Are there any delays from Utrozhestan?


Utrozestan acts on the endometrium, preparing it for the admission of the ovum, reduces the contractility of the uterus and tubes, affects the mammary glands. The rather large popularity of this tool makes it relevant to ask whether Utrozhestan can cause a delay in menstruation, which we will try to answer in our article.

When used for treating Utrozhestan

This hormonal drug is used in the second phase of the menstrual cycle, since its active ingredient is progesterone, in the woman's body produced by the corpus luteum, which appears after the release of the sex cell.

The purpose of Utrozhestan is shown in many situations:

  • In cases of progesterone level correction with its deficiency,
  • With infertility due to insufficient yellow body,
  • When there is a violation of the menstrual cycle due to the lack of ovulation or its violation,
  • With premenstrual syndrome,
  • In a complex with an estrogen at a climax.

Monthly delay when taking Utrozhestan

The drug is produced in the form of capsules taken by mouth and vaginally. Doses and treatment are prescribed by a doctor. With a properly selected scheme, the delay of menstruation after Utrozhestan is very rare. However, every woman reacts to any medicine in her own way, so exceptions happen.

Vaginal Utrozhestan and delayed menstruation

Vaginal use of capsules of this progesterone substitute favorably distinguishes it from its counterparts produced in tablets. Its application for the maintenance of the luteal phase in preparation for IVF and for the safe implantation of the embryo is shown. For this purpose, vaginal utrozhestan is prescribed on the day of the HCG injection and the menstrual delay indicating the onset of pregnancy is not a reason for its abolition. Reception lasts up to 8 weeks.

Vaginal utrozhestan produced in tablet form and is used mainly to maintain the luteal phase

With progesterone deficiency

The course of treatment of the disturbance of the rhythm of menstruation and infertility with progesterone deficiency begins with the 17th day of the cycle and lasts 10 days. The delayed menstruation after taking Utrozhestan, with a positive pregnancy test, does not affect the regimen. By decision of the doctor, the drug can be used both in the first and in the second trimester.

Contraindications to reception of Utrozhestan

Before taking the drug, you must carefully study the instructions. In no case do not start the treatment yourself, only the doctor can make an acceptable scheme for you with the calculation of the individual dose. Whether there will be a delay in menstruation after taking Utrozhestan depends largely on the optimal dose and the course of drug use.

Do not take these capsules if you have:

  • Frequent bleeding from the genital tract,
  • Propensity for thrombosis,
  • Tumor in the genitals or mammary gland,
  • Severe abnormal liver function.

If you have been prescribed Utrozhestan with a delay in menstruation, feedback from pregnant women who have already taken advantage of this medication may help to better understand its effect. Although, given the peculiarity of each organism, the comments are very ambiguous.

In any case, you shouldn’t neglect the doctor’s advice, only he can develop a personal scheme for treating hormonal disorders, or assign Utrozhestan when a month is delayed, and there are also cases when he is appointed to maintain pregnancy so that the baby develops normally.


Late pregnancy with utrozhestane. Successful childbirth.

I had a long history with preparing for pregnancy. I mentally "matured" for pregnancy only to 37 years. In theory, the chances of getting pregnant and taking out normally were no longer so much. We went to the fertility specialist, examined, the fertility specialist said that her own progesterone was not enough and advised us to prepare for pregnancy with Utrozhestan.
What is urozhestan? These are white capsules for 100 or 200 mg. Consist of progesterone, which is fully consistent with the hormone that is produced in our ovaries.
Here is a description of how it works (it’s difficult to retell in your own words): “By binding to receptors on the surface of target cells, it penetrates into the nucleus, where, by activating DNA, it stimulates RNA synthesis. It promotes the transition of the uterine mucosa from the proliferation phase, caused by the follicular hormone estradiol, to the secretory phase, and after fertilization to the state necessary for the development of a fertilized egg. Reduces the excitability and contractility of the muscles of the uterus and fallopian tubes. Promotes the formation of normal endometrium. Stimulates the development of the terminal elements of the breast and induces lactation. "
I first saw utrozhestan 200 mg once a day, then, when I got pregnant, the gynecologist said to use capsules as candles, vaginally. A bit uncomfortable, but progesterone goes directly into the uterus, not into the blood. And by the way, some complain that you want to sleep with Utrozhestan. So if you put the capsule vaginally - there is no drowsiness, it is checked on yourself.
The only thing that should be taken into account with Utrozhestan - it can not be immediately canceled. I was told to smoothly cancel at the 20th week. I first took 100 mg, then 100 mg every other day, on the 22nd week I stopped taking it.
Has given birth on 39 week. The midwife said the birth was better than I could have expected at my age. And most importantly, the baby was born healthy and without pathologies, ttt. So utrozhestan recommend. It helped me a lot.


