The gut reacts to menstrual pain


Morbidity during menstruation during urination at least once in life, but every woman felt. Approximately 70% of the fair sex experienced such an alarming symptom. If it is painful to write during menstruation, it is necessary to contact a gynecologist to prevent the development of serious pathologies.

There are many reasons why it is painful to write during menstruation. Typically, such a clinical picture occurs during the development of infectious and inflammatory diseases. Most often women experience cystitis.

This disease means that the inflammatory process began in the bladder, the symptoms may appear long before the critical days, but the pain during urination before menstruation or during them becomes more pronounced. This is due to blood flow to the small pelvis during endometrial rejection, as well as irritation of the bladder.

Treatment of cystitis is prescribed after the diagnosis is made. It consists of injections and taking pills that help to reduce the inflammatory process and pain when urinating during menstruation and after them.

An alarming symptom can also occur due to the use of tampons during critical days. Each of them is packaged separately, and then folded in a common box. But this does not guarantee complete protection against infection.

Many women simply do not follow the rules for the use of tampons. They must be inserted into the vagina immediately after opening the package and only washed with soap and hands. Most neglect these rules, open the tampon in advance, sitting on the toilet and hold it in their hands. Then, for example, after an act of defecation or urination, wipe the genitals with a paper napkin and inject the swab with the same hand.

It is not right. In this way, the infection is brought into the urethra from the vagina and rectum, after which it quickly spreads and causes pain when urinating during menstruation. The pain increases with a long abstinence from going to the toilet, because many ladies tolerate up to 3 hours, this is the time allotted for the use of a tampon.

“Well, don’t change it every time you go to the toilet, which is about 1 time in 1–1.5 hours,” this is exactly what women think. However, it is better to change than to endure, because when a tampon is filled, it increases in size, and it can exert strong pressure on the inner walls of the vagina.

When the lady finally decides to go to the toilet and pulls out a tampon, it will get stuck, as a result, the mucous membrane is injured, and with the introduction of a new hygiene product, the infection is introduced into the damaged areas, which allows her to progress even faster. Thus, the risk of developing TSS increases.

The second reason is an allergic reaction. If you have never used tampons, you must first visit a gynecologist. He will select the correct hygienic means that will not cause an allergic reaction.

Get rid of the pain when urinating during menstruation is easy. It is enough to refuse to use tampons, to cure infections and not to use them any more, or to use, but following the rules of application.

Stones in the kidneys

Calculi in these paired organs can also cause painful urination during menstruation. This symptom appears due to the inflammatory process, as well as due to the passage of stone through the urethra. When this happens, the stone damages the integrity of the walls, scratching them with jagged edges, which causes pain and burning when visiting the toilet “in a small way”.

Sometimes with the urine you can see blood impurities, it is not menstrual blood, it is released from the urethra, because scratches can bleed.

Chlamydial infection is another serious reason why you should consult a doctor if you experience pain when urinating in women during their periods. This disease is sexually transmitted, it does not progress immediately, but attacks healthy cells gradually.

Chlamydial infection affects the entire reproductive system. There is a burning sensation, before menstruation and after them there is a discharge with an unpleasant smell. Pains during urination. This pathology is important to detect as soon as possible, because it threatens with numerous complications.

Gonorrhea and trichomoniasis. Before menstruation it is painful to write because of such infectious pathologies. Of course, this is not the only symptom that may indicate the presence of disease. Simultaneously with the painful urination, the external genitals swell in a woman, hyperemia appears and purulent vaginal secretions are secreted.

The inflammatory process extends to the vagina, cervix, external genitals. This leads to pain when going to the toilet.


This is more about young girls than women who have given birth. Young people want to look better than warmer clothes. in the cold season it is very easy to get cold, especially if you walk daily in short skirts or dresses. In this way, cystitis and inflammation of the ovaries and cervix are made.

Hypothermia does not end with anything good, but it can be warned if you dress warmly. Especially when spring comes and everyone undresses at once, and sitting on a cold bench can get pain during urination and cystitis, and possibly even more severe pathologies.

When such a symptom occurs, you must first visit a gynecologist. And he can already give direction to a urologist or an infectious disease disease doctor, if he considers it necessary.

Therapeutic measures prescribed depending on the cause of pain during emptying the bladder during menstruation. If this is an inflammatory process associated with hypothermia, then drinking plenty of water and warming the bladder with a heating pad is helpful.

