Monthly arrivals ahead of time: reasons


Exit from the uterus, unfertilized egg, accompanied by menstrual secretions. During menstruation, the uterus is cleared of tissues and fluids stored in the event of pregnancy, as well as of accumulated toxins.

Menstruation in the normal state of the body should begin regularly every 28 days. The duration of the cycle depends on the age, weight, hormonal levels and other individual characteristics of the woman. Timely periods indicate women's health.

Violations of the same cycle often indicate health problems.

Monthly ahead of time should make a woman think about her health

Main reasons

The reasons why the menstrual cycle is disturbed are many. Not all of them require serious medical intervention. One of the frequent causes of menstruation earlier, is an inflammatory process in the female genitals. Inflammation is accompanied by a number of symptoms that are hard to miss. When the cycle is broken, consultation of the gynecologist is necessary.

Natural causes

If you keep a constant control of your cycle, keep a calendar, or use a mobile application, you will easily notice a failure in the body.

To determine the reasons that the monthly arrived earlier, it is imperative that you seek the advice of a specialist. It will help determine why the cycle is broken.

Here are some common reasons why menstruation could start prematurely:

  1. Sharp change of climate and time zone. Very often, these factors lead to a delay or the fact that menstruation began prematurely.
  2. Emotional and psychological stress. Strong excitement, fear or anger leads to a violation of the regulatory function of the nervous system. This can cause a failure of the menstrual cycle.
  3. Viral and bacterial infections. They lead to a strong decrease in the body's immune defense and its weakening. Sore throat and other diseases accompanied by high fever are especially dangerous for their complications.
  4. Excessive physical activity, leading to a sharp loss of body weight.
  5. Pregnancy. The last periods before pregnancy, their nature and profusion, are always unpredictable. The embryo ten days after conception enters the uterus, sometimes traumatizing it. Such an injury can cause minor bleeding. And you might think that the monthly came early, and not as it should. In addition, bleeding, you may feel slight malaise, dizziness and nausea.
  6. Ectopic pregnancy. This is an extremely life-threatening complication when the fertilized egg begins to develop outside the uterus. This condition is accompanied by internal bleeding and requires urgent medical intervention. If you do not seek help in time, the fetus will begin to develop outside the uterus, which can be fatal.
  7. Emergency contraception often causes premature menstruation. These drugs cause hormonal stress. Use of this kind of contraceptives is possible only with the permission of the gynecologist to avoid unnecessary consequences.
  8. Hormonal imbalance. It can be caused by ovarian dysfunction, a malfunction of the thyroid gland or adrenal glands.
  9. Formation of the menstrual cycle. The first year after the onset of menstruation in girls 14 years of age is characterized by an irregular cycle. If the periods come with long delays or go ahead of time, we say that the cycle has not yet been established. This is not a cause for concern in the first year, but it is still better to consult with your doctor and get tested.

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Age violations

  1. The onset of menopause. After 45 years, reproductive activity begins to fade, and the cycle becomes irregular, menstruation can go ahead of time or with long delays.
  2. Negligence during sex often leads to injuries to the vagina, cervix or uterus.

This provokes bleeding that can be confused with premature menses. If during sex you feel discomfort and notice bleeding after all, be sure to contact your doctor. Pathology and disease of the pelvic organs, such a violation can cause bleeding.

  • Diseases and pathologies that cause premature menstruation and cycle disturbances.
  • Often women, when they see any problems with the cycle or unusual discharge, ignore it and do not go to the hospital. Although this may be a sign of serious health problems.

    Watch your well-being.

    When there is cause for concern

    If there is dizziness, pain in the lower abdomen, in the back, severe swelling, if menstruation is too thick or, liquid, has an unpleasant smell, whitish impurities, this is a serious reason to think. Here are the pathologies that may cause premature onset of menstruation:

    • hyperestrogenic - the phenomenon of excessive release of the sex hormone estrogen. This disease comes along with luteal insufficiency, which is why it can eventually lead to a lack of ovulation and infertility.
    • endometriosis - excessive growth of the mucous layer of the uterus,
    • uterine fibroids - benign formation in the form of multiple nodes in the uterus,
    • polyps in the uterus - benign growths on the walls of the uterus,
    • underdevelopment of the genital organs (hypoplasia),
    • glandular hypoplasia of the ovaries, leading to insufficient synthesis of sex hormones,
    • oncological diseases.

