Can tampons be used by girls


From a certain age in the life of each girl begins puberty, which is characterized by the onset of menstruation. The girl should be prepared for this event, so it is important to get comprehensive information about personal hygiene products.

What is better to choose a girl - pads or tampons?

The most common means of intimate hygiene for women are pads. They are convenient to use and known to women for a long time. However, over the past couple of decades, hygienic tampons have gained wide popularity not only among mature women, but also among girls. But can girls use tampons? Gynecologists answer this question in the affirmative: yes, you can.

Hygienic tampons are made of a material that well absorbs bleeding and prevents them from leaking out. The surface of the tampons is smooth and has a delicate texture, so their use does not cause any discomfort. However, some girls are still afraid to use this hygiene product.

Consider the most common fears of girls associated with tampons:

• A tampon may damage the hymen. This is not true. In the hymen there is a small hole through which the menstrual blood and other secretions of the female body come out. In addition, the chaff is very elastic, it is easily stretched and passes inside a tampon, which has a very small diameter.

• A tampon hurts, causes inconvenience and restricts movement. A well-positioned tampon is completely invisible. It does not cause any discomfort and does not interfere with walking, running or sitting. It is only felt if entered incorrectly.

• The tampon may fall out of the vagina. It is excluded. If the tampon is inserted correctly, when it is completely inside, and only the cord is left outside, then it can not fall out. The muscles in the vagina tighten it and firmly hold it in place.

• A tampon may get stuck in the vagina. This is not to be feared. If you pull the cord, the tampon will easily come out. Even if the lace suddenly breaks, the tampon can be removed with your fingers.

So what is preferable for a girl - tampons or pads? Here each girl decides for herself. Can a girl use a tampon if she leads an active lifestyle? Tampons are perfect for girls who play sports, dance, go to the pool, ride a bike. They do not hinder movement and allow you to feel confident without fear of leakage. The pads are suitable for girls who are still hesitant to try tampons or they are contraindicated for any reason.

In any case, before choosing a means of intimate hygiene, it is advisable to discuss this issue with the mother, older sister, or consult with the gynecologist, who will tell you whether the girl can use a tampon and determine if she has any diseases.

At what age can tampons be used?

Previously it was thought that virgins should not use tampons, but now gynecologists claim that this hygienic tool can be used at any age. As soon as the girl started menstruating, she can start using tampons.

In order not to experience discomfort, girls are advised to choose the tampons of the smallest size (mini). In addition, some manufacturers produce tampons designed specifically for teenagers. They have a soft coating, small diameter and are great for beginners.

Many mothers who care about the health of their daughters are interested in: can girls use a swab with an applicator? For girls, tampons with an applicator are really well suited, as it facilitates entry into the vagina and allows the tampon to be properly positioned inside. Before use, you must carefully read the instructions, so that later there are no difficulties.

How to enter a tampon?

It is easy to insert a tampon into the vagina, but for the first time the girl may have some difficulties. Do not worry about this: over time, the girl will acquire the skill and be able to quickly and easily carry out this procedure.

1. First you need to wash and wash your hands.

2. Release the tampon from the wrapper.

3. Take a comfortable position. It is best to carry out the procedure squatting or sitting on the toilet. You can do it standing, legs apart and slightly bent at the knees.

4. Take a tampon with your thumb and middle finger and guide its rounded end into the vagina.

5. Slowly insert the tampon, pushing it with your index finger. The tampon must enter completely; only the cord will remain outside. If the tampon with the applicator, then you need to insert into the vagina the applicator to half, and then click on the second part. The tampon will go inside, and the applicator will remain in your hands.

6. If you feel discomfort, it means that the tampon is not deep enough, and you need to gently push it a little further.

7. When it is time to remove the tampon, you need to wash your hands again, sit down and slowly, without sudden movements, pull the string. The tampon will come out.

Tampon use policy

Gynecologists recommend the use of tampons in the first days of menstruation, when blood discharge is particularly abundant, and in the following days to switch to gaskets. This is due to the fact that tampons absorb moisture very well and can dry out the vaginal mucosa.

You need to change the tampon every 3-4 hours, and if it fills faster, then more often. To check whether the tampon is full, you need to slightly pull the string. If it is easily removed, then it's time to change it. You can not leave a tampon in the vagina for a long time, because it promotes the reproduction of pathogenic bacteria. If a girl has scanty discharge, and in four hours she does not have time to fill, you should go to the smallest tampons (one “drop”).