In the case of an infection, antibacterial or anti-fungal drugs are prescribed that are active for certain microorganisms, which caused these symptoms. You will also need to drink a complex of vitamins to restore the protective functions of the body and help it fight the infection.

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I also have a bowel swelling and all that. I don't do anything like that

This is normal. Nothing to do.

On my first day, before the menstruation begins, the lower abdomen in the area of ​​the uterus and appendages begins to ache terribly. And only after going to the toilet (excuse me) by and large - the pain subsides. It always has been.

On my first day, before the menstruation begins, the lower abdomen in the area of ​​the uterus and appendages begins to ache terribly. And only after going to the toilet (excuse me) by and large - the pain subsides. It always has been.

And I have a painful ovulation and during this I have pain like a fornication in the intestines .. horror .. and the feeling that we need a lot.

This is a reaction to the hormone prostaglandin, which during this period is a beating. Because The pregnancy did not happen, all the accumulated nutrients in a month, are being reabsorbed at an accelerated pace and evacuated by the body. Hence the swelling and increased activity of the intestinal tract.

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And it hurts me on the first day of menstruation to go to the toilet in a big way. I thought one such.

girls and I have a question every day when I go to the toilet in large. sorry for this kind of detail, in general, when I go to the toilet and I feel that the calla mass moves through the intestines, at some point the pain in the uterus begins. in the cervix, I think that this mass moving along the intestines hurts my uterus and it hurts in this place. is it by chance not endometriosis ?? I read that such signs are possible ((

girls and I have a question every day when I go to the toilet in large. sorry for this kind of detail, in general, when I go to the toilet and I feel that the calla mass moves through the intestines, at some point the pain in the uterus begins. in the cervix, I think that this mass moving along the intestines hurts my uterus and it hurts in this place. is it by chance not endometriosis ?? I read that such signs are possible ((

This is normal, author. The uterus is filled with blood, pressure on the intestines - this time.
Second, the body secretes the hormone oxytocin, which contributes to muscle contraction. If it were not for this, women would have bled to death on critical days. Oxytocin causes the uterus to contract and thereby reduce bleeding. But the bounce also touches the intestines - it also shrinks, with the expected result :)

I have monthly painless, but on the part of the intestine - yeah, there is such! It does not seem to hurt and does not bother, but, sorry, a little loose stool happens.

girls keep in mind that the uterus during the period increases and presses your intestines. Hence all the symptoms. If you pass fecal masses, they, in turn, also put pressure on the uterus, which already hurts, hence more severe pain and relief after going to the toilet.

I have the same thing, only in 1 day

the author, everything is normal, just spasms spread to both the uterus and the intestines, the body is a single whole. I always have the first day.

I sometimes have it that on the 1st day of menstruation, if I don’t go into a tubzik much, such pains are hellish in the ass, straight smash, horror .. It gives to the brain .. Then as you go, it all disappears immediately. .

Well, since such a booze, at all, I will add to the statistics so that the Author calms down :) I also have the first day. And only recently realized that you just need to drink a painkiller, 1 tablet of caffetine and no problem. And then I’m still without pills in my life, well, Noshpu could eat every two months, but wait a long time until it works. Now I decided that twelve tablets of anesthetic in the year will not make the body dirtied, and on the second day nothing hurts.

I have the same, severe pains that give everywhere, diarrhea, bloating. a long time ago, I perceive it as a feature of my body, well, what to do, I have to endure. urinating 10 days before menstruation and during menstruation every half hour, the last days every 10 minutes already day and night. Because of this, I can not sleep. I do not take any pills.

the girl who asked about endometriosis, it is really possible, this is one of the symptoms.

During menstruation, it feels like the whole intestine is empty. I go to the 1st day 3 times in the toilet, atoms and more. The pains on the 1st day are hellish, if I don’t eat a painkiller, I’m climbing a wall of torment. On the 2nd day I already feel better, a little pulling in the lower abdomen.

