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  • Spotting before menstruation. Causes: dangerous and natural. What does color mean?

The onset of menstruation is familiar to any woman who is before the onset of menopausal changes. It is this period that is accompanied by various hormonal changes in the woman's body, due to which a complete cleansing of the reproductive system and the appearance of spotting bleeding occur.

Menstrual secretions facing every woman of reproductive age

Spotting before menstruation. Causes: dangerous and natural. What does color mean?

If during the period of menstruation the appearance of discharge is the norm, then spotting bleeding a week before the onset of menstruation is the presence of any deviation in the work of the reproductive system.

Most women do not know about the nature of the appearance of such spotting bleeding a few days before the onset of menstruation, and such a symptom can scare them. It is logical that with such a manifestation a woman has a question: where do the spotting come from during the onset of menstruation for a week or less. For the appearance of such a symptom there is not only one factor, but there are many reasons. Often the blood in the vaginal secretion is the result of the natural processes in the female body, but when there are spotting secretions in the period before menstruation, and the test is negative, it can speak about diseases of the pelvic organs.

What are spotting (daub)

Dirty gynecologists call weak secretions of any color, which indicate the beginning of a new cycle of menstruation, and are marked by the onset of menstruation. The appearance of daub not only characterizes the onset of a new cycle, but can also be a signal of the presence of:

  • Serious pathological processes in the body.
  • Gynecological diseases.
  • Violations in the hormonal background.

Therefore, when a daub appears in the period before the menstrual blood appears, a woman should seek advice from her personal gynecologist, who will perform certain types of tests and eliminate possible pathology.

Seeing a doctor will help clarify the cause of the daub.

Natural causes of spotting before menstruation

If a woman notes the presence of blood secretions of a scanty character before the onset of menstruation, this is almost always a sign that the woman does not have a pathology of the reproductive organs. Most often, scanty blood secretions a few days before the onset of menstruation speak only about the development of sclerotic changes in the endometrium of the uterus, only if there is no pain syndrome.

The small amount of blood that is released from the uterine cavity can color naturally colorless to brown. Therefore, the cause of the appearance of this type of discharge a few days before the onset of menstruation, may be dead uterine cells, which are derived naturally through the vagina and blood. These cells paint the daily leucorrhea in red, or brown and in this case do not worry.

But if such secretions in the period before the onset of menstruation show their periodicity more and more often, then this is a serious reason to worry about their health.

Abundant blood secretions in the absence of menstruation, accompanied by severe pain in the lower abdomen, such changes may indicate the presence of pathological processes. Only such a situation requires an immediate appeal to a specialist.

Female reproductive system in a normal state produces a spotting before menstruation

Pathological causes

The presence of certain problems with the organs of the reproductive system is indicated by abundant bloody discharge from the vagina before the onset of menstruation. But most often, such a scanty discharge of a blood type in the period before the onset of menstruation manifests itself under the influence of hormonal oral contraceptives. Such drugs contain in their composition a large number of synthetic analogues of female sex hormones, which can affect the hormones of a woman. If a similar manifestation appears once at all, it can be a sign of the peculiarity of the action of such drugs. Excessive bleeding and an increasing frequency of the appearance of scanty bloody discharge before the onset of menstruation require consultation by a gynecologist.

When using birth control pills, every woman should be aware that taking them can trigger a thinning of a scanty character outside of menstruation.

Causes of such a deviation can also be caused by hormonal changes in the female body, which entail the development of hormone-dependent diseases.

Endometriosis is one of the causes of bloody discharge before menstruation. This process is an inflammation of the inner layer of the uterus, which causes rejection of the upper endometrium and causes staining of colorless secretions in a bloody color.

Another factor by which daub appears before menstruation is the presence of polyps in the cervical canal of the uterus or in its cavity. This process is accompanied by a sharp increase in benign tumor of the glandular tissue and the uterus, has painful symptoms, accompanied by bloody vaginal discharge.

The uterus, its mucous membrane and polyps, which can provoke spotting

What is the norm

When a woman of reproductive age is menstruating, but there is no menstruation and no blood appears, the doctors first of all pay attention to the age of the patient. Do not be afraid if brown daub appears in adolescent girls instead of menstruation. Their reproductive system is not yet prepared for the onset of menstruation, and a certain amount of time must pass for normal functioning. Adolescents do not have regular menstruation, and sometimes instead of the appearance of normal bleeding from girls, daubing can be observed instead of menstruation.

If daubing instead of menstruation appears in a woman over the age of 40 years old, then this symptom is a sign of the onset of climatic changes in the body. And also daub instead of menstruation may occur in a woman while in the uterine cavity of the intrauterine device. This is a reason for contacting a specialist, because the spiral is installed incorrectly.

Daubs instead of menstruation in forty-year-old women may indicate an approaching menopause

What does daub color mean?