Can girls use a tampon at night? Leaving the tampon inside at night is not recommended. At night, it is better to use gaskets. If a girl has inflammatory processes in the vagina, then it is better for her not to use hygienic tampons.

Use of tampons and virginity

With proper use of tampons, the risk of damaging the girl's hymen is minimal. The formation of the menstrual cycle is preceded by hormonal changes that contribute to the softening of the virgin membrane. This fold of mucous membrane, located in the front lower part of the vagina, becomes more elastic before the first menses. This is sufficient for safe use of small tampons, for example o.b. ® ProComfort ™ Mini. They are easy to enter through the natural opening, which is necessary for the flow of menstrual flow. If you are worried about possible loss of virginity when using a tampon, for the first menstruation, you can choose the smallest hygiene products. Usually they have the lowest degree of absorption. To be sure whether girls can use tampons, you should consult with the pediatric gynecologist.

3 reasons to use tampons from the first menstruation

Ease of use. Tampons are completely invisible, so when using them on “such” days, the girl can still wear things of her favorite style, even tight-fitting trousers. With timely replacement of hygiene products, selected in accordance with the intensity of discharge, you can not be afraid of leaks and wear bright items of clothing. Thanks to the small size, tampons can always be taken with you. They are convenient to use, even if the month has found the girl on the road or during sports.

Lack of age contraindications. Young girls can use tampons at any age after the onset of menarche (first menstrual bleeding). The main thing is to choose the right size and degree of absorbency so that the hygiene product does not cause discomfort during the introduction and at the same time reliably retain the discharge.

Security. With proper use, tampons do not cause diseases of the reproductive organs in both girls and adult women. These hygiene products are made of materials that do not contribute to the proliferation of bacteria and do not adversely affect the microflora of the genital organs. Just change the tampon to a new one at least once every 8 hours.

How to use a tampon

How to enter. Wash your hands and take the most comfortable position. Try to sit on the edge of the toilet or put one foot on the side of the bathroom. Insert the tampon into the vagina as carefully and slowly as possible, do not be afraid to push it deeper. At the correct introduction you will not feel a means of hygiene. The tampon must be completely inside the body, only the return cord is left outside.

How to extract. Wash your hands, squat down on the toilet and gently pull the return cord down and slightly diagonally. A well-soaked tampon slips out easily. If the tampon is left inside, it is possible that it is not filled enough Try to remove the hygiene product when you next visit the toilet. If you cannot use the return cord, squat down, slightly tighten the muscles of the pelvis and gently remove the tampon with your fingers.

What tampons can I use for girls?

The modern market of feminine hygiene products offers a wide range of tampons of different brands. The basic properties of tampons do not differ from each other, regardless of manufacturers. They all serve the same purpose - to protect women from menstrual flow.

Some manufacturers offer a special series of tampons - for teens. These tampons are designed for use by virgins and fully meet the requirements of their young body. But the usual tampons for virgins are quite suitable, since the main criterion for selection is, nevertheless, their absorbency, which can be determined by the droplets painted on the package - the more droplets, the higher the absorbency. It is better for girls to use tampons with low absorbency - not exceeding two droplets. Not all adult women can afford it, and a girl with an unstable menstrual cycle and with a vaguely defined profusion of menstruation is even more so.

Is it possible to lose virginity with a tampon?

Tampons - a means of hygienic protection of women during menstruation. Tampons are 100% made from natural raw materials - cotton - it is stitched, twisted and compressed, forming a physiological form.

Insert the tampon directly into the vagina, where it absorbs menstrual flow in itself, preventing them from excreting out. It is this fact that makes tampons so attractive for dynamic women. And it is precisely this fact that causes the most concern in girls: won't a tampon harm the hymen?

The hymen is an elastic film that separates the internal genitals from the external, with a hole in the center through which blood and other vaginal secretions exit. The size of the hole reaches 2.5 cm, and the elasticity of the chaff during menstruation increases. The size of the tampon does not exceed 1.5 cm in diameter, the surface is smooth, silky, so that its introduction for the hymen is absolutely safe.

How to enter a tampon virgin?

Each pack of tampons has instructions for use. Before using tampons, the girl should carefully examine her. The basic terms of use are as follows:

  • Wash hands and genitals thoroughly before inserting the tampon.
  • it is better to insert a tampon in a squatting position or on a toilet, with legs wide apart, or standing slightly squatting, or putting a foot on some elevation,
  • remove the tampon from the individual packaging, take it with your thumb and middle fingers and the rounded side up, insert it into the vaginal opening, helping with the index finger,
  • since the vagina is located, in relation to the waist, at an angle, then you need to enter the tampon at a small angle,
  • the correct position of the tampon inside the body of a girl (virgin) - in the second third of the vagina. This is where the nerve receptors are least of all, so the tampon in this place is not felt by the girl,
  • If a tampon causes feelings of discomfort, pain, inconvenience, it means that it was entered incorrectly. It is necessary to pull it out and repeat the whole procedure with a new swab.