Yes, I thought something was wrong with me. it turns out I'm not the only one

Wow, I thought I was the only one) I always have it during menstruation, especially in the early days. Terribly unpleasant sensations, I always want to go to the toilet in a big way. All the friends complain of pain in the lower abdomen, and my intestines react painfully. I already got used to it - an integral part of the menstruation for me))

I have the same thing as the girl who asked about endometriosis and I also suspect him. I have it since I was 14 and sometimes the pain is such that I can barely hold back so as not to scream.
But I have another question. Do you all have kids? I can not get pregnant for 1.5 years. Probably it is connected.

Girls. and today I thought I was going to die.
On the first day of menstruation, it hurts to go to the toilet (pardon), for the most part .. But yesterday, generally kapets .. About 12 nights, so the stomach got sick, that I climbed the walls .. such a feeling, like bloating .. but not to the toilet I can go, it hurts ((
I suffered a little, fell asleep. At 2 o'clock in the morning I woke up from the fact that it was terribly sore .. I went and cried .. my husband gave an anesthetic injection, let go of sleep.
This morning seems to be easier, but still, I can’t go to the toilet (I’m 20 years old, I don’t have children and I don’t plan yet. I’ve read reviews here, it’s scary to go to the doctor ((((((

scary to go to the doctor (((((((

I have the same problem for years. 5. Specialists say you need love and good sex, and everybody will bloom like girls! Only with our men you will not wait. Here and suffer. Want to go on the wall!

I have so constantly on the first day. I go to the toilet in large 3-5 times a day. And I think that it is good that the intestines are emptied at least once a month at the expense of menstruation)) This is a kind of intestinal cleansing. After all, what comes out of the body during menstruation from the intestines on other ordinary days sits there quietly inside us. Pain also with menstruation, but only on the first day. And the feeling that you want to go to the toilet in a big way also does not leave until the intestines are completely empty.

This is normal) I also confirm, there is already a lot of things written and there is nothing to add) I have so on the 2nd day. The 1st day a bit smears, the 2nd day begins to hurt the lower abdomen, bloating, malaise, mild nausea, I run several times over a lot, good body cleansing) The next day everything stabilizes and nothing hurts.

girls, i have the same problem.
only I have crazy colic in the intestines on day 2 of menstruation (((
and strong cuts in the ass (((
What to do? Maybe it's just a problem with the intestines and not because of menstruation?

Oh, how I’m all familiar with it, yesterday I just suffered from these wild pains, by the way, like the girls, I previously suspect endometriosis. and they wrote even higher, I also cannot get pregnant for 2.5 years, I also think that it is interrelated! I'm going to the proctologist for an inspection can find out what happens.

Today, half a day I already suffer from pain in the stomach, went to the toilet already, drank a bit, slept a little, the pains slightly decreased, but still unpleasant!

Girls! As I understand you all! I also thought one such, wrote in a search engine and came across this site. Today I have the 2nd day, I woke up from a terrible pain, in the lower abdomen, drank noshpu, drank ketans, but all is useless. A stomach ache terribly, and I want to go to the toilet by and large. But not that it would hurt me to go, I just can't do it, it doesn't work. Can someone help with advice? In the meantime, I will endure :-(

Hello, when I start my period, I feel a terrible pain in the lower abdomen and my lower back hurts terribly, after that I drink Kitans and analgin, and after 30-40 minutes everything goes away, my period ceases to hurt, but when I eat, it starts abdominal distention, I want to go to the toilet, and when I go to the toilet, the pain is much worse. What can I do, can I tell me I can't go ??

And in my 1 and 2 days of menstruation it is very painful to walk a lot. The sensations are that both the uterus and intestines are now jumping out. Right scary to go to the toilet for much. And so about two years already. What is it? Does anyone know?

I have the same story. Today is such a day again. I have already registered for the hike in the toilet. Thank God it is the first day. Pain very rarely I drink.

I will join the girls, I also thought that I have one. on the first day of menstruation, as soon as they begin to smear, I immediately want to go to the toilet on a large scale. and the pains are so soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hard hurt. after the toilet, it just does not get any easier, but it hurts and whines even worse. it is impossible to live without painkillers ..)) well, I think you can allow it once a month, on the second day it usually doesn’t hurt so much) it turns out that this is normal, otherwise I’ve got it on myself.