The presence of any color discharge a week before the onset of menstruation can speak not only about the natural course of the menstrual cycle, but also about the presence of any pathological processes. In order to recognize them independently and in time to ask for help, you need to know what each color of the discharge means:

  • The appearance of black and scarce secretions a week before the start of the menstrual cycle. Daubs in front of the monthly black color indicates that their owner has recently given birth to a child and therefore the reasons for such monthly periods are clear. Such discharge may begin immediately after the onset of lactation. If there is no pregnancy and the test is negative, then such signs are the presence of a precancerous condition of the reproductive organs.
  • Highlight brown. Such colors of secretions are a factor in hormonal reorganization, which is usual for the body, before menstruation, but sometimes they also indicate the presence of any gynecological diseases. If there are brown discharge, it may indicate pregnancy. Therefore, if there is a brown daub a week before the start of your period, and the test is negative, you should contact a specialist to get a proper examination.
  • Light pink discharge. If a woman has any cervical abnormalities, the blood, which is released by a small amount, is capable of staining the discharge in a pink color. In the presence of such pathologies, menstruation does not begin for a long time, the pregnancy test is negative, and a woman can observe various changes in her body. Therefore, when a similar daub appears before menstruation or blood in the discharge after them, the woman should be examined. Because the presence of such a deviation may be cervical erosion.
  • White discharge. When a woman has a long discharge of white in color before the menstruation. which can be attributed to the curd, there is a large amount of white flakes, there is no unpleasant smell, this is a manifestation of candidiasis.
  • Green purulent secretions. Such a smear before menstruation indicates the presence of purulent cervicitis in the cervix. If all these processes are accompanied by the appearance of an unpleasant smell, then this is a sign of STD infection. Sometimes such manifestations indicate the presence of pregnancy, so if the test is negative and there is no menstruation, you should consult a doctor.

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Spotting a week before menstruation: what to do?

October 13, 2013

Violations of the ovarian-menstrual cycle have various clinical manifestations, which can include both lengthening of the monthly periods and increasing or shortening of the intervals between them. One of the frequent complaints of women are bleeding a week before menstruation. What are the causes of this phenomenon? The appearance of blood of endometrial origin, like menstruation itself, is under hormonal control. Therefore, a change in the level of hormones is always accompanied by the appearance of any discharge. However, in any case, a detailed examination of the female body is required. This is what gynecology does.

The bleeding from women is not only the result of hormonal changes. Another reason for the violation of the ovarian-menstrual cycle can be infectious-inflammatory diseases. In addition, the background on which there is spotting a week before menstruation, are frequent curettage of the uterus (either for diagnostic purposes or for the production of abortions). This can be explained by the fact that the mucous membrane of the inner layer of the uterus becomes very thin and bleeds easily with the slightest changes. Also, the cause should be considered and endometriosis - a disease in which the endometrial tissue is located outside the uterus (normally, the endometrium is only in the uterus). Therefore, bleeding a week before menstruation may appear in violation of the normal tissue structure of the female genital organs. These are the issues that gynecology deals with. Discharge from the genital tract should always be alarming.

What should a woman do if she has spotting a week before her period? The answer is simple - you need to consult a doctor, as they are a symptom of a certain disease that requires diagnosis and treatment. The doctor will prescribe the necessary examinations. Usually, a woman is recommended to have an ultrasound scan on a certain day of the cycle (most often it is the 5-7th day, and to detect endometriosis - closer to the beginning of menstruation), and also to take laboratory tests (for sex hormones, complete blood count, for urogenital infections and other ). Only after that it becomes possible to establish the correct diagnosis and prescription of the necessary treatment.

Briefly, we will analyze the main types of treatment in the event that there are bleeding during the week before menstruation. The diagnosis of “endometriosis” requires an assessment of indications for surgical treatment, if not, then conservative therapy is prescribed. It consists in the selection of the optimal hormonal drug taking into account the age and possible contraindications. The minimum course of treatment should be 3 months, the optimal - 6 months, the maximum (without a break) - 12 months. If inflammation is the cause of a cycle violation, then bacteriological examination is required, as well as diagnosis of urogenital infections. According to the survey results, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiviral and other therapies are prescribed. In the case of the initial hormonal imbalance, its correction is shown.

To treat violations of the ovarian-menstrual cycle must be differentiated, taking into account a possible cause. After the therapy, it is necessary to evaluate its effectiveness by repeated laboratory and instrumental examination.

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Characteristics of discharge during menstruation

The menstrual cycle for each representative of the weak half of society has its own distinctive features. Menstrual bleeding occurs at regular equal intervals. For each woman, these intervals are individual and last from three weeks to four.

Menstruation begins with the appearance of a small amount of "bloody" discharge (traces of blood appear on the gasket). It lasts from several hours to days, complemented by abdominal distention, painful sensations in its lower areas.