Tampons with the applicator are very convenient in application. The applicator is a kind of case, consisting of two plastic or cardboard tubes. In the outer tube is a tampon. The introduction of a tampon with an applicator is not much different from the introduction of a conventional tampon.

It is necessary to take the applicator by the corrugated surface of the outer tube, insert it into the vagina until the fingers holding the applicator touch the body. Then press the inner tube with a free finger - it will push the applicator out of the vagina, leaving a tampon there. Applicator - throw out, hands - wash.

If it is impossible to insert a tampon in any way - it is better to consult a gynecologist, perhaps in your case the use of tampons is impossible due to physiological features.

Important little things you can not forget the virgin!

Despite all the simplicity and ease of use of tampons, it is necessary to remember and always follow important rules:

  • do not use tampons with absorbency higher than necessary,
  • tampons should be changed at least 4-6 hours later,
  • It is better to use tampons for those 2-3 days, when menstruation is most abundant, the remaining days are better to use pads,
  • do not use tampons at night - no matter how safe they are, they still leave micro-scratches on the surface of the vagina, and sleep is the best way to heal them,
  • tampons can be used only during menstruation, no other discharge should be used,
  • it is impossible to use tampons in the presence of gynecological diseases and during their treatment,
  • When using tampons, there is a likelihood of toxic shock syndrome, which is characterized by dizziness, nausea, vomiting, loss of consciousness. In the event of the above symptoms of the use of tampons should be abandoned.

What is a tampon

The tampon is a highly compacted cotton wool in the form of a small cylinder, while in the production process of the company a cotton thread is inserted into it to facilitate removal after use. The tampon during menstruation is inserted into the vagina, where it absorbs blood and does not allow it to go out.

Myths about tampons

Since tampons are an object that is foreign to the female body, there are many myths around them:

  • The tampon may remain in the body. There are cases when the thread breaks and this item gets stuck. In this situation, you can remove it with clean hands yourself, in extreme cases, turn to a gynecologist.
  • Tampon provokes the development of diseases female internal organs. Doctors have proven that the use of these personal hygiene products does not affect the occurrence of certain health problems, if a woman changes them in time.
  • Tampons disturb the vaginal environment, cause thrush and other problems associated with the microflora. The material that is used in the manufacture of tampons is thoroughly tested, and therefore does not affect the microflora and does not cause such diseases.
  • Tampon can strip virginity. If you choose the right size and follow the recommendations for use, the risk of damaging the hymen is minimal. If the question arises, how many years can girls use tampons, the answer is simple: as soon as the menstrual flow began. Indeed, thanks to hormonal changes in the body, the hymen becomes elastic. And a suitable tampon can be inserted inside through a natural hole in the hymen, which serves to drain the menstrual flow. At the initial stage it is better to use tampons of the smallest size.


Tampons for teenage girls are easy to use, many prefer their pads.

The advantages of this personal care product are:

  • stealth,
  • lack of age contraindications
  • no odor, since blood does not come into contact with air,
  • the body doesn’t stop even on a hot summer day,
  • tampons allow you to swim during critical days,
  • during production and use less waste is obtained compared to gaskets,
  • the manufacture does not use odorants that cause allergies and irritation,

  • occupy little space in your purse, convenient to carry,
  • it is allowed to change them less often than gaskets, since they do not contact with air,
  • prevent the penetration of harmful microorganisms into the vagina,
  • swab with an applicator can be changed where you can not wash your hands.
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    How to choose

    When choosing tampons for virgins and teenagers, pay attention to:

    • объем впитываемой жидкости (количество изображенных капелек на упаковке),
    • размер,
    • материал,
    • наличие аппликатора.

    Тампоны бывают следующих размеров:

    • mini — 1-2 капли, самые маленькие, подходят девочкам и при слабых выделениях,
    • normal - 2-3 drops, can be used by young girls, designed for an average amount of discharge,
    • super - 3-4 drops, not suitable for girls, used for heavy discharge,
    • super plus - 4-5 drops, not suitable for girls, the largest in size, used at night and during intensive sports activities.

    Young girls are advised to buy small tampons - 1 or 2 drops on the package. Due to the fact that they absorb less moisture, they are easier to remove after use.