    Endometriosis, fibroids and polyps can all cause intermenstrual bleeding, they should not be confused with menstruation. If you monitor your health and notice that there is blood discharge between your periods, which can be smearing, prolonged or abundant and short-lived, you should consult a doctor.

    Especially dangerous is the situation when the discharge is very thick and have an unpleasant smell. In this case, the doctor must be run immediately. These signs indicate a fungal or bacterial infection of the genital organs or oncology.

    Hypoplasia of the uterus provokes the early arrival of menstruation

    How to deal with a failure in the menstrual cycle

    The causes of irregularities in the menstrual cycle, why menstruation did not come in time, there are many. There are a lot of consequences of this violation, if you do not pay attention to the problem in time and do not exclude pathology.

    In order to have no problems with women's health, you just need to follow the cycle. In our age of high technology it is not difficult.

    There are many mobile applications in which you can maintain a menstrual calendar, mark your feelings and even get any recommendations.

    There you can note the temperature of the body, the regularity of sex, mood, and the like.

    If you notice any irregularities in the cycle, it happens that menstruation began in the middle of the cycle and stopped within 24 hours; this is a reason to go to the hospital. Describe your problem to the gynecologist, tell everything without embarrassment, even if the doctor is a man.

    The gynecologist should pre-examine you to prevent pregnancy. Then an ultrasound examination of the small pelvis will be prescribed. For a more complete diagnosis should appoint a complete blood count, analysis of hormones.

    Depending on the cause, treatment will be prescribed. Hormonal imbalance is treated with hormonal drugs, lately phytohormones have become popular. Fibroids and polyps are surgically removed.

    Endometrial hyperplasia is treated with laparoscopy.

    Citrus fruits will help to normalize the monthly cycle

    If you are lucky and no pathology has been discovered, you need to change your lifestyle a little. Here are some recommendations:

    • to the maximum eliminate experiences and stress,
    • try to reduce physical exertion, do not carry heavy bags, do not be too zealous on fitness,
    • Do not take means of extreme contraception, without first consulting a gynecologist,
    • before taking hormonal contraceptives carefully read the instructions, in order to avoid side effects,
    • refuse alcohol and smoking, this recommendation is universal for any deviations in a state of health,
    • drink vitamins, especially complexes with B12 and folic acid,
    • Do not eat fast food, fatty, fried and less sweet, it is better to eat more vegetables, citrus fruits, drink green tea.

    Diet is also worth discussing with your doctor, do not use tips from the Internet. It describes only the general recommendations on nutrition, and on the individual characteristics of the person is not paid special attention.

    A healthy lifestyle and regular check-ups at the gynecologist will help you be a healthy and happy woman. That is why it is important to be attentive to your body and notice all the signals that it gives us.

    Why menstruation began prematurely: reasons

    Often, women wonder why their period began early. It's no secret that the cycle of critical days for girls plays an important role. For example, with its help you can predict the best time for conception. In addition, critical days and their stability - this is the key to good girl health.

    With an irregular cycle, there is reason to believe that a woman is sick with something. Therefore, the topic being studied is extremely important. What you need to know about her? And when the “red days of the calendar”, which arrived earlier, are a reason for panic and a visit to the doctor? To understand all this we have to further.

    In fact, it is not so difficult.

    What it is

    Why do menstruations start early? First, find out what is generally called the monthly cycle of a woman.

    From a biological point of view, this is the period of the life of the egg from maturation to death. Or before fertilization. During the critical cycle, the egg matures in the follicle, comes out and moves through the fallopian tubes. If fertilization has not occurred, the cell simply dies. And the process starts from the beginning.

    For a woman, the monthly cycle is the period from the first day of some critical days to the first days of others. In other words, the length of time between menstrual bleeding. There is nothing difficult or incomprehensible about this. But why the monthly began early? Next we look at the most common scenarios.

    Types of monthly cycle

    But first, a few words about what may be monthly. Every modern girl should know about this.

    Menstrual bleeding are:

    In addition, they differ in their duration. For example, now doctors distinguish the following types of periods:

    Depending on these features, the frequency of the onset of critical days will vary. And the period of the life of the egg as well.

    The normal (average) menstrual cycle for a woman is 28-30 days. If the interval between critical days is more than 32 days, we can assume that this is a long type. With a difference of 21-23 days - short.

