerful anti-inflammatory effect. This is especially true for those women who have a gynecological pathology in history.

Sometimes they worsen during menstruation. "Nize" allows you to remove a lot of pain and survive critical days normally.

Pill rules and dosage

Since the drug is quite powerful, it is important to apply it strictly according to the instructions. You need to try to use the minimum dosage.

To relieve pain during menstruation, it is enough to drink one tablet 2 times per day. This is best done immediately after a meal, which will minimize the irritant effect of the drug on the stomach wall. Typically, the tablet is dissolved in water to form a suspension. Then it is taken orally with a large amount of liquid. But you can not dissolve the pill, just drink it.

The maximum daily dose of the drug "Niz" is 200 mg. Each tablet contains 100 mg of the active ingredient nimesulide. Therefore, even with severe pain during menstruation, it is not recommended to take more than 2 pills per day. But since the drug is strong, it must cope with the task.

Sometimes menarche occurs fairly early, at the age of 11 years. In this case, pain relief with the help of the drug should be extremely cautious. The daily dosage is calculated depending on body weight: for every kilogram there are 5 milligrams of the drug.

In people with chronic renal failure, the daily intake will also vary. If a healthy person can drink a maximum of 2 tablets per day, then those who suffer from this pathology should limit themselves to one.

Side effects

It is recommended to use the drug during menstruation only in the first days of bleeding. If you continue to drink "Nise" throughout the entire period of menstruation, you can face undesirable effects. Sometimes with increasing dosage, the following side effects occur:

  • rashes on the skin that are accompanied by itching
  • dizziness, headache rarely appears,
  • puffiness
  • diarrhea, vomiting, nausea,
  • rarely flatulence, constipation, aggravation of gastritis,
  • acute renal failure
  • rarely shortness of breath,
  • high blood pressure
  • sometimes you may experience difficulty breathing, exacerbation of bronchial asthma,
  • on the part of the senses, visual disturbance is possible.

If you observe the daily dosage of medication during menstruation, side effects will not occur.

Drug cost

Pain killer is inexpensive. Prices range from 160 to 260 rubles. The cost of the drug depends on the pharmacy through which it is sold. "Nise" can be ordered online. But in this case, the minimum price will be about 220 rubles. Buying medication through the network is not very logical, because it can be purchased at any pharmacy, saving money.

Analogs "Nise" with monthly

If there is no such drug in the house, you can replace it with other painkillers. As an analogue of the medication for menstruation, the following medications are used:

  • Aktasulid. The composition is as close as possible, since the drug is based on the same active ingredient, nimesulide.

Accordingly, it will give the desired effect: relieve abdominal pain, eliminate migraine, improve well-being during menstruation.

  • Diclofenac. The tool is different in its composition. The main active ingredient is diclofenac sodium. The drug has an effect similar to “Nise” - eliminates pain, reduces fever, and fights inflammatory processes. However, when taking Diclofenac, side effects are more common.
  • "Ketonal". Another powerful drug that can quickly relieve pain during menstruation. The main component is ketoprofen. This tool has a more pronounced effect than "Niz", but it is difficult to buy in a pharmacy without a prescription.

And here is more about why the stomach hurts on the right for menstruation.

To eliminate the pain syndrome during menstrual bleeding, many gynecologists recommend using the Nise tablets. They have a complex effect, quickly eliminating the discomfort during menstruation. The tool is strong enough, so it must be taken with strict adherence to the daily dosage, so as not to have side effects.

Why drink nayz during monthly

What exactly makes effective nize tablets for menstruation? Several features of the drug:

The advantageous difference between the drug and other NSAIDs is that it does not affect the liver as destructively as similar agents. And its antipyretic effect makes it possible to remove not only pain, but also to cope with the feeling of weakness, which often accompanies critical days.

Contraindications for admission

Whether it is possible to drink nayz at monthly in a specific case, is defined also by other problems with health. You can not take the drug if the following are diagnosed:

  • intolerance to the components of the drug (except nimesulide, there are several other substances in it),
  • exacerbation of asthma,
  • allergy to acetylsalicylic acid,
  • gastritis in the acute stage, gastric ulcer,
  • enterocolitis, intestinal infection,
  • problems with blood clotting,
  • serious liver disease,
  • severe renal failure
  • heart problems, as well as the recovery period after surgery on it.

With care, applying the minimum dosage, and after consulting with a specialist, you can drink it with the following health problems:

  • coronary heart disease
  • diabetes mellitus
  • pathologies of peripheral arteries.

If the state of health after taking the drug has deteriorated sharply, urgent help from a doctor is necessary. But this is extremely rare.

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