    Different manufacturers of products with the same number of droplets may vary in size. For example, the smallest tampons from one manufacturer may be larger than the other, while they are designed for the same amount of discharge. Due to complex technologies, the smaller the tampon, the more expensive the packaging.

    Tampons are made from cotton, and cellulose is often added. When choosing to pay attention to the coating product. Low-quality goods create discomfort when introduced, and fall apart due to insufficiently strong outer layer.

    Mini tampons for girls are best chosen with a coating in the form of a net, which facilitates the use of this hygienic product.

    Rules of application

    When using tampons, it is important to adhere to 2 rules:

      After the introduction of the girl should be comfortable. If she feels that something is interfering, then the tampon should be moved or replaced.

  • It is necessary to change a tampon at least once every 8 hours, but more often. However, tampons can be used at night.
  • The use of tampons depends on the presence or absence of the applicator.

    How to insert a tampon without an applicator:

    1. Wash hands with soap.
    2. Take a comfortable position, sitting on the toilet or standing.
    3. Remove the individual shell from the swab.
    4. Pull the thread and put the tip of the index finger to the base of the swab.
    5. Insert the tampon so that it ends in 3 centimeters from the exit from the vagina. At the same time the stomach should be as relaxed as possible.
    6. Check if you are comfortable.

    How to insert a tampon with an applicator:

    1. Wash hands with soap.
    2. Take a comfortable position, sitting on the toilet or standing.
    3. Remove the packaging from the swab.
    4. Pull the bottom of the plastic applicator to create a semblance of a long tube.
    5. Insert the tip of the applicator into the vagina and enter 3 centimeters from the entrance. After that, click on the applicator, and he will help the tampon to take the correct position. If the applicator is made of cotton, it is delivered in the same way as a normal tampon would be used, only this time after the introduction the bottom part is removed from the thread and discarded.

    For the first time, girls are advised to use any small size tampons. You need to enter them for 1-2 hours and watch your own feelings. Over time, this means of hygiene can go on an ongoing basis.

    During a trip to the toilet, it is advisable to change the tampon, as the thread may become wet and cause discomfort.

    To avoid the consequences of a possible leak, it is recommended to use thin daily pads.

    It is common in public places to throw used tampons, wrapping them in toilet paper. Some manufacturers offer in packaging small opaque bags specifically for this purpose.


    Contraindications are associated with individual characteristics and the presence of specific diseases:

    • inflammation in the vagina
    • after cesarean section
    • dryness of the vaginal epithelium for congenital or acquired causes,
    • treatment of diseases requiring the introduction of suppositories and drugs into the uterus or vagina (the tampon absorbs part of the active ingredient),
    • the anomalous structure of the hymen, in which there is not one plastic opening, but there are many small ones (this can only be revealed upon examination of the gynecologist),
    • observation of toxic shock syndrome in the past.
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    Top Rated

    The rating contains popular products for young age, which are selected on the basis of positive reviews. You should not refuse tampons if the first package did not fit in size. Sometimes it takes at least a year before the girl finds suitable hygiene products for herself.

      O.b. Pro Comfort mini.

    The smallest tampons for girls, which are small, slippery coating, while well absorbed and easy to get after use. The disadvantages include the high price and the lack of an applicator. Suitable as the first tampons to see if this type of hygiene is convenient. Tampax compak regular.

    Medium sized tampons with a plastic applicator that makes insertion quick and comfortable. They are well absorbed, are in the middle price category, presented in many pharmacies and shops. Convenient to use in nature and where it is not possible to wash their hands.

    Tampax pearl regular.

    An alternative version of the Tampax Compak ergonomic shape. Pearl adapts to the physiology of the girl. Tampons have individual packaging that does not rustle, so they can be used in any situation. The size corresponds to the classic version, but at the expense of a slippery applicator suitable for girls. Kotex mini.

    Tampons cope with their function, while cost less than many analogues. Each tampon is sealed in an individual bright packaging, so girls can feel free if someone sees the contents of the bag at school. They are small, easily inserted, but produced without an applicator. These tampons are suitable for swimming in the sea and for physical exertion. Kotex normal with applicator.

    They are more mini, but due to the plastic applicator do not cause problems with the introduction. Otherwise, they retain the advantages of the standard version, although they have less variegated individual packaging. Ola! Mini.

    Small tampons without an applicator that are well absorbed, easy to use and suitable for schoolgirls. They have a low price, but in quality they are comparable to Kotex. Produced without fragrances and with a smooth surface, easily removed after use.