    Puberty and puberty

    The first critical days for women come at a very young age. As a rule, in puberty. This period is called adolescence.

    The beginning of the monthly cycle in a teenage girl depends on the individual characteristics of the organism. Someone first critical days come in 10 years, someone in 12-13. This is quite normal.

    In general, the onset of menstruation in a teenager is a sign of puberty. As soon as the girl first encountered critical days, it means that now she can become pregnant.

    Why monthly began earlier in the week? This situation is normal during adolescence. Approximately a year or two after the first menstrual bleeding critical can "jump". The cycle is only established, the body is rebuilt. Therefore, delays and early menstruation in adolescents are not a cause for panic.

    Why monthly began a week early? In general, doctors say that a segment between critical days equal to 28 ± 7 days will be considered normal. That is, sometimes “critical” days begin a little earlier than usual. In some cases, later. And this should not cause panic, if this situation is repeated very rarely or even appeared for the first time.

    For many centuries, girls are interested in the delay and the early arrival of critical days. In modern man, such situations can be caused by various factors. For example, stress.

    Under severe stress or during constant stressful situations, the body is under serious strain. This causes early rejection of the endometrium. Accordingly, critical days come earlier.

    Stressful situations or strong emotional upheavals (not necessarily negative) can provoke menstrual bleeding 10-14 days before their usual beginning. As soon as the psycho-emotional state returns to normal, the critical cycle will also recover.

    Loads and Fatigue

    The reasons why menstruation began earlier include physical exertion and severe fatigue.

    Due to the situations mentioned, the “red calendar days” may come before the deadline of several days. It's not very good. Indeed, fatigue and physical overwork can lead to serious health problems. And the early critical days in this case are far from the most terrible and dangerous event.

    It is advisable to avoid strong physical exertion on the body. Always take care of your health. Therefore, a woman should not be alone to make a rearrangement of furniture in the house or carry bags of 20-30 kg from the store. It is worth the rest, as menstrual bleeding will return to normal.

    Why did menstruation start earlier? A common cold can provoke both a cycle delay and an acceleration of the onset of critical days. This is due to the fact that the main metabolic processes disrupt their work. For example, blood circulation becomes slower.

    That is why menstrual bleeding begins earlier than the prescribed time for 5-10 days. There are no reasons for experiences either. As soon as the girl is cured, her menstrual cycle will return to normal.


    Why do menstruations start early? The next scenario is the presence of problems "in gynecology", as well as inflammatory processes in the body. As a rule, they can be obtained by engaging in unprotected sex.

    The most common inflammatory process is cervical erosion. This is not such a terrible disease, it can often go away on its own. And erosion can cause early menstrual bleeding.

    If a girl suspects inflammatory processes in the body, provided that she begins to have pain in the lower abdomen, and the temperature rises, you will have to consult a doctor. Such situations indicate a serious illness that cannot be ignored. But with proper treatment of any inflammatory process can be eliminated.


    Why do menstruations start early? In fact, everything is much more complicated than it seems. And so the bulk of women with delays or early onset of menstruation runs to the doctor. Especially if the girl has not previously encountered similar problems.

    I wonder why menstruation started earlier than 3 days? The reason for this may be taking oral contraceptives. Ideally, menstruation when you receive OK should start on time. Delay or early onset is a reason to go to a doctor. Most likely, the contraceptive is chosen incorrectly. Or a woman has health problems.

    Nutrition and its adjustment

    Why do menstruations start earlier than the week? It is hard to believe, but this situation may haunt girls who have gone on a diet or have drastically changed their diet.

    The thing is that not all methods of nutrition for weight loss and body shaping are equally useful. Some of them are even harmful. Yes, they will help to lose weight, but it will not have the best effect on the body.

    Early menstruation with changes in diet, as a rule, caused by the lack of nutrients and vitamins. Because of this, the body is depleted. And as a result, many processes go astray. Menstrual cycle as well.


    Why did menstruation start 10 days earlier? In addition to the reasons listed above, there are several other scenarios.

    The thing is that the body is strongly influenced by climate change. Begins the so-called acclimatization. It is most often encountered during an abrupt change of weather (from heat to frost, for example), as well as during travels in countries with different climatic conditions.

    All this harms the central nervous system. As a result, some processes in the human body are violated. This causes the early critical days. After the body gets used, the menstrual cycle is normalized.