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What is Utrozhestan

Utrogestan is a hormonal drug containing progesterone. This medicine inhibits the production of estrogen, which in excess can disrupt the regularity of the onset of ovulation, and the drug induces cell division of the endometrial mucous membrane of the uterus. Urozhestan is used in the second phase of the menstrual cycle to stimulate ovulation.

Utrozhestan is used when delaying menstruation, but also to increase the likelihood of pregnancy, since the active substances of this medication prepare the endometrium for joining a fertilized egg and subsequent implantation. Also, this tool has antiandrogenic effect, that is, it suppresses the production and activity of male sex hormones, so it is prescribed for an excess of testosterone.

Release form

The medicine is produced in the form of capsules, inside of which there is an oily suspension of white color. There are two options for the concentration of funds: 100 and 200 mg. In addition to the capsule form, this drug is available in the form of vaginal suppositories.

To normalize the menstrual cycle, when the cause of a delay is stress, weight loss or hormonal disruptions, doctors usually prescribe Utrogestan in capsule form. In case of dysfunction or absence of the ovary, as well as a shortage of progesterone for therapy, the drug is used in the form of vaginal suppositories, since the active substances in this case directly interact with the endometrium, causing its exfoliation and the onset of menses.

How to take utrozhestan with delay

Due to the content of progesterone in Utrozhestane, this drug is often prescribed by gynecologists to stimulate the onset of menstruation when they are delayed. In order to regulate the menstrual cycle, it is necessary to start taking capsules or vaginal suppositories from day 16 to day 25, since it is in this phase
endometrium is actively formed.
Utrozhestan should give an effect after the first course, that is, a woman with a delay starts taking the drug at a certain time by a gynecologist and by the end of a small course she has menstruation. Rarely, the effect of the drug does not occur, in which case the woman must wait a month and undergo a second therapy.

Indications and Contraindications

Since Utrozhestan is a hormonal drug, women should clearly understand that there are certain indications and contraindications for its use, you cannot use it yourself in any case, since the uncontrolled use of such medicines can cause disturbances in the endocrine system.

The indications for taking Utrozhestan are:

  • progesterone deficiency,
  • excess testosterone, low ovarian endocrine activity,
  • lack of ovulation
  • pronounced PMS,
  • infertility caused by a lack of corpus luteum, which must be formed from the follicle after the release of the egg.

The drug has many contraindications:

  • the presence of adhesions and scars in the genitals,
  • uterine bleeding,
  • uterine fibroids or polyps in it,
  • tumors in the mammary gland,
  • tendency to thrombosis,
  • high blood pressure,
  • diabetes,
  • hepatic or renal failure.

Hormonal drugs often have side effects, as they interfere with the endocrine system of the body, Utrogestan is no exception. The negative consequences of taking it are:

  • delayed menstruation,
  • intermenstrual bleeding,
  • weight gain, rash,
  • drowsiness, headaches,
  • nausea, lack of appetite,
  • an allergic reaction in the form of a rash, redness on the body or abdominal pain,
  • irritability, tearfulness.

Due to the voluminous list of side effects, the use of Utrozhestan must be controlled by the gynecologist, and the woman should carefully monitor her well-being.

Reception features

To initiate menstruation, the gynecologist prescribes Utrozhestan intake from the 16th to the 25th day of the menstrual cycle, the daily dosage, depending on the results of the blood test for hormones, may be 200-300 mg, it is divided into two doses. Normally, menstruation occurs on the 3-4th day after termination - cancellation of the drug course.