Girls, and who has painful ovulation? I have terrible cutting pains on the stomach, I can not understand the intestines or ovaries, it can also give in the hypochondrium, so much whining. And while the stomach is as tight as a ball! The colic is incredible, in the toilet in large is painful to go! and 2 months ago and in this cycle for the period falling on ovulation - also terrible diarrhea, shivering and nauseous. And all these pains continue for 3-4-5 days. Somewhere on 9-10-11-14 dgi cycle .. Plus colic is given to the rectum, sometimes it hurts to sit. What is it? Who else is it?

hello girls. I have never come across this before, but after an abortion, they must come monthly, and wild cramps, excuse me, in the pope.
What is it that happens at all?

Having read all this, it became even worse for me. So who has children? Or is mb a symptom of incipient sterility?

Similar symptoms, trying to get pregnant for 5 months.

I have a son, gave birth at age 20, my periods were always painful, saw painkillers, go to the toilet for much more on the second or third day it becomes easier (feces like bricks), after childbirth it didn’t become easier, on the contrary, only hurt The first days of irritable bowel syndrome, now I walk gently and several times. Painkillers are now stronger accept - faspik.

not necessarily a sign of infertility. I also have such pain, especially the last 2 years. But she got pregnant in November in the first month of planning. The truth is over this sadness - B stands at 8-9 weeks, but this is not connected with pain.

I can advise what I do so as not to "die." I drink an aspirin pill the day before menstruation, and the first day one in the morning, one evening. It is aspirin, not pain killer. Since aspirin affects the production of a hormone because of which pain. I exclude milk and apples from the diet. In the evening you can drink noshpu or papaverine.
Love you.

I used to think that the uterus hurts, but apparently it is the intestines, because I feel the gases, and I cannot release them. Pressing with your hands (really sickly) or just with a press, the gases begin to move, and come out like a belching or from behind. Well if it starts at night. but if in the afternoon, I almost faint from spasms, they give up and down, more to the pope, I guess. then after the release of these gases and feces, lets go. may still a little ponyt, but not lethal.
Once, the same symptoms were due to carrot poisoning in Korean.
Еще периодически у меня такое бывает после секса (если его давно не было), и если он интенсивный. и в особенности через время после ужина. Это меня бесит гораздо больше, чем месячные.

проснулась сегодня в 4 часа ночи, пошли месячные и очень сильно начал болеть живот. выпила 2 таблетки но-шпы. не помогает вообще.помогите а.

Девочки, все просто! Выпейте при этих болях одну таблетку угля активированного. боли пройдут.этим я уже много лет спасаюсь. at the same time I have children

I also suspect that this endometriosis doesn’t go to the toilet much more, it hurts, although critical days are painless.

Yeah, how familiar. I'm fine when sex is regular. as a husband on a business trip, begins. failures all sorts, cysts, menstruation do not understand what pain. And getting pregnant is also impossible. almost 3 years now. Again to the doctor it is necessary, tired)))

I read komenty and in shock the same symptoms, I thought one such. the abdomen swelled terribly on the first day of the month h.k in the evening so twisted, screamed in pain. drank ketans, 2 mugs of kefir, and relieved. And the doctor friend advised bifiform, it helps with intestinal colic. Maybe because of the inflamed uterus, which she only treated. After the second birth, the patient still has painful periods.

and I am still the same, but who has a spiral, it’s generally terrible pain ((2 times more painful. I go to the toilet 3 times a day, but it doesn’t get easier.) and monthly abundant. for 2 days))) and monthly pass in general) so that the pain is gone you can and do not drink the pills, but make a squat several times, the pain goes away))))) you just have to do some sports and the pain goes away. I do it becomes easier)) and there is a lemon with tea)) helps

I could not even imagine. how many girls suffer the same problem until they are scored in a search engine.
I have the same garbage, only during ovulation. At first I did not bind it at all, now I followed the cycle-I understood. The intestines are hurting, somewhere to the bottom left, everything also swells up, sometimes it hurts so much that it hurts to sit down. and in particularly hellish months, he gives his entire left side and back.
earlier it was from time to time, she noticed that she aggravated against the background of particularly stressful months, when I was very nervous. but now the cases have increased, and I was nervous. after menstruation, everything goes absolutely and so again before ovulation. moreover, during menstruation, it is usually also more or less ok. but from about the middle of the cycle to the first days it just happens.
I also noticed that sport helped me a lot. When I was engaged in very intensive dances, there was no such thing, and during menstruation nothing hurt at all .. but now I am lazy, so, apparently, the result is appropriate.

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