    Hormonal disbalance

    The woman wonders why her period started early? Тогда ей необходимо помнить, что в некоторых ситуациях подобное явление не должно вызывать панику. Более того, иногда предположить, что произойдет сбой менструального цикла, невозможно.

    The point is that the delay of critical days, as well as their early offensive, is often the result of the usual hormonal failure. This is the main reason for the shift in the beginning of the month.

    Hormonal failure is caused by all the previously listed reasons. In addition, it can occur in the body suddenly. For example, in the presence of chronic diseases or while taking any medication.

    A woman in this situation is better to consult a doctor. After all, not always hormonal failure is safe. It may indicate serious problems in the body.

    Quite often, women after 40 years of age wonder why their period began early. At this age, the phenomenon under study is considered normal. Though not always.

    Early onset of critical days may signal the onset of menopause. As a rule, this phenomenon occurs in women 45-55 years. With age, the possibility of becoming pregnant is lost. And so critical days cease. A similar phenomenon begins with menopause. More precisely, with the fact that during this period, the monthly cycle begins to "jump" - then it increases, then decreases.

    In the end, at a certain point, a woman’s critical days end once and for all. This is a sign that the reproductive functions of the body have been lost due to the achievement of a specific age.

    After childbirth

    The day before the monthly began? Why it happens? This phenomenon is considered normal. It should not cause surprise or panic.

    Some girls complain about the failure of the monthly cycle after childbirth. Someone has a constant delay, and someone complains about too short pauses between periods.

    After childbirth and the first critical days, a cycle is formed. All, like a teenager. The body again "gets used" to the state when it is ready to continue the race. And about a year (and maybe more, it all depends on the characteristics of development) the monthly cycle of the woman who gave birth will “bounce”. Any gynecologist can report this.

    Why do menstruations start early? As we have said, this is often due to hormonal disruption or disease.

    As a rule, problems with the formation of the menstrual cycle occur after abortion. Such an operation - a serious load on the body, which does not pass without consequences. And the early periods are the least that a woman can face.

    It is important to remember that too heavy menstruation is the reason for going to the doctor. It is possible that after an abortion, for one reason or another, bleeding began.

    The reasons why menstruation comes early

    Menstruation comes early: should I panic? Unusual events associated with critical days will always excite women. Prolonged absence of menstrual bleeding causes the girl to acquire pregnancy tests and undergo examinations.

    A good cause for alarm is the situation when the monthly began prematurely. Concerned about the unexpected visit of critical days, a woman will think about what is happening with her body. "Compress" the menstrual cycle can drastic changes in eating habits, lack of rest.

    Women who have ailments, it is mandatory to find out why menstruation come prematurely. If critical days go to the patient, “when it came to,” it is possible that her body is undermined by inflammatory ailments or neoplasms.

    "Young" menstruation

    Young ladies who have recently started menstruating may experience various cycle quirks. Within one and a half years after the onset of the first critical days, many girls complain to the doctor that menstruation begins earlier.

    Is it necessary to eliminate this phenomenon in a medical way? Gynecologists claim: there is no need. Hormonal balance in young patients is unstable.

    The best way to help your health will be the rejection of the girl from the harsh diets and frequent unrest.

    Do not be alarmed if your period has "come upon you" three to five days earlier. If the young lady has no fever, weakness and pain in the lower half of the abdomen, there is no reason to panic.

    Few people know that the beginning of intimate life can also bring confusion into the natural rhythms of the girl's organism. If a young lady after a loss of innocence monthly went earlier than usual, you should not worry. The reproductive system of the young person "aims" at pregnancy. By choosing an effective contraceptive, the patient will save herself from unwanted conception.

    The perpetrators of women's ailments

    Physiological rhythms sometimes throw up unpleasant surprises to patients of blooming age. A “shortened” menstrual period may indicate cystic formations in the uterus or thyroid ailments.

    If the interval between periods changes, the lady should consult a gynecologist. The woman will tell the specialist about the alarming changes in her health, after which she will be prescribed an ultrasound scan of the uterus and sex glands.