If the doctor incorrectly calculated the dosage of the drug or the time of its admission, then the course may have no effect, in this case, if there were no side effects, Utrogestan can be re-consumed after a month.

When side effects are detected while consuming capsules or vaginal suppositories, the woman should immediately contact a gynecologist and stop the course.

Delay of menstruation after Utrozhestan

When taking capsules or vaginal Utrozhestan suppositories in a woman, menstruation should occur, but sometimes this drug can cause a delay. The reverse effect is due either to the lack of prior diagnosis, namely, hormonal and biochemical analysis of blood, or to the incompetent prescription and use of the drug.

Sometimes the cause of the delay of menstruation after Utrozhestan becomes a woman’s mistakes, for example, the drug must be drunk daily throughout the course while keeping the dosage, skipping even one dose can reduce the effect to zero.

It rarely happens that the delay after Utrozhestan arises not because of a doctor or a woman, but because of an unusual reaction of the body, because the effect of hormonal drugs depends on the “compliance” of the endocrine system. But in this case, the monthly shift a maximum of five days, subject to the absence of side effects.

Utrozestan is one of the proven and effective drugs to normalize the menstrual cycle in the event of a delay in menstruation or not the onset of ovulation. This medication is available in two forms, which makes its reception more comfortable and allows you to choose the right form of therapy. The effect is observed 3-4 days after the end of the course. When taking Utrozhestan it is very important to correctly determine the periodization of the menstrual cycle, so it cannot be used alone, this can cause side effects.

Drug action

Utrozhestan is produced by the pharmaceutical company Bezen Helska in capsules of 100, 200 mg. Produced in the form of capsules. Can be applied by oral, vaginal route. The active ingredient is progesterone. The tool in the microcapsules is rapidly absorbed by the tissues of the vagina, the gastrointestinal tract. Begins to act after half an hour. The maximum dose of the active ingredients in a woman's body is observed 3 hours after taking the pill through the mouth, the effect lasts 8 hours. In the vagina, the tablet dissolves more slowly, begins to fully act after 2 hours. The effect lasts 12 hours. When using 2 capsules in the morning, in the evening, the balance of hormones at the desired level is maintained for a day.

The reason for the delay is most often an insufficient amount of progesterone in the second phase of the cycle. Utrozhestan quickly compensates for the lack of a hormone, makes the body work according to the desired scenario. Every day, progesterone comes in a certain amount. Under his influence, the layer of the endometrium is loosened, the uterus prepares for its rejection. Termination of treatment leads to a sharp decrease in the level of progesterone, which serves as an impetus for the onset of menstruation.

How to take a delay?

According to the instructions, the drug is taken from day 16 to day 26 of the cycle. This scheme was chosen based on the generally accepted "normal" duration of the menstrual cycle - 28 days. What happens in the body?

Why from day 16?

The main condition for initiating therapy is ovulation. Before this process, progesterone pills can not drink. That is, the main condition is not 16 days, but ovulation. Due to the fact that the release of the egg from the follicle in most cases occurs from 12 to 15 days, such a scheme is presented.

Often a woman with a delay of about 2 weeks turns to the gynecologist. This is not the days of the cycle, which are indicated in the instructions. An insufficient amount of progesterone does not allow menstruation to begin. Assign Utrozhestan.

You can take the drug for 5 or 10 days. In the first case, the pills are drunk or put into the vagina twice a day, in the second - 1 time. The dosage is regulated by a doctor in 100 or 200 mg.

After how many days will begin monthly?

The drug maintains a constant level of progesterone, changes the structure of the endometrium, prepares the uterus for menstruation. After taking the pills, the level of progesterone drops sharply. This situation precedes the beginning of menstruation. Critical days appear within 3 days. Most often, the blood is detected on the next day. However, there is a situation when, under the action of Utrozhestan, menstruation begins after 5 days of administration with a 10-day regimen This suggests that the level of natural progesterone was not so critical. Deficiency eliminated

too fast. In this case, the further taking of the drug is stopped.

Utrozhestan causes menstruation, but does not guarantee a complete idyll of hormones in the next month. For complete recovery of the cycle, it is recommended to take the drug for 2-3 cycles. With serious violations - six months. Taking pills next month starts from day 16. Efficiency does not depend on the method - through the mouth, into the vagina. With the scheme 1 time per day is recommended to take pills before bedtime.