Then, the release of liquid red blood begins, its clots, lumps of mucus can escape. The active phase of bleeding lasts up to two or three days. At the end, the amount of blood decreases, its shade becomes dark.

  • violation of the ratio of hormones,
  • malignant tumor processes of the uterus,
  • benign tumor growth of female genitalia,
  • injuries of the perineum in the fall,
  • damage to the mucous membranes of the genital organs during rough sexual contact,
  • taking hormonal contraceptives,
  • the presence of a spiral,
  • frequent abortions,
  • inflammatory diseases
  • pregnancy in the womb,
  • pregnancy outside the uterus,
  • blood diseases
  • the use of drugs.

Even with the appearance of insignificant spotting, consultation with a gynecologist is required as soon as possible.

Age violations

Most often, bloody discharge up to menstruation occurs against the background of hormonal disorders in a woman’s body. Such a condition may be disturbed by adolescent girls in the first few years since the appearance of menstruation, when the cycle has not yet been established.

This is the so-called juvenile syndrome. Bleeding with it are minor, in the form of a spotting. They begin seven to ten days before the expected menstrual period and gradually move into the active phase. There are situations when bleeding from adolescents has the character of heavy bleeding. In this case, the total amount of blood excreted throughout the entire period increases. After the establishment of a regular cycle in a healthy woman, such bleeding usually stops. However, they contribute to the development of anemia. Consultation gynecologist required.

Hormonal drugs

When using hormonal contraceptives, an intervention occurs in the ratio of hormones in a woman's body. This entails the appearance of spotting mucus with blood.A woman should consult a gynecologist for examination and possible replacement of a contraceptive by another. Such measures are not always effective. As a rule, after two or three months from the start of the drug, the ratio of hormones is restored and this kind of symptoms disappear.


In the early stages of pregnancy, a slight amount of red discharge from the vagina may appear. This happens during the introduction of the egg into the wall of the uterus. This is a normal process, however, he should alert the woman. You can calm down only after consulting a specialist.

Pregnancy may be complicated by placental abruption after abdominal injuries, falls. The first symptom is the appearance of mucus with blood on the pad. Further bleeding increases, there are nagging pains in the lower abdomen. Over time, the pain can become cramping. A pregnant woman dramatically decreases blood pressure. If the call to the doctor happened late, fetal death is possible.

If the pregnancy begins to develop outside the uterus (for example, in the fallopian tubes), over time there are complications in the form of bleeding. The reason is a pipe rupture. In this case, spotting accompanied by pain.

Endometrial pathology and others

Frequent scraping of the uterus in order to get rid of unwanted pregnancy leads to damage to the endometrium, blood vessels of the uterus wall, which causes bleeding. The situation is aggravated by abrupt hormonal changes after an abortion. Consultation gynecologist is needed immediately.

Diseases of the blood, which are characterized by bleeding can be felt only when the first menstruation. In this case, insignificant discharge may begin before the expected monthly and last for weeks. Such a patient should be consulted additionally by a hematologist.

Diagnostic methods

Setting the correct diagnosis includes:

  • examination of the woman on the chair,
  • Ultrasound of the female genital organs,
  • a blood test for sex hormones,
  • examination of the contents of the vagina,
  • finding out the day of ovulation.

To determine the date of ovulation measure basal temperature. The temperature is measured in the rectum in the morning. Before measuring, a woman should not get out of bed, so a thermometer must be placed near the bed the day before. Thermometer should be mercurial, it is more reliable. A temperature rise of one degree indicates ovulation.

Ultrasound is recommended to take place on a certain day of the cycle - most often from the fifth to the seventh. If endometriosis is suspected, ultrasound is performed closer to the beginning of menstruation.

Examine the vaginal discharge to determine the ratio of microbial species, the presence of pathogens.

The method of treatment is chosen by a specialist, depending on the diagnosis, after a full examination of the patient. Most of the above pathologies are treated conservatively. A woman must follow the rules of hygiene, avoid casual sex without using a condom. It is advisable to give up alcohol, do not smoke.

Inflammatory diseases are treated in two stages:

  • use of antibiotics, stimulation of immunity, suppression of fungi,
  • restoration of healthy vaginal microflora.

The early stages of impaired attachment of the placenta are treated conservatively - bed rest is prescribed for the pregnant woman, and preparations are given to relax the muscles of the uterus. If the condition of the mother and fetus is satisfactory, pregnancy is preserved. In case of late treatment when fetal death occurs, only surgical treatment. With the development of pregnancy outside the uterus, treatment is carried out only by the operative method.

Treatment of hormonal imbalance is carried out with the help of hormonal drugs. A woman should clearly follow the recommendations of the doctor, not to change the dose of the drug, not to miss it.


The appearance of blood excretions before the regula occurs normally. You can install it only after consulting with a specialist. However, this symptom in a previously healthy patient often indicates the appearance of the disease. Bleeding in violation of the course of pregnancy is dangerous for its complications for the mother and child.