    Let's call the circumstances contributing to "unplanned" menstrual bleeding:

    • excess physical exertion. Weight lifting, performing heavy male work at home or in the country is one of the reasons for the unplanned arrival of menstruation,
    • disease, in which the sex glands are burdened with multiple cystic formations. This pathology is known to the world of medicine called polycystic ovary syndrome. The patient may not be aware of her problem for several years. The arrival of menstruation ahead of time should encourage a woman to be examined in the clinic. While the patient’s ovaries are strewn with bubbles, she cannot conceive a child. Recalling common causes of infertility, the gynecologist will certainly speak about polycystic ovary syndrome,
    • long stay in a state of depression, fear,
    • obesity. In obese patients, menstruation may be delayed by two to three weeks. Blame it on the high content in the blood of the female male hormones. Overweight and a regular cycle are difficult to combine realities. If bleeding occurs five to ten days earlier, visit the antenatal clinic,
    • abortion
    • abnormal growth of the mucous membrane of the uterus. In gynecology, this condition is called endometriosis. Pay attention, if monthly began with "daub" brown color. So the aforementioned disease manifests itself,
    • thyroid ailments,
    • diabetes. This disease significantly reduces the ability of blood to clot. In the power of the disease - "can" wean the woman's body,
    • infectious lesions. With chlamydia, menstrual flow can go five to seven days earlier than necessary. Discomfort in sensitive areas should lead the patient to the idea that it is time for her to take time for diagnostic activities,
    • lack of woman's diet of important substances.

    From early menopause - to a malignant illness ...

    Asking herself why her period came earlier, the girl will certainly think of a formidable diagnosis. This thought forces sensible persons to seek the help of a specialist.

    Needlessly shy women think: “What if I have a tumor?” The girls do not want to consult with the doctor. A discomfort feels tolerated.

    If you feel that your periods pass according to a different scenario than they were before, you should go to an experienced doctor. We list the depressing causes of "downed" natural rhythms:

    • chronic inflammatory processes in the uterus,
    • cystic formations in a tender organ,
    • polyps
    • cysts on the genital glands,
    • tumor formation in the vagina,
    • malignant lesion of the organs of childbearing destination.

    Early menopause is capable of confusing the cards to the woman and her doctor. The wilting of the reproductive sphere can become a reality not only for the lady of the autumn age.

    If a 30-year-old woman’s period is not on schedule for the last five months, the doctor will suspect the “machinations” of the early menopause.

    Prolonged menstruation, feverish conditions, pain in sensitive areas may indicate that a blooming woman will face menopause in the near future.

    What torments a woman?

    Underdevelopment of the genital organs is one of the doctor’s perpetrators of the problem. How to make sure the diagnosis is correct? First of all, the gynecologist will prescribe an ultrasound examination of the tender organs to the patient, if the menstrual period came early several times in a row.

    Bleeding between menstruation is dangerous for women's health. They can begin two weeks after the end of the "legal" critical days. Do not try to solve the problem on their own. The doctor can deal with the cause of the unexpected bleeding.

    Pills tell a lot ...

    Around oral contraceptives controversy rage for a long time. The effectiveness of these medicines every year is approaching the mark of "perfection". Side effects of the pills look in the eyes of many young ladies, like a spoon of tar in a barrel of honey. Contraceptives block the work of the sexual glands of the young lady.

    Ovulation "will not reach" the patient. A girl's menstrual flow may begin prematurely. Should a woman look for a reason for frustration, being in a situation of instability? Not! Some gynecologists explain: disruptions in natural rhythms will be observed in patients one month.

    Further the cycle should be normalized.

    In order not to harass yourself in vain unrest, listen to your condition and keep a diary of menstruation. The cycle, which did not return to normal within three months from the moment of the woman’s “acquaintance” with the drug, is an alarming sign. The patient probably did not have a contraceptive. It makes sense to dwell on the less “heavy” variant for the organism.

    Sometimes premature menstruation comes to a girl taking antidepressants. Pain medications can also affect the regularity of critical days.

    Situations that "play" the menstrual cycle

    Not a single serious woman will cry and faint if her period has risen a day earlier. If critical days “break through” to the patient when they want, this indicates developing pathologies in the urogenital area.

    Eliminate the beginning of the inflammatory process, eliminate the ovarian cyst, the doctor can. It will be more difficult for a specialist to deal with large-scale lesions of “delicate” organs. However, this task is also feasible in most cases. Recall which symptoms require urgent intervention by medical professionals:

    • sharp pains in the lower abdomen,
    • nausea,
    • temperature,
    • significant blood loss,
    • sudden decrease in blood pressure
    • discharge with a repulsive odor.