Delay of menstruation after administration

Most often, the situation arises when using the drug on its own, without a doctor's recommendation. Or if prescribed by specialists without a hormonal screening. Delay

menstruation occurs as a deficiency of progesterone and estrogen. Despite the fact that the first situation is much more common, it is still necessary to check the hormones. The drug can be purchased at a pharmacy without a prescription, and read the information on the Internet. Hence the great temptation to take pills without visiting the gynecologist's office.

Another cause of delay is pregnancy. With an insufficient amount of progesterone or late ovulation, a pregnancy test will not show a positive result within 2 weeks of delay. Utrozhestan does not harm the future fetus, on the contrary, it will be useful. The drug will raise the level of hormones, strengthen pregnancy. After a few days of taking the pills, you can see 2 strips on the test. Utrozhestan does not provoke the failure of pregnancy, does not cause menstruation in the event of fertilization.

According to reviews of women, the drug is well tolerated, does not cause side effects. Unlike many hormonal drugs, there is no weight gain for 10 days of therapy. With the correct appointment of menstruation begins the next day after the end of the course.

Natalia Evgenievna Pokhodilova

Psychologist, Kinesiologist Online consultant. Specialist from the website b17.ru

Against the background of reception urozhestana it is normal, during the week will begin menstruation.

You will have menstruation today or for another + 3 days maximum. This is not a pregnancy. Sorry ..

after canceling utrozhestan M come within a week.

Girls, such a situation, the doctor appointed urozhestan to get pregnant. I drink the second month and delay. My cycle is always the exact day of the day. All tests are negative. On day 3, I passed hgch. The result is negative. The stomach in the first days was drawn, the chest ached, I wanted to sleep, in general, the standard set. Temperature 37 is three days and BT - 37.2 holds. Today is the 6th day of the delay, the stomach practically does not hurt and in general there are no signs as if things were gone and nothing is even planned. I now think tests may be wrong? Suppose if late ovulation was? Я когда узи мониторинг овуляции делала, то в некоторые месяцы она была всего за нелелю до кд и в связи с этим уровень хгч еше не показывает.What do you think? or is it utrozhstan shot me a cycle? She stopped accepting him for three days. Help advice.

It was in 2012))))))))

Do not worry, it happens, just progesterone has not yet dropped to the desired level to start monthly. Utrostan you extended the second phase of the cycle. From day to day go. Or repeat the test after three or four days, suddenly ovulation in this cycle was later. )

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The mechanism of action Utrozhestana delay

The regular menstrual cycle speaks of the normal functioning of the female reproductive system and is based on the balance of sex hormones.

Of particular importance for women is progesterone - a pregnancy hormone that ensures its preservation and normal course.

Intensive synthesis of progesterone occurs in phase II of the menstrual cycle. Before the onset of pregnancy and in the first trimester, the ovaries and corpus luteum are responsible for its production, which is formed after the rupture of a ripe follicle and the release of the egg into the uterus. After 14 weeks and until the end of the third trimester, the placenta is connected to its production.

Insufficient content of progesterone in the body of a woman disrupts the reproductive system: the menstrual cycle is lost, gynecological diseases appear, which are the cause of natural termination of pregnancy and infertility.

Utrozhestan - a drug containing a natural hormone, identical in its composition and action of natural progesterone, produced by the woman's body. Due to the active substance - gestagen, it levels the hormonal balance, helping to restore the cycle, eliminate the symptoms of PMS, preserve pregnancy and normal development of the embryo.

This drug is prescribed not only to compensate for the deficiency of progesterone, but also with an increased level of estrogen. Utrozhestan does not replace hormones synthesized by the body independently, but is added to them.

How is utrogestan used to normalize the cycle?

Multiple causes can provoke a violation of the menstruation cycle: stressful situations, gynecological diseases, hormonal imbalances during pregnancy, menopause, adolescence, etc.

To restore the cycle, Utrozhestan is appointed in cases if the survey revealed:

  • lack of progesterone in phase II,
  • excess estrogen and male sex hormones.

