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The menstrual cycle is a reflection of women's health. From the beginning of the first menstruation, the menstrual calendar appears in the life of every girl, the countdown of days and the control of regularity begin. If any malfunctions appear in the body, the critical days begin sooner or later than the allotted time. But this is not the only reason that becomes a cause for concern for the fair sex. Many girls and women notice changes in the color of menstrual flow. Some ignore this phenomenon, others begin to ascribe to themselves various diagnoses. In this article, we will figure out what hue of menstruation is the norm, and also find out what discharge indicates a violation of women's health.

The color of the month can tell a lot about women's health.

Bright red menses: norm or deviation?

The color of the menstrual blood displays a picture of health. It depends on the level of iron in the body. At the beginning of the month, when the body is undergoing active restructuring, there may be a bright red discharge. At the beginning of menstruation, the secret may differ in consistency, they may not be as viscous and thickened as in the middle of critical days. Starting from the second day of menstruation, an active process of oxidation occurs, and the blood gradually changes color, it darkens. If neither the second nor the third day, the blood did not darken, then, in the menstrual cycle failures occurred. Bright red tint of menstrual secretion may indicate serious disorders in the body.

Red menstrual secretion, resembling the color of ordinary blood, is not a pathology in two age categories. Monthly this color can be in adolescents, whose cycle is at the stage of formation, as well as in women during menopause. During these periods, hormonal changes are regular and stabilize on their own, without medical treatment. If scarlet discharge during menstruation is observed for several cycles in a row, specialist advice is needed. It is not excluded that it will be necessary to normalize the hormonal balance in the body with the help of special means.

Red menstruation may be a sign of hormonal imbalance.

What is dangerous red?

If the bright red discharge lasts for several days in a row, it may not be menstruation at all, but uterine bleeding. Sometimes the presence of such a secret indicates an ectopic pregnancy. In such a situation, it is not only the color of the menses that is important, but also the peculiarities of well-being. The direct signs of blood loss are:

  1. Excessive weakness and unjustified feeling of fatigue.
  2. Pallor of the skin.
  3. Drowsiness.
  4. Dizziness.

If the red discharge is combined, at least by one of these signs, it is recommended that you immediately seek medical attention. Careless attitude to their health threatens a great loss of blood.

Pallor and constant fatigue are signs of bleeding.

Causes of bright red menses

If you do not belong to crisis groups (adolescence and menopause) and notice that with the advent of menstruation, the discharge has changed its color, be careful. Bright red periods may indicate the presence of various diseases:

  1. The presence of inflammatory processes in the body. It can be a commonplace cold, and there can be serious dysfunctions.
  2. Monthly red color may be in the presence of gynecological diseases.
  3. If the cycle is regular, the bright monthly period ends within 3-7 days (the norm for menstruation) and you do not feel pain in the abdomen, then this may indicate a low level of hemoglobin in the blood, and a decrease in immunity.
  4. Menstrual secretion of red color is caused by hormonal disruption in the body. It can be caused by disorders in the endocrine system.
  5. Red discharge, similar to normal blood, can warn of the appearance of malignant tumors. The affected internal organs of the female reproductive system begin to bleed, the color of menstruation changes.

Normally, the shade of menstruation should be burgundy or dark red. The color of the secret may change during critical days. Red or brown discharge is acceptable on the first day. They may contain small amounts of clots and mucus. If the selection of bright scarlet or dark brown throughout the month, then it signals the functional changes in the body.

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Why is the skin around the eyes dark

The skin around the eyes is the thinnest and most delicate. It is permeated with a multitude of capillaries through which blood flows. As a result of breaking a tiny vessel, blood flows out. Due to the process of freeing the body from leaked blood and dark circles arise. The composition of the blood is hemoglobin, in the process of oxidation, it breaks down into smaller components and becomes purple or blue. The same process is observed after the strike, when a bruise appeared.

Causes of dark circles under the eyes

An allergic reaction can cause black circles under the eyes. When watery and itchy eyes, it is impossible to resist and not scratch them. Due to the constant rubbing and capillary damage occurs, which entails such consequences.

There is an opinion that fatigue, lack of sleep, overstrain can appropriately change the appearance. But this way of life is not the cause of the appearance of black circles, it only makes the skin pale, which further emphasizes the blackness under the eyes. But poor diet, lack of vitamins and lack of rest in the aggregate can adversely affect the skin around the eyes.

Talking with a person, you always look into his eyes. Having noticed black circles at the interlocutor, you change the impression of him. One gets the feeling that he is somehow sick. It may be so. Impaired kidney function, cardiovascular diseases, lack of oxygen can affect the color of the skin around the eyes. To correct this, cosmetic procedures will not help, it is necessary to cure the disease. If black spots are found under the eyes, it is necessary to consult a doctor to determine the cause. Perhaps this is the first sign of a serious illness.

Blame can be old age, which does not spare anyone. The skin becomes thinner, the blood vessels become more visible. And the older a person becomes, the process is increasingly aggravated. By identifying the cause of black circles under the eyes, the doctor can diagnose iron deficiency in the blood. To increase the level of iron in the blood, you need to eat right, eat more fresh fruits, vegetables and natural juices.

Especially carefully it is necessary to monitor the vision, eyes and condition of their skin for people who work a lot on the computer. Strong overstrain of the organs of vision is the cause of the appearance of circles under the eyes.