    You should be especially wary if your period went ten to fifteen days earlier and lasts more than seven days.

    How to help the patient?

    How to act in case of untimely menstruation, the doctor decides after diagnostic measures.

    So that the patient does not start anemia on the background of severe blood loss, the “excess” menstruation is stopped by medication.

    If a woman has polycystic ovary syndrome, the gynecologist will prescribe a hormonal therapy for the girl. Polypous education must be scraped. Cysts and fibroids should also be eliminated.

    Hormonal balance can return to normal only after the woman's body breaks up with the root cause of the problem. Then the arrival of critical days will become a predictable event.

    Normal menstrual cycle

    The menstrual cycle is a physiological process, characterized by a mass of subtleties. Its normal course suggests that the egg develops, matures and is capable of fertilization.

    The menstrual cycle is individual for each woman, but there are some average indicators that are considered to be the norm. The cycle is the time interval from the first day of menstruation to the first day of the subsequent menstruation. Ideally, it should be 28 days, but the norm is the limit from 21 to 35 days.

    The menstruation lasts normally 3-7 days, and the loss of blood during this time is no more than 100 ml.

    Possible reasons

    There are many possible factors that can affect the violation of the usual menstrual cycle:

    • nervous or emotional overload, stress,
    • acclimatization (moving to new conditions, a trip to rest in a zone with a different climate),
    • emergency contraception
    • pregnancy, including ectopic,
    • lactation period
    • miscarriage,
    • abortion,
    • hormonal imbalance
    • hereditary factor
    • use of oral contraception
    • injury to the vagina or cervix (internal bleeding),
    • uterine bleeding,
    • physical overstrain
    • cold,
    • first sex,
    • inflammatory or infectious disease
    • oncology,
    • uterine fibroids,
    • overweight,
    • genital infection
    • cardiovascular diseases,
    • kidney or liver problems
    • poisoning by harmful substances
    • exceeding the permissible level of radiation
    • installed intrauterine device,
    • diet,
    • irregular sex life
    • lack of vitamins necessary for the body of micronutrients and nutrients
    • unhealthy lifestyle (smoking, a lot of alcohol, drugs),
    • some drugs (a violation of the cycle is usually indicated in the side effects).

    Premature onset of menstruation may be the norm during the establishment of a cycle. This usually happens during adolescence or after pregnancy, when the cycle is restored again. Characterized by similar failures and before menopause.

    Causes of early heavy periods

    It should be distinguished abundance of menstruation. When they start early, and the bleeding is more abundant than usual, the possible reasons for this may be:

    • internal bleeding
    • hormonal disorder,
    • gynecological disease
    • problems with the gastrointestinal tract,
    • heavy physical exertion
    • diet,
    • lack of necessary body elements
    • an abortion
    • ectopic pregnancy,
    • disturbances in the reproductive system.

    If menstruation began prematurely and is fairly abundant, then there are a few signs that should be alarming:

    • the blood is bright scarlet
    • no clots
    • deterioration of the general condition
    • pain or pain (more about why the stomach hurts during menstruation - read here),
    • faint state

    With the manifestation of such disturbing factors, without exception, it is necessary to turn to specialists.

    Excessive bleeding, including blood clots, can mean pseudostructs. This phenomenon usually occurs in certain disorders of the reproductive system, such as endometriosis.

    Causes of scanty discharge prematurely

    When menstruation began prematurely and rather poorly, there are several explanations for this phenomenon:

    • trauma that caused internal bleeding
    • hormonal failure,
    • the effects of the inflammatory process
    • previous surgery in the field of gynecology (including abortion),
    • emotional or nervous strain, stress,
    • metabolic disease,
    • diet, unhealthy diet,
    • pregnancy (including ectopic),
    • lactation,
    • excessive exercise.

    Scanty periods are called hypomenorrhea, and a reduction in the number of menstruation days is called oligomenorrhea. The norm of this phenomenon happens only during puberty or before menopause. In other cases, this indicates any violation.

    What does it mean if menstruation started earlier by 2-3 days?

    Monthly, who came for 2-3 days before the established time, may not mean anything serious. If such a phenomenon occurred once, then the reason may be banal stress or physical overstrain. Systematic violation of the cycle indicates the presence of a problem, the cause of which must be clarified and eliminated.