To induce menstruation, the drug must be consumed from the 16th to the 25th day of the cycle (ovulatory phase), since this period is the peak of progesterone synthesis.

For women who want to normalize the cycle for the subsequent occurrence of pregnancy, Utrogestan should be used only after ovulation, as it has the ability to suppress it, so the first day of admission may not coincide with standard recommendations.

Ways to use the drug to call menstruation:

The daily maximum dose in the treatment of disturbed menstrual cycle is 200 mg.

On the recommendation of the doctor, the drug can be used 2 times a day, using a dosage of 100 mg, or once a day - 200 mg.

Suppositories are introduced in the supine position after hygiene procedures. It is not recommended to get up within 40 minutes.

Daily dose of 200-300 mg.

You need to use the drug twice a day, morning and evening. Between receptions should observe an interval of 10-12 hours.

The active substance Utrozhestan accumulates in the body and lasts 24 hours if the drug is taken 2 times a day. Progesterone concentrates in the walls of the uterus, promoting the growth of the endometrium and its rejection, with the result that menstruation comes in a timely manner. After canceling Utrozhestan monthly should come in 2 -7 days.

When taking Utrozhestan in order to restore the cycle for further conception on day 26, tests for the level of hCG should be taken, which is necessary for early detection of pregnancy. If a positive result is obtained, the use of the drug should be carried out until the end of the first trimester (12-14 weeks) in the same dosage in order to prevent the natural termination of pregnancy due to progesterone deficiency. Utrogestan is discontinued gradually with a gradual reduction in dose. Abrupt cessation of the drug can lead to miscarriage.

A typical scheme of the drug is calculated under the condition that the menstrual cycle is 28 days. In other cases, the duration of treatment and dosage is determined by the doctor taking into account the individual characteristics of the organism.

Failure of the menstrual cycle after taking Utrozhestan

Each woman's body has its own individual characteristics, so after taking Utrozhestan to restore the cycle, menstruation does not always come about or their character changes.

Reviews about Utrozhestan different and indicate the following possible results of its use:

  1. The cycle stabilizes: menstruation comes every month, their duration and amount of discharge is normalized.
  2. Monthly begin before the expected date. When reducing the menstrual cycle, you should postpone the first admission to a later date, for example, on day 19.
  3. Delay. If there are no periods for a long time (more than 10 days) after stopping Utrozhestan, then the probability of pregnancy should first be excluded.
  4. If conception did not occur, but there are no monthly periods, then this may indicate a serious hormonal imbalance, as a result of which the endometrium requires a longer time for thickening. In this case, it is possible to increase the dose of the drug in the subsequent cycle.

  5. Changing the nature of blood discharge. They can become scarce or, on the contrary, plentiful, accompanied by pain.
  6. Menstruation began while taking the drug. Can I continue to use during menstruation? No, treatment should be interrupted, since Utrozhestan should be drunk in phase II of the cycle after ovulation.

The above abnormalities during the first cycle of Utrozhestan can be regarded as normal. This is due to the fact that the adaptation of the organism to the hormonal drug takes some time. However, the correctly established cause of menstrual irregularities, the dosage of the drug and its regimen can not cause such phenomena.

Side effects and contraindications to use

You can not call monthly with Utrozhestan women:

  • with increased blood clotting,
  • in case of uterine bleeding of unknown origin,
  • with impaired liver function,
  • in the presence or suspicion of malignant neoplasms in the mammary glands and genitals,
  • do not carry the components that make up the drug.

Side effects from taking the drug:

  • dizziness and headache
  • spotting mid cycle
  • changing nature of discharge,
  • drowsiness,
  • diarrhea,
  • itching and burning with intravaginal administration,
  • allergic reactions.

When these symptoms appear, you should contact your doctor for correction Utrogestan regimen.

In normal menstruation should begin at 2-7 days after discontinuation of the drug. Delay after Utrozhestan is possible in the event of pregnancy or improper appointment of the treatment regimen

Utrozhestan is a hormonal drug often used by women to restore the menstrual cycle. Progesterone, which is part of it, normalizes the hormonal balance in the body. With the monthly, which began during the period of using the funds, its reception should be interrupted.