    There can be a lot of reasons to start menstruating earlier by 2-3 days:

    • hormonal disorders,
    • pregnancy,
    • stress, other emotional overload,
    • high physical activity
    • cold,
    • acclimatization,
    • emergency contraception,
    • diet,
    • unspecified menstrual cycle (usually characteristic of adolescents),
    • lack of regular sex.

    What does it mean if the monthly arrived earlier in the week?

    If menstruation started a week earlier, then this is a worrying occasion. The reasons may be:

    • physical overload
    • nervous or emotional strain
    • infection or inflammation,
    • pregnancy,
    • abortion,
    • miscarriage,
    • injury,
    • tumor,
    • acclimatization,
    • age factor (transitional age, menopause),
    • emergency contraception,
    • installation spiral.

    A single violation of the cycle can not be considered a deviation from the norm, but regular failures are the reason for going to the doctor.

    What does it mean if menstruation started earlier than 2 weeks?

    If menstruation has come before 2 weeks - you should definitely visit a specialist to find out the reason.

    This failure can be considered the norm in adolescents or after pregnancy - at this time the cycle is established and some fluctuations are possible. It is better to be safe and consult a doctor.

    At the beginning of menstruation at 2 weeks ahead of time the reasons may be:

    • severe stress
    • acute infection
    • abuse of nicotine, alcohol or drugs,
    • hormonal drugs (including contraception),
    • acclimatization,
    • inflammatory process,
    • a hard diet or a long fast,
    • exposure to sunlight or other harmful radiation,
    • progressive disease of the endocrine system
    • uterine tumor (internal bleeding),
    • failure of ovarian function.

    What to do?

    In the premature beginning of menstruation in any case, it is worth visiting a gynecologist. The doctor, upon examination, will confirm or eliminate any violations, if necessary, refer to another specialist or give directions to certain tests or examinations.

    An early onset of menstruation always occurs for any reason that needs to be identified and eliminated.

    If a cycle failure occurs during adolescence, then in the first five years this is considered normal. The organism undergoes rather serious changes, is completely rebuilt, begins to function differently. During this period, not only the menstrual cycle, but also failures of other systems and organs are possible.

    If the cause of the onset of menstruation ahead of time is stress or emotional overstrain, then it is worth resorting to a course of sedatives.

    This may be herbal tablets "Persen" or a natural soothing collection. You can buy these tools at any pharmacy.

    If mental stress is in a critical phase, then more serious drugs or specialized treatment may be required.

    When the cause of early onset of menstruation is an increase in physical activity, the body should be given time to restructure. It is important to introduce any load gradually, alternating between different types of classes. To do sports should be under the control of a coach - he will select the right program, will make an individual training program.

    Provocative failures of the menstrual cycle of the disease and infection must be treated. The diagnosis can only be made by a specialist, based on the examination, results of analyzes and data from additional studies. Given these factors, the necessary treatment is prescribed, the course of which must be completed in full.

    If the period began earlier than expected due to starvation or a rigid diet, then it is worth thinking about the correctness of such methods.

    The body gets a certain stress, it lacks the usual set of nutrients and trace elements.

    Failure of the menstrual cycle can only be the first wake-up call - due to improper diet, many organs and body systems can suffer.

    If the cause of the early onset of menstruation was a hormonal disorder, you must first determine its cause.

    When taking hormonal contraception or drugs that cause a failure in the menstrual cycle, you should consult with your doctor. He will prescribe another drug or explain what to do.

    Often, girls are afraid of a failure of the cycle after the first sexual contact, so they immediately think about the worst. In fact, such a violation is the norm, as in the first years after the first menstruation. Such changes are stressful for the organism, change its usual functioning. In this case, the failure of the menstrual cycle - an elementary response of the body.

    Premature onset of menses sometimes occurs after an abortion or miscarriage. In this case, the cycle is often restored by itself. For preventive purposes, you should consult with a specialist who can prescribe a drug treatment.

    If the violation of the cycle was repeated, then you should think about your health and lifestyle. It is worth taking a few preventive measures:

    • to refuse from bad habits,
    • eat right,
    • regularly visit the open air
    • get enough sleep
    • to treat any diseases in a timely manner, correctly and to the end, including a common cold.

    Failure of the menstrual cycle can be a one-time occurrence, meaning elementary stress or accompanying any changes in the usual rhythm of life. Such violations may indicate serious health problems. It is important to regularly undergo a routine inspection and not be afraid to contact specialists with any